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28 Feb 2015

A rook is just sticking it's beak into the left edge of the frame. Pigeons mostly defend themselves by hitting the opposition with their powerful wings. Here we think the Pigeon is just preparing 'in-case'.

Ref: E63_20150117_1531_110_FB1 Wood Pigeon reacting to rook mostly out of frame at left.jpg

Actually Pigeon and Corvids (like the Rook above and jackdaw here) usually get along fine. Here they are quietly feeding together easily in range of attack by the other, but preferring an Avian Gossip?

Ref: E63_20150119_1529_037_FB1 Woodpigeon and Jackdaw feeding on corn on stone with beaks about 6cm apart.jpg

27 Feb 2015

A Starling high in a Black Poplar tree already in it glorious breeding colours. The base of the beak turning blue indicates a male. The feathers around the neck are sticking out as spikes and catching a glint of a welcome bit of sunshine.

Ref: DF2_20150119_1118_164 Starling male stretching upwards in Black Poplar.jpg

A Redwing awkward to see high up in a Black Poplar. Not many sightings this year, and not obviously part of a flock of Fieldfares as we have normally seen them in the past.

Ref: DF2_20150118_1013_003 Redwing with open beak in Black Poplar (crop).jpg

26 Feb 2015

A Buzzard was using the trees at the brook as hunting perches. Here we caught the bird moving to a new perch on the left

Ref: DF2_20150119_1102_076+078+082+090 Buzzard flying between branches near brook 01+02+06+11 of 11 (accurate montage).jpg

25 Feb 2015

The pair of Moorhens mostly frequenting the distant 'Round' pond are prospecting nest sites. This bird spent quite a while climbing about in the fallen Iris leaves.

Ref: D5C_20150117_1127_003 Moorhen exploring dead vegetation at back of main pond.jpg

24 Feb 2015

"Double back somersault with half twist and single tail rotation?"
This has to be the top of a leap from the ground - there is no vertical movement blur even at cameras full resolution.

Ref: E64_20150112_1831_034_FB2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) mid leap with body twisted above another on ground (crop).jpg

23 Feb 2015

We think this Bluetit and Robin are both landing from different directions. (There is usually very little wind in this sheltered hedge bottom so the routine 'landing into the wind' rule doesn't apply).

Ref: E63_20150114_1522_152_FB1 Bluetit and Robin landing at either end of stone simultaneously.jpg

A single Corn grain is preferred to a mouthful of perfectly good fruit pulp. No wonder humans put so much effort into corn production!

Ref: E63_20150114_1548_168_FB1 Jackdaw picking corn grain out of fruit pulp.jpg

22 Feb 2015

This Barn Owl made this majestic arrival and spent about 20 minutes exploring the land around the post with eyes and hearing. The wind was near gale force (it brought down several branches) and was making a mess of the elegant Owl as you see lower right.

Ref: D01_20150116_0049_024-0101_040_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) 19 minute visit 1+4+6+8 of 8 (montage).jpg

The Barn owl left for a few minutes and then returned to provide this unusual view. Every time we see the how flat the facial disc is we are 'surprised'.

Ref: D01_20150116_0116_044_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) 4 minute visit 1 of 3 (crop).jpg

21 Feb 2015

All but the tail tip of our very light coloured pheasant, one of 5 males we know of having various hues.

Ref: E63_20150109_1429_093_FB1 Pheasant male with atypically light plumage.jpg

20 Feb 2015

The Tree Sparrows are appearing intermittently, here flying in to the peanut feeder next to a Bluetit that probably took off in fright.

Ref: E60_20150111_0939_076_FB3 Tree Sparrow and Bluetit.jpg

19 Feb 2015

This is our most advanced clump of Snowdrops situated on the bank on the east end of the main pond, almost never in sunshine.

Ref: DF2_20150113_1013_041 Snowdrops 2015 Seq (crop).jpg

18 Feb 2015

Every cloud does NOT have a silver lining metaphorically or otherwise, but some do. A gloomy sunset was unexpectedly lightened by the bright cloud edge and delightful ray effect above the cloud

Ref: DF2_20150108_1531_100 Cloud hiding sun showing bright edges & upward fan of rays.jpg

17 Feb 2015

The Muntjac Deer female looks like she is targeting the remains of the apple on the grass, tongue out in anticipation of a bit of juicy chomp.

Ref: E63_20150104_1601_258_FB1 Muntjac Deer female head on (crop 1).jpg

16 Feb 2015

"Rook are black except for their beaks"
In that case black can come in a lovely variety of blacks!

Ref: E62_20150103_1408_114_FB5 Rook.jpg

Oh dear - we think Rooks look delightful.
That's what living with them for 25 years does to the brain!

Ref: E64_20150103_1415_180_FB2 Rook scattering water droplets on landing.jpg

15 Feb 2015

In the morning twilight this Barn Owl landed on the post top but left in less than 45 seconds (the repeat rate of the automatic camera).

Ref: D01_20150103_0730_065_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) landing in rain staying for less than 1 minute visit (crop).jpg

This Tawny Owl stayed for 7 minutes, almost entirely with back to camera, so we present just the landing, a bit hazy through the steamed up window. We have not worked out what the thin line crossing the primary feathers on the right might be.

Ref: D01_20150105_0334_008_FB6 Tawny Owl visit for 7 minutes 1 of 3 (crop).jpg

14 Feb 2015

We watched this 24 minute stay by a Barn Owl shortly after dark as a misty image on the CCTV repeater. The bird was very active, atypically moving around a lot on the top of the post. Normally they stay where they land and use that wonderful neck to look in any direction they want.

Ref: D01_20150101_1657_002-1721_033_FB6 Barn owl (right leg ring) 24 minute visit early evening 01-07_10 of 10 (montage).jpg

In the early hours of the following morning the same Barn Owl returned for 10 minutes in a strong wind. In the rightmost image you can see how the soft feathers (that allow near silent flight) have been spread and flattened into a disc of grey on the head.

Ref: D01_20150102_0317_035+0320_039+0323_043_FB6 Barn owl (right leg ring) 10 minute visit early hours 1+2+4 of 7 (montage).jpg

13 Feb 2015

Two Collared Doves - probably a pair.
The bird on the left has an abnormal down-curving upper beak - we think the bottom beak tip was broken off and this is how the beak reacts.
The bird on the right is a colour we have never noticed before - a beautiful soft brown described as Grey-buff in some books. Genuine colour seen less well in some other frames.
To us Collared Doves have been about ever since we started identifying birds seriously in the 1970s, but apparently these delicate birds were first observed in the UK in 1955, having 'originated' from India.
Like another 'import' - Little Owls - we think they are lovely!

Ref: E64_20141229_0859_035_FB2 2 Collared Doves one with deformed beak & the other with noticeable brown sheen.jpg

12 Feb 2015

Two Fieldmice (Wood Mice) shortly after dark - what a pair of Sweeties!

Ref: E63_20141230_1658_106_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) one holding corn grain in paws (adjusted crop 2).jpg

11 Feb 2015

A Chilly young bunny - we hope it found enough food to make the trip worthwhile.

Ref: E62_20141229_1734_026_FB5 Rabbit youngster in heavy frost.jpg

10 Feb 2015

Male Chaffinch attacking a Great Tit that looks all too ready to defend it's right to be by the huge peanut feeder just off the right frame edge.
Who 'blinked' first?

Ref: E60_20141230_1012_038_FB3 Chaffinch male and Great Tit mid-air squabble (crop).jpg

09 Feb 2015

A Robin watching us watching him from the top of an old hedge.

Ref: DF2_20141227_0943_018 Robin watching us from hedge top.jpg

No that's not snow below the Robin - just the accumulation of several days of frost. The 'Reeds' are actually mostly old Yellow Flag Iris fronds.

Ref: DF2_20141229_1503_047 Robin standing on Frost crusted reeds.jpg

08 Feb 2015

This barn Owl made 2 short visits 4 minutes apart, the second visit bringing along what we think is a Shrew. In order here the first landing, 4 minutes later the second landing with prey in beak, and 45 seconds later the prey has apparently been swallowed in one beakful followed by this moment or two's smug contemplation!

Ref: D01_20141229_1644_003+1648_006+007_FB6 Barn Owl 2 off 2 min visits 4 mins apart second landing with Shrew (q) in beak 1+3+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

A closer look at the landing with the prey. We think we can see the pointed snout, and it is a bit small for a mouse or Vole.

Ref: D01_20141229_1648_006_FB6 Barn Owl 2 off 2 min visits 4 mins apart second landing with Shrew (q) in beak 3 of 4 (crop).jpg

07 Feb 2015

Arriving along the sense beam, this barn Owl triggered the photo in advance of arriving at the post.

Ref: D01_20141228_1646_015 Barn Owl visit for 2 mins 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

06 Feb 2015

This Tawny Owl paid a 5 minute visit around 2:20 a.m. We know from waking from the noise of rain on the roof that it rained heavily in the early hours (10mm - about half inch - in the gauge overnight) and the owl at the right is clearly covered in water drops. The landing at the left shows the owl with the nictitating membranes partly closed over the eyes - quite common for landing birds. We have heard it said that Owls can not hunt in the rain - perhaps this limitation is species specific.

Ref: D01_20141227_0217_009+0220_012+0222_015_FB6 Tawny Owl 5 minute visit in rain (10mm overnight) 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

05 Feb 2015

Our first sighting of a pheasant for months is this partial image of an atypically light coloured male. The 2 Brown tones normally providing a background seem to be white on this bird, but other colours are normal, so its not an Albino. Rather too lightly coloured for the fox not to notice him we fear.

Ref: E63_20141224_0850_151_FB1 Pheasant male with atypically light plumage.jpg

04 Feb 2015

Morning and afternoon moments of a Bluetit in flight, montaged to make a little composition of unusually sharp images in flight.

Ref: E60_20141222_0952_005+1337_035_FB3 Bluetit(s) in flight (montage of separate flights).jpg

Enjoy the claws and their shadow on the wings of this Great Tit in flight.

Ref: E60_20141218_1138_021_FB3 Great Tit in flight showing claws & shadow of claws on wing.jpg

03 Feb 2015

An interesting position for this male Great Spotted Woodpecker on the vertical trunk of the Ash tree on the main pond island. The bird wasn't pleased to spot the photographer (who was perishing cold at an open upstairs window) and he soon flew away.

Ref: DC1_20141225_1207_022 Great Spotted Woodpecker leaning back on Ash Tree on main pond island (crop).jpg

Looking through a 'V' in the same intervening Ash tree we see a Bluetit picking over the buds of this winter flowering Viburnum'Burkwoodii'.

Ref: DC1_20141225_1219_089 Bluetit in Viburnum bush (crop).jpg

02 Feb 2015

Where do they get the energy. Are yes - an endless supply of corn converted into testosterone!

Ref: E64_20141222_0029_219_FB2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) one in mid-leap.jpg

At another site this Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) caught in mid-leap - this is a wide view including the shadow of the mouse on the ground at the right.

Ref: E63_20141222_1723_074_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) at top of leap (crop 1).jpg

A close view of the little fellow. Isn't he/she lovely?

Ref: E63_20141222_1723_074_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) at top of leap (crop 2).jpg

01 Feb 2015

Over one night we had 3 visits by the same Barn Owl. This pairing is from the second visit.
The third visit in indexed separately after a Tawny owl on the same night.

Ref: D01_20141220_0011_011+0013_014_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) 2 visits over 20mins 4+6 of 6 (montage 2nd visit).jpg



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