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24 Jun 2017

A Little Owl is also making occasional visits providing an opportunity to show you the relative sizes of Tawny and Little Owls.

Ref: D01_20170509_0055_006+20170508_2228_001_FB6 Tawny Owl & Little Owl for size comparison (identical scale montage).jpg

23 Jun 2017

One of our Tawny Owls stopped by for a few minutes on the top of the meadow post, quietly examining the surrounding rough grass for something to catch.

Ref: D01_20170504_2347_004+2348_005+2349_006_FB6 Tawny Owl 4 minute visit 3-5 of 5 (montage).jpg

22 Jun 2017

A Young rabbit trying out this rather stale carrot. Wonder what 'he' thought of it?

Ref: E62_20170502_1707_084_FB5 Rabbit youngster nibbling carrot.jpg

This Grey Squirrel holds a stale carrot in it's paws to devour it like a stick of rock.

Ref: E64_20170428_1723_069_FB2 Grey Squirrel holding carrot in paws while nibbling it.jpg

21 Jun 2017

The Orange-tip butterfly season seems have lasted unusually well this year. This is the head-on view of a male perched on a fallen Dandelion 'clock'. You can see the orange glow between the wing tips.

Ref: DF3_20170428_1232_037 Orange-tip Butterfly viewed head-on on dandelion clock (crop).jpg

Here a male orange-tip with wings spread in the sunshine. You can just see the wonderful green tracery showing through from the other side of his rear wings.

Ref: DF3_20170428_1234_049 Orange-tip Butterfly with wings spread.jpg

This is a female Orange-tip Butterfly, showing the same green tracery on the underside of the rear wings, but never a trace of the orange.
Just what the 'Boys' are looking for!

Ref: DF3_20170502_1228_060 Orange tip female perched on leaf.jpg

20 Jun 2017

We surprised this pair of Muntjac Deer (male nearest to us) along our east inside boundary path. We stared at each other a for a minute or two before they decided to depart.

Ref: DF3_20170421_1547_034 Muntjac Deer pair watching us down East inside path (crop).jpg

The female behind the (out of focus) male us showing her long and manoeuvrable tongue.

Ref: DF3_20170421_1547_029 Muntjac Deer pair watching us down East inside path with females tongue licking muzzle (crop).jpg

The male Muntjac Deer spent several minutes wandering up and down the main path across the meadow. Bottom right is the same individual but lit by a final shaft of sunlight.

Ref: D01_20170501_1911_007-1914_040_FB6 Muntjac Deer male grazing at edges of path to Duck Pond 2+3+5+10 of 10 (montage).jpg

19 Jun 2017

This looks to us like a fallen Blackthorn twig.
Try to image carrying a 3 metre pole holding it about 1 metre from one end to get an idea of how awkward this must be to fly with!

Ref: D36_20170421_0704_044_FB4 Magpie with long twig in beak.jpg

Isn't Magpie plumage just wonderful? Primary (flight) feathers outlined in black and sharp white-black transition lined up diagonally across sequences of feathers

Ref: E64_20170420_1602_015_FB2 Magpie landing with wing feathers spread.jpg

This Magpie (with the glorious iridescent tail (green) and wings (blue) apparently attacking a poor innocent pigeon (grey banded tail sticking out left)

Ref: E62_20170428_1655_082_FB5 Magpie with wings spread attacking mostly hidden Pigeon.jpg

18 Jun 2017

The male Kestrel's hunt, hovering into the wind, was swiftly ended by the arrival of 2 Rooks

Ref: DF3_20170426_1049_111+113+115 Kestrel male hovering 1+3+5 of 5 (vertical spread montage).jpg

A Kestrels hovering hunt was quickly ended by the arrival of a couple of Rooks (black birds left and right) making the male Kestrel feel particularly unwelcome.

Ref: DF3_20170426_1050_137-142 Kestrel male mobbed by 2 Rooks 1-5 of 6 (accurate montage).jpg

17 Jun 2017

We caught several Heron flights - mostly when the bird saw us when we went out for a look about.

Ref: DF3_20170425_1735_075+082+085 Heron flying up path towards Duck Pond (discontinuous) 05+13+16 of 17 (accurate montage).jpg

We caught several Heron flights - mostly when the bird saw us when we went out for a look about.

Ref: DF3_20170425_1736_096+100+102+104 Heron taking off from back of Duck Pond (discontinuous) 02+06+08+10 of 26 (accurate montage).jpg

16 Jun 2017

Outside the kitchen window the Heron stomped imperiously along the edge of the main pond.

Ref: DF3_20170426_0854_032+033 Heron walking in front of main pond 1+2 of 3 (impression montage).jpg

Flying into the wind the Heron makes a flight against a partly blue heavens, allowing the creation of an accurately positioned montage at about 7fps.

Ref: DF3_20170422_1633_047-050 Heron flying overhead 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

15 Jun 2017

For just a few days a Heron spent most of the day hunting on our patch.
We presume that the bird can find things in the water that we fail to see. This is a montage, photographed through the kitchen window, of the Heron leaving the pond to walk along the bank.

Ref: E65_20170424_0933_001+003+006 Heron visiting main pond then chased away by Rook 1+2+4 of 6 (montage).jpg

The Heron was exploring the rough grass, occasionally picking some small morsels we just couldn't see. But here we could definitely see what the bird caught - a Vole (probably a Bank Vole judging by it's tail length) which it tossed about a bit and then swallowed whole.

Ref: DF2_20170425_1854_056-084 Heron catching and swallowing Vole 04+09+13+16+18 of 23 (montage).jpg

14 Jun 2017

This female Blackbird regularly feeds on an overgrown gravel path outside the study patio doors. But here she is clearing some of last years dead grass, undoubtedly to make the nest a bit more comfortable.

Ref: E65_20170420_0926_007 Blackbird female collecting dried grass nesting (crop).jpg

Another twig for the nest.
You can see that the twig has been broken off, rather than simply fallen off, by the fresh leaves on it. Rooks mostly seem to prefer such fresh wood, whilst Jackdaws mostly pick up fallen wood.

Ref: DF3_20170425_0854_032 Rook with live (leafed Silver Birch) twig in beak.jpg

13 Jun 2017

An orange-tip butterfly with its uncurled figure-of-eight proboscis down in the nectar of the Green Alkanet flower.

Ref: DF3_20170423_1332_009 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Green Alkanet Flower (crop).jpg

12 Jun 2017

This an adult Wheatear perched on a not very attractive 11kV power cable. This is our first sighting of an adult Wheatear here, and our only other previous sighting was of a juvenile in September 2015.

Ref: DF3_20170422_0921_075 Wheatear.jpg

A couple of Grey Partridges at the edge of the Wheat crop.
The yellow edge is the result of sprayed weed killer used to create a 1 or 2 metre wide fallow strip along the edge of the crop, and it has spilled along the edge of the growing crop creating this vivid yellow strip.

Ref: DF3_20170426_0750_014 2 Grey Partridges at edge of Wheat crop.jpg

11 Jun 2017

Straight off Google: "Crop milk is a secretion from the lining of the crop of parent birds that is regurgitated to young birds. It is found among all pigeons and doves where it is referred to as pigeon milk. An analog to crop milk is also secreted from the esophagus of flamingos and some penguins."
The texture is much thicker than human or cattle milk, and we are sure that this pigeons breast feathers and beak are thoroughly gunged with it.

Ref: D36_20170421_0657_043_FB4 Wood Pigeon with dribbled Pigeon milk on breast.jpg

10 Jun 2017

The Muntjac Deer have suddenly started calling at night and visiting places we can get to see them. This is the male (with antlers) mouth open making his barking call just after dawn on a grey morning.

Ref: DF4_20170420_0615_001 Muntjac Deer male on grass between house and main pond barking (crop).jpg

Half an hour before seeing the male Muntjac deer near the house, the trail cam at Round Pond used it's IR lamp to catch this gorgeous little triplet of Mother Muntjac Deer followed by a really tiny new Fawn. Mum is barely the height of the daffodils, so this youngster is really tiny - certainly the smallest fawn we have ever 'seen' here.

Ref: SW1_20170420_0541_109-111_SC1 Muntjac Deer mother and Fawn 1-3 of 3 (IR montage over a few seconds).jpg

09 Jun 2017

A pair of Jackdaws seem to have decided that it is time to get their nest underway. Over 2 days we caught several images of twigs being collected at the woodland site and the tree stump (about 10m apart) of which this is a sample in the order Top left > Right > Bottom Left > Right.
Unlike Rooks, which seem to prefer living twigs they break off, Jackdaws seem to pick up quite large pieces of already fallen wood.

Ref: E64_20170418_0647_034+0648_035+D36_20170419_0637_022+07818_059+E64_0718_059_FB2+FB4 Jackdaw collecting twigs 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

08 Jun 2017

The merry seasons of 'what's that juvenile bird' has arrived. This is a juvenile Dunnock yet to grow its adult tail. There were at least two of them around this steel gate, and none could fly with much control yet. Our bird books says that juvenile Dunnocks are nervous and skulk about in the undergrowth. Ours hang about waiting for some corn!

Ref: DF3_20170419_0936_191 Dunnock juvenile on steel tube gate rail.jpg

07 Jun 2017

A female Chaffinch landing on the tree stump, photographed a day apart but at close to the same time of day.

Ref: D36_20170418_1840_016+20170419_1851_051_FB4 Chaffinch female landing on Tree-stump (impression montage).jpg

A male Chaffinch in his full breeding colours.

Ref: D36_20170418_1912_021_FB4 Chaffinch male in breeding colour.jpg

06 Jun 2017

When we see female Pheasants at the moment they are often accompanied by the 'Harem boss', who we like to think of as 'Squiring' the ladies as they hurriedly feed before returning to their nests to incubate 'his' eggs.

Ref: E62_20170417_1820_043_FB5 Pheasant male guarding feeding female.jpg

The male Pheasant is often seen accompanying females as they feed. Here with his back to camera we see the magnificent tail spread out to show the multi-feather and tapered structure.

Ref: E64_20170417_0641_147_FB2 Pheasant male rear view showing multiple tail feathers.jpg

05 Jun 2017

Oh dear - a Rat makes the first of its now annual Spring appearances. Would a Rat attack a young Rabbit - a Google search suggests that the answer is 'Yes', but we saw this rabbit again later in the night.

Ref: E62_20170414_2239_118_FB5 Rat and Rabbit youngster.jpg

04 Jun 2017

The Tawny Owl with blue-Grey facial feathers makes a landing on the perch outside the kitchen window at 1 minute past Midnight.

Ref: E60_20170417_0001_043_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on perch (crop).jpg

A Little Owl visit to the meadow post - this one of just 3 minutes.

Ref: D01_20170417_2043_011-2045_014_FB6 Little Owl 3 minute visit 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

03 Jun 2017

The Skylarks have put on a show this year far exceeding any other year, with aerial 'dog-fights' (all over so fast you never catch them on 'film') and birds on the ground, as here, as well as in flight.

Ref: DF3_20170416_0804_215-0805_227 Skylark exploring track edge and grass margin 1-5+7+6 of 9 (montage impression).jpg

Here are 3 sequential images at about 7 fps of a skylark rising into the sky. We have shrunk the gaps between the bird images so that you can see some detail.

Ref: DF3_20170416_0810_325-327 Skylark in flight 09-11 of 12 (close spaced montage).jpg

Birds don't make facial expressions, but we can only see 'Joy' in this Skylark.

Ref: DF3_20170416_0814_336 Skylark in flight 3 of 3 (crop).jpg

02 Jun 2017

A pair of Sundogs on either side of the (intentionally obscured) sun. Both had white streaks pointing away from the sun that stretched away from the sun nearly as far as they are from it (this was the camera widest zoom).

Ref: P34_20170416_0749_491 Sundogs visible on both sides of sun (crop at original exposure).jpg

Here some details of the right-hand Sundog over the top of a lonely nest.

Ref: DF3_20170416_0752_089 Sundog (right of sun) over Buzzard or Rook nest (orig).jpg

An unusual 'wave' pattern sky looking east in the morning.

Ref: DF3_20170416_0740_066 Cloud in wave-like pattern (crop).jpg

01 Jun 2017

About a year after our last sighting the Little Owl (actual common species name - not just a 'small' owl, though it is) paid 2 visits, the first very short and the second for 5 minutes of restless activity surveying the area.

Ref: D01_20170416_2031_021+2046_023-2050_029_FB6 Little Owl short visit with prey + 5 minute visit 1-7 of 7 (montage).jpg

While building the montage it became apparent that the first very short visit includes a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in the Little Owls Talons.

Ref: D01_20170416_2031_021_FB6 Little Owl single frame visit with Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) prey in claws (crop).jpg



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