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30 Sep 2018

An unusually visible pair of Sundogs joining the morning sun.

Ref: D71_20180807_0806_007 Sundogs in early morning (crop and pincushion correction).jpg

Here is a detail of the left sundog complete with an incidental gull.

Ref: E65_20180807_0807_001 Sundog (left side detail) with gull.jpg

29 Sep 2018

An adult Robin banks across the photo site with some tiny morsel in the tip of the beak. What a mess a season of breeding makes of the once pristine feathers.

Ref: E64_20180804_1820_168_FB2 Robin flying by feet to camera and feathers spread (crop).jpg

28 Sep 2018

One of two pristine Badger individuals trundling across the Woodland camera site 3 days apart.

Ref: E64_20180803_0227_061_FB2 Badger striding through site.jpg

One of two pristine Badger individuals trundling across the Woodland camera site 3 days apart.

Ref: E64_20180806_0403_219_FB2 Badger.jpg

We are now sure that we have at least 2 similarly pristine Badgers, the one to the left/behind with slightly duller white fur areas.

Ref: BU6_20180809_0110_574-576_SC2 2 Badgers together in Orchard (IR montage).jpg

27 Sep 2018

In successive frames we catch a juvenile Blackbird demanding food from it's Mum.

Ref: E63_20180804_1918_237_FB1 Blackbird juvenile begging from mother (crop).jpg

In successive frames we catch a juvenile Blackbird demanding food from it's Mum. Here the juvenile Blackbird has it's back to camera and the tip of the upper mandible hides the yellow tip of the adults beak.

Ref: E63_20180804_1919_238_FB1 Blackbird juvenile begging from mother (crop).jpg

4 days later this female Blackbird has some sort of caterpillar in her beak. Parents are still actively feeding youngsters then, as shown earlier.

Ref: E62_20180808_2000_217_FB5 Blackbird female with insect in beak.jpg

A Gorgeously coloured juvenile Blackbird, presumably from an earlier brood.

Ref: E63_20180807_1853_148_FB1 Blackbird juvenile.jpg

26 Sep 2018

If you can't catch a succulent Rodent, eat the apple instead.

Ref: E63_20180804_0535_188_FB1 Fox eating piece of apple.jpg

Its apple-fall time - so the Squirrels eat apple - here actually the core of a Pink Lady Apple from Tesco!

Ref: E63_20180805_1837_284_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating Apple core held in paws.jpg

A Grey Squirrel carries off half of an Avocado rind.
We never find the scraped out remains of the rinds, so suspect that the Squirrels eat the whole thing.

Ref: E64_20180803_0711_067_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying away a half Avocado rind.jpg

25 Sep 2018

The drought has created wide and deep cracks in exposed soil. Here a Wood Pigeon looks down the Crack hoping for some food dropped in.

Ref: E62_20180805_2019_353_FB5 Wood Pigeon looking down crack in parched ground.jpg

The drought has created wide and deep cracks in exposed soil. Here a Badger sticks his snout into the crack to check out interesting smells from within. Badgers have very poor eyesight and use a sense of smell to compensate.

Ref: E62_20180806_0239_370_FB5 Badger sniffing down crack in parched ground.jpg

24 Sep 2018

This Weasel shows us the wonderful flexible back that we think puts even a Cheetah to shame!
See a Cheetah in action at
Interesting pics always seem to be at least partly out of frame :-(

Ref: E62_20180804_1820_256_FB5 Weasel with arched body (tip of snout off edge of frame) (crop).jpg

Is the Weasel about to attack the Magpie?
Oh for another frame perhaps 2 seconds later!

Ref: E62_20180804_1835_258_FB5 Weasel possibly attacking Magpie (crop).jpg

Near the end of the night a Bat breaks the sense beam just as a Plume Moth (species unknown) flies away. Did the Bat miss his prey?

Ref: E60_20180803_0435_043_FB3 Bat and Plume Moth in flight.jpg

23 Sep 2018

In the hot afternoon sun in a cloudless sky, this Red Kite started drawing circles in the sky as it gained height. The bird made a lovely swoop coming quite close to us. From the 42 pics we took (at 7fps) we selected these 8 to make a close spaced impression. Pics about 2/3 second apart.

Ref: DF3_20180804_1548_216-1549_256 Red Kite circling in Thermal 1-8 of 8 (compact montage @7fps about every 5th).jpg

22 Sep 2018

Out for an afternoon stroll we realised that the air was 'full' of Para-gliders, mostly circling high in thermals to gain height but generally moving in the direction WSW to ENE. There must have been at least 20 different craft over the 25 minutes we watched them until they seemed to have finished their passage.
This Para-glider got the closest to us, arriving quite low, circling many times to gain height, but failing to rise. A few minutes later he gave up the unequal struggle with gravity, and landed out of sight over the horizon to our south.

Ref: DF3_20180801_1609_044 Para-glider.jpg

A fun montage of some of the 200 images we got. Para-gliders go in for some interesting colours and designs. The 'wing' is actually two sheets of material with openings along the front edge to inflate the wing into an aerodynamic shape. If the top and bottom are different patterns or colours, light through the fabrics can change the appearance as they change direction.
We were expecting to find aircraft G-xxxx numbers on the canopies as seen on hang-gliders, but there are none. The explanation is that ...
"A self-administering organisation is responsible for administering operational and airworthiness standards and for issuing pilot certificates."
Parachutes (as emergency equipment) don't require registration, and Para-gliders are sort of similar. We notice that Para-glider pilots sport an emergency parachute on their backs! Very sensible.

Ref: DF3_20180801_1606_025-1631_219 Para-gliders over 25 minutes (montage).jpg

21 Sep 2018

Late summer sees the arrival of what has in recent years become the annual appearance of a few Stock Doves.

Ref: E64_20180731_1458_126_FB2 Stock Dove.jpg

The feather down and 'naked' beak tell us that this is a juvenile stock Dove teetering inexpertly on the edge of the bird table. We know of several Pigeon nests around our site and now assume one of them raised this youngster.

Ref: E60_20180805_2049_146_FB3 Stock Dove juvenile balanced awkwardly on edge of bird table.jpg

We keep scaring away Partridges as we walk about outside our patch. Here inside our patch one of the Red-legged variety steps through the photo sense beam right at the right edge of the photographic frame.

Ref: E64_20180801_0926_236_FB2 Red-legged Partridge.jpg

20 Sep 2018

We wouldn't want to be in the focus of those eyes!

Ref: E64_20180801_2129_275_FB2 Fox hunting.jpg

Wouldn't it be interesting to experience the smell of this stone the way a fox does?

Ref: E63_20180802_0546_309_FB1 Fox at Stone.jpg

19 Sep 2018

An early morning Robin 'drops in' next to a juvenile Tree Sparrow that doesn't seem particularly concerned - it may not know that some Robin are 'bully boys'.

Ref: E62_20180731_0658_083_FB5 Robin about to land by Tree Sparrow.jpg

Chaffinches have bred well this year, so there are lots of opportunities for 'pecking order' disputes.

Ref: E64_20180801_1401_249_FB2 Chaffinches squabbling (crop).jpg

18 Sep 2018

A lovely male Roe Deer displaying his characteristic antlers - strangely 'crusty' at the base and with only 2 (as here) or 3 points.

Ref: SW1_20180731_0714_038_SC1 Roe Deer male (crop).jpg

4 days later, and 100 metres away, we see this female Roe Deer delicately stepping through the windfall apples.

Ref: BU6_20180804_0729_557_SC2 Roe Deer female (crop).jpg

This female Reeve's Muntjac Deer (a much smaller deer than the Roe) patters over the grass verge of the Farm Road, unusually unbothered by our presence.

Ref: DF3_20180727_0753_008-013 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walking over grass 1-6 of 9 (montage @ 7fps).jpg

17 Sep 2018

This plant is 'Cat's-ear' flowering in the crop margin. Only when we looked at the pic on the screen did we spot the 7-spot Ladybird left and down from the centre. The bright yellow splashes of colour against the dark is how it really looks.

Ref: D72_20180728_1107_016 Cats-ear (Hypochaeris radicata or Hypocho) flowers + 7-spot ladybird in crop margin track end (crop).jpg

16 Sep 2018

This pristine Badger is becoming a real regular at the feeding sites and in the trail cams. Will be watching for him digging out a bolt-hole or home.

Ref: E62_20180727_2302_133_FB5 Badger.jpg

Over one night this pristine badger trundles around head down. The main attraction is the fall of apples from dehydration and a recent high winds.

Ref: BU6_20180801_2224_733-20180802_0128_766_SC2 Badger visits over 1 night (montage).jpg

15 Sep 2018

One of the local foxes searches the still parched ground for some unfortunate food item. They are omnivores so will most likely enjoy the strawberry as well.

Ref: E63_20180719_1924_029_FB1 Fox hunting.jpg

Two Foxes spent a minute or two companionably together at the end of the orchard.

Ref: BU6_20180726_2121_058-063_SC2 2 Foxes at end of orchard 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg

Exactly 6 days later (to the minute!) this is possibly the same fox 'couple' we showed you as a montage above.

Ref: BU6_20180801_2121_735_SC2 2 Foxes.jpg

14 Sep 2018

This year has seen the numbers of this pretty little Common Blue Butterfly rise from an occasional one at a time to several in the hedge at once.

Ref: DF3_20180725_1012_025 Common Blue Butterfly feeding on Blackberry flower.jpg

Wild flowers have been flowering well and supporting large numbers and variety of Butterflies.

Ref: D72_20180725_1317_031 Brimstone Butterfly male feeding on purple Loosestrife.jpg

Wild flowers have been flowering well and supporting large numbers and variety of Butterflies.

Ref: DF3_20180725_1003_014 Gatekeeper Butterfly on wilting leaf.jpg

13 Sep 2018

An unusual sighting for us is this 22 spot Ladybird walking over the sharp spines of the thistle leaf with zero concern. Despite its outlandish appearance this is a wholly British species rather than a Harlequin variant.

Ref: D72_20180724_1532_013 22 Spot Ladybird on Thistle leaf.jpg

On a cable lock was this less than 1 cm long Shieldbug identified with the image. It will grow by shedding its carapace to become a handsome, if small, creature.

Ref: D72_20180721_1318_005 Sloe Bug (Dolycoris baccarum) early instar larva body length 8mm on gate cable lock.jpg

12 Sep 2018

At the woodland site foxes appearing over 3 nights.
On the left is after rain and looks to be a different individual.

Ref: E64_20180722_0035_163+20180719_2210_050+20180720_0446_059_FB2 Fox visits over 3 night (montage).jpg

Visits by what looks like the same pristine Badger on two successive nights. The last visit has the top of the muzzle stained red. We suspect beetroot juice!

Ref: E63_20180725_0356_128+0355_127+20180726_0038_217_FB1 Badger (montage).jpg

11 Sep 2018

A pair of Collared Doves literally 'billing and Cooing' in a sweet moment.

Ref: E60_20180721_1944_066_FB3 2 Collared Doves sharing corn.jpg

Double Trouble
Two Grey squirrels feeding quietly together can make more trouble than one.

Ref: E62_20180717_1801_093_FB5 2 Grey squirrels feeding.jpg

10 Sep 2018

Two different visits, one where by luck we caught a take-off, so couldn't resist this accurate montage of events 2.5 hours apart.

Ref: D01_20180721_2300_033+2-0180722_0127_058_FB6 8 Tawny Owl visits to meadow and departure 03+16 of 16 (accurate montage).jpg

Among several visits to this Post in the same night, all landing with amazingly similar positions, on this occasion the Tawny Owl stayed for a few minutes before flying down to take a photo at the right edge of the 'meadow' site.

Ref: D01_20180724_2255_008_FB6-E62_20180724_2259_107_FB5 Tawny Owl 3 minute to meadow post followed by visit to ground 1+3+4 of 4 (rescaled montage).jpg

We got no right side of the bird making a full scale portrait a bit awkward, but this 'head and shoulders' works nicely. You can clearly see the flesh-ripping beak.
Whole left side of bird is available if wanted

Ref: E62_20180724_2259_107_FB5 Tawny Owl 3 minute to meadow post followed by visit to ground 4 of 4 (crop 2).jpg

09 Sep 2018

By the edge of the main pond a female Blackbird basks in the sun, presumably to top up her vitamin D, though she wouldn't know it, with beak open panting to keep cool!

Ref: D5C_20180716_1143_003 Blackbird female sunbathing and panting to cool.jpg

A male Blackbird with the classic yellow beak

Ref: E62_20180717_1829_100_FB5 Blackbird male with yellow beak.jpg

At exactly the same scale we find this female Blackbird obviously collecting food for what we assume is a second brood.

Ref: E62_20180717_1856_106_FB5 Blackbird female with yellow beak.jpg

08 Sep 2018

As the day draws to an end the Fox's day-time pin-prick pupils begin to expand. At this intermediate the shape is a slightly disconcerting vertical oval.

Ref: E63_20180717_1854_069_FB1 Fox.jpg

This Fox's irises not quite fully open even at 3 a.m. Possibly there is a bright moon lighting this open site.

Ref: E62_20180719_0249_211_FB5 Fox.jpg

An hour before midnight it is here truly dark and the iris has just about disappeared to let in as much light as possible to the Fox's eyes.

Ref: E62_20180717_2256_125_FB5 Fox head-on walk to camera.jpg

07 Sep 2018

GUILTY - a mug shot montage of the chief knocker-over of things!
(Actually taken 2 days apart, they may not even be the same individual)

Ref: E63_20180712_2333_033+20180714_0217_090_FB1 2 Badger visits (accurate montage).jpg

A Badger following his nose around the plot!

Ref: E63_20180717_0016_039_FB1 Badger sniffing stone.jpg

06 Sep 2018

Here a Red Kite seems oblivious to us, staring at the ground and then making a quiet turn to continue the hunt. 1 second of flight here.

Ref: DF3_20180714_1116_048-054 Red Kite flying by 1-7 of 7 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

A Red Kite glides quietly by.
In this and the following montages we are particular lucky that the speed of flight and camera frame rate produces close spaced images.

Ref: DF3_20180717_1110_031-034 Red Kite flying by 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

A second and a half of action as this Red Kite flies by and then banks towards us.

Ref: DF3_20180717_1110_069-079 Red Kite banking in flight showing top of wing 01-11 of 11 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

A Red kit spreading the primary feathers for lift without the effort of flapping the wings.

Ref: DF3_20180717_1112_133-138 Red Kite flying against grey clouds @ 7fps 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage).jpg

05 Sep 2018

Lifting the Corrugated iron sheet exposed the Grass Snake near the centre, and another at one end (no photo). Note how the tail loops around and then follows the body backwards.

Ref: DF3_20180714_0834_041 Grass snake (smaller of 2) warming under corrugated iron (crop).jpg

04 Sep 2018

Darter Dragonflies do like to perch on items low over the water. Here a Ruddy Darter Dragonfly hunts and patrols from a turned-over Iris leaf.

Ref: D72_20180713_1358_007 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly male on turned over Iris leaf.jpg

Hover-fly, Peacock Butterfly, and a Soldier Beetle all caught by chance in the same frame.

Ref: DF3_20180714_1120_067 Peacock butterfly feeding on Thistle flower as Hover-fly is about to land and Solder beetle to right.jpg

03 Sep 2018

At the hedge site we catch this relaxed interaction between two Foxes.
(Not a montage)

Ref: E63_20180716_0113_212_FB1 2 Foxes one standing and one crouched (crop).jpg

A few minutes later presumably the same pair appeared about 80m away wandering over the mound.

Ref: BU2_20180716_0117_448-0118_457_SC7 2 Foxes on Round Mound for several minutes including scent marking 3-6 of 6 (montage).jpg

This Fox seems to be following a scent trail - although the nose is close to the ground the movement blur on the legs indicate that it is moving swiftly to the left.

Ref: E64_20180714_2200_094_FB2 Fox following scent trail (q).jpg

02 Sep 2018

The margins of the Oil-seed Rape crop have an unusually varied selection of weeds this year. Here is some Groundsel showing heads from flowers to seeds.

Ref: D72_20180707_1044_003 Groundsel flower and seed heads in sparse areas of Oil-seed Rape crop.jpg

Each year our meadow area has a few clumps of the poisonous (to some livestock) Ragwort. This year we have yet to see any on our patch, but found this solitary clump flowering in the edge of the Oil-seed Rape crop 100m from where we ever see ours. It disappeared into the harvester.

Ref: DF3_20180708_0913_036 Ragwort plant flowering at edge of Oil-seed rape crop (with incidental dock heads).jpg

01 Sep 2018

Following months of occasional sightings on trail cams, here over one night at the Woodland site we have a Polecat on the hunt, we think moving a kit in her mouth, and then carrying 2 dead rabbits back into her burrow. Here are the event and time stamps:-
TL10 July 22:32First sighting
TR10 July 22:34Probably carrying a kit to a new burrow (see separate detail image).
ML11 July 03:58Different camera with 2 young rabbits 20m away - possibly the prey.
MR11 July 05:20First Rabbit being dragged.
BL11 July 05:27Second Rabbit 7 minutes later.
BR11 July 05:39Final clear sighting (last actual image 2 minutes later)
We have all the original images available on request.

Ref: E64_20180710_2232_093-20180711_0539_099_FB2 Polecat visits including carrying youngster (q) and rabbit(s) prey (montage 2).jpg

Detail from the top right image of what we think is a Polecat Kit in the mouth.

Ref: E64_20180710_2234_094_FB2 Polecat visits including carrying youngster (q) and rabbit(s) prey 2 of 7 (detail crop).jpg



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