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30 Mar 2015

The weak sun touches the tail feathers of this Buzzard trying to make the most of a rather weak Thermal. This is an impression only - the bird travelled probably 50m between first and last images.

Ref: DF2_20150217_1255_385-1256_432 Buzzard circling in weak thermal 3-7 of 7 (impression montage).jpg

29 Mar 2015

This visit by the female Kestrel (top) was spoiled for the Kestrel by a single Jackdaw making it's displeasure felt as much as it dared.

Ref: DF2_20150217_1232_051-055 Kestrel female pursued by Jackdaw 07-011 of 11 (accurate montage).jpg

28 Mar 2015

The female Muntjac Deer explores the site again. We love the shiny wet nose - something you dog lovers will be very familiar with.

Ref: E64_20150215_1727_190_FB2 Muntjac Deer female.jpg

27 Mar 2015

Jackdaws mate for life - and we suspect this pair are just such practicing togetherness ready for the Spring parenting

Ref: E64_20150213_1645_091_FB2 2 Jackdaws side by side at log.jpg

The Collared doves being their usual loving selves - their loving coos regularly arrive over the CCTV monitors, as we hear as we prepared this text.

Ref: E62_20150216_0851_020_FB5 Collared Dove Pair.jpg

26 Mar 2015

One of our Tree Sparrows - we have at least 4 - at the hedge bottom site. We also see them at the meadow site, and at the kitchen feeder, but never in the trees at the Woodland site, and only once (6 years ago) on the tree stump.
'Tree' Sparrow indeed!

Ref: E63_20150214_1657_236_FB1 Tree Sparrow showing yellow base to beak.jpg

25 Mar 2015

Our currently regular Barn Owl visitor (with ring on right leg) makes a landing side-on to camera. We love the view of the bird's clear cornea on the eye we see side-on.

Ref: D01_20150214_0540_004_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) landing & showing clear cornea (crop).jpg

36 Hours later, a visit from a different Barn Owl with no leg ring. We fancy that the underside of the wings is less patterned than our 'regular' Barn Owl. We do hope they are a 'pair' but have no real idea where they 'live'.

Ref: D01_20150215_1759_003 Barn Owl (no leg ring) landing (crop).jpg

24 Mar 2015

A landing of the Barn Owl from the rear gives us a good view of the beautiful wing feathers.

Ref: D01_20150208_0656_032 Barn Owl landing on post top with back to camera.jpg

This image of the Barn Owl looks like the bird had just landed and triggered the camera as it folded the wings over the centre of the pole where the sense beam passes.

Ref: D01_20150209_0535_038 Barn Owl starting to fold wings after landing (crop).jpg

23 Mar 2015

Our vegetable garden is this year fallow for the winter awaiting warmer and dryer days. To this Grey Squirrel the loose soil is a wonderland to dig over for hidden treasures.
Top left the Squirrel found a stem of onion it gleefully devoured.
Bit too hot - lets have a drink.
Another dig found this small potato - much too good to risk eating where others could try to steal it, so off to some secluded spot to eat it.

Ref: DF2_20150211_1112_143-1115_178 Grey Squirrel scraping over vegetable bed for onion stem and potato 3+1+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

22 Mar 2015

The female Muntjac Deer seems mostly to visit this Woodland site.

Ref: E64_20150205_1722_046_FB2 Muntjac Deer female 10 minute visit 2 of 5 (crop).jpg

The slit by the Muntjac Deer's eye is her scent marking gland.

Ref: E64_20150207_1830_168_FB2 Muntjac Deer female (crop).jpg

From a less attractive frame, this is the Muntjac Deer facing left showing us the underside of her front left hoof with her Right front hoof firmly in the ground tip down making a characteristic 'slot' we find marking her progress in soft paths all around the plot.

Ref: E64_20150209_1736_045_FB2 Muntjac Deer female with view of bottom of hoof (front hoof crop).jpg

21 Mar 2015

This Fox visited all 3 ground level photo sites in about half an hour across midnight. In this frame there is a hint of an injury on the forehead.

Ref: E64_20150207_2334_169_FB2 Fox 15 minute visit across midnight 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

This Fox visited all 3 ground level photo sites in about half an hour across midnight. In this frame there is a clear view of a puncture wound on the top of the head. Another frame (not included) shows a slightly torn base to the ear to our left which suggests to us that the Fox ran into a strand of barbed wire that tore out some fur. Ouch!

Ref: E64_20150208_0009_170_FB2 Fox 15 minute visit across midnight 2 of 2 (detail of head injury).jpg

20 Mar 2015

A Tawny Owl sometimes visits the perch for the peanut feeder outside the kitchen window. This one missed the sense beam by landing on the other side, but we spotted it on CCTV and crawled through the black kitchen to aim and fire off a couple of frames by accurate enough 'estimation'.

Ref: E60_20150206_2052_141_FB3 Tawny owl on Kitchen feeder perch (crop).jpg

This Tawny Owl landed on the Kitchen window perch on the 'proper side' to fire the camera. We think the left wing (near the feeder) has been partially folded to avoid impact with the feeder.

Ref: E60_20150208_2201_233_FB3 Tawny owl landing on Kitchen feeder perch (crop).jpg

19 Mar 2015

The moment there is any sound at the conservatory door a Robin appears nearby hoping for an easy meal. It often perches in this 20 year old Yew tree waiting for his gift.

Ref: DF2_20150208_1525_284 Robin in Yew tree.jpg

18 Mar 2015

A Tawny Owl visited the Meadow post twice just on either side of midnight. It looks like a bit of a mist was descending.

Ref: D01_20150205_2326_009-20150206_0028_013 Tawny Owl 2 short visits to post across midnight 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

17 Mar 2015

This Great Tit is just landing. The front claws have just touched the surface, but the back claws have not. The wings are already folded.

Ref: D36_20150202_1257_027_FB4 Great Tit landing with wings folded but rear claws still raised.jpg

A female Blackbird with wings already folded before completing touchdown. This bird has the 'yellowish' beak we associate with the UK residents rather than winter migrants.

Ref: D36_20150211_1459_092_FB4 Blackbird female about to land with wings already folded.jpg

This female Blackbird posing nicely. We think she is the female of the Winter Migrants, where the males have Black beaks.

Ref: D36_20150208_1451_140_FB4 Blackbird female on Tree-stump top.jpg

16 Mar 2015

2 pairs of mallard ducks are also frequenting the site. Here is a female stepping carefully across the ice of the Round Pond. 'Her' male was just setting off as well, out of frame to the right.
So far no bird has ever become stuck in or on our ice, but it is something we have seen several times at public parks, probably because they have no safe place to roost off of the water.

Ref: DF2_20150204_1043_080 Mallard duck female walking on iced Round Pond.jpg

15 Mar 2015

This Barn Owl occasionally brings catches to the top of the meadow post to eat. These 3 images are about 45 seconds apart left to right. We can't help think the bird on the right has a satisfied expression, and a bulge below the facial disk where the unfortunate rodent is awaiting digestion.

Ref: D01_20150202_1732_008+1733_009+010 Barn Owl leaves post and returns with Rodent hanging from beak 1-3 of 4 (montage 2).jpg

14 Mar 2015

The coloured patch at the left is a sundog - an optical effect caused by high ice clouds. If the clouds are the same both side you get them equally spaced on either side of the sun (at the right edge here) but there was only clear sky to the right.

Ref: P34_20150202_0834_758 Bright Sundog East of sun in shape of flying pigeon (orig).jpg

This is a closer view of the sundog.
We think it is rather like a pigeon in flight (beak pointing left) with a feather scattered above.

Ref: P34_20150202_0834_760 Bright Sundog East of sun in shape of flying pigeon (crop).jpg

13 Mar 2015

We have no idea 'What Happened next' as this Wood Pigeon approaches the Tree Sparrow, but we can all have some fun inventing some captions.

Ref: E62_20150201_1626_301_FB5 Wood Pigeon bearing down on Tree Sparrow standing on log.jpg

Goodness me, a tree sparrow and Robin so close they could easily touch. Are they discussing who dropped the feather in front of them?

Ref: E63_20150203_1640_209_FB1 Robin & Tree Sparrow close together (crop).jpg

12 Mar 2015

We spotted this Buzzard standing upright on the perch on CCTV, but we couldn't get near the camera without frightening away the bird. We also saw it on the meadow post but failed to get an image. We finally saw the bird leaving our patch pursued by a couple of Corvids as is traditional around here.

Ref: E60_20150201_1035_134_FB3 Buzzard landing on peanut feeder perch (crop 1).jpg

11 Mar 2015

A mostly pristine male Great Spotted Woodpecker in the Ash tree on the main pond island. The Yellow-Brown growths are harmless Lichens. The brown marks on the bark are damage we didn't previously know about - probably either the Woodpeckers or Grey Squirrels

Ref: D5C_20150130_1121_048 Great Spotted Woodpecker male on Ash tree of main pond island.jpg

10 Mar 2015

This Kestrel was a restless soul, and with no disturbance we could detect moved from tree to tree every minute of two on its hunt. Its favourite branches were 2 oak trees about 30m apart - here it is leaving the more distant branch. The foreshortened viewpoint of a path vaguely towards the camera has forced us to take a lot of artistic license to spread them out.

Ref: D01_20150131_1309_016-020_FB6 Kestrel taking off from Oak tree branch 1-5 of 5 (spread montage @ 7fps).jpg

After the initial excitement of a small flock of Little Egrets a few weeks ago, sighting are rare. This one was flying fast 'with the wind' here photographed at 7 frames per second - so a bit over half a second of flight here.
The church spire is that of Hanslope Church.
The wires are courtesy of the National Grid, put up about a decade ago and have spoiled the Northern view ever since.

Ref: DF2_20150131_1241_187-191 Little Egret flying against Hanslope Church spire 1-5 of 5 (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

09 Mar 2015

Our beautiful silver ghost Barn Owl arrives only just after dark, as it did for several days running.

Ref: D01_20150126_1713_006_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) visiting meadow post 26-30 Jan 2015 01 of 11 (crop).jpg

This Tawny Owl made it's only visit of the week in a very similar manner to the Barn Owl a few hours earlier, with the landing directions both governed by a strong Northerly wind they must land towards. The bird eyes are partly closed possibly to keep out the wind.

Ref: D01_20150126_2324_023_FB6 Tawny Owl 4 minute visit to meadow post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

08 Mar 2015

6 successive frames suggested this montage top left to right, bottom left to right as both creatures returned repeatedly. Could the fox smell the alluring mouse from an hour or two earlier?

Ref: E63_20150124_1824_134-2150_139_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) & Fox sequential visits over 3 hours 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg

Details from the bottom left image of this very healthy looking Fox.

Ref: E63_20150124_1824_137_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) & Fox sequential visits over 3 hours 4 of 6 (crop).jpg

07 Mar 2015

The Barn Owl visited every evening for a whole week, rather than once or twice. Here are three of the more attractive moments for you to enjoy.

Ref: D01_20150124_1811_048+1738_009+1805_045_FB6 Barn Owl on meadow post (montage).jpg

S T R E T C H . . .

Ref: D01_20150127_1801_109_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) visiting meadow post 26-30 Jan 2015 05 of 11 (crop).jpg

Many birds stand on one leg when resting. Our Barn owl with right leg ring seems to use each leg about equally.

Ref: D01_20150129_2050_026+2055_032_FB6 Barn Owl (right leg ring) raising different legs while standing (1+2 of 2) (montage).jpg

06 Mar 2015

The female Kestrel has been spending a lot of time hunting from a Black Poplar tree overhanging the meadow.

Ref: A77_20150124_1337_052 Kestrel female on Black Poplar branch over meadow 5 of 7 (crop).jpg

Sort of stepping in thin air!

Ref: A77_20150124_1432_173 Kestrel female taking off from Black Poplar over meadow 3 of 5 (crop).jpg

Every few minutes the female Kestrel moved to a new hunting site. Here we caught her dropping down to pick up speed. The flight montage is at about 4 fps.

Ref: A77_20150125_1512_003+006+007 Kestrel female taking off from Black Poplar over meadow 1+3+4 of 5 (accurate montage).jpg

05 Mar 2015

The field to our west is pasture used for grazing Bullocks and sheep. This year the sheep are much more interesting than the usual all-white variety we see. Photographed through a crack in the recently thinned hedge we got this view of a white sheep with black breast, and a horned 'brown' sheep..

Ref: DF2_20150118_1019_009 Brown horned sheep & white sheep with black chest through hedge in field west of track (crop).jpg

04 Mar 2015

In the winter the sun streaks through the depleted leaf canopy to illuminate things that are dark all summer!

Ref: E64_20150119_0855_015_FB2 Robin shortly after sunrise.jpg

03 Mar 2015

Our only Owl sighting of any sort for a week was this Tawny Owl landing outside the kitchen window on the peanut feeder perch.

Ref: E60_20150119_1914_035_FB3 Tawny Owl landing (crop 1).jpg

A detail of the feet starting to wrap the talons around the perch.

Ref: E60_20150119_1914_035_FB3 Tawny Owl landing (crop 3 claw detail).jpg

02 Mar 2015

As the sun sets behind, this Grey Squirrel was busy sampling the daily offerings.
Stale biscuit with jam on indeed - we spoil them rotten!

Ref: D36_20150119_1611_027_FB4 Grey Squirrel eating Biscuit with blackcurrant jam.jpg

01 Mar 2015

No - we haven't picked up the male Blackbird and tilted it's image a bit! This really was the landing - or an attempted landing.

Ref: D36_20150121_0727_081_FB4 Blackbird male Aerobraking to land on tree-stump.jpg



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