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31 Jan 2015

This lovely Barn Owl made this landing but stayed for only a few seconds. The bird returned 5 minutes later, and stayed on the post top for about 20 minutes, un-bothered by the camera flash.

Ref: D01_20141219_0646_001_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) single landing + 5 minutes later landing & 20 mins stay 01 of 21 (crop).jpg

30 Jan 2015

A Jackdaw about to land on the peanut feeder perch.

Ref: E60_20141215_0901_001_FB3 Jackdaw about to land on perch.jpg

29 Jan 2015

A young Rabbit in the hours before midnight.

Ref: E63_20141214_2258_249_FB1 Rabbit youngster on hind legs.jpg

28 Jan 2015

This Kestrel came flying towards us from the East making not very attractive images, but turned South to be bathed in light from the lowering sun for this little unbroken sequence presented much closer together than reality.

Ref: DF2_20141213_1508_091-095 Kestrel flying by @ 5fps 10-14 of 14 (contracted montage).jpg

27 Jan 2015

A Buzzard landed on a branch adjacent to a pigeon which took fright as well it might from a much bigger bird with all those 'sharp bits'.

Ref: DF2_20141213_1057_085 Buzzard arriving on perch scaring away a Pigeon.jpg

The Buzzard then got disturbed from it's rest by a territorial Jackdaw. The jackdaw started about 2 buzzard lengths behind the buzzard in this accurate montage. We left the Jackdaw out for the next 2 frames as they overlaid the image of the buzzard in the preceding frames, but the Jackdaw was climbing fast and re-appears above the Buzzard for the last 2 frames.

Ref: DF2_20141213_1058_093-097 Buzzard in flight against trees pursued by Jackdaw (frames 1+4+5) 1-5 of 8 (accurate montage).jpg

26 Jan 2015

This Fox is in such pristine condition that it is most likely to be his or her first year. Now the Fieldfares, Squirrels, Foxes and Muntjac deer have stripped the orchard of windfall apples, those we leave at the camera sites are suddenly worth putting up with the funny noise and flash from the camera for the meal.

Ref: E63_20141208_2156_061_FB1 Fox picking up piece of apple (crop).jpg

25 Jan 2015

A female Muntjac Deer picking up a lump of rotten apple. This female is much thinner than the last one we saw, so is either a different non-pregnant animal or she has left her fawn somewhere.

Ref: E63_20141207_1536_235_FB1 Muntjac Deer female with rotten apple in mouth (crop).jpg

24 Jan 2015

The Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) on the stone is obviously cooperating with the claws of the mouse standing on the ground, so we read this as a little affectionate Canoodling.

Ref: E63_20141206_2012_200_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) canoodling (crop).jpg

23 Jan 2015

The Red Kite's languid flight eventually took it almost overhead of us. There is no doubt the bird was keeping it's eyes on the strange creatures (us) below.

Ref: DF2_20141207_1059_352 Red Kite flying nearly overhead 2 of 9 (crop).jpg

Did the Red Kite want another look at us before it departed? We doubt it, but it gave us a final look at this glorious bird (arranged for effect rather than accuracy) before it drifted South towards Milton Keynes.

Ref: DF2_20141207_1059_396+399+401+403 Red Kite flying nearly overhead 04+07+09+11 of 12 (montage).jpg

22 Jan 2015

This Red Kite made a languid passage over the surrounding fields. There is about 1.5 seconds of flight here.

Ref: DF2_20141207_1058_135-143 Red Kite in flight along 11kv power lines 01+03+05+07+09 of 12 (acc montage alt frames @ 7fps).jpg

The Red Kite makes a slightly awkward rise and twist in flight as it avoids the 11kV power lines. This accurately positioned sequence is over about 1.5 seconds

Ref: DF2_20141207_1058_253-261 Red Kite flying showing back and turning towards camera 01+03+05+07+09 of 12 (acc montage).jpg

21 Jan 2015

This Barn Owl was photographed by an automated camera just as it was about to land on the post top an hour before dawn. The bird stayed for a couple of minutes (2 more images) before gliding away.
The missing wings tips are not 'artistic' cropping - this is the top of the camera frame.

Ref: D01_20141205_0623_004_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) landing and 2 minute visit 1 of 3 (crop).jpg

20 Jan 2015

Two barn owls made 4 visits in a single night - more than our WEEKLY average. The first 3 visits span midnight, all made by the Owl with a right leg ring. In the early hours another barn Owl with no rings makes a 10 minute stay.

Ref: D01_20141203_1918_029-20141204_0153_054_FB6 Barn Owl (Right leg ring) 3 short visits + (No ring) 10min visit (montage).jpg

19 Jan 2015

We first saw this Kestrel high over one of our Black Poplar trees as we walked up the path over the meadow. Judging by the disapproving stare, we had just disturbed his hunt.

Ref: DF2_20141203_1106_150 Kestrel juvenile male (q) in flight over meadow 1 of 4 (crop).jpg

This Kestrel likes to hunt from the long and thin branch that bends down substantially under the bird's weight. The branch the bird is standing on is the same one as the one springing back up. As he took off he flew away, so we have spread the images to the right. Enjoy the leg positions as he folds them away.

Ref: DF2_20141202_1038_012-016 Kestrel taking off from Black Poplar branch 01-05 of 10 (horizontally spread montage).jpg

18 Jan 2015

A look at the tail suggests that this is a Juvenile male Kestrel starting to moult into adult colours. He was hovering (into the wind as always - hence the bird's name 'Windhover') to our North West with the sun to the South (it was about mid-day). From about 100 frames we selected the best few and from them constructed this little impression.

Ref: DF2_20141130_1224_031+037+064 Kestrel juvenile male (q) hovering (selected) 1+4+7 of 8 (montage).jpg

A solitary Jackdaw arrived and started bothering the kestrel who started to fly off to the South. The Jackdaw followed, making Lunges at the Kestrel. About a third of a mile away they were still at it when we caught this sequence of them both diving to ground but levelling out before a collision with the trees.

Ref: DF2_20141130_1226_169-175 Jackdaw chasing away Kestrel @7fps 1-7 of 7 (accurate montage).jpg

17 Jan 2015

We were lucky to get these images of a Barn Owl through the descending mist that we have mostly 'Photoshopped' out.

Ref: D01_20141125_2239_001+2240_003+2242_006_FB6 Barn Owl few minutes visit (montage).jpg

16 Jan 2015

This is the first good sighting of an adult Green Woodpecker this year. This is a male probing the soft ground at the edge of the main pond, not that all the grassy paths aren't soft after all the rain.

Ref: DF2_20141125_1133_049+1133_009 Green Woodpecker on grass in front of main pond (montage).jpg

15 Jan 2015

Ah - not our favourite visitor & a about a year since we have seen a Tabby Cat. Look at the completely open Irises it uses in the dark. This was taken shortly after midnight.

Ref: E64_20141122_0045_073_FB2 Cat Domestic Tabby.jpg

Two little sweetie fieldmice (wood mice) enjoying tea together in the twilight. We have no evidence that they encountered the Tabby cat seen at another site 6 hours later

Ref: E63_20141122_1646_195_FB1 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) nibbling food together.jpg

14 Jan 2015

While standing on a mound giving a view to the South and East this Kestrel appeared from 'nowhere' and flew past, giving the cameraman a bit of a 'glare'. The right hand three images are correctly positioned at 5fps.

Ref: DF2_20141124_1411_020+026-028 Kestrel flying with rodent in talons glancing at camera @ 5fps 3+5-7 of 8 (montage).jpg

A much closer look at the first image shows us what we didn't realise until we started making the montage - the kestrel is carrying it's lunch! In the talons is what we think is a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse), head hanging down beneath the bird and rear legs and mouse tail under the bird tail. We are unsure about the sex of this bird, and think it might be a juvenile. Except in the breeding season Prey is normally eaten 'on-the-spot' so our appearance probably persuaded the bird to move on with prey in talons.

Ref: DF2_20141124_1411_020 Kestrel flying by with rodent in talons glancing at camera (selected) 3 of 8 (crop).jpg

13 Jan 2015

A typical Grey Squirrel feeding session - 25 minutes stuffing itself and then a take-away from the fruit bowl.

Ref: D36_20141121_1514_049+1519_050+1539_054_FB4 Grey Squirrel consuming food over 25 minutes 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

12 Jan 2015

We moved here in November 1990, and our first 'new' bird we saw was a Fieldfare, attracted to the existing apple and plum trees. They have been reliable visitors every year, sometimes easier to photograph than others. This one was high in a Black Poplar tree in an atypical hour or 2 of sunshine. The size of the flocks has sadly diminished along with many other birds.

Ref: DF2_20141118_1031_043 Fieldfare in Black Poplar tree.jpg

11 Jan 2015

A Muntjac Deer visit, this time a female (no mini-tusk or mini-antlers) at the woodland site. A partial image at another camera suggests that she may be in the late stages of pregnancy.

Ref: E64_20141116_1900_049_FB2 Muntjac Deer female (crop).jpg

10 Jan 2015

The saying goes 'Red sky in Morning, Shepherd's warning'
And lo - it rained later!

Ref: DF2_20141119_0743_068 Sunrise with hazy clouds (crop).jpg

A zoom on the sun showed the large pair of sunspots near the centre of the disc currently circulating. The sun turns in about 24 days relative to earth & this is the second appearance.
Do not use binoculars, telescopes or similar to look at the sun, or stare at it, or it might be the last thing you see :-(

Ref: DF2_20141119_0744_077 Major Sunspots on Dawn sun (crop).jpg

09 Jan 2015

Following some changes that allow the kit to photograph the birds as they land, the Barn owl graced us with a landing on the post, and stayed for 6 minutes before exiting at speed to the left out of site of other cameras.
We have mirrored the montage - it felt more natural to us Western Left-to-right scribblers

Ref: D01_20141122_1829_003+1831_005_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) landing & 6 minute visit (mirrored montage).jpg

The Barn owl with the right leg ring made 2 visits just a few minutes apart.

Ref: D01_20141119_2017_003+2018_004+2019_006 Barn Owl (right leg ring) visits twice over 9 minutes (montage).jpg

08 Jan 2015

How like a child licking a sticky Lollypop (if the dietary pediatricians permit such treats nowadays). Although the rudimentary thumb is not sufficient to grasp a large item in one paw, it is clearly being used to maneuver the apple slice for maximum 'lickability'.

Ref: E63_20141113_1232_010_FB1 Grey Squirrel holding slice of apple to lick off peanut butter.jpg

Although the rudimentary thumb is not sufficient to grasp such a large item in one paw, it is clearly being used to help hold the piece of nut.

Ref: E64_20141113_1231_013_FB2 Grey Squirrel holding piece of nut in paws.jpg

07 Jan 2015

A lurid Sunrise heralds yet another dreary November day.
Back in 1844 Poet Thomas Hood summed up November in London, with smog instead of fog, but painfully on target:-

      No sun - no moon!
      No morn - no noon -
      No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
      No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,
      No comfortable feel in any member -
      No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,
      No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds -

Ref: P34_20141111_0711_625 Sunrise (orig).jpg

Saturday-Sunday night saw the dark-faced Tawny Owl visit twice an hour apart in the early evening. It stayed for a couple of minutes each time. A light fog arrived with the dusk, and got steadily thicker. The two images had the same processing so you can get an idea of how the Owl 'faded away'.

Ref: D01_20141115_1851_012+1958_017_FB6 Tawny Owl visits for 2 mins an hour apart as fog thickens (selected) 2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

06 Jan 2015

2 visits by what we think are different foxes in the same night 6 hours apart. Welcome back after months of absence from the high quality photo sites.

Ref: E64_20141109_0053_193+20141108_1816_185_FB2 2 Fox visits midnight & previous evening (acc montage).jpg

05 Jan 2015

The patter of little claws announced the arrival of the Wagtails - a pair of White Wagtails (with grey rather than black backs). This one was flying between the roof ridges with a running takeoff. There were several flies around the bird but there was no obvious attempt to catch one.

Ref: DF2_20141109_1207_263-267 White Wagtail making running takeoff from roof ridge 1-5 of 5 (slightly stretched montage).jpg

Another ridge to ridge flight.

Ref: DF2_20141109_1225_317-320 White Wagtail flying between roof ridges 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

04 Jan 2015

The Barn owl with right leg ring made an extended (at least 10 minute) visit in the early evening. The bird was unusually active with lots of moving about on the top and bending down.

Ref: D01_20141109_1720_026-1727_040_FB6 Barn Owl visits just after Sunset & just before Dawn 07+17+18&11+14+21 of 25 (montage 1).jpg

03 Jan 2015

Grumpy Bunny!
This is undoubtedly an anthropomorphic interpretation, but can you see it any other way?

Ref: E63_20141106_0514_173_FB1 Rabbit looking disagreeable.jpg

02 Jan 2015

The Brown Rat wants to be a film star, here showing off it's prowess at pulling worms out of the ground.

Ref: E62_20141102_0528_130_FB5 Brown Rat pulling worm out of ground (crop).jpg

01 Jan 2015

A new discovery in the now a few inches high crop - a hare can be spotted most mornings crouched in a scrape perhaps 30 metres from the farm road and ourselves.

Ref: DF2_20141102_1352_163 Hare hunkered down in scrape in crop (crop).jpg

We can't work out the orientation of the Hare here even in the originals, but we thought it would be interesting to show the rows of the crop. Once the crop has grown a bit more this magical creature will be hidden from our eyes.

Ref: DF2_20141102_1403_173 Hare hunkered down in scrape in crop (crop 2).jpg

4 days later saw the first heavy frost of the season. To our surprise the Hare was still at it's scape just after dawn, in among the heavily frosted crop. Brrrr.
The hare was present almost every day until our last sighting on 11 December 2014 - about 5 weeks. The clay soil became waterlogged and we suspect his comfortable scrape became a mud-bath and he went somewhere more comfortable (Updated 1 Jan 2015).

Ref: DF2_20141106_0732_015 Hare hunkered down in scrape in frost covered crop (crop).jpg



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