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30 Nov 2023

One of the female Kestrels spends a few minutes hunting the area using the usual fly along a bit and then hover for a few seconds. Spacing is closer than reality.

Ref: DF3_20231016_1317_046-048 Kestrel female in flight (close spaced montage @7fps).jpg

One of the more interesting moments in one of the Kestrel's hovers. Kestrels always face into the wind when they hover and apparently can not hover in still air. A well established common name is the 'Windhover'.

Ref: DF3_20231016_1318_068 Kestrel female hovering in strong wind.jpg

Away the female Kestrel goes - this one accurately spaced using the foliage for reference - a bit over half a second of flight.

Ref: DF3_20231016_1318_069-073 Kestrel female in flight (accurate montage @7fps)jpg.jpg

29 Nov 2023

Starting at our South west and disappearing at our South East, this Buzzard wings their way through the sky.
All of these montages are accurately positioned at about 7 frames per second.

Ref: DF3_20231016_0923_008-017 Buzzard in flight @7fps 01-10 of 23 (accurate montage).jpg

Ref: DF3_20231016_0923_018-027 Buzzard in flight @7fps 11-20 of 23 (accurate montage).jpg

A closer look at the first three moments

Ref: DF3_20231016_0923_008-010 Buzzard in flight @7fps 01-3 of 23 (accurate montage).jpg

28 Nov 2023

After the farm Harvest dropped corn bonanza there is not much to feed on in the fields where there is no quick access to safety cover. So at least this Hare is enjoying the sanctuary of our little 2 acres

Ref: BU7_20231011_1024_125 Hare by south hedge gap in mid-morning.jpg

2 weeks later this Hare seems to be almost 'resident' at this South West corner.

Ref: BU7_20231015_1730_070+072+073 Hare pauses on way toward south hedge gap (montage).jpg

2 days later an obviously different Hare makes one of their regular visits to the East hedge gap about 150 metres from the hedge gap above.

Ref: BUA_20231017_1812_315_SC8 Hare near east hedge gap.jpg

27 Nov 2023

At the North East corner of the Garage, behind a bramble hedge, the Reeves' Muntjac Fawn and we appraise each other.

Ref: DF3_20231015_1232_208 Muntjac Reeves deer Fawn alone by NW corner of garage 1 of 3.jpg

The Fawn isn't panicked, and quietly moves to the back of the garage out of sight.

Ref: DF3_20231015_1232_212 Muntjac Reeves deer Fawn alone by NW corner of garage 2 of 3.jpg

The Reeves' Muntjac Fawn is growing well. An interesting 'gait' - opposing corner legs raised simultaneously.

Ref: E64_20231017_1829_113_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn at Woodland site (crop).jpg

The hedge behind the photo 'stage' at the hedge bottom is now completely devoid of hedging stems through years of attrition by the many wild visitors. So this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer can just walk through from the path behind. But right at the left edge of the camera frame as seems inevitable.

Ref: E63_20231015_1742_056_FB1 Muntjac Reeves Deer male at hedge bottom.jpg

26 Nov 2023

After the Buzzard on the meadow post, the next day brought a series of Red Kite fly-overs and circles in Thermals.

Ref: DF3_20231015_1218_019+024+029+034 Red Kite turning in Thermal (close spaced montage @ 7fps).jpg

A genuine close-spaced selection of a single circle of this Red Kite climbing in a Thermal. The sequence starts top right and ends middle right where the bird is a bit higher and appears a bit smaller.

Ref: DF3_20231015_1218_058-115 Red Kite circling in thermal (selected montage from top-right over 8 seconds).jpg

More detail of the top-right image - the photographer feels 'spotted'.

Ref: DF3_20231015_1218_058 Red Kite circling in Thermal.jpg

Ref: DF3_20231015_1221_154+161+168+175+179 Red Kite turning in thermal (close spaced montage @7fps).jpg

25 Nov 2023

A busy couple of days for Buzzard(s) visiting the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20231013_0929_045+46+0932_051+0933_054_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1+2+5+7 of 7 (montage).jpg

Ref: D01_20231013_0929_046_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 2 of 7 (crop 1).jpg

Ref: D01_20231013_0929_046_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 2 of 7 (crop 2).jpg

Ref: D01_20231014_0851_059+060+0855_067_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1+2+5 of 5 (montage 500ms+4mins).jpg

24 Nov 2023

On the bird table outside the kitchen window we see this Grey Squirrel doing what they do best - eating.

Ref: E60_20231012_1607_018_FB3 Grey Squirrel on Kitchen bird table eating nut (possibly a conker).jpg

This Grey Squirrel has raided the compost bin to carry away a piece of cooked Pink Fir Apple potato peel.

Ref: E6A_20231012_1640_081_FB5 Grey Squirrel carrying Pink Fir Apple potato peel.jpg

We have watched Grey Squirrels burying freshly fallen (and we are sure 'helped down') conkers. Here we see a Squirrel digging up something to eat. Despite taking dozens of frames during several excavations we still don't have a clear pic of the item unearthed - but it is probably a conker!

Ref: DF3_20231016_1312_033 Grey Squirrel digging up food by Silver birch at NE corner of garage.jpg

This Grey Squirrel at the hedge bottom is holding some sort of nut - possibly a Hazelnut from a nearby tree.

Ref: E63_20231017_1607_182_FB1 Grey Squirrel holding food in right paw.jpg

23 Nov 2023

In some fitful sunshine this slightly tatty Small White butterfly sips nectar from an equally late arrived Dandelion growing from one of the hundreds of tons of stripped soil dumped outside our south hedge.

Ref: DF3_20231009_1209_007 Small White Butterfly feeding on late blooming Dandelion.jpg

After a summer of very few Ladybird sightings, but almost all of them as native 7-spot, we can't decide whether to be pleased or sorry to find about 50 of the invasive Harlequin Ladybirds on the south wall of the house. Here are a couple of them along the edge of the 'Patio Doors'. Unlike the UK varieties, Harlequin individuals vary enormously in appearance.

Ref: DF3_20231009_1518_018 2 Harlequin Ladybird from group of about 50 on south wall of house.jpg

Fungi are fascinating (and VERY important members of the wildlife community) but we have no expertise in identifying them.

Ref: DF3_20231009_1215_010 Fungi on western base of Duck Mound.jpg

22 Nov 2023

The Reeves' Muntjac Deer Fawn is gradually becoming more precocious. Here we see them at the end of the Orchard, unfortunately awkwardly lit.

Ref: BU7_20231009_1201_062 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn near south hedge gap.jpg

6 hours later the Reeves' Muntjac Deer Fawn finally make a visit to a high resolution camera site.

Ref: E64_20231009_1831_062_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn at Woodland site investigating Fir cone (crop 1).jpg

The Fawn is now ready for a close-up.
A detail from the same original frame.

Ref: E64_20231009_1831_062_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn at Woodland site investigating Fir cone (crop 2).jpg

21 Nov 2023

We came across this female Kestrel surrounded by at times up to 4 Magpies (never all on camera at once) scattered in the branches around her. They were not really making an effort to mob her, but she wasn't at all pleased with the interruption to her hunt. These two images taken from slightly different viewpoints.

Ref: DF3_20231007_0917_157+0918_175 Kestrel female disturbed by 3 Magpies in Conifer at SE corner (montage).jpg

The Kestrel stayed on as we walked round the corner of our patch were she was clinging to a branch of this swaying conifer. Maintaining a stationary eye position in flight is carried to a similar behaviour when perched on moving perches. Here the perch is swaying left and right, and the body and neck compensates to keep the eyes still and focussed on their target.

Ref: DF3_20231007_0920_197+205 Kestrel female keeping head still in swaying conifer (montage over 1 second).jpg

20 Nov 2023

One of the female Kestrels stopped for almost exactly a minute (the repeat rate of the camera auto-watching the post) so we could build this rather attractive montage of this lovely bird.

Ref: D01_20231004_1558_053-056_FB6 Kestrel female arrives and departs Meadow Post in 1 min 1-4 of 4 (montage 500mS+60s+500mS).jpg

A portrait of one of the female Kestrels standing on one foot on the gently swaying 11kV power cable over the Northern Bridleway. She watches us go by before continuing her hunt.

Ref: DF3_20231005_1037_007 Kestrel female on 11kV cable at North bridleway.jpg

We do loathe having the outside of our south boundary being turned into a building yard, but every cloud may have a silver lining if you look hard enough.
This Kestrel uses the top of the heaps of broken concrete as a convenient hunting perch.

Ref: DF3_20231005_1609_039+1610_047+048 Kestrel female launches from pile of rubble (montage).jpg

19 Nov 2023

Over a quarter of an hour, this Buzzard made two landings of the Meadow Post, each including an at least 5 minute stay.

Ref: D01_20231004_1147_031_FB6 Buzzard makes 2 off 5+ minute visits to Meadow Post over 15 minutes 01 of 13 (crop).jpg

This is half a second after the first image.

Ref: D01_20231004_1147_032_FB6 Buzzard makes 2 off 5+ minute visits to Meadow Post over 15 minutes 02 of 13 (crop).jpg

The second landing (right) along with the regaining of balance half a second later (right then left).

Ref: D01_20231004_1158_041+042_FB6 Buzzard 2 off 5+ min visits to Meadow Post in 15 mins 08+09 of 13 (montage rt to lt 500mS).jpg

A couple of more 'static' moments of the Buzzards visits

Ref: D01_20231004_1159_043+1202_049_FB6 Buzzard 2 off 5+ min visits to Meadow Post in 15 mins 10+13 of 13 (montage over 3 mins).jpg

18 Nov 2023

Are you familiar with those 'rotating around the action' sequences in SF movies (e.g. The Matrix), made by firing off dozens of SLR cameras in sequence?
Well here is our walking pace version of the same thing, travelling almost 180 degrees around this very tolerant female Kestrel perched on a conifer inside the SE corner of our patch. She is about 5m up the tree, far from the top, photograph from the outside.

Ref: D71_20231004_0829_052+054+057+0830_058 Kestrel female perched in conifer at SE corner (multi-view montage).jpg

90 minutes later found this female Kestrel using the footrests of the disused Telephone pole for a hunt. We have seen this behaviour before, but for some reason not last year. We know that we have at least 2 female Kestrels hunting around the area, and think that this is the 'other' one to the tolerant individual. She flew off across the adjacent field and landed on an 11kV crossbar to the south.

Ref: DF3_20231004_1001_024-1004_040 Kestrel female on Footrest flies south to 11kV crossbar 3-10 of 10 (flight accurate montage).jpg

Here is a more detailed pic of this female Kestrel just before launch.

Ref: DF3_20231004_1002_026 Kestrel female on Footrest of disused telephone pole flies to south to 11kV crossbar 04 of 10 (crop).jpg

A glimpse of a bird on the top of one of the rubble piles now 'gracing' the outside of our south boundary turns out to be another female Kestrel, our first positive ID that there are two female Kestrels. She dived to the unpromising ground (basically tractor flattened hardcore) but she didn't seem to catch anything.

Ref: DF3_20231004_1009_046+048+050050 Kestrel female (2nd bird) on Rubble pile pounces onto hardcore ground 1+3+4 of 5 (montage).jpg

17 Nov 2023

A glance from the SE corner at the field margin to our east show this Buzzard on (what turned out to be) a dead Rabbit from which the bird has already taken some lumps of meat. He spotted the humans and tried to take off with the prize, but it was obvious over a couple of tries that it was too heavy for the bird.

Ref: DF3_20230929_1603_079-1604_135 Buzzard at Dead Rabbit fails trying to fly off with it 02+006+010+012 of 12 (montage).jpg

Ref: DF3_20230929_1604_117 Buzzard at Dead Rabbit fails trying to fly off with it 10 of 12 (crop).jpg

Next morning we spied this Red Kite on the same kill. The Kite grabs a lump of meat and powers their way away. The shadowed area is from the hedge just out of crop.

Ref: DF3_20230930_0850_155-161 Red Kite launching from dead Rabbit carrying a small piece (approx montage @7fps).jpg

Meat still clamped in one of the talons, the Red Kite makes their exit.

Ref: DF3_20230930_0850_181-184 Red Kite in Flight with piece of Rabbit in claw (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

16 Nov 2023

This female Kestrel and we stood watching each other, when suddenly a beam of sunshine lit her for a few seconds.

Ref: DF3_20230929_0844_061 Kestrel female in conifer at SE corner flies off 1 of 5 (crop).jpg

A minute later she decided to depart. The montage is accurate, but the branch she was perched on sprung back up as she left - the white bar is to excuse the end of the branch 'being in the wrong place'.

Ref: DF3_20230929_0845_062-065 Kestrel female in conifer at SE corner flies off 2-5 of 5 (acc montage - perch springs up @7fps).jpg

15 Nov 2023

A ghostly airliner haunts the sky.

Ref: DF3_20230810_1045_008 Cloud in shape of airliner (orig & final).jpg

A humid morning outlines this, among many, spiders webs.

Ref: DF3_20230922_1017_007 Spiders web covered in dew (orig & final).jpg

A large (about 30cm across) and finely spaced Spiders web.

Ref: DF3_20230930_0903_191 Spiders Web soaked in dew (orig & final).jpg

While picking up some wind-blown rubbish Marie spotted this fungus glowing INSIDE a cavity in a many decades old apple tree.

Ref: D71_20230929_0900_004 Bracket fungus inside decades old broken branch hollow.jpg

14 Nov 2023

A good shake-out of the feathers probably settles them comfortably.

Ref: E64_20230915_0851_033_FB2 Wood Pigeon shaking out feathers.jpg

The wet breast tells us that this Wood Pigeon is 'shaking out' after a morning bathe.

Ref: E64_20230926_0901_027_FB2 Wood Pigeon wet from bathing.jpg

13 Nov 2023

An early morning visit by this Buzzard to the meadow Post lasts at least 5 minutes. Left and centre are about half a second apart, and the bird hunting on the right 3 minutes later. At this time we had started clearing the Meadow back from scrub to rank grass - starting at the base of this post, so it is probably now a become more productive place to hunt.

Ref: D01_20230925_0838_001+002+0841_007_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1+2+5 of 6 (montage).jpg

The middle pic in a more glorious crop.

Ref: D01_20230925_0838_002_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 2 of 6 (crop).jpg

Another moment from the same visit.

Ref: D01_20230925_0840_005_FB6 Buzzard 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 4 of 6 (crop).jpg

12 Nov 2023

Its not been warm enough in the last few days to tempt out even the Migrant Hawker Dragonflies, who seem to fly at lower temperatures than our other regulars, but there are several Common Darter Dragonflies of both sexes making the most of their final weeks.

Ref: DF3_20230922_1315_021 Common Darter Dragonfly female over mature perched on break of week stem.jpg

One of several Common Hawker Dragonflies that spend time on this corrugated iron sheet, this female gives a double dose of her lovely wings - the real wings echoed in the shadow on the iron.

Ref: DF3_20230926_1540_063 Common Hawker Dragonfly female on sun warmed corrugated iron.jpg

This male Migrant Hawker warms on a twig in the fitful sunshine.
The beautiful vivid Blue/Cyan colour is the real appearance.

Ref: DF3_20230926_1544_069 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male resting on twig.jpg

11 Nov 2023

Our current male Reeves' Muntjac Deer takes his portrait at the Woodland site. The 'lips' below his eye in this pic is his scent gland he uses to 'perfume' tips of sticks and similar.
It always seems a dangerous place to aim for stick so close to then eye, but many deer use the same arrangement so it must have advantages.

Ref: E64_20230921_1641_016_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male at woodland site.jpg

Just after midnight Mum and Fawn have a moment of 'gentle contact' as they amble past the Round Pond.

Ref: BU5_20230922_0034_046-048_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother and Fawn walk by Round Pond (montage).jpg

A couple of minutes after passing through the south hedge into the area the farm owner has turned into a builder's yard including about (500 tones of earth and numerous heaps of hardcore and sand) our little family returns - we suspect that they decided it was better 'inside'.

Ref: BU7_20230924_1836_334 Muntjac Reeves Deer family returning at South hedge - Male + Fawn + Mother.jpg

After midnight the little family (Fawn + Doe + Buck) wandered about the east side of our patch.

Ref: BUA_20230925_0259_261+BU8_0323_146+BUA_0341_276 Muntjac family over 40 minutes (montage).jpg

10 Nov 2023

Walks around the patch just don't get to see Hares in the fields, now stripped of the growing wheat they can use as a refuge. A few seem instead to be making the most of the comparative cover and largess of our little patch. We particularly like this portrait at the Woodland site.

Ref: E64_20230921_0628_097_FB2 Hare bounding across Woodland site (crop 2).jpg

Round pond is currently dry, and we are seeing Hares, Squirrel and Deer visiting the water trough. No way near enough rain yet to raise the water table to re-fill the pond.

Ref: BU5_20230916_1543_209_SC1 Hare by Round Pond.jpg

09 Nov 2023

This male Common Darter dragonfly perched on an old wood bench is busy sucking the juices from some unfortunate midge.

Ref: DF3_20230921_1251_080+1350_076 Common Darter Dragonfly male perched on wooden bench eating midge 2+1 of 2 (montage+insert).jpg

A really poor year for Ladybirds here this year - this is the first we have noticed for weeks.
It's a 7-spot Ladybird - a common UK species rather than the almost absent Harlequins.

Ref: DF3_20230914_1035_069 7-spot Ladybird on fresh stinging nettle leaf.jpg

08 Nov 2023

This looks like the juvenile male Green Woodpecker has almost transitioned to adulthood. This is two visits - on the left sequential frames a minute apart, and the right hand landing 40 minutes later, now looking much sleeker but many details indicate the same bird.

Ref: D01_20230917_0949_191+0950_193+1029_195_FB6 Green Woodpecker male visits to Meadow Post (montage).jpg

A male Green Woodpecker (possibly one of this years sprogs) seems intent on pecking at the now badly split top of the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20230918_1704_004-1707_039_FB6 Green Woodpecker male pecking at top of Meadow Post 1+2+6+7 of 8 (montage).jpg

Ref: D01_20230918_1708_042_FB6 Green Woodpecker male pecking at top of Meadow Post 8 of 8 (crop).jpg

07 Nov 2023

The Fawn is Back!
On the left the Fawn is following Mum from the 'building site' outside through the hedge gap to follow her over the dry ditch.
On the right of the white bar (included in this accurate montage so as not to imply that the Fawn is looking back at Mum) we get a view of the Fawn looking at nothing we can see in the original pic.

Ref: BU7_20230916_1251_115+120 Muntjac Reeves Deer female & Fawn entering at south hedge gap 2+7 of 7 (accurate montage + bar).jpg

15 minutes later the camera at the east hedge gap catches the Reeves's Muntjac Mother and Fawn moving past the camera at enough speed to blur the image.

Ref: BUA_20230916_1305_155_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer female & Fawn near east hedge gap.jpg

As the daylight dwindles, 'our' male Reeves' Muntjac Deer stops for a groom on the grass patch near the south hedge gap. His enormous tongue is deployed to groom his face, and the small tusk shows up rather well.

Ref: BU7_20230915_1856_093 Muntjac Reeves Deer male grooming with tongue out and tusk exposed.jpg

06 Nov 2023

The (new) local female Kestrel sometimes perches on the top of this disused telephone pole. She ignored us for a couple of minutes before quietly 'moving on' to a new hunting perch - see where in a moment. This is accurately spaced at 7 fps except for the bird on the pole.

Ref: DF3_20230915_1546_219-223 Kestrel female on disused Telephone pole then flying off 4-9 of 8 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

5 minutes later we see her on the 11kV cross bar some 300m north. Rooks habitually chase off any Kestrel they see, but the Jackdaw (above) chose to co-exist without a hassle.

Ref: DF3_20230915_1551_240 Kestrel female on 11kV crossbar with Jackdaw on cable above.jpg

We didn't get any closer, but the female Kestrel decided to move on, flying past us at full flying speed, again accurately montaged at 7 fps.

Ref: DF3_20230915_1552_259-262 Kestrel female in flight @7fps 1 to 4 of 4 (accurate montage).jpg

Two days later we see the female Kestrel again. She seems to be getting used to us being 'mostly harmless'.

Ref: DF3_20230917_1045_357 Kestrel female flying overhead.jpg

05 Nov 2023

These two Comma Butterflies almost seem to be having a little battle. The insect on the right clearly shows his proboscis only partly furled or unfurled.

Ref: DF3_20230914_1038_078 2 Comma Butterflies facing each other on Black fruit clump with Proboscises partly unfurled (crop 1).jpg

The Comma Butterfly on the left 'won' the encounter and quickly got back to feeding. An inadvertent fly didn't disturb the Butterfly.

Ref: DF3_20230914_1038_079 Comma Butterfly feeding on Blackberry fruit with incidental insect flyby.jpg

The previously generation of Red admiral Butterflies enjoyed feeding on the Blackberry flowers, and may even have fertilised the fruit from which this one is taking their fill.

Ref: DF3_20230914_1034_066 Red admiral Butterfly feeding on Blackberry fruit.jpg

A close look at a Red Admiral Butterfly with his figure-of-eight cross section proboscis deep between Blackberry druplets.
Blackberries are actually known as an 'aggregate fruit 'composed of small druplets.

Ref: DF3_20230914_1041_085 Red admiral Butterfly showing proboscis in Blackberry fruit.jpg

04 Nov 2023

In just one day (including a night) we see this Grey Squirrel make 6 almost identical passages across the Woodland photo site, each time carrying a conker. The Squirrel may have taken dozens more by a different route.
There are a Red and normal Horse-Chestnut trees a few metres from this site - a search found no signs of any conkers on the surround woodland floor - the Squirrel is doing a thorough job!

Ref: E64_20230912_1601_043-20230913_1428_072_FB2 Grey Squirrel carries Horse Chestnut conkers across site over 1 day (montage).jpg

Just these two cherries make for a bit of variety. But the Conkers will store much better and provide more nutrition - the Squirrel will be pleased he made the effort in the privations of Winter.

Ref: E64_20230913_1316_071_FB2 Grey Squirrel carries 2 Cherries across site.jpg

03 Nov 2023

One of about 4 groups of similar fungi fruiting bodies in a few square metres.

Ref: D71_20230819_0918_033 Fungi in shade SW of Duck Mound.jpg

A couple of fallen branches (one probably cut to release it from other branches) only a few metres apart are of the same wood but an obviously a different species of bracket fungus.

Ref: DF3_20230912_0904_009+011 Fungi (different species) on felled & fallen branches North of Round Mound (montage).jpg

02 Nov 2023

A Hawker Dragonfly does a hairpin turn in about half a second.

Ref: DF3_20230910_1005_066-070 Hawker Dragonfly looping round in flight @7fps 1-5 of 5 (accurate montage).jpg

Mallow flowers grow in convenient cracks along the edge of the access track. While photographing this pair of open and opening flowers we didn't even notice that there was a Green Shieldbug perched on the group of buds. Good Camouflage.

Ref: DF3_20230910_1208_086 Mallow flowers + Green Shieldbug + fly (crop with insert).jpg

While touring the cameras to exchange photo-cards we came across this Comma Butterfly perched on the camera that 'watches' the Round Mound. On this cold morning the insect is torpid, and we managed to open the camera door it is perched on, exchange the photo card, and close up again without obviously disturbing the creature. It was gone later in the warmer day.

Ref: D71_20230911_0715_034 Comma Butterfly perched on BU2 Trail cam overnight.jpg

01 Nov 2023

Our first (and so far only) sighting of a Reeves' Muntjac Deer Fawn, here near the east hedge gap. We have seen neither in the following weeks and assume that they are just elsewhere.

Ref: BUA_20230909_1310_059_SC8 Muntjac Deer adult + Fawn - detail 2 of 3 (crop with processing).jpg

On the morning after the above pic, the male spends a couple of hours wandering around the 2 acres. It is likely that this is the Fawn's father who is imaged by one or more cameras on most nights at the moment.

Ref: BU7_20230910_0433_089+SP1_0449_053+BUA_0614_080 Muntjac Reeves Deer male visits over 2Hrs (montage).jpg

This Reeves' Muntjac Deer wins the staring contest.

Ref: BU7_20230913_1028_044 Muntjac Reeves Deer male staring at camera from ditch.jpg



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