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11 Dec 2017

Our rural view of the storm clouds to the east shortly before sunset.

Ref: DF3_20171104_1600_020 Autumn trees lit by setting sun against storm clouds (orig & final).jpg

Behind the main pond the Viburnum Birkwoodii bushes have come into flower. The flower heads are always untidy as you see here, but the splashes of colour from the house are lovely and the perfume greets you 10 metres downwind.

Ref: DF3_20171105_1057_087 Viburnum Birkwoodii starting to flower.jpg

10 Dec 2017

A Jay makes its fairly reliable annual re-appearance, here in a particularly nice pose on the tree-stump where we most often see it.

Ref: D36_20171105_0742_066_FB4 Jay (crop).jpg

09 Dec 2017

Here our Barn Owl lands with the Alulae both prominent half way along the top of each wing as the bird slows to almost nothing to touch-down.

Ref: D01_20171104_2212_016_FB6 Barn Owl (no ring) 8 minute visit 1 of 8 (adjusted crop).jpg

This Barn Owl visit (the second of two a few minutes apart) had a very active hunting approach you see here below the landing. It was full moon, so the Owl was undoubtedly looking as well as listening for prey.
For the single image above we 'Photoshopped' out the sprouting corn stem that detracted from the symmetry. We need a ladder or steps to 'weed' the top of the pole so it tends to get left.

Ref: D01_20171104_2212_016-2219_025_FB6 Barn Owl (no ring) 8 minute visit 1+2+5+7+8 of 8 (montage).jpg

08 Dec 2017

As the leaf canopy thins the light penetrating the inside of the woodland gradually increases, here illuminating a Grey Squirrel against a still black background.

Ref: E64_20171029_1243_013_FB2 Grey squirrel in shaft of sunlight.jpg

Surely there can't be many more corn cobs for the Grey squirrels to find from the harvested and re-sown field.

Ref: E64_20171101_0721_112_FB2 Grey Squirrel with uneaten segment of Corn Cob.jpg

07 Dec 2017

Before sunrise we have a heavy dew as this Robin stands on his breakfast.

Ref: E62_20171031_0631_115_FB5 Robin standing on remains of windfall apple.jpg

A few fleeting glimpses of Goldfinches is augmented by this self portrait as one comes in to land.

Ref: E62_20171029_1107_003_FB5 Goldfinch landing.jpg

Male and female Yellowhammers in the farm hedge are back for the winter.
Discontinuities in hedge cut height result from both thick wood and unevenness in the ground that the tractor is trundling over. Here we think the cutter hit the heavy branch on the left side - it cuts this side left to right.

Ref: DF3_20171028_0904_131 4 Yellowhammers on Bridleway hedge.jpg

06 Dec 2017

Through the rows of Lombardy Poplars down the Farm Road we see this sunrise with the sun still hidden by the rise of the land.

Ref: D72_20171102_0714_029 Sunrise over Farm Road (orig & final).jpg

3 minutes later from the top of the rise we see this angry sunrise.
'Red Sky in Morning - Shepherds warning' they say and is often right, but the day turned out not too bad.

Ref: D72_20171102_0717_033 Sunrise.jpg

05 Dec 2017

A White Wagtail on our Roof, the first seen in 10 months Here it is having a stretch on the roof ridge.

Ref: DF3_20171027_1253_033 White Wagtail (1st of season) on slate roof (crop).jpg

The White Wagtail was dodging backward and forwards over the ridge you see above, with us following it like sheep!
Pied Wagtails have Black backs
White Wagtails have Grey Backs (as here)
Grey Wagtails have Yellow Chests
Is it any wonder people get confused!

Ref: DF3_20171027_1255_051 White Wagtail (1st of season) on slate roof (crop).jpg

04 Dec 2017

This Carrion Crow perched on one of the other 3 high voltage cables pecked awkwardly at something held against the wire by one foot. When it took off we finally saw what was in the beak - some sort of small limb bone. Whether Bird, Mammal or Rodent we have no idea. Well it is a Carrion Crow!

Ref: DF3_20171027_0805_005-008 Carrion Crow flying from wires with bone in beak 1-4 of 5 + insert (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

03 Dec 2017

At the same scale and in similar positions you can here compare (left to right) the Female Chaffinch, Great Tit and Blue Tit.

Ref: E63_20171025_1647_184+20171024_1632_109+1617_100_FB1 Chaffinch female + Great Tit + Bllue Tit (montage).jpg

The influx of migrant Blackbirds with Black rather than yellow beaks has arrived. Here we can see that the inside of the beak is (to us the more normal) yellow.

Ref: E63_20171023_1708_039_FB1 Blackbird male with black beak (first of season).jpg

The male immigrant Blackbird has a really black coating on the beak, but the female of the same type sports a brown coating.

Ref: E63_20171026_1718_033_FB1 Blackbird female (Black beak immigrant (q)).jpg

02 Dec 2017

The multitude of Grey Squirrels all seem to enjoy scraping out cooked chestnut husks. Meanwhile they are busy burying whole Horse Chestnuts for consumption in the winter.

Ref: E62_20171022_1219_245_FB5 Grey Squirrel nibbling chestnut.jpg

The wildlife is still finding whole corn cobs in the harvested, harrowed and re-sown field adjacent to our access track. We estimate that at least 200 mostly eaten cobs are scattered over our patch. Here another third or so of a cob is taken away to be 'dismantled'.

Ref: E64_20171020_1017_082_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying piece of corn cob.jpg

Rabbit with carrot - just like endless illustrations in children's books. Rabbits don't store food against future need, but then the grass they mostly eat doesn't go away.
A leaf happens to have been falling at the moment of exposure just above the Rabbits left front leg.

Ref: E63_20171021_1810_147_FB1 Rabbit with piece of carrot in mouth + falling leaf.jpg

01 Dec 2017

The Autumn continues to produce a succession of different Fungi in the grass area outside our east boundary. We have had a go at identifying this interesting shape - see label.

Ref: DF3_20171021_1343_066 Fungus Funnel (poss Clitocybe infundibuliformis) in grass by Farm Road (crop).jpg



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