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31 Dec 2022

As the thermometer continues to fall (its -3C at 10 a.m. on Friday 9th) this Squirrel has apparently decided that insulation for the drey is a rising priority. Here the first leaf has been selected.

Ref: E64_20221206_0751_149_FB2 Grey Squirrel starting to collect leaves for Drey.jpg

Grey Squirrels find it worthwhile to shred fir cones to eat the seeds. This one chose the dip in a 'firebrick' used to weigh down the lid of this camera box as the dining table.

Ref: D72_20221205_1229_005 Fir cone shredded by Grey Squirrel.jpg

This Grey Squirrel has found a peanut on the Kitchen bird table (you can see another not yet collected) and turns around the rear claws to control the impending nose-dive with the prize.

Ref: E60_20221206_1251_011_FB3 Grey Squirrel starting to drop from bird table with Peanut in mouth.jpg

30 Dec 2022

Two visits by what looks like the same tawny Owl to the Tree-stump in the Woodland on 2 successive evenings.
Rodents are attracted to the ground here because of the corn knocked from the tree-stump top each day.
Here about an hour after sunset ...

Ref: D36_20221201_1703_020_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree-stump at twilight.jpg

... and next day just half-an-hour after sunset.
Note that the camera flash overwhelms both dim backgrounds!

Ref: D36_20221202_1629_033_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree-stump at dusk (crop).jpg

29 Dec 2022

This immaculate male Blackbird has selected some sort of seed now in his beak. His shadow shows the partly open beak.

Ref: E63_20221201_0751_003_FB1 Blackbird male at hedge bottom with fresh grass growing behind.jpg

The soil here is wet enough for probing the ground to leave your lovely yellow beak clogged with mud.

Ref: E63_20221205_1021_051_FB1 Blackbird male with muddy beak.jpg

28 Dec 2022

This Green Woodpecker flies high above us and lands on this Silver Birch mostly obscured by trees closer to us. A creep along the path across the meadow finally finds a clear view without alarming the bird again, allowing this pic.

Ref: DF3_20221128_1241_007 Green Woodpecker on trunk of leaning silver birch (crop 1).jpg

If you prefer more detail of the lovely bird, here it is. The red patch below the eye identifies this is an adult male.

Ref: DF3_20221128_1241_007 Green Woodpecker on trunk of leaning silver birch (crop 2).jpg

27 Dec 2022

The male Reeves' Muntjac Deer (long antlers) spends a few minutes foraging on the side of Round Mound.

Ref: BUC_20221126_1331_306+308+1332_311_SC7 Muntjac Reeves deer male foraging over Round Mound (montage).jpg

26 Dec 2022

A couple of Magpies both want to occupy the Meadow Post, or at least not let any other Magpie occupy it.
NOT a montage.

Ref: D01_20221126_1004_044_FB6 2 Magpies contesting Meadow Post 2 of 2 (crop).jpg

25 Dec 2022

A Robin stopping for a moment on the tree-stump deep in the now far-from-dark woods. A Christmas day Robin - sans snow!

Ref: D36_20221124_1238_011_FB4 Robin on Tree-stump.jpg

From 4 frames of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) over one night we build this little fun montage.

Ref: E63_20221124_1822_125-20221125_0507_130_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) visiting hedge bottom over one night (montage of 4 frames).jpg

24 Dec 2022

Near the east access, this Badger gazes up at the camera.

Ref: BUA_20221124_2256_015_SC8 Badger entering through east hedge gap.jpg

Round Pond has self-filled sufficiently to be back as a 'watering hole'.

Ref: BU5_20221127_0047_188_SC1 Badger climbing out of Round Pond.jpg

Near the south hedge this badger stops to gaze upwards.

Ref: BU7_20221127_2227_054 Badger gazing upward near south hedge.jpg

23 Dec 2022

The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
Here we have patches of Speedwell actually in flower.

Ref: DF3_20221126_1231_053 Speedwell flowering in late Autumn on shingle by garage.jpg

The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
Here near a shed near the house one sweep of the camera catches four out of season events:-
    A White Dead Nettle in flower (The stinging variety are not flowering but are growing all too well).
    Patches of Groundsel flowers.
    A Blackberry stem growing fresh leaves.
    Flowering Sow Thistle.

Ref: DF3_20221126_1251_064+65+69 Late Autumn leafing & flowering - Dead Nettle + Groundsel + Blackberry + Sow Thistle (montage).jpg

The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
This is Herb Robert in flower absolutely drenched in dew (NOT a water spray!)

Ref: D72_20221130_1209_026 Herb Robert flowering out of season & drenched in dew (crop 2).jpg

The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
One of several places with both fresh Blackberry fruits and even new flowers.

Ref: D72_20221130_1347_042 Blackberry plants fruiting and flowering on last day of November.jpg

22 Dec 2022

Our only sighting of this Roe Deer on this day - just after noon - at the quietly rising Round Pond. She is 'trotting along' in the foreground around the edge of the pond left rear.

Ref: BU5_20221120_1234_400-402_SC1 Roe Deer female trotting past Round Pond (accurate montage).jpg

2 days after the sighting at Round Pond we catch this moment at the Woodland site of a Roe Deer picking up scraps.
We see this from the rear with head down between the front legs.

Ref: E64_20221122_1609_181_FB2 Roe Deer feeding at Woodland site (full height crop).jpg

21 Dec 2022

Sparrowhawks continue to make regular passes around our house. Here only 15 minutes apart are 2 consecutive frames on the Kitchen Window camera that see them passing and sometimes trigger the IR sense beam.

Ref: E60_20221119_1603_031+1617_032_FB3 Sparrowhawk passing over Kitchen perch twice in 15 minutes 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

20 Dec 2022

A Badger delicately scratching the fur with one of those awesome claws.

Ref: BU7_20221118_1914_063 Badger scratching cheek with claws.jpg

Hours later in the same night, this Badger inspects the food still left at the hedge bottom. The White stripes are lightly spattered with mud.

Ref: E63_20221119_0203_227_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom.jpg

19 Dec 2022

This Tawny Owl pounces on another rodent.

Ref: E63_20221118_0204_146_FB1 Tawny Owl pouncing on prey at hedge bottom.jpg

3 pics here all with the same timestamp just after dark 6:10 p.m. The mouse had already scarpered when the Tawny Owl pounced presumably onto a less vigilant member of the family.
We positioned the Post and Meadow site years ago in the hope of catching pairings like this, but this year the numbers of such events has soared.

Ref: D01_20221120_1810_053_FB6+E6A_456+457_FB5 Tawny Owl Flies from Post to pounce on prey at Meadow site 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

Left: 21:52 The Tawny Owl Leaves the Kitchen Perch in a flurry of feathers.
Centre: 21:52 (same time) arrives at the Meadow Post staying for a few minutes.
Right: 22:13 (21 minutes later) pounces on a Rodent at the Hedge bottom.

Ref: E60_20221122_2152_014_FB3+D01_2152_049_FB6+E63_2213_152 Tawny Owl Hunt - Kitchen + Meadow + Hedge bottom (montage).jpg

18 Dec 2022

Just look at those steerable ears!
The fox is standing stock still with ears turned to pick up sounds from behind. Perhaps noticing the dark-red IR lamps, or detecting a sound old humans can't hear, turns their head towards the camera and swivels the ears in the same direction.

Ref: BUA_20221116_1956_020+021_SC8 Fox standing still turns head and rotates ears towards camera (montage).jpg

The leaky Round Pond has filled from ground water and is now half a metre deep at some points. We suspect that this Fox is going down for a drink.

Ref: BU5_20221123_0448_235-237_SC1 Fox walks in Round Pond (approx montage.jpg

17 Dec 2022

A local male Green Woodpecker takes a selfie in the sunshine.
His beak is coated with mud - at this time of year an 'occupational hazard' for a bird that feeds by probing the ground and Ant nests.

Ref: D01_20221116_1045_074_FB6 Green Woodpecker male on Meadow Post.jpg

16 Dec 2022

"I'm sure there's a way through along here"
Our walk round the circling Farm Road surprises this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer outside our east hedge. The Deer promptly dives into the hedge but a few seconds later he reappears, and then every few metres down the hedge dives in and returns. The pig-net now buried in the hedge decades ago after an invasion of about 100 sheep is sufficient to stop the deer. Eventually he finds one of the patches where we have cut away a bit of the netting at the bottom and in he goes - this time NOT to be seen again.
This individual has his antlers in a half grown state we have not seen recently - so another male to add to the one we regularly see.

Ref: D72_20221115_1348_022+1349_027 Muntjac Reeves Deer male (partial antlers) looks for gap in hedge pig-net (montage).jpg

15 Dec 2022

Surprise - a rather small and light coloured Tawny Owl stops off at the Tree-stump in the Woodland. Our initial impression is one of this year's brood.
There is a small woodpile housing a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nest about 10 metres in the direction the bird is staring!

Ref: D36_20221114_0454_060_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree-stump - small and light coloured (crop).jpg

The small hours of Friday saw this Tawny Owl making a 2 minute & later 3 minute visits to the meadow post 2 and a half hours apart.

Ref: D01_20221118_0101_031+0102_033+0228_035_FB6 Tawny Owl making 2 visits to Meadow Post 1+2+3(mirror) of 5 (montage).jpg

14 Dec 2022

Another female Sparrowhawk portrait at the kitchen window.

Ref: E60_20221113_1559_027_FB3 Sparrowhawk female landing on Kitchen perch (crop).jpg

13 Dec 2022

Something is 'going on' with Badgers at the tree-trunk near the south hedge gap.
Here we see a Badger apparently already climbed part way up the tree near the south hedge gap is now walking off along the ditch edge.

Ref: BU7_20221112_0147_055+056 Badger walks down from base of tree-trunk (accurate montage).jpg

In three images in the middle of three successive nights a Badger continues to take special interest in the bulge at the tree-trunk's base.

Ref: BU7_20221115_0159_031+033 Badger entering site and reaching up tree-trunk (montage).jpg

On the next night we see the badger clambering as high as they can up the tree trunk.

Ref: BU7_20221116_0246_070-073 Badger clambering up Tree-trunk at south hedge gap 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

Next night another clambers up the tree-trunk near the south hedge gap. This is the highest we have seen one get so far

Ref: BU7_20221116_2008_004-006 Badger momentarily reaching up tree trunk 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

12 Dec 2022

Near the South hedge gap this Squirrel has found a toothsome item to nibble their way through.

Ref: BU7_20221111_1143_030 Grey Squirrel eating food item held in paws.jpg

90m minutes later the female Grey Squirrel (with bad right eye) is chomping away at something substantial.

Ref: E6A_20221111_1311_122_FB5 Grey Squirrel female (bad right eye) eating large root held in paws.jpg

All that 5-a-day healthy fruit going begging as this Grey Squirrel prefers a piece of cooked potato peel.

Ref: E64_20221114_1404_037_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating cooked potato peel from paws.jpg

Here is the female Grey squirrel with wonky right eye, apparently getting on absolutely fine. A piece of apple seems to be the choice of the moment.

Ref: E63_20221114_1553_089_FB1 Grey Squirrel biting into red Crab Apple.jpg

11 Dec 2022

The previous week we saw no owls on the Meadow Post or Kitchen perch, but see a Tawny Owl probably attacking (apparently unsuccessfully) a rodent at both the Hedge Bottom site ...

Ref: E63_20221104_1812_191_FB1 Tawny Owl attacks hedge bottom site (crop).jpg

... and at a similar time 2 days later, at the woodland site.

Ref: E64_20221106_2035_535_FB2 Tawny Owl attacks woodland site (crop).jpg

These regular on-camera attacks by a Tawny Owl are a new phenomena - normally we catch this only once or twice a year. At this site the direction of approach indicated that the bird perches in the conifer overhanging the camera, so we can't ever expect to get a face-on pic here :-(

Ref: E63_20221111_0110_078_FB1 Tawny Owl hunting at hedge bottom (crop).jpg

10 Dec 2022

The first claw of this majestic Magpie has just touched the edge of the post.

Ref: D01_20221108_0922_017_FB6 Magpie landing in heraldic position.jpg

10 minutes later this camera catches this Magpie in a more stable pose.

Ref: D01_20221108_0932_020_FB6 Magpie on Meadow post.jpg

09 Dec 2022

A little sequence of portraits of the more regular small bird visitors ...

Ref: E63_20221107_1019_041_FB1 Blackbird male.jpg

Ref: E63_20221107_1035_045_FB1 Robin.jpg

Note that apart from generally paler markings in winter, this male Chaffinch now has an all pink (natural colour) beak rather than the blue coating of the breeding colours.

Ref: E63_20221107_1522_104_FB1 Chaffinch male in winter colours.jpg

08 Dec 2022

Spotted in the 'Salad Bed' which is resting for the Winter (our excuse for the weeds), this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer was intermittently eating the weeds and barking.
You can eat as many of the weeds as you like!

Ref: DF2_20221103_1358_007 Muntjac Reeves Deer male in overgrown vegetable bed making call.jpg

This pair of Reeves' Muntjac Deer follow the 'tradition' - the male (bottom pic) following the female (top pic), here caught in uncannily similar positions about 1 minute apart.

Ref: BU3_20221108_0813_093+0814_095_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer pair female then male 1 minute apart (montage).jpg

07 Dec 2022

The male Sparrowhawk stops off on the kitchen perch.

Ref: E60_20221105_1324_030_FB3 Sparrowhawk male.jpg

3 days later this female Sparrowhawk - the female is a bigger bird than the male - makes a startling landing facing in the opposite direction to male.

Ref: E60_20221108_1634_013_FB3 Sparrowhawk female landing on Kitchen perch (crop).jpg

06 Dec 2022

Breeding season done, the Wood Pigeons spend a lot less time camped out on post and tree tops doing guard duty. This one has tucked themselves out of the wind by a young tree-trunk and just watched us watching them a few metres away.

Ref: DF3_20221104_1115_015 Wood Pigeon squatting on branch in sunshine.jpg

On the other hand, Rooks are already courting in the Black Poplar trees for their early start to breeding in the nearby trees. This pair are in the tree nearest the house. Further down the track 3 pairs are occupying the three last seasons nests that have so far survived the Autumn gales.

Ref: DF3_20221104_0905_014 Rook pair in Black Poplar tree nearest house.jpg

A Rook stops off on the Meadow Post for a well lit portrait highlighting the gorgeous feathers.

Ref: D01_20221109_1516_055_FB6 Rook on Meadow post.jpg

05 Dec 2022

A Fox slinks by the Round Pond.

Ref: BU5_20221103_2303_113_SC1 Fox on edge of Round Pond.jpg

A Fox (possibly always the same one) enters the site at this south hedge gap on most nights.

Ref: BU7_20221108_0517_013 Fox entering through south hedge.jpg

Ref: BU7_20221109_0224_049 Fox entering through south hedge.jpg

In the dark of the night what looks like the same Fox twice walks down into the partially filled Round Pond, taking what may be a well trodden path down to the water.

Ref: BU5_20221108_2155_115+117+20221109_0318_121+123_SC1 Fox excursions into Round pond twice in a night (montage).jpg

04 Dec 2022

This Grey Squirrel seems to have stained the inside of their mouth with what must be strawberry juice.

Ref: E63_20221103_1604_098_FB1 Grey Squirrel with lips stained by strawberry (crop).jpg

Not much food left at 7 a.m. - but at least these Squirrels aren't fighting for the scraps.

Ref: E63_20221107_0719_005_FB1 2 Grey Squirrels at hedge bottom.jpg

03 Dec 2022

An elegant landing for this Wood Pigeon in a light drizzle.

Ref: E60_20221101_1517_028_FB3 Wood Pigeon landing on kitchen bird table in drizzle.jpg

A minute later the Wood Pigeon has turned to face the prevailing wind - better than having your feather ruffled up.

Ref: E60_20221101_1518_029_FB3 Wood Pigeon landed on kitchen bird table in drizzle perches into wind.jpg

02 Dec 2022

Most creatures enter at the south straight down into the ditch. For some reason this Fox slinks behind the tree to cross the ditch a few metres to the right.

Ref: BU7_20221101_0516_061+0517_062+063 Fox enters at south hedge & circles behind tree before crossing ditch (adjusted montage).jpg

A few hours after dark this badger trundles into the site.

Ref: BU7_20221101_2244_115+117 Badger entering at south hedge (slightly adjusted montage).jpg

01 Dec 2022

Head down, this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer inelegantly forages the edge of the ditch. You can clearly see the two little tusks pointing upwards,

Ref: BU7_20221028_1900_033 Muntjac Reeves Deer male head on ground from rear with both tusks clearly visible.jpg

An hour after midnight the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer pauses on her way through the south hedge to check that her suitor is following.
We often see moment of 'respect' both ways between male and female Muntjac Deer, quite unlike the domineering behaviour of larger deer that 'Rut'.

Ref: BU7_20221030_0116_101 Muntjac Reeves Deer female enters at south closely followed by male 2 of 3 (crop).jpg

On 'Round' mound this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly forages.

Ref: BUC_20221031_0523_055+059+063_SC7 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging quietly on Round Mound (accurate montage).jpg

A pair of Reeves' Muntjac Deer forage quietly together near the East hedge gap.

Ref: BUA_20221101_1934_167_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer pair arrive near east hedge gap.jpg



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