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31 Mar 2014

This crazy Winter has been completely devoid of hard frosts, so here we are near the end of February with both this (yellow flowering) buddleia and our white Buddleia (not shown) still with a substantial complement of leaves.

Ref: A77_20140219_0832_012 Buddleia Yellow still in leaf mid February.jpg

This crazy Winter has been completely devoid of hard frosts, so here we are near the end of February with this yellow Buddleia still having most of its leaves and actively sprouting new ones.

Ref: A77_20140219_0832_015 Buddleia Yellow still in leaf mid February.jpg

30 Mar 2014

At this new site (primarily placed to attract hunting owls) this Male and female Blackbird quickly found the site, but as usual rarely show nicely as a pair. So here is an accurate montage half an hour apart.

Ref: E62_20140219_1443_179+1409_164_FB5 Blackbird male & female (montage).jpg

29 Mar 2014

This is STILL our only female pheasant, here nicely showing us her tail and some of her iridescent neck feathers.

Ref: D5C_20140215_1728_144_FB2 Pheasant female with tail vertical.jpg

28 Mar 2014

The loose food may have gone, but the Muntjac Deer can still enjoy a lick of peanut butter along the log.

Ref: D5C_20140213_1741_060_FB2 Muntjac Deer female licking peanut butter (crop 2).jpg

27 Mar 2014

Farm road re-building makes for chaos in the day, but in the quiet of the night, Owls may make appearances on dry nights. Owl feathers may be quiet in flight, but they are not waterproof.
From 2 short visits from the Ringed Barn Owl, we have picked this as our favourite image.

Ref: D01_20140215_2217_006 Barn Owl (ring on right leg) making 2 short visits 2 of 4 (crop).jpg

Farm road re-building makes for chaos in the day, but in the quiet of the night, Owls may make appearances on dry nights. Owl feathers may be quiet in flight, but they are not waterproof.
A Tawny Owl spent 17 minutes hunting from the meadow post top for once at a time we could watch on CCTV. The middle image has the bird facing us and looking down at the ground.

Ref: D01_20140216_1911_016+1919_023+1921_025 Tawny Owl making 17 minute visit (selected) 2+6+7 of 8 (montage).jpg

26 Mar 2014

An unexpected re-appearance of a group of 5 Bramblings - this is the best individual image.

Ref: D5C_20140213_1507_024_FB2 Brambling (crop).jpg

25 Mar 2014

A rather appealing portrait of the female Muntjac deer.

Ref: D5C_20140211_2337_102_FB2 Muntjac deer female.jpg

24 Mar 2014

If you think the distant flash upsets this Barn Owl, then don't. This bird settled down for a few minutes doze as the camera fired each minute!

Ref: D01_20140210_0016_001+0022_007+0023_008 Barn Owl (white front NO ring) on Meadow post (selected) 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

23 Mar 2014

A Grey Squirrel nibbling a soft apple, while ...

Ref: D5C_20140211_1636_092_FB2 Grey Squirrel holding up apple and nibbling it.jpg

... the female Muntjac Deer does a Take-away - inside her!
We haven't previously noticed the gripping structures on the lips.

Ref: D5C_20140206_1704_074_FB2 Muntjac Deer female eating whole apple.jpg

22 Mar 2014

A joyous little Chaffinch caroling forth.
The twig is not this long - we just could not resist the effect!

Ref: A77_20140210_1107_003+005+002 Chaffinch male singing from branch 2+3+1 of 3 (montage).jpg

21 Mar 2014

Our first long visit by a Tawny Owl to our automatic camera at the post in the 'meadow'. We know from both frame timings and a look at the CCTV recording that this was a short visit - a fly away for a couple of minutes, and then return (final frame with new perching position) for a while.

Ref: D01_20140212_0311_009+010+014 Tawny Owl visit to Meadow post including leave and return 07+08+12 of 15 (montage).jpg

20 Mar 2014

Still only the single female pheasant for our male. We do see images of them together, one normally only a fragment of one or other, so this is a montage of two image about 45 mins apart.

Ref: D50_20140131_1327_145+1244_127_FB1 Pheasant female& male (montage).jpg

19 Mar 2014

BBC 'Winterwatch' seems to think birds don't like apple!
But they put out typical barely-ripe pristine apples as bait. What the birds want is the soft old stuff humans don't like!

Ref: D50_20140203_1608_042_FB1 Blackbird female eating apple (crop).jpg

Another day - another windfall apple - you can see the multiple pecking this one has received.

Ref: D50_20140204_0856_090_FB1 Blackbird female eating apple (crop).jpg

18 Mar 2014

"Look at the feast I've got!"

Ref: D50_20140204_1753_121_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) with corn fragment in Paws.jpg

17 Mar 2014

Our new automatic 'Owl Cam' picked up this at least 20 minute visit to our patch. From a very poor CCTV recording we saw the bird land (first image) almost immediately leave and return shortly (2nd image) and then stay hunting for another 20 minutes. The Bird's Ring is clearly visible in the second image from the left.

Ref: D01_20140204_0532_018+0540+019+0545_024+0546_025 Barn Owl on post top (white front with right leg ring) (montage).jpg

5 nights later we got 7 more images of a Barn Owl, but this time with NO ring on either leg. These were taken shortly after 2 a.m. We so hope this is a pair with somewhere to nest.

Ref: D01_20140209_0215_012+0217_014+0221_018 Barn Owl (white front NO ring) on Meadow post 1+3+7 of 7 (montage).jpg

Our favourite from the sequence of the Ringed Barn Owl, worked up more carefully to make a larger view.

Ref: D01_20140204_0545_024 Barn Owl on post top (white front with right leg ring) (crop).jpg

16 Mar 2014

"Whose been splashing through the mud then?"
This is not unlike what our own boots and over-trousers look like when we have finished a slosh round the sodden clay based plot!

Ref: D50_20140201_1719_274_FB1 Muntjac Deer splattered with mud.jpg

An unusually intense rainbow to our East as the previous shower moves away to make room for the next one
This image is slightly cropped but exposure and colour are untouched.

Ref: P34_20140201_1447_869 Rainbow to east (crop with exp & colour unchanged).jpg

15 Mar 2014

Foxes love apples, but perhaps eat them as if requiring an ATTACK!

Ref: D5C_20140203_1826_030_FB2 Fox eating apple.jpg

The female Muntjac Deer still loves apples. We are moving several to some sites each day and they all go 'down the hatch'.

Ref: D5C_20140202_1726_198_FB2 Muntjac deer female eating apple.jpg

14 Mar 2014

An unusually sharp image of a male Chaffinch coming in to land on the stone out of crop on the lower left.

Ref: D50_20140128_1509_108_FB1 Chaffinch male coming in to land (crop 2).jpg

13 Mar 2014

Our only major Snowdrop clump in the shade at the end of a pond. This close-up of a few of the flowers shows water droplets left by yet another shower.

Ref: A77_20140125_1245_055 Snowdrops 2014 Seq after rain (detail crop).jpg

12 Mar 2014

This fox looks like it is attacking the stone, but much more likely just licking off the peanut butter smeared on the back.
The BBC documentary wildlife series 'Winterwatch' documented a GPS collared male urban fox travelling about 300km in a month. Maybe we see some long distance travellers just the once, and don't ever know.

Ref: D50_20140125_1714_337_FB1 Fox licking back of stone (crop).jpg

11 Mar 2014

A new automatic photo kit (controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer) bagged us this Barn Owl on Sunday evening on it's second night of operation. This image was 'first time luck' - 7 days have elapsed without a sighting of any more owls
This owl is Ringed, so we went back through our archive looking for rings on the right legs of barn owls. All of our Barn Owl images (where we can see the breast) are the white fronted variety. In Jan & March 2013 the owl was NOT ringed, but images from 2010 are. So this is not 'The' Barn Owl, but at least Two different birds. The ring is almost readable in the camera images.
Regarding rings, you may be interested in our Snow Goose saga

We will release the new kit design and software when it is more 'finished' - if you want information now just email us. Meanwhile our simpler design can be found at Night Photo Kit

Ref: D01_20140126_1800_004-1802_014_FB6 Barn Owl (ringed) on Meadow post 1+2+5+7 of 7 (montage).jpg

10 Mar 2014

Mousy love?

Ref: D50_20140122_1749_206_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) nuzzling.jpg

09 Mar 2014

Enjoy the lichens adding colour to this attractive grey ('white') bird.

Ref: A77_20140120_1123_049 White Wagtail peering over edge of roof.jpg

We have several shots in a sequence of the White Wagtail trying (and failing) to catch this fly. This image is against an originally mirror-finish boiler chimney now weathered enough to also show shadows. So we have here the bird just missing the fly, the shadow of both on the slightly matt 'stainless' steel, and bisecting the bottom shadow a partial reflection of part of the bird where shadowed by the bird.
The camera was pointed up about 45 degrees for this strange mix to occur.

Ref: A77_20140120_1123_070 White Wagtail in flight chasing insect with shadow and reflection @ 4 fps 1 of 7 (crop).jpg

08 Mar 2014

Our first sighting of a Red Kite since Sep 2013, seen by chance from a Window followed by a stampede for the camera and better view. These two images taken several seconds apart show both sides of the wing.

Ref: DF1_20140118_1113_008+016 Red Kite in Flight (arbitrary montage).jpg

It doesn't matter what the raptor is - one of the local corvids will most likely make sure that it doesn't feel welcome.

Ref: DF1_20140118_1114_055 Rook harassing Red Kite in flight 03 of 11 (crop).jpg

07 Mar 2014

We put carrot tops separately behind the stone. The Squirrel has gathered them up, together with some peanut butter, and claimed them as HIS.

Ref: D50_20140118_1515_161_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating carrot top with peanut butter.jpg

Electrifying tail - the setting sun suggests an illuminated tail.

Ref: D36_20140117_1605_044_FB4 Sunset through Grey Squirrel tail.jpg

06 Mar 2014

Mother Muntjac eating yet another apple. This year we have a huge supply of windfalls and we are pleased she is clearing them up for us.

Ref: D50_20140116_1616_047_FB1 Muntjac Deer eating apple.jpg

The next montage contains graphic images of nature red in tooth and claw. If it might upset you, please skip over it.
We have enjoyed watching Muntjac Deer mother and fawn over the last months, but sadly the fawn has fallen victim to what was most likely a fox or Badger.
Top Left: Discovery of the headless body near the NE corner of our boundary hedges. We guess the whole fawn was too heavy to carry away so the predator ate what it could and carried off the head.
It wasn't there the previous afternoon.
Top Right: We decided to see what came and took it away, so transported it about 70m to the woodland photo site and left it mostly hidden behind the log an hour before sunset.
We were surprised how heavy the little body was on the spade.
Bottom Left: 3 Hours after sunset mother Muntjac arrived & obviously recognises her fawn's scent, spending an atypical 20 minutes repeatedly returning to the log.
Bottom Right: 2 hours after this a fox appears for the first time at this site in over 4 months, & in the next frame the body has gone. The fox appeared again several hours later. But badgers do visit but only rarely on camera.
Images taken later that night shows the mother feeding normally - she will have to wait for another go next year.

Ref: A77_20140117_1244_008+1504_077+1854_084+2053_087 Muntjac Deer fawn carcass seq 2+3+5+8 of 9 (montage).jpg

05 Mar 2014

Maybe it's human sentiment, but we can't see these two little creatures as anything but an affectionate couple.

Ref: D50_20140115_1726_164_FB1 2 fieldmice (wood mice) nuzzling (crop).jpg

04 Mar 2014

This was 3 (of 4) Fieldfares taking off from a young Black Poplar in a rather more muddled montage than we had hoped. View the birds in flight as 3 streaks at 45 degrees at the angle of a forward slash / . Only 3 birds took off at this moment - two of them are perched obscuring each other top left.

Ref: DF1_20140112_0940_089-092 4 Fieldfares flying from Black Poplar 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

The flock of Fieldfare has now grown to about 40. This one took off from the group. We don't remember whether it landed back in the tree or not.

Ref: DF1_20140112_0939_043+045-051 Fieldfare flying from black poplar with other fieldfares perched (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

Here the 40 or so Fieldfares stopped for a while in the Black Poplars. Given our norm of '10% of Fieldfare flocks are Redwing' we expected to find some, but every one of these is a Fieldfare as we counted them at full resolution.

Ref: DF1_20140112_0957_210 40 Fieldfare in Black Poplar.jpg

03 Mar 2014

We had observed that pheasants usually defended Grey squirrel attacks and the Squirrels had stopped attacking. But here is what may be a different Grey Squirrel, that hasn't had a claw stuck in it yet, making a determined attack. The next image 2 minutes later showed 2 grey squirrels romping at the site.

Ref: D5C_20140109_1612_036_FB2 Grey Squirrel attacking Pheasant male 2 of 3 (crop).jpg

In a more peaceful moment, we see our current pair of pheasants doing an ABBA moment with their faces at right angles and one in focus, as in ABBA's 'trademark' videos.

Ref: D50_20140115_1616_152_FB1 Pheasant male with female in background juxtaposed (crop).jpg

02 Mar 2014

The female Muntjac Deer just loves eating windfall apples, we see evidence of several a day being eaten whole. Here she is reaching down to the apple left at this site.

Ref: D50_20140111_2027_193_FB1 Muntjac Deer female eating apple 1 of 2 (uncropped).jpg

This next frame 1 minute later shows that the apple has gone. She doesn't appear to have moved her tiny hooves at all.

Ref: D50_20140111_2028_194_FB1 Muntjac Deer female eating apple 2 of 2 (uncropped).jpg

01 Mar 2014

Fawn and Mum Muntjac Deer
This is a montage of 2 images from several where one of the animals was always badly positioned.

Ref: D5C_20140109_1653_050+20140110_1659_110_FB2 Muntjac Deer female & fawn (accurate montage).jpg

The female Muntjac Deer just loves eating windfall apples. This the middle of a sequence of 3 taken over 2 minutes - apple untouched, this & then apple gone.

Ref: D50_20140114_1544_090_FB1 Muntjac Deer female eating apple over 2 minutes 2 of 3 (crop).jpg



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