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30 Sep 2023

Outside the front door this pot plant is smothered in Ant Alates. We normally only see them here emerging from cracks in sun-warmed concrete tracks.

Ref: DF3_20230809_1543_051 Ant Alates on weeds at bottom of shrub pot.jpg

More detail of Ants and their alates.

Ref: DF3_20230809_1543_064 Ant Alates on weeds at bottom of shrub pot.jpg

29 Sep 2023

The second brood of Holly Blue Butterflies are out and about.
This is a male nicely lit on an Ivy plant.

Ref: DF3_20230809_1245_037 Holly Blue butterfly male 2nd brood on Ivy leaf.jpg

Here is the same individual showing that the wing shape and even colour don't do a bad job of camouflage when perched. In flight their path is so erratic it will evade a lot of predators - it certainly evades this cameraman - though probably not the agile Dragonflies.

Ref: DF3_20230809_1247_044 Holly Blue butterfly male 2nd brood disguised on leaf.jpg

The dominant Dragonfly here at the moment (and most years) is the Migrant Hawker. There are sometimes 5 or more in flight over the meadow. The style of annal appendage tells us that this is a female - missing from the filename.

Ref: DF3_20230809_1552_085-089 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight @7fps (accurate montage).jpg

Our first photo of a Darter Dragonfly this year - a female Common Darter.

Ref: D71_20230807_1102_010 Common Darter Dragonfly female (1st of 2023).jpg

28 Sep 2023

A male Merlin unexpectedly spends a couple of minutes on the meadow post. We have only ID'd Merlins twice before, both times in flight you can see at Sep 2008 and May 2010

Ref: D01_20230807_2037_027_FB6 Merlin male short visit to Meadow Post when almost dark 1 of 3 (crop).jpg

After some weeks of absence, this Tawny Owl twice lands of the Meadow Post about 15 minutes apart.

Ref: D01_20230808_0211_031+032+0223_033+034_FB6 Tawny Owl 2 short visits to Meadow Post 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg

27 Sep 2023

This Hare ran up (centre) and stopped on the grass near the south hedge gap.
Look left. Look Right. All clear to stay for a moment.
Sounds like the 'Kerb Drill' 'drilled' into us 65 years ago - well it must have worked!

Ref: BU7_20230809_0808_010+009+0809_011 Hare arrives near south hedge gap and scans surroundings 2+1+3 of 3 (montage).jpg

Morning light produced some interesting effects.

Ref: D01_20230806_0756_176_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on meadow post back to camera backlit by morning sun.jpg

26 Sep 2023

Dewy mornings can create some attractive effects when backlit by the low morning sun.
First a well 'encrusted' Teasel.

Ref: DF3_20230809_0804_022 Teasel head smothered in dew drenched Spider silk (crop).jpg

A differently 'dressed' Teasel.
The picture isn't 90 degrees off - some teasels fall over and then start to grow upwards at the tip.

Ref: DF3_20230809_0804_025 Teasel head on leaning stem smothered in dew drenched Spider silk (orig).jpg

The more conventional 'spider's web'

Ref: DF3_20230809_0805_034 Spider web drenched with dew.jpg

A single grass seed head bent over by this the tiny spider's web. The long strand from the tip of the grass back out of from on the right looks like some sort of structural entity - that minute speck of a creature know how to do structural engineering!

Ref: DF3_20230806_0718_003 Spider web pulling grass stem into semi circle.jpg

25 Sep 2023

This it second of two pics of this Magpie landing on the Meadow post with a most disgusting set of claws in their beak. In the third pic in the sequence, taken a minute later, there is still a Magpie on the post but with empty beak.
What this foot belonged to, and what happened to it, is anybodies guess.

Ref: D01_20230805_1528_122_FB6 Magpie lands on Meadow post holding large birds foot in beak 2 of 3 (crop).jpg

24 Sep 2023

We see this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer most nights at one or more Trail cameras. Here, unusually in mid-afternoon, he enters at the south hedge gap and soon starts rubbing his most likely itchy 'velvet' over his antlers on the ground.

Ref: BU7_20230721_1458_046-047 Muntjac Reeves Deer male enters south hedge gap & rubs antler velvet (part accurate montage).jpg

2 weeks later the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer ambles towards the south hedge gap as the day starts to lighten. It looks like he has at last shed the 'velvet' on the Antlers. The antlers are mostly hidden by his ears.

Ref: BU7_20230803_0551_099 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with small Antlers exposed & tusk visible.jpg

Meanwhile the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer climbs down into the Duck Pond to reach the water for a drink. Here she is climbing back out before ambling across the adjacent grass.

Ref: BU8_20230802_2111_045+2112_046+049+050 Muntjac Reeves Deer female leaves after drink from Duck Pond (accurate montage).jpg

23 Sep 2023

The first sundog we have seen for months. The lens on the camera with us can only just manage the width between the sun (left) and the dog (right), but in any case the sky to the left of the sun was both cloud and 'Dog-less'. The effect was gone inside a minute as the clouds and sun moved out of optimum position.

Ref: DF3_20230721_0703_117 Sundog to right of sun (none to the left) (crop).jpg

Red sky in Morning - Shepherd's Warning.

Ref: DF3_20230731_0538_003 Sunrise (orig & final).jpg

22 Sep 2023

Dashing from somewhere near or through the south hedge, this male Roe Deer makes a dash across the grass into the ripening corn, catching us by surprise.

Ref: DF3_20230729_1557_046-056 Roe Deer male runs to field to south 03+05+07+09+11+13 of 13 (acc montage @7fps).jpg

This is a moment that shows that while Horses may not run like they are shown in Victorian paintings, the spread out leap is perfectly accurate for Roe deer.

Ref: DF3_20230729_1557_054 Roe Deer male running from south margin across field to south 11 of 13 (crop).jpg

Ref: DF3_20230729_1557_070-072 Roe Deer male running across field to south 14-16 of 16 (impression montage @7fps).jpg

Ref: DF3_20230729_1557_084-091 Roe Deer male running across field to south 05+08+10+12 of 12 (approx montage @7fps).jpg

21 Sep 2023

A Peacock Butterfly perched on a ground-level thistle leaf. When you are small enough, all those sharp spines become just a bit of 'texture'.

Ref: DF3_20230729_1004_041 Peacock Butterfly perched on ground level thistle leaf.jpg

This Red Admiral Butterfly suns themselves on a corrugated iron sheet. The shadow just adds to the majesty.

Ref: DF3_20230801_0758_023 Red Admiral Butterfly warming themselves on corrugated iron sheet + Shadow.jpg

20 Sep 2023

Behind 'Round Mound' some fallen branches are now growing an interesting and rather attractive bracket fungi.

Ref: DF3_20230728_1621_018 Fungus along several year old fallen branch (orig & final).jpg

Ref: DF3_20230728_1622_022 Fungus along several year old fallen branch (orig & final).jpg

Fungi on cut and fallen branches normally seem to be of the 'bracket fungus' type, so this one is an unusual sighting. The insert shows an insect on the right slope of the main fungus cap.

Ref: D71_20230803_0726_011 Fungus growing from log in woodpile (crop + insect detail).jpg

19 Sep 2023

This juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker has a ring on this right leg - a nice shiny new one at that - but even though the ring is 'sharp' it is too restricted a view to read it reliably. We have passed the image and an enlargement of the ring to our local RSPB recorder.

Ref: E63_20230727_1708_037_FB1 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile (prob female) with right leg ringed (crop).jpg

18 Sep 2023

This female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly is the first confirmed sighting this year. Here perched on a rolled up leaf photographed from 2 angles while warming in the sunshine. A few days later 3 of this annual visitors where in flight over the same stretch of concrete track, but moving so fast that in-flight pics have so far all failed :-(

Ref: DF3_20230725_0844_011+0845_017 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female perched in hedge - side and top views (montage).jpg

Another sighting of a female Southern Hawker Dragonfly warming quietly in the sunshine.

Ref: DF3_20230726_1256_113 Southern Hawker Dragonfly female.jpg

17 Sep 2023

The second brood of Holly Blue Butterflies has emerged.

Ref: DF3_20230725_1313_054 Holly Blue Butterfly (2nd brood) feeding on Blackberry flowers.jpg

This years brood of Brimstone Butterflies has emerged, this female is feeding on a thistle flower. With luck she will spend the summer building up her strength, hibernate for the winter and emerge next Spring to mate and lay her eggs. They do not have a second brood.

Ref: DF3_20230725_1546_079 Brimstone Butterfly female feeding of Thistle flower.jpg

16 Sep 2023

We had begun to think that this year was a disaster for our normally healthy population of Peacock Butterflies, but suddenly there a 'a few' about.
The early start of the season seems to have had quite the opposite effect here on this species.

Ref: DF3_20230726_1256_108 2 Peacock Butterflies on single thistle head.jpg

We are delightfully 'awash' with Red Admiral Butterflies in numbers we don't ever remember seeing before. Here are two feasting on a Teasel flower with the two rings of flowers now working their way up and down.

Ref: DF3_20230725_0850_029 2 Red Admiral Butterflies feeding on Teasel head with 2 rings of flowers.jpg

This clump of Teasel flower heads catches the development of the heads in just a single moment. The initial single ring of flowers splits into rising and falling rings as the days go by.

Ref: DF3_20230725_1301_039 7 Teasel heads flowering in various stages of rings of flowers.jpg

15 Sep 2023

The early morning sun backlights this Wood Pigeon and makes the mass of Teasel heads positively glow.

Ref: D01_20230725_0718_085_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on Meadow Post backlit by morning sunshine.jpg

Half an hour earlier the next day the Teasels are still in shade, and the wind is now Easterly (towards the camera) so we get a rather different image.

Ref: D01_20230726_0642_131_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on Meadow Post backlit by morning sunshine.jpg

We find dozens of 'opened' Wood Pigeon eggs around the sites, but they are usually partly chipped open and then broken open by the incumbents exit.
When you think about the balled up chick opening the egg its amazing that the chips accurate arrived back at the starting point.

Ref: DF3_20230707_1618_042 Pigeon Egg very neatly opened.jpg

14 Sep 2023

Accurate positioned alternate frames from this Hare's 'run-by' So this sequence covers about 1.5 seconds.

Ref: DF3_20230721_0711_153-163 Hare running down Farm Road grass verge (approx montage @7fps alternate frames).jpg

A Hare 'caught' in an amazing position with 3 legs on the ground, but the one front leg behind the rear legs.

Ref: BUA_20230725_0632_094_SC8 Hare running towards east hedge gap with front leg behind rear.jpg

On the grass by the Duck Pond the trail cam catches this moment of a Hare rearing upwards. The interval between the images is probably 2 or 3 seconds - much longer than the moment we photographed a few days earlier (Shown on 11 Sep 2023)

Ref: BU8_20230725_2024_074+075 Hare standing vertical (grass near Duck Pond) (montage moved for overlap).jpg

13 Sep 2023

Here we have a Buzzard spiralling across the sky.

Ref: DF3_20230720_1248_050 Buzzard makes complete circle in Thermal @7fps every 5 frame 06 of 19 (crop).jpg

The real size of the circles is many times as big as this, but a spiral of 'brown dots' is not very satisfying. So here we offer an 'impression' made from a genuine sequence from an original over 100 frames.

Ref: DF3_20230720_1248_055-115 Buzzard makes complete circle in Thermal @7fps every 5 frames 07(top)-19 of 19 (montage).jpg

12 Sep 2023

The centre Grey Squirrel is 'walking' down the tree trunk by turning round his rear claws - a wonderfully evolved trick. They seems to have collected a seed head they are carrying in their mouth. At the left another is climbing upward - there is food to be had!
NOT a montage.

Ref: BU7_20230720_1347_006 Grey Squirrel walking down tree trunk with seed head in mouth as another climbs.jpg

"Hunt the Flea?"

Ref: E60_20230717_1647_013+018+1648_025_FB3 Grey Squirrel grooming on Bird Table (montage).jpg

100 acres of ripe corn around us keeps many of the wild omnivores well fed. Even after harvest they will be able to find dropped seeds for weeks.

Ref: E64_20230723_1931_040_FB2 Green Squirrel with head of wheat crop from 30m away.jpg

11 Sep 2023

A pair of Hares, more interested in each other than humans about 100m away down the Farm Road, were having a little low-key chase - two on the right and the same pair on the left about a second later. You have to keep really still not to frighten them away.

Ref: D71_20230717_0709_043+049 2 Hares chasing about off and on Farm Road (accurate montage over about 1 second).jpg

One of the Hares stayed well back, while the other approached along the edge of the Farm Road, suddenly reaching upwards before dropping down again.
All over in less than 1 second.

Ref: D71_20230717_0709_082-087 Hare off edge of Farm Road suddenly rears upwards 1-6 of 7 (montage @8fps).jpg

Ref: D71_20230717_0709_083-085 Hare off edge of Farm Road suddenly rears upwards 2-4 of 7 (montage @8fps).jpg

The nearby Hare then wandered back down the concrete road. Here is a moment when you can again see both of them.
If you follow Japanese Anime from studio Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli you may know of director Kondo Yoshifumi's sweet film 'Whisper of the Heart' where a rendering of 'Country Road' as a humorous 'Concrete Road' has a special resonance.

Ref: D71_20230717_0711_110 Hare crouching on Farm Road with another in distance.jpg

10 Sep 2023

A Red Admiral, here NOT showing their vivid top of wing colours, has their proboscis deep into the nectary of this blackberry flower

Ref: D72_20230715_1249_026 Red Admiral Butterfly feeding from Blackberry flower.jpg

A Red Admiral Butterfly tucking into the nectar from a Purple Loosestrife flower growing in a patch in the main pond. The insert shows their figure-of-eight proboscis tucking into the flower.

Ref: DF3_20230717_1322_009 Red Admiral Butterfly feeding on Purple Loosestrife in main pond (crop + insert).jpg

Another Red Admiral Butterfly, this time hanging from a grass stem. The Proboscis is rolled up and hidden away.

Ref: DF3_20230718_1028_072 Red Admiral Butterfly hanging from grass stem.jpg

09 Sep 2023

Green Woodpeckers are active birds, flying about looking for their small invertebrates. They most like ants, but unfortunately we don't have any suitable to auto-photograph. And Green woodpecker flee at the first hint of a human.

Ref: D01_20230714_0947_101+0948_104+1018_114_FB6 Green Woodpecker male visits to Meadow Post (montage).jpg

Here we catch the adult male Green Woodpecker (right) with a juvenile male - undoubtedly 'his' youngster.

Ref: E6A_20230714_1031_044_FB5 Green Woodpecker male juvenile + adult male at Meadow site.jpg

2 days later probably the same adult and juvenile male Green Woodpecker are sharing the meadow post.

Ref: D01_20230716_0643_335_FB6 Green Woodpecker adult male (left) with juvenile male.jpg

08 Sep 2023

The Gatekeeper Butterfly is smaller than the larger Red Admiral (lots of these this year) and Peacock (only one seen this year on 18July2023).
Their antennae are shadowed on the leaf below.

Ref: DF3_20230713_1352_006 Gatekeeper Butterfly on leaf with shadow of antennae on leaf below.jpg

A couple of days later this pair of Gatekeeper Butterflies are mating on a grass blade.

Ref: D72_20230715_1116_012 Gatekeeper Butterfly pair mating on grass leaf (crop).jpg

Both male and female Brimstone Butterflies are on the wing. This female is on a newly flowering Teasel head.
The first Teasel flowers appear as a ring near the 'equator'. Then the ring splits into 2 rings that 'move' upwards and downwards to reach the 'poles'.

Ref: DF3_20230719_1430_175 Brimstone Butterfly female on newly flowering Teasel.jpg

07 Sep 2023

This female Reeves' Muntjac Deer has to walk right down into the duck pond to reach the water for a drink.

Ref: BU8_20230707_2236_120+121+2237_127+135 Muntjac Reeves Deer female enters Duck Pond to drink (approx montage).jpg

Ponds are an important feature of our wildlife sanctuary, but inevitably there are misfortunes with the water. This incredibly symmetrical rings of ripples in the Round Pond turned out to be a poor little moth struggling to get free of the water. Freeing him with a long piece of fallen branch was a most frustrating endeavour, eventually accomplished.

Ref: D72_20230705_0813_015 Moth caught in surface tension makes ripple pattern before rescue.jpg

06 Sep 2023

We hadn't spotted this Hare before they took exception to our approach and set off in the not particularly panicked run away across the hedge margin and up onto the Farm Road. They paused by the tree before setting off again for the concrete road.

Ref: DF3_20230712_0809_008-0810_038 Hare runs across south grass margin up onto Farm Road @7fps 08-38 of 38 (impression montage).jpg

05 Sep 2023

For the first time in 4 months we get a good sighting of a Sparrowhawk. This is a female or well a developed juvenile, out in the rain on the Meadow Post.

Ref: D01_20230711_1758_126_FB6 Sparrowhawk female or juvenile on meadow post in rain 2 of 2 (crop).jpg

On the left of each pair of magpies is an adult, first bringing some food for the youngster on the right, and then staying for a rest.
Yes - the youngster looks plumper than the adult, as we have seen every year!

Ref: D01_20230708_1552_200-1554_204_FB6 Magpie adult brings food to juvenile on Meadow Post for 3 min visit 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

04 Sep 2023

It is clear that we have regular visits from a family of Green Woodpeckers - Mum, Dad and now at least one sprog.
Here is the male landing in an extremely poor state - probably still wet from a bath.

Ref: D01_20230711_1046_090_FB6 Green Woodpecker male landing on Meadow post with disheveled feathers.jpg

Here we see the male at the top, with a juvenile clambering up the post.

Ref: d01_20230711_1214_095_fb6 Green Woodpecker male on Meadow post joined by juvenile below 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

Dad Green Woodpecker on the post top ...

Ref: D01_20230711_1224_098-1226_102_FB6 Green Woodpecker male 3 minute visit to Meadow Post (montage).jpg

.. and a few minutes later the young Green Woodpecker takes over the position.

Ref: D01_20230711_1232_104-1235_110_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile 4 minute visit to Meadow Post (montage).jpg

03 Sep 2023

Lots of activity takes place in the hours of darkness
On the evening of the same day we first see this lovely Hare inside our east hedge just as it is getting dark.

Ref: BUA_20230708_2040_142+2041_145+147_SC8 Hare inside East hedge gap at twilight 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg

Lots of activity takes place in the hours of darkness
This fox is probably looking back at another fox we witnessed following them a few minutes earlier.

Ref: BUA_20230708_2103_156_SC8 Fox looking back at east entrance.jpg

Lots of activity takes place in the hours of darkness
Quite a lot of Badgers pass through the site even in winter, but the pics are normally so poor that we don't keep them. But this one took our fancy as much clearer than usual.

Ref: BU2_20230708_2107_197_SC7 Badger on Round Mound ar dusk.jpg

02 Sep 2023

A female Small Skipper Butterfly perched delicately on the delicate grass seed head.

Ref: DF3_20230707_0827_019 Small Skipper Butterfly female perched on grass seed head.jpg

Comma Butterfly, named for the white mark on the bottom of the wings that you only see when the wings are closed, can be seen all over the sunny areas.

Ref: D72_20230711_1621_036 Comma Butterfly on leaf on Duck Pond island.jpg

Ref: DF3_20230712_1730_052 Comma Butterfly on teasel stem.jpg

Here we rather like the contrast of the scalloped edges of both Butterfly and plant leaf.

Ref: DF3_20230712_1731_054 Comma Butterfly on almost hidden nettle leaves.jpg

01 Sep 2023

The male Green Woodpecker arrives on the Meadow post looking appallingly dishevelled, probably fresh from a bath somewhere. 15 minutes later, as good as he will get during his moult, he looks much more like his old self.

Ref: D01_20230706_0927_028-0940_052_FB6 Green Woodpecker male preening on meadow post for 14 minutes (montage).jpg

An hour later we delightfully see parent (back to camera - sex uncertain) and juvenile Green Woodpeckers together on the meadow post. We have been so hoping to see a successful nesting - wherever they chose to nest.

Ref: D01_20230706_1024_057_FB6 Green Woodpecker adult + juvenile together on Meadow Post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg

Next morning, with the sun originally flaring out the camera, we see just a juvenile Green Woodpecker on their own, the sun outlining head and shoulders.

Ref: D01_20230707_0700_114_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile on Meadow Post (crop).jpg



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