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31 Jan 2022

At the Kitchen perch at around sunrise this female Sparrowhawk spends a moment.

Ref: E60_20211226_0807_020_FB3 Sparrowhawk perched on kitchen perch (crop 2).jpg

The new nervous Kestrel makes a short visit to the meadow post.
Here you get to see both sides of the bird at once.

Ref: D01_20211228_1504_040+1503_038_FB6 Kestrel female 2 minute visit to meadow post 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg

All at the same scale: Buzzard, Magpie, Pigeon, and the unexpectedly small Kestrel.

Ref: D01_20211228_1556_041-1503_038_FB6 Buzzard + Magpie + Wood Pigeon + Kestrel female on meadow post (same scale montage).jpg

30 Jan 2022

This Buzzard makes a spectacular landing on the Meadow post

Ref: D01_20211228_1556_041_FB6 Buzzard 3 minute visit to meadow post 1 of 3 (crop 1).jpg

A Buzzard perched on an 11kV cable.
We assume that this is a young bird - fully mature birds seem to be too heavy to be comfortable doing this.

Ref: DF3_20211224_1249_019 Buzzard perched on 11kV cable (crop 2).jpg

Another sighting of a Buzzard on the meadow post. It is about mid-day despite the dark background. The bird's feathers (particularly over the head) appear drenched.

Ref: D01_20211227_1253_139_FB6 Buzzard 3 minute visit to Meadow Post in drizzle 1 of 3 (crop).jpg

29 Jan 2022

Our old house leaks in Rodents. Many are caught and released from live traps, but some just won't or can't use them and have to be caught in snapper traps. Here a dead mouse placed at the trees-tump camera sees a Magpie grateful for the gift. It normally takes between about 4 minutes for a Magpie to come and collect.

Ref: D36_20211227_1329_037_FB4 Magpie collecting dead Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) (crop).jpg

Our preference is to release live Rodent well away from the house. This one looks like a vole - about a third of the Rodents we catch indoors are some sort of vole.

Ref: D36_20211228_0708_044_FB4 Release of Vole from live Mousetrap.jpg

2 days later a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) sort-of vaults off the edge of the tree-stump.

Ref: D36_20211230_0706_027_FB4 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) just released from trap leaps from top of Tree-stump.jpg

28 Jan 2022

As the pond level rises the easier access to the island at the rear becomes a swim.
Is it now worth a cold swim to check it out?

Ref: BU5_20211226_0149_210_SC1 Fox gazing at Round Pond Island now pond partly re-filled.jpg

This blurry mess (supported by even worse pics a second or two on either side) shows a fox carrying some unfortunate prey in the mouth at the edge of Round Pond. Most likely a young Rabbit, but only a guess.
Nighttime pictures of fast moving animals from simple battery-powered trail-cams need 'long' exposure of 1/16 to 1/4 second, so are always rather movement blurred.

Ref: BU5_20211227_0528_301_SC1 Fox carrying prey (unidentified) along edge of Round Pond.jpg

This Fox still seems obsessed with the Round Pond island, 'sitting' for a moment for a gaze over the water.

Ref: BU5_20211229_0627_088+089+091_SC1 Fox sits momentarily while walking along edge of Round Pond 1-3 of 3 (spread montage).jpg

27 Jan 2022

Wood Pigeons now often appearing in pairs.
Finish the last nest in November, start again in January?

Ref: E64_20211225_1334_085_FB2 Wood Pigeon pair stepping over branch.jpg

Wood Pigeons now often appearing in pairs.

Ref: E6A_20211227_1335_263_FB5 Wood Pigeon pair at meadow site.jpg

Wood Pigeons now often appearing in pairs.

Ref: E64_20211229_1324_103_FB2 Wood Pigeon pair at woodland site as leaf drifts down.jpg

26 Jan 2022

We admire the male pheasant, even if he flees in terror the moment he sees us. We thought this pic highlighted how strong his legs are - after all, the spurs behind the feet are his built-in weapon.

Ref: E64_20211224_1203_023_FB2 Pheasant male stepping over log.jpg

5 minutes later the male Pheasant has moved about 40 metres to the 'Round Mound' to continue the search for food. We scatter corn on this slope every day so there is bound to be something to find.

Ref: BU2_20211224_1208_008_SC7 Pheasant male walking up mound.jpg

As the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly browses, a Robin (just above bottom centre) mounts a furious attack on some unidentified similar sized bird.

Ref: E6A_20211225_1430_168_FB5 Robin attacking another bird as Muntjac Reeves Deer feeds behind.jpg

25 Jan 2022

If a Grey Squirrel needs some dead leaves for the Drey then they now have millions to choose from!

Ref: E64_20211221_1527_144_FB2 Grey Squirrel gathering leaves for Drey.jpg

Badgers do not hibernate, fattening up in Autumn and then making minimal forages on warmer nights. This Badger has just entered through the East hedge gap and is already rummaging through the leaf litter for food. Actually the Badger had not moved, so this montage is just an 'impression'.

Ref: BUA_20211221_2220_152+153_SC8 Badger foraging under Leaf litter (impression montage).jpg

24 Jan 2022

Not even a distant call of the Green Woodpecker recently, so this pic of a pristine male on the Meadow Post is an unexpected pleasure.

Ref: D01_20211221_1031_034_FB6 Green Woodpecker male short visit to Meadow post.jpg

23 Jan 2022

A Rook perched on a twig takes off to join another flying by.

Ref: DF3_20211218_1440_004+006+008+010 Rook flying in joined by another to fly off together (acc montage alternate frames @7fps).jpg

A hopefully useful size comparison - Rook (left) and Jackdaw.

Ref: D01_20211221_1331_058+1335_062_FB6 Rook and Jackdaw (identical scale montage).jpg

22 Jan 2022

Just before midnight, in an overnight fog, glowing eyes reveal a male Reeves' Muntjac Deer in the foreground watched by a Fox who has made it onto the pond island and is walking along the edge. The Fox probably paddled through the mud on the other side of the island - the water level is very low at the moment - rather than swimming across.

Ref: BU5_20211218_2347_364_SC1 Fox on edge of Island watches Reeves Muntjac Deer on bank through midnight fog (crop).jpg

3 minutes and about 20 metres away we see what must be the same male Deer. He is beginning to look a bit 'beaten up' with the chipped right Antler and a somewhat cut and healed left ear. His 'Tusk' seemed to have survived intact.

Ref: E64_20211218_2350_085_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with chipped Antler + cut Ear + Tusk.jpg

A few days later this female Reeve's Muntjac Deer trips the same sense beam to take her portrait.

Ref: E64_20211221_1256_103_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding (2 mins after hand-held pic).jpg

21 Jan 2022

The 'newer' female Kestrel visits the Meadow Post for a few minutes.

Ref: D01_20211217_1318_047-1321_072_FB6 Kestrel female 4 minute visit to meadow post 1+2+5+3+8 of 9 (montage).jpg

One of the pics not included in the Montage.

Ref: D01_20211217_1321_071_FB6 Kestrel female 4 minute visit to meadow post 7 of 9 (crop).jpg

20 Jan 2022

Your's truly out in the pre-dawn gloom with 'headlights' blazing to collect the camera cards, this little face emerged from the surrounding dark and waited for a hand-out. She is only about 1.5 metres from the cameraman.

Ref: D71_20211213_0714_009 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walking to us while collecting camera memory cards (crop).jpg

This is the almost 'tame' female Reeves' Muntjac Deer stepping over the fallen branch to pick up some of the corn sprinkled down for her. As she triggered the camera and flash for the main image the hand-held camera was recording the same moment (see insert). She didn't react at all to the flash - she must be completely used to cameras clunking and flashing as she wanders around the sites.

Ref: E64_20211216_1236_038_FB2+DF3_20211216_1235_016 Muntjac Reeves Deer ignores FB2 flash 1+2(insert) of 2 (montage).jpg

19 Jan 2022

All of the water-butts have a stick in them to allow anything that falls in to crawl out. This perpetually wet stick has grown a nice little crop of Fungi in a micro-jungle of moss.

Ref: DF3_20211215_1226_014 Fungi Fruiting on animal escape pole in water butt (crop 2).jpg

Like little flames in a tracery lantern, this group of 3 'Japanese Lanterns' glow in the dark foliage of a small Monkey Puzzle tree they have managed to get tangled into.

Ref: DF3_20211215_1008_002 Japanese Lantern seed heads (caught up in Monkey Puzzle Tree).jpg

18 Jan 2022

At 07:25 a.m. dawn is only just arriving and this Sparrowhawk is already hunting in the near dark. The bird's Irises are fully open hiding the normal bright yellow eye ring. She must be really hungry to be out so early - as we type this 3 days later we saw her flash by the Kitchen bird feeder only 15 minutes later than this, so these early outings may be a regular event.

Ref: D01_20211212_0725_219-0730_229_FB6 Sparrowhawk lands & 6 mins later leaves Meadow Post 30m pre-sunrise 1+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

17 Jan 2022

Whoosh. Visually similar to a 'Roadrunner' animation, we can't be sure that the Grey Squirrel in the foreground has any connection to the Pheasant's speed (but see the 3rd image in this sequence).

Ref: E64_20211210_1130_111_FB2 Pheasant running over log as Grey Squirrel watches from foreground.jpg

Any of the Corvids make better sharers with Pheasants than do Squirrels. The Magpie isn't really nervous of the Pheasant, but noticeably stayed just over one peck distance away.

Ref: E63_20211210_1313_078_FB1 Pheasant male + Magpie keeping one peck away (orig & final).jpg

A Grey Squirrel seeing off the male Pheasant.

Ref: E64_20211213_1225_037_FB2 Grey Squirrel leaping at fleeing Pheasant male.jpg

The Vibrant portrait of the male Pheasant caught a moment where his nictitating membrane (a sort of translucent eyelid) is half closed. Eye detail is in the insert.

Ref: E6A_20211215_1028_137_FB5 Pheasant male feeding with nictitating membrane half closed (crop + insert).jpg

16 Jan 2022

A Magpie watches us watching them from high in this Ash tree

Ref: DF3_20211210_1003_010 Magpie on Ash branch at south hedge.jpg

This Magpie touches down in a flurry of feathers.

Ref: D36_20211215_1426_045_FB4 Magpie landing on edge of tree-stump.jpg

15 Jan 2022

We came across this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer just outside the garage. She spent 20 minutes feeding on fallen leaves and corn we threw down for her, until she wandered into the hedge along the access track. Bottom right you can see the Deer's teeth and tongue.

Ref: DF3_20211209_1234_037-1253_119 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding and accepting corn around garage (montage over 20 mins).jpg

This Deer wanders over the whole plot. Here she is probably licking up corn in the meadow.

Ref: E6A_20211210_1318_101_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at meadow site - first of 3 visits very similar inside 1 hour.jpg

As the autumn leaf litter darkens, the matching colours of the Reeves' Muntjac Deer and the ground really show the value of camouflage.

Ref: BU9_20211211_1126_053_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging in leaf litter.jpg

14 Jan 2022

Pigeons are brilliant fliers, but can be a bit clumsy when landing on a perch, here possibly whacking the occupant on the face.

Ref: E60_20211206_1458_008_FB3 Wood Pigeon landing on kitchen perch already occupied by another.jpg

On the ground, perhaps trying to use the resident as a trampoline.
The shadow indicates that the landing bird has actually contacted the lower bird.

Ref: E6A_20211208_1422_242_FB5 Wood Pigeon lands over another who ducks to avoid impact.jpg

13 Jan 2022

One of the female Kestrels landed on the Kitchen perch without triggering a photo, but her dive down the 1.5m to the ground did trigger this photo.

Ref: E60_20211208_0830_013_FB3 Kestrel female diving down from Kitchen perch (crop).jpg

We haven't seen much of Buzzards or Red Kite this week, but did spot this Buzzard bending down a twig that can just support the bird's weight.

Ref: DF3_20211209_1244_068 Buzzard perched on tree at Brook.jpg

12 Jan 2022

Roe Deer here are normally fleeting sightings, but for about an hour 3 Roe Deer check out the area for something to eat. From the middle of their visit we pick a 20 minute sequence of appearances

Ref: BU2_20211206_2306_178_SC7 3 Roe Deer at Round Mound.jpg

10 minutes later and about 70m away they are on the concrete access track.

Ref: BU3_20211206_2316_166_SC6 3 Roe Deer on access track.jpg

4 minutes later they have walked up in-line along the edge of the concrete track and are queueing up to come back in.
Past observations indicate that females can get through these hedge openings, but that the male's Antlers block this route, and they have to walk around to reach easier routes.

Ref: BU3_20211206_2320_170_SC6 3 Roe Deer enter from access track and 6 mins (100m) later at east hedge gap 2 of 6 (crop).jpg

Another 6 minutes on sees at least 2 of them 100m right back across the site to the East hedge.
None of these 4 pics are montages.

Ref: BUA_20211206_2326_203_SC8 3 Roe Deer enter from access track and 6 mins (100m) later at east hedge gap 5 of 6 (crop).jpg

11 Jan 2022

You may know of the Janacek Opera 'The Cunning little Vixen'.
We don't know the sex of this visitor, but they are having a cunning peer around the tree to surprise anything tasty.

Ref: BUA_20211206_2017_182_SC8 Fox peering round tree on entering site.jpg

After midnight on the same night this Fox on the prowl at Round Mound walks directly to the edge of the Round Pond for a drink.

Ref: BU2_20211207_0052_201_SC7+BU5_20211207_0053_232+234_SC1 Fox leaves Round Mound for drink in Round Pond 1+2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg

Two days later this Fox gazes upwards into the trees surrounding Round Pond. Pheasants used to roost in the now broken conifers that fell onto round Mound in the recent storm, and we suspect that they have found a new relatively close roosting perch right where the Fox is looking.

Ref: BU5_20211209_0449_497_SC1 Fox walking by edge of Round Pond looking up.jpg

10 Jan 2022

Our 'almost tame' female Reeves Muntjac Deer gazes up at the photographer a couple of metres away. Coat pockets are always bulging with corn to spread around, and this little beauty got some.
We had a strange effect while working on this pic while choosing a size to show it. We auto-generate a local web page with the whole range of sizes that we prefer so we can pick one without guessing. Every image that scrolled up or down for a moment visually had no head as the wonderful colour and pattern match between face and leaf carpet gave a wonderful demonstration of camouflage. No - we didn't have magic mushrooms for breakfast - the illusion may work for you. It did again for us on the final read-through.

Ref: D72_20211204_1242_046 Muntjac Reeves Deer female looking up at photographer (crop).jpg

An odd moment of this Grey Squirrel caught by the kitchen window camera.
Close one eye to help thread the invisible needle.

Ref: E60_20211205_1146_021_FB3 Squirrel on Kitchen bird table.jpg

09 Jan 2022

Ah - a lovely warm patch of sun out of the wind ...

Ref: DF3_20211202_1322_013 Grey Squirrel sunbathing on branch.jpg

... but 20 minutes later the tummy is rumbling - and all the food is down on the cold ground. Reminds us of the Macaques in Japan that spend most of the day luxuriating in a hot spring but in the end have to come out into the snow to feed.

Ref: E6A_20211202_1343_057_FB5 Grey Squirrel looking for food on snowy ground.jpg

08 Jan 2022

Looking suspiciously smug and 'licking his chops', we wonder whether this fox has just finished eating one of the other inhabitants!

Ref: E63_20211201_0213_092_FB1 Fox walking through Hedge site while licking nose (crop).jpg

Some mice and Voles caught in live traps in the house have to be physically shaken out of the traps. But the moment the trap was open this one leapt for freedom right over the tree-stump, leaving only the shadow.
"So long - and thanks for all the peanut butter!"

Ref: D36_20211202_0745_066_FB4 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaps from live trap (crop).jpg

07 Jan 2022

The Barn Owl visited at the end of the night, ...

Ref: D01_20211130_0548_001+0550_005+0554_011_FB6 Barn Owl 6 minute visit to Meadow Post 1+3+6 of 6 (mirror montage).jpg

... and then a brief stop a day later after sunset.
Go on - turn round - No? Oh well you are lovely from the back as well!

Ref: D01_20211201_1847_091+1846_089+_FB6 Barn Owl short visit to Meadow Post with back to camera 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg

06 Jan 2022

While collecting the camera cards before dawn we find this female Reeve's Muntjac Deer quietly pushing aside the snow and leaves to find something to eat. She isn't disturbed by either us nor the camera flash. We left some more corn to lick up.

Ref: D72_20211129_0727_007+0729_017 Muntjac Reeves Deer female ignores night humans to feed in snow cover 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

The leaves on this fallen branch don't look very appetising to us, but the female Reeve's Muntjac Deer was obviously hungry enough to tackle them.

Ref: D72_20211129_1301_049 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding around Round Mound (crop).jpg

This female Reeve's Muntjac Deer picks up the corn with her tongue.

Ref: D72_20211129_1306_067 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding around Round Mound (crop).jpg

A female Reeve's Muntjac Deer feeds at the Meadow site for several minutes.

Ref: E6A_20211130_1458_104+1455_103_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at meadow site 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg

05 Jan 2022

After a light snow overnight, the day starts with this slightly angry Dawn.

Ref: D72_20211129_0735_040 Sunrise (orig & final).jpg

A Robin in the snow - a living Christmas card (only a few days late)

Ref: D36_20211129_1008_011_FB4 Robin on tree-stump in light snow.jpg

A few hours later most of the snow has melted in the direct sun, but here the North East side of all these Molehills has remained in the shade, creating this unusual effect.

Ref: D72_20211129_1242_025 40 Molehills with snow not yet melted on NE side.jpg

04 Jan 2022

After a failed hunting attempt the female Kestrel flies to this branch where she stays for a couple of minutes intently studying the ground.

Ref: DF3_20211128_1230_094 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 01 of 23 (crop).jpg

She suddenly dives down onto the grass path behind the pond.

Ref: DF3_20211128_1232_112-128 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 05+08+09+11 of 23 (impression montage).jpg

Read this sequence bottom upwards.
We could just see movement as she smothered her prey (only a blurred brown on camera) before flying upwards and off towards the Black Poplars along the access track.
If you look carefully at the insert to the top image you can just see her capture (it looks to us like a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse)) grasped in one foot.

Ref: DF3_20211128_1235_137+141+145 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 12-14 of 23 (bottom up montage + rodent insert).jpg

She fortuitously chooses a branch on one of the Black Poplars to consume her prize. The various angles reflect the photographers efforts to find better angles to view the activity through the hedge and against the sun.

Ref: DF3_20211128_1236_155-1238_197 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 15+16+20+21 of 23 (montage).jpg

03 Jan 2022

We believe that the original human-tolerant female Kestrel is back. Here she flies quite close to us to land in a tree on the island in the main pond, where she stopped for a hunt. We were both already quite close when she landed for a hunt.

Ref: DF3_20211128_1228_053 Kestrel female in flight.jpg

Left to right and then down, she dives on some prey but obviously misses her prize and flies to the top of another tree.
More Tomorrow

Ref: DF3_20211128_1228_073-076 Kestrel female launches for unsuccessful attack 4-7 of 7 (montage impression).jpg

02 Jan 2022

The Fox stops off at the tree to the left for a moment of scent marking.

Ref: BUA_20211127_2343_160-162_SC8 Fox scent marking 1-3 of 3 (approx montage).jpg

A few days later, then two consecutive days an hour or two after midnight, it is the tree on the right that gets scent marked with incredibly similar gesture.

Ref: BUA_20211201_0244_156+20211202_0121_207_SC8 Fox scent marking on successive days (montage).jpg

A couple of days later there are 2 Fox visits near the east entrance half an hour apart. Facial marking suggest that they are different foxes. Maybe they prefer different trees to scent mark.

Ref: BUA_20211130_0424_084+0456_091_SC8 2 Fox visits 30 minutes apart (accurate montage IR).jpg

01 Jan 2022

A Barn Owl makes a brief stop on the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20211121_1958_051+1959_053_FB6 Barn Owl short visit to meadow post 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

5 days later, at an hour and a half after midnight, this gorgeous Barn Owl stops off at the Meadow Post, but this time didn't stay.

Ref: D01_20211126_0129_019_FB6 Barn Owl lands on Meadow Post.jpg



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