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28 Feb 2018

Waste from preparing cooking apples continues to be appreciated by the other residents of our plot.

Ref: E62_20180123_1302_093_FB5 Grey Squirrel feeding on apple core held in paws.jpg

Carrot, always the last food to be taken in the summer, is treated as a 'dash-off-with-it' item in the cold of winter.

Ref: E64_20180124_1251_087_FB2 Grey Squirrel bounding away with piece of carrot in mouth.jpg

27 Feb 2018

Yes - its a Brown Rat.
If a Rat can be 'twee' this qualifies - it reminds us of the anthropomorphic animated film 'Ratatouille'. We are always impressed by the strength of the tail compared to that of a mouse. Wonderful whiskers.

Ref: E62_20180122_1744_061_FB5 Rat.jpg

26 Feb 2018

This week the Bird song has started - moving from occasional alarm calls to territorial declarations. Standing at the North east corner of our patch this Robin stood near the top of the adjacent Cherry tree and sang his little heart out. The kooky angle is genuine. The picture quality isn't great because the sun was almost behind him.

Ref: DF3_20180125_1249_020 Robin singing in Cherry Tree (crop 1).jpg

25 Feb 2018

Our beautiful 'blonde' male pheasant looks for something more to eat. He seems to be back at the top of the 'pecking order'

Ref: E63_20180118_1425_048_FB1 Pheasant male (light back and head).jpg

A Fun montage showing different views of our 'blonde' male Pheasant.

Ref: E62_20180123_0831_076+20180122_1551_057_FB5 Pheasant male (montage).jpg

24 Feb 2018

A few hours of sleet and then snow left a light covering that had melted by the next morning. You wouldn't think it from the black background but this is early afternoon.

Ref: E62_20180121_1357_188_FB5 Magpie in light snow.jpg

A be-speckled male Blackbird - whether the speckles are water or ice we don't know.

Ref: E62_20180121_1427_191_FB5 Blackbird male in light snow with back covered in droplets.jpg

So much for Grey Squirrels only coming out of their Dreys on warm days!

Ref: E62_20180121_1524_197_FB5 Grey squirrel in light snow.jpg

Out in the morning sleet, still finding something on the bird table to eat. Is he using his tail as an umbrella?

Ref: D5C_20180121_1006_003 Grey Squirrel feeding on bird table in snow.jpg

23 Feb 2018

A Gorgeous Tawny Owl makes a landing at the kitchen window.

Ref: E60_20180119_2013_023_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on kitchen window perch (crop).jpg

22 Feb 2018

A Pair of pheasants in the middle of the Oilseed Rape crop to the south separated as we appeared. This one flew down to the corner of the field where he made his way though the hedge out of sight. The decelerating bird images started to overlap when about to land, so we have skipped the 6th and 8th pics.

Ref: DF3_20180118_1228_008-012+14+16 Pheasant male at hedge to south flying to cover 1-5+7+9 of 9 (accurate montage).jpg

In the Oilseed Rape crop to our east 2 pheasants wander away from us up one of the (what seems to us) altogether too many tractor ruts through the crop.

Ref: DF3_20180119_0839_100 2 Pheasant males in tractor ruts through Oilseed Rape crop.jpg

21 Feb 2018

A female Chaffinch saw us exit the house and came down in the hope (fulfilled!) of a bit a nutritious corn.

Ref: DF3_20180118_1226_003 Chaffinch female in cut back hedge.jpg

A female Chaffinch saw us exit the house and came down in the hope (fulfilled!) of a bit a nutritious corn.

Ref: DF3_20180118_1226_005 Chaffinch female on branch end of cut back hedge.jpg

20 Feb 2018

A buzzard flies by on the other side of the 11kV cables.
It may look like we could use the cables for an 'accurately spaced' montage, but we just couldn't see enough detail on the out-of-focus wires to position the images.

Ref: DF3_20180116_0911_023-026 Buzzard flying above 11kV power lines 1-4 of 4 (close spaced montage).jpg

The Buzzard swung back and made this turn over about 1 second.

Ref: DF3_20180116_0911_055+059+062 Buzzard turning in flight 1+5+8 of 9 (impression montage).jpg

19 Feb 2018

The Tawny Owl was back for a short stay. The third image from the left looks like it was in the process of turning, but even in the camera original we can't be sure what it is doing.

Ref: D01_20180119_0155_131-1057_134_FB6 Tawny Owl 3 minute visit including turning round 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

18 Feb 2018

This Buzzard made at least 2 visits to the meadow post on this day. This several minutes stay provide the opportunity for a few portraits.

Ref: D01_20180118_1517_112-1519_125_FB6 Buzzard visit to Meadow post and takeoff 1-4 of 6 (montage).jpg

Finger ready over the shutter button, as the Buzzard started to get a little restless, caught the Buzzard as it flew off to the next hunting post.

Ref: D01_20180118_1519_126+127_FB6 Buzzard visit to Meadow post and takeoff 5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

17 Feb 2018

An affectionate encounter between 2 Grey Squirrels. You have to trust your partner to let 'him' put those sharp claws on the top of your head!

Ref: E63_20180113_1421_160_FB1 Grey Squirrel pair fondling.jpg

Next day, to within a few minutes, what we think is the same pair of Grey Squirrels are quietly feeding together.

Ref: E63_20180114_1407_241_FB1 2 Grey Squirrels feeding together.jpg

The Drey must be one thing a Grey Squirrel must keep in good order to survive the winter. We found one (shown last week) laying on a path, but many must suffer damage or destruction in the high winds and we never see them. This mouthful looks too coarse for bedding, so is probably for restoration or reinforcement.

Ref: E64_20180111_1542_067_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying mouthful of material for Drey.jpg

16 Feb 2018

The lovely light-backed male Pheasant visits the bottom of the hedge in the morning ...

Ref: E63_20180113_0820_143_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg

... while one of his 'Harem' strides through at the end of the same day.

Ref: E63_20180113_1558_194_FB1 Pheasant female striding over ground.jpg

15 Feb 2018

This Barn owl graced us twice with a 10 minute gap, unusually landing in opposite directions, having no 'into-the-wind' preference on this nearly windless night.

Ref: D01_20180113_1701_032+1715_038_FB6 Barn Owl landing 15 minutes apart showing front and rear views 01+03 of 15 (montage).jpg

From the second visit the Barn Owl landed towards the camera and spent over half and hour looking and listening. Here is a little selection.

Ref: D01_20180113_1723_049+1730_058+1742_074+1738_069_FB6 Barn Owl 32m visit 06+10+14+13 of 15 (montage).jpg

14 Feb 2018

We think that for the first time ever we have seen one Owl displace another already on a perch. Here a Barn Owl flies in and spends 13 minutes looking around. It suddenly takes off (level flight to the right rather than a dive onto prey) and about 2 seconds later is replaced by this Tawny Owl flying in from the dark on the left. The Tawny stayed for about 4 minutes.
You get a good idea of the similar sizes but different postures of the two species.
Our knowledge of the timing comes from a very poor CCTV recording.

Ref: D01_20180112_2105_008-2120_027_FB6 Barn Owl 13m visit displaced by Tawny Owl for 4 min visit 1+2+6+8+9 of 9 (montage).jpg

13 Feb 2018

A Polecat speeding through the Woodland site. We normally see this creature once or twice a year.

Ref: E64_20180110_0617_110_FB2 Polecat (crop).jpg

A Fox out on the hunt a couple of hours before sunrise.

Ref: E64_20180106_0631_084_FB2 Fox.jpg

12 Feb 2018

This male Pheasant looks really on alert, looming on claw-tip by the Grey Squirrel who seems more interested in the food caught under the stone. The Pheasant really looks quite 'athletic' compared to the normal view suggesting a rather stolid countenance.

Ref: E63_20180106_1340_116_FB1 Pheasant male on alert facing Grey Squirrel ignoring him.jpg

11 Feb 2018

An elegant female Pheasant steps through the sense beam so taking her portrait.

Ref: E62_20180105_1539_121_FB5 Pheasant female.jpg

All female Pheasants seem to have an elegance about them.
Apart from differences in plumage colour, we can tell our females apart by the different red colouration around the eyes. This is fairly consistent to the left and right of a particular bird, but very variable between the birds, over the short term anyway.

Ref: E63_20180104_1623_040_FB1 Pheasant female.jpg

10 Feb 2018

Mrs and Mr Chaffinch just about 3 minutes apart as the sun sets.
Did you know that both sun and Moon move their own similar visual diameters in close to 2 minutes? Here you can see that the suns (rather blurred) disc is moving down and to the right shows about this amount of movement.

Ref: D36_20180107_1554_093+1557_094_FB4 Chaffinch female & male landing on tree-stump at sunset 3 minutes apart (montage).jpg

Not yet quite settled on the ground, this male Chaffinch is looking over today's offering.

Ref: E62_20180105_1339_067_FB5 Chaffinch male landing on grass.jpg

09 Feb 2018

Eyes shut for the touchdown of this Barn Owl followed by a busy search of the area without a single movement of the claws

Ref: D01_20180108_1654_011-1702_022_FB6 Barn Owl 9 minute visit 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

08 Feb 2018

The Buzzard continues to rip apart the already dead Rabbit.

Ref: E64_20171231_1435_180_FB2 Buzzard feeding on dead Rabbit 22 of 45 (detail crop).jpg

The Buzzard continues to rip apart the already dead Rabbit.

Ref: E64_20171231_1454_184_FB2 Buzzard feeding on dead Rabbit 26 of 45 (crop).jpg

4 more pics of the Buzzard eating the dead Rabbit:-
TL: The hazy eye is just the nictitating membrane - the bird is 'blinking'.
TR: The bird has a fragment of meat in the tip of the beak.
BL: The bird is tearing back the skin. Raptors have strong muscles at the back of the neck that enables them to do this.
BR: The beak is wet with blood

Ref: E64_20171231_1351_163+1409_172+1415_175+1515_190_FB2 Buzzard feeding on dead Rabbit 05+14+17+32 of 45 (montage).jpg

We dragged the carcass back to the centre of the camera frame, and you can see a lot of the Rabbit has gone. The magpies are taking advantage of the lack of any 'competition' to make the most of what is left before the Buzzard returned.

Ref: E64_20180101_1444_009_FB2 Magpies feeding on Rabbit Carcass 1 of 9 (crop).jpg

07 Feb 2018

Finding a dead Rabbit on a path as we occasionally do, we moved it to just outside the trigger beam at the woodland site in the expectation of a fox dragging it away overnight. The magpies have the first pecks, but a quarter of an hour later this Buzzard landed right on top of the Rabbit Carcass.

Ref: E64_20171231_1344_162_FB2 Buzzard and Magpies feeding on dead Rabbit 04 of 45 (crop 1).jpg

Here the bird had been picking off pieces for about 45 minutes.

Ref: E64_20171231_1429_178_FB2 Buzzard feeding on dead Rabbit 20 of 45 (crop).jpg

The Buzzard spent about 2.5 hours feeding on the coney till an hour after sunset as you see here.
Birds remove fur like they do feathers from bird prey - by plucking it out and it has made quite a pile.
The Rabbit got dragged about the site - here is mostly out of frame at the right, and we don't know how much has been eaten.

Ref: E64_20180101_1621_037_FB2 Buzzard feeding on Rabbit Carcass 9 of 9 (crop).jpg

06 Feb 2018

Just before midnight, a local fox prowls through.

Ref: E62_20171228_2347_076_FB5 Fox (crop 2).jpg

05 Feb 2018

A Magpie in the frost, undoubtedly pleased to find some easy 'fill-belly'.
Note the subtle grey and black outline to the flight feathers when viewed from beneath.

Ref: E62_20171228_1346_032_FB5 Magpie in flight just over frozen ground.jpg

The cold weather means that it is time to dig up some of the buried nuts!
You can see the hole where the Squirrel has dug out it's meal.

Ref: D5C_20171228_1045_015 Grey Squirrel digging food out of frozen ground.jpg

04 Feb 2018

About 2 metres from the living room window there is a low hedge into which we post cut off teasel stems to attract bird to feast on the seeds where we can get to see them. Here a Goldfinch spent a few minutes extracting seeds from the now dry months old seed head.

Ref: DF1_20171231_1042_093 Goldfinch feeding on Teasel seeds 05 of 16 (crop).jpg

Read this left to right - beak in the seed pocket, pluck out the seed, and down the hatch, all in about a third of a second.

Ref: DF1_20171231_1043_142-144 Goldfinch feeding on Teasel seeds 10-12 of 16 (montage @ 7fps).jpg

03 Feb 2018

A dainty female Pheasant looking coyly at the camera.

Ref: E63_20171228_1433_045_FB1 Pheasant female.jpg

A few seriously windy days catch this female Pheasant with a selection of her contour feathers lifted inelegantly by the Westerly wind from behind.

Ref: E64_20180103_1345_060_FB2 Pheasant female with strong wind from behind lifting feathers.jpg

In contrast here is the male looking superb.
What an apparently ridiculous amount of detail in the head and the feathers including an iridescent green sheen over the rump.

Ref: E63_20180101_0808_012_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg

02 Feb 2018

This Tawny Owl came to visit and stayed for 20 minutes.
A neighbour (that's 1 quarter of a mile away) tells us that they have a Tawny Owl in one of their barns - and it makes quite a mess!

Ref: D01_20180101_1811_018+1818_027+1824_035+1829_041_FB6 Tawny Owl 22 minute visit 1+3+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

01 Feb 2018

Inclement weather has created an influx of Pheasants roosting in the trees in the centre of the woodland, and appearing at the cameras looking for something to eat.

Ref: E62_20171227_1012_161_FB5 Pheasant male with dark back and head.jpg

Inclement weather has created an influx of Pheasants roosting in the trees in the centre of the woodland. This unusually light coloured bird is very striking. He has been the dominant male for a couple of years, but we think the presence of other males indicates he may no longer be 'at the top of the pecking order'.

Ref: E63_20171226_1509_131_FB1 Pheasant male with grey back and head.jpg

Inclement weather has created an influx of Pheasants roosting in the trees in the centre of the woodland. Here are 2 of the female pheasants - the difference between the plumages is NOT a lighting effect.

Ref: E64_20171226_1555_123_FB2 2 Pheasant females with light & dark plumage.jpg



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