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31 Mar 2022

First of the year - male Brimstone Butterfly whizzing about over the garden bushes, hedges etc. This time we got lucky with a hand-held camera to get a reasonable image of this delight-in-flight.
We hope this year to refurbish the kit we use to photograph insects in flight. You can see our efforts over the last few years as about 400 images starting at page

Ref: DF3_20220226_1240_188 Brimstone Butterfly male in flight - first of 2022.jpg

30 Mar 2022

6 Goldfinches sparsely spread among the Pussy-willows.

Ref: DF3_20220226_0921_168 6 Goldfinches in budding willow tree top (crop).jpg

Photographer gets the - Oh it only you - brush off from this Kite who found a thermal above where we are standing.

Ref: DF3_20220227_1222_343 Red Kite rising in thermal looks down at photographer.jpg

29 Mar 2022

Rooks almost always chase away a Kestrel in their territory, and in the breeding season are especially diligent. Here from one long sequence we build 3 accurate montages:-

Ref: DF3_20220226_0859_085-087 Kestrel pursued by Rook @7fps 04-06 of 16 (accurate montage @7fp).jpg

Ref: DF3_20220226_0859_088-092 Kestrel pursued by Rook @7fps 07-11 of 16 (accurate montage).jpg

Ref: DF3_20220226_0859_093-097 Kestrel pursued by Rook @7fps 12-16 of 16 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

28 Mar 2022

On a concrete block to our south a male Chaffinch has become very 'brave' at approaching us for food. This bird's beak shows the earliest tinge of the blue breeding coating ...

Ref: DF3_20220225_0958_057 Chaffinch male (hint of blue on beak) on corner of concrete block.jpg

... while next day we find this individual singing his heart out in one of our hedges. This bird has the full blue beak coating - ready to breed!

Ref: DF3_20220226_0907_141+146+151 Chaffinch male in breeding colours singing from budding hedge @7fps01+06+11 of 13 (montage).jpg

This Dunnock, and their mate, who live in a wood pile 'temporarily' dumped at the blocked end of our access track, is becoming habituated to us. Somewhere in this pile the pair made a nest last year, so we are now very reluctant to 'tidy up'.

Ref: DF3_20220227_1215_292 Dunnock.jpg

Views of a Wren are usually 'what was that', but this one spent an atypical several minutes rooting about near the main pond edge - for once time to grab a camera and focus on the subject.

Ref: DF5_20220303_1158_004 Wren on edge of Main Pond.jpg

27 Mar 2022

The Robin dives down at the threatening male Chaffinch, both atypically in accurate focus.

Ref: E63_20220227_1650_231_FB1 Robin in flight diving on Chaffinch male on ground (crop).jpg

26 Mar 2022

A moment of tranquillity at the Round Pond, complete with shadows and reflections.

Ref: BU5_20220224_1312_045_SC1 Round Pond with reflections and shadows + Magpie.jpg

Not so tranquil - there is more fruit here than both of these Squirrels could eat in one go, but they will squabble over them anyway.

Ref: E64_20220224_1500_045_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels squabbling over food.jpg

Strawberries for the Squirrels?
It's us that must be nuts!

Ref: D36_20220226_0919_034_FB4 Grey Squirrel with strawberry top in mouth.jpg

25 Mar 2022

Except when the sun is high in the sky in summer, the North West corner of the main pond is mostly in shade. Here a shaft of morning sunlight skims past the east end of the house for a brief glow on the bank of Snowdrops. This pic taken across the pond.

Ref: DF3_20220223_0922_030 Snowdrops along NW bank of main pond.jpg

The previous evening a single shaft of light found its way through the intervening 'jungle'. This pic taken from behind the bank of the pond.

Ref: DF3_20220222_1619_025 Snowdrop clump on NW bank of main pond.jpg

24 Mar 2022

With a couple of hours of darkness left in the night, this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer stops by for a feed for several minutes.

Ref: E64_20220223_0448_109+0452_110_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at woodland site 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg

4 hours later, the sun has risen as this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer, with fully emerged antlers, stops by for a feed. There seems to be a scar at the top of his left front leg.

Ref: E64_20220223_0836_133_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male feeding at woodland site.jpg

23 Mar 2022

A pair of Badgers amble in side-by-side formation into the patch.

Ref: BUA_20220223_0309_064+066_SC8 Badger pair entering at east hedge gap (accurate montage over a few seconds).jpg

20 minutes later just one Badger (possibly not even one of the pair) walks up to Round Pond.

Ref: BU5_20220223_0327_117+120+0328_121_SC1 Badger visiting Round Pond (montage).jpg

22 Mar 2022

Magpies have heard the nest-building starting gun!

Ref: D01_20220220_0944_190+1328_202_FB6 Magpie visits with twig and mud for nest building (montage).jpg

Eyes bigger than the Beak?
There are lots of pieces of Blackthorn twig lying around from hedge cutting, but they are really at the limit of what a Magpie can handle. Balancing it better would help - we don't know what the Magpie actually did.

Ref: D01_20220222_0830_088_FB6 Magpie visiting meadow post with heavy twig 2 of 2.jpg

A Magpie makes the characteristic tail rise to balance after landing.

Ref: D01_20220221_1619_070_FB6 Magpie landing on meadow post.jpg

21 Mar 2022

Our little brown Reeves' Muntjac Deer is in this same patch of brambles about every other time we pass. A quick 'snap' and gone doesn't bother her.
She is well camouflaged - one eye is just below centre.

Ref: DF3_20220217_1237_002 Muntjac Reeves Deer female hiding in Blackberries at side of garage (orig & final).jpg

Here 10 minutes apart, hours after dark, we see this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly collecting corn left over by the afternoon visitors.

Ref: E64_20220218_2135_093+2145_094_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at woodland site (montage 10 minutes apart).jpg

About 9 hours later, on a truly grey day we first see the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer (right) with the fully emerged Antlers, and then another 4 hours of a different male (left) with Antlers still in Velvet.

Ref: E64_20220219_1130_147+0655_098_FB2 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer males at woodland site (Montage different individuals 4hrs apart).jpg

20 Mar 2022

This years 'nervous' Kestrel has been out and about, almost entirely photographed by an automated camera on the post in the meadow.

Ref: D01_20220217_1201_023_FB6 Kestrel female brief stop on Meadow Post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

Two hours after the short visit, the female Kestrel stops by for about 10 minutes.

Ref: D01_20220217_1402_027-1409_047_FB6 Kestrel female 8 minute visit to Meadow Post 1+4+8+9 R2L of 9 (montage).jpg

4 days later we select another visit, the wind now increased and blowing around her feathers.

Ref: D01_20220221_1408_042_FB6 Kestrel female brief visit to meadow post.jpg

Another half-an-hour later we catch her leaving after a 4 minute stay.

Ref: D01_20220221_1436_045+1437_047+1439_049_FB6 Kestrel female lands and departs Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

19 Mar 2022

A male Pheasant steps over the log as a Wood Pigeon watches.

Ref: E64_20220213_1418_213_FB2 Pheasant male + Wood Pigeon.jpg

A Wood Pigeon makes a symmetrical touchdown.

Ref: D01_20220214_1657_023_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on Meadow Post.jpg

From the living room window, this silhouetted Wood Pigeon decorates a somewhat threatening Sunrise.

Ref: PK1_20220215_0730_665 Sunrise with Wood Pigeon.jpg

18 Mar 2022

Seeing the arrival of the photographer along this path along the inner hedge, this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer takes a careful look before wandering into the thicket on the right.

Ref: DF3_20220216_0923_019 Muntjac Reeves Deer female.jpg

We have just discovered that one of the female Reeves' Muntjac deer regularly 'hides' during the day in a patch of bramble hedge alongside the garage. It is fairly sheltered and we can't see how anything could get near her without making warning noise.

Ref: DF3_20220211_1430_049 Muntjac Reeves Deer female hiding in blackberry thicket by garage (crop).jpg

17 Mar 2022

This immaculate Barn Owl lands on the post but doesn't stay.

Ref: D01_20220212_0143_109_FB6 Barn Owl landing on Meadow post.jpg

This Red Kite glides the skies, visually for us over the distant tower of Hanslope Church.

Ref: DF3_20220210_1026_006+008+010 Red Kite flying (visually) above Hanslope Church spire (montage alternate frames @7fps).jpg

16 Mar 2022

This female Kestrel makes a short stop on the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20220211_1404_085+086_FB6 Kestrel female lands on meadow post (montage over 400mS).jpg

This first visit by the female Kestrel to the meadow post lasted 6 minutes ...

Ref: D01_20220212_1345_137-1350_143_FB6 Kestrel female 6 minute visit to Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

... returning almost exactly an hour later for a brief stop.
We always enjoy seeing the bird's Alula - the anti-stall 'flaps' half way along the wing.

Ref: D01_20220212_1446_159_FB6 Kestrel female 2 minute visit to Meadow Post 1 of 3 (crop).jpg

15 Mar 2022

The quick brown Fox jumps over the lazy dog fallen log.

Ref: BU2_20220214_1114_007_SC7 Fox jumping over falling tree (crop).jpg

In the hour before midnight, this Fox walks along the edge of Round Pond before stopping for a drink.

Ref: BU5_20220210_2310_043+045+048_SC1 Fox walks along edge of Round Pond and stops for a drink (montage).jpg

Left to right what we assume is the same fox enters the site at the South-West, visits the Duck shaped pond near the South-East corner, finally meets a 'friend' at the mound to the North-East, each visit almost exactly 15 minutes apart.

Ref: BU7_20220215_0545_009+BU8_20220215_0559_047+BU2_20220215_0616_083_SC7 Fox visits at quarter hour intervals (montage).jpg

14 Mar 2022

A Dunnock lifts the wings in preparation to launch from the stone.

Ref: E63_20220210_0821_009_FB1 Dunnock launching from stone.jpg

A pristine male Blackbird - if only he would wipe the mud from his beak!

Ref: E6A_20220212_1536_228_FB5 Blackbird male.jpg

13 Mar 2022

This Barn Owl pays a 4 minute visit to the meadow post.
On the CCTV recording we were able to see the bird actively moving about on the post top looking for prey, before launching off into the darkness.

Ref: D01_20220210_0335_217+0339_219_FB6 Barn Owl lands on meadow post & 4 minutes later flies off 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg

12 Mar 2022

We found a hole dug in the ground on a little-used path. We couldn't identify the 'owner', so placed the trail-cam to see what used it. The main outcome was 'no visits to the hole', but we were surprised by the number of times creatures wandered in and out of the 'tunnel'. Here a male Reeves' Muntjac Deer wanders into the main path and provides a good view of his antlers.

Ref: BL1_20220209_0951_238-10000_250 Muntjac Reeves Deer male joining path north from FB1 (montage impression).jpg

On the same day another trail cam sees a quiet afternoon together for these two female Reeves' Muntjac Deer.

Ref: BU2_20220209_1305_219_SC7 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer females feeding together.jpg

11 Mar 2022

This female Kestrel has an unusually long 26 minute visit to the Meadow post, apparently enjoying an extensive preen.

Ref: D01_20220208_0826_035-0850_069_FB6 Kestrel female 26 minute visit to meadow post 01+07+08 of 10 (montage).jpg

10 Mar 2022

The 10 minute start of what turns out to be a whole series of overnight visits to this woodland site by what seems to be the same female Reeves' Muntjac Deer. Here it looks like the Magpie is taking the chance to nip in and grab something to eat.

Ref: E64_20220205_1534_164+1536_165_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at woodland site for 10 mins 3+4 of 4 (montage 2 for clarity).jpg

For the rest of the night at typically 2 hourly intervals the Deer returns for short stays. Always approaching in the same direction, here are one image from all six visits after the initial long stay.

Ref: E64_20220205_1920_183-20220206_0628_201_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female 6 visits at woodland site over 11 hours 1-3+5+4+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

A day later this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer stops to groom her front leg with her incredibly long tongue you can see here under her chin.
Humans are tongue and tail deprived!

Ref: BU5_20220206_1349_243_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female licking foreleg in shaft of sunlight.jpg

09 Mar 2022

Across the main pond we spot this female Sparrowhawk trying to sun herself in the pollarded willow tree out of the wind.

Ref: DF5_20220204_1159_033 Sparrowhawk female perched on sloping branch (crop 2).jpg

But the Grey Squirrels likes this tree as well, so when one arrives on the bole of the tree a few metres below the Sparrowhawk decides to move.
She flies about 10 metres to land on top of an old post ...

Ref: DF5_20220204_1200_050+059 Sparrowhawk flies to Raptor post and sunbathes 1+2 of 4 (montage).jpg

... where she spends several minutes sunbathing while keeping her eye on the humans watching her from the window some 20 metres away.

Ref: DF5_20220204_1201_071 Sparrowhawk flies to Raptor post and sunbathes 3 of 4 (crop).jpg

08 Mar 2022

A female Kestrel lands face to camera on the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20220206_1417_129_FB6 Kestrel female visits Meadow Post for 7 minutes 1 of 4 (crop).jpg

The untidy centre of the raised tail (2nd from left) makes us think that this might be our original human tolerant female Kestrel landing on the meadow post and staying for several minutes.

Ref: D01_20220206_1418_131-1423_141_FB6 Kestrel female visits Meadow Post for 7 minutes 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

One of the female Kestrels high on an 11kV power cable over the Bridleway much more interested in something below than the pesky humans.

Ref: DF3_20220204_1107_009 Kestrel female hunting from 11kV cable over Bridleway to north.jpg

07 Mar 2022

The small hours sees this Barn Owl landing on the Meadow post. The bird didn't stay this time - maybe it quickly spotted something tasty on the ground beneath

Ref: D01_20220203_0241_145_FB6 Barn Owl landing on Meadow Post (crop).jpg

06 Mar 2022

Dead on midnight, this Badger stops off at the hedge bottom.

Ref: E63_20220130_0000_292_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom.jpg

This pair of badgers wandered the plot together for several hours before indulging in what looks like a bit of rough-love.

Ref: BUA_20220201_0243_013_SC8 Badger pair near east hedge gap.jpg

05 Mar 2022

The female Kestrel made a brief visit to the Meadow Post.
The half-bird on the left is NOT a Damian Hurst inspired artistic effect!

Ref: D01_20220131_1220_021-1222_024_FB6 Kestrel female landing and departure on Meadow Post 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

2 days later this female Kestrel makes a very short stop to give her feathers a little reef out.

Ref: D01_20220202_1350_123+124_FB6 Kestrel female preening on Meadow Post 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg

04 Mar 2022

The male Pheasant out in some sunshine.

Ref: E6A_20220131_1110_006_FB5 Pheasant male at meadow site.jpg

These two pics of the male Pheasant 7 minutes apart overcame any resistance to making this surprisingly symmetrical accurate montage.

Ref: E63_20220201_1411_157+1418_161_FB1 Pheasant male feeding at hedge bottom with rear and front views (accurate montage).jpg

03 Mar 2022

A Dunnock diving to the ground broke the sense beam just nicely in focus.

Ref: E63_20220131_0754_013_FB1 Dunnock diving to ground (crop 2).jpg

02 Mar 2022

The female Sparrowhawk stops off at the kitchen window perch.

Ref: E60_20220129_1452_028_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on kitchen perch (crop).jpg

The female Sparrowhawk this time flies by the kitchen feeder.
We notice such passes once or twice a day, so she must be passing many times hoping to catch out a Blue Tit or other small bird visiting the peanut feeder here and on the other side of the house.

Ref: E60_20220131_1333_010_FB3 Sparrowhawk flying by kitchen perch.jpg

01 Mar 2022

One of the visiting Foxes wanders along the edge of Round Pond and sits for a minute before wandering off.

Ref: BU5_20220128_2033_202+204+205+207_SC1 Fox visit to round pond (montage).jpg

A Fox on the mound suddenly glances upwards.
Sometimes when out before sunrise we disturb both Pigeons and sometimes Pheasants that are roosting in the treetops in this area.

Ref: BU2_20220201_0548_091-093_SC7 Fox on Round Mound glances upwards (montage).jpg

A last look around before this Fox wanders home at the end of the night.

Ref: BU7_20220129_0658_048 Fox pauses and looks right while approaching south hedge gap.jpg



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