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28 Feb 2014

An argumentative 'Rabble of Rooks'.
Groups of Rooks are 'properly' called Building, Rookery, Parliament or Clamour.
Whatever you call it, it is Black and noisy.

Ref: D50_20140109_1541_038_FB1 4 Rooks (crop).jpg

27 Feb 2014


Ref: D50_20140109_1521_031_FB1 Bluetit twisting in flight (crop).jpg

26 Feb 2014

Our iridescent necked female pheasant lit so as to colour her throat, and show how the feathers are brown when lit/viewed at different angles.

Ref: D50_20140105_1414_251_FB1 Pheasant female with iridescent blue neck.jpg

25 Feb 2014

Mother Muntjac Deer having a midnight snack on a windfall apple - something we see daily on Trail cams. We adore the tiny hooves - all over the site we find 4cm deep pits in the endless wet clay where the little hooves have sunk about the amount you see wet on her left front and right rear legs.

Ref: D5C_20140108_0054_094_FB2 Muntjac Deer (uncropped).jpg

We have several partial images of the female Muntjac deer at this site, but this one nicely illustrates the crossed over legs tangles they manage. Perhaps Walt Disney's 'Bambi' doesn't exaggerate that much.

Ref: D50_20140109_0402_213_FB1 Muntjac deer female with front legs crossed over.jpg

A glimpse of the Muntjac deer fawn behind the site. We don't know what triggered the automatic camera - possibly mother closer but out of frame.

Ref: D5C_20140108_1627_127_FB2 Muntjac deer fawn (ID crop).jpg

24 Feb 2014

A Great Tit swerves in to land, quietly watched by a female Chaffinch at the back.

Ref: D50_20140108_1517_171_FB1 Great Tit flying in to land on stone (crop).jpg

23 Feb 2014

A flock of about 15 Fieldfare arrived in this tree, but as we walked along the path all but 2 birds disappeared. The two remaining were Redwing, a generally less nervous bird than fieldfares. This one was on a twig barely strong enough, and the wind was moving the bird up and down by about the birds height every second or two. It didn't look comfortable, and soon moved to a sturdier twig obscured from us. 2 in 15 fits our about typically 10% of Redwing in a Fieldfare flock.

Ref: A77_20140109_1358_008+018+013 Redwing on thin wind blown twig of Black Poplar near Round Pond (discontinuous) 1+3+2 of 3 (montage).jpg

22 Feb 2014

We don't often see voles at the moment, and seeing them eating from their paws is even less usual. The animal seems to bring the back feet forward and use the tail to make a tripod, freeing the front paws without the upright posture you see in mice.

Ref: D50_20140105_1636_291_FB1 Field (q) Vole eating food from paws (crop).jpg

21 Feb 2014

This female pheasant seems to come off best on encounters with Grey squirrels. The re-appearance of the female pheasants prompted attacks by the grey squirrels, but this pheasant at least seems able to defend herself.

Ref: D50_20140105_1418_254_FB1 Grey Squirrel attacking (q) Pheasant female.jpg

2 minutes later it is the pheasant that has control of the site.

Ref: D50_20140105_1420_255_FB1 Pheasant female 2 minutes after possible Grey Squirrel attack.jpg

Here we see how the pheasant's uses her claws in defensive mode.
4 minutes later she was alone at the site. Since these encounters Grey Squirrels stay in the background until the pheasant leaves.

Ref: D50_20140107_1551_099_FB1 Pheasant female & Grey Squirrel Skirmish 1 of 2 (uncropped).jpg

20 Feb 2014

Looks rather tasty even to us (the fruit, not the slug)!

Ref: D50_20140102_1916_060_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating Fruit pulp from paws with slug at rear.jpg

Mouth open in anticipation?

Ref: D50_20140103_1716_110_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) eating peel on ground.jpg

Shall I lick you now, or later?

Ref: D50_20140106_1812_050_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) examining small slug.jpg

19 Feb 2014

This seems to be this years 'male pheasant' paying a visit just after dawn.
This image shows the whole camera frame at this automatic camera site.

Ref: D50_20140102_0849_022_FB1 Pheasant male (uncropped).jpg

18 Feb 2014

The Grey Squirrels need both 'Food and Board'

Ref: D36_20140103_1527_053_FB4 Grey Squirrel Board and Lodgings 1 of 2.jpg

The Grey Squirrels need both 'Food and Board (well bedding anyway)'

Ref: D36_20140105_1047_083_FB4 Grey Squirrel Board and Lodgings 2 of 2.jpg

Grab everything you can manage and take it away before something else tries to grab it - 3 carrot tops for this Grey Squirrel!

Ref: D5C_20140102_1532_025_FB2 Grey Squirrel with mouth full of tangled carrot tops.jpg

17 Feb 2014

Our first sighting of a female pheasant at the high-resolution photo sites, and we see a feature we have not recorded before - iridescent blue feathers on the neck.

Ref: D50_20131230_1608_030_FB1 Pheasant female with iridescent blue neck feathers (crop 1).jpg

A better view of the iridescent blue feathers on the neck as a detail from the above. A different angled photo days later at another site shows the same effect on what looks like the same individual.

Ref: D50_20131230_1608_030_FB1 Pheasant female with iridescent blue neck feathers (detail crop 2).jpg

16 Feb 2014

This male Chaffinch about to enjoy what looks like a Sunflower kernel

Ref: D50_20131226_0815_016_FB1 Chaffinch male with sunflower kernel in beak.jpg

A male chaffinch flies over the site, nicely sharp.

Ref: D50_20131229_1542_338_FB1 Chaffinch male in flight (crop 2).jpg

15 Feb 2014

An elegant Bluetit hanging from the edge of the stone

Ref: D50_20131228_1544_237_FB1 Bluetit hanging from edge of stone.jpg

14 Feb 2014

A surprise - a Wood Pigeon threatening a Magpie?
We are sure Magpies take Pigeon eggs in season, but wild pigeons are not obviously brave souls.

Ref: D50_20131226_1558_120_FB1 Wood Pigeon threatening (q) Magpie.jpg

13 Feb 2014

Our female Muntjac deer providing a really good view of her head.

Ref: D50_20131230_1615_036_FB1 Muntjac deer female head reaching down to feed (crop 1).jpg

The windfall apples continue to fuel mother Muntjac at this covert IR lit site

Ref: SW4_20140102_0414_109_SC2 Muntjac Deer female eating windfall apple (crop).jpg

12 Feb 2014

Our mother Muntjac made her first visit to a high resolution photo site for this rather nice portrait just before dawn. This is a best of several images so she is not excessively disturbed by the camera, but we have not seen her fawn at these sites.

Ref: D50_20131227_0747_135_FB1 Muntjac Deer female (uncropped).jpg

The covert IR cameras caught several images of Mother and Fawn of which we like this one the most.

Ref: SW1_20131231_1717_058_SC1 Muntjac deer mother and Fawn.jpg

11 Feb 2014

The mice mostly appear at night, scouring the area of the remaining food (and finding it caught in cracks). This one has a corn grain by it's right front paw.

Ref: D50_20131225_1947_198_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg

10 Feb 2014

This female Muntjac Deer has been seen with her fawn, and she is undoubtedly hungry while producing milk. Mother deer just LOVES our windfall apples, and now we have gathered some at this photo site seems to be eating several a day. This montage was probably taken over about 6 seconds (the camera is variable over its still frame rate).

Ref: SW4_20131225_1445_091_SC2 Muntjac Deer female selecting and eating apple (approx 3 secs between frames) 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

4 hours later after dark, another apple goes 'down the hatch', as did another before the dawn. We do hope the fawn likes apple flavoured milk!

Ref: SW4_20131225_1849_105_SC2 Muntjac Deer female eating apple (IR).jpg

09 Feb 2014

2 Grey squirrels were feeding peacefully at the site, and this one seems to find it's apple peeling a delight!

Ref: D50_20131224_1602_122_FB1 Grey Squirrel enjoying piece of apple (crop).jpg

08 Feb 2014

"This stone is mine"
Meanwhile, well out of this crop on the left, a Tit nipped in unseen to grab a few seeds while the Chaffinch was distracted!

Ref: D50_20131222_1459_246_FB1 Chaffinch male defending rock from incoming Robin (crop 2).jpg

Half an hour later, the chaffinch had gone and a Great Tit found this corn grain - a decent reward for turning up at the right time!

Ref: D50_20131222_1532_266_FB1 Great Tit with corn grain in beak.jpg

07 Feb 2014

We don't see much of the Bramblings in the Woodland area this is the first sighting at the tree-stump. Judging from encounters elsewhere the Chaffinch on the left will be an even match.

Ref: D36_20131225_1153_068_FB4 Chaffinch male (left) & landing Brambling dispute ownership of Tree-stump top (crop).jpg

06 Feb 2014

This black beaked Blackbird eating a bit of apple obviously retains the yellow interior of his beak that normally shows outside. We think the black coating may be a camouflage adaptation - the yellow beak is what we often spot first on the 'normal' males.

Ref: D50_20131222_1455_245_FB1 Blackbird male with black bill eating apple & showing yellow inside bill.jpg

05 Feb 2014

This robin has landed just after the stone top was restocked with food, and the bird looks like it can't wait to get started.

Ref: D50_20131219_1553_060_FB1 Robin with beak slightly open.jpg

04 Feb 2014

One of many Bluetits eating the buds from one of two Viburnum Birkwoodii at the back of the pond that flower in December and brighten an otherwise dull time of year. Of course the birds eating the buds is itself attractive, but it does reduce the floral display!

Ref: A77_20131219_1048_018+019 Bluetit feeding on Viburnum buds & flying off 2+3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg

03 Feb 2014

We just LOVE Grey wagtails!
Enjoy the bird, it's shadow, and the lichen on the slates. All Wagtails wag their tales (doh) but Grey wagtails just never seem to stop.

Ref: A77_20131214_1021_085 Grey Wagtail on slate roof (crop 2).jpg

02 Feb 2014

We haven't noticed a Brambling - male Chaffinch encounter before. They are similar size and with similar claws and beaks, so we guess the Bramblings put up a good defence when provoked.

Ref: E60_20131213_0919_030+1219_047_FB3 Brambling defending perch from flying chaffinch male (montage for focus).jpg

01 Feb 2014

The Great Tits had a good breeding season.
(We are sure the Sparrowhawk will be pleased as well)

Ref: D50_20131216_1458_056_FB1 Great Tit watching another landing (crop).jpg



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