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18 Apr 2018

In the rain the Barn Owl spends a few minutes on the meadow post, raising and lowering the left leg twice probably as possible 'targets' come and go.

Ref: D01_20180309_2235_004-2241_012_FB6 Barn Owl 7 minute visit to meadow post raising one leg twice 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg

17 Apr 2018

First the Female Muntjac Deer checked for food in this scrape, and then a couple of hours later the male, with a much less pristine coat, tried the same place.

Ref: E63_20180305_1404_023+1544_053_FB1 Muntjac Deer female + Male (montage).jpg

The female Muntjac Deer stayed for several minutes, wandering around the site.

Ref: E63_20180305_1416_028_FB1 Muntjac Deer female.jpg

16 Apr 2018

We have occasionally startled coveys of Grey Partridges as we walk about, but here the startling Red-legged Partridge visited this site one evening along with 2 more (poor images cropped out).
Fantastic colours not enhanced by us.

Ref: E63_20180304_1731_522_FB1 Red-Legged Partridge (crop from 3).jpg

The 'blond' dominant male Pheasant hunts beneath the coating of snow, his tail encrusted with ice.

Ref: E64_20180301_0829_016_FB2 Pheasant male (blonde) in snow with ice covered tail.jpg

15 Apr 2018

If there is water - water bathe;
If there is dust - dust bathe;
If there is snow - Snow bathe.
Keeping those feathers in top condition is essential to fight the cold.

Ref: E62_20180301_1114_031_FB5 Chaffinch male snow-bathing.jpg

If there is water - water bathe;
If there is dust - dust bathe;
If there is snow - Snow bathe.
Keeping those feathers in top condition is essential to fight the cold.

Ref: E62_20180301_1145_034_FB5 Dunnock snow-bathing.jpg

14 Apr 2018

Into the teeth of the blizzard this great Tit struggles along in search of food - the table still has corn and vegetable fat smeared over it. You can see the fine snow hitting his head - poor little sod!

Ref: E60_20180301_1536_023_FB3 Great Tit flying into blizzard.jpg

This tree sparrow can still find some sustenance as the flakes descend. We have picked up about 10 images of tree sparrows over a few days and they always seem to have one or more seeds in their beaks.

Ref: E60_20180302_1608_057_FB3 Tree Sparrow in falling snow.jpg

13 Apr 2018

Reaching the corner of the plot, down the gap between our internal hedge and the fence was this male Muntjac Deer giving the Cameraman a long hard stare before quietly deciding to move into the hedge on the left.

Ref: DF3_20180308_1619_036 Muntjac Deer male looking south down east hedge gap at photographer.jpg

12 Apr 2018

Green Woodpeckers mostly feed by probing the ground for ants and other insects. Here the bird has scraped away some of the snow to get at the ground to probe it.

Ref: DF1_20180303_1237_012-1238_021 Green Woodpecker probing ground under snow 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

A couple of Jackdaws out foraging in the snow.

Ref: E62_20180301_1348_047_FB5 2 Jackdaws in snow (crop 1).jpg

11 Apr 2018

A particular lurid sunset with just the top third of the sun still showing.

Ref: D72_20180306_1747_011 Sunset with sun two-thirds below horizon.jpg

A few days later the Sunrise also made some interesting and threatening patterns in the sky.

Ref: D72_20180309_0618_004 Sunrise.jpg

10 Apr 2018

Even being out in snow doesn't cool the ardour of this pair of Robins.

Ref: D36_20180303_0957_147_FB4 Robin pair calling to each other on snowy Tree-stump (crop).jpg

Love is - enjoying freezing together?

Ref: E63_20180301_1526_092_FB1 Robin pair sharing feeding site in snow.jpg

Robins are basically aggressive birds who suppress antagonism to their breeding partner for a few months of family raising. So this is presumably an extra-family affair as these two Robins squabble over who 'owns' the bird table.

Ref: E60_20180301_1335_011_FB3 2 Robin in flight squabble.jpg

09 Apr 2018

During the snow all three local Owl species (Little, Tawny and Barn Owls) visited the meadow post top. Most of the pics were spoiled by snow crusted windows, driving snow or snow mist, but this Barn Owl timed the visit better.

Ref: D01_20180302_2142_087-2144_090_FB6 Barn Owl 4 minute visit to Meadow post 1+2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

08 Apr 2018

In the snow on the concrete access track we feature here 3 clear badger prints, complete with indents from the claws. The prints meandered along the track for about 50m.

Ref: D72_20180304_0825_053 Badger paw-prints in thawing snow on access track.jpg

A montage of Badger(s) visiting a pond spoil heap over 3 days, looking for an easy meal while their supply of worms is mostly hiding under the frozen ground.

Ref: BU2_20180306_0314_257-20180308_0309_695_SC7 4 Badger visits to Round mound over 3 days (montage).jpg

07 Apr 2018

A Song Thrush complete with snail in beak. We haven't found what we assume is a 'convenient' Thrush 'Anvil' as yet.

Ref: E64_20180227_1346_125_FB2 Song Thrush with small snail in beak (crop).jpg

06 Apr 2018

All over the site Rabbits and (here) Grey squirrels find or make (by scratching at the snow) a piece of bare grass or soil, and than rake away at it until they find an insect or worm to fill that ever-empty tummy.

Ref: DF3_20180228_1317_012+011 Grey Squirrel digging up food from exposed grass in snow (montage).jpg

A Robin launches itself from the snowy ground.

Ref: E62_20180227_1439_127_FB5 Robin taking off from snow.jpg

05 Apr 2018

A Buzzard about 100m away at the brook not quite as lost in the confusion of branches as usual.

Ref: DF3_20180228_0916_093 Buzzard in tree by brook (crop).jpg

Not pleased to see us even 100m away, the Buzzard quietly launched and flew out of sight.

Ref: DF3_20180228_0916_095-097 Buzzard flying from tree near brook 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg

04 Apr 2018

Robins seem to 'light up' the hedges with their red and white breasts.

Ref: DF3_20180228_0912_090 Robin on Lichen covered branch in hedge.jpg

This Magpie shows as an amazing range and vividness of iridescent colours in it's tail. We haven't changed the image beyond cropping it.

Ref: E62_20180227_1421_120_FB5 Magpie with bright iridescent tail (no brightness or colour adjustments).jpg

03 Apr 2018

High in the Black Poplar nearest the house we caught this moment of Courtship feeding. The male Rook (right) brings the female an offering which she accepts. We can only see a single corn grain in his beak and she may not be very impressed! It's the thought that counts!

Ref: DF3_20180227_1408_040+041+051 Rook Pair courtship feeding over 2 seconds 1+2+5 of 6 (montage downwards).jpg

In better light, the pair of Rooks declaring ownership of the nest, the bird on the right beak is open to call his grating tone.

Ref: DF3_20180228_0910_076 Rook nest and Rook pair in Black Poplar tree nearest house.jpg

02 Apr 2018

From the house we watched this male Muntjac Deer wander along the back of the main pond, and finally trying some Laurel Leaves before disappearing from sight.

Ref: DF1_20180301_1611_018 Muntjac Deer male in snow eating vegetation behind pond.jpg

From the house we watched this male Muntjac Deer wander along the back of the main pond, and finally trying some Laurel Leaves before disappearing from sight.

Ref: DF1_20180301_1611_019 Muntjac Deer male in snow eating vegetation behind pond.jpg

01 Apr 2018

The 'return' of the Little Owl (actual Species name) for just a few minutes. The ground has become frozen and partly covered in snow and we suspect that the bird's normal hunting patch is even less 'friendly' than ours.

Ref: D01_20180228_1825_004+1826_005+1827_006_FB6 Little Owl 3 minute visit to meadow post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg



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