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15 Oct 2017

This Speckled Wood Butterfly was a fairly cooperative flyer. These are 3 different flights montaged together. The right view is of the 'top' of the wings while the centre and left images are from below.

Ref: DA1_20170828_1313_068+1319_077+1315_071+1534_080_FT1 Speckled Wood Butterfly in 3 flight with Blackberry fruits (montage).jpg

This Red Admiral butterfly was caught circling the Buddleia, but we had seen them over the Water Mint as well and this is what we show the butterfly with.

Ref: DA1_20170828_1556_156+1553_144+1535_086_FT1 Red Admiral Butterfly in 2 flights with water mint (montage).jpg

14 Oct 2017

This Ichneumon is a parasitic insect, laying eggs in various other insect Pupae.

Ref: DA1_20170828_1129_051_FT1 Ichneumon Pimpla Hypochondriaca (q) in flight (crop).jpg

A true sign of approaching Autumn is the appearance of Craneflies. This one is a 'whopper' practically filling the camera frame

Ref: DA1_20170828_1207_056+1602_159_FT1 Cranefly in flight with Buddleia (montage).jpg

13 Oct 2017

The overnight moth trap caught several of these Thorn Moths - we think the Canary-shouldered variety. Here is an interpretation of a series of separate flights.

Ref: DA1_20170828_1118_010-1127_032_FT1 Canary-shouldered (q) Thorn Moth 4 flights & on box (impression montage).jpg

Shield Bugs in general are good, if reluctant, flyers. This Forest Bug, unfortunately starting on the white plastic tip of a soft artists paintbrush, unexpectedly took off. These two images we taken about 200mS apart.

Ref: DA1_20170828_1127_045-046_FT1 Forest Bug on tip of brush flying off (impression montage).jpg

12 Oct 2017

This Fox in good condition is very happy to fill it's mouth with some cooked fruit. Foxes are omnivores, both hunting prey and eating plants and fruit.

Ref: E64_20170818_0311_025_FB2 Fox with mouthful of cooked fruit (crop).jpg

11 Oct 2017

Out first Darter Dragonfly of 2017 is appropriately a 'Common Darter', here perched on the leaves of the Dogwood that dominates the island of the duck-shaped pond looking for something to hunt and something to mate with.

Ref: DF3_20170825_1336_004 Common Darter Dragonfly perched on Dogwood at Duck-shaped pond (orig).jpg

10 Oct 2017

Oak Galls can be weird but strangely attractive.
Plant galls are usually plant reactions to specialised insects.

Ref: DF3_20170825_1035_017 Oak Gall (crop).jpg

09 Oct 2017

Rough-legged Buzzards are said to be able to hover, and this one was certainly flying very slowly - the image separation is about doubled from 7 fps. The 'Rough Legged' term comes from the legs being covered in feathers almost down to the Talons.

Ref: DF3_20170823_1339_001-003 Rough-legged Buzzard juvenile in flight 1-3 of 3 (horizontally spread montage).jpg

08 Oct 2017

This female chaffinch has put on her lipstick!
Birds often stain themselves and their droppings with the juices of autumn fruit.

Ref: E63_20170817_1824_014_FB1 Chaffinch female with beak stained by berry juice.jpg

07 Oct 2017

A Red Kite with some rodent in it's talons, taking bites from it as it flies along.

Ref: D72_20170818_1351_169-1352_181 Red Kite eating Rodent in Talons while in flight 02+04+08(mirror)+11 of 11 (montage).jpg

3 Red Kites spent a few days roosting in an Ash tree 150m away, and would be active soon after sunrise

Ref: DF3_20170820_0701_019-023 Red Kite in flight 04-08 of 10 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

This Red Kite being pursued by a carrion crow - the crow is just about able to keep up. On another occasion we observed that Jackdaws can't keep up with Red Kites even if the kite is not trying to get away.

Ref: DF3_20170820_0703_121-125 Red Kite in flight pursued by Carrion Crow 01-05 of 14 (impression montage).jpg

If we keep still the Kites mostly ignore us, as this one flying overhead.

Ref: DF3_20170820_1512_026 Red Kite flying overhead.jpg

06 Oct 2017

"I See You"
Apologies to James Cameron's 'Avatar'.

Ref: DF3_20170816_1638_036 Buzzard in flight towards camera (crop 2).jpg

The buzzard zoomed right overhead.

Ref: DF3_20170816_1638_036 Buzzard in flight towards camera (crop 1).jpg

The Buzzard made this powered flyby as part of exploring the area.

Ref: DF3_20170816_1638_024-030 Buzzard in flight 06-12 of 13 (close spaced montage).jpg

05 Oct 2017

Passes by a couple of Cormorants, not as high as usual, gave us a chance for some pics.

Ref: DF3_20170815_1032_110 Cormorant in flight 03 of 10 (crop).jpg

These 4 images are accurately montaged against the clouds - these are big birds that really pick up some speed.

Ref: DF3_20170815_1032_123-126 Cormorant in flight across clouds 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

04 Oct 2017

A new Hoverfly (or Hover-fly) on a Hop Sedge leaf at the Duck Shaped pond. A handsome (and harmless) little life.

Ref: DF3_20170814_1224_008 Hoverfly The Footballer - Helophilus pendulus - on Hop Sedge.jpg

This Moth, another first sighting for us, does not have a common name but we think it is rather pretty.

Ref: DF3_20170815_1327_266 Moth Pyrausta purpuralis.jpg

03 Oct 2017

A Red Kite was making the characteristic circles while climbing in a thermal. We got the whole of a circle in 76 frames, so at 7 fps it took about 10 second per 'lap'. Trying to rebuild the real positions for 76 images would not show much detail, so here is a selection arranged in a circle. The sequence starts at 10 o'clock, and ends with the slightly smaller image (because higher and further away) at 8 o'clock.

Ref: DF3_20170813_1435_262-337 Red Kite making complete circle in thermal 01+11+19+32+41+51+58+65 of 76 (close spaced montage).jpg

02 Oct 2017

Several Buzzards were climbing in the same thermal, making their usual aggressive interactions whenever they came close enough.

Ref: DF3_20170814_1005_140-146 2 Buzzards skirmishing in flight 1-7 of 7 (montage).jpg

Several Buzzards were climbing in the same thermal, making their usual aggressive interactions whenever they came close enough.

Ref: DF3_20170814_1006_185-190 2 Buzzards skirmishing in flight 2-7 of 7 (montage).jpg

01 Oct 2017

This is a Common Blue Butterfly, for all that her wings are brown. You can see a blue haze of hairs over her body.

Ref: DF3_20170813_1226_088 Common Blue Butterfly female (damaged right wing) feeding on Knapweed.jpg

A Peacock Butterfly sunning itself on the clover.

Ref: DF3_20170813_1438_342 Peacock Butterfly warming itself on clover.jpg



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