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30 Jun 2023

The Fox cubs are now seen mostly singly and they don't seem to be troubled by the flash and noise of the high resolution cameras. We are unable to identify the 'horror' that this Cub is carrying.

Ref: E64_20230516_0338_096_FB2 Fox cub carrying food across Woodland site (incidental rodent at left edge) (crop).jpg

All of the visits to the Fox hole by Foxes have been very short (typically less than a minute) as they check out their old home.

Ref: B20_20230516_0946_290 Fox Cub exiting Fox Hole (no longer resident).jpg

The Foxes seem to have stopped occupation in the Mound, and the hole seems to becoming safe to access again.

Ref: B20_20230515_0712_105+_0806_139 Fox earth no longer in regular use as Rabbit visits (montage).jpg

29 Jun 2023

Our last sighting of the regular male Muntjac Deer had lost just one Antler. Here he is now Antler free with the stubs flat-topped ready to grow a new set.

Ref: BU7_20230515_1515_054+056+1516_061 Muntjac Deer male with both antlers shed 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

Next day we see him contemplating the camera as he chews the cud.

Ref: BU7_20230516_0954_127 Muntjac Deer male with both antlers shed chewing cud.jpg

28 Jun 2023

Wild Rose flowers are arriving all over the sunny bits of the site. We normally see these (white) Burnet Roses a week or two before the (pink) Dog Roses, but this year were barely a day or two apart. The smell of the Burnet Rose is sweet and incredibly strong - down wind you notice them 20 metres away - far more intense than the Dog Rose, though a similar fragrance.

Ref: DF3_20230514_1212_012 Burnet Rose with one open flower and 3 buds.jpg

Ref: DF3_20230514_1212_017 Burnet Rose with 3 open flowers.jpg

A Dog-Rose flower - the classic 'Spring wild Rose'.

Ref: DF3_20230528_1059_396 Dog Rose flower.jpg

27 Jun 2023

One of our regular moorhen takes a quite exquisite selfie.

Ref: E63_20230514_0851_178_FB1 Moorhen (Vee-beak) at hedge bottom.jpg

At the smaller end of the bird spectrum, Blackbirds are still nest building. These two pics an hour apart.

Ref: E63_20230507_1223_278+1313_282_FB1 Blackbird female collecting nesting material at hedge bottom (montage over 1 hour).jpg

26 Jun 2023

Lurking in a dark patch near Duck Pond this bracket fungus (we have had a go at an ID - see the image Ref) almost shines in the gloom. About 15cm across.

Ref: D73_20230512_1609_009 Bracket Fungus on small dead tree trunk (poss Polyporus squamosus).jpg

Here in a sunny patch these hemispheric fungi fruiting bodies look most incongruous. We can't find them in our huge fungus ID book, and only find this reference on an Italian site which may be accurate or not.

Ref: D73_20230513_0914_026 Fungus on dead part of Willow pollard (poss Funghi Radioattivi) (crop).jpg

25 Jun 2023

A Sparkling Dandelion clock.

Ref: DF3_20230429_0824_045 Dandelion Clock spangled with dew.jpg

The day of the King Charles III Coronation produced more daily rain than any single day so far this year. We do feel sorry for the thousands getting soaked for a glimpse of some people going by in a nice dry coach!
The next day we had a fair proportion of pea-sized hail mixed in. These two downpours gave a lot of the blossoming flowers a thorough beating.
Dandelion clocks had shed most of their parachuting seed.

Ref: DF3_20230507_0845_045+041 Dandelion clocks after heavy rain (montage).jpg

Intact Dandelion heads are difficult to see into, but here this partly stripped head shows how the seeds grow from the white base attached by a tiny weak speck that breaks when the parachute catches a gust.

Ref: DF3_20230507_0845_045 Dandelion clock after heavy rain (centre detail crop).jpg

We don't see much of snails here, and after the rains were surprised to come across this large snail lying on its side to eat a closed Dandelion flower.

Ref: DF3_20230507_0846_055 Snail lying on its side to eat Dandelion flowers 2 of 4 (crop 1).jpg

24 Jun 2023

About 70 metres from 'Home' in the Round Mound we catch this Cub, apparently unaccompanied, investigating the hedge bottom site. The cub may be 'tasting' the banana peel, and or the various slugs, but the next frame (without Cub) includes all of the food and slugs we see here, albeit the slugs rushing over the stone at about 10cm per minute (0.004 m.p.h :-) )

Ref: E63_20230509_2321_151_FB1 Fox Cub in rain at hedge bottom (70m from Mound - no banana or slugs taken) 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

Here all (we are now fairly sure) 4 cubs out to 'play' as darkness descends.

Ref: B20_20230509_2044_327 4 Fox Cubs on East of Round Mound (crop IR with selective exposure correction).jpg

A fourth Cub is cropped out near the top of the frame.

Ref: B20_20230509_2048_349 3 Fox Cubs by Fox hole (another Cub up mound out of crop) (crop).jpg

At the Eastern hedge gap over a few seconds, we see one Fox Cub with something dark in his mouth. The arriving Cub seems to want a piece of the action, but the original cub makes a prompt exit.
The black 'prey' is about Blackbird sized, but may be just a wet piece of wood.

Ref: BUA_20230510_0107_085-087_SC8 Fox Cub carrying small prey (q) joined by another at east hedge (montage over a few seconds).jpg

23 Jun 2023

A 3 frame visit of this Fox Cub at the Woodland site half and hour before midnight, and a single visit at about 4 a.m. (same or different Cub - we can't tell). No signs of an adult at this site which is some 30m from the Fox Earth.

Ref: E64_20230507_2324_296+297+2336_298+0354_303_FB2 Fox Cub(s) at Woodland site 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

A detail from the top left of the above montage.

Ref: E64_20230507_2324_296_FB2 Fox Cub(s) at Woodland site 1 of 4 (crop).jpg

22 Jun 2023

A Hare spends a couple of minutes wandering around near the East Hedge gap. We have seen at least one Hare being carried back to the Fox earth to feed the four hungry cubs, and it is a relief to see that there are enough Hares to tolerate the predation.

Ref: BUA_20230507_1704_162-1705_164_SC8 Hare near East hedge gap (montage TR+BL+BR).jpg

Over a couple of days and night the camera on the east of the mound caught several visits by 1 to 3 Fox Cubs.
Timestamps & frame count were lost by a camera fault, so it's just 'on or around 03 May 2023'.

Ref: B20_20230503_xxxx_xxx Fox Cubs around Round Mound Fox hole (montage - date+times not recorded).jpg

21 Jun 2023

Long-tailed Tits appear in small groups, spend a minute of two feeding on bushes, visible through windows, before departing. A couple of the regulars delightfully hover in front of the bushes - a behaviour not yet satisfactorily captured on camera.

Ref: DF4_20230425_1818_002 Long-tailed Tit outside living room window.jpg

At the other end of the size scale, we get another visit by a Heron to the Duck Pond - this time only this one frame contains the whole bird.

Ref: BU8_20230504_0742_004 Heron.jpg

20 Jun 2023

A Bee-fly in flight.

Ref: DF3_20230429_1106_059 Bee-fly hovering.jpg

A bee-fly hovered over the corrugated Iron sheet for several seconds before landing. That's 27 frames at 7 fps skipped to get this pair 4 seconds apart.

Ref: D72_20230501_1640_044+071 Bee-fly hovering over and landing on Corrugated Iron sheet (accurate montage).jpg

19 Jun 2023

This male Roe Deer is a new individual - the Antlers more developed than the previous male, and once free of 'velvet' they do not continue to grow.

Ref: BU2_20230502_2308_281_SC7 Roe Deer male (new individual) on Round Mound.jpg

The female Reeves' Muntjac Deer approached the camera as 'her' male dutifully follows. Here he clearly has both of his Antlers ...

Ref: BU7_20230509_1501_031 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at camera followed by male (with both Antlers).jpg

... but 2 days later we catch this image of probably the same male Reeves' Muntjac Deer having shed his left antler.

Ref: BUA_20230511_0457_148_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with left antler shed.jpg

18 Jun 2023

Several of these male Holly Blue butterflies come out on warn early afternoons. Here we catch one flying to a Green Alkanet flower (which are blue!) where he landed on the less obvious flower to the left of the full-face, turning over to feed.

Ref: D72_20230504_1318_028-030+036 Holly Blue Butterfly male flying to feed from Green Alkanet 1-4 of 4 (spread montage).jpg

2 minutes later this male Holly Blue butterfly shows us a better view of the top of his wings.

Ref: D72_20230504_1320_055 Holly Blue Butterfly male feeding on Green Alkanet.jpg

A male Orange-tip Butterfly perched on a three-leafed 'hand' of Blackberry Leaves.

Ref: D72_20230501_1632_017 Orange-tip Butterfly male perched on Blackberry leaf.jpg

17 Jun 2023

This Tawny Owl spent a couple of minutes on the Meadow post, only to arrive 90 minutes later at the perch by the kitchen window. Facial features strongly suggest that it the same bird. There are many good hunting perches around our patch, so Owls may spend many hours moving around out of site of cameras.

Ref: D01_20230503_2157_167+2158_169+E60_2332_049_FB6 Tawny Owl 2 minute visit to Meadow Post + Landing at Kitchen (montage).jpg

16 Jun 2023

An hour after midnight this adult Fox arrives with what must be a Corvid (Rook or Jackdaw). The Fox carries it up the mound, probably over the top, and a minute later reappears going the other way.
"Where are those cubs this is for?"

Ref: BU2_20230502_0127_148+150+0128_151+152_SC7 Fox carries Corvid up Mound but carries it back from rear (accurate montage).jpg

About a minute apart this group of 3 Fox cubs wandered up the mound near to the Fox hole. The cubs range all over the mound through the night, now occasionally joining a parent in a more distant outing.

Ref: B20_20230501_2147_069+2148_083 3 Fox Cubs moving over east of Round Mound (accurate montage).jpg

The adult Foxes face growing pressure to find food for their ever growing and more hungry cubs. This one entering through the South hedge looks to already be in hunting mode in the middle of the afternoon.

Ref: BU7_20230430_1547_052 Fox slinking out of south ditch before sunset.jpg

15 Jun 2023

Last seen in 2020 (and then after a 5 year gap) we again see a female Large Red Damselfly. Here on some desiccated foliage ...

Ref: DF3_20230503_1311_094 Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) female fulvipes form (1st of 2023) (crop).jpg

... and she then moved onto a fresh Blackberry leaf.
She is a hunter - all the foliage does is provide a lookout perch.

Ref: DF3_20230503_1313_109 Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) female fulvipes form (1st of 2023) (crop).jpg

14 Jun 2023

A Fox cub confirming that the Fox hole really IS a Fox hole. Taken while the camera light thinks its light enough not to turn on, but dark enough that the camera is still working in 'dark' (monochrome) mode.
So much for electronic intelligence.

Ref: B20_20230430_0525_368 Fox Cub in Fox hole looking east (crop IR without illuminator).jpg

Still out as the day begins we catch this Fox cub in all natural, if shade-muted, colours.

Ref: B20_20230430_0543_376 Fox Cub by Fox hole (crop 1).jpg

A Fox cub out early in the evening as the nights get shorter.

Ref: B20_20230502_2022_272 Fox Cub at Fox Hole (crop).jpg

A couple of nights later sees Mum or Dad Fox homeward bound with breakfast in the mouth. Just 4 minutes later we see one of the cubs most likely carrying the same prey item into the Fox hole.

Ref: BUA_20230504_0552_124_SC8+B20_0556_452 Fox adult carries prey item and gives it to Cub 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg

13 Jun 2023

What has become a regular Spring visitor - this Green Shieldbug, here using the conservatory's security gate instead of a branch.

Ref: DF3_20230429_1613_095+1613_095 Green Shieldbug walking along steel gate (montage showing top and bottom of insect).jpg

Another Green Shieldbug in a more friendly setting.

Ref: DF3_20230503_1634_119 Green Shieldbug.jpg

In a photo of Lilac in flower we find these two Sloe Bugs mating amid the blossom.

Ref: D72_20230501_1747_122 Pair Sloe Bugs (Dolycoris baccarum) mating on opening Lilac Blossom (crop).jpg

12 Jun 2023

Crab-Apple blossom is a delightful mix of white to deep red.

Ref: DF3_20230429_0815_004 Crab-Apple blossom.jpg

One of our anonymous fruit tree blossoms.

Ref: DF3_20230503_1259_074 Fruit Tree Blossom.jpg

One inherited tree in the orchard is this Red Crab-apple tree.
Everything is red - the wood, sap, leaf tinge, flowers, apple skin and flesh.
After a few years of almost no yield this year the tree is smothered in blossom.
Red apple crumble, Red apple sauce ... slightly sharp but tasty compared to most supermarket varieties.

Ref: D72_20230501_1633_020 Red Crab Apple tree in blossom (orig & final).jpg

Details of one of the Red crab apple flower-heads.

Ref: D72_20230501_1633_023 Red Crab Apple tree in blossom (flowerhead detail).jpg

11 Jun 2023

This male Reeves' Muntjac deer spent 5 minutes foraging at the end of the orchard. To left his is pushing his way into a Bramble (Blackberry) bush to reach some attractive morsel.

Ref: BU9_20230420_1459_080-1503_093_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male foraging in brambles in orchard (approx montage over 5 minutes).jpg

Here the female Deer gets surprised by the humans, and a speedy exit demonstrates her athletic abilities.

Ref: DF3_20230429_0817_029-034 Muntjac Reeves Deer fleeing through crop north of hedge (spread montage).jpg

10 Jun 2023

The Goldfinch has his red face splattered with pollen.
That's what the plant wants!

Ref: PK1_20230429_0735_505+527 Goldfinch with face splattered with pollen (montage).jpg

A male Chaffinch having his way with 'his' female on the tree-stump!

Ref: E6C_20230430_1808_099_FB4 Chaffinch pair mating on Tree-stump (crop).jpg

09 Jun 2023

Garlic Mustard has just started flowering, and here at least it is the favourite food of Orange tip butterflies. Here we catch a male (only males have the orange tips) with wings both open and closed, showing the entirely different appearances

Ref: D72_20230428_1255_079+082 Orange-tip Butterfly male on Garlic Mustard flower - wings open and closed (montage).jpg

Seen transiently 2 days before, at last we get a photo of a male Holly Blue Butterfly. The 'top' of the wing of the male is this light blue - the females look similar on the multi-dotted underwing, but has a much darker top wing. We haven't photographed a female yet this year

Ref: DF3_20230503_1308_088 Holly Blue Butterfly male (1st seen 01May2023).jpg

08 Jun 2023

Hares have become regular visitors at the south hedge gap.

Ref: BU7_20230423_0806_049+051 Hare approaches south hedge gap but stops (montage).jpg

Just before dawn 2 days later we see this adult Fox carrying a quite large prey item rather laboriously across the grass by the Duck Pond. Other images suggest that this is most likely a Hare. Regular visits by prey animals get noticed by their hunters.

Ref: BU8_20230425_0544_097-099 Fox carrying large prey slowly across grass by Duck Pond 1-3 of 3 (approx montage).jpg

A week later on the back (North side) of the mound we find this sad front end of a hare, body mostly eaten but head and ears still very recognisable bottom left of the ribs.

Ref: DF3_20230503_0619_031 Hare Carcass north of Round Mound.jpg

By the next morning the dead Hare was gone, and on downloading images from the trail cam at the Fox Hole we see a cub carrying the now light carcass into the Fox hole.
Running a wildlife sanctuary frees the inhabitants from some of the Human pressures, but the carnivores do tend to eat their neighbours :-(

Ref: B20_20230503_2110_410 Fox Cub carrying remains of Hare down Fox Hole (crop).jpg

07 Jun 2023

Our first Garlic Mustard flowers - favourite of the Orange-tip butterfly

Ref: DF3_20230420_1046_024 Garlic Mustard Flower (1st of 2023).jpg

Please don't mow away Dandelions in your lawn. They are becoming an important food resource for Bees now that there is so little flowering meadow, and are really rather pretty viewed with the right perspective.

Ref: DF3_20230429_1251_091 Dandelion flowers and clocks near access track entrance.jpg

06 Jun 2023

Another 3 days on we again see what seems to be the same male Roe Deer.
His back shows several patches of missing fur in similar pattern (though viewed from the other side) to the individual seen previously.
At Bottom left we see him giving the Trail cam the eye!

Ref: BUA_20230422_0624_144-0627_166_SC8 Roe Deer male browsing near East hedge gap 2+4+6+7 of 7 (montage over 4 minutes).jpg

4 hours later he walks past the Round Pond in the general direction of ...

Ref: BU8_20230422_1006_241 Roe Deer male walking across meadow.jpg

... a narrow bit of path between the south hedge and the Duck pond has been eroded to bare mud by thousands of our and creatures winter footsteps. Roe Deer obviously pass this way as well - multiple overlapping hoof-prints would be all we know of them if not for the trail-cams.

Ref: DF3_20230425_0738_074 Roe Deer Hoof prints on path SW of Duck pond made over several days.jpg

05 Jun 2023

Through the conservatory window we see this Grey Squirrel spending several minutes ripping this fir cone apart for the seeds.
The insert taken at the site 30 minutes later shows the debris.

Ref: D72_20230421_1552_013+1621_068 Grey Squirrel takes Fir cone to breeze block to eat seeds 1+2 of 2 (montage insert).jpg

04 Jun 2023

A male Green Woodpecker on the grass at the Meadow photo site.

Ref: E6A_20230418_1517_127_FB5 Green Woodpecker male.jpg

A male Green Woodpecker visits again this time at the Meadow Post ...

Ref: D01_20230419_1415_111_FB6 Green Woodpecker male short visit to Meadow Post 2 of 2 (crop).jpg

... and half-an-hour later is seen flying over the Duck Pond

Ref: BU8_20230419_1448_250 Green Woodpecker flies over Duck Pond.jpg

03 Jun 2023

A Goldfinch broadcasting his song to all and sundry.
The bird moved a little (you can see the feet in different positions) but the montage is spread so that it makes sense.

Ref: DF3_20230418_1230_087+091+088 Goldfinch singing in all directions (impression montage).jpg

02 Jun 2023

A Bee-fly enjoying a Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.
The insect is hovering as well as touching the flower with their legs. It was quite windy and probable hard to maintain position without a little 'help'.

Ref: DF3_20230418_1059_052 Bee-fly feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.jpg

A Bee-fly enjoying a Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.
The insect is hovering as well as touching the flower with their legs. It was quite windy and probable hard to maintain position without a little 'help'.

Ref: DF3_20230418_1059_082 Bee-fly feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.jpg

01 Jun 2023

An Orange-tip butterfly feeding on Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flowers. Only the male has the orange tip to the white top of the wing. Both sexes share the intricate green and white pattern on the underside of all 4 wings. An absolute delight!

Ref: DF3_20230418_1053_032 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

An apparently pristine Speckled Wood Butterfly (1st appearance in 2023).

Ref: DF3_20230418_1058_050 Speckled Wood Butterfly (1st of 2023).jpg



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