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31 Mar 2018

4 hours after midnight, Brock the badger stomps through the site.
Badgers frequently barge the camera triggering sensors out of alignment so we get no more pics until we fix them next day, but this individual seems to be less blundering than most.

Ref: E63_20180226_0418_240_FB1 Badger (crop).jpg

30 Mar 2018

The male Chaffinch on the left has his blue beak ready for breeding, but the similar bird behind is still a week or two behind.

Ref: E63_20180223_1724_105_FB1 2 Chaffinch males together one with blue beak the other without.jpg

A quarter of an hour apart this male and then female Chaffinch landed on the tree stump. You can see the males blue beak coating (left bird) is already getting rubbed off at the edges. The female beak does not change.

Ref: D36_20180226_1513_028+1529_029_FB4 Chaffinch male with blue coating on beak partly rubbed off + female (montage).jpg

29 Mar 2018

Worms are very stretchy - you can see that this one has been pulled taut as this female Blackbird collects her mid-morning meal. Ugh!

Ref: E62_20180222_0953_015_FB5 Blackbird female pulling long earthworm from ground (crop).jpg

The birds tend to keep clear the patches where we leave food. As well as picking up our offerings, the birds make the most of the exposed soil to probe for morsels. Here a male Blackbird digs in the soft soil. He might even find a tasty worm!

Ref: E62_20180227_1621_164_FB5 Blackbird male probing mud with open beak.jpg

28 Mar 2018

Teasel seed head provide seeds right through to Spring. This Goldfinch has just extracted a seed from the spiky remains on the ground.

Ref: D5C_20180223_1126_053 Goldfinch with Teasel seed in beak.jpg

27 Mar 2018

A Visit by what we think of as the 'local' Tawny owl.
After the landing (left) we get a illustration of the rotation of an Owls neck - 270 degrees from multiple sources (all possibly referencing the same original). While this sounds like the bird can almost 'look behind' it, it is actually (360-270) / 2 = 45 degrees short of completely backwards each way. The eyes are so big they can barely move them in their sockets', so to remove the 'blind spot' compare the middle and right images to see that this Owl also twists it's body to increase the amount of turn.

Ref: D01_20180225_1834_005+1836_007+1843_017_FB6 Tawny Owl 12 mins visit Landing + looks back Right + Left 1+3+5 of 6 (montage).jpg

The strong South Easterly wind has forced this Tawny Owl to loop round close to the house to make an 'into the wind' landing on the perch. So, back to camera, enjoy the spread of feathers!

Ref: E60_20180224_2000_032_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on kitchen window perch (back to camera) (crop).jpg

26 Mar 2018

A beautiful Robin perched on the tree-stump.
Some of the normally Grey/white feathers are tinged with brown tips, something we haven't noticed before. Could just be mud.

Ref: D36_20180216_1458_035_FB4 Robin.jpg

Winter is a hard time for small birds. Spring has not yet provided a new supply of food, but the bird must feed to keep warm and make a start on the breeding season. When we appear anywhere now, Robins rush about excitedly in the expectation of a hand-out.

Ref: DF3_20180220_0932_002 2 Robins perched in hedge.jpg

Peaceful co-existence - for a few months of breeding season anyway

Ref: E63_20180219_1528_097_FB1 Robin (right) landing by another.jpg

25 Mar 2018

Though an upstairs window was this sight of a pair of Muntjac Deer quietly feeding together on the path East-West across the meadow.

Ref: DF2_20180220_1358_006 Muntjac Deer pair on path through meadow.jpg

Next day walking at the edge of the meadow this male Muntjac Deer and the photographer had a moment of joint assessment before the Deer decided it was time to vanish into the overgrown edge of the path

Ref: DF3_20180221_1503_007 Muntjac Deer male watching photographer.jpg

24 Mar 2018

Our RSPB record sheets we keep in Winter shows that it is some weeks since we saw any Fieldfares. This one (unusually) seemed to be on its own, high in a Black Poplar tree. Fieldfares are best know for eating berries, but the mud on this bird's beak tells us that this one has been probing the ground.

Ref: DF3_20180220_1307_145 Fieldfare perched high in black poplar with muddy beak.jpg

23 Mar 2018

One of the 'normal' coloured male Pheasants out in the drizzle with his back glistening with tiny drops of water.

Ref: E62_20180210_1612_241_FB5 Pheasant male in rain.jpg

We think of Pheasant as 'pristine' birds, but this one has a mud-encrusted beak and claws.

Ref: E63_20180220_1535_128_FB1 Pheasant male with muddy beak and claws.jpg

22 Mar 2018

At about 1 hourly intervals blackbirds photographed themselves at this site. At first we thought the males (top and bottom) were the same bird, but closer examination shows the primary feather tips of the top bird show a white outlining not present on the bottom bird, and there are differences in the shape of the eye-ring.

Ref: E62_20180218_0845_207+0924_208+1022_209_FB5 Blackbird male + female + different male about 1Hr apart (montage).jpg

21 Mar 2018

Just about to photograph this bird perched on the lower branch, it suddenly leapt upward onto the branch perhaps half a metre above.

Ref: DF3_20180215_1021_007+009 Carrion Crow jumping up to higher branch 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

A good show of Cherry buds frame this Carrion Crow.

Ref: DF3_20180217_1321_099 Carrion Crow surrounded by Cherry buds.jpg

20 Mar 2018

We don't think male Pheasants attack Grey squirrels unbidden, but will sometimes defend themselves vigorously if attacked by one.

Ref: E64_20180209_1521_074_FB2 Pheasant male launching into flight as Grey Squirrel attacks (crop).jpg

19 Mar 2018

A Comparison of two of the male Pheasants in identical crops.
They seem to be similar sizes with similarly magnificent tails.
We hope they don't injure one another squabbling over the girls.

Ref: E63_20180209_1542_119+1625_134_FB1 2 Male Pheasants at same crop (montage).jpg

One of the female Pheasants on alert about something. Pheasants seem to live in a permanent state of Alert.

Ref: E63_20180214_0837_106_FB1 Pheasant female on alert.jpg

18 Mar 2018

Facing away from a lurid dawn, this Little Egret flew by us, lit by the pink of the sky.

Ref: DF3_20180210_0731_075-079 Little Egret in flight lit by sunrise 4-8 of 8 (approx montage).jpg

One of the Carrion crows on one of the favourite perches at the South East corner of our patch takes off from a bent-down branch.
The last 5 images (on the left) are accurately spaced at 7 fps.

Ref: DF3_20180214_0745_132-140 Carrion Crow launching from top of Conifer at sunrise 02+03+05-09 of 12 (accurate montage).jpg

17 Mar 2018

We are so pleased to have back the Tree Sparrows, and think this moment of 'togetherness' (in dreadful light for long-range photos) really catches the moment.
Genuine single exposure - not a montage.

Ref: DF1_20180210_1004_002 Tree Sparrow pair snuggled together on twig in bush (crop 1).jpg

Two images of the same Robin, accurately montaged 10 minutes apart.
The left-right symmetry is close to perfect (this is NOT an optical flip).

Ref: E63_20180212_0731_010+0741_013_FB1 Robin visits 10 minutes apart (accurate montage).jpg

16 Mar 2018

This Barn Owl touches down and stays for 3 minutes, perched on what seems to be his favoured leg. In the cold weather they tend to pull one leg into the feathers rather more urgently than in the summer. Brrr!

Ref: D01_20180210_1738_004+1739_005_FB6 Barn Owl 3 minute visit to meadow post 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg

15 Mar 2018

A Female Muntjac Deer flees at our distant appearance, running down the crop edge and through a gap in the hedge.

Ref: DF3_20180126_1309_073-081 Muntjac Deer female running south along crop & through hedge 2+-4+6+8 of 8 (approx montage).jpg

The Muntjac Deer sometimes appear near the house as it is getting dark, here the male is foraging on the edge of the main pond and IN the more overgrown parts.

Ref: D5C_20180208_1631_006 Muntjac Deer male browsing in front of main pond.jpg

14 Mar 2018

Four regular 'Mound visitors' species captured over 50 hours, all where they were at the time.

Ref: BU2_20180126_1659_405-20180128_2053_793 Courting Rabbits x 2 + Muntjac Deer Fem + Fox + Badger 1-5 of 5 (acc montage 50 Hr).jpg

13 Mar 2018

A peaceful moment catches the dominant male pheasant with unusual colouration quietly stepping over what looks like a log, but is actually a piece of bark from the dead tree behind.

Ref: E64_20180206_1621_072_FB2 Pheasant male (blonde) stepping over log.jpg

One of the 'normal' male Pheasants stomps proudly past the camera. His tail is nowhere near as glorious as the dominant bird's.

Ref: E64_20180203_1638_187_FB2 Pheasant male striding through site.jpg

12 Mar 2018

The 'Round Pond' is the only large enough open water to be really effected by the wind, and we often see interesting patterns formed in the surface duckweed. You can see the surrounding trees and sky reflected in the lightly covered water.

Ref: DF3_20180206_1524_050 Swirls of Duckweed blown across Round Pond.jpg

11 Mar 2018

Tawny Owl visits the Kitchen window perch for a spectacular landing and few minutes stay during which the bird seems to stare continuously at the camera (or perhaps it's reflection in the window).
The tips of the wing on our left were out of the original frame.

Ref: E60_20180205_1932_015+1933_016_FB3 Tawny Owl 5m visit to kitchen perch 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg

2 days later, after a visit to the meadow post, the Tawny Owl flies straight to the kitchen window perch but stays for only a few moments.
The posture for the landing remarkably matches that from the previous visit.

Ref: E60_20180207_1953_037_FB3 Tawny Owl brief visit to kitchen perch.jpg

10 Mar 2018

Hello Reynard, staring intently at the ground.
The rump looks like it is starting to develop the 'greying' symptoms of Mange.

Ref: E63_20180203_0416_188_FB1 Fox.jpg

09 Mar 2018

The morning of Friday 2 Feb 2018 (Candlemass & Groundhog Day) saw the first of several sightings of Owls. The first was this Tawny Owl landing at the kitchen window bird table

Ref: E60_20180202_0107_011_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on bird table for short visit (appeared on meadow post half hour later).jpg

30 minutes later the Tawny Owl visiting the meadow post for a few minutes.

Ref: D01_20180202_0144_002+0146_005+0147_006_FB6 Tawny Owl 4 min visit (followed by Barn Owl 8 minutes later) 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

8 minutes after the Tawny Owl left a Barn Owl turned up and stayed for a whole 2 hours. During the entire stay he/she only moved the single claw on the top of the post just once, and that just to turn around. What patience! About one-third of the pics taken seemed to show the Owl asleep!

Ref: D01_20180202_0155_007-0355_165_FB6 Barn Owl 2 Hour visit after Tawny Owl 8 mins before 01+03+05+07+11+13-16 of 16 (montage).jpg

6 minutes later probably the same Barn Owl visited for just this one frame, possibly digesting it's latest catch.

Ref: D01_20180202_0401_167_FB6 Barn Owl short visit 6 minutes after 2 hour visit (crop).jpg

08 Mar 2018

This Grey Squirrel stands on the stone for 'his' portrait.

Ref: E63_20180131_1614_179_FB1 Grey squirrel standing upright on stone.jpg

A Carrot top now at the mercy of a Grey squirrel.

Ref: D36_20180127_1451_059_FB4 Grey Squirrel with top of carrot in mouth.jpg

Another Flea bites the dust?

Ref: D36_20180130_0737_028_FB4 Grey squirrel grooming.jpg

07 Mar 2018

The evening before the 'super blood blue moon' (apparently the first such triple combination for 150 years) all we could see of the moon was this ghostly apparition.

Ref: DF3_20180130_1652_089 Moon through haze the evening before Supermoon.jpg

The morning of the 'super blood blue moon' (30 Jan 2018) was completely clouded over at Moonset around sunrise, but the following evening Moonrise viewed through the same trees over the Duck-shaped pond was quite attractive. It is not heavily light polluted here, so the surroundings appear completely black

Ref: P34_20180131_1757_633 Moon (supermoon) rising behind tree branches.jpg

06 Mar 2018

The Tree Sparrows are Back!

Ref: DF3_20180130_1248_079 2 Tree Sparrows in tree.jpg

Outside the 'study' window we were charmed to catch 5 Long-tailed Tits all crammed into this one caged peanut feeder. Beautiful and subtle birds.

Ref: E65_20180201_0910_002 5 Long-tailed Tits on caged Peanut feeder (crop 2).jpg

05 Mar 2018

As this sight along the farm hedge came into view, this Buzzard some 50m down the hedge took off with what we think is a Wood Pigeon in its talons, landing perhaps another 50 metres further away. Impossible to accurately montage, this provides a impression of the 20 seconds of the flight and landing.

Ref: DF3_20180130_0756_019+027+039+044 Buzzard flying off along crop edge with Wood Pigeon in Talons 01+03+08+10 of 10 (montage).jpg

04 Mar 2018

For a week or two a month either side of the Winter Solstice the sun penetrates the trees at around sunset with the current layout of this site. Here a Magpie triggers the camera.

Ref: D36_20180130_1618_053_FB4 Magpie at Sunset.jpg

For a week or two a month either side of the Winter Solstice the sun penetrates the trees at around sunset with the current layout of this site. Here a Rook triggers the camera.

Ref: D36_20180131_1627_069_FB4 Rook landing on tree-stump at sunset.jpg

03 Mar 2018

Probably the same Tawny Owl visits the meadow post in two different directions in the same night.

Ref: D01_20180131_1925_018+2136_019_FB6 Tawny Owl visiting Meadow briefly & return 2 hours later for 3 mins 1+2 of 4 (montage).jpg

An hour after the second image we get a first ever image of ANY owl at the hedge bottom site - a Tawny Owl pouncing on some prey behind the stone.
We have poured over the original image for ages, looking into the shadows and really can't work out more detail than you see here. The bird is flying in from the left with tail sticking out to the left, with head down and hidden behind the outstretched wings. What looks like what might be the prey is poking up through the feathers of the right wing, but we don't know what it is and whether or not it escaped. It really is dark so unlikely in this unlit area to be a daytime bird on the ground.

Ref: E63_20180131_2248_191_FB1 Tawny Owl pouncing on ground behind stone (1st ever Owl at this site) (crop).jpg

02 Mar 2018

Early morning and evening of the same day sees the Badger (left) and Fox visiting the same place at the woodland site. We understand that male Fox genitals enlarge at this time of year ready for breeding - we think we see this here.

Ref: E64_20180127_0230_096+2027_143_FB2 Badger and Fox male with scrotum expanded for breeding (montage at same scale).jpg

We adore our foxes, but really think this one arriving at the site in the rain shows a real sense of menace. The wise prompt exit by the Robin undoubtedly triggers the photo of this fox which is some 3 metres behind the camera's infra-red trigger beam and focus line.

Ref: E62_20180131_0721_112_FB5 Robin flees from arriving Fox in rain (crop).jpg

01 Mar 2018

A Bullfinch in a bush near the main pond was quartering it for buds. Oh well - the bush makes plenty to overcome this decimation .

Ref: DF3_20180126_1306_026+054+059 Bullfinch eating emerging buds 2-4 of 4 (montage).jpg



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