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18 Jan 2018

A Grey squirrel as King of the Castle?

Ref: E63_20171211_1230_033_FB1 Grey Squirrel upright standing on stone (crop).jpg

Grey Squirrels have a few favourite places to nestle in what there is of any warming sunshine. This is one of the picturesque ones - another is the top of a Great-Tit/Tree Sparrow nest box.

Ref: DF3_20171211_1243_006 Grey Squirrel in fork of tree branch.jpg

17 Jan 2018

"Oi - You inside - where's the food then?"

Ref: E60_20171208_1200_049_FB3 Grey Squirrel male staring at kitchen window.jpg

" ... and stay away!"

Ref: E64_20171209_1335_277_FB2 Grey Squirrel chasing away Magpie.jpg

16 Jan 2018

Robins get extremely tolerant of a human that they think (usually correctly here) may give them something good to eat.

Ref: DF3_20171209_1059_063 Robin on twig in hedge.jpg

A Robin has (presumably) pulled this earthworm out of the ground. Our experience is that the bird will bite it into a few segments small enough to swallow.

Ref: E62_20171207_0709_072_FB5 Robin with long thin worm in beak (crop).jpg

Robin standing in a heap of chilly slush.
Most birds that we see have to tolerate severe cooling of their naked legs and claws, and have a heat exchanger at the top of the legs to warm the cold blood coming up the legs by cooling the blood about to go down the legs.

Ref: E63_20171210_1320_234_FB1 Robin with claws standing in ice.jpg

15 Jan 2018

This Red Kite flew past us really rather slowly against the northerly wind, much more interested in eating his most recent kill than in the humans on the ground. Read this sequence right to left.

Ref: DF3_20171208_1229_023+029+037+052 Red Kite with bird prey in Talons eating in flight 02+08+14+15 of 16 (impression montage).jpg

As good an image of the Red Kite as we got at full resolution as it eat it's prey (looks like a pigeon) on the wing.

Ref: DF3_20171208_1229_025 Red Kite with bird prey in Talons eating in flight 04 of 16 (crop).jpg

Still with the prize in it's talons, the Red Kite landed in a distant tree at the brook where it continued to devour the remains.

Ref: DF3_20171208_1231_088+091+097 Red Kite with bird prey in Talons landing in tree and feeding 01+04+10 of 11 (montage).jpg

14 Jan 2018

A Rook still folding wings as it settles onto the tree-stump.
The recent discovery in a piece of amber of a Dinosaur feather suggests that these wonderful objects evolved initially as thermal insulation.

Ref: D36_20171208_1523_078_FB4 Rook on Tree-stump top as sun sets.jpg

13 Jan 2018

Just after dark this Barn Owl took just this one pic of itself landing on the snowy post-top, already mostly cleared of snow by a succession of Corvids looking for food.

Ref: D01_20171210_1704_044_FB6 Barn Owl landing on snowy meadow post top (crop).jpg

In the small hours of the morning, a local fox out on the prowl.

Ref: E63_20171212_0150_095_FB1 Fox.jpg

12 Jan 2018

This Grey Squirrel spent a minute or two on this rather uncomfortable looking cut end of an Elderberry - that's the hedge plant that each year outgrows everything else to stick out by a metre above the rest. It then clambered down, the rear foot turned to grip the back of the stem.

Ref: D5C_20171204_1040_007+012 Grey squirrel on top of cut elderberry stem then climbing down 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

A Grey Squirrel grooming (sweet) followed by eating what it finds (not so good!).

Ref: D5C_20171204_1217_074+082 Grey squirrel grooming and eating the items 1+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

11 Jan 2018

We got a surprise glimpse of a Sparrowhawk perched in an Ash tree in clear view of workmen by the house. We each grabbed a camera and dashed to different viewpoints.
Here is the bird quietly perched before the Grey Squirrel arrived.

Ref: DF1_20171207_1140_010 Sparrowhawk perched.jpg

Then an irate Grey Squirrel, who had been relaxing on top of a nest-box on the same tree, chased off the Sparrowhawk, only to have it land further down the same tree well obscured from us by intervening branches and on too thin a twig for the Squirrel to reach it again.
Here is our interpretation of the 'get lost' from a camera downstairs.

Ref: D5C_20171207_1143_011+014 Grey Squirrel chasing off perched Sparrowhawk 2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

Here is the same event from an upstairs vantage point with faster frame rate & 'bigger' lens.

Ref: DF1_20171207_1141_024+026 Grey Squirrel chasing off perched Sparrowhawk 2+4 of 4 (accurate montage @ 7fps).jpg

10 Jan 2018

Still an hour before sunrise, the house windows thus 'ablaze' with lights, this lovely barn Owl made a 3 minute visit to the meadow post.

Ref: D01_20171206_0645_006-0647_008_FB6 Barn Owl 3 minute visit 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

09 Jan 2018

Here is the Muntjac Deer fawn visiting the woodland site giving us a lovely portrait. The shadow on the ground lower left might be mum, but she never appeared on camera at this site.
From another (headless!) image facing the other way we notice that the pale patterning on the Fawn is different on the other side.

Ref: E64_20171204_0101_162_FB2 Muntjac Deer Fawn + mothers shadow out of frame to left (q) (crop).jpg

Here is mother Muntjac Deer at the camera site in the meadow.

Ref: E62_20171205_1932_081_FB5 Muntjac Deer female.jpg

08 Jan 2018

One of our 'resident' male Blackbirds - we love the yellow ring around the eye.

Ref: E63_20171130_0804_022_FB1 Blackbird male.jpg

An immigrant female Blackbird has selected a little piece of fruit, which may be a small sultana, in the tip of her beak.

Ref: E63_20171202_1539_152_FB1 Blackbird female (immigrant) with fruit in tip of beak.jpg

07 Jan 2018

This female Bullfinch worked her way up the bush/tree by the edge of the pond and ended up in the sunshine.
Striking Patterning with lovely Subtle colours.

Ref: DF1_20171204_1202_095 Bullfinch female.jpg

For several minutes the female Bullfinch pecked off dry Blackberry fruit by hovering for a few seconds in front of the bunch. Here you see moments from two separate flights to pick fruit from the bunch, each time returning to an obscured twig above to consume her prize.

Ref: DF1_20171204_1203_098+116 Bullfinch female hovering to feed on desiccated blackberry fruit (montage of 2 flights).jpg

06 Jan 2018

Out first sighting this season of a Greenfinch,
Greenfinches are close in size to a Chaffinch.

Ref: E63_20171128_1415_200_FB1 Greenfinch (1st of season) (crop).jpg

Tail still spread from aerobraking, this Blue Tit almost glows on the ground.

Ref: E63_20171126_1439_049_FB1 Blue Tit landing on ground.jpg

05 Jan 2018

These 2 Magpies are often seen together at the hedge bottom and meadow camera sites, so we think they are a pair building their bond.

Ref: E63_20171128_1331_180_FB1 2 Magpies.jpg

04 Jan 2018

This juvenile Heron is becoming a regular visitor, hunting in the overgrown meadow as here, and visiting the main and duck-shaped ponds.

Ref: D01_20171130_1212_006_FB6 Heron in Meadow veiled by tall foliage.jpg

The Heron quietly walks by the edge of the pond with neck folded back.
The blue tinge reflects being lit by blue sky above. Our cameras where possible are locked on 'Sunlight' (also OK for Flash) because automatic colour temperature so often goes badly wrong.

Ref: DF3_20171130_0954_002 Heron juvenile at front of main pond flying to back of pond 01 of 22 (crop).jpg

A Couple of hours later probably the same Heron made a fly-over. This is about 1 second of flight before it disappeared over the house, changing course a bit with the head not turning with the body.

Ref: DF3_20171130_1221_034+037+040 Heron flyover 2+5+8 of 8 (impression montage).jpg

03 Jan 2018

One of our migrant female Blackbirds (without any yellow on the beak) carrying off a piece of dry Blackberry fruit at the tip of the beak.

Ref: E63_20171124_1513_071_FB1 Blackbird female (migrant) with piece of blackberry fruit in beak.jpg

Great Spotted Woodpeckers frequently visit the Peanut feeders, but here one of the females perched for a minute or so on a Lichen encrusted branch of a Black Poplar were we took this pic.

Ref: DF3_20171130_1230_046 Great Spotted Woodpecker female on Black Poplar branch.jpg

02 Jan 2018

Exiting the house caught this lovely juvenile Heron flying in to land at the main pond. The bird saw us and aborted his glide path in favour of a powered 'escape'. This montage (stretched maybe 30% but maintaining the angle) gives you an idea of the action at about 2 wing flaps per second.

Ref: DF3_20171126_1034_060-063 Heron in flight aborting approach to main pond 01-04 of 27 (slightly stretched montage).jpg

Heron climbing overhead

Ref: DF3_20171126_1034_068 Heron in flight aborting approach to main pond 09 of 27 (crop).jpg

Heron climbing overhead

Ref: DF3_20171126_1034_072 Heron in flight aborting approach to main pond 13 of 27 (crop).jpg

01 Jan 2018

Our first Tawny Owl sighting for nearly 2 months was on the kitchen window bird table.

Ref: E60_20171126_1917_005_FB3 Tawny Owl few minutes visit (hand triggered) (crop).jpg

Near the end of the night this Barn Owl made a 20 minute visit to the meadow post. The arrival flight dipped into the sense beam and triggered the camera with the Owl well behind it and out of focus. The Bird stayed for 20 minutes scoping the plot quite actively. Half way through the stay the bird atypically (for our Barn owls) changed foot position, even if only a slight swivel.

Ref: D01_20171130_0526_007-0545_031_FB6 Barn Owl (no ring) 21 minute visit (selected) 01+03+05+10+11 of 12 (montage).jpg



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