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31 Jan 2016

The sun came out for an hour or two, and a few squirrels could be seen finding wind sheltered but sunny corners for a sunbathe.
At the top right corner is the now totally destroyed 'Barn owl Box' we expect to fall without our help any time soon.

Ref: DF3_20151228_1250_016 Grey squirrel in wind sheltered sunny spot.jpg

30 Jan 2016

In the wet weather we see lots of Muntjac Deer Slots (Hoof prints), but this one in a soggy mole hill is particularly deep and well defined. At the bottom you can clearly see the split in the double hoof and the detail of the outline.

Ref: DF3_20151226_1525_005 Muntjac Deer hoof print in soft mud (crop).jpg

29 Jan 2016

In the early hours the Tabby cat takes a prowl through the plot. If it is keeping the Rats away it is a little less unwelcome than it might otherwise be.

Ref: E64_20151224_0456_157_FB2 Cat Tabby Domestic (crop 2).jpg

28 Jan 2016

Pheasants spend most of their life on terra-firma, but can occasionally be seen on post, bird tables, backs of garden benches etc. Here as he lands on the tree stump the beakful of food seems to be higher priority than getting stable.

Ref: D36_20151222_1332_024_FB4 Pheasant male visiting Tree stump top at about 2 pm on 2 days 1 of 4 (crop).jpg

About a week later 2 visits by the male Pheasant an hour apart, both made too early to catch the daily delivery of food.

Ref: D36_20151226_1402_052+1502_055_FB4 Pheasant landing on tree-stump an hour apart (montage).jpg

27 Jan 2016

One of the Grey squirrels has built this Drey really high up in a perhaps 90 year old Black Poplar. It is about two-thirds along a fairly thin branch (shown edge on here) and flails around quite wildly in the high winds. We have been expecting it to be brought down by the storms but it seems very well constructed, and we think must be being maintained by an occupant. Here you see two frames taken from the same position a few seconds apart in a strong but not gale force wind.
We do hope the squirrel inside doesn't suffer from motion sickness! Perhaps a few seasick pills in with the peanuts ;-)

Ref: DF3_20151224_1253_007+002 Squirrel drey in Black Poplar swaying in wind 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg

6 days later the CCTV announced a movement detection on the track, and lo there was the whole branch and drey lying right across the track. The Drey was definitely no longer intact but fortunately 'squirrel free'.
In action movies you see the hero picking up a whole mature tree-trunks - even this single dehydrated branch required two of us to drag it off the concrete. Even more silly is metre wide polystyrene boulders being thrown at the 'baddies' when the average human can barely even lift a large paving slab!

Ref: P10_20151230_1012_789 Squirrel Drey still attached to broken Black Poplar branch fallen across track (crop).jpg

26 Jan 2016

Two consecutive images of this Song Thrush prompted us to offer this montage. Fans of the ABBA pop-group will recognise the style!

Ref: E63_20151217_1605_042+041_FB1 Song Thrush (montage).jpg

25 Jan 2016

This Tawny Owl made a very atypically long visit of nearly an hour. The bird only took up 2 foot position - facing the camera and then side-on view. For a long time the bird didn't seem to be hunting - maybe digesting a catch made before visiting the post.
Here are six views ordered to give you an idea of his nearly 180 degree head turn in just one direction. The bird looked away as well, but back of heads lack the eyes humans need to catch the interest.

Ref: D01_20151221_2129_039-2141_054_FB6 Tawny Owl visit to meadow post for 48 mins (selected) 13+16+14+22+21+15 of 27 (montage).jpg

Half way through the stay the bird started paying more attention to the ground, as in this unusual moment showing us the top of the head as well as the facial disc.

Ref: D01_20151221_2135_047_FB6 Tawny Owl visit to meadow post for 48 minutes (selected) 19 of 27 (crop).jpg

24 Jan 2016

Tawny Owl on Meadow Post
Animated GIF of 5 frames at 1.5 second intervals - you need to use a browser that will 'animate' such files.

Ref: D01_20151221_2106_008_FB6 Tawny Owl anim 1.gif

Tawny Owl on Meadow post
Animated GIF of 6 frames at 1.5 second intervals.

Ref: D01_20151221_2029_039_FB6 Tawny Owl anim 2.gif

23 Jan 2016

This patch under the hedge doesn't get as waterlogged as the more open areas, so the mud on the male Pheasant's beak is rather more clumped than the liquid mess that some of the grass paths have become.

Ref: E63_20151214_1402_132_FB1 Pheasant male with mud encrusted beak (crop 2).jpg

Enjoy the subtle green of the feathers over the head of this male Pheasant as he pokes through the mud looking for something more to eat.

Ref: E63_20151216_1452_241_FB1 Pheasant male head portrait showing pale green feathers over top of head.jpg

22 Jan 2016

This Jackdaw look particularly villainous as it lands head-on to camera with almost perfect symmetry.

Ref: D01_20151216_1412_139_FB6 Jackdaw landing symmetrically with face to camera.jpg

Is this Jackdaw directing the traffic?

Ref: D01_20151216_1110_128_FB6 Jackdaw landing with asymmetric wing positions.jpg

21 Jan 2016

"This tomato slice is MINE!"
The tiny opposing 'thumbs' of this Grey Squirrel make this look altogether 'too human'.

Ref: E63_20151212_1302_202_FB1 Grey Squirrel holding slice of tomato in paws + Magpie (crop).jpg

20 Jan 2016

A Tawny Owl visited this perch for a couple of minutes at about 3 a.m.
A little judicious cropping of a peanut feeder obscuring the bird's left wing makes a pleasing memento of the visit that is also almost as ferociously sharp as those claws.

Ref: E60_20151214_0310_022_FB3 Tawny Owl landing (crop 2).jpg

19 Jan 2016

Going Down!
An arriving Great Tit persuades the Bluetit to depart using a gravity assist!

Ref: E60_20151209_1420_117_FB3 Bluetit diving from perch as Great Tit arrives.jpg

A Dunnock caught at the moment of launch.
        Legs bent into a crouch ready to spring upwards.
        Wings fully up ready to power downwards.

Ref: E62_20151207_0815_013_FB5 Dunnock preparing to launch from log.jpg

18 Jan 2016

This is the appearance of classic English ploughing - a tractor slogging through the heavy soil with a line of gulls picking off the hapless insects and worms rudely brought to the surface.

Ref: DF3_20151207_1451_070 Ploughing in field to North with Gulls following the freshly turned soil.jpg

Here the farmer is going round the outside edges of his work where the plough is too long to work the soil close to the hedges.

Ref: DF3_20151208_1221_192 Ploughing close to Leamington Farm with gulls overhead (crop).jpg

The plough is actually very long. The blades at the back are lifted here to leave the required uncultivated strip to the hedge (required not to damage the roots of the hedge).
Notice that there are two sets of blades above and below the red 'spine' of the plough. The blades on each side are 'mirror images' each other so that as the plough wends it's way back and forth the whole set of blades are turned over at each end so that the soil is turned the same way regardless of which direction the plough is moving.

Ref: DF3_20151208_1226_255 Ploughing in field to north with gulls.jpg

17 Jan 2016

Fields to our North are being ploughed this year, and flocks of gulls arrive for the bounty uncovered by the blades. This Black Headed Gull is moulting his black head back to what will become the single dots behind the eyes for the Eclipse (winter) plumage

Ref: DF3_20151207_1258_009-1259_013 Black Headed Gull moulting into eclipse in flight 1-5 of 5 (approx montage).jpg

This pair of Black Headed Gulls (the upper in partial eclipse and the lower in full eclipse) made this graceful sweep past. The spacing between each pair of images has been contracted, but the positions represent reality.

Ref: DF3_20151207_1259_025-034 2 Black-headed Gulls moulting to eclipse flying together 01-10 of 10 (close spaced montage).jpg

A Black-Headed Gull in Eclipse flying by (close spaced for detail).

Ref: DF3_20151207_1500_105-107 Black Headed Gull in Eclipse in flight 1-3 of 3 (close spaced montage).jpg

16 Jan 2016

These two pheasants have appeared together quite often at this site in the last few days. The male on the right has an unusual posture that suggests he is displaying to her.

Ref: E63_20151206_1454_148_FB1 Pheasant pair (processed full frame).jpg

3 days later here are the same 2 pheasant still enjoying each others company.
The smear in the background over the females head is caused by the window on the camera box being licked by an amorous or aggressive male blackbird or chaffinch. These birds see a 'mate' or 'rival' reflected in the glass, leaving the glass smudged with mud and saliva to mess up the images until our next visit and a cleaning!

Ref: E63_20151209_0749_137+0756_138_FB1 Pheasant male displaying to female (montage for positions).jpg

15 Jan 2016

Around dawn this Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) seems to be surrounded by rabbits in an arc gazing at the mouse as if in judgement. It looks quite creepy to us even though the rabbits pose no threat to the mouse.

Ref: E62_20151206_0707_104_FB5 3 Rabbit in distant arc around Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) (crop).jpg

14 Jan 2016

We slightly suspected seeing this animal in a trail cam test 2 weeks previously. Now at the ground level sight nearest the test site this one passage through the site of what appears to be a Polecat. In the background on either side of the tree you can just see a Rabbit making a speedy exit!

Ref: E64_20151130_2324_125_FB2 Polecat with fleeing rabbit in background (crop).jpg

13 Jan 2016

A portrait of the first pair of Pheasants seen this season. The male (on the left in all his glory) seems to be gazing enraptured at the subtle toned female.

Ref: E63_20151130_1243_147_FB1 Pheasant male looking back at female.jpg

The female Pheasant on her own 10 minutes later with her back and rail sparkling from being out in the rain.

Ref: E63_20151130_1253_151_FB1 Pheasant female speckled with rain.jpg

12 Jan 2016

Flocks of Starling and Fieldfares plunder the hedges for Hawthorn and Blackthorn berries. Here a couple of starlings are plucking off all but the last two berries visible in this image.

Ref: DF3_20151201_1242_037 Starlings in overgrown Hawthorn hedge with 2 eating berries.jpg

Fieldfares are nervous birds and tend to depart when we appear, but often inexplicably flying over us as they go. In this photo we count 3 Fieldfares with a berry in the beak, but there may be more.

Ref: DF3_20151201_1242_042 50 Fieldfares in flight 3 with berries in beak (crop).jpg

11 Jan 2016

A small group of Fieldfares flew by and while concentrating on keeping the bird starting at middle left in focus and in frame 2 other birds crossed it's path. Spacing is possibly half the true spacings but there is nothing to align for accuracy.

Ref: DF3_20151201_1246_073-079 Fieldfare in flight with 2 others 1-7 of 7 (close spaced montage 1).jpg

A portrait of a pristine Fieldfare perhaps 10 metres above us in a Black Poplar tree, the only one of a small group that stayed on it's own for several minutes.

Ref: DF3_20151201_1252_118 Fieldfare high in Black Poplar tree.jpg

10 Jan 2016

A Levitating male Pheasant lifts several leaves with the turbulence.

Ref: E64_20151125_1413_005_FB2 Pheasant male leaping upwards (crop 2).jpg

More of the original image suggests that the pheasant was making a response to the threat of an arriving Grey Squirrel.

Ref: E64_20151125_1413_005_FB2 Pheasant male leaping upwards when startled by Grey Squirrel (crop 1).jpg

09 Jan 2016

Over about an hour we see this Grey squirrel picking up a piece of apple, nibbling lumps from it and finally leaving it freshly nibbled on the ground. Meanwhile the Squirrel has cleaned up the recently left corn on the top of the stone.

Ref: E63_20151128_1240_184-1352_216_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating part of apple segment 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

A Grey Squirrel wrestling with a windfall apple, probably trying to find a soft patch to nibble.

Ref: E63_20151129_1302_005_FB1 Grey Squirrel nibbling apple.jpg

08 Jan 2016

To us this really looks like some sort of mating attempt as the Grey Squirrel on the right doesn't seem to be trying to defend herself or flee.

Ref: E64_20151128_1417_188_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels possibly attempting mating (crop).jpg

"Anyone fancy a mud and Banana Sandwich?

Ref: E63_20151202_1428_274_FB1 Grey Squirrel with lump of mud + banana + corn in paws.jpg

All these dry leaves in the rain sheltered patch under the conifer must make wonderful warm and dry bedding for the Drey.

Ref: E64_20151128_0841_167_FB2 Grey Squirrel collecting dry leaves for drey.jpg

07 Jan 2016

On a gloomy November afternoon a chance shaft of sunlight struck the church and some adjacent trees with brief but glorious show.

Ref: DF3_20151127_1409_002 Hanslope Church spire lit by distant shaft of sunlight (crop 1).jpg

An unusually 'crisp' image of the moon soon to set in the west after the sunrise. The 'terminator (where the light edge changes to shadow) provides the most detail as astronomers have long known.

Ref: DF3_20151128_0750_018 Moon near moonset shortly after sunrise.jpg

06 Jan 2016

The Broad neck ringed pheasant at the hedge bottom site ...

Ref: E63_20151122_1450_238_FB1 Pheasant male with broad neck ring.jpg

... is interrupted a few minutes later by another male pheasant. We expect some sort of fight ensued - notice that the side-on pheasant is in the air jumping forwards. We have only seen the pheasant with the broad neck ring since this event.

Ref: E63_20151122_1458_241_FB1 2 Pheasant males squabbling (crop).jpg

05 Jan 2016

"I don't want the boring old seed on the top - I want this tasty thing just under the edge of this stone."

Ref: E63_20151122_1435_231_FB1 Grey Squirrel reaching for food under edge of stone.jpg

At this time of year we enjoy eating sweet chestnuts. We have the trees, and some produce the nuts, but the Squirrels take them away before they are ready for us to harvest. So ours come from Tesco or Ocado! The crumbs we leave in the husks make a meal for small creatures.

Ref: E63_20151119_1558_059_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating half of cooked chestnut husk.jpg

04 Jan 2016

A Bluetit in flight and a male Chaffinch in a single shot.

Ref: E63_20151119_1548_054_FB1 Dunnock + Chaffinch female + Bluetit in flight + Chaffinch male (adjusted crop).jpg

03 Jan 2016

These birds could easily injure one another, so this has to be a lover's display between these two Rooks. Pairs are already 'jousting' for nest spaces in the rookery to our North West.

Ref: E62_20151122_1418_196_FB5 2 Rooks displaying on ground.jpg

A lovely soft (rotten!) apple is just the job for this Rook.

Ref: E63_20151122_1501_243_FB1 Rook sampling rotten apple.jpg

02 Jan 2016

On a cold day this Grey squirrel has found a warm sunny spot to enjoy some sunshine. They probably need sunlight to make vitamin D just like us humans. And anyway - its nice to be warm!

Ref: DF3_20151120_1406_031 Grey Squirrel sunbathing in Oak tree by meadow.jpg

This Dunnock finds a sheltered and reasonably safe place to enjoy a short spell of warm sunshine. It is on the remains of a Mallard duck nest box never used as intended by any bird that we know of. It is now on 'Duck' pond island where we moved it after the lack of success at the main pond. By chance you can see it in just the first two images at

Ref: DF3_20151123_1327_013 Dunnock on derelict duck nesting box.jpg

01 Jan 2016

This Magpie is out in the rain in the days early light, tastefully spangled with water drops.

Ref: E62_20151117_0720_052_FB5 Magpie in rain (crop 2).jpg



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