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30 Jun 2016

Long-tailed Tits are one of our favourite birds. Here a little 'wash and brush up' outside the living room window.

Ref: D5C_20160520_1243_016+1244_038+037 Long-tailed Tit preening on stick 1+3+2 of 3 (montage).jpg

From the outside of the house we can just see the Long-tailed Tit's nest snuggled in the freshly growing Ivy. It is made of an amazingly light but strong combination of moss and spider web

Ref: DF3_20160519_1615_004 Long-tailed Tit nest outside living room window (orig).jpg

29 Jun 2016

A wonderfully pristine badger attracted by the remains of the last 'baiting' pass.

Ref: E62_20160517_2240_068_FB5 Badger (crop).jpg

28 Jun 2016

This long-tailed Tit has a contented 'wash and brush up'

Ref: DF1_20160518_1301_027 Long-tailed tit outside living room window.jpg

'Wash and brush up' complete, the pristine bird sits quietly on the perch

Ref: DF1_20160518_1302_035 Long-tailed tit outside living room window.jpg

Here we see that there is a sort of 'hood' arrangement over the eye.

Ref: DF3_20160514_1210_068 Long-tailed Tit exploring top left corner of living room window (crop 2).jpg

27 Jun 2016

We noticed that this Long-tailed Tit kept flinching and we finally realised that it flinched each time it was struck by a raindrop in the what seemed to us no more than drizzle.

Ref: DF1_20160518_1010_003 Long-tailed tit outside living room window flinching when hit by raindrops (crop).jpg

Look at me!
The bird spent several seconds hanging by one claw for reasons we can only imagine. The smearing on the glass is where the ivy rubs on the glass only cleaned the day before. We didn't want to cut away such a good photo opportunity!
When included as part of our 'Weekly Assortment' a correspondent suggested that the bird is collecting spider web it uses to build the nest.

Ref: E65_20160518_1203_032 Long-tailed Tit at living room window hanging by 1 leg (crop).jpg

This Long-tailed Tit looking at the hazy creatures on the other side of the window. It is perched on some dead Ivy that had started to invade the gutters and other items in a mini-extension that used to be a garage.

Ref: DF1_20160518_1218_013 Long-tailed tit outside living room window (crop).jpg

26 Jun 2016

We seem to see Polecat once or twice a year.
The edge of frame crop in the camera makes us pleased we got the face at all!

Ref: E64_20160516_0312_216_FB2 Polecat (crop).jpg

25 Jun 2016

A male Orange Tip butterfly perched on some fresh Blackberry leaves.

Ref: DF3_20160516_1036_016 Orange Tip Butterfly male perched on blackberry leaf (crop).jpg

24 Jun 2016

The Fieldmice (Wood Mice) are not doing much leaping about at the moment, but the Grey Squirrels seem to be filling in for the moment. This pair (genuine single frame) looks more like an aerial ballet!

Ref: E64_20160513_1606_065_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels leaping (crop).jpg

The Grey squirrels continue to show us their 'aerial ballets'

Ref: E63_20160518_1622_106_FB1 2 Grey Squirrels leaping.jpg

Anybody fancy a pair of Grey Squirrel Bookends?

Ref: E64_20160514_1854_134_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels like bookends.jpg

23 Jun 2016

This Song Thrush seems to have usurped the normal singing post of the male Blackbird. The Blackbird simply uses another tree / post / aerial - anything to get him high!

Ref: DF3_20160516_0705_109 Song Thrush singing from top of evergreen by garage 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

22 Jun 2016

Coming through the hedge from the back the Roe Deer took this lovely portrait. The leg at the left is the Deer's right front, the bent leg is the left front, and the out-of-focus leg near the head is the rear left.

Ref: E63_20160514_0627_116_FB1 Roe Deer sniffing stone (head and neck only) (crop).jpg

Next morning the Roe Deer wandered over the mound ( pond spoil heap) for a few minutes.

Ref: BU1_20160515_0545_136+_0547_142+141 Roe Deer at Round Mound just after sunrise (montage over 3 minutes).jpg

21 Jun 2016

A hungry fox slightly crouched a few metres from the active Rabbit hole in this mound under the bottom (remaining) step. This is around sunrise - the fox undoubtedly hoping an incautious young Rabbit will appear to provide his 'supper'.

Ref: BU1_20160515_0534_132 Fox crouched staring at Rabbit hole (under bottom slab) near sunrise.jpg

'Stealth' cameras are usually totally ignored by the wildlife, but foxes do seem to notice them sometimes. Most of the cameras make a tiny click with they take a picture changing between daylight to IR light (adding or removing a filter) and we think that the foxes fabulous hearing detects this. These 3 consecutive images about 3 seconds apart show the fox noticing something, but deciding it was 'harmless' and going back to feeding.

Ref: SW2_20151211_1832_079-081_SC2 Fox momentarily disturbed by camera filter change or dim red light (montage at 3s intervals).jpg

20 Jun 2016

A Barn owl landing with a lovely view of the top of the open wings as well as enough of the face to be satisfying. The Owl stayed for less than 90 seconds

Ref: D01_20160514_2144_020_FB6 Barn owl landing on post and short stay 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

19 Jun 2016

After most of the stream of workers have gone home from the 'Farm' some Hares may dare to come out. This one spent a minute or two on the grass until late leaver (coming along the road to the right) disturbed this browsing Hare back into the safety of the crop on the left.

Ref: DF3_20160512_1803_054-068 Hare running from rank grass up edge of crop 1+5-7+9 (impression montage).jpg

Just after the Hare was 'flushed' a call from some open grass on the other wide of the hedge announced the presence of this single Grey Partridge. It is probably a male but are not sure.

Ref: DF3_20160512_1805_085 Grey Partridge on grass inside Farm Road bend.jpg

18 Jun 2016

When we lifted a sheet of corrugated iron this Shrew dashed across the front and then moved to the back and buried itself under the leaves. At about 4 fps this montage is a little 'adjusted' to stretch it horizontally, but you should get the idea.
Aren't Shrew eyes tiny even for the size of the animal - a life lived mostly by touch and smells.

Ref: DF3_20160512_1241_020-023 Shrew exposed under corrugated iron sheet 1-4 of 4 (horizontally stretched montage).jpg

17 Jun 2016

Another Green Woodpecker 'fail' - unless you want a clear view from the back!
Crickey - what vivid colours - we have NOT 'wound them up'.

Ref: E62_20160507_0726_093_FB5 Green Woodpecker (rear view).jpg

16 Jun 2016

A female Blackbird with what looks like dried grass stems she needs to make that nest a bit softer and warmer. We saw near identical behaviour 24 hours later at the same place.

Ref: E63_20160508_0515_094_FB1 Blackbird female collecting dried vegetation almost exactly 24hrs apart 1 of 2.jpg

Wow - that is a big piece of carrot for a tiny mouse, and we suspect that it may be being more dragged than carried.

Ref: E62_20160508_2347_156_FB5 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying large end of carrot.jpg

15 Jun 2016

The female Mallard ducks seem to be either feeding or bathing whenever we see them. At the feeding sites she is usually squired by an attentive male doing guard duty. Both of these are fresh out of a pond full of Duckweed.

Ref: E62_20160506_1901_062_FB5 Mallard duck female feeding as male guards.jpg

The female Mallard ducks seem to be either feeding or bathing whenever we see them. At the feeding sites she is usually squired by an attentive male doing guard duty. What a strange juxtaposition.

Ref: E62_20160508_1854_148_FB5 Mallard duck female feeding as male guards.jpg

The female Mallard ducks seem to be either feeding or bathing whenever we see them. At the feeding sites she is usually squired by an attentive male doing guard duty.

Ref: E64_20160506_1815_058_FB2 Mallard duck female feeding as male guards.jpg

14 Jun 2016

Starling are now well underway nesting in the loft space. While it is funny to watching birds trying to maneuver a long stick in the 'broadside' position, this bird repeatedly carries sticks at one end so they will swing back to go through the hole.

Ref: DF3_20160508_0832_142 Starling male carrying long twig by one end.jpg

This Starling has collected a couple of Catkins from male Black Poplars to add to the nest. Female black poplars may be extinct in the UK as they apparently produce a disagreeable odour, and only males were planted in the trees heyday.

Ref: DF3_20160509_0711_049 Starling with Black Poplar catkins in beak.jpg

13 Jun 2016

This Grey squirrel was nibbling fruit from the inside of this piece of apple peel, which it then discarded.

Ref: E62_20160503_1841_099_FB5 Grey squirrel scraping fruit off inside of apple peel then discarded.jpg

This Grey squirrel is crawling along the edge of the log that either it or something else has rolled over exposing some food stuck under it. Not something we remember seeing before.

Ref: E64_20160507_1957_101_FB2 Grey Squirrel crawling along the side of the log.jpg

12 Jun 2016

The Sparrowhawk (bottom) looks up at the squawking Rook above and decides to make a trajectory change - away from the threat!

Ref: DF3_20160504_1802_213-218 Rook Harassing Sparrowhawk in flight 1-6 of 6 (montage impression).jpg

This cormorant in flight happened to be near a well defined airliner contrail which provides a 'static' reference that allows re-construction of accurate spacing. We are not fond of Airliner contrails (which sometimes veil the whole otherwise clear sky) but this one (bottom right) was at least 'useful'.

Ref: DF3_20160505_0748_356-360 Cormorant in flight 1-5 of 5 (accurate montage by contrail).jpg

11 Jun 2016

This year the ruts made by the farmer's sprayer are almost devoid of crops or weeds and make a fine 'playground' for the Hares. We spotted these two Hares 'messing about along the ruts. We assume that we are seeing a male chasing a female and attempting to 'hop on-board'.

Ref: DF3_20160503_0926_062+063 Hares Frolicking in Sprayer ruts of Oil-seed rape crop 1+2 of 6 (montage).jpg

The pair of Hares continued chasing about, sometimes disappearing up ruts running at right-angles to these. Finally the chased Hare turned left up a rut and the chaser just stopped and sunned itself

Ref: DF3_20160503_0927_069+070+071+075 Hares Frolicking in Sprayer ruts of Oil-seed rape 3-6 of 6 (vertically spread montage).jpg

10 Jun 2016

Along our paths we see lots of Forget-me-not flowers emerging. We sometimes see this mix of blue and pink flowers on the same head. A little web search discovers that most of this species produce Pink flowers that quickly fade to blue. Indeed the bottom flower still has a tinge of pink.

Ref: DF3_20160501_1616_074 Forget-me-not flowers with blue and (more recently opened) pink petals.jpg

09 Jun 2016

Of Two short Tawny owl visits this week this visit unusually catches the departure very nicely.
It was not startled into flight by the flash which occurred once it is already in flight.

Ref: D01_20160505_0256_009+0257_010_FB6 Tawny owl land and departure 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

08 Jun 2016

After yesterdays aggressive Grey squirrels, here we see their more appealing side.

Ref: E64_20160428_1604_018_FB2 Grey squirrel with mouth full of leaf litter.jpg

After yesterdays aggressive Grey squirrels, here we see their more appealing side.

Ref: E64_20160501_1709_314_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying apple in mouth.jpg

07 Jun 2016

Grey squirrels really can be a bad-tempered lot.

Ref: E62_20160501_1657_249_FB5 Grey Squirrels squabbling.jpg

Grey squirrels really can be a bad-tempered lot.

Ref: E64_20160430_1542_195_FB2 Grey Squirrels squabbling.jpg

Grey squirrels really can be a bad-tempered lot.

Ref: E64_20160504_1823_132_FB2 Grey Squirrel leaping towards Jackdaw.jpg

06 Jun 2016

One gorgeous Robin with broad Brood patch looks at us hopefully from a leafing beech branch. On the sunlit eye you can see the brown iris.

Ref: DF3_20160501_0857_047 Robin with clear brood patch in leafing beech tree.jpg

05 Jun 2016

A Male Mallard duck flies by making his soft quack as he goes. Those lovely colours will soon be moulted away into the summer 'eclipse'.

Ref: DF3_20160430_1001_006 Mallard male in flight 1 of 7 (crop).jpg

A Male Mallard duck flies by making his soft quack as he goes. Those lovely colours will soon be moulted away into the summer 'eclipse'.

Ref: DF3_20160430_1001_006-009 Mallard male in flight 1-4 of 7 (close spaced montage).jpg

The two Mallard Drakes chasing one (female) Duck is a fairly common sight. This skyful of ducks is an accurate montage of 6 sequential frames of the action. The female ends at the lower left and is the lowest bird for the previous 5 images.

Ref: DF3_20160430_1633_034-039 3 Mallard Ducks in flight 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage @ 6fps).jpg

04 Jun 2016

A Jackdaw flew across our path carrying a wad of soft brown material in the beak.

Ref: DF3_20160430_0726_067+069+072+073 Jackdaw flying with nest material landing on power cable 1+3-5 of 7 (impression montage).jpg

The Jackdaw unexpectedly landed on an 11kV power line right in front of us and we could see that the load was probably animal hair to provide comforts to the nest, wherever it might be.

Ref: DF3_20160430_0726_074+075 Jackdaw in flight with nesting material landing on power cable 6+7 of 7 (bird shifted montage).jpg

03 Jun 2016

A pair of Mallard ducks saw us approaching 'their' pond. He wandered into the Iris fronds to the left, while she stood for a moment watching us watching her before she too waddled into hiding. Enjoy the lovely Turquoise speculum.

Ref: DF3_20160424_0816_201 Mallard Duck female on main pond.jpg

02 Jun 2016

A Pair of rooks flying together - from and to we know not where.

Ref: DF3_20160428_1126_004-009 Rook pair flying past Black Poplar tree 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage @6fps).jpg

01 Jun 2016

The Goldfinches never really went away this winter, but we are noticing small groups of them regularly now, twittering away in a relaxing re-assuring chorus. This one perched near the tip of a blossoming twig.

Ref: DF3_20160425_1527_022 Goldfinch on blossoming twig (crop 1).jpg



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