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30 Jun 2014

A thermal had these 2 buzzards climbing, but before they disappeared to specks they came close enough for this little talons-out skirmish. It took them perhaps a minute to regain the height that they lost!

Ref: DF2_20140503_1100_213-217 2 Buzzards squabbling while climbing in same thermal 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg

29 Jun 2014

This female Mallard Duck was ignoring us a few metres away, and enjoying a bath. She will approach up to about 5 metres from us to collect corn we have thrown down for her.

Ref: DF2_20140503_1056_188 Mallard duck female finishing off bath in Duck Pond 04 of 10 (crop).jpg

This female Mallard has taken to sunbathing in the as yet unplanted vegetable bed. The first time we saw her 'frozen' in position like this we were alarmed, but her gleaming eye was watching us and we left her in peace.

Ref: DF2_20140506_1621_134 Mallard Duck female Sunbathing in vegetable patch.jpg

The male Mallard Duck is nowhere near as habituated to humans as his mate and he can't work out why she doesn't flee at our approach like he does!

Ref: DF2_20140505_1728_078 Mallard duck male fleeing our approach while female waits (crop).jpg

28 Jun 2014

A ghostly regatta in the sky ...

Ref: DF2_20140503_0759_184 Clouds shaped like yacht sails (crop).jpg

27 Jun 2014

A Grub as grub for the youngsters back in the nest.

Ref: D36_20140506_1913_047_FB4 Robin with grub in beak.jpg

26 Jun 2014

"Open Wide"
This male Blackbird gives us a view down his gape as he sings his territorial song.

Ref: D36_20140507_0903_069_FB4 Blackbird male on Tree-stump (crop).jpg

There are several juvenile Blackbirds about - this female seems to have decided it is time for a second brood!

Ref: E62_20140507_2045_126_FB5 Blackbird female with beakful of dried grass (crop).jpg

25 Jun 2014

A Mallard duck pair had been mating in the main pond This is what you typically see of the female - the top of her head! At least she only has the one male on top & not a fighting melee.

Ref: FJ1_20140430_1652_012 Mallard Pair mating with female mostly submerged (crop).jpg

This pair of Mallard ducks are feeding at a site between their 2 favourite ponds, watched by a Jackdaw.

Ref: E62_20140430_1815_109_FB5 Mallard Duck pair + Jackdaw (adjusted crop).jpg

24 Jun 2014

A hole deliberately leaving bird access to our loft space is this year occupied by a single family of Starlings. This parent paused on the TV aerial and then flew down to deliver it's load of wiggling protein along with a strand of grass. The other parent would not enter the hole while we were visible

Ref: DF2_20140430_1000_208-210+220 Starling taking food to hole to nest in loft 1-3+6 of 6 (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

23 Jun 2014

We found this freshly dead rabbit on a path and moved it to this photo site, expecting to photograph a fox carrying it off. On each of the 3 nights we left it, this fox appeared, though it didn't drag it away as we expected. We have 5 images, 3 like the top image, and 2 like the bottom. We think it was probably disturbed by the flash and camera noise each time - some individuals don't like it, and others couldn't care less.

Ref: D5C_20140428_2002_034+20140430_2241_071_FB2 Fox inspecting fresh dead rabbit over 3 days 2+5 of 5 (montage).jpg

A detail of the foxes head.

Ref: D5C_20140428_1958_033_FB2 Fox inspecting fresh dead rabbit over 3 days 1 of 5 (crop 2).jpg

22 Jun 2014

Many of the apple trees are covered in blossom. This one is on a transplant from the Farm when their orchard was ripped out - they are on dwarfing root stocks so they are not too high to photograph close up. A sunny spell on a basically rainy day - you can see the water drops.

Ref: P10_20140426_0903_885 Apple Blossom in transplanted trees after rain (crop).jpg

21 Jun 2014

It had been raining for hours and the day started to lighten when we spotted this Snail climbing UP the bars of a peanut feeder cage (as used by Sparrowhawks to hang on to as they grab the bird 'protected' inside).
We like the water drop hanging from the shell that is imaging the world behind but upside down. The insert was a wide angle from the next frame - how and why did the snail end up climbing up?

Ref: P10_20140424_0753_880+881 Snail climbing back up wire cage of feeder with water drop on shell (crop + montage overview).jpg

20 Jun 2014

Female and male Yellowhammers (morning and wet evening) for you to compare. These are at the same scale and similar lighting.

Ref: D5C_20140420_0733_160+1951_174_FB2 Yellowhammer female & male (montage).jpg

19 Jun 2014

"Feed Me!"
The adult Robin on the right has an insect in its beak on the far side drooping down near the base of the beak, undoubtedly about to go down the youngster's ever open 'hatch'.

Ref: E63_20140426_1805_198_FB1 Robin Youngster begging from parent (crop 2).jpg

The Blackbird chicks favourites - assorted wiggly worms.

Ref: D5C_20140428_0650_003_FB2 Blackbird male with beakful of worms (crop).jpg

18 Jun 2014

We put out our old 'Barbecue' corn cobs, and many creatures enjoy picking them over. But they are not very attractive so we hide them behind the stone or log. This one has been dragged out and here a short-tail field vole spent several minutes going over this one.

Ref: E63_20140421_2258_053_FB1 Field Vole nibbling sweetcorn husk (crop).jpg

A couple of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) frolicking in the fading twilight

Ref: D5C_20140419_2038_152_FB2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice).jpg

17 Jun 2014

Long-tailed Tits usually seem to have some bit of tree or bush between themselves and the annoying humans, so we were lucky to get this moment of moderately uncluttered bird flying straight at the camera, with tail fanned behind, from the glorious blossom.

Ref: DF2_20140421_1252_114 Long-tailed Tit flying out of Blackthorn Blossom with Hawthorn stem (crop).jpg

16 Jun 2014

A Jackdaw carrying a load of nesting material to its nest hidden in one of the conifers. Accurate montage at probably about 4 fps.
We can locate the hidden nests from the heap of discarded twigs on the ground beneath!

Ref: DF2_20140421_1219_067-074 Jackdaw flying to conifer with nesting material in beak 2-9 of 9 (acc montage).jpg

A pair of Jackdaws flying together to the same nest, both loaded with more nest building 'stuff'. Unaltered crop - its unusual to see a mated pair flying in to the nest together.

Ref: DF2_20140421_1033_031 Jackdaw pair flying together with nesting material to nest in conifer.jpg

15 Jun 2014

A Blackbird youngster probably very recently out of the nest. The adult male is half in the left edge of the original frame, so the youngster is pointing the right way for the next delivery!

Ref: E63_20140419_0543_159_FB1 Blackbird youngster on the ground with parent attending (crop).jpg

Food for this male Blackbird's chicks.

Ref: D36_20140423_0833_079_FB4 Blackbird male collecting worms (crop 2).jpg

14 Jun 2014

Buzzards appears on suitable days, sunny with clouds with warm and cold patches to create thermals. This unbroken sequence is alternate frames at 7 fps so this is about 4 seconds of flight. The wind was from the 'right' and you can see how it effects the speed of the bird (hopefully ignoring cloud movement).

Ref: DF2_20140419_1612_335-361 Buzzard circling in thermal for 4 seconds 1-14 of 14 (accurate montage alternate 7fps frames).jpg

13 Jun 2014

A Greenbottle (said not to often invade houses like the Bluebottle) sunning itself in a Lodgepole pine.

Ref: DF2_20140418_1637_282 Greenbottle on Lodgepole pine needles (crop 1).jpg

12 Jun 2014

A pair of Wrens continue to bring in material for their nest in the ivy on the wall just outside our living room window. This is a little impression.

Ref: DF2_20140418_0639_166+174+179 Wren taking feathers to nest (mirrored montage).jpg

11 Jun 2014

The 'Moorhen' site has been 'moorhen deprived' for about 2 years following a drought, so we are delighted that this bird has turned up and seems to be staying. We first saw it standing on the hedge outside the living room window. This image shows the white feathers at the rear as the bird is watching either us or it's reflection in the window. We have no idea whether this is male or female. About a week later there were 2 moorhen following each other on and around the pond. Fingers crossed!

Ref: DF2_20140418_1352_243 Moorhen on hedge top outside living room window (crop).jpg

10 Jun 2014

We are very impressed by this gorgeous male Yellowhammer!

Ref: D36_20140419_1708_045_FB4 Yellowhammer male.jpg

We can't get over the colour of this male Yellowhammer.
Does it glow in the dark?

Ref: D36_20140421_1947_041_FB4 Yellowhammer male.jpg

Our bright Yellowhammer male looks like he swooped over the site towards camera (no sign of legs not yet retracted from a launch).

Ref: E62_20140422_1744_111_FB5 Yellowhammer male flying over log towards camera (crop 2).jpg

09 Jun 2014

This Barn Owl visited the post for about 10 minutes from. Unexpectedly the owl left and returned within a minute (we have a frame of the empty post) and because we never see the right legs before the break are not SURE that it wasn't a change over between the two Barn Owls, but it was probably the same owl.

Ref: D01_20140421_2249_001_FB6 Barn Owl (ringed right leg) visit including brief departure & return (crop).jpg

We include this view because we don't remember ever having seen the Barn Owl's double barred tail quite so clearly.

Ref: D01_20140422_0159_008_FB6 Barn Owl (ringed right leg) visit including brief departure & return (crop).jpg

This looks like the Barn Owl is about to launch - it is the last of the set. The feathers are nicely separated and the tail is also spread.

Ref: D01_20140422_0210_019_FB6 Barn Owl (ringed right leg) visit including brief departure & return (crop).jpg

08 Jun 2014

A male Mallard duck drops down into the Round pond, disappearing for us behind the trees.

Ref: DF2_20140415_1758_255-258 Mallard Duck male descending to pond viewed through trees 1-4 of 4 (acc montage).jpg

The male Mallard ducks now hang around in small groups, probably in the hope of waylaying a female. Here they watched us approaching the pond and almost simultaneously decided to leave.

Ref: DF2_20140423_1742_172 2 Mallard males taking off from main pond 4 of 7 (crop).jpg

07 Jun 2014

Its the colour of the tail of this Bluetit that caught our attention, but the top of the head is similar. Colours as found - not enhanced.

Ref: E63_20140416_1906_144_FB1 Bluetit with iridescent tail.jpg

We keep seeing this vivid Bluetit at various ground level sites. Colours as found - not enhanced.

Ref: E62_20140421_1851_050_FB5 Bluetit with iridescent blue head and tail.jpg

06 Jun 2014

We only occasionally see Blackcaps, so are particularly pleased to see what is probably a 'pair' on adjacent twigs.
Although this is a montage of two frames (each with 1 bird properly sharp) this is what we saw and the spacing is accurate .

Ref: DF2_20140416_1007_337+338 Blackcap pair on adjacent twigs (montage 2 for focus).jpg

05 Jun 2014

This buzzard was flying low over a pasture to our south, with a Rook harassing the Buzzard enough for it to show beak and claws for a moment.

Ref: DF2_20140415_1753_146 Buzzard pursued by Rook over grass field 5 of 7 (crop).jpg

The same buzzard now leaving the rook behind wings its way over a tapestry of golden flower (Oil-seed Rape) with a pair of sprayer tractor ruts cutting through the field.

Ref: DF2_20140415_1755_189-191 Buzzard flying over flowering Oil-seed rape @ 4fps 2-4 of 4 (adjusted montage).jpg

04 Jun 2014

The male of this pair of Mallard ducks was following (or chasing!) the female on the right. We can't determine the accurate movement per frame, but read the action top left to bottom right.

Ref: DF2_20140415_1752_131-134 Mallard duck male following female in flight 1-4 of 4 (arb mirrored montage).jpg

03 Jun 2014

A Song thrush with a worm - its is not eating it so it must be for the brood.

Ref: E62_20140412_1739_078_FB5 Song Thrush with worm in beak (crop).jpg

A female Blackbird with another worm - it is not eating it so it must be for her brood.

Ref: E63_20140411_1832_065_FB1 Blackbird female with worm in beak + incidental dunnock (crop).jpg

02 Jun 2014

A Female chaffinch blurring her wings to attractive effect.

Ref: D36_20140406_1327_077_FB4 Chaffinch female landing on tree-stump.jpg

Robin and Dunnock disputing the right to occupy the site!

Ref: E63_20140404_1944_060_FB1 Robin & Dunnock in flight skirmish (crop).jpg

01 Jun 2014

A Great Tit with a beakful of hair.
Its a long story, but we had a dead badger (Road kill) at this site for a few days hoping to see what came to take it away, but whatever moved it didn't break the camera trigger beam, & dragged it about 15 metres before leaving it. We think the Great Tit has found some of the poor things fur stuck to the ground.

Ref: D5C_20140413_0745_075_FB2 Great Tit collecting nesting material (possibly hair from road-kill badger) (crop).jpg



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