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31 Dec 2023

We THINK this is the Reeves' Muntjac Deer Fawn (as opposed to 'Mum" - based mainly on the perfect ears - its seems that all moderate sized mammals quickly get nicks and tears to their ears as the years roll by.
We hardly doubt that somebody has created a research report on determining the age of mammals by ear damage!

Ref: E64_20231121_1828_103_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn at Woodland site.jpg

Ref: E64_20231120_2350_058_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn at Woodland site.jpg

A juvenile Rabbit with the usual immaculate ears of young mammals.

Ref: E63_20231121_0541_058_FB1 Rabbit juvenile at hedge bottom.jpg

30 Dec 2023

Grey Squirrel etiquette varies from carefully nibble a single corn grain ...

Ref: E64_20231116_1002_040_FB2 Grey Squirrel feeding among autumn leaves.jpg

... to here carrying away a whole Teasel head. We assume that it will get ripped to bits to get out the seeds, rather than the delicate plucking out of the seeds by birds.

Ref: E6A_20231120_1421_061_FB5 Grey Squirrel carrying Teasel head.jpg

29 Dec 2023

Quite close to Midnight this Fox walks past the Duck Pond

Ref: BU8_20231118_2324_064+066 Fox walks past Duck Pond (accurate montage).jpg

Next afternoon this Foxes stops for a moment.
"Anything to eat here?"

Ref: BU8_20231119_1425_079+081 Fox stops to look over Duck Pond (montage).jpg

Foxes are nightly visitors - this Fox is here entering by the hedge gap at the south west corner, showing their wonderfully luxurious tail.

Ref: BU7_20231116_0232_044+045 Fox crossing ditch at south hedge gap (montage).jpg

28 Dec 2023

This Buzzard makes 3 visits to the Meadow Post in 3 hours.

Ref: D01_20231117_1143_066+1139_057_FB6 Buzzard makes 3 visits to meadow post in 3 Hrs 01+06 of 11 (montage).jpg

Ref: D01_20231117_1143_066_FB6 Buzzard makes 3 visits to meadow post in 3 Hrs 06 of 11 (crop 1).jpg

Ref: D01_20231117_1423_071+072+1424_074_FB6 Buzzard 3 visits to meadow post in 3 Hrs 08+09+11 of 11 (montage 500mS + 1 min).jpg

27 Dec 2023

This Tawny Owl makes a welcome visit.

Ref: D01_20231115_1828_009+1829_011+1832_017_FB6 Tawny Owl 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

A surprise just in the Trail Cams field of view is undoubtedly some species of Owl high in a tree by Round Pond. The insert shows an enlargement of the two specks top left.
There are hundreds of places around the 2 acres for Owls to hunt - just because there are no visits to the Meadow Post doesn't mean nobody visited!

Ref: BU5_20231116_0542_040_SC1 Owl eye reflection from high in tree at Round Pond 2 of 3 (crop + insert).jpg

This Tawny Owl made a nice landing, but then turned their back to camera for the next 4 minutes of pics.

Ref: D01_20231117_0122_035+036+0125_041_FB6 Tawny Owl 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1-2 of 3 (montage over 500mS & 3 mins).jpg

26 Dec 2023

A Robin twists in flight to try to remove the Great Tit already on the Kitchen Bird table. It looks like the Tit is altogether ready to defend their position.

Ref: E60_20231115_1501_001_FB3 Robin in flight threatening Great Tit on Bird Table.jpg

The Hedge Bottom Robin takes a few selfies.

Ref: E63_20231116_1627_103+1628_104+1626_102_FB1 Robin by hedge bottom stone over 3 minutes (montage).jpg

Great Tit(s) visiting the hedge bottom over one day.

Ref: E63_20231120_1526_049+0750_007+0747_006_FB1 Great Tit(s) visiting hedge bottom over one day (montage).jpg

A couple of Blue Tit visiting the Hedge Bottom.
We have massaged the pic to get them closer together, but this is from a single frame.

Ref: E63_20231119_0914_268_FB1 2 Blue Tits at hedge bottom (adjusted crop).jpg

25 Dec 2023

We are suckers for this Reeves' Muntjac Deer Fawn.
One of their (or perhaps their mother's) favourite safe daytime hiding places is under a bush behind the garage. We see an occupant perhaps 2 or 3 times a week as we walk quietly by. Here we watch each other for a moment - we are the ones that 'blinked first' and left the youngster in peace.

Ref: DF3_20231107_1003_016 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn under bush behind garage (crop 1).jpg

Admire my eyelashes in this close-up!

Ref: DF3_20231107_1003_016 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn under bush behind garage (crop 2).jpg

24 Dec 2023

This male Reeves' Muntjac Deer crosses the ditch to enter our patch.

Ref: BU7_20231114_1210_031-033 Muntjac Reeves Deer male crossing ditch into orchard (montage).jpg

Lunchtime sees this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer crossing the again dry ditch on their way to gracing our patch.

Ref: BU7_20231110_1350_046+047 Muntjac Reeves Deer female climbing out of ditch to south (accurate montage).jpg

A rather nicely aligned 'mother and growing Fawn' moment at the end of the orchard. Mum, slightly ahead behind, is in the ditch, while the Fawn is on the edge providing an eye confusing size comparison.

Ref: BU7_20231111_1722_091 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother in ditch accompanied by Fawn on near edge.jpg

23 Dec 2023

This is the time of year for Grey Squirrels to breed. This female looks almost like a pregnant Mum-to-be protecting her 'bump' with her paws. You can see the nipples developing but not yet the mess they become once the youngsters start using them.

Ref: E63_20231113_1309_076_FB1 Grey Squirrel female pregnant clasping breast with nipples developing.jpg

2 Grey Squirrels in a tumble of fur.

Ref: E64_20231110_1426_106_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels squabbling.jpg

In the top of the hedge outside the Kitchen window there suddenly appears this apple being nibbled by a Grey Squirrel. The apple has since remained there for 7 days but we haven't spotted anything else taking a bite.

Ref: DF5_20231110_1438_001 Grey Squirrel brings apple to Hedge top outside Kitchen to eat more of it.jpg

22 Dec 2023

This was the Buzzard's reaction to another Kestrel flyovers.

Ref: D01_20231113_1142_049_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes including (out of frame) Kestrel swoops 14 of 23 (crop 1).jpg

Ref: D01_20231113_1142_049_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes including (out of frame) Kestrel swoops 14 of 23 (crop 2).jpg

The Kestrel now given up the unequal confrontation, the Buzzard gives themselves a pedicure.
Difficult to make out? The birds head is tilted horizontal to the viewers right with the lifted claw just below the beak.

Ref: D01_20231113_1145_076_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes 20 of 23 (crop).jpg

After 10 minutes the Buzzard suddenly dives down out of site from the house. A couple of minutes waiting was NOT rewarded with a return to the post.

Ref: D01_20231113_1147_080+081_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes - departure 22+23 of 23 (montage).jpg

21 Dec 2023

This magnificent Buzzard spent 10 minutes on the Meadow Post. Initially caught by the camera's beam break, the sequence was continued by manually firing the same camera.

Ref: D01_20231113_1138_013+014+1139_016_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes 01-03 of 23 (montage).jpg

'What's that flash - oh - nothing to bother about"

Ref: D01_20231113_1141_037_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes 07 of 23 (crop 1).jpg

Ref: D01_20231113_1141_037_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 minutes 07 of 23 (crop 2).jpg

A Kestrel suddenly appears over the meadow and makes a few threatening passes above the Buzzard, never getting quite close enough to appear in the fixed camera's frame. Here the Buzzard is following the bird across the sky.

Ref: D01_20231113_1141_038+040+041_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post for 10 mins - out of frame Kestrel swoops 8+10+11 of 23 (montage).jpg

20 Dec 2023

A Red Kite spent a couple of minutes flying around to our west ...

Ref: DF3_20231111_1002_094+099+1003_104+108 Red Kite turning in flight 1-4 of 4 (close spaced montage @7fps).jpg

... before flying north to land in a tree at the brook.

Ref: DF3_20231111_1003_118+119+121 Red Kite landing in tree by Brook 1+2+4 of 4 (approx montage @7fps).jpg

19 Dec 2023

Some 100m north of the farm entrance, at the Brook this Heron was hunting along the bank of the brook behind.
Not the first sighting of a Heron down here, but quite unusual to spot.

Ref: DF3_20231111_0956_053-0959_069 Heron hunting near Brook to north 1+4+7+8 of 8 (spread montage).jpg

18 Dec 2023

A Kestrel flies over the 11kV cables. Slightly stretched positions to avoid overlaps.

Ref: DF3_20231109_1333_003-006 Kestrel flies over 11kV cables (slightly stretched montage @7fps).jpg

A contracted montage of the Kestrel turning away in flight. She didn't seem in the slightest bit bothered by the humans stuck on the ground below.

Ref: DF3_20231109_1333_011-14 Kestrel turning in flight @7fps (accurate montage).jpg

17 Dec 2023

We watched this Carrion Crow for a couple of minutes, first in the distance gradually moving closer until passing us perhaps 20 metres away. The black bird against blank clouds both prevent an 'accurate' montage, and make seeing detail in the feathers seemingly impossible. So here we go the other way as a Silhouette.

Ref: D73_20231101_1324_045-049 Carrion Crow in flight (close spaced montage 2 as silhouette).jpg

Great Spotted Woodpeckers have returned for the easy largess of the peanut feeders. This is a male (the red patch behind the head is the easiest indicator) on the Kitchen feeder (north side of the house) while the female (not shown here) seems to prefer the feeder on the south side.

Ref: PK1_20231108_1341_219 Great Spotted Woodpecker male on Kitchen peanut feeder.jpg

16 Dec 2023

The Daytime Hunter: In the late afternoon, now mostly lit by the camera flash, the male Sparrowhawk makes a short stop on the Kitchen perch.

Ref: E60_20231106_1601_013_FB3 Sparrowhawk male on Kitchen perch.jpg

The Nighttime Prey: Two Fieldmice (Wood Mice) frolic in front of the Meadow camera.
NOT a montage.

Ref: E6A_20231106_1816_075_FB5 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at Meadow Site.jpg

The Nighttime Prey: Here a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) looks up into the dark.
At this moment all is clear.

Ref: E6A_20231106_1820_076_FB5 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in wet grass.jpg

The Nightime Hunter:40 minutes later Winged death in the form of a Tawny Owl lands on the Meadow Post a few metres away and scans the ground for a meal.
2 minutes later the Owl dives onto the ground where the mice were. Whether the Owl caught one, or something else, we will never know.
The owl's body looks a bit odd but that is what the camera original is like.

Ref: D01_20231106_1900_013+014+E6A_1902_080_FB5 Tawny Owl 3 min visit to Meadow Post then ground attack 1-3 of 3 (2 min montage).jpg

15 Dec 2023

The Buzzard is landing right outside the kitchen window.

Ref: E60_20231106_1429_012_FB3 Buzzard lands on Kitchen Bird table (crop 2).jpg

A Quarter of an hour later the Buzzard arrives at the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20231106_1446_004+003_FB6 Buzzard makes 2 visits to Meadow post in 6+ minutes 2+1 of 6 (montage over 500mS).jpg

The Buzzard didn't stay long, but comes back just 3 minutes later for another dramatic landing.

Ref: D01_20231106_1449_008+1447_006_FB6 Buzzard makes 2 visits to Meadow post in 6+ minutes 5+4 of 6 (montage over 2 minutes).jpg

14 Dec 2023

This Grey Squirrel makes a racing turn to leave the site, complete with a Pine cone they have collected, undoubtedly to be added the hundreds of Conkers this creature has already buried as winter food.

Ref: E64_20231101_1557_029_FB2 Grey Squirrel making racing turn with Pine Cone in mouth.jpg

Doesn't the Squirrel tail look like a lovely warm Duvet / Eiderdown (depending on your age). In the Drey it probably forms a major element in the Squirrel armoury against the cold.

Ref: E64_20231103_1258_091_FB2 Grey Squirrel nibbling food from paws.jpg

A single corn seed gets the Grey Squirrel nibble.

Ref: E63_20231106_0843_005_FB1 Grey Squirrel nibbling single corn grain.jpg

Morning sunshine glances off the tail and whiskers of this Grey Squirrel.

Ref: D01_20231107_0856_024_FB6 Grey Squirrel on Meadow Post top in morning sunshine.jpg

13 Dec 2023

We have been experimenting with changing the viewpoint of this trail-cam at Duck Pond, and were pleased to get this passing moment of a Fox walking by in the early afternoon.

Ref: BU8_20231104_1324_043+045 Fox walks past Duck pond 1+3 of 3 (montage).jpg

A Badger on one of their night time rambles over our patch.

Ref: BU5_20231103_0220_090_SC1+BUA_20231103_0256_091+092_SC8 Badger touring site over 25 minutes (montage).jpg

This Hare is, for now, a regular visitor. This moment before sitting down really highlights the unequal length of the front and rear legs that gives Hares their characteristic gait.

Ref: BUA_20231106_0403_566_SC8 Hare moving toward East hedge gap.jpg

12 Dec 2023

A half day of heavy downpour has brought up the level of water in the western end of the south ditch. On arrival this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer seems a bit taken aback, not having seen water here for many months, and turns back to find another route onto our patch.

Ref: BU7_20231102_0644_030+031+033 Muntjac Reeves Deer female stops on finding water in ditch 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

2 days later the water level in the ditch falls quickly when the ground is not yet saturated, and Mum is now happy to lead her Fawn across

Ref: BU7_20231103_0448_081 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother leads Fawn across muddy ditch.jpg

11 Dec 2023

This same Robin takes several selfies at the hedge bottom - here is our favourite.

Ref: E63_20231101_1105_004_FB1 Robin at Hedge bottom.jpg

The Great Tit (bottom left) is barely landing and already the Robin is launching a territorial attack

Ref: E63_20231106_1329_041_FB1 Robin aerial attack on just landing Great Tit.jpg

10 Dec 2023

Now that the South boundary is largely blocked by hundreds of tonnes of soil and hardcore left by Farm works, more entrances and exits take place at the East hedge gap. Reeves' Muntjac deer appear a few days earlier, and here are some of the other visitors.
One of the Red Foxes enters the site to continue his nights prol.

Ref: BUA_20231029_1857_082_SC8 Fox near East hedge gap.jpg

The 'Eastern Hare' continues to appear.

Ref: BUA_20231030_1726_174_SC8 Hare near East hedge gap.jpg

One of the bigger Badgers out for a night-time 'trundle'.

Ref: BUA_20231030_2159_203_SC8 Badger near East hedge gap in rain.jpg

09 Dec 2023

This female Kestrel seems to be very relaxed while perched on the top of the Telephone pole. But very soon a Rook arrives in the air above and she quickly takes exception to the interruption and launches in what in retrospect is more like a beak open response rather than fleeing.
A week ago we watch a female Kestrel just ignoring a Rook nearby on powerlines, and here we have one actively chasing an interfering Rook. For us this is a new form of behaviour. Whether the Kestrel will be able to sustain this when it has several Rooks ganging up on her remains to be seen.

Ref: DF2_20231029_1352_024-030 Kestrel female on telephone pole top disturbed by overflying Rook 1+2+5-7 of 7 (montage).jpg

A closer look at the Kestrel's Launch, beak open and probably calling that we can't hear through the double glazing with our 76 year old ears.

Ref: DF2_20231029_1352_028+030 Kestrel female on telephone pole top disturbed by overflying Rook 5+7 of 7 (accurate montage).jpg

08 Dec 2023

Investigating a flash of brown whizzing by the window finds this female Kestrel perching in the Ash tree growing on the main pond island.

Ref: DF4_20231028_1501_001 Kestrel female in main pond island Ash tree 1 of 9 (crop).jpg

Ref: DF4_20231028_1502_003 Kestrel female in main pond island Ash tree 2 of 9 (crop).jpg

The female Kestrel disappeared into the trees behind the pond where we left her in peace.

Ref: DF4_20231028_1502_026+028+030 Kestrel female in main pond island Ash tree 4+6+8 of 9 (accurate montage).jpg

07 Dec 2023

This Buzzard seems to have taken a liking to hunting from the Meadow Post. In 20 minutes this bird makes 2 visits each about 3 minutes long.

Ref: D01_20231026_1735_027+028+1737_031_FB6 Buzzard makes 2 off 3 minute visits to Meadow Post 1-3 of 6 (montage).jpg

Ref: D01_20231026_1752_033+1755_039_FB6 Buzzard makes 2 off 3 minute visits to Meadow Post 4+6 of 6 (montage).jpg

One of the female Kestrels made a landing on the Meadow Post, but didn't stay.

Ref: D01_20231029_0807_069+070_FB6 Kestrel female lands on Meadow Post in rain (montage over 400mS).jpg

One of the eternal problem with optical instruments and photographs is judging the size of subjects without accompanying references. Here is the stark contrast of size between a Buzzard and a female Kestrel that surprised even us.

Ref: D01_20231026_1755_039+_20231029_0807_070_FB6 Buzzard & Kestrel female on Meadow post at identical scale (montage).jpg

06 Dec 2023

The Reeves' Muntjac Deer Fawn has now mostly lost their juvenile spots. Here 8 minutes apart we see Mum and her youngster.

Ref: BUA_20231026_0036_055+0044_069_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer female + Fawn (montage).jpg

The spots may be gone but 10 minutes later it looks like the youngster still wants a feed from Mum's milk bar. How long she will be able to oblige remains to be seen.

Ref: BUA_20231026_0045_076_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn reaching toward mothers teats.jpg

3 days later we see the Mother and Fawn Pair entering the site 100m away at the south hedge gap. Mum is climbing out of the nearside of ditch as the Fawn climbs down the back side to follow her.

Ref: BU7_20231029_1702_016 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother leaves ditch as Fawn follows enters it.jpg

05 Dec 2023

Images of one Rook 'spread' along the power cable showing him calling.
These calls are 'whole body' affairs with the bird bending and spreading feathers.

Ref: DF3_20231023_1025_002+007+009 Rook caller from 11kV cable (montage).jpg

Possibly the same Robin makes 3 visits to the hedge bottom in 10 minutes.

Ref: E63_20231023_0938_020-0948_022 FB1 3 Robin visits to hedge bottom in 10 minutes (montage).jpg

Most likely the same Great Tit visits the hedge bottom twice in 20 minutes.

Ref: E63_20231024_1212_121+1232_122_FB1 2 Great Tit visits to Hedge bottom in 20 minutes (montage).jpg

04 Dec 2023

A vigorous Rose Bush has for several year grown through and is supported by the Lodgepole Pine at the end of the row. The Rose Hips glow in the sunshine. This patch happens to be right above fungi above - a busy little patch.

Ref: D71_20231022_0836_021 Rose hips on bush growing through Lodgepole pine tree.jpg

The drenched carpet of Lodgepole Pine needles several square metres is now decorated with hundred of these fungi perhaps average of 2cm across. This patch happens to be right under the Rose hips in the previous image.

Ref: D71_20231022_0834_010 Fungi extending over several square metres under lodgepole pine.jpg

Behind the 'Round Mound', these long felled branches have produced some mahogany coloured fungus bodies perhaps 15 cm across.

Ref: D71_20231022_1052_030 Fungus on long ago felled branch (orig & final).jpg

03 Dec 2023

The Buzzard doesn't fly away as we expect, but flies about 50 metres away from the house to land on a quite flimsy 'post' on Duck Pond's tiny island.
This pic was taken with a hand-held camera from outside the house, largely obscured by a piece of non-boundary hedge. Original is badly underexposed.

Ref: DF3_20231019_1055_002 Buzzard on small post at centre of Duck Pond island 01 of 14 (crop).jpg

The Buzzard now quickly spotted the humans and made their departure to the South ...

Ref: DF3_20231019_1055_006+008+010 Buzzard on small post at centre of Duck Pond island 03+05+07 of 14 (impression montage).jpg

... but immediately another Buzzard appears from somewhere in the woodland trees adjacent to the south. They circled the site and this is the second flyby 3 minutes later.

Ref: DF3_20231019_1058_038-040 Buzzard in flight 1-3 of 3 (approx montage @7fpsg).jpg

2 days after the Rodent kill, there is a single visit by what appears to be the same Buzzard. Read right to left.

Ref: D01_20231021_1147_200+201+1152_210_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1+2+5 of 5 (montage right to left).jpg

02 Dec 2023

After the success catching a Rodent on the ground below, the Buzzard resumes his intense hunt, but another hour of intermittent searching doesn't catch anything else.

Ref: D01_20231019_0954_069_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post dives on Rodent & returns to eat 28 of 46 (crop).jpg

About 15 minutes later Rooks seem to have spotted this (to them) unwelcome visitor and the Buzzard keeps an eye on the swooping Rooks.

Ref: D01_20231019_1006_105_FB6 Buzzard lands on Meadow Post + dives on Rodent & returns to eat 38 of 46 - watching crows (crop).jpg

The bird stops for a bit of a preen before defecating. The cameraman expected the bird to launch (they often defecate immediately prior to take-off) but the eventual launch occurred about 8 minutes later.

Ref: D01_20231019_1042_135+146+1050_159+160_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post dives on Rodent & returns to eat 43-46 of 46 (montage).jpg

01 Dec 2023

This Buzzard spends over an hour on our patch, mostly hunting from the Meadow Post on which we have a tripod mounted high resolution camera. First we see them landing (right), stabilising (0.4 seconds later) and 11 minutes later intensely hunting the rough cut meadow below from the post top.

Ref: D01_20231019_0939_001+002+0950_013_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post dives on Rodent & returns to eat 01+02+04 of 46 (montage).jpg

A minute after diving out of frame (and vision from the house) to the left of the post the Buzzard unexpectedly returns with this Rodent in their beak.

Ref: D01_20231019_0951_022&025_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post dives on Rodent & returns to eat 05+08 of 46 (montage).jpg

Over the next couple of minutes the Buzzard first seems to attempt to swallow the Rodent whole, but then bites off the head to swallow before ripping the little body into further 'bite size' pieces.

Ref: D01_20231019_0952_034-0953_050_FB6 Buzzard on Meadow Post dives on Rodent & returns to eat 11+14+18+22 of 46 (montage).jpg



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