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Date: 22 Feb 2023
View: E63_20230125_1530_341_FB1 Dunnock in flight threatening Chaffinch female on ground.jpg
Description: There isn't much food left at the hedge bottom, and these two birds are prepared to fight over access.

Date: 21 Feb 2023
View: BU8_20230124_1519_125 Hare standing by house gutters feed pipe to Duck Pond.jpg
Description: By the Duck Pond the trail-cam catches a pic this Hare surveying the scene. The yellow pipe is a 19mm hosepipe (so larger than typical garden hoses) that transports pumped water from a gutter filled water butt to top up this pond. That's when the water isn't frozen solid and the 50m pipe also blocked by ice!

View: DF5_20230125_1126_027 Fieldfare on Iced-over Main Pond.jpg
Description: After a couple of distant sightings we see this Fieldfare out on the main pond ice pecking up corn.
There are about 50 quartering the surrounding countryside, but, unusually, going over pics of the groups doesn't find any Redwings - usually accounting for about 10% of Fieldfare flocks.

Date: 20 Feb 2023
View: DF3_20230124_1304_072-099 Red Kite circling in small thermal (selected montage).jpg
Description: This Red Kite doesn't seem at all bothered by us, and is happy to climb in thermals right next to us.

View: DF3_20230124_1329_132 Rook calling from Black Poplar tree.jpg
Description: Rooks are really noisy birds!

Date: 19 Feb 2023
View: E6A_20230123_1944_194_FB5 Fox hunting on heavily frosted ground.jpg
Description: A Fox checks over the frozen ground, probably disappointed at the lack of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) and Voles who tend to stay underground when the condition are poor.

View: E6A_20230125_1844_490-20230126_0503_563_FB5 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) re-appear on night of thaw 1-6 of 6 from 74 images (approx montage).jpg
Description: 2 days later overnight the thaw finally arrives. Between 18:44 and 05:03 the next morning the camera was triggered by Fieldmice (Wood Mice) an amazing 74 times - compared to a norm of 5 to 10. Here is a small sample.

View: D01_20230126_0406_131_FB6 Tawny Owl visit to Meadow Post.jpg
Description: It seems unlikely to be chance that a Tawny Owl made the first visit to the close-by Meadow Post for the first time since the frosts started. We didn't pick up any pics of the bird's successful hunt, but suspect that the Owl may have done quite well 'off camera'.

Date: 18 Feb 2023
View: DF3_20230123_1227_029+030 Chaffinch male flies from twig (slightly spread montage).jpg
Description: Chaffinches are suddenly more 'visible' than for the last few months. Here, trying to get a portrait of this male not yet in breeding plumage and beak, the camera instead catches this lift-off.

View: DF3_20230124_1303_040+043 Chaffinch male (winter colours) + Chaffinch female (montage at adjusted scale).jpg
Description: Here are male (left - with pink beak out of breeding colours) and female Chaffinches.
Don't compare sizes which have been adjusted to be about the same size.

Date: 17 Feb 2023
View: PK1_20230124_1342_893 2 Long-tailed Tits on kitchen peanut feeder.jpg
Description: A few sightings of Long-tailed Tits in the trees are very difficult to photograph here - one sight of the human and they magically 'vanish'. But they can't see us in the Kitchen with the light turned off, so we get a chance at a photo or two in the shade of the house. Here are two Long-tailed Tits and one (blurred) Blue Tit at the peanut feeder. Long-tailed Tits understand Peanut feeders but never stay more than a minute or two.

View: DF3_20230120_1541_078+079 Long-tailed Tit flying from twig (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Here one Long-tailed Tit makes a delayed departure on the arrival of humans, for which the cameraman caught these two moments about 140mS apart. Wildlife programs are forever telling us how herds of animals confuse predators who need to concentrate on one individual, and it seem that flock of birds in flight has a similar effect on the 'Photographer' species.

Date: 16 Feb 2023
View: E64_20230121_0342_153_FB2+E63_1939_254_FB1 Badger visits to woodland site and same evening the hedge bottom (montage).jpg
Description: We think that this is the same Badger visiting the Woodland site in the small hours, and a couple of hours after dark on the same day, the Meadow site.

View: BU2_20230120_0328_104+0506_106+107+2202_165_SC7 3 Badger visits to Round Mound in 1 day (approx montage).jpg
Description: Here what looks like the same badger wandering over the Round Mound several times.
The positions on the mound are real but the apparent 'progression' is chance.

View: E64_20230123_0151_057_FB2 Badger pushing up ground debris by fallen branch.jpg
Description: A Badger stops by at the woodland site in the hope of at least a snack. We don't know whether the Badger gobbled down the very obvious Banana peel.

Date: 15 Feb 2023
View: E63_20230119_1558_089_FB1 Pheasant female at Hedge bottom.jpg
Description: One of the female Pheasants at the hedge bottom.

View: E63_20230120_1404_137_FB1 Pheasant male and Grey Squirrel together.jpg
Description: Next day, also at mid-afternoon we see one of the males - a larger bird than the females but shown here at a smaller scale to include the Grey Squirrel apparently letting the Pheasant be.

View: BU5_20230122_1509_089_SC1 Pheasant pair on edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: One of the male Pheasants is seen here 'squiring' one of his 'ladyloves' on the bank of the solidly frozen surface of Round Pond.

Date: 14 Feb 2023
View: E63_20230119_1331_051_FB1 Grey Squirrel holding apple in paws to eat.jpg
Description: Some of the behaviour of Grey Squirrels is agonisingly human.

View: DF3_20230121_1338_158 Grey Squirrel eating corn outside conservatory door.jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel is out in sub-zero temperatures gobbling up the food scattered outside the back door. We don't often get to see the open mouth - usually hidden by the paws while nibbling corn.
The orange cable powers the heated water tray much used by birds and mammals.

Date: 13 Feb 2023
View: D01_20230119_1319_015+016_FB6 Magpie glides down from meadow post (accurate montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: This Magpie looks like it is gliding down from a perch on the top of the Meadow Post down to the 'Meadow' photo site.

Date: 12 Feb 2023
View: D01_20230118_1309_088+089_FB6 Rook lands on Meadow Post as Jackdaw aborts own landing (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: Both the Jackdaw (smaller bird) and the Rook seem to have been intending to land on the Meadow post. Size wins!

Date: 11 Feb 2023
View: E64_20230117_1600_132_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male rear view of feeding at Woodland site (crop 1).jpg
Description: A male Reeves' Muntjac Deer overfills the camera frame feeding at the woodland site.

View: E64_20230117_1600_132_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male rear view of feeding at Woodland site (crop 2 - tusk detail).jpg
Description: In a detail from the extended image we see that the little tusks look really tough and ready for a fight - males use their tusks in dominance disputes. The male's Antlers are also used in fights, even though they only have them for some of each year.

View: DF3_20230118_1256_137 Muntjac Reeves Deer female quietly walking out of sight of humans.jpg
Description: We don't often get an outdoor view of Reeves' Muntjac Deer that lasts very long -
'Human - flee!'.
But this female was less bothered than the others and just quietly walked away.

Date: 10 Feb 2023
View: DF3_20230116_1400_003+006+007 Red Kite turning in flight while hunting over corn crop (impression montage) @7fps.jpg
Description: Here a Red Kite is hunting (unsuccessfully while we watched) over the farm Wheat crop.

View: DF3_20230116_1400_008 Red Kite in flight hunting over corn crop.jpg

View: DF3_20230116_1400_025+028+031 Red kite turning in flight to avoid trees (contracted montage).jpg

Date: 09 Feb 2023
View: DF5_20230119_1249_019 Magpie in top of Black Poplar tree.jpg
Description: Perhaps 20 metres high, this Magpie is nicely framed by the curved twigs of this 30 year old Black Poplar.

View: E63_20230116_1028_037_FB1 Robin on hedge bottom stone with reflection.jpg
Description: This Robin at the hedge bottom includes an almost complete reflection in the water that floods the path between camera and subject as run-off from the farm fields to our east.

Date: 08 Feb 2023
View: E6A_20230116_0852_013_FB5 Grey Squirrel feeding by muddy hole.jpg
Description: All that pristine fur with mud all over the paws they manage to keep off the white chest.

View: E60_20230118_1131_051_FB3 Grey Squirrel female (bad right eye (q)) appearing pregnant.jpg
Description: On the Kitchen bird table we spot what looks like the female Grey Squirrel with the wonky right eye, here looking very 'knocked up'!

View: E63_20230118_1315_308_FB1 Grey Squirrel carrying off small apple watched by another.jpg
Description: Another apple get the Squirrels 'take-away' treatment.
Is the second Squirrel at the left edge watching or preparing an ambush?

Date: 07 Feb 2023
View: D01_20230115_0637_133-0641_141_FB6 Tawny Owl visit to Meadow Post over 5+ minutes 1+5+3+4 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: A Tawny Owl here spend at least 5 minutes on the meadow post at the end of the night.

View: D01_20230116_1720_041-1722_45_FB6 Tawny Owl 3 minutes visit to Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Next day shortly after dark this Tawny Owl makes a short visit.

Date: 06 Feb 2023
View: BUA_20230115_0257_139+138_SC8 Badger pair near east hedge gap (accurate montage upper right first).jpg
Description: This pair of Badgers seem to have spent about an hour wandering the sites together.

View: BU2_20230115_0345_320+0342_312_SC7 2 Badger rough & tumble for 4+ minutes at bottom of mound (accurate montage right first).jpg
Description: At the bottom of the mound things get more boisterous.
Courting is a rough game for badgers!

View: BU2_20230116_0111_420+0122_422+0348_431_SC7 3 Badger visits to Round Mound over 3 hours (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Next day after midnight this solitary Badger wanders over the Round Mound.

Date: 05 Feb 2023
View: D01_20230113_1510_045_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on meadow post showing plumage on top of wing.jpg
Description: This landing Wood Pigeon provides a rather nice view of the top of her wings.

View: E60_20230114_1148_028_FB3 Wood Pigeon landing next to another catching standing birds shadow.jpg
Description: Spring is 'round the corner' and its time for the birds and  bees  mammals to start the first overtures of 'romance'. This includes trusting your potential partner not to be crashing into you.

View: E60_20230114_1548_031_FB3 Wood Pigeon landing next to another catching standing birds shadow.jpg
Description: The bird at the back (with eye shut) is still folding their wings.

View: DF5_20230102_0935_002+0936_006+013 Wood Pigeons courting in young Silver Birch tree1- 3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A pair of Wood Pigeons getting 'Romantic'.

Date: 04 Feb 2023
View: E63_20230109_1109_052_FB1 Blackbird male at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A perky male Blackbird

View: E63_20230111_1422_257_FB1 Blackbird male with water spangled tail stepping across hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A raindrop spangled male Blackbird walks across the hedge bottom.

View: E6A_20230108_1418_357_FB5 Blackbird female with worm in beak (crop).jpg
Description: The  early  mid-afternoon bird get the worm.
OK - its way out of focus and off the edge of the frame, but its a fun moment to catch - except for the worm.

View: E63_20230105_0930_022_FB1 Blackbird male looking at food on ground.jpg
Description: A pair of Blackbirds seem to own the territory including both the hedge bottom and meadow sites (about 30 metres apart).

Date: 03 Feb 2023
View: E6A_20230108_1217_305_FB5 Dunnock in flight challenges Robin on ground.jpg
Description: Dunnock tries to chase away Robin

View: E63_20230108_1436_539_FB1 Robin in flight challenges Great Tit on ground (crop 2).jpg
Description: Robin tries to chase away Great Tit

View: E60_20230106_1643_019_FB3 Robin in flight over Kitchen bird table (crop).jpg
Description: A Robin perhaps a metre above the hedge bottom aerobraking to land.

Date: 02 Feb 2023
View: DF3_20230108_1233_041 Chinese Water Deer female (left) and male on crop margin to east (crop).jpg
Description: From about 100 metres away we get this photo of a pair of Chinese Water Deer relaxing in the grass. The left deer is a female and the right (with a generous sized 'tusk') is the male.

Date: 01 Feb 2023
View: BUA_20230107_2041_089_SC8 Fox near East hedge gap.jpg
Description: One or more Foxes visit on most nights, this one providing a rather nice portrait in the IR lit blackness.

View: BU7_20230110_0419_052 Fox about to jump over partly flooded ditch.jpg
Description: The ditch at the SW corner is now partly flooded - it seems from other blurred messes of photos that the Fox simply jumps over it rather than getting his paws and lower legs wet with the cold and muddy water.

View: BUA_20230111_0005_070_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer male foraging under leaves at midnight.jpg
Description: MIDNIGHT! - time for the current male Reeves' Muntjac Deer to enter our patch and continue his nightly forage.

View: BU5_20230112_0138_297_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer male on bank of Round Pond.jpg
Description: An hour or so after midnight the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer walks by the side of the Round Pond.

Date: 31 Jan 2023
View: D01_20230107_1801_123_FB6 Barn Owl visits to Meadow Post over 7 minutes 1 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: One of the rare visits of the Barn Owl starts with this delightful spread of wings.

View: D01_20230107_1803_127+1807_135+1802_125_FB6 Barn Owl visits to Meadow Post over 7 minutes 3+7+2 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: Over the next 7 minutes the Barn Owl turned their back to the camera as they moved around searching the area - mostly with their ears!

Todays image (view it Here)

Date: 30 Jan 2023
View: E63_20230111_1508_263_FB1 Pheasant male at hedge bottom in full length.jpg
Description: Our lovely male pheasant manages to take a selfie including his whole length.

View: E64_20230106_1338_103_FB2 Pheasant female at woodland site (previously only seen at Round Pond).jpg
Description: The female Pheasant appears to be the individual we have only previously seen lurking around Round Pond.

View: E64_20230109_1209_015_FB2 2 Pheasant females feeding at Woodland site.jpg
Description: Our two friendly (sisters?) female Pheasants feed quietly together in a vague interpretation of the Yin-yang symbol.
Wanting to have Yin-yang spelt correctly, we discovered spaced, hyphenated, joined together and various capitalisations. Pick your favourite

View: DF3_20230109_1050_004-008 Pheasant male soaked by rain running over farm crop 1-5 of 5 (slightly stretched montage @7fps).jpg
Description: What looks like our regular male Pheasant is here seen outside our patch on the farm crop. Although over 100m away he wasn't pleased to see us, and started running off over the crop to the hedge at the bridleway. The droopy tail feathers suggests that the overall dark colour is because his feathers have become soaked in the seemingly endless rain.

Image Archive arch 2023 jan.htm (view it Here)

Date: 29 Jan 2023
View: D36_20230105_2008_022_FB4 Tawny Owl landing on Tree-stump (orig & final).jpg
Description: An evening landing by a Tawny Owl on the Tree-stump

View: D01_20230106_0418_045_FB6 Tawny Owl 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1 of 5 (crop).jpg
Description: At 4 a.m. of the same night probably the same Tawny Owl visits the meadow post for at least 5 minutes.

View: D01_20230106_0419_047-0422_053_FB6 Tawny Owl 5+ minute visit to Meadow Post 2-5 of 5 (montage).jpg

Date: 28 Jan 2023
View: E64_20230105_0810_006+1329_036_FB2 Grey Squirrel visits to Woodland site morning and afternoon (montage).jpg
Description: 5 hours apart we see what looks like the same Grey squirrel in almost identical positions on either side of the fallen branch.

View: E6A_20230109_1239_051_FB5 Grey Squirrel with Carrot in mouth.jpg
Description: Carrot ends seem to be a favourite among some of the Grey Squirrels.

Date: 27 Jan 2023
View: E63_20230104_1342_218_FB1 2 Pheasant females giving impression of two headed bird.jpg
Description: "Frankenpheasant!"
Absolutely no photo-fiddling here - just a line-of-sight effect.

View: E64_20221229_1523_088_FB2 Pheasant male stepping over fallen branch.jpg
Description: Our current male Pheasant takes his selfie.

View: E6A_20230104_1453_281+1455_284+1459+284_FB5 Wood Pigeon feeding at meadow site (montage).jpg
Description: This Wood Pigeon spends a few minutes searching around the Meadow site. After the easy access stuff, its head-down into the collapsed mouse tunnel 'pothole'.

Date: 26 Jan 2023
View: BUA_20230102_2041_068_SC8 Hare near East hedge gap showing length of legs.jpg
Description: Caught in an atypical position we see this Hare investigating the Leaf-litter with rear legs partly unfolded showing just how long they are.

View: BU5_20230104_0622_136-138_SC1 Tawny Owl lands near edge of Round Pond 1-3 of 3 (montage spread horizontally).jpg
Description: The only 'sighting' of an Owl in a week is this Tawny Owl landing at the edge of Round Pond at the end of a night's hunting.

Date: 25 Jan 2023
View: DF3_20230102_0957_006-0958_015 Jay flying to branch at Brook 1-6+9 of 9 (accurate montage 1 @7fps)jpg.jpg
Description: Sightings of Jays here are normally restricted to the automatic camera sites or glimpses on bird tables. But here we see one feeding on the grass along the field margin by the brook (about 100m away). The Jay takes off and rises up to land on a branch of one of the trees lining the brook.
We offer 3 montages - the flight and landing in context, a closer view, and finally the last 3 moments in nearly camera resolution.

View: DF3_20230102_0957_006-0958_015 Jay flying to branch at Brook 1-6+9 of 9 (accurate montage 2 @7fps)jpg.jpg

View: DF3_20230102_0957_010-0958_015 Jay flying to branch at Brook 5+6+9 of 9 (accurate montage 3 @7fps)jpg.jpg

Date: 24 Jan 2023
View: DF3_20230101_1223_021 Dead Willow stump extensively chewed by Grey Squirrel (crop).jpg
Description: Some of you may remember the saga of the deeply ring-barked Willow pollard that just didn't die. Some minor trunks of the pollard did, and have been used for a few years by basking Squirrels. Their endless chewing of the dead wood has accumulated to the point where the remains are an almost abstract sculpture.

View: E63_20230101_1322_192_FB1 Grey Squirrel partly hidden by hedge trunks.jpg
Description: "GUILTY!"

View: E60_20230101_1422_031_FB3 Grey Squirrel poised elegantly on Kitchen Bird Table.jpg
Description: A Grey Squirrel poses elegantly on the Kitchen bird table.
A little reminiscent of women in our youth looking at the back of their legs to see if the stocking seam is straight!

Date: 23 Jan 2023
View: E63_20221230_1222_107_FB1 Grey Squirrel carries away small apple.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels really do seem to have a 'thing' for apples.
This is at the Hedge Bottom.

View: E6A_20221230_1231_176+1234_177_FB5 Grey Squirrel probably pushes apple into hole to hold still while eating (montage).jpg
Description: 10 minutes later at the Meadow site we see another 'Apple attack' by what the different fur pattern suggests is a different Squirrel. We THINK the Squirrel is rolling the apple into the collapsed Mouse hole to keep it still to dig into the apple with their teeth.

View: E64_20230104_1244_147_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying away whole small apple.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels seem to go 'ape' over small apples left over from Autumn.

View: E64_20230102_1257_056_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying away whole Banana peel.jpg
Description: No Apples left? This whole banana skin will have to do.

Date: 22 Jan 2023
View: PK1_20221230_1206_754 Muntjac Deer male foraging at edge of main pond at noon.jpg
Description: Reeve's Muntjac Deer are mainly creatures of the night, but here at noon out of the Kitchen windows we see this male quietly foraging along the edge of the main pond.

View: DF3_20230102_1000_019+023+025 Muntjac Reeves deer male foraging along north bridleway (approx montage).jpg
Description: A mid-morning sighting of a male Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly foraging along the Bridleway to our north. He must have been pretty intent on feeding not to notice us stopping for these pics and then passing some 50m away.

View: BU7_20230103_2204_018 Muntjac Deer pair around south hedge gap.jpg
Description: The female Reeves' Muntjac Deer (left) has entered through the normal hedge gap. The male (right) seems to have come in by another route - these seemingly impenetrable hedge stems are little barrier to creatures of this size.

Date: 21 Jan 2023
View: E64_20221227_1243_106_FB2 Grey Squirrel scraping out Chestnut husks.jpg
Description: As Vegans we eat quite a lots of nuts all year, and enjoy the Christmas glut of fresh nuts available from the supermarkets. Here this Grey Squirrel is using his sharp front teeth to scrape out the cooked Chestnut husks of fragments that our cutlery missed.

Date: 20 Jan 2023
View: E64_20221223_1916_112_FB2 Tawny Owl at Woodland site (crop).jpg
Description: A Tawny Owl landing at the Woodland site, not apparently catching anything.
The shadows of the primary feathers make this pic a bit confusing - the bird is facing right with their right eye just above the centre of the frame.

View: D01_20221226_1654_059+1655_061_FB6 Tawny Owl makes 2 short visits each end of single night 1+2 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: The first of just 2 visits in one night to the Meadow Post by a Tawny Owl - this one just after dark. There is nothing close by over the post so we don't know what the owl is looking at.

View: D01_20221227_0707_065-0809_069_FB6 Tawny Owl makes 2 short visits each end of single night 3-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: The second of just 2 visits to the Meadow Post by a Tawny Owl - this one just before dawn. Again we don't know what the owl is looking at in the middle frame.

Date: 19 Jan 2023
View: E6A_20221226_0755_006_FB5 Wood Pigeon with head turned to pick up corn.jpg
Description: A Wood Pigeon delicately swivels their head in an arc to pick up and swallow all the corn they can reach before moving on.

View: E63_20221226_1127_051_FB1 Grey Squirrel nibbling corn grain in paws.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels don't 'shovel in' corn - they always carefully nibble it held in their paws. While endearing to watch, it is probably that the corns need to be crumbled up for their digestive systems to extract the goodness.
Birds have a gizzard to break up hard foods that Squirrels do not.

Date: 18 Jan 2023
View: DF5_20221226_1340_042+1334_104 Sparrowhawk female preening in Ash tree after bathing 1+9 of 9 (montage).jpg
Description: Sparrowhawk sightings are normally rather transient affairs, but this Sparrowhawk, obviously wet from a bath, is now having a bask and a preen in an Ash tree on the other side of the main pond.

View: PK1_20221226_1343_659-DF5_20221226_1344_109 Sparrowhawk female preens in Ash tree after bath 2+4+5+8 of 9 (montage 2 views).jpg
Description: These moments of the Sparrowhawk are here a little rescaled for consistency from 2 different cameras.

View: PK1_20221226_1345_718+728-731 Sparrowhawk female launching from Ash Tree branch 1-5 of 6 (impression montage).jpg
Description: Here is the Sparrowhawk departing.
Left to right the bird is perched, turns and looks behind, and dives down and out of sight. This montage is extremely stretched horizontally.

Date: 17 Jan 2023
View: E6A_20221223_1404_125_FB5 Grey Squirrel standing in Mouse cavity eating Banana.jpg
Description: A collapsed mouse tunnel is now big enough for a Grey Squirrel to comfortably stand in. Banana is on the menu at this moment.

View: E6A_20221223_1441_139_FB5 Grey Squirrel head down in Mouse cavity.jpg
Description: What else is there down here?

View: E6A_20221226_1513_104_FB5 Wood Pigeon with head in collapsed mouse hole.jpg
Description: This Wood Pigeon has their head down into the ever expanding hole started by the collapsed mouse hole.

Date: 16 Jan 2023
View: E63_20221221_1303_231_FB1 Pheasant male neck down rear view for feather detail (crop).jpg
Description: At the hedge bottom the male Pheasant manages to photograph himself with his head out of the top of the frame. It seems likely that he is making his characteristic call, fluffing out his feathers as he does so making this what we think is a lovely almost abstract study

View: E6A_20221224_1425_256_FB5 Pheasant male standing in mouse cavity.jpg
Description: The male Pheasant here standing in the collapsed Mouse tunnel.

View: E64_20221221_1319_258_FB2 2 Pheasant females feeding together at woodland site.jpg
Description: Here are two of his four 'lady friends' / Harem

Date: 15 Jan 2023
View: E63_20221217_1454_295_FB1 Rook walking across hedge bottom.jpg
Description: The camera catches this lovely Rook at the hedge bottom. His feathers are glistening in the camera flash.

View: DF3_20221227_0951_014 20 Rooks in Black Poplar with 4 last-seasons nests (orig & final).jpg
Description: Rook Central - 4 old nests and about 20 birds in various stages of courtship.

View: D01_20221217_1413_172+1423+180_FB6 Rook and later Jackdaw on Meadow Post (montage).jpg
Description: An interesting size comparison - Rook on the left, Jackdaw on the right.

Date: 14 Jan 2023
View: DF5_20221224_1150_008+013+011 Jay preening on silver birch after bathing 1+3+2 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: It is very unusual for us to get to see a Jay other than as a photo in one of the automatic cameras, but here we see one across main pond having an extensive preen after a rather thorough bath. After grabbing a few pics through the window a magpie decided they wanted the same perch and chased off this little delight before immediately flying off themselves.

Date: 13 Jan 2023
View: DF3_20221220_1256_004-006 Sparrowhawk in flight 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: We surprise the local Sparrowhawk as we exit from the front of the house.
The images are at 7 fps but arbitrarily spaced.

View: DF3_20221220_1256_004 Sparrowhawk in flight 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: A closer look at the first of the sequence.

View: E60_20221220_1502_045_FB3 Sparrowhawk landing on Kitchen perch.jpg
Description: Obviously being startled by humans does not deter this particular Sparrowhawk for very long, here landing on the Kitchen perch about 20m away a couple of hours later. Some individuals abandon an area for a day or more if disturbed, others just give it 'a while' before returning.

Date: 12 Jan 2023
View: D01_20221220_0111_101+0117_107_FB6 Tawny Owl visits to meadow post over 13m includes part swallowed prey 2+3 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: In a few minutes sequence of Tawny Owl visits in the whole week, one of the arrivals includes the tail end of some unfortunate creature still on the way down the hatch.

View: E60_20221220_0134_025_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on Kitchen Perch (crop).jpg
Description: A few minutes later the same Tawny Owl lands on the Kitchen Window perch to take this selfie.

Date: 11 Jan 2023
View: E63_20221219_1206_011_FB1 Pheasant male with beak caked in mud.jpg
Description: The male Pheasant has been getting himself into a sticky mess pecking through the clay based soil. This is at the hedge bottom.

View: E6A_20221219_1320_149+1326_150+1327_151_FB5 Pheasant male with muddy beak makes 7 minute visit to Meadow site (montage).jpg
Description: 80 minutes later, his beak still caked in mud, he spends 7 minutes at the Meadow Site.

Date: 10 Jan 2023
View: BU8_20221217_1601_151 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging in snow.jpg
Description: Snow is really miserable for grazing and foraging mammals. They must eat to keep warm but finding every mouthful is an effort.

View: BU3_20221218_1130_058-060_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer male crossing snowy access track (montage).jpg
Description: The following morning we see the male crossing the access track.

Date: 09 Jan 2023
View: E64_20221215_1050_035_FB2 Pheasant female.jpg
Description: Four female Pheasant have suddenly started frequenting the sites. This one is at the Woodland site before snow ...

View: E6A_20221216_0925_106_FB5 Pheasant female on snow at Meadow site.jpg
Description: ... and a day later after overnight snow this female Pheasant may be a little bewildered at the Meadow site.

View: E64_20221217_0805_186_FB2 Pheasant pair at Woodland site (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: Our first Pheasant 'pair' sighting this season, as this male 'guards' one of his Harem.
This site is largely sheltered by a large conifer and the snow has already melted just a day later.

Date: 08 Jan 2023
View: E6A_20221211_0346_450_FB5 Rabbit hops toward camera.jpg
Description: The cold weather has increased the incidence of Rabbits at the camera sites. This one appears at about 4 a.m. No Hares seen recently inside or outside our patch.

View: E6A_20221213_1628_268+1629_269_FB5 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and Robin close together at Meadow site (montage).jpg
Description: Something we don't see often is these 'night' and 'day' shifts quietly co-existing.

View: E63_20221214_1105_255_FB1+E6A_20221215_0846_444_FB5 Grey Squirrels feeding at Hedge Bottom & snow covered Meadow (montage).jpg
Description: Splashes of colour in a sea of nearly greys on the right seem a little strange.
Reminds us of movies where the editor does tricks (sometimes CGI and sometimes set design) to colour only the character or thing they want to highlight.

Date: 07 Jan 2023
View: D72_20221210_1246_104-107 Lapwing flying overhead (from flock of about 8) 1-4 of 4 (impression montage @8fps).jpg
Description: We last saw any Lapwings 11 years ago (2011) on the last year that the fields around us were used as pasture. Stepping out of the back door finds a flock of about 8 were flying over, and the camera was swiftly swung up to catch 'tail-end-Charlie' flap their way across

Date: 06 Jan 2023
View: D72_20221210_1059_092 Viburnum Flower buds with frost spikes.jpg
Description: At the back of the main pond we have 2 Viburnum Birkwoodii bushes that create some lift from the winter gloom by flowering in the winter. This group of buds is covered in frost icicles, but expect to flower anyway.

View: D72_20221211_0907_137 leaves covered in icicle spikes.jpg
Description: Many of the plants are covered in these spiky icicles. We can't see quite why they form and may spend a little while researching it.

View: D72_20221211_0905_119 Spider web in heavy frost on IR sender.jpg
Description: This is the back of the IR beam sender that triggers the camera focussed on the top of the Meadow Post, with a still intact Spider's web now heavily frosted.

Date: 05 Jan 2023
View: BU5_20221212_0139_106_SC1 Fox (possibly carrying prey) in wind blown snow.jpg
Description: Most of the snow (about 2.3mm of water which lays at something over 10 times the depth of snow) arrived overnight on the early hours of Monday (12th Dec) in what looks like a strong north wind. This passing fox triggered this camera which shows them probably carrying some prey in their mouth. Inspecting the frame that immediately follows, there is no sign of the pale area below the muzzle being in the background. The wind is from the North, and this and other camera facing even vaguely north soon becomes totally iced over. Tree trunks show snow adhering only to the north side.

View: E64_20221212_0733_116_FB2 Blackbird on freshly fallen snow at woodland site.jpg
Description: "What's gone wrong with the world?"

View: D72_20221212_1226_009 East hedge looking south covered in frost.jpg
Description: Brr!
This is our east hedge viewed from outside of the NE corner Even the evergreens are white.

View: BU8_20221213_1700_086-1703_093 Fox youngster pauses near Round Pond on snow (impression montage).jpg
Description: What looks like a young Fox spends a few minutes by the thoroughly frozen Duck Pond before wandering across to look over the ice.

Date: 04 Jan 2023
View: E64_20221209_1318_189_FB2 Grey Squirrel bounding over fallen branch with Hazelnut in mouth.jpg
Description: Where this Grey Squirrel found a clean Hazel nut we don't know. We have several Hazel trees but the nuts are normally snaffled by the Squirrels long before ripe.

View: E64_20221209_1323_191_FB2 Grey Squirrel nibbling apple from paws.jpg
Description: After the high protein nut, some apple to fill the tummy.

View: E60_20221212_1251_019_FB3 Grey Squirrel chasing another over snow covered kitchen bird table (crop).jpg
Description: Making their own snow shower, these 2 Grey Squirrels dispute ownership of the bird table.

View: E63_20221209_1114_241_FB1 Dunnock with corn kernel in beak.jpg
Description: This Dunnock has selected a corn kernel for a mid-morning feed.

Date: 03 Jan 2023
View: D72_20221208_1259_009-037 Buzzard in flight landing on 11kV cable (selected montage @8fps).jpg
Description: We catch this Buzzard's flight while the bird is over the main road in flapping flight, and watch as the bird changes to gliding along the 11kV cables before swooping up to arrive at a cable at 0 m.p.h. Masterful control!
First a montage of the whole sequence, starting at one frame intervals, changing to alternate frames and finally a few 'selected' as the bird lands (the last 2 shuffled along the wire in the paint package).

View: D72_20221208_1259_009-015 Buzzard in flight landing on 11kV cable (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Now 2 halves of the montage for more detail.

View: D72_20221208_1259_016-037 Buzzard in flight landing on 11kV cable (selected montage @8fps).jpg

Date: 02 Jan 2023
View: D72_20221208_1257_002-004 Blue Tit in thin hedge (montage).jpg
Description: This Blue Tit makes a glowing dot in the hedge.

View: E63_20221210_0829_338+0811_334+0800_333_FB1 Robin spends 30 minutes feeding at hedge bottom (montage).jpg
Description: What looks like the same Robin spending 30 minutes at the hedge bottom

View: E64_20221209_1612_235+1617_236+237_FB2 Pheasant male feeding at Woodland site (montage).jpg
Description: Our dominant male Pheasant spends several minutes working his way along the fallen branch

Date: 01 Jan 2023
View: E64_20221207_1131_313_FB2 Song Thrush.jpg
Description: Song Thrushes are not regular visitors at any camera site, and even more unusual to see one here at the woodland site.

View: D01_20221203_1547_074_FB6 Green Woodpecker (rear view) on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: The colours on Green Woodpeckers are really quite intense.
We have NOT 'wound up the colour' - its something about the strange evening light

Image Archive arch 2022 dec.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Dec 2022
View: E64_20221206_0751_149_FB2 Grey Squirrel starting to collect leaves for Drey.jpg
Description: As the thermometer continues to fall (its -3C at 10 a.m. on Friday 9th) this Squirrel has apparently decided that insulation for the drey is a rising priority. Here the first leaf has been selected.

View: D72_20221205_1229_005 Fir cone shredded by Grey Squirrel.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels find it worthwhile to shred fir cones to eat the seeds. This one chose the dip in a 'firebrick' used to weigh down the lid of this camera box as the dining table.

View: E60_20221206_1251_011_FB3 Grey Squirrel starting to drop from bird table with Peanut in mouth.jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel has found a peanut on the Kitchen bird table (you can see another not yet collected) and turns around the rear claws to control the impending nose-dive with the prize.

Date: 30 Dec 2022
View: D36_20221201_1703_020_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree-stump at twilight.jpg
Description: Two visits by what looks like the same tawny Owl to the Tree-stump in the Woodland on 2 successive evenings.
Rodents are attracted to the ground here because of the corn knocked from the tree-stump top each day.
Here about an hour after sunset ...

View: D36_20221202_1629_033_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree-stump at dusk (crop).jpg
Description: ... and next day just half-an-hour after sunset.
Note that the camera flash overwhelms both dim backgrounds!

Date: 29 Dec 2022
View: E63_20221201_0751_003_FB1 Blackbird male at hedge bottom with fresh grass growing behind.jpg
Description: This immaculate male Blackbird has selected some sort of seed now in his beak. His shadow shows the partly open beak.

View: E63_20221205_1021_051_FB1 Blackbird male with muddy beak.jpg
Description: The soil here is wet enough for probing the ground to leave your lovely yellow beak clogged with mud.

Date: 28 Dec 2022
View: DF3_20221128_1241_007 Green Woodpecker on trunk of leaning silver birch (crop 1).jpg
Description: This Green Woodpecker flies high above us and lands on this Silver Birch mostly obscured by trees closer to us. A creep along the path across the meadow finally finds a clear view without alarming the bird again, allowing this pic.

View: DF3_20221128_1241_007 Green Woodpecker on trunk of leaning silver birch (crop 2).jpg
Description: If you prefer more detail of the lovely bird, here it is. The red patch below the eye identifies this is an adult male.

Date: 27 Dec 2022
View: BUC_20221126_1331_306+308+1332_311_SC7 Muntjac Reeves deer male foraging over Round Mound (montage).jpg
Description: The male Reeves' Muntjac Deer (long antlers) spends a few minutes foraging on the side of Round Mound.

Date: 26 Dec 2022
View: D01_20221126_1004_044_FB6 2 Magpies contesting Meadow Post 2 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: A couple of Magpies both want to occupy the Meadow Post, or at least not let any other Magpie occupy it.
NOT a montage.

Date: 25 Dec 2022
View: D36_20221124_1238_011_FB4 Robin on Tree-stump.jpg
Description: A Robin stopping for a moment on the tree-stump deep in the now far-from-dark woods. A Christmas day Robin - sans snow!

View: E63_20221124_1822_125-20221125_0507_130_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) visiting hedge bottom over one night (montage of 4 frames).jpg
Description: From 4 frames of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) over one night we build this little fun montage.

Date: 24 Dec 2022
View: BUA_20221124_2256_015_SC8 Badger entering through east hedge gap.jpg
Description: Near the east access, this Badger gazes up at the camera.

View: BU5_20221127_0047_188_SC1 Badger climbing out of Round Pond.jpg
Description: Round Pond has self-filled sufficiently to be back as a 'watering hole'.

View: BU7_20221127_2227_054 Badger gazing upward near south hedge.jpg
Description: Near the south hedge this badger stops to gaze upwards.

Date: 23 Dec 2022
View: DF3_20221126_1231_053 Speedwell flowering in late Autumn on shingle by garage.jpg
Description: The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
Here we have patches of Speedwell actually in flower.

View: DF3_20221126_1251_064+65+69 Late Autumn leafing & flowering - Dead Nettle + Groundsel + Blackberry + Sow Thistle (montage).jpg
Description: The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
Here near a shed near the house one sweep of the camera catches four out of season events:-
    A White Dead Nettle in flower (The stinging variety are not flowering but are growing all too well).
    Patches of Groundsel flowers.
    A Blackberry stem growing fresh leaves.
    Flowering Sow Thistle.

View: D72_20221130_1209_026 Herb Robert flowering out of season & drenched in dew (crop 2).jpg
Description: The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
This is Herb Robert in flower absolutely drenched in dew (NOT a water spray!)

View: D72_20221130_1347_042 Blackberry plants fruiting and flowering on last day of November.jpg
Description: The plants world has gone crazy in the atypically benign November weather.
One of several places with both fresh Blackberry fruits and even new flowers.

Date: 22 Dec 2022
View: BU5_20221120_1234_400-402_SC1 Roe Deer female trotting past Round Pond (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Our only sighting of this Roe Deer on this day - just after noon - at the quietly rising Round Pond. She is 'trotting along' in the foreground around the edge of the pond left rear.

View: E64_20221122_1609_181_FB2 Roe Deer feeding at Woodland site (full height crop).jpg
Description: 2 days after the sighting at Round Pond we catch this moment at the Woodland site of a Roe Deer picking up scraps.
We see this from the rear with head down between the front legs.

Date: 21 Dec 2022
View: E60_20221119_1603_031+1617_032_FB3 Sparrowhawk passing over Kitchen perch twice in 15 minutes 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: Sparrowhawks continue to make regular passes around our house. Here only 15 minutes apart are 2 consecutive frames on the Kitchen Window camera that see them passing and sometimes trigger the IR sense beam.

Date: 20 Dec 2022
View: BU7_20221118_1914_063 Badger scratching cheek with claws.jpg
Description: A Badger delicately scratching the fur with one of those awesome claws.

View: E63_20221119_0203_227_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Hours later in the same night, this Badger inspects the food still left at the hedge bottom. The White stripes are lightly spattered with mud.

Date: 19 Dec 2022
View: E63_20221118_0204_146_FB1 Tawny Owl pouncing on prey at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: This Tawny Owl pounces on another rodent.

View: D01_20221120_1810_053_FB6+E6A_456+457_FB5 Tawny Owl Flies from Post to pounce on prey at Meadow site 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: 3 pics here all with the same timestamp just after dark 6:10 p.m. The mouse had already scarpered when the Tawny Owl pounced presumably onto a less vigilant member of the family.
We positioned the Post and Meadow site years ago in the hope of catching pairings like this, but this year the numbers of such events has soared.

View: E60_20221122_2152_014_FB3+D01_2152_049_FB6+E63_2213_152 Tawny Owl Hunt - Kitchen + Meadow + Hedge bottom (montage).jpg
Description: Left: 21:52 The Tawny Owl Leaves the Kitchen Perch in a flurry of feathers.
Centre: 21:52 (same time) arrives at the Meadow Post staying for a few minutes.
Right: 22:13 (21 minutes later) pounces on a Rodent at the Hedge bottom.

Date: 18 Dec 2022
View: BUA_20221116_1956_020+021_SC8 Fox standing still turns head and rotates ears towards camera (montage).jpg
Description: Just look at those steerable ears!
The fox is standing stock still with ears turned to pick up sounds from behind. Perhaps noticing the dark-red IR lamps, or detecting a sound old humans can't hear, turns their head towards the camera and swivels the ears in the same direction.

View: BU5_20221123_0448_235-237_SC1 Fox walks in Round Pond (approx montage.jpg
Description: The leaky Round Pond has filled from ground water and is now half a metre deep at some points. We suspect that this Fox is going down for a drink.

Date: 17 Dec 2022
View: D01_20221116_1045_074_FB6 Green Woodpecker male on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: A local male Green Woodpecker takes a selfie in the sunshine.
His beak is coated with mud - at this time of year an 'occupational hazard' for a bird that feeds by probing the ground and Ant nests.

Date: 16 Dec 2022
View: D72_20221115_1348_022+1349_027 Muntjac Reeves Deer male (partial antlers) looks for gap in hedge pig-net (montage).jpg
Description: "I'm sure there's a way through along here"
Our walk round the circling Farm Road surprises this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer outside our east hedge. The Deer promptly dives into the hedge but a few seconds later he reappears, and then every few metres down the hedge dives in and returns. The pig-net now buried in the hedge decades ago after an invasion of about 100 sheep is sufficient to stop the deer. Eventually he finds one of the patches where we have cut away a bit of the netting at the bottom and in he goes - this time NOT to be seen again.
This individual has his antlers in a half grown state we have not seen recently - so another male to add to the one we regularly see.

Date: 15 Dec 2022
View: D36_20221114_0454_060_FB4 Tawny Owl on Tree-stump - small and light coloured (crop).jpg
Description: Surprise - a rather small and light coloured Tawny Owl stops off at the Tree-stump in the Woodland. Our initial impression is one of this year's brood.
There is a small woodpile housing a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) nest about 10 metres in the direction the bird is staring!

View: D01_20221118_0101_031+0102_033+0228_035_FB6 Tawny Owl making 2 visits to Meadow Post 1+2+3(mirror) of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: The small hours of Friday saw this Tawny Owl making a 2 minute & later 3 minute visits to the meadow post 2 and a half hours apart.

Date: 14 Dec 2022
View: E60_20221113_1559_027_FB3 Sparrowhawk female landing on Kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: Another female Sparrowhawk portrait at the kitchen window.

Date: 13 Dec 2022
View: BU7_20221112_0147_055+056 Badger walks down from base of tree-trunk (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Something is 'going on' with Badgers at the tree-trunk near the south hedge gap.
Here we see a Badger apparently already climbed part way up the tree near the south hedge gap is now walking off along the ditch edge.

View: BU7_20221115_0159_031+033 Badger entering site and reaching up tree-trunk (montage).jpg
Description: In three images in the middle of three successive nights a Badger continues to take special interest in the bulge at the tree-trunk's base.

View: BU7_20221116_0246_070-073 Badger clambering up Tree-trunk at south hedge gap 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: On the next night we see the badger clambering as high as they can up the tree trunk.

View: BU7_20221116_2008_004-006 Badger momentarily reaching up tree trunk 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Next night another clambers up the tree-trunk near the south hedge gap. This is the highest we have seen one get so far

Date: 12 Dec 2022
View: BU7_20221111_1143_030 Grey Squirrel eating food item held in paws.jpg
Description: Near the South hedge gap this Squirrel has found a toothsome item to nibble their way through.

View: E6A_20221111_1311_122_FB5 Grey Squirrel female (bad right eye) eating large root held in paws.jpg
Description: 90m minutes later the female Grey Squirrel (with bad right eye) is chomping away at something substantial.

View: E64_20221114_1404_037_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating cooked potato peel from paws.jpg
Description: All that 5-a-day healthy fruit going begging as this Grey Squirrel prefers a piece of cooked potato peel.

View: E63_20221114_1553_089_FB1 Grey Squirrel biting into red Crab Apple.jpg
Description: Here is the female Grey squirrel with wonky right eye, apparently getting on absolutely fine. A piece of apple seems to be the choice of the moment.

Date: 11 Dec 2022
View: E63_20221104_1812_191_FB1 Tawny Owl attacks hedge bottom site (crop).jpg
Description: The previous week we saw no owls on the Meadow Post or Kitchen perch, but see a Tawny Owl probably attacking (apparently unsuccessfully) a rodent at both the Hedge Bottom site ...

View: E64_20221106_2035_535_FB2 Tawny Owl attacks woodland site (crop).jpg
Description: ... and at a similar time 2 days later, at the woodland site.

View: E63_20221111_0110_078_FB1 Tawny Owl hunting at hedge bottom (crop).jpg
Description: These regular on-camera attacks by a Tawny Owl are a new phenomena - normally we catch this only once or twice a year. At this site the direction of approach indicated that the bird perches in the conifer overhanging the camera, so we can't ever expect to get a face-on pic here :-(

Date: 10 Dec 2022
View: D01_20221108_0922_017_FB6 Magpie landing in heraldic position.jpg
Description: Touchdown!
The first claw of this majestic Magpie has just touched the edge of the post.

View: D01_20221108_0932_020_FB6 Magpie on Meadow post.jpg
Description: 10 minutes later this camera catches this Magpie in a more stable pose.

Date: 09 Dec 2022
View: E63_20221107_1019_041_FB1 Blackbird male.jpg
Description: A little sequence of portraits of the more regular small bird visitors ...

View: E63_20221107_1035_045_FB1 Robin.jpg

View: E63_20221107_1522_104_FB1 Chaffinch male in winter colours.jpg
Description: Note that apart from generally paler markings in winter, this male Chaffinch now has an all pink (natural colour) beak rather than the blue coating of the breeding colours.

Date: 08 Dec 2022
View: DF2_20221103_1358_007 Muntjac Reeves Deer male in overgrown vegetable bed making call.jpg
Description: Spotted in the 'Salad Bed' which is resting for the Winter (our excuse for the weeds), this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer was intermittently eating the weeds and barking.
You can eat as many of the weeds as you like!

View: BU3_20221108_0813_093+0814_095_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer pair female then male 1 minute apart (montage).jpg
Description: This pair of Reeves' Muntjac Deer follow the 'tradition' - the male (bottom pic) following the female (top pic), here caught in uncannily similar positions about 1 minute apart.

Date: 07 Dec 2022
View: E60_20221105_1324_030_FB3 Sparrowhawk male.jpg
Description: The male Sparrowhawk stops off on the kitchen perch.

View: E60_20221108_1634_013_FB3 Sparrowhawk female landing on Kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: 3 days later this female Sparrowhawk - the female is a bigger bird than the male - makes a startling landing facing in the opposite direction to male.

Date: 06 Dec 2022
View: DF3_20221104_1115_015 Wood Pigeon squatting on branch in sunshine.jpg
Description: Breeding season done, the Wood Pigeons spend a lot less time camped out on post and tree tops doing guard duty. This one has tucked themselves out of the wind by a young tree-trunk and just watched us watching them a few metres away.

View: DF3_20221104_0905_014 Rook pair in Black Poplar tree nearest house.jpg
Description: On the other hand, Rooks are already courting in the Black Poplar trees for their early start to breeding in the nearby trees. This pair are in the tree nearest the house. Further down the track 3 pairs are occupying the three last seasons nests that have so far survived the Autumn gales.

View: D01_20221109_1516_055_FB6 Rook on Meadow post.jpg
Description: A Rook stops off on the Meadow Post for a well lit portrait highlighting the gorgeous feathers.

Date: 05 Dec 2022
View: BU5_20221103_2303_113_SC1 Fox on edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: A Fox slinks by the Round Pond.

View: BU7_20221108_0517_013 Fox entering through south hedge.jpg
Description: A Fox (possibly always the same one) enters the site at this south hedge gap on most nights.

View: BU7_20221109_0224_049 Fox entering through south hedge.jpg

View: BU5_20221108_2155_115+117+20221109_0318_121+123_SC1 Fox excursions into Round pond twice in a night (montage).jpg
Description: In the dark of the night what looks like the same Fox twice walks down into the partially filled Round Pond, taking what may be a well trodden path down to the water.

Date: 04 Dec 2022
View: E63_20221103_1604_098_FB1 Grey Squirrel with lips stained by strawberry (crop).jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel seems to have stained the inside of their mouth with what must be strawberry juice.

View: E63_20221107_0719_005_FB1 2 Grey Squirrels at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Not much food left at 7 a.m. - but at least these Squirrels aren't fighting for the scraps.

Date: 03 Dec 2022
View: E60_20221101_1517_028_FB3 Wood Pigeon landing on kitchen bird table in drizzle.jpg
Description: An elegant landing for this Wood Pigeon in a light drizzle.

View: E60_20221101_1518_029_FB3 Wood Pigeon landed on kitchen bird table in drizzle perches into wind.jpg
Description: A minute later the Wood Pigeon has turned to face the prevailing wind - better than having your feather ruffled up.

Date: 02 Dec 2022
View: BU7_20221101_0516_061+0517_062+063 Fox enters at south hedge & circles behind tree before crossing ditch (adjusted montage).jpg
Description: Most creatures enter at the south straight down into the ditch. For some reason this Fox slinks behind the tree to cross the ditch a few metres to the right.

View: BU7_20221101_2244_115+117 Badger entering at south hedge (slightly adjusted montage).jpg
Description: A few hours after dark this badger trundles into the site.

Date: 01 Dec 2022
View: BU7_20221028_1900_033 Muntjac Reeves Deer male head on ground from rear with both tusks clearly visible.jpg
Description: Head down, this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer inelegantly forages the edge of the ditch. You can clearly see the two little tusks pointing upwards,

View: BU7_20221030_0116_101 Muntjac Reeves Deer female enters at south closely followed by male 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: An hour after midnight the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer pauses on her way through the south hedge to check that her suitor is following.
We often see moment of 'respect' both ways between male and female Muntjac Deer, quite unlike the domineering behaviour of larger deer that 'Rut'.

View: BUC_20221031_0523_055+059+063_SC7 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging quietly on Round Mound (accurate montage).jpg
Description: On 'Round' mound this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly forages.

View: BUA_20221101_1934_167_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer pair arrive near east hedge gap.jpg
Description: A pair of Reeves' Muntjac Deer forage quietly together near the East hedge gap.

Image Archive arch 2022 nov.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Nov 2022
View: E60_20221028_1722_019_FB3 Sparrowhawk male (crop 2).jpg
Description: Some days we see a Sparrowhawk flashing by the conservatory window a few times an hour. The size, speed and behaviour tell us that it is a Sparrowhawk, but sexing at their blurred speed is impossible. We know that a female is a regular visitor, but here was see a male perched outside the kitchen. So we may therefore be seeing a 'pair' of Sparrowhawks hunting our peanut feeders.

View: E60_20221028_1722_019_FB3 Sparrowhawk male (crop 3).jpg

Date: 29 Nov 2022
View: D72_20221028_1342_029-035 Rook chasing Kestrel female both land on 11kV cables 1-7 of 7 (approx montage @8fps).jpg
Description: We watched this Rook chasing the Kestrel for about a minute as the action gradually moved towards us. As the Kestrel approached the 11kV cables we expect the chase to go by them, but the Kestrel chooses to land on the furthest cable (bottom) and the Rook unexpectedly lands on the middle cable where they both spent several minutes thereafter.
This final sequence covers about 1 second all accurately positioned.

Date: 28 Nov 2022
View: E60_20221027_1324_003_FB3 Grey Squirrel carries teasel head to kitchen bird table to nibble.jpg
Description: Teasel heads make an important contribution to winter diet of both mammals and birds. From somewhere nearby this Grey Squirrel has already found (and possibly bitten off) a head and has for some reason taken it up onto the Kitchen bird table to wheedle out the seeds.

View: E64_20221028_1857_198_FB2 Grey Squirrel nibbling food held in paws.jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel delicately holds what it is eating in their paws. The food looks like a piece of old fruit.

View: E63_20221102_1312_264_FB1 Grey Squirrel female inspecting food while scratching back.jpg
Description: "Quite an appetising 'plate' - I'll look it over while scratching my back."

Date: 27 Nov 2022
View: BU7_20221027_0557_121-124 Muntjac Reeves Deer female enters through south hedge followed by male (montage).jpg
Description: As the day begins this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer ambles through the hedge gap (near left edge), down into the ditch and up into the orchard. On the far left you can see the glow of the eyes of the attentive male quietly following her, shown on the right 20 second later.
Reeves' Muntjac Deer don't have a 'Rut' season - the 'girls' come into heat in any season. Lucky 'boys'. Fawns can appear even in the middle of winter.

View: BU7_20221023_0315_073-075 Badger enters at south hedge via ditch (approx montage).jpg
Description: This is a well trodden route in and out of our patch. Here a Badger lumbers their way down the still dry ditch and up into the orchard.

Date: 26 Nov 2022
View: E64_20221025_1044_117_FB2 Grey Squirrel in carpet of autumn leaves.jpg
Description: Twee moment of the week is this pristine Grey squirrel ensconced in a bed of fallen leaves nibbling food from their paws.

View: E6A_20221026_1704_261_FB5 Grey Squirrel nibbling corn from lump of mud in paws.jpg
Description: This site tends to get the food mixed with mud - so this Squirrel picks up the mud and nibbles off the stuck-on corn.

Date: 25 Nov 2022
View: E63_20221024_1232_059_FB1 Great Tit a few mm from landing on stone.jpg
Description: Talk about Lartigue's 'decisive moment' - this Great tit is perhaps 3mm from actual landing on the stone!

View: E63_20221021_1425_142_FB1 Great Tit on stone with glossy head against autumn leaves.jpg
Description: A Vividly marked Great Tit shows the lovely glossy feathers over the head.

Date: 24 Nov 2022
View: D72_20221023_1348_172-176 Red Kite in flight (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: A Red Kite glides by.
Accurately spaced over about three-quarters of a second.

Date: 23 Nov 2022
View: E6A_20221021_0533_147-20221023_2128_549_FB5 7 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) portraits frolicking over 3 days (montage).jpg
Description: At the meadow site seven Fieldmice (Wood Mice) leap about in the night.

Date: 22 Nov 2022
View: E6A_20221013_1359_039_FB5 Grey Squirrel tackling rotten side of apple.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels seem to adore apples.
This one is 'chiselling' out the rotted side of this one.

View: D01_20221016_1525_095_FB6 Grey Squirrel arriving on Meadow Post top with part of small apple in mouth.jpg

View: E64_20221016_1642_334_FB2 Grey Squirrel youngster eating strip of potato peel from paws.jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel either prefers or put-up-with' cooked potato peel.

Date: 21 Nov 2022
View: E60_20221018_1517_018_FB3 Sparrowhawk flying over Kitchen bird table.jpg
Description: The Sparrowhawk makes another lightening fast pass over the kitchen perch/bird table/peanut feeder complex. The bird often circles the house several times a day to check all of the peanut feeders.

Date: 20 Nov 2022
View: BU3_20221013_1302_016+18+1302_019+020_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walk across track followed by male (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Across our access track walks the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer, followed about a minute later by the male.

View: BUA_20221015_0024_143_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer male scratching muzzle with rear hoof.jpg
Description: 100m away on the other side of the plot this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer pauses to scratch his muzzle with his hind hoof.

Date: 19 Nov 2022
View: BU5_20221013_1906_436-438_SC1 Tawny Owl lands near Round pond Water tray 1-3 of 3 (spread impression montage).jpg
Description: A rare occurrence (and never before here that we can remember) a Tawny Owl lands on the bank of dried out Round Pond. The final moment sees the Owl staring up at the dark red glow of the Trail cams IR lamp.

View: E60_20221014_0053_010_FB3+D01_20221014_0056_029+0058_033_FB6 Tawny Owl landing on kitchen perch & Meadow Post (montage).jpg
Description: On the other side of the same midnight this Tawny Owl first landed on the kitchen window perch. A few minutes later what we think is the same Owl spends a few minutes on the meadow post.

View: D01_20221017_2334_021-2336_025_FB6 Tawny Owl visits to meadow post 1-3 of 8 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: A single night sees most probably the same Owl make 3 visits to the Meadow post in 4 hours across midnight. In this first sequence the final pic shows the Owl staring intently at the meadow camera site where there are Fieldmice (Wood Mice) each night.

View: D01_20221018_0234_027-0341_033_FB6 Tawny Owl visits over several hours 4-7 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: From the camera point of view two untidy landings, but the Owl doesn't land for the camera.

Date: 18 Nov 2022
View: DF3_20221017_1025_004 Cherry tree at east hedge in autumn colours (crop).jpg
Description: Part of the east hedge, now dominated by the trees inside the plot.
For scale - hedge is about 1.5 metres tall.

View: D72_20221010_1001_023 Autumn leaves in trees behind main pond (orig & final).jpg
Description: We adore these intricate tapestries of leaf colours.

View: DF3_20221018_1517_032 Staghorn Sumac tree turning to autumn colour.jpg
Description: Staghorn Sumac really turns a wonderful red as autumn progresses.

Date: 17 Nov 2022
View: D72_20221010_1232_037 Green Shieldbug on plastic bunker.jpg
Description: A Green Shieldbug on the side of one of our storage bunkers.

View: DF3_20221011_1156_011 Green Shieldbug on window pane.jpg
Description: Next day we find one on the glass of the conservatory. You can see here that the brown patch at the rear is actually the tips of the mostly covered wings.

Date: 16 Nov 2022
View: E60_20221009_0806_033_FB3 Moorhen on Kitchen Bird table.jpg
Description: After a brief sighting on the concrete access track over the CCTV, we later find this portrait of a Moorhen standing on the Kitchen Bird table.

View: E60_20221009_0808_034_FB3 Moorhen on Kitchen Bird table.jpg
Description: Here the Moorhen is licking corn out from under the perch clamped to the bird table.

Date: 15 Nov 2022
View: BU3_20221009_0533_093_SC6 4 Roe Deer walking up concrete access track (crop).jpg
Description: A major Roe Deer event during the morning of the Hunter's Full Moon starts with this sighting of 4 Roe Deer walking up the side of the access track. The first is just starting to enter through the hole in the netting. The next 2 are obvious and the last is more a pair of reflecting eyes brought up by a bit of moderate photo processing.

View: BU5_20221009_0617_114+115+0618_122_SC1 Roe Deer female foraging in dry pond climbs out (adjusted montage).jpg
Description: This pond has a serious leak and for now provides a foraging area for all of the larger mammals, The white tray provides water that after several weeks most of the Deer and Badgers regularly use.

View: BUC_20221009_0631_418-0632_425_SC7+BU9_0643_090_SC2 Roe Deer female on Round Mound then in Orchard (montage).jpg

View: BU3_20221009_0708_102_SC6 Roe Deer female leaving.jpg
Description: Bye-bye

Date: 14 Nov 2022
View: E64_20221008_1808_228_FB2 Jay (crop).jpg
Description: Possibly the same Jay we saw last week continues to make visits.
Here they are standing on the fallen branch at the Woodland site.

View: E64_20221011_1334_178_FB2 Jay visit to Woodland site.jpg
Description: 3 days later we see the Jay in an amazingly similar position.

View: D36_20221011_1335_034_FB4 Jay reaching down from top of Tree-stump (crop).jpg
Description: 1 minute later the Jay has moved about 10 metres to the tree-stump, reaching down to catch the insect a few centimetres from the tip of the beak.

Date: 13 Nov 2022
View: DF3_20221007_1232_074 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly male on warm concrete track (1st of 2022).jpg
Description: A belated first sighting this year of a Ruddy Darter Dragonfly here, this male taking advantage of the warm concrete track.

View: DF3_20221007_1237_079 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly female on warm arm of wooden bench.jpg
Description: 50 metres away we find this female Ruddy Darter Dragonfly on the sun-warned armrest an old bench seat.

Date: 12 Nov 2022
View: DF3_20221007_0930_067 Haw berries (Hawthorn fruit) in east hedge trees.jpg
Description: Hawthorn trees over the east hedge are turning to autumn colours and ripening their berries.

Date: 11 Nov 2022
View: E6A_20221010_1920_113_FB5 Rabbit youngster at meadow site.jpg
Description: We don't see many Rabbit in recent years. One reason is that the trees now shade out most of what used to be grass between the trees, and the meadow area is mostly wild plants. But rabbits still breed somewhere near - here this young Rabbit visited the Meadow feeding site.

View: BUA_20221008_2102_166+167_SC8 Fox carrying prey (Rabbit (q)) to east hedge gap (slightly adjusted montage).jpg
Description: Another reason for the lack of Rabbits is the increasing activities of the Fox, here carrying off another young Rabbit.
No - its NOT the Rabbit above - this photo was taken 2 days earlier.

Date: 10 Nov 2022
View: E63_20221004_1813_198_FB1 2 Grey Squirrel youngster feeding together at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A pair of young Grey Squirrel sharing the food at the hedge bottom.

View: E64_20221005_1401_189_FB2 2 Grey Squirrel youngsters play fighting.jpg
Description: Possibly the same pair of young Grey Squirrel 'play fighting'. The claws are folded and the mouth barely open. More of a wrestling match perhaps.

View: E6A_20221005_1508_214_FB5 Grey Squirrel carrying small apple.jpg
Description: These small apples are very hard, but this Grey squirrel thinks it is worth carrying this one away.

Date: 09 Nov 2022
View: D36_20221003_1106_012_FB4+D01_20221003_1117_003+004_FB6 Jay at tree-stump & 12m later at Meadow Post 1+2 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: We don't see many Jays here, but presumably this individual visited 3 days running (only the first two visits shown here).
Don't get confused here, the pic on the left is on the tree-stump inside the woodland while all the rest are on the Meadow Post. The right pair are half a second apart.

View: D01_20221004_1140_021+022_FB6 Jay visit to Meadow Post taking jump after landing 3+4 of 6 (montage over 400ms).jpg
Description: These two pics taken half a second apart - the Jay probably lands a little too upright, and instead of falling forward did a little jump to gain balance.

Date: 08 Nov 2022
View: D01_20221001_1645_107_FB6 Magpie on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: Sunshine really brings up the wonderful plumage of this Magpie.

View: E63_20221003_0736_005_FB1 Great Tit.jpg
Description: Plumage immaculate for the ravages of winter to come, this Great Tit is out looking for breakfast at the hedge bottom.

Date: 07 Nov 2022
View: D72_20221001_0941_085 Southern Hawker Dragonfly female perched in sunny hedge.jpg
Description: A female Southern Hawker Dragonfly warming herself in the sunshine.
Soon only her ghost will haunt the hedge.

View: DF3_20221004_1354_087 Common Darter Dragonfly Mature male (on corrugated iron sheet).jpg
Description: Although the peak temperatures are dropping Common Darter Dragonflies still look for warm places (like this corrugated iron sheet).

View: D72_20221006_0941_006 Common Darter Dragonfly over-mature female warming on east wall of house.jpg
Description: This over-mature Common Darter Dragonfly surprised us before 10 a.m. on the warm east wall of the house, in the sunshine and sheltered from a cold and fierce wind from the west.

Date: 06 Nov 2022
View: D72_20221001_0920_070-073 Red Kite gliding in large circle (spread montage at 8fps).jpg
Description: A Red Kite, this one with beautifully manicured feathers, glides overhead making an unusually large circle, hence the only slight change of orientation.

View: DF3_20221004_1357_119-124 Red Kite in flight twisting tail (close spaced montage @7fps).jpg
Description: A study in tail adjustments as this Red Kite flies past.

Date: 05 Nov 2022
View: D01_20220930_1610_070+1612_074+1634_076_FB6 Sparrowhawk visits to Meadow Post in rain over 25 minutes 1+2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Sparrowhawk makes visits to the Meadow Post about 25 minutes apart.

View: D01_20220930_1634_076_FB6 Sparrowhawk visits to Meadow Post in rain over 25 minutes 4 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: Its not obvious in the montage, but more detail of the last image shows that it is pouring with rain, with water dripping from that fiercesome beak and water drops clinging to her tail.

View: E60_20220930_0708_015_FB3 Sparrowhawk lauching from Kitchen Bird Table.jpg
Description: At the kitchen window as it is only just getting light at 7 a.m. this Sparrowhawk seems to have landed on the bird table avoiding the sense beam, and is now launching back in to flight.

Date: 04 Nov 2022
View: D72_20220929_1443_022+025 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female Ovipositing into polystyrene packaging 2+5 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: Some polystyrene foam put out for recycling attracts this female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly to lay her eggs in it. The texture must be similar to that of suitable pond weeds. Her ovipositor is sticking vertically downwards 2 segments up from the two flappy bits (anal appendages). The ovipositor was repeatedly pushed down hard into the plastic foam were we assume an egg was deposited.

View: D72_20220929_1445_041 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female Ovipositing into polystyrene packaging 8 of 8 (detail crop).jpg
Description: Here is more detail of another egg deposition.
We didn't want her wasting her eggs on this fruitless venture, so chased her away.

View: D72_20221001_1511_126 Common Darter Dragonfly female perched on polystyrene packaging (crop).jpg
Description: This photo (again on polystyrene foam - what's the attraction?) is a Common Darter Dragonfly.

View: D72_20221001_1513_135 Common Darter Dragonfly female perched on withering Hawthorn leaf.jpg
Description: Here she is now on a Hawthorn leaf.

Date: 03 Nov 2022
View: E64_20220924_1758_153_FB2 Grey Squirrel clutching rotting apple.jpg
Description: "Just testing the apple for Ripeness"?

View: E6A_20220927_1450_146_FB5 Grey Squirrel carries away rotten windfall apple.jpg
Description: "Just ripe enough!"

View: E64_20221001_1452_205_FB2 Grey Squirrel runs off with rotten apple.jpg
Description: Another 'perfect' apple?

View: E64_20220928_1736_215_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels youngsters feeding together.jpg
Description: Here a couple of young Grey Squirrel, possibly siblings, share the food left only a few minutes earlier.

Date: 02 Nov 2022
View: DF3_20220924_0914_172-174 Blue Tit pecking at Spider web in crevice of wall at SW corner of house 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: About 3 metres up the SW corner of the house this Blue Tit is industriously pulling at what looks like Spider silk in a hole broken into the brickwork by one of the many BT / Openreach 'fixtures' we have suffered over the years. The bird eventually moved out of sight into the wall :-(

View: DF3_20220925_1050_058-060 Great Spotted Woodpecker very short calls perched in 11kV cable 2-4 of 4 (montage @7fps).jpg
Description: We don't ever remember hearing a Great Spotted Woodpecker calling, so were surprised to find this adult female perched on an 11kV cable making soft short squeaks every couple of seconds. The middle image shows her beak slightly open and eyes closed as she makes the call. The WWW assures us that this is normal behaviour that we would not hear through double glazed windows or would have recognised over the CCTV microphone. These 3 pics are at about 7fps - about 140mS apart left to right.

Date: 01 Nov 2022
View: DF3_20220923_1504_168 Green-veined white butterfly feeding on Mint flower.jpg
Description: The weather has been quite cold and rarely sunny, but we did find this Green-veined White butterfly feeding on the still flowering mint plants.

View: DF3_20220924_1112_004 Convolvulus flower white very late flowering.jpg
Description: Each year we get a few out-of-season flowers.
This Convolvulus flower has definitely overslept.

View: DF3_20220924_1114_005 Rose hips growing 3m+ supported by Lodgepole Pine.jpg
Description: Rose plants have for several years thrived by growing up through the lodgepole pine at the east end of the row. Now the multiple flowers has become a sea of red Hips.

Image Archive arch 2022 oct.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220922_1242_016+014+017+019+023 Kestrel female hovering in strong wind (montage).jpg
Description: More usually Kestrels around here hunt from perches on the numerous cables and their support posts. But with a decent wind this one follows the traditional behaviour for a 'Windhover' of hanging staggeringly stationary head-on into the breeze using judicious wing flaps and manoeuvring her various flight feathers and tail. She suddenly dived down behind a hedge and, for us, disappeared.

View: DF3_20220923_0840_151+0843_161 Kestrel female in 11kV cable from South and East viewpoints (montage 2).jpg
Description: This female Kestrel is perched on an 11kV cable over the Bridleway to the north. Images from the north and from the bridleway. We left her to continue her not very intensive hunt.

View: DF3_20220922_1549_113 Red Kite gliding overhead looking at camera.jpg
Description: This tatty Red Kite glides overhead, balefully glaring at us as they pass over.

Date: 30 Oct 2022
View: D01_20220919_2325_013_FB6 Tawny Owl 3+ minute visit to Meadow Post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: A flurry of feathers a bit before midnight heralds the arrival of this Tawny Owl for a short visit.

View: DF3_20220918_1057_562 Field (q) Grasshopper.jpg
Description: Another Field Grasshopper less camouflaged than the last one but along the same path. There are now several along the same 20m path on warm days.

View: DF3_20220917_1344_447 Green Shieldbug.jpg
Description: A Green Shieldbug (species common name) is walking along the edge of our potted Mullein plant.

Date: 29 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220917_1746_464 Kestrel female on harrowed field with bird prey in claws 2 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: It looks like the female Kestrel has captured some sort of small bird. She seems to have a small piece of it in her beak.
We tried to find a more informative viewpoint through a gap in the farm hedge kept open for farm machinery, but she took off immediately we re-appeared.

View: DF3_20220920_0949_001+002+-950_004 Kestrel female struggling to balance on swaying Fibre Optic cable 1+2+4 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels is here having a really hard time balancing on this swaying cable, tail sweeping backwards and forwards every second of so to retain balance.
Of the 3 cables, she has chosen the Fibre-optic cable. It is much lighter than the other copper/aluminium cables and this bird, that on average weighs only '184 g (6+1/2 oz), is able to noticeably bend the cable where she stands.

Date: 28 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220916_1525_085-087 Red Kite climbing in Thermal 05-07 of 26 (montage bottom to top @7fps increasing separations).jpg
Description: At the other end of the biological flight scale this rather Tatty Red Kite made a few lazy circles in the sky above us.

View: DF3_20220916_1525_102 Red Kite climbing in Thermal @7fps 22 of 26 (crop).jpg

View: DF3_20220916_1525_103-106 Red Kite climbing in Thermal @7fps 23-26 of 26 (accurate montage).jpg

Date: 27 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220916_1518_066-069 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight @7fps 05-08 of 18 (Close-spaced montage).jpg
Description: we had a couple of days seeing Migrant Hawker Dragonflies at various of their favourite haunts.
This first montage is more tightly spaced than reality.

View: DF3_20220917_1329_393 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight.jpg

View: DF3_20220917_1330_420-423 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight @7fps 01-04 of 11 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: This montage is accurately spaced at about 7 frames per second.

Date: 26 Oct 2022
View: BU8_20220916_0421_057 Roe Deer male at Duck Pond.jpg
Description: We are graced with a visit from this male Roe Deer - probably looking for a drink.

View: BUA_20220917_0103_037_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer male at east hedge gap.jpg
Description: A male Reeves' Muntjac Deer may here be calling at an hour past midnight. Muntjac Deer are much smaller than the Roe Deer - imagine a creature about the size of a medium Dog.

View: BU7_20220920_0727_059 Muntjac Reeves Deer male near south hedge gap.jpg
Description: Foraging near the South hedge gap this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer collects his breakfast.

Date: 25 Oct 2022
View: E6A_20220915_2353_067-20220919_0154_324_FB5 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) Montage (approx montage from 7 frames).jpg
Description: The Fieldmice (Wood Mice) are back with a vengeance, first here at the camera site in the Meadow.

View: E6A_20220917_2158_241_FB5 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg
Description: Proper detail of the obvious individual above.
Doing the "Indian tail trick"?

View: E63_20220921_2222_223-20220922_0533_230_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at hedge bottom over 2 nights (montage of 5 frames).jpg
Description: Not so many Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at the hedge bottom as we see at the Meadow site, but we think that the bird at the top probably holds this year's high-jump record. You can see his shadow just left of the bottom of the hedge trunk on the right.

View: D36_20220916_1558_015+20220915_1757_008_FB4 Magpie(s) collecting dead Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Sadly mice in the house have to be promptly stopped before they breed under the floorboards and becomes a major problem. This speaks from experience :-(
Many mice are caught and released from live traps, but some individuals won't use them. We put the sad little bodies on the tree-stump where one or more Magpies reliably collect them. These two moments are on different days but make a rather interesting montage of an imaginary take-off.

Date: 24 Oct 2022
View: E63_20220915_1005_020_FB1 Dunnock reaching down from stone.jpg
Description: A Dunnock probably about to 'hop' down to the ground.

View: E6A_20220921_0704_140_FB5 2 Dunnock colliding (q) in flight (crop).jpg
Description: This looks to us like a heavy collision between two Dunnocks both apparently flying in to land in opposite directions. It not a line of site effect - the shadow of the bird on the left clearly shows an almost zero gap between them. No injuries as far as we know.

Date: 23 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220914_1250_051 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male perched in hedge (crop).jpg
Description: This perfect male Migrant Hawker Dragonfly teased us a bit before perching about 2 metres up in a hedge where we could get his portrait.

View: DF3_20220914_1429_097 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly flying past small hover-fly.jpg
Description: As the afternoon warmed up we found this Migrant Hawker Dragonfly hunting near the blocked gate - one of their favourite places every year. The small Hover-fly was only spotted as we prepared the image.

View: DF3_20220914_1430_105-107 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight @7fps (accurate montage).jpg
Description: This flying Migrant hawker dragonfly montage is accurately spaced at 7 frames per second.

View: D72_20220909_1241_025+029 Hobby in flight 2+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: Even a few Dragonflies bring along visits from the Hobby who specialise in hunting these insects. We miss most of them of course, but here caught this one flying overhead.

Date: 22 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220914_1425_079 Small White Butterfly feeding on Great Willowherb flower.jpg
Description: A Small White Butterfly feeds on a Great Willowherb flower.

View: DF3_20220914_1554_156 Sloe Bug (Dolycoris baccarum) on Mullen leaf (crop).jpg
Description: In a self-set Mullen plant in a pot protected outside a window, this Sloe Bug is wandering around.
Shieldbugs and Squashbugs are fascinating insects with multiple appearances as they develop into adults.

Date: 21 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220913_1034_013 Dandelion Seed Head by conservatory door (crop 1).jpg
Description: In a sheltered spot by the side of the Conservatory door we find this perfect Dandelion seed head.

View: DF3_20220913_1034_013 Dandelion Seed Head by conservatory door (crop 2).jpg
Description: Details from the centre. All that intricacy just to hold about 200 seed 'parachutes'.

Date: 20 Oct 2022
View: D72_20220912_1050_070 Bracket Fungus on fallen Willow branch (orig & final).jpg
Description: These bracket fungi fruiting bodies are on a Willow branch broken in a storm a couple of years ago. We had a go at identifying the species in our 640 page 2400 species ID book, but found sufficient near matches to leave us stumped. So 'Bracket Fungus' it remains.

View: D72_20220912_1050_073 Bracket Fungus on fallen Willow branch (orig & final).jpg
Description: More detail.

Date: 19 Oct 2022
View: D72_20220912_0726_245-252 Swan in flight @8fps (accurate montage 1).jpg
Description: We rarely see Mute Swans here, so this flyby by just this one Swan was especially welcome. The corvids on the 11kV cables and poles couldn't care less.

View: D72_20220912_0726_245-247 Swan in flight @8fps (accurate montage 2).jpg
Description: More Detail of the three images at the left.

View: D72_20220912_0730_274-277 Pigeon flies under the morning moon (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: A few minutes later we see this Pigeon flying 'under the moon'.

Date: 18 Oct 2022
View: BUA_20220908_2217_003_SC8 Badger entering site at east hedge gap.jpg
Description: Brock strolls in - what's on the menu tonight?

View: BUC_20220912_0103_163-165_SC7 Badger foraging on Round Mound (impression montage).jpg
Description: A badger quietly forages the slope of the mound.

Date: 17 Oct 2022
View: D01_20220909_2114_025+2118_027_2121_033_FB6 Tawny Owl visits to meadow post over 8 minutes 1+2+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: This Tawny Owl spent several minutes visiting the Meadow Post.

View: D01_20220915_0043_073+0041_071_FB6 Barn Owl short visit to meadow post 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A Barn Owl makes a short stop visit a little after midnight. You can't see their face, but even the rear plumage is wonderful.

Date: 16 Oct 2022
View: E63_20220912_1242_046_FB1 Great Tit on stone at hedge bottom with foot on small twig.jpg
Description: A fine Great Tit with left foot on a tiny twig we doubt that the bird has even noticed is there.

View: E63_20220909_1438_089_FB1 Robin foraging in debris by stone.jpg
Description: This Robin is excavating at the bottom of the stone.
It it more normal to see them, perkily perched hoping for a handout!

View: E63_20220910_1133_128_FB1 Great Spotted Woodpecker male juvenile at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: This Great Spotted Woodpecker appears to be a male just losing his juvenile plumage.

Date: 15 Oct 2022
View: D72_20220909_1248_200 Red Kite in flight.jpg
Description: A somewhat tatty Red Kite glides overhead.

View: DF3_20220911_1213_038-040 Buzzard leaving perch on 11kV crossbar at blocked gate @7fp (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of Buzzards seem to have settled on this area as as much of a 'home' as they have before the nesting season, moving between the power poles and sometimes cables to hunt. We don't have any idea whether they are a 'pair'.

View: DF3_20220911_1213_049-052 Buzzard leaving perch on 11kV crossbar at blocked gate @7fp (montage).jpg

Date: 14 Oct 2022
View: E6A_20220907_1829_237+1831_238_FB5 Weasel at Meadow site (accurate montage over 2 mins).jpg
Description: A Weasel visits the meadow site for a couple of minutes. Here the two views the camera took are accurately montaged (left first). The 'top' view on the right manages to hide all of the distinguishing details.

View: E6A_20220914_1208_192_FB5 Weasel (crop).jpg
Description: A week later the Weasel pays another visit to the Meadow site.

View: E6A_20220914_1842_249_FB5 Weasel.jpg
Description: 6 hours later what looks like the same Weasel makes another transit.

Date: 13 Oct 2022
View: E6A_20220907_0000_160-20220908_0422_255_FB5 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) and Vole at Meadow site - vole+RH mouse in 1 frame (approx montage).jpg
Description: A selection from 14 pics (over 3 days) of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at the meadow site turned into a little celebration. A Vole (much darker fur centre & lowest) muscled into a couple of the pics, here appearing in the same original frame as the mouse on the right.

View: E63_20220908_0518_257_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying away whole Blackberry fruit.jpg
Description: The hedge bottom shows far less Rodent activity, but we rather liked this one of a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) carrying off a whole Blackberry

Date: 12 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220904_1602_016 Green-veined White Butterfly feeding on mint flower (crop 1).jpg
Description: A Green-veined White Butterfly enjoys a mint flower

View: DF3_20220904_1602_016 Green-veined White Butterfly feeding on mint flower (crop 2).jpg
Description: Here is a closer look at just the Green-veined white Butterfly on a mint flower.

View: DF3_20220904_1603_019 Green-veined White Butterfly feeding on thistle flower surrounded by old flowers and seeds.jpg
Description: The same individual Green-veined White Butterfly goes on to visit this thistle flower, surrounded by withering flowers and a tangle of seeds ready to be blown to pastures new.

Date: 11 Oct 2022
View: BUA_20220904_0558_052+053+0559_055_SC8 Hare stops momentarily as they enter at East hedge (montage).jpg
Description: A Hare bounds into our patch through the east hedge gap, momentarily pauses for a sharp selfie, before carrying on into the plot.

View: BUA_20220908_0155_026_SC8 Fox entering east hedge gap at 0200.jpg
Description: Two hours after midnight, in walks the Fox intent on several more hours of 'mischief'.

Date: 10 Oct 2022
View: E60_20220901_0851_003_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on Kitchen Window perch.jpg
Description: A female Sparrowhawk lands on the kitchen perch. Once or twice some days we see her doing the 'bird feeder' circuit.

View: D36_20220907_1333_042_FB4 Chaffinch male landing on Tree-stump showing green back.jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch lands on the tree stump, providing a fine view of the normally hidden green feathered back.

Date: 09 Oct 2022
View: D01_20220827_0446_108+0451_114+0452_116_FB6 Barn Owl 2 visits to Meadow Post over 7 mins 1+4+5 of 6 (montage from right).jpg
Description: A gorgeous Barn Owl drops in for a few minutes on the Meadow Post.

View: D01_20220827_0452_116_FB6 Barn Owl 2 visits to Meadow Post over 7 minutes 5 of 6 (crop 1).jpg
Description: The image at the left in the montage in more detail.

Date: 08 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220830_1547_047-051 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male in flight at 7fps 1-5 of 5 (approx montage).jpg
Description: We have a good number of Migrant Hawker Dragonflies this year. This montage just over half a second of flight catches the chaotic manoeuvring of these insects. Top left downward, then vertically upwards.

View: D72_20220901_1251_126 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male in flight 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: A closer look at a male Migrant Hawker Dragonfly hunting over a concrete access track that acts as a suntrap.

Date: 07 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220830_1029_007 Common Darter Dragonfly female perched on seed head of Red Campion (q) (crop 1).jpg
Description: Not many Darter Dragonflies (intermediate in size between Hawker Dragonflies and Damselflies) so far this year. This one is perched on what looks like a seed head. Down the stem is a rather nice Spider's web, though a fly caught in it would disagree.

Date: 06 Oct 2022
View: D01_20220829_1055_002-1102_020_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile on Meadow Post 1+4-6 of 8 (montage over 7 mins).jpg
Description: We have recently seen 3 juvenile Green Woodpeckers outside our patch. Here one of them spent several minutes coming and going from the Meadow post. This one looks like a male.

View: D01_20220829_1102_021_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile on Meadow Post 7 of 8 (crop).jpg
Description: Another image from the Green Woodpecker sequence.
Our anthropomorphic eyes can not help but see this creature as 'Mr Grumpy'.

Date: 05 Oct 2022
View: BUA_20220826_1611_028_SC8 Hare near east hedge gap.jpg
Description: We are sure that the Hares in the surrounding field feel rather dispossessed after harvest and harrowing. Woodland are not quite their 'thing', but their occasional visits are most welcome.

View: BUA_20220826_2245_034_SC8 Fox carrying Rabbit to east hedge gap 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: We nowadays see very few Rabbits in our patch, but this fox has obviously found one and appears to be carrying it out of the plot through the east hedge gap. Another less clear instance occurred on the next night.

View: BU9_20220830_0419_017_SC2 Fox notices camera dull red flash at orchard (2nd pic of 3).jpg
Description: 100 metres away this Fox apparently notices the trail cam's dull red glow, and takes a look, the night time optimised eyes acting as reflectors.

Date: 04 Oct 2022
View: E63_20220826_1840_204_FB1 Great Tit perched on slope of stone.jpg
Description: An immaculate Great Tit stops for a moment on the edge of the stone.

View: E63_20220828_0850_358_FB1 Great tit about to launch with Corn grain in beak.jpg
Description: This Great Tit has 'won' what to us is a tiny seed - to the bird a decent high protein beakful.

Date: 03 Oct 2022
View: E63_20220823_1834_124_FB1 7 Chaffinches at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Chaffinches have had a good year - here are 7 (NOT a montage) rootling about at the hedge bottom.

View: E63_20220822_0928_006_FB1 Robin with almost fully red breast.jpg
Description: A perky young Robin now with breast almost completely 'red'

Date: 02 Oct 2022
View: E63_20220822_1718_029_FB1 Grey Squirrel female nibbling food from paws.jpg
Description: Lots of things to eat for this female Grey Squirrel.

View: D36_20220825_1322_005_FB4 Grey Squirrel eating Banana peel.jpg
Description: A nice fresh piece of Banana Peel gets nibbled like a stick of celery.

Date: 01 Oct 2022
View: DF3_20220821_1744_233-235 Buzzard in flight calling & blinking nictitating membrane @7fps 08-10 of 56 (approx montage).jpg
Description: We were startled by a whoosh of wings followed by a loud avian scream right over our heads. This Buzzard had just landed on the top of the 11kv power pole right by us, realised the mistake of landing near humans, and immediately took off.
The Buzzard made several more calls as they flew away, as you see here

View: DF3_20220821_1744_254-256 Buzzard in flight calling & blinking nictitating membrane @7fps 29-31 of 56 (montage).jpg
Description: We generally try to avoid pictures of birds with their nictitating membrane (a semi transparent second eyelid) over the eye.
But here the bird is using it to 'blink' closed for less than 140mS (seventh of a second)

View: DF3_20220821_1744_261 Buzzard in flight calling & blinking nictitating membrane @7fps 36 of 56 (crop).jpg
Description: Finally a detailed look at the Buzzard in flight.

Image Archive arch 2022 sep.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Sep 2022
View: DF3_20220821_1736_175 2 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly males hanging from hedge branch (crop).jpg
Description: These two male Migrant Hawker Dragon flies are NOT a montage. We watched one of these land to hang in the hedge, and the camera found two almost perfectly aligned as you see here. The cameraman really did think he was getting some sort of double image, but quickly realised not, to get this pic. Trying to get a better angle induced one to take off. The other either took off unseen or just used it's camouflage to stay hidden.

Date: 29 Sep 2022
View: D01_20220820_0251_099+0319_105_FB6 Tawny Owl visits to meadow Post 1+4 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of visits to the Meadow post by this Tawny Owl about 20 minutes apart.

View: E6A_20220820_0318_098-20220822_0153_243_FB5 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at FB5 - 4 pairs (montage).jpg
Description: It is unlikely to be just chance that at almost the same moment we start to see Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (and a few voles) disporting themselves at the Meadow camera site about 10 metres away?
Here a selection with a pair of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) in each natural frame.

View: E6A_20220820_0421_103-20220821_2158_238_FB5 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) & Voles at FB5 (montage).jpg
Description: Here we just had some fun picking from the remainder of the 23 frames. Most of the these are Fieldmice (Wood Mice) except for Voles 1st & 3rd from the left.

Date: 28 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220817_1159_041+045+048+050 Reed (q) Warbler picking one drupelet from a Blackberry fruit 1+2+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: This 'Little Brown Bird' (we think a Reed Warbler) is outside the conservatory picking off the spherical 'drupelets' from blackberry fruits. The bird is as well disguised in these 4 sequential images as it was trying to find it in the camera viewfinder!
Drupelet is what seems to be the official spelling although Druplet is freely used.

Date: 27 Sep 2022
View: E60_20220815_0445_023_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on kitchen perch after visit to Meadow post 15m before (crop).jpg
Description: Near the end of the night this lovely Tawny Owl lands on the perch at the kitchen window.
Whether the natural interference of the Blackberry stem enhances or degrades the pic of the Owl is open to question, but it made it clear it was time to exercise the secateurs!

View: E60_20220814_0131_011_FB3 Tawny Owl aerobraking to land on kitchen perch.jpg
Description: The day before this Tawny Owl lands at the Kitchen bird table & perch 90 minutes after midnight

Date: 26 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220813_0724_059-071 Buzzard flying from 11kV cable to crossbar 1+3+6+8+13 of 15 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: There seems to be a single Buzzard hunting the area to our North and West using the 11kV cables and crossbar system as hunting perches. Normally when the Buzzard decides to move we get a flight of at least 100 metres (typical spacing of the poles) but this one did a short 'hop' of a couple of metres from a cable to the top of a cable insulator mount. It seems that Buzzards CAN perch on the cable, but prefer a larger surface area.

View: D72_20220815_0650_168-170+172+174 Kestrel female landing on 11kV crossbar (accurate montage @8fps)jpg.jpg
Description: This nervous female Kestrel doesn't like us walking down the Farm Road 50m away, and flies 100m from the nearer pole to the next one along.

Date: 25 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220814_0711_106 Green Woodpecker juvenile on Farm Road grass margin inside bend.jpg
Description: A juvenile Green Woodpecker - one of three foraging on a grass area bordering the Farm Road.

View: E6A_20220816_1521_106_FB5 Green Woodpecker juvenile at Meadow site.jpg
Description: One of the juvenile Green Woodpeckers. We think they are magnificent - and you can believe they evolved from dinosaurs.

View: E6A_20220815_0710_200_FB5 Green Woodpecker juvenile.jpg
Description: Typical 'teenager' in a sulk - no I won't look at the camera!

Date: 24 Sep 2022
View: d01_20220809_0132_019_fb6 tawny owl hunts from meadow post over 150m including catching shrew 03 of 16 (crop).jpg
Description: We haven't seen much of anything on the Meadow post in this second batch of heat-wave days, so particularly pleased to see a Tawny Owl spending two and a half hours hunting on our site.
Here the Tawny Owl has arrived with a Shrew in the beak. In the next frame (not shown) the shrew has gone, presumably 'down the hatch'.

View: e60_20220809_0229_006_fb3 tawny owl hunts from meadow post over 150m including catching shrew 09 of 16 (crop).jpg
Description: An hour later presumably the same Tawny Owl landed face to camera on the Kitchen window perch.

Date: 23 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220808_1224_228 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male in flight (crop).jpg
Description: More usually found here around ponds and low over the meadow, Southern Hawker Dragonflies mostly hawk at lower heights and slightly more predicable paths. But usually seen singly

View: D72_20220808_1225_262-267 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male in flight 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg

View: D72_20220808_1225_264 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male in flight 3 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: Detail from the 3rd from the right montage above.

Date: 22 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220808_1217_171-174 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male in flight 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Continuing the celebration of Migrant Hawker Dragonflies.

View: D72_20220808_1216_158-164 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight 1-7 of 7 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg

View: D72_20220808_1215_148-154 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight 1-7 of 7 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Walk the Line!

Date: 21 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220808_1213_034-037 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight @8fps (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Most years we get a good show of Migrant Hawker Dragonflies at the south end of the access track, and in the evenings over the meadow. Here is a little sample, starting with Migrant Hawkers near the gate.

View: D72_20220808_1214_084-087 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male eating and discarding midge 1-4 of 5 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Here we caught a male Migrant Hawker Dragonfly finishing sucking a midge dry and dropping the empty exoskeleton. That dot below the 3rd from the left Dragonfly is the dropped insect you can see just being released in the second pic. Immediately the prey has gone the legs move back to their aerodynamic position.
Frame rate is 8 fps throughout this selection

View: D72_20220808_1215_118-125 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight 3-10 of 10 (accurate montage 2).jpg
Description: The nice sweep of the Migrant Hawker Dragonfly at the bottom is supplemented by another Dragonfly flying in from the top of the frame.

Date: 20 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220806_1442_065 Holly Blue Butterfly female 2nd brood on blackberry flower.jpg
Description: A female Holly Blue butterfly feeding on late blackberry flowers. This is a new emergent - they have two broods a year.

View: D72_20220806_1626_089 Holly Blue Butterfly female 2nd brood on blackberry flower with shadow of buds on wing.jpg
Description: This single female 'haunted' the side of the garage for 3 days. Here she catches the shadow of an adjacent unopened head of blackberry flowers to make an interesting pattern.

View: D72_20220808_1112_003 Green-veined White butterfly female (1st of 2022).jpg
Description: The first Green-veined White Butterfly this year.

Date: 19 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220806_0818_021 Lords and Ladies fruit spike.jpg
Description: A single spike of Lords and Ladies berries.
We wondered whether anything eats them, and a web search reveals that the whole plant is poisonous to humans and animals, the berries especially so. There is no antidote, and people have died.

View: D72_20220806_1102_030 Ragwort in Grass Margin (orig).jpg
Description: Outside our south hedge is this grass margin. The only thing we could find that doesn't look dead is this seemingly indestructible but stunted Oxford Ragwort plant. A poppy we had been following just withered and died. Seeing this got us thinking about Cinnabar Moths and their caterpillars which feed on this plant, and of which we have seen none at all, and its now the end of their caterpillar's growth period.

View: D72_20220807_0922_154 Hedge to south of block gate showing individual plants within.jpg
Description: Drought and heat-waves do unusual things to normally passive items. Here the hedge running south from the blocked gate shows a pattern of growth variation reflecting the different plants in the hedge, and some hint of the planting pattern used at least 100 years ago.

Date: 18 Sep 2022
View: E63_20220804_1755_099_FB1 Great tit flying in to hedge bottom stone.jpg
Description: An adult Great tit aerobrakes to land on the stone.

View: E63_20220805_0924_142_FB1 2 Chaffinch males in flight skirmish.jpg
Description: Chaffinches are aggressive birds, the males especially so.

View: E6A_20220809_0919_081_FB5 Blackbird female picking up food on desiccated grass at meadow sie.jpg
Description: A female Blackbird seems to be almost gleeful as she pecks at the ground at the meadow site. The thin fibrous material you see on the ground is Badger fur.

Date: 17 Sep 2022
View: E6A_20220806_1724_183_FB5 Green Woodpecker juvenile (crop 2).jpg
Description: In the last few days we have heard the Green Woodpecker 'Yaffling' around the plot, got a few glimpses, always of a juvenile. This one at the meadow site is casting a beady eye on the offerings.

View: E6A_20220808_1317_021_FB5 Green Woodpecker juvenile at meadow site.jpg
Description: 2 days later possibly the same juvenile Green Woodpecker at the Meadow site.
a few days later a circular walk outside our patch saw 3 juvenile Green Woodpeckers simultaneously on the grass margins to the farm road. A good year for them!

View: D01_20220804_0913_007_FB6 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: If you live in a town you are more likely to see Great Spotted Woodpeckers. A few sightings at the peanut feeder are supplemented by this pic of a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker stopping off at the Meadow post.

Date: 16 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220803_1629_139-141 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight - right to left @8fps (accurate montage).jpg
Description: In the warm sunshine a few Migrant Hawker Dragonflies were hawking up and down the concrete track. Roy can't resist photographing them in flight even if it does mostly produce hundred of blurred or blank frames.

View: D72_20220803_1629_153-155 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight - left to right @8fps (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A female left to right.

View: D72_20220803_1748_304-306 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight - right to left @8fps (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A female again right to left - the first is a bit disguised against foliage.

View: D72_20220803_1749_356-362 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male in flight turns back in 200mS (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Out venerable garage provides a clear backdrop for this male Migrant Hawker Dragonfly flying right to left and in two frame (fifth of a second) has turned completely round to fly the other way. What manoeuvrability!
Of course the cameraman didn't react quickly enough to the reversal and camera panning left lost the insect out of frame :-(
Want to try for a still image yourself: Even top-end autofocus is hopeless unless the background is bland sky, and auto exposure usually goes badly wrong. So you need a camera with lockable manual focus and ability to set shutter speed, aperture and ISO rating in manual mode. Even low-end SLRs can do this although the frame rate will be low.. Typical sunny day settings Shutter 1/1250 Aperture F9 ISO 640 Lens 50 - 100mm focussed about 5 metres away. Shutter button: high-speed continuous.
As you spot a dragonfly flying towards your focus distance, start taking frames until it has passed your focus distance. If you can't follow the action in the viewfinder just learn to point the camera 'blind' with lower enough zoom that it keeps the insect 'in-frame'. Expect a huge failure rate and check that your 'aim' keeps insects mostly in-frame. If you have any successes please send them along!

Date: 15 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220801_1514_021 2 Migrant Hawkers perched in Hedge tree at blocked gate 5 of 9 (crop).jpg
Description: A 'pair' (one female and the other male - but they don't pair up for more than mating) of Migrant Hawkers were warming themselves in a well chosen sunny spot at the corner of a hedge. Here the male is in the foreground with the blurred female behind and left. The insects are only about 10cm apart, but close-up focus is very sensitive to distance.

View: D72_20220801_1514_030+033 2 Migrant Hawkers in Hedge at blocked gate (female over male) 9 of 9 (accurate montage for focus).jpg
Description: Here are the same pair more as human brains re-construct the images it gets from the eyes flitting between the two and re-focussing without you noticing. So this is a montage of camera frames focussed on each insect in turn. Hope that you will enjoy this 'impression'.

Date: 14 Sep 2022
View: BU5_20220731_2349_227+229+231_SC1 Roe Deer male walks along edge of Round pond (montage).jpg
Description: A few minutes before midnight this elegant male Roe Deer visited the East of our patch. Firstly a drink - now a couple of metres from the edge :-(

View: BUC_20220731_2354_184+186_SC7 Roe Deer male walks past dead Badger 1+2 of 2 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Then a passage over the Mound, completely ignoring the dead Badger (a second road-kill within a couple of weeks) as you would expect from herbivore.

View: BUA_20220731_2356_211+212_SC8 Roe Deer male walks towards camera (montage).jpg
Description: And finally walking up to the camera near the east hedge gap.

Date: 13 Sep 2022
View: BU5_20220731_1250_158-1256_182_SC1 Muntjac Deer male walks along inside of pond joined by female 1-3+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: Round Pond seem to be the major source of water for the larger mammals. This pond is in real trouble - it has a slow leak for years but the water table in now so low that we lose an inch every day. We have decided to stop daily top-ups of several cubic metres, and in any case topping it up may soon be illegal due to a hose pipe ban, and have installed a makeshift drinking trough for animals that expect to find water.

Date: 12 Sep 2022
View: E60_20220729_1001_012_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on kitchen perch.jpg
Description: The local female Sparrowhawk stops off briefly at the kitchen perch in the bright morning sunshine. The swinging Peanut feeder suggests that she either attacked a bird in it, or birds successfully fled in terror.

View: E60_20220802_1914_009+1852_008_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on kitchen perch after flying away (accurate montage over 20 mins).jpg
Description: The last few days has seen many passes a day of the female Sparrowhawk past the conservatory window on her pass of the kitchen and study peanut feeders. We rarely see her perched on either feeder, but the patient IR bean triggered camera at the kitchen window does occasionally see her land or fly by. This montage shows both in perhaps misleading pair of unrelated events - the bird in flight occurred 22 minutes before the landing bird, but it does make a striking montage.

Date: 11 Sep 2022
View: BU8_20220728_2058_028-2125_041 Fox hunting near Duck Pond over 27 minutes (montage).jpg
Description: Probably the same fox appears almost every night at this grass patch near the Duck Pond. This hunting session lasted almost half an hour.

View: BU8_20220730_1946_127-1947_132 Fox hunting near Duck Pond (approx montage clockwise from bottom right).jpg
Description: Probably the same fox appears almost every night at this grass patch near the Duck Pond. This hunting only lasted a couple of minutes, but here there was enough light for this selection to be in colour.

Date: 10 Sep 2022
View: E64_20220728_1432_012_FB2 Magpie flying over Woodland site showing iridescent tail.jpg
Description: Whoosh - this Magpie flashes their plumage as they skim over the Woodland site.

View: D01_20220801_0822_060+0823_0620825_066_FB6 2 Magpies spending a few minutes on Meadow Post (montage).jpg
Description: These two Magpies seem to include an adult (left - judging by the long tail) but we have no idea what was going on. Every Magpie we see this year has had a moderate to heaving infestation of feather mites over the head.

Date: 09 Sep 2022
View: E63_20220726_1934_211_FB1 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile landing at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: We no longer see much of Great Spotted Woodpeckers on feeders near the house - at this time of year there is masses of 'natural' food available. But this juvenile sweeps in with aplomb to check out the hedge bottom.

View: E60_20220727_2314_029_FB3 Bat flying over kitchen bird table (crop).jpg
Description: Approaching midnight a bat flies over the kitchen window bird table flying towards the window and takes a selfie. The bat is closer to the camera than the woodwork (the Bat casts a shadow from the flash high inside the window) making them look larger than reality.

Date: 08 Sep 2022
View: PK1_20220725_0633_122+DF3_20220725_0634_005 Hare juvenile eating weeds at front of main pond (montage).jpg
Description: Many metres from the safety of the surrounding crop field, this juvenile Hare is nibbling on the grass and some weeds at the front (i.e. visible from the house) of the main pond. Left is a view eating a leaf in 'suck-it-in' style taken through the kitchen window. On the right through the window of a room above the kitchen with a more capable camera.

View: BUA_20220720_2123_109_SC8 Hare near east hedge gap after sunset.jpg
Description: Hares now find it easy to hide from sight in the ripening (more like already ripe after the heat-wave) wheat, but after dark seem to like coming into our patch - for a change of diet?

Date: 07 Sep 2022
View: DF3_20220723_1252_191 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male (1st of 2022).jpg
Description: The Southern Hawker Dragonfly appears most years, and here is the first one we have spotted hanging on a blackberry stem up in a sunny hedge.

View: D72_20220725_1638_002 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female perched in hedge.jpg
Description: A female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly perched in a hedge. The yellow 'T' shape behind the wings helps in identification when perched, and the atypically long pair of 'anal appendages' help here and when in flight.

View: D72_20220715_1604_100 Willow ( (q) poss Apple) Ermine Moth perched on timber post (crop).jpg
Description: This Ermine Moth is perched a wooden posts. All of the Ermine Moths are beautiful creatures.
We expected this to be a Spindle Ermine Moth that invaded the Spindle trees and hedge several weeks ago, but the ID book assures us that it is most likely a Willow Ermine Moth, or maybe an Apple Ermine moth.

Date: 06 Sep 2022
View: DF3_20220722_1612_016-020 Kestrel female taking off from telephone pole near house 1-5 of 7 (montage @ 7fps).jpg
Description: Rounding the side of the house on our way out for a walk reveals this female Kestrel on top of the 'phone pole across the track. She didn't immediately fly off, so we assume that this is the tolerant 'Grey Feather' who mostly ignores us. We waited patiently, and after a few minutes she flew off anyway. Here is the launch.

View: DF3_20220722_1612_018 Kestrel female taking off from telephone pole near house 3 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: Here is the middle image in more detail.

View: DF3_20220722_1620_034+036+1621_050+051 Kestrel female preening on wooden power pole on south boundary 2-5 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: A few minutes later we discovered where she had gone - round our SW corner and onto the top of the wooden mains power pole in the south hedge. She was enjoying a major preen of her beautiful feathers.

Date: 05 Sep 2022
View: D01_20220721_0522_254+0523_256_FB6 Kestrel female or juvenile lands on meadow post with rodent in beak to swallow 1+3 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: After the two-day heat-wave the weather quickly cooled overnight. To our surprise this female Kestrel arrived on the meadow post shortly after sunrise with some sort of Rodent in her beak - we guess a vole or Shrew. One minute later the Rodent was almost entirely inside the bird.

View: D01_20220721_0522_255+0523_257_FB6 Kestrel female or juvenile lands on meadow post with rodent in beak to swallow 2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: At the meadow post each camera trigger generates 2 images - the first with the flash firing, and the second in natural light. At night the second frame is black, but here in very poor light it is possible to extract a poorly balanced image in which the rodent can be seen more clearly than in the high contrast flash images.

Date: 04 Sep 2022
View: E63_20220720_1039_154_FB1 Great Tit juvenile with small seed in beak.jpg
Description: A juvenile Great Tit makes the most of the comparative cool of the morning, and the shade of the hedge, to root out some small seeds to eat.

Date: 03 Sep 2022
View: D73_20220718_0803_007 Peacock Butterfly feeding from Great Willow Herb flower.jpg
Description: This was at 8 a.m. on the first day of the heat-wave - the morning was already pleasantly warm - a portent of the events to come. Many of the normally mid-day visitors were already out making the most of this atypical weather. Here a Peacock Butterfly has the proboscis in a flower hidden by the one closest to the camera.

View: D73_20220718_0804_017 Peacock Butterfly resting in hedge.jpg
Description: A more 'classical' view of the Peacock Butterfly.

View: D73_20220718_0805_025 Honey Bee collecting pollen from Teasel flowers.jpg
Description: A honey Bee working their way around a Teasel Flower head. They will often go round several times at different heights.

View: D73_20220718_0807_040 Gatekeeper Butterfly feeding on Blackberry flower.jpg
Description: This pristine Gatekeeper Butterfly is 'tucking into' a Blackberry flower. The temperature then quickly rose as the hot south wind supplemented the hot sun. By mid-day the skies and flowers were deserted in favour of finding a shady spot and staying there!

Date: 02 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220717_1004_305-308 Red Kite in flight 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Mid-morning the day before the heat-wave this Red Kite gave us a couple of minutes of delight as they glided and powered their way around us.

View: D72_20220717_1004_328-332 Red Kite in flight 03-07 of 14 (approx montage @8fps).jpg

View: D72_20220717_1005_362-391 Red Kite gliding around thermal 1+3+5+7 of 9 (close spaced montage).jpg
Description: The circles birds make are far too big to show in any detail so we have turned this flight into a design.

View: D72_20220717_1005_430+437+439 Red Kite gliding overhead 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: The Red Kite finished with a flight low overhead - giving us a prey's eye view.

Date: 01 Sep 2022
View: D72_20220716_1131_119 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female becoming mature (first of 2022).jpg
Description: The first Migrant Hawker Dragonfly we have spotted this year, this one a female just becoming mature, here 'caught' in flight.

View: D72_20220717_0950_293 Common Blue Damselfly female Drab form (orig).jpg
Description: A female Common Blue Damselfly in the so called 'Drab' or 'Common' form.

View: D72_20220721_1548_011 Common Blue damselfly female (blue form) on dead clover flower.jpg
Description: This female Common Blue damselfly 'Blue' form is the most common here. She is perched on a Dead Clover flower usefully providing scale. She has yet to develop the full blue colour.

Image Archive arch 2022 aug.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Aug 2022
View: BU3_20220712_0354_090_SC6 Roe Deer male on access track looking at camera.jpg
Description: 2 days after the amble over the Round Mound probably the same male Roe Deer stops on the access track and gives the dull red glow from the camera's IR lamps a suspicious stare.

View: BU3_20220715_1308_037-039_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walking over access track to west hedge gap (accurate montage).jpg
Description: We now regularly see the disappearing end of creatures at the whole in the hedge, and think that the camera must have moved a bit. Here a 'smiling' female Reeves' Muntjac Deer makes her way off the track into the safety of our 2 acre haven.

View: BUC_20220719_0520_010_SC7 Roe Deer male on Round Mound.jpg
Description: A male Roe Deer looking very elegant on the Round mound just after sunrise.

View: BU3_20220719_0524_089+0525_092+093_SC6 Roe Deer male leaving at west hedge gap and wandering on access track (montage).jpg
Description: A few minutes later the same (judging by the antlers) Roe Deer wanders a little aimlessly on the access track.

Date: 30 Aug 2022
View: BU7_20220715_0304_016+017 Fox exits site through SW corner hedge gap (montage).jpg
Description: Bye Renard - see you again tomorrow!

View: BU7_20220719_0029_004+006+2354_007+008+20220721_0001_035_036 Fox identical exits around midnight on 3 successive days (accurate montage).jpg
Description: 4 days later, and for the 3 days in a row, probably the same Fox making appearances just a few minutes before midnight and half an hour afterwards. We can't tell the sex, but maybe a female with cubs to suckle. Its unusual for predatory animals to be this predictable.

View: BU8_20220721_0521_118-120 Fox hunting over grass near Duck Pond (impression montage).jpg
Description: "If I keep looking I'm bound to find something to eat even in this sun-baked ground."

View: BU8_20220721_0524_121+123+124 Fox hunting by Duck Pond (montage).jpg
Description: "I'm still looking."
The searches must be successful some of the time or the Fox would go searching elsewhere!

Date: 29 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220710_0922_061 Badger Road-kill left at FB5 (orig & final).jpg
Description: Having collected a badger road-kill in the early morning, we decided to leave the body at the meadow site and see what happened, expecting a Fox would be along in a day or two to drag away the remains. But we didn't factor in a (for the UK) hot day and sunshine blazing down.
WARNING: Skip the two images following this one if you might become upset.

View: D72_20220712_1618_033 Badger Road-kill left at FB5 08 of 27 (crop with maggots detail insert).jpg
Description: We noticed a few flies on the carcass even the same day, but didn't think much of it. The stink was unpleasant downwind of the site and we limited our visits. But 2 days later in the afternoon (that's 55 hours later) we were astounded to find the carcass completely smothered with Maggots - thousands we can see in this photo, and probably many times more hidden inside.

View: D72_20220713_1559_082 Badger Road-kill left at FB5 21 of 27 (crop).jpg
Description: 24 Hours on we now have a Badger Rug with ribs sticking out of the top and skull at the right side. The fur looks like it is attached to skin, but in fact the skin has complete gone and fur is laying loose and will soon start being spread around by wind and animal visitors.

Date: 28 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220710_0839_056 Badger - underneath rear paw (orig & final).jpg
Description: It is hard to get a good look at badger paws, so we put down this badger Road-kill on our excuse for a lawn to photograph them.
Here the Badger's rear paw.

View: D72_20220710_0840_059 Badger - underneath front paw (orig & final).jpg
Description: Here the Badger's front paw.

Date: 27 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220713_1048_045 Yellowhammer on 11kV cable.jpg
Description: This has been a great year for Yellowhammers in the hedges at all 4 compass points outside our site, but not in it. Several are nesting in the stretch of hedge running south from our SW corner, and they find the overhead 11kV cables an ideal spot to do lookout duty. The 11KV cable don't look much from the ground, but they dwarf the Yellowhammer - a bird about the size of a Sparrow or Chaffinch.

View: D01_20220714_0352_376_FB6 Tawny Owl short visit to Meadow Post.jpg
Description: Barely landed, and already this Tawny Owl is staring at something off to one side.

Date: 26 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220710_1559_083 Gatekeeper Butterflies mating (1st sighting of 2022).jpg
Description: Our first sighting of a Gatekeeper butterfly this year is of this pair mating.
The double white dots in the black oval is a characteristic of the species.

View: E60_20220712_2301_060_FB3 Brimstone Moth flying over kitchen perch an hour before midnight.jpg
Description: A Brimstone Moth (NOT butterfly) flies over the Kitchen perch an hour before midnight. The Blackberry stem was awaiting cutting back but here makes an interesting natural juxtaposition.
You can find a few much better pics of Brimstone Moths in flight on the subject indexed page around

Date: 25 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220708_1010_006 Mallow Flower.jpg
Description: A Mallow flower including stem and leaves.

View: D72_20220710_0932_068 Teasel starting to flower (1st of 2022).jpg
Description: Teasels are really interesting and useful plants.
Here is the first one we have seen starting to flower this year, a patch on the sunny side in the middle. The flower heads first form a ring around the circumference, and then split into 2 rings - one working up the head and one down. Insects enjoy the flowers, and the hundreds of resultant seeds last right through as a food source for finches and similar into next year.

View: D72_20220713_1059_055 Crocosmia first flowers.jpg
Description: A favourite summer flower is the Crocosmia which flowers in sequence along the horizontally V-shaped head.

View: DF3_20220709_1301_012 Sumac Flower cluster.jpg
Description: We have had a soft spot for Sumac trees ever since we saw one while we lived in a 'modern' terrace in Welwyn Garden City. We have planted one or more at every house we have bought since, and here, with the greater space, several. But this is the first time we have seen such an exuberance of flowers.

Date: 24 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220706_0940_063 Ants under corrugated Iron sheet in meadow - ants + tiny to large pupae + alates.jpg
Description: Mid-morning sees that the ants under the corrugated iron seem to have brought the entire nursery of eggs and Pupae to the surface to warm. On really hot days lifting the sheet shows barely any ants because they have all been transported back to the cooler underground tunnels.
All the Pupae can be returned underground in only a few minutes by these industrious colonies as we once watched in real time.

View: D72_20220712_1620_034 Ant Alates on west side of access track.jpg
Description: Another Ant nest some 100m away we come across these Ant alates - flying ants leaving to breed.

Date: 23 Aug 2022
View: E63_20220704_2302_057_FB1 Badger inspecting Hedge bottom an hour before midnight (crop 1).jpg
Description: A Badger on the nightly round.

View: E63_20220704_2302_057_FB1 Badger inspecting Hedge bottom an hour before midnight (crop 2).jpg
Description: A much more detailed crop from the above.
Dog lovers may think that the Badger looks affectionate, but if you got this close they would try to have off your fingers!

View: E63_20220707_0104_171_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom an hour after midnight.jpg
Description: With little rain for a week, Badgers lose their generally muddy snouts and appear a little more pristine.

Date: 22 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220704_1741_035 Broad Bodied Chaser Dragonfly male perched in tree on Duck Pond island.jpg
Description: A couple of times in the last few weeks we have shown you the orange female of the Broad Bodied Chaser. Here at last we see the very different male. The blue colour (called Pruinescence) is a powder that can be rubbed off and you can see a few patches missing on this individual.
The Pruinescence is very bright in Ultra-violet light - you can see an old set of images of this at Broad Bodied Chaser in UV

Date: 21 Aug 2022
View: E63_20220704_1037_025_FB1 Wood Pigeon looking backward spreading the neck feathers.jpg
Description: Wood Pigeon feathers look so smooth and matt you can forget that they are made up of hundreds of overlapping feathers.

View: D01_20220702_0813_234_FB6 Magpie lands on Meadow post with unripe Cherry in beak.jpg
Description: A Magpie carrying a somewhat unripe cherry. Most of our cherry trees make yellow cherries which we find have a slightly unpleasant aftertaste. Only the sprout of our deep red cherry tree is producing cherries this year - we must time our cropping carefully to be 'ripe enough' but before the Squirrels also find them 'ripe enough'.
The main cherry tree was damaged by the Oak tree that broke off last year in a storm and after cutting back has not got round to blossoming.

Date: 20 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220701_1550_053 Common Blue Damselfly male.jpg
Description: A male Common Blue Damselfly delicately perches on a dead grass stem. In recent years Azure Damselflies dominated the Damselfly population, but this year it is about 50-50 Common and Azure.

View: DF3_20220702_1121_147 Beautiful Demoiselle female.jpg
Description: An unexpected find of a female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly long after most of them have 'gone'. The Damselfly's wings are as undamaged as ever.

View: D72_20220707_1814_066 Common Blue Damselfly male immature not yet developed blue colouring.jpg
Description: Damselflies go through several appearances after emergence from 'teneral' (newly emerged) to 'over-mature', each species following it's pattern and timescale. This one is a male Common Blue Damselfly but yet to develop the blue colour along the middle abdominal segments.

Date: 19 Aug 2022
View: E60_20220630_1023_004_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: Our 'resident' female Sparrowhawk stops on the Kitchen Perch.

View: D72_20220630_1048_027 Kestrel female in Lodgepole pine tree.jpg
Description: No sightings of the resident female Kestrel at her haunts around the house in the last few days (that doesn't mean she hasn't been there) but here she is in another of her hunting haunts near the top of a Lodge Pole Pine tree perhaps 60 metres away.

Date: 18 Aug 2022
View: E63_20220630_0149_164_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom (crop).jpg
Description: A badger picking up a few food scraps at the hedge bottom.

View: E63_20220630_0149_164_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom (detail of rear and front claws).jpg
Description: A contraction of the two visible sets of claws shows the powerful rear and front claws.

Date: 17 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220628_0837_003 Ringlet Butterfly (1st of 2022).jpg
Description: The first sighting of a Ringlet Butterfly this year.

View: DF3_20220625_1608_155 Large Skipper Butterfly perched on leaf.jpg
Description: A male Large Skipper Butterfly.
'Large' is a relative term - All skippers are smaller than the normal run of Butterflies.

Date: 16 Aug 2022
View: E63_20220625_1022_167_FB1 Magpie juvenile begging.jpg
Description: Patience is NOT a virtue that young Magpies possess. FOOD!!!

View: D01_20220625_1420_466+1456_484+485_FB6 Magpie collecting caterpillars and using crack in Meadow Post top 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: The left pic is about half-an-hour earlier than the two on the right (just 400mS apart) as probably the same Magpie takes some sort of caterpillar to the Meadow Post, undoubtedly on the way to a demanding youngster. On the right the Magpie seems to be deliberately Jamming the insects into a crack in the top of the post.
Woodpeckers do this to steady nuts to break open - quite why a Magpie would do this doesn't seem obvious.

Date: 15 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220625_0847_084 Hare sitting with ears down at edge of Farm Road (crop 1).jpg
Description: A Hare hunkered down at the edge of the Farm Road.

View: DF3_20220625_0847_084 Hare sitting with ears down at edge of Farm Road (crop 2).jpg
Description: A detail from the same photo to show you how the Whiskers always seem to droop down.

Date: 14 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220624_1518_063+064 Muntjac Reeves Deer male watching cameraman as he guards female (accurate montage for focus).jpg
Description: Turning a corner finds this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer staring back as he guarded the female out in the light behind.

View: E6A_20220628_2056_136_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer male at meadow site.jpg
Description: One of the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer takes an idiosyncratic self-portrait.

View: BU8_20220629_1823_149+153+1826_172 Muntjac Reeves deer male on meadow beside Duck Pond (montage).jpg
Description: One of the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer spends a few minutes foraging near the edge of the Duck-shaped pond

Date: 13 Aug 2022
View: E60_20220623_1229_007_FB3 Sparrowhawk landing on kitchen perch probably after failed attack at bird feeder.jpg
Description: The female Sparrowhawk has started making appearances at both the study and kitchen feeders. Here the wildly swinging peanut feed on the chain suggests and unsuccessful attack on a bird at the feeder just before landing on the perch.

View: DF3_20220624_1408_044-1411_055 Kestrel female hunting from orchard apple tree 1-4 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: Our other regular Raptor visitor is this female Kestrel 'Grey Feather' who has returned to some of her old haunts. Here she is hunting from a dead branch on an old apple tree ignoring the photographer perhaps 10 metres away.

View: DF3_20220625_1616_159+1618_175 Kestrel female hunting from Apple tree (montage).jpg
Description: Our lovely 'Grey Feather' Kestrel hunting from a favourite perch. You can see here that her tail is not 'quite right', but she nevertheless obviously a successful individual and we are always pleased to see her.

Date: 12 Aug 2022
View: D01_20220623_0743_024+0744_026+0745_028_FB6 Wood Pigeons mating on Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage@1minute intervals).jpg
Description: These three moments at 1 minute intervals.
We can't tell you whether the bird left on the post is the same one or not, but we do rather like the idea of him 'flying in for a quickie'!

Date: 11 Aug 2022
View: BU9_20220623_2047_032_SC2 Fox eye reflection showing vertical slot Iris.jpg
Description: Almost all of our detailed pics of Foxes are at night when there Irises are close to fully open. Here we catch an evening moment where the partly closed irises clearly show that the closed iris is a vertical slit.

View: BU5_20220616_2059_091-093_SC1 Fox standing still by Round pond only moving ears & tail 1-33 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: These 3 pics taken a few seconds apart show the Fox standing stock-still - the only movement is a slight lowering of the lovely tail and the Fox's right ear swivelling about.

View: BUA_20220629_0624_174_SC8 Hare near east hedge gap with ears twisted in different directions.jpg
Description: Humans seem a bit 'ear deprived' compared to many wild species. Here an early morning Hare shows us his lovely floppy ears.

Date: 10 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220622_1041_103 Banded Demoiselle Damselfly male (1st seen 19jun2022) (crop).jpg
Description: Our first (visual only) sighting of a Banded Demoiselle Damselfly was 3 days earlier.
The Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies have almost finished - in the past they have peaked here at about the same time. We MAY be seeing female Banded Demoiselles, but they don't have the dark band and we find it hard to tell them from The Beautiful females unless we see them both close together, when their hues are subtly different.

View: D72_20220622_1059_123 Banded Demoiselle Damselfly male (1st seen 19jun2022).jpg

Date: 09 Aug 2022
View: D72_20220621_1631_041 Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) flower and hairy and spiked fruits (crop).jpg
Description: The startling appearance of the spiked fruits of Herb Robert along with a flower of the same plant.

View: DF3_20220619_0903_056 Snail crossing Farm Road (& rescued).jpg
Description: Several instances recently of snails out in dangerous places. This one is in the tyre tracks on the Farm Road. They had a few seconds 'aviation' experience to take him where they were going without the risk of being flattened by the next vehicle.

Date: 08 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220620_1227_019 Red Admiral Butterfly feeding on flower in hedge.jpg
Description: A Red Admiral butterfly perched to show both top and bottom of wings.
Because most butterflies and moths build their wing pattern with tiny scales on each side, the two sides can be entirely different. It very frustrating that so many ID book show only one side or other!

View: D72_20220621_1626_037 Comma Butterfly on leaf show uper and lower wings.jpg
Description: A similar view of a Comma Butterfly. The 'comma' is the white shape appearing only on the underneath of the wing.

View: D72_20220621_1737_084 Comma Butterfly showing top of wings.jpg
Description: Not a trace of the 'Comma' on the top of the wing.

View: D72_20220621_1258_014 Meadow Brown Butterflies mating on leaf 3 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: A pair of mating Meadow Brown Butterflies enjoy the highlight of their short lives.

Date: 07 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220618_0723_013 Hare juvenile on field margin to north (crop 2).jpg
Description: In the field margin the Hare watches events from the conveniently short grass..

View: DF3_20220619_0559_032-036 Hare running along bridleway to north 1-5 of 5 (slightly stretched montage @7fps).jpg
Description: This is a field margin along the edge of the bridleway to our north. We never manage to take a Hare who rests here by surprise - they can see us way before we arrive from either direction.

View: DF3_20220619_0600_043 Hare running from Farm Road west towards our patch 1 of 6 (crop 2).jpg
Description: Just 1 minute later, this is a different Hare a bit less terrified of us, here they are sitting on the Farm Road.

View: DF3_20220619_0600_044-048 Hare running from Farm Road west towards our patch 2-6 of 6 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Something spooked the Hare (we were keeping still) and they ran off towards the interior of our patch.

Date: 06 Aug 2022
View: D01_20220622_1808_221_FB6 Magpie juvenile lands on Meadow Post to beg from adult already there.jpg
Description: A juvenile Magpie arrives already demanding food before they have even landed!

View: D01_20220617_1625_055+056_FB6 Magpie stopped from landing on Meadow Post by threating Magpie already there (montage @400mS).jpg
Description: Looks to us like an adult Magpie trying to land on the Meadow Post top already occupied by a begging juvenile. The adult decides to pass by - possibly not the parent of the bird begging, or just nothing to give them.

View: E63_20220621_1820_090_FB1 Magpie juvenile demanding food from another.jpg
Description: Demanding (begging seems to be too weak a description!) juvenile Magpies are to be seen regularly at the hedge bottom.

View: E63_20220622_0524_120_FB1 Magpie juvenile demanding food from adult.jpg
Description: Here you can see the Red gape that the adults are keyed to fill with as much food as they can find.

Date: 05 Aug 2022
View: D36_20220616_1824_013_FB4 Wood Pigeon landing magestically on Tree-stump (crop).jpg
Description: This seems to have been a week for Wood Pigeons making symmetrical landings. First on the tree-stump ....

View: D01_20220620_0743_035_FB6 Wood Pigeon symmetrical landing on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: ... a few days later the Meadow Post in the morning ...

View: D01_20220621_0605_061_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on Meadow Post backlit.jpg
Description: ... and then at about 6 a.m. against the light. The winds have been atypical, and every pic is the back view!

Date: 04 Aug 2022
View: D01_20220620_0040_021_FB6 Tawny Owl landing on Meadow post.jpg
Description: This night visiting Tawny Owl appear to have 'eyes of blue'.
What we are actually seeing is the appearance of the nictitating membrane closed over the eyes to protect them (as many bird momentarily do during accident prone manoeuvres) but with the eyes aligned with the camera we see internal reflection from the retina.

Date: 03 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220615_0742_443-451 Grey Squirrel running over concrete track then grass 01+03+05+07+09 of 25 (approx montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Catching the gait of a Grey Squirrel in a high-speed run is here shown as alternate frames (at about 7 frames per second), mostly accurately positioned. At some points the legs are spread legs as you see portrayed in Victorian paintings of horses before Mybridge discovered the reality.

View: DF3_20220615_0742_446-452 Grey Squirrel running over concrete track then grass 04+06+08+10 of 25 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: The above is the odd numbered frames, so here is the 'same' sequence using even numbered frames.

View: DF3_20220615_0742_452-457 Grey Squirrel running over concrete track then grass 10-15 of 25 (near accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Picking up speed on the grass we can see every frame in this montage (still at 7fps). In the montage above and this one (twice) we see a landing with head almost banging the ground so this must be part of the intended behaviour.

Date: 02 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220614_1803_412+1756_388+1801_401 Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly female - Great Willow Herb + Blackberry (montage).jpg
Description: A moderately regular visitors is the Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly. This female was fluttering from perch to perch - here is a little celebration.

View: DF3_20220615_1744_544 Broad-bodied Chaser female Dragonfly facing camera backlit on desiccated teasel (q) stem.jpg
Description: A female Broad-bodied Chaser Dragonfly beautifully back-lit while perched facing the camera on what looks like one of last years Teasel stems.

View: DF3_20220614_1804_415 Four-spotted chaser Dragonfly male.jpg
Description: A once regular breeder in the Round Pond, but now occasional visitor, is the Four-spotted Chaser Dragonfly.
But there are there 8 black spots you say!
The outer spots (actually rectangles boarded by wing veins) are called pterostigma which appear in some form on almost all Dragonflies. The 'spots' count is of the round spots half-way down the leading edge of the wing - and yes - there are four!

Date: 01 Aug 2022
View: DF3_20220614_1606_368 Buzzard flying overhead with large piece of Rabbit in claws.jpg
Description: This Buzzard wings past with this disgusting looking mess of very-dead Rabbit messing up the bird's aerodynamics. The voracious chicks will be pleased.

Image Archive arch 2022 jul.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220614_1400_317+318+320 Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly rolling up Proboscis 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly coils up his proboscis until it completely disappears.

View: DF3_20220615_0926_479 Small Heath Butterfly (1st of 2022) perched on windblown rubbish.jpg
Description: The first sighting of a Small Heath Butterfly this year - choosing a piece of wind-blown rubbish to perch on :-(

Date: 30 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220612_1220_240 3 Thick-legged Flower Beetle on Oxeye Daisy Flower.jpg
Description: On an Oxeye daisy flower are 3 Thick-legged Flower Beetles. Only the 2 males here have the leg bulges.

View: DF3_20220610_1107_014 2 Dog Rose flowers bleached by sunlight.jpg
Description: A pretty pair of Dog Rose flowers, already bleached white by the sunshine.

Date: 29 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220612_0919_212 Black-tailed Skimmer fame on corrugated Iron sheet.jpg
Description: We seem to have Black-tailed Skimmer Dragonflies this year, here perched on the warm Corrugated Iron sheet intended to attract snakes underneath.

View: D72_20220613_1223_031 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly male.jpg
Description: A Few Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies are still to be found in the middle of warm days. Here a male ...

View: DF3_20220615_1102_532 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female with wings slightly offset.jpg
Description: ... and here a female with wings misaligned so you can see 3 of the 4 pseudo-pterostigma. 'Pseudo' because they are white rather than the usual dark - in this species (and the Banded Demoiselle) only the females have any mark at this position.

Date: 28 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220610_1641_023-20220613_1239_047 Mullein in concrete crack hosts Mullein Moth caterpillar 3+2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: Each year a Mullein plant pops up from a crack in a concrete block blocking the unused end of our access track. This year the block-bound plant has been 'invaded' by Mullein Moth Caterpillars who have stripped the plant of leaves and left it to wither.
Will we see the plant again next year? Most probably!

Date: 27 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220612_0532_060+064+065 Pied Wagtail collecting small insects (accurate montage).jpg
Description: In the early morning (5.30 a.m.) this Wagtail diligently gathers insects to feed the chicks.

View: DF3_20220614_0818_266+267 Pied Wagtail takes off with insects in beak 2+3 of 3 (impression montage).jpg
Description: Out before the world gets too busy, this Pied Wagtail is tearing about collecting food from the grass margin. Hundreds of frames not shown never got to see the bird actually picking up some interesting item.

Date: 26 Jul 2022
View: D36_20220603_1611_031_FB4 Grey Squirrel using tail as umbrella.jpg
Description: Lots of rain in the last few days, and we often see Grey Squirrels using their tails as 'umbrellas' - even though the rain seems to have stopped.

View: D72_20220604_1733_029 Grey Squirrel female grooming in sun warmed cleft of tree.jpg
Description: This female Grey squirrel is enjoying a major grooming session in a sun-warmed cleft. In other shots nipples are clearly visible - her tummy is swollen enough that she is probably pregnant. Yet more of the little blighters!

View: E63_20220604_1849_196_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating Banana peel held in paws.jpg
Description: Banana skin is a favourite for some of the squirrels.

View: E63_20220605_1640_019+1726_029_FB1 Grey Squirrels visiting hedge bottom (montage).jpg
Description: 10 minutes apart we assume the same Grey Squirrel practises looking innocent and twee.

Date: 25 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220607_1539_063-068 Magpie launching from concrete electricity pole 1+2+4-6 of 6 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: The human infrastructure in rural areas is full of posts and overhead power and phone cables. The animals don't care how the perches get there, they just use them like any tree branch.
Lots of birds stop over on this very old concrete power pole.

View: DF3_20220612_0537_073 Chiffchaff dwarfed by 11kV power cable.jpg
Description: This Chiffchaff is utterly dwarfed by the 11kV power cable high overhead.

Date: 24 Jul 2022
View: PK1_20220612_1350_950-998 Great Spotted Woodpecker female collects broken peanut & flies off with it 1-4+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: Mum Great Spotted Woodpecker breaks and collects a peanut fragment and flies off to cram it into the ever-open beak of her youngster waiting in the trees behind.

View: D5C_20220613_0813_010+003 Great Spotted Woodpecker female feeding juvenile 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A day after the mother Great Spotted Woodpecker was photographed collecting bits of Peanuts at the Kitchen Window feeder, we catch this moment of what we assume is the same adult taking a just extracted piece of peanut and giving it to the juvenile below.
We never get the extraction phase at the site - Mum is always hidden by the tube of nuts!

Date: 23 Jul 2022
View: E63_20220611_1647_146_FB1 Magpie at hedge bottom with peanuts in beak.jpg
Description: At he hedge bottom site you can cram your beak with peanuts ...

View: D01_20220611_1658_157_FB6 Magpie with beak crammed with peanuts with huge Dog Rose bush in background.jpg
Description: ... and something like a minute later, stops off on the way home before braving the nest-full of screaming youngsters!

Date: 22 Jul 2022
View: D72_20220609_0656_005-0658_017 Hare on alert crouches down before running off 1+3+4+6+7 of 19 (impression montage).jpg
Description: An earlyish morning (7 a.m.) walk finds this Hare on alert almost 100 metres away.. We started walking towards the Hare who inexplicably moved across a concrete track towards us, and then gradually folded back the wonderful ears before crouching down in the short grass probably hoping to be rendered invisible. This sequence is a construct to show the change in position of the hare, including major relocations and approximate changes of scale from both the Hare and the humans moving. But this 3 minutes of change is a genuine reflection of what happened in a strange sort of slow-motion.

View: D72_20220609_0658_021-031 Hare on alert crouches down before running off 08-18 (alternate) of 19 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Eventually the Hare seemed to realise that his hiding posture was doing no good at all, so ran off into the crop out of frame to the left. One and a quarter seconds of the run shown here.

View: DF3_20220612_0907_138 Hare crouching by wheat crop with whiskers splayed symmetrically.jpg
Description: Away from the Road, Hares hang around a little longer. This one is crouched at the edge of the crop watching us.

Date: 21 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220607_0836_007+008+011 Yellowhammer male singing in top of hedge across main road (montage).jpg
Description: From behind a hedge on one side of the main road this Yellowhammer could only see our heads and didn't take fright as he sang to the world. Unfortunately traffic noise completely obliterated his song for us. - a known problem for birds nesting near roads and in towns.

Date: 20 Jul 2022
View: E64_20220602_1435_028+1024_015_FB2 Moorhen stepping over log showing multiple foot positions (montage).jpg
Description: Our industrious moorhen here gives a good view of the multi-purpose legs and feet in various positions.

Date: 19 Jul 2022
View: E63_20220529_2124_380_FB1 2 Badgers sharing hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Two badgers at the hedge bottom site - we think a youngster and Mum or Dad off the right side.

View: E63_20220529_2353_381_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom (orig & final).jpg
Description: 2 hours later this Badger has a look at the offerings. More than likely not either of the 2 we saw together.

View: BU5_20220607_0240_163+165_SC1 Fox sitting under cherry tree gazes upwards 1+3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Sitting by the Round Pond seems to be a favourite bit of behaviour for this fox who seems to be gazing upwards at an overhanging branch of a large cherry tree.
Perhaps a Pheasant is almost irresistibly perched in the elevated sanctuary.

Date: 18 Jul 2022
View: E60_20220605_1954_008_FB3 Sparrowhawk female landing on Kitchen Window Perch.jpg
Description: After weeks of absence to female Sparrowhawk comes in to land on the Kitchen Window perch as the evening darkens.

View: E60_20220608_1303_142_FB3 Sparrowhawk female landing on Kitchen window perch.jpg
Description: Three days later in mid-afternoon the female Sparrowhawk makes another visit.
Photographically inferior but lovely to see.

Date: 17 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220603_1019_077 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly male.jpg
Description: The Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies are to be found in well separated spots of shelter and sun. There are far fewer than last year when at least 50 spent midday on a south facing stretch of hedge.
We notice that these delicate creatures (in fact Damselflies in general) seem to remain pristine - presumably they do not frequent bramble patch where the prickles tend to damage wing edges.
Here is a male ...

View: DF3_20220603_1026_090 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female.jpg
Description: and here a female.

View: D72_20220604_1733_017 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female perched on 3 leaves.jpg
Description: A female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly managing to perch on 3 leaves simultaneously - and still look elegant.

Date: 16 Jul 2022
View: BU5_20220603_1755_289_SC1 Moorhen adult runs to find more food for chick on Round Pond bank - first chick of 2022.jpg
Description: So far the ONLY direct evidence we have that there are Moorhen chicks about - the black blob on the right is definitely a Moorhen chick.

View: E64_20220604_0518_182_FB2 Moorhen with insect in beak (crop).jpg
Description: Another adult Moorhen taking food in the opposite direction - so there must be another brood hatched even if we don't know where it is.

View: E64_20220606_1132_102+0802_084+20220605_1827_021_FB2 Moorhen carrying food to chicks (montage).jpg
Description: Our busy Moorhen here carrying food across the Woodland site for the chicks hidden in a nest somewhere. Left to right the bird seems to be carrying Unknown, a large fly and a small damselfly we can't ID.

Date: 15 Jul 2022
View: E60_20220603_1323_074+1327_075_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker female leaves juvenile returning in 4 mins with food (montage).jpg
Description: Mum Great Spotted Woodpecker flies off, 4 minutes later returning with a beakful for her youngster.

View: E60_20220603_1327_075_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker female feeds juvenile on perch (close crop).jpg
Description: More detail of Mum about to stuff the food into juniors open gape.

View: E60_20220604_2019_113_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile flies over female on perch.jpg
Description: The Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker flies in to land next to Mum.

Date: 14 Jul 2022
View: D01_20220602_1658_045_FB6 Magpie on Meadow Post manipulating long awkward twig for nest.jpg
Description: These crazy shapes pieces of twig are the result of last years hedge cutting. Farmers generally use a flail cutter which smashes the wood to small pieces, but our manually handled electric pole cutters leave the pieces whole.

View: E63_20220607_1705_123_FB1 Magpie feeding juvenile.jpg
Description: FEED ME.

Date: 13 Jul 2022
View: D72_20220602_0650_146-167 Hare ambles towards us along Farm Road but runs back 02+05+08+11+14+16 of 34 (acc montage @8fps).jpg
Description: This pristine Hare is probably a youngster inexperienced in the dangers of being near Humans. Over a few minutes this one wandered up the Farm Road towards us until perhaps 10 metres away. The Hare turned sideways and stopped, assessing the 2 stationary creatures (us) standing on the grass.

View: D72_20220602_0650_168-181 Hare ambles towards us along Farm Road but runs back 17+20+22-30 (alts) of 34 (acc montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Deciding that it was time to depart with a soupcon of haste, the Hare did an about-turn and accelerated off.
The first image pics are about 375mS apart and still quite close
This image shows gaps of about 250mS apart and more spread out anyway

Date: 12 Jul 2022
View: BUA_20220527_0210_044_SC8-D72_20220529_1735_006 Muntjac Reeves Deer male loses both antlers in 2 days (montage).jpg
Description: We recognise this male Reeves Muntjac Deer from the length and curve of his Antlers and facial markings, so are confident that each of these pics is of the same individual losing first one and then the other Antler over 2 days.
Top Left:       BUA_20220527_0210_044_SC8  27 May 2022 02:10 Both Antlers present
Top Right:     BU9_20220528_1029_047_SC2  28 May 2022 10:29 Left Antler absent
Bottom Left:  BU8_20220528_1203_161           28 May 2022 12:03 Right antler rubbed with rear hoof
Bottom Right D72_20220529_1735_006           29 May 2022 17:35 Both Antlers gone
We guess that in the bottom left pic the remaining antler was becoming loose and was irritating the Deer.
We remember years ago in a wildlife film seeing a large antler falling from a much larger deer, and the surprise the animal showed at the suddenly unbalanced head. We doubt that the small Antlers of Muntjac Deer have a serious unbalancing effect.

Date: 11 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220527_0900_031-0902_037 Harlequin Ladybirds 1-4 of 4 (montage from 3 minute selection).jpg
Description: Harlequin Ladybirds are very variable - even the two bottom left obviously know that the different markings don't matter!

View: DF3_20220529_0931_035 Scorpion Fly female.jpg
Description: A female Scorpion Fly - so no 'scorpion' tail.

Date: 10 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220527_1118_043 Cloudscape - ghost Swallows gathering on cable (cloud & contrail moving as one) (orig & final).jpg
Description: Clouds are interesting at this time of year, and the human pattern-creating brain can't resist seeing things in the patterns.
Here we imagine a cable (probably a contrail) through the sky with Swallows fluttering around it.

View: D72_20220601_1625_104 Cloud mountain in snow surrounded by ring of cloud (crop).jpg
Description: On a grander scale we imagine a snow-topped mountain surrounded by a ring of cloud at a lower altitude, like you really see around volcanos.

View: DF3_20220529_0524_175 Sunrise over pineham farm (orig & final).jpg
Description: And then there are the abstract moment in the sky.

Date: 09 Jul 2022
View: D36_20220528_0353_040_FB4 Tawny Owl landing on tree stump (crop).jpg
Description: A Tawny Owl stops on the tree stump in the woodland.

Date: 08 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220527_1241_062 Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars clumped at end of vertical silk thread.jpg
Description: Here a dozen Spindle Ermine Caterpillars seem to arrived at the 'End of their tether' - quite literally.

View: D72_20220531_1015_039 Ermine moth caterpillars clustered under leaf.jpg
Description: The Saga of the Spindle Ermine Moth seems to be nearing it's end. Under a leaf we find this 100 or so in a clump.

View: D72_20220531_1016_040 Ermine moth caterpillars hanging on vertical silk thread.jpg
Description: A metre away we find dozens more clinging to this vertical thread.
This has been an exceptional year for these moths. The adults are said to be about from June to September, so we hope they provide good feeding for the new crop of birds building up their bodies ready for Winter.
And the moths are rather pretty as well!

View: DF3_20220607_0844_020 Spindle Ermine Moth Caterpillars wrapped in Spindle leaves.jpg
Description: The mass showing this year of Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillar has effected every one of our Spindle Trees - we haven't counted, but we planted 25 about thirty years ago and most of them 'took'. Damage varies from perhaps 30% loss of foliage to about 10 of the trees stripped completely bare of leaves.

Date: 07 Jul 2022
View: D01_20220530_1030_008+_0846_003_FB6 2 Magpie landings on Meadow post one with food pellet in beak (montage over 2Hrs).jpg
Description: A couple of Magpie landings.
The bird on the left seems to have some sort of food pellet in the beak.
If one of our neighbours tells us what it is we will insert the info here.

View: D35_20220601_0815_067 Magpie carrying hedge cutting for nest.jpg
Description: Its looks like its nest building time again for this Magpie.

Date: 06 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220527_1253_077 Azure Damselfly male perched on grass blade.jpg
Description: The colour of some mature Damselflies is quite remarkable. If they were not so small they would be lauded as amazing.

View: DF3_20220527_0903_039 Micro-moth Nemophora degeerella perched on leaf.jpg
Description: This rather pretty Micro-Moth has no common name. The out-of-proportion antennae are many times the length of the insects body.

View: DF3_20220528_0911_159 Hover-fly (maybe Helophilus pendulus) (crop).jpg
Description: The species of this Hover-fly is uncertain.
References images with similar markings all have much more dominant black.
Pleased to meet you even if we don't know what you are!

Date: 05 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220527_0858_028 Cinnabar moth on short grass.jpg
Description: Cinnabar Moths seem to be unusually plentiful this year.

View: DF3_20220527_1236_051 Cinnabar Moth clinging to underside of grass blade.jpg
Description: How you usually (don't) see Cinnabar moths - hiding behind and under leaves.

View: DF3_20220527_1455_103 Blood-vein Moth (timandra comea) (orig).jpg
Description: A 'Blood-vein Moth hiding in foliage.
The 'Blood vein' is just coloured scales - nothing nasty.

Date: 04 Jul 2022
View: BU7_20220525_0635_037 Muntjac Reeves Deer female barking at end of orchard 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: We didn't hear her ourselves, but here a female Reeves' Muntjac Deer greets the day. She may be calling a fawn - see next image.

View: BUA_20220601_0558_122+123_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn with mother (montage for clarity).jpg
Description: The morning provides awful lighting for this first Reeves' Muntjac Fawn this year, quietly following Mum towards the rising sun.

Date: 03 Jul 2022
View: DF3_20220528_0905_131 Spindle Ermine moth caterpillars (Yponomeata cagnagella) cling to metres long 20 silk threads on Spindle Tree 1 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: Continuing the story of the Ermine Moth caterpillars: a walk down a 20 metre long path found our way blocked by about 20 silk threads hanging from a Spindle Tree about 4 metres above. Clinging to the thread were hundreds of caterpillars we have to believe to be Spindle Ermine Moths. Much harder to photograph than to see, here is an attempt to catch the hanging wall of threads.

View: DF3_20220528_0906_142 Spindle Ermine moth caterpillars (Yponomeata cagnagella) cling to metres long 20 silk threads on Spindle Tree 3 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: Looking up we see the same nets of silk we saw in the hedge, but this time several metres up in the Spindle tree.

View: D72_20220530_0708_050 Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars on hanging silk threads.jpg
Description: 2 days later only a few of the threads used by the Spindle Ermine Moth Caterpillars remain. Here a camera flash makes them clearer.

View: D72_20220530_0708_051 Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars on hanging silk threads.jpg
Description: This is the clump of Spindle Ermine Moth caterpillars in the middle of the above image, but photographed with flash from the other side.

Date: 02 Jul 2022
View: D01_20220525_1128_181_FB6 Wood pigeon settling wings after landing with tail fully spread.jpg
Description: Isn't it wonderful how birds can manipulate their feathers?
The tail is spread into almost a complete semi-circle.

View: D01_20220524_1142_078+79_FB6 Wood Pigeon lands on Meadow Post displacing another (mirrored montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: We rarely get pictures of birds leaving the Meadow post (a technical matter) so were surprised to get these two usable moments 3 hours apart.

View: D01_20220524_1448_092+093_FB6 Wood Pigeon launching from Meadow Post (approx montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: We rarely get pictures of birds leaving the Meadow post (a technical matter) so were surprised to get these two usable moments 3 hours apart.

Date: 01 Jul 2022
View: D01_20220519_2215_051+2216_053_FB6 Tawny Owl on Meadow Post with Black Bird prey in right talons 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: At 75 minutes after sunset it is almost completely dark. This Tawny Owl arrives on the meadow post carrying some sort of Black Bird in his right Talons. It's unlikely to be Rook or Jackdaw, and there is not enough white to be a Magpie, too small for a Moorhen, so our best guess is a male Blackbird. The image to the right is 1 minute later. Another minute later both had departed.
The Owl may have landed on the kitchen perch or Tree stump to eat it, but as Murphy's law would have it, this was the night that the RCD tripped on the North side camera cabling in thunderstorm, so we will never know.

Image Archive arch 2022 jun.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220519_1621_080 Brimstone Butterfly male feeding on Red Campion flower.jpg
Description: A male Brimstone butterfly 'tanking up' from a Red Campion flower.

View: D72_20220518_1237_072+073 Peacock Butterfly on Buttercup + 2 Thick-legged Flower Beetle (oedemera nobilis) females on Buttercup (accurate montage for focus).jpg
Description: A Peacock Butterfly feeding on a Buttercup almost entirely hidden by the insect. On the adjacent Buttercup we see two female Thick-legged Flower Beetles. The females don't have the characteristic legs bulges that give the species their name.

View: DF3_20220522_1045_101 Tortoiseshell Butterfly (very worn) feeding on Buttercup.jpg
Description: This Tortoiseshell Butterfly must have overwintered, and while faded and a bit pecked was still flying well, here re-fuelling on a Buttercup.

Date: 29 Jun 2022
View: E64_20220513_0928_134+20220514_0844+245+20220513_0721_126_FB2 Moorhen carrying nest lining materials west over Woodland site 3+5+2 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: We still don't know where the nest is, but this little fellow is still hard at work finding stuff to build it up.

View: E64_20220515_0647_302_FB2 Moorhen steps over woodland log.jpg
Description: Our diligent Moorhen making his way back 'empty beaked' as usual.

View: E64_20220521_1130_190-20220519_0827_009_FB2 Moorhen crosses Woodland site to west with nesting & food over 3 days (montage).jpg
Description: Presumably the same Moorhen is still relentlessly carrying nesting and (left & latest image) food across the woodland site towards the main pond. Either the nest is in the pond very well disguised, or is up a tree hidden by leaves. Either way we hope the Rooks don't find it!

View: E64_20220520_1853_148+1406_095+20220521_0649_168_FB2 Moorhen returning from west never with anything in beak (montage).jpg
Description: Timing of between 4 and 8 minutes between carrying stuff across and coming back unladen suggests that this is the same bird. Moorhen are hard working little creatures we greatly admire.
This is web site after all!

Date: 28 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220519_1458_068 Four-spotted Chaser female - first of 2022 (crop).jpg
Description: A 'four-spotted chaser' Dragonfly - this is the first we have seen for since 2012 (10 years ago) and are delighted to see one again. We couldn't find any larval cases around the pond where they used to breed, but we are not good at spotting these things.
In May 1999 we photographed the emergence sequence of this insect (using a slightly different common species name) you can see at

Date: 27 Jun 2022
View: D72_20220518_1240_078 Hairy Dragonfly male - 1st of 2022 (crop).jpg
Description: This Hairy Dragonfly was initially disturbed while cutting overhanging brambles and he flew away. Returning a couple of hours later with no real expectation of finding the insect again, he had returned to its favoured sun-warmed patch for this photo. Hairy Dragonflies are one of the earliest to appear each year. Dragonflies rest with their wings outstretched as you see here.

View: DF3_20220519_1236_013 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female perched on leaf with intense shadow.jpg
Description: Damselflies perch with their 4 wings aligned along their backs. Here a female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly with aligned wings casting a deep shadow.

View: D72_20220518_1245_098 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly fluttering wings.jpg
Description: Here we catch a male Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly momentarily fluttering his four wings as they sometimes do when perched.

Date: 26 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220517_1538_079+085 Azure Damselfly male sucking fluid from prey item & then dropping it (montage).jpg
Description: We came across this Azure Damselfly perched on a leaf sucking dry a midge (or something) it had caught. Perhaps half a minute later he dropped the 'empty' husk you can see below him.

Date: 25 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220517_0846_031 Small Yellow Underwing Moth (Panemeria tenebrata) (typically 9mm) feeding on Buttercup (crop).jpg
Description: This one of the thousands of buttercups around is right by the back-door. This moth is about 9mm across - one of a family of micro lepidoptera that are fascinating but size makes them hard to study.

View: DF3_20220517_1540_086 Green Carpet Moth.jpg
Description: This Green Carpet moth landed inside a bush. The green colour of the insect soon becomes bleached - this is the greenest one we have ever seen, though this might be enhanced by light being tinged by the surrounding foliage.

View: DF3_20220517_0846_033 Scorpion Fly female - 1st of 2022.jpg
Description: The first appearance this year of a 'Scorpion Fly' - this is a female that doesn't have the scorpion-like tail tip that gives the species it's name.

Date: 24 Jun 2022
View: E60_20220516_1956_021_FB3 Stock Dove landing on Kitchen perch - 1st of 2022.jpg
Description: We haven't seen a Stock Dove for many months. This one has made several appearances since this moment of discovery.

View: E60_20220517_1852_055_FB3 Stock Dove landing on Kitchen perch.jpg
Description: Next evening the Stock Dove visits again for this rather Quirky portrait.

View: E60_20220517_1947_056_FB3 Stock Dove about to land next to Wood Pigeon.jpg
Description: Another hour on a third landing for the Stock Dove, this time with a Wood Pigeon already perched. Similar size but different eye colour, no white flash and different coloured beak.

Date: 23 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220514_1417_029 Burnet Rose hosting Bumble Bee (1st of 2022 - 2 weeks earlier than 2021).jpg
Description: The first Burnet Rose this year - 2 weeks earlier than last year.
This species has an abundance of perfume you can smell from yards away.

View: D72_20220516_1548_009 Dog Rose after rain.jpg
Description: A Dog Rose delicately spangled with raindrops.
This classic 'first rose of spring' has only a hint of perfume.

Date: 22 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220515_0846_039 Hare on field margin south of hedge near Pineham Farm 01 of 10 (crop).jpg
Description: This hare about 50m away didn't seem bothered by us, and carried on as usual.

View: DF3_20220515_0847_046-054 Hare on field margin south of hedge near Pineham Farm 02-10 of 10 (aligned montage).jpg
Description: The Hare moved onto the mown patch in the field margin and ambled about before disappearing into the rank grass.

View: DF3_20220515_0848_061 2 Red-legged Partridges on field margin North of hedge.jpg
Description: Wondering whether the Hare might appear on the other side of the hedge we took a look, but instead found a couple of Red-legged Partridges. Not pleased to see us they quickly took flight low over the crop. The horrible yellow is the farmer's weed-killing the edge of the crop.

Date: 21 Jun 2022
View: E6A_20220513_1901_172_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer male (full Antlers) head detail.jpg
Description: A 'pin-up' shot of the most mature (well best Antlers anyway) male Reeve's Muntjac Deer.
Note his tiny Tusk (Marie calls them 'Vampire Bambis'!) and torn but healed ears.

View: BU9_20220515_1105_244+246+1106_248_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male browsing across end of orchard (montage).jpg
Description: The long Antlered male Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly browsing across the end of the orchard.

View: BU9_20220517_0712_067+070_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male browsing at end of orchard (accurate montage).jpg
Description: 2 days later we get a closer view of an approach towards the camera.

View: BU5_20220516_1850_063+066+067_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female browses along edge of Round Pond (montage).jpg
Description: A female Reeves' Muntjac Deer browses quietly along the edge of Round Pond.

Date: 20 Jun 2022
View: D72_20220512_1351_014 Silk meshes in south facing hedge (poss Ermine Moth caterpillars) with 2x insert 1 of 3.jpg
Description: One patch of the south side of the south hedge becomes a 'nursery' for hundred of what we think are Ermine Moth caterpillars. The caterpillars 'hide' behind sheet of silk in groups a a few dozen.

View: D72_20220512_1353_029 Silk meshes in south facing hedge (poss Ermine Moth caterpillars) 3 of 3.jpg
Description: The stretch of hedge showing the density of the clusters

View: DF3_20220517_1046_038 Patches of hedge stripped of leaves by Ermine Moth Caterpillars (orig & final).jpg
Description: 5 Days later there is not a caterpillar to be seen.
The previously occupied areas are completely stripped of leaves.

Date: 19 Jun 2022
View: BU8_20220511_2037_196+198+199+2038_202 Fox visits Duck Pond 1+3+4+7 of 7 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Not yet quite dark, and Reynard is already on the prowl.

View: BU5_20220513_2016_280_SC1 Fox creeping up on prey - ears pricked.jpg
Description: A Fox most definitely 'on the hunt'.

View: BU9_20220517_0155_053_SC2 Fox hunting in grass at end of Orchard.jpg
Description: This Fox is hunting at the end of the Orchard at 2 a.m.
Is the front leg raised ready to pounce?

Date: 18 Jun 2022
View: E64_20220511_0952_145-20220512_0636_252_FB2 Moorhen carrying nest materials to west over Woodland site 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: Surprise!
We have been assuming that if Moorhen are nesting then they are on the more remote Duck Pond, Round Pond, or a tree in that area. Here 4 times over 24 hours we see this Moorhen obviously carrying transporting nesting material towards the main pond near the house.

Date: 17 Jun 2022
View: BU5_20220510_0934_134_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female + Daffodils + Cow Parsley +Dock + Forget-me-not + Garlic Mustard.jpg
Description: No, not a still from Disney's Bambi, but capturing a moment of peace at Round pond.
Bottom upward we see the now 'finished' Daffodils, one of female Reeves' Muntjac Deer, Cow Parsley, Dock, Forget-me-not and Garlic Mustard. Oh, and some grass to fill the gaps.

Date: 16 Jun 2022
View: E63_20220508_1758_295_FB1 Grey Squirrel and pheasant male confrontation at hedge bottom (orig & final).jpg
Description: It seems that the male Pheasant (Silverback) will defend his patch from this otherwise aggressive Grey Squirrel.

View: E6A_20220506_1637_154_FB5 2 Grey Squirrels squabbling watched by distant Wood Pigeon.jpg
Description: A sort of 'Aerial Ballet' but with claws and teeth!

View: E63_20220509_1641_051_FB1 Grey Squirrel reaching sideways.jpg
Description: "What Me - chase off innocent little birds, other squirrels or annoy the Pheasants?"

Date: 15 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220508_0544_299 Heron outside east hedge takes off towards camera (@7fps erratic) 03 of 55 (crop).jpg
Description: Out on a dull morning shortly after an 'invisible' sunrise we unexpectedly find a Heron on the grass margin outside the South hedge. This patch is an especially good place to feed on worms, and about 10 Rooks were also spread over the area probing the ground.

View: DF3_20220508_0544_335-337 Heron outside east hedge takes off towards camera (@7fps erratic) 33-35 of 55 (approx montage).jpg
Description: The Heron sees us and decided to leave, but unexpectedly flies towards us before veering to the right to fly over the south-east corner of the hedges.
These are close to accurately positioned. The camera was struggling to maintain focus in the poor light, the gaps between frames was somewhat erratic.

View: DF3_20220508_0544_340+343-345 Heron outside east hedge takes off towards camera (@7fps erratic) 38+41-43 of 55 (impression montage).jpg
Description: As the bird turned the corner against the bland sky, the bird gets caught in the swirling wind and started to make all sort of interesting twists. We have no way of building an accurate flight montage, so here an interpretation of about 1 second of flight. These are in proper left to right order but unknown relative positions.

View: DF3_20220508_0544_349-351 Heron outside east hedge takes off towards camera (@7fps erratic) 47-49 of 55 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Finally the Heron starts flying North down the East hedge and we have some trees to provide a frame of reference for accurate positioning.

Date: 14 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220507_1628_280 Cardinal Beetle.jpg
Description: A Red Cardinal Beetle - the first seen in 2022.

View: DF3_20220508_1045_422+1046_425 2 Snails on dead Teasel stalks (montage).jpg
Description: Two Snails on old Teasel stems. You can see the form of the shell patterns are the same, but the intensity and consistency are very variable.

Date: 13 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220506_1331_200 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Green Alkanet Flower (crop).jpg
Description: An Orange-tip Butterfly feeding of the (blue!) flowers of Green Alkanet. The insects Proboscis extends right to left from the insects head, down the edge of the petal and then into the flower.
Enjoy the intricate green on white pattern on the lower surface of the wings.

View: DF3_20220507_1628_281+286 Holly Blue Butterfly female (montage).jpg
Description: Two views of a female Holly Blue Butterfly. Females have much darker markings on the wings tips than the males.

View: DF3_20220508_1615_440 Speckled Wood Butterfly.jpg
Description: A remarkably pristine Speckled Wood Butterfly, probably fresh out of the Chrysalis. This species has 3 broods per year and we see them throughout the summer.

Date: 12 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220505_1801_135 Hare in long grass near garage.jpg
Description: At least one Brown Hare is visiting out little patch. Here 20m away near the garage ...

View: DF3_20220505_1815_143 Hare outside study patio doors.jpg
Description: ... and 15 minutes later right outside the Patio doors of the 'study'.

View: BU9_20220506_1916_043+045_SC2 Hare (juvenile (q)) at end of orchard (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A different individual Hare we think, judging by the different markings on the ears. This one bounding to the spot before stopping completely still.

Date: 11 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220514_1419_038 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies female (left) + male immatures - first of 2022 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: First Odonata (Dragonflies et al) this year is the now annual uncanny visitation by Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies started on the especially warm Saturday 14 May 2022. Only a handful seen - all but one in the 'usual' place near the South East corner in the parallel south facing hedges. Mixed sexes of obviously immature individuals.

Date: 10 Jun 2022
View: D72_20220505_0706_026 Horse Chestnut tree near Pikes Farm in full bloom (crop).jpg
Description: This Horse Chestnut tree across a field has delighted us for the last 30 years with this generous show of candles.

View: D72_20220505_0706_027 Horse chestnut candle (ist of 2022).jpg
Description: Our own Horse Chestnut trees from an assortment of sources are only just starting to flower. This is the first candle we spotted from the outside of our south hedge some 5 metres up the tree.

Date: 09 Jun 2022
View: BU5_20220503_0018_141_SC1 Roe Deer male with bare antlers at edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: This Roe Deer makes another short passage through our patch, here stopping for a drink from the Round Pond.

View: BUA_20220503_0036_087_SC8 Roe Deer male reaching up east inner hedge to eat leaves 3 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: The final view of the male Roe Deer finds him reaching up for some fresh foliage near the east hedge gap.

View: BUA_20220504_2007_162_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer male staring upwards in east hedge gap.jpg
Description: This smaller male Reeves' Muntjac Deer at the same camera can't reach as high!

Date: 08 Jun 2022
View: DF3_20220430_1627_056 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Garlic Mustard flower - both sides of wing showing (crop).jpg
Description: This has been a great year for seeing Orange-tip butterflies, possible because the area is now 'infested' with Garlic Mustard 'weeds'. Garlic Mustard is the caterpillars food plant (so where the females lay their eggs) but they also feed on the flowers as well as those of Dandelions and most other flowers.
This pic catches the insects proboscis curving round into a flower, and also shows the very different top and bottom of the wing. The green tracery on the bottom of the wing is absolutely beautiful, and provides good camouflage when resting in foliage with the wings closed upwards.

View: DF3_20220430_1333_021 Orange-tip Butterfly male courts Small White female (q).jpg
Description: Whoops!
The male Orange-tip Butterfly woos a female Small White butterfly. They spend about a minute fluttering around each other before they spot their mistake and part 'amicably'.

Date: 07 Jun 2022
View: D36_20220429_1857_053_FB4 Grey Squirrel with Rodent in mouth (crop 2 with 2x insert).jpg
Description: For years we have been putting dead mice on this tree-stump, only to see Squirrels completely ignoring them, and Magpies (previously Jackdaws) taking them away.
Not having recently caught anything other than live mice (released elsewhere) we suddenly get this single image of a Squirrel apparently swallowing some sort of rodent we are sure we didn't leave there.
A WWW search indicates that Squirrels prefer nuts and seeds but will eat a rodent if they can catch one. But our experience suggests that it will not eat them as carrion.

Date: 06 Jun 2022
View: E60_20220429_1803_030_FB3 Wood Pigeon lands behind another on Kitchen bird table.jpg
Description: Hi There!

View: E60_20220502_1414_009_FB3 Wood Pigeon dislodges perch clamped to bird table.jpg
Description: The perch on the kitchen window feeder is clamped in place. Obviously the clamp has become a bit loose and the arrival of this heavy bird is the 'final straw' to dislodge it. Birds must forever try to land on branches that bend or break, so the Pigeon probably didn't give it another thought.

View: E60_20220502_1749_015_FB3 Wood Pigeon pair squeezed onto small bird table after perch collapses.jpg
Description: "I'm sure there was more room here before".

Date: 05 Jun 2022
View: E64_20220429_0717_139-20220430_0541_229_FB2 Moorhen at Woodland site over 22Hrs - genuine pair at right (montage).jpg
Description: Couldn't resist this largely accurate montage of this Moorhen crossing over the log at the woodland site over a day and following night. At the right end is a moment of a genuine pair feeding together - the other four are solitary visits.

View: E64_20220501_0704_282_FB2 Moorhen crossing woodland site looking back at camera.jpg
Description: A Moorhen again crossing the Log at the Woodland site, this time moving away from the camera but looking back. The land / weed-clogged water compromise feet are well displayed.

Date: 04 Jun 2022
View: E63_20220428_1850_116_FB1 Dunnock attacking Chaffinch female (orig).jpg
Description: The female Chaffinch on the ground doesn't look the least 'ready-to-flee'.

View: D36_20220429_1838_052_FB4 Robin with feathers lost in fight.jpg
Description: "You should see the other guy!"

Date: 03 Jun 2022
View: E64_20220428_1838_099+1910_108_FB2 Grey Squirrel attacking Moorhen twice in 30m (montage).jpg
Description: Over 30 minutes the camera catches probably the same Grey Squirrel chasing away probably the same Moorhen.

View: E63_20220429_1822_202+1826_203+1828_204_FB1 Grey Squirrel and Pheasant male skirmishes over 6 mins 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: At the hedge bottom we have a more even contest - squirrel teeth and claws vs. Pheasant spurs. Looks like the Pheasant eventually 'won' the skirmish.

View: E63_20220418_1737_057_FB1 Grey Squirrel leaping from top of stone.jpg
Description: Rear feet already off the ground as this Grey Squirrel starts his leap at some poor unfortunate interloper out of the cameras view.

Date: 02 Jun 2022
View: E63_20220427_0040_144_FB1 Roe Deer male - 3 points in velvet just starting to emerge (crop).jpg
Description: This male Roe Deer spent several hours wandering around the plot, taking a variety of IR monochrome Selfies as he went. This is the only one at a hi-resolution site. We count 3 Antler points (per Antler), one of which has just started to emerge from the 'velvet'.

Date: 01 Jun 2022
View: E64_20220425_1248_031_FB2-BU9_2136_061_SC2 Fox kills & carries away Mallard Duck female 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: Sad event of the week is the death of one of the female Mallard Ducks. Left to right:-
1  12:48  Our last sighting of what may be her, walking over the Woodland site.
2  20:35  A Fox showing excessive interest in the Duck-shaped pond, appearing several
times at irregular intervals.
3  20:51  Probably the same fox walking over Round Mound.
4  21:36  The Fox walks past the camera at the end of the orchard carrying a dead female Mallard Duck.

Five days later we spotted a female Mallard Duck, dutifully followed by 'her' male, entering the main pond by the house. We really have no idea what is going on!

View: BU8_20220426_1944_181+183+1945_184 Fox walks to edge of Duck Pond and sits down 1+3+4 of 4 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Next day this very obviously 'Red' Fox walks up to the Duck Pond, and spends at least a minute sitting, we are sure not really admiring the Daffodils!

Image Archive arch 2022 may.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 May 2022
View: E63_20220426_1010_073_FB1 Yellowhammer male with blue beak coating partly chipped away.jpg
Description: A male Yellowhammer in all his breeding season glory.
Noticing a mark on his beak, we suddenly realised that breeding male Yellowhammers have a similar blue coating on the beak to that we see on Chaffinches. Here it is more visible because part of it has been chipped off. In all that glory of yellow it is easy not to notice a small patch of blue.

View: E64_20220428_0540_179_FB2 2 Moorhen at woodland site.jpg
Description: What is presumably a 'pair' of Moorhen scratch around at the woodland site at first light. We don't know what these secretive birds are doing here, and we are playing the 'waiting game'. The wonderful red and yellow bills maintain their colour throughout the year.

Date: 30 May 2022
View: D72_20220424_1222_073 Holly Blue Butterfly male (first seen 18apr2022 - visual ID only) 3 of 3.jpg
Description: We first saw a Holly Blue butterfly 6 days before this pic.
You can see both sides of the wing with similar colour but different markings.

View: D72_20220424_1220_064 Holly Blue Butterfly male sometimes attracted to white feather caught in bush (orig).jpg
Description: We noticed that this male kept fluttering by this white feather caught in the foliage, but it didn't fool him long enough to land.

Date: 29 May 2022
View: D72_20220424_1211_048+1212_058 Bee-fly feeding on Green Alkanet flower 1+5 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: This Bee-fly was feeding on Green Alkanet flowers along the edge of the concrete access track. You can see here how useful the long proboscis is on these flowers. This is two pics of the same individual as they worked along the 10m strip of flowers.

View: D72_20220424_1347_115 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Garlic Mustard flower.jpg
Description: This male Orange-tip butterfly is feeding on a Garlic Mustard flower. This plant is where the females lay their eggs so that it acts as the food plant for the caterpillars, but the Butterflies feed on any flower they can manage.

View: D72_20220424_1223_075 Small White Butterfly male feeding on Dandelion flower.jpg
Description: A male Small White Butterfly with proboscis deep in a Dandelion.

View: D72_20220424_1338_079 Large White Butterfly male perched on Hazel leaf.jpg
Description: A male Large White butterfly perched on a Hazel leaf. At the front of the head you can just see the coiled up Proboscis.

Date: 28 May 2022
View: D01_20220423_0101_137_FB6 Tawny Owl 2 minute visit to Meadow Post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: A Tawny Owl makes a lovely touchdown on the Meadow Post.

View: E60_20220422_0341_044_FB3 Tawny Owl flying in to land on Kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: A Tawny Owl about to land on the Kitchen Window perch.
The Owl has flown along the sense beam line so the camera has triggered 'early'. If it landed blocking the beam line then (on this camera setup) it wouldn't be photographed again, so we don't know how long the owl stayed.

Date: 27 May 2022
View: E60_20220422_1604_062_FB3 Chaffinch male defending position on Kitchen bird table (crop).jpg
Description: NO! - I'm staying here

View: BU8_20220421_1638_079+080 2 Magpies attacking Rook near Duck Pond 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Normally corvids (here Rook and Magpie) get along quietly, but here a little skirmish near the Duck-shaped pond got caught by the trail cam at the pond. First thought might be that the Rook on his back is losing the contest, but by turning over the Rook provides the best use of both beak and claws. The fracas could only have lasted a few seconds.

Date: 26 May 2022
View: D72_20220424_1045_003-007 Hare sprinting across Farm Road 1-5 of 5 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: Sightings of running Hares are a rarity here.
Walking south up the slope of the Farm Road caught this Hare (and us) unawares somewhere near the east or north hedge of our patch, and the Hare sprinted across the Road in front of us and vanished into the crop. Here we capture the moment at about 8 fps accurately positioned - you see about half a second of the sprint here

View: D72_20220424_1045_004 Hare sprinting across Farm Road 2 of 5 (crop).jpg
Description: A repeat of the obvious frame from above at better resolution.

Date: 25 May 2022
View: DF3_20220418_1319_046 Muntjac Reeves Deer female standing in tractor rut in crop (crop).jpg
Description: An unexpected sighting of a female Reeves' Muntjac Deer standing in a tractor rut in the field to our east.

View: DF3_20220418_1320_053+054+055 Muntjac Reeves Deer female leaping through crop (Hor stretched montage @7fps exposure framed).jpg
Description: She wasn't pleased to see the humans, and made a lively exit.
Trying to catch the sequence was made harder by the discovery that the camera was still in 'exposure framing' mode - taking 3 pics in quick sequence at different exposures and then stopping. Hence this montage's variable quality as the paint package magics away the different exposures but not other variations.

View: DF3_20220418_1320_056-064 Muntjac Reeves Deer female running and pronking through crop (acc montage alternate frames @7fps).jpg
Description: The camera restored to 'normal' (this camera takes a few seconds to select and load a new group of settings) she has made it to near the edge of field, 'pronking' her way to prove she is fit and not worth chasing. As if we could!

Date: 24 May 2022
View: DF4_20220416_1203_003 Muntjac Reeves Deer male outside kitchen window (crop 2).jpg
Description: We have at least 3 male Reeves' Muntjac Deer visiting. This one was at the main pond chomping away at the vegetation.
If only we could get him to thin the overgrowing Iris plants!

View: D36_20220426_0722_021_FB4 Grey Squirrel gathering green and dead grass for bedding.jpg
Description: Don't remember ever seeing a Grey Squirrel collecting green grass, here mixed with a little of the dry stuff. Off to the Dray we don't doubt.

Date: 23 May 2022
View: PK1_20220416_1011_283 Mallard Duck male standing on edge of main pond with speculum exposed.jpg
Description: Male Mallard ducks really are magnificent before they moult into 'eclipse' for the summer. You don't usually see the Speculum (the blue Rhombus) in the resting bird.

View: E63_20220424_0946_379_FB1 Pheasant male silverback.jpg
Description: Our new male Pheasant (Silverback) still rules the roost.

Date: 22 May 2022
View: E64_20220415_1608_108_FB2 Grey Squirrel runs off with half Avocado Pear Rind.jpg
Description: The Rind from half of an Avocado pear is worth stealing away to eat in peace.

View: PK1_20220420_1045_332 Grey Squirrel sunbathing on bird table.jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel is spread out to catch the warmth of the sun, and probably the UV rays needed to manufacture vitamin D.

View: D36_20220420_1752_048_FB4 Grey Squirrel first to freshly baited tree stump.jpg
Description: This Grey squirrel is the first to the just placed 'bait' on the tree-stump.

Date: 21 May 2022
View: BU9_20220419_0305_043_SC2-BU8_20220419_0328_107 Roe Deer male 4 points in velvet at 6 cams in 20 mins 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: This male Roe Deer (of 3 individual males seem in the last couple of weeks) spent 20 minutes wandering around the site. The Deer entered at the south hedge (but NOT at the camera that monitors the normal hedge gap), walked diagonally to near the East hedge gap, went back to visit the mound, then the woodland feeding site (the coloured pic), Round Pond and finally walks past the Duck-shaped pond. Where he went then we have no idea.

View: E64_20220419_0326_052_FB2 Roe Deer male with 4 points in velvet visits 6 cameras in 20 minutes 4 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: More detail of portrait that the male Roe Deer took of himself in the 3 a.m. darkness.

Date: 20 May 2022
View: DF3_20220418_1111_029+032 Goldfinch singing in top of conifer (montage).jpg
Description: Goldfinches seem to be breeding somewhere on our patch. Here a male declares his territory from the top of a conifer.

View: DF3_20220420_1524_127+129 Chaffinch male singing in Rowan tree (montage).jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch declares his territory from the side of a hedge.

Date: 19 May 2022
View: DF3_20220418_1110_020 Crab Apple Blossom (crop).jpg
Description: Crab apple blossom is a delicate delight

View: DF3_20220418_1111_035 Crab Apple Blossom (crop).jpg

View: DF3_20220420_1522_120 Red Crab Apple blossom.jpg
Description: We inherited just this one 'Red' apple tree with the house. The blossom is red. the wood is red, the fruit is red. After a very poor show and no fruit at all last year, we hope for better this year.
Red apple crumble looks odd but tastes good!

Date: 18 May 2022
View: DF3_20220415_0907_008+009 Rook flying with nesting material 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A ball of desiccated leaves to line the new nest.

Date: 17 May 2022
View: D72_20220414_1254_038 Comma Butterfly perched on Orange plastic barrier at blocked gate.jpg
Description: Butterflies tend to look for somewhere already warm to bask. This means they make for the ugliest human surfaces that they can find!

View: D72_20220414_1300_052 Peacock butterfly perched on Corrugated Iron.jpg
Description: Butterflies tend to look for somewhere already warm to bask. This means they make for the ugliest human surfaces that they can find!

View: DF3_20220417_1512_065 Speckled Wood Butterfly - first of 2022.jpg
Description: The first Speckled Wood Butterfly we have seen this year.

View: DF3_20220417_1522_067 Comma Butterfly on hedge.jpg
Description: Here a Comma Butterfly (comma marks on the dark bottom of the wings hidden here) making an attractive contrast with the fresh green leaves.

Date: 16 May 2022
View: DF3_20220410_1009_438 Badger hind paw print in soft mud.jpg
Description: Near the duck-shaped pond masses on Molehills have degenerated into patches of soft mud. Here is a Badger's rear paw print, complete with deep holes that the impressive claws have sunk into the mud.

View: E6A_20220413_2208_310_FB5 Badger.jpg
Description: A Badger walks through the Meadow site a couple of hours before midnight.
Several Badgers visit the site so this probably not the individual that left the paw print

Date: 15 May 2022
View: BU5_20220413_1723_368-371_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walks edge of Round Pond past Mallard Duck pair on bank (montage).jpg
Description: One of the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer ambles quietly along the edge of Round Pond. The pair of Mallard Ducks watched unperturbed barely moving their heads as the Deer turns away.
The Ducks are aware that the worst a small Deer is likely to do is accidentally step on them. As usual the female duck is well camouflaged - she sits on the left of the male blending almost perfectly with the muddy bank.
Birds are NOT bird-brained - think of the mental processes necessary to differentiate this small Deer from a similarly sized Fox.

Date: 14 May 2022
View: BU5_20220411_2147_177-180_SC1 Fox walks by Round Pond and sits down (montage).jpg
Description: One of currently visiting Foxes seems to like sitting down on the grass at the front of Round Pond

View: BU5_20220421_0246_399_SC1 Fox watching Mallard Duck pair.jpg
Description: Is the Fox salivating at the thought of a nice bite of Duck?
Click Leap and collect?

Date: 13 May 2022
View: PK1_20220410_1142_992 Moorhen foraging in water of main pond.jpg
Description: This Moorhen has moved to traditional habitat - weed clogged water.

Date: 12 May 2022
View: DF3_20220410_1613_450+462 Rook flying to new nest with unwieldy forked twig 03+15 of 27 (montage).jpg
Description: A new nest being started in the Black Poplars needs more twigs to build it.
Here a new twig, complete with tiny fir cone, is transported up to the heights.

View: BU7_20220411_1002_005 Rook picking up Blackthorn twig but too unbalanced to fly yet.jpg
Description: Next day a trail cam catches this Rook picking up a long piece of Blackthorn twig way out of balance for the bird to fly with.
Elsewhere we watched how a Rook managed unbalanced loads. About 10 times a Rook picked up a long twig away from the balance point, drop it, and immediately pick it up again. About the tenth attempt found a reasonably central point and the Rook flew off with their prize. It would seem that Rooks can't estimate where the centre of balance is, and substitute persistence as a means of getting the job done!

Date: 11 May 2022
View: DF5_20220410_0915_024+027 Moorhen walking along hedge top outside livingroom window 1+4 of 4 (spread montage).jpg
Description: The first sighting this year of a Moorhen.
It was quite a shock as this one suddenly landed on the low hedge outside the Living Room window.

View: DF5_20220410_0915_034 Moorhen on hedge top looking back.jpg

View: DF5_20220410_0915_040-044 Moorhen walking along hedge top outside livingroom window 04-08 of 11 (spread montage @7fps).jpg
Description: The bird walked carefully along the rather sparse hedge.
Here you see one 'cycle' of the bird right leg.

View: BU5_20220413_1324_310_SC1 2 Moorhen at Round Pond (ID only).jpg
Description: Well this (not montaged) pic at the edge of the right frame tells us that after our initial surprise, 3 days later there are at least two Moorhen on the site. They may be nesting on the already overgrown pond island, or in trees where the nest may escape the attention of Corvids or a Fox

Date: 10 May 2022
View: DF3_20220409_0947_222 Muntjac Reeves Deer male looking back down Butterfly Alley.jpg
Description: One of the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer looks back at the photographer along 'Butterfly Alley' - a sun drenched path between a low hedge (left) and a wall of conifers on the right.

View: DF3_20220409_0949_239+240+243 Muntjac Reeves Deer male eating hawthorn twigs 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of minutes later the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer is eating twigs on a hawthorn bush.

Date: 09 May 2022
View: DF3_20220409_0940_211+212+215 Yellowhammer perched on hedge top (montage).jpg
Description: At this time of year Yellowhammers provide some moment of vivid yellow around the hedges. This is a male spending a few seconds on the hedge top.

View: E63_20220409_1657_279_FB1 Yellowhammer male flying over Chaffinch male.jpg
Description: Yellowhammers in flight seem to create more of a yellow flash than you might expect. Here we see that the brown patterned wings cover the vivid yellow body when not in flight.
On the ground the normally vivid male Chaffinch (with breeding coloured blue beak) is largely eclipsed by the bird above him.

Date: 08 May 2022
View: DF3_20220408_1745_153 Little Egret in flight.jpg
Description: Few sightings of Little Egrets recently until this one flew by at high speed in the North East direction, and disappeared from sight.

View: DF3_20220408_1745_163-165 Little Egret in flight passing white cloud 3--5 of 5 (montage impression @7fps).jpg
Description: These 3 pics are at 7 frames per second - this is a big bird to be flying with this much separation between frames.

View: DF3_20220408_1745_158+157 Little Egret in flight passing white cloud 2+1 of 5 (montage for detail).jpg
Description: Successive frames, lower then upper.
Natural spacing with no cloud detail would be guesswork, so we had a little 'artistic' moment.

Date: 07 May 2022
View: DF3_20220408_1502_040-043 Kestrel female hunting from wooden power pole 1-4 of 6 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: This female Kestrel was on the wooden power pole at out south boundary. She got interested in something in the grass margin outside, and dived down out of sight.

View: DF3_20220408_1503_051+053+056+063+069 Kestrel female returns pole with worm in claws to eat 01+03+9+13+19 of 21 (montage).jpg
Description: Only slightly expecting the bird to return, the camera stayed on the post, and about a minute later the bird returned, now with a worm in her right claws. A moment later the worm went 'down the hatch'

View: DF3_20220412_1132_017 Kestrel male hunting from 11kV crossbar.jpg
Description: We don't often catch sight of a male Kestrel.
This one was 100m north of our patch hunting from one of the 11kV crossbars.

Date: 06 May 2022
View: E6A_20220405_2120_230_FB5 Pheasant male road killed left in meadow for Fox is quickly replaced 12 of 14 (crop).jpg
Description: The crafty Fox remembers the Road-kill Pheasant left at this site, and keeps coming back to see what else there may be!

View: E63_20220407_1042_032_FB1 Pheasant male - Silver Back.jpg
Description: A 'compact' portrait of the lovely Silverback Pheasant that quickly replaced the previous dominant male.

Date: 05 May 2022
View: E6A_20220404_1824_113-20220405_1615_124_FB5 Pheasant male road killed left in meadow for Fox is quickly replaced 01-06 of 14 (montage).jpg
Description: The King is Dead. Long Live the King
The sad death of our dominant male Pheasant.
12 pics in 2 blocks of 6 document the event as the various mostly automatic camera caught the events. Bottom left of the first block was the first we knew of the event as we walked by our access to the main road.
Each photo is time stamped as xxx_yyyymmdd_hhmm_...
E6A_20220404_1824_113      01 of 14
     The new male Pheasant occasionally on the site for some days.
BU3_20220404_1835_138_SC6  02 of 14
     The dominant male Pheasant on the access track to main road.
BU8_20220405_1300_220      03 of 14
     The last sighting of the dominant male, here full of himself calling at Duck Pond.
DF3_20220405_1612_123      04 of 14
     The dominant male road-killed in the previous 3 hours.
BU3_20220405_1613_157_SC6  05 of 14
     Yours truly dodged the traffic to collect the body.
DF3_20220405_1615_124      06 of 14
     The sad remains left at the meadow site.

View: E6A_20220405_1704_180-2348_169_FB5 Pheasant male road killed left in meadow for Fox is quickly replaced 08-11+13-14 of 14 (montage).jpg
E6A_20220405_1704_180_FB5  08 of 14
     Rooks had a look at the remains.
E6A_20220405_1715_182_FB5  09 of 14
     The new male may have no idea that this was once his rival.
E6A_20220405_1816_204_FB5  10 of 14
     Several Magpies took away beakfuls.
E6A_20220405_2039_229_FB5  11 of 14
     We see a Fox - the remains now gone dragged off somewhere.
BUA_20220405_2330_166_SC8  13 of 14
     3 hours later this Fox is carrying part of the remains.
BUA_20220405_2348_169_SC8  14 of 14
     18 minutes later the head end of the dead bird is carried away.

View: DF3_20220406_1015_132+1016_136+137 Pheasant male lands on kitchen bird table 2+6+7 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: By next day the new 'King' was fully established all over the plot. Calling every few minutes (we hear over the CCTV). Here he flew up onto the kitchen bird table - something the previous bird had never done. Although the automatic camera caught the event (back to camera) we took a few frames while he was picking up some corn, and then jumping down.

Date: 04 May 2022
View: DF3_20220403_0931_085 Ruddy Shelduck male calling in small field to NW 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: A first 'here' is this Ruddy Shellduck - where 'here' is a field to our North West. The bird stayed for at least 20 minutes just turning the head side to side and calling.
The RSPB recorder for this area says he hasn't seen one for years. Seen again at the same place 10 days later (14 April 2022), but as of 04 May 2022 no further sightings.

Date: 03 May 2022
View: DF3_20220403_0921_064 Robin in Hawthorn hedge just starting to leaf.jpg
Description: A Robin perched in a Hawthorn hedge whose leaves are just starting to emerge.

View: E63_20220331_0732_003_FB1 Great Tit.jpg
Description: A Great Tit stops off on the stone.
If the bird wasn't so small the markings would be considered startling.

Date: 02 May 2022
View: BU7_20220401_1129_137 Muntjac Reeves Deer female near south entrance.jpg
Description: This female Reeves' Muntjac Deer takes her portrait.

View: BU8_20220401_1523_239+241+246 Muntjac Deer male browsing near Duck Pond (approx montage).jpg
Description: This male Reeves' Muntjac Deer wanders quietly over the grass at the front of Duck-shaped Pond.

View: BU7_20220402_1616_214+218 Muntjac Reeves Deer male entering site at south and foraging in ditch (montage).jpg
Description: This male Reeves' Muntjac Deer comes into the site and starts with a forage in the ditch.

Date: 01 May 2022
View: DF3_20220331_1556_017 Kestrel female 3 afternoon visits over 3 hours 3 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel visited (or stayed in) out patch for at least 3 hours.

View: D01_20220331_1659_051+1700+053_FB6 Kestrel female 3 afternoon visits over 3 hours 4+6 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel visited (or stayed in) out patch for at least 3 hours.

View: DF3_20220404_1232_062 Kestrel female in budding Cherry tree.jpg
Description: A few days later we find her again, this time perched on a tree branch at the east boundary.

Image Archive arch 2022 apr.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Apr 2022
View: BUA_20220328_2116_104_SC8 Roe Deer male near east hedge 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: We had already spotted the Hoof prints.
Now we see this magnificent Roe Deer Buck.

View: D71_20220324_0727_016 Muntjac Reeves female and behind her male deer at north end of east outer hedge.jpg
Description: We catch sight of a female (left front) and male Reeve's Muntjac Deer quietly browsing at the North East corner of our patch. The cameraman is about 50 metres away, but even at this distance they are wary of humans at this distance so we moved away to leave them in peace.

View: BU9_20220408_0103_024+0658_035+BUC_0704_376 Roe Deer female then male visiting over over 6 hours (montage).jpg
Description: A week after the male Roe Deer with magnificent antlers, we see what we guess is a young male, still with single spike Antlers in Velvet, spending 6 hours after midnight wandering around the site.

Date: 29 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220326_1403_301 Comma Butterfly feeding on Laurel flower.jpg
Description: A Comma Butterfly feeds on a flower of our gigantic Laurel bush

View: DF3_20220326_1403_304 Comma Butterfly feeding on Laurel flower showing underwing mark.jpg
Description: Same actual insect, this time looking quite different with wings closed and showing the white 'comma' that gives these Butterflies their name.

Date: 28 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220326_0840_159 Red Kite circling overhead.jpg
Description: A Red kite wheeled around above, gradually moving upwards without more than a twitch of the wings and tail.

Date: 27 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220326_0829_107 Mallard Duck and Drake drowsing on Main pond (crop).jpg
Description: Next morning we find one of the Mallard Ducks pairs quietly drowsing on the still water of the main pond.
Trying to catch a 'perfect' rippleless reflection was impossible. Both water and birds were completely still, but the birds were continuously creating a ripple from their breasts. It seems likely that this is the birds invisibly breathing.

Date: 26 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220325_1159_028-037 Kestrel female moving along 11kV cables & onto new cable 01+02+05+08+10 of 10 (montage @7fps).jpg
Description: The 'nervous' female Kestrel is becoming a little more tolerant of us, and we could watch her on the 11kV cables to the south. She decides to move from one cable to a few metres along on another cable.

View: DF3_20220325_1200_058 Kestrel female hunting (unsuccessfully) from 11kV cable.jpg
Description: Once there she started an intense stare at the ground (on the other side of a huge hedge for us). But whatever she saw must have 'gone away' as she then relaxed.

View: DF3_20220325_1203_072-078 Kestrel female flying from 11kV cable 1-7 of 7 (montage @7fps vertically accurate).jpg
Description: A few minutes later she decides to fly on, soon to go out of sight.

View: DF3_20220325_1203_089 Kestrel female in flight 1 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: She flew off as the camera captured this moment of flight.

Date: 25 Apr 2022
View: BU9_20220325_0725_058-060_SC2 Grey Squirrel pair mating on orchard grass 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Why are we so well endowed with Grey squirrels?
Because they keep doing this!

Date: 24 Apr 2022
View: BU5_20220322_1402_130_SC1 Muntjac Deer male on bank of Round pond as Mallard Ducks swim by.jpg
Description: A pair of Mallard Duck swim quietly by the quietly browsing male Reeve's Muntjac Deer.

View: BU5_20220325_1555_325_SC1 Mallard Duck pair + Rook + Wood Pigeon.jpg
Description: This pair of Mallard Ducks swim to the edge of the Round Pond, feeling no fear from the Rook or Wood Pigeon.

View: BU5_20220329_2348_309_SC1 Fox (q) + Badger + Mallard Duck pair at Round Pond.jpg
Description: Just before midnight, what we think is a Fox (2 eyes left) watching a Badger foraging along the edge of Round Pond, with a pair of Mallard ducks safely out on the water.

Date: 23 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220326_0843_257 Robin on tip of stem not removed by flail cutter.jpg
Description: A weird moment as we spot what initially looks like a bird completely static in the middle of the sky! It turns out to the Robin perched on last years hedge growth that the flail managed to mostly strip of bark but not actually cut.
It must have been like this for months without us noticing.

View: E63_20220326_1244_214_FB1 Yellowhammer male at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A male Yellowhammer stops by on the hedge bottom stone.

View: E63_20220322_0531_060_FB1 Blackbird female hopping across hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A female Blackbird double-footed hopping over the site. The number of different 'walking' gaits used by birds is fascinating.

Date: 22 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220322_1306_263 Peacock Butterfly (overwintered) pair courting in may blossom.jpg
Description: Peacock Butterflies have emerged from their winter torpor and need to get going with mating to get the next generation underway.

View: DF3_20220322_1307_283 Peacock Butterfly (overwintered) pair courting in may blossom.jpg
Description: Peacock Butterflies have almost black underside to their wings. You can just see the tip of the top of the wing at the left of the lower insect. They flew into impenetrable brambles before we could see them actually mating.

View: DF3_20220322_1316_308 Brimstone Butterfly male feeding on Primrose flower.jpg
Description: The bright yellow male Brimstone Butterflies have a quieter bottom of wing colour that blends remarkably well with the yellow of the Primrose petals.

Date: 21 Apr 2022
View: DF4_20220320_0934_007+0935_010+0936_017 Sparrowhawk perched on woodpile behind main pond 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This female Sparrowhawk lands on a small Woodpile on the far side of the main pond. These morning portraits are from an upstairs window.

View: E60_20220320_1811_097_FB3 Sparrowhawk female (crop).jpg
Description: At around sunset of the same day what looks like the same bird lands on the kitchen perch for an unknown length of stay.

Date: 20 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220320_1357_179+184 Rook pair mating near partly built nest in Black Poplar north of track 5+8 of 9 (montage).jpg
Description: This branch hear the new Rook nest in the furthest Black Poplar Tree was suddenly the site of commotion as these two bird mated in the space above us.
He tried once, obviously 'failed', and the female was immediately tail and wing fluttering again to encourage a second try, for which he immediately obliged and apparently satisfied her. We have no records or memory of ever previously seeing Rooks mating.

View: DF3_20220323_1229_399+401+404 Rook lands near nest while partner calls (montage).jpg
Description: At the same nest site as the mating one of the Rooks flying in to land a few metres above the nest. His mate is wing flapping and calling (encouragement?).
The incoming bird has very little of the beak covered in white skin, so the pair are most likely on their first-ever nest. They have stopped building with about half the weight of wood of the other nests, and it seems likely that the next storm will destroy it - with a lot of luck it will be after they finish a brood. But Rooks form stable pairs - if it goes wrong this year they will know better for next year!

Date: 19 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220320_0950_135 Blue Tit pecking Lombardy Poplar buds (crop 2).jpg
Description: This Blue Tit wasn't bothered by us watching as they industriously pecked at numerous Lombardy Poplar catkins.

View: DF3_20220322_0900_208 Dunnock singing from hedge top.jpg
Description: Several pair of Dunnocks along the sunny end of the access track have suddenly become extremely tolerant of humans - well to us anyway. This one was singing his little heart out about 3 metres away.

Date: 18 Apr 2022
View: E64_20220319_0903_153_FB2 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: A shaft of orange sun supplements the camera flash to enhance the golden glow of this male Pheasant.

View: BU2_20220319_1001_208-210_SC7 Pheasant male walking down Round Mound 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: An hour later the same bird struts down the Round Mound.

View: E64_20220320_0913_221+0918_223_FB2 Pheasant pair feeding together at Woodland site for 5 minutes (montage).jpg
Description: We don't often see a female Pheasant with 'her' male at the same time. Here the two spent several minutes feeding together.
There are at least two female pheasants on the site

Date: 17 Apr 2022
View: E63_20220317_1628_057_FB1 Magpie walking along hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Magpies strut about as if they own the place.
In a way they do.

View: E63_20220318_1753_139_FB1 Magpie walking along hedge bottom.jpg

View: DF3_20220317_1546_029 Rook perched in top of Silver Birch Tree.jpg
Description: King of all they survey - a Rook at the top of one of the Silver Birches.

Date: 16 Apr 2022
View: E6A_20220310_0817_003_FB5 Rook on grass.jpg
Description: A pristine Rook takes a selfie.

View: DF3_20220315_1239_075-077 Rook chasing off Buzzard to north 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage @ about 7fps).jpg
Description: A Rook (left) very indeterminably seeing off a Buzzard (right). Buzzards are a threat to eggs in the Rookery.

View: D72_20220317_0707_008-012 Rook launching from 11kV cable 2 of 5 (horizontally spread montage @8fps).jpg
Description: A Rook perched on an 11kV cable quietly launches. We have shifted the bird along the wire so you can see the detail.

Date: 15 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220315_1235_074 Violets growing in cracks in disused concrete track.jpg
Description: A small patch of colour from a 30cm long patch of Violets growing from a crack in the disused concrete track. Violets always look much paler in photos than real life, and we have here partially corrected the colour.

View: D12_20220319_1420_011 Dog Violet Flowers in RGB & UV light (montage).jpg
Description: Why do violets display a weak colour - rather like Bluebells displaying the WRONG colour?
It is usually blamed on the UV light component picked up by camera but not eye.
A decade ago we did masses of photos of insects and plants in UV light - not luminescence - actual UV reflectance. We 'dusted' off the kit and rounded up the scattered boxes of bits, unearthed our instructions, and spent a couple of hours coaxing it all back to life. Here is a bit of the plant under normal flashgun light (showing better colour than in daylight!), and showing what it looks like in UV light. The Petals DO have substantial UV reflectance, explaining the wash-out effect, but the top of the flower (top in the pictures) is not as bright as the underneath of the petal. We have seen similar in daisies, where the effect is quite extreme. We can't see why either plant has evolved a difference. It was 'fun' to re-visit our past endeavours where the whole subject was triggered by a Wendy - a Dragonfly researcher at Swansea University. The previous work is indexed at (including links to the technicalities) with 'highlights' on a few pages from

Date: 14 Apr 2022
View: D72_20220314_0703_030 Pheasant male (unbroken neck ring) in Wheat crop backlit by morning sun.jpg
Description: As the sun lights the growing crop, this male Pheasant wanders around keeping a beady eye on the humans.
This is NOT our 'regular' pheasant whose neck ring has a substantial break at the front.

View: E64_20220314_1353_025_FB2 Pheasant male - dominant bird with broken neck ring at front.jpg
Description: This is our 'regular' male ...

View: E64_20220315_0905_059_FB2 Pheasant male with light coloured crown (ID only).jpg
Description: ... and this a very occasional visitor with complete neck ring and very noticeably almost white crown.

Date: 13 Apr 2022
View: BU5_20220314_0121_273+274+0122_276_SC1 Fox on bank of Round Pond with 2 Mallard Ducks on the water 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This pair of Mallard Ducks seem to spend the night afloat on Round Pond. As the Fox stops for a drink the birds paddle to have the maximum amount of protective water in every direction.

View: DF3_20220314_1025_016 Mallard Duck female in main pond.jpg
Description: In daylight female Mallard Ducks really are well camouflaged ...

View: DF3_20220314_1026_019 Mallard Duck male in main pond.jpg
Description: ... while males are quite the opposite. In this quiet area with just a few ducks that pair up with a male, the males often quite deliberately distract attention from the female for perceived threats.

Date: 12 Apr 2022
View: E6A_20220312_1723_156_FB5 Blackbird male with worm in beak (crop).jpg
Description: A male Blackbird has caught a worm!

View: E6A_20220313_1340_196_FB5 Grey Squirrel nibbling inside of banana skin held in paws.jpg
Description: Meanwhile the Grey Squirrel has raided the fruit bowl - for some Banana skin.

Date: 11 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220312_1512_121+122 Kestrel female on IR beam sender post (montage).jpg
Description: The current female Kestrel prefers the more distant post, supporting the IR sender for the meadow post, to the meadow post itself. Nothing 'automatic' about these pics.

View: DF3_20220314_1528_041-1529_045 Kestrel female launching from IR sender post 1-5 of 5 (accurate flight montage).jpg
Description: 2 days later we catch her launching from the same post.

Date: 10 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220311_1237_086+1239_096 Chinese Water Deer male resting on field margin 200m to east 2+3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Gazing along the hedge lines to our east, we see a brown shape that resolves in the long-focus lens as this Chinese Water Deer. About 200 metres away, she does no more than have a look at the interlopers. We left her in peace to practice looking like a Teddy Bear!
In retrospect we are not sure of the sex of this deer - neither have Antlers

View: BU3_20220315_1104_123_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer female about to re-enter site from track.jpg
Description: Seen on most days, Reeves' Muntjac Deer are regular sightings. This female steps delicately over the concrete lumps at the edge of the track to enter our patch. These Deer always look to us like they are smiling!

Date: 09 Apr 2022
View: PK1_20220311_1125_232+1126_233+237 Coal Tit (1st sighting in 30 years) (montage).jpg
Description: A FIRST for us here.
After 30 years of unexpected absence here, we at last see a Coal Tit.
This is 3 pics from the same visit. We hope they become a regular addition to the guest list.

Date: 08 Apr 2022
View: DF5_20220306_1552_002 Grey Squirrel sunbathing on pollarded Willow stump.jpg
Description: On a windy but sunny afternoon this Grey Squirrel finds a sheltered nook in the sunshine to sit and meditate. Love the craggy wood.

View: D36_20220312_1353_024_FB4 Grey Squirrel 1st to bait.jpg
Description: Yummy!

Date: 07 Apr 2022
View: E64_20220308_1754_115_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at woodland feeding site.jpg
Description: Probably the 'resident' Reeves' Muntjac Deer feeds quietly at the Woodland site.
Her fur is lovely and glossy - we hope a sign of good health.

View: DF3_20220306_1122_106+PK1_20220306_1119_947 Muntjac Reeves Deer female @ main pond (right) then eating day Lilies (montage).jpg
Description: The 'resident' female Reeves' Muntjac Deer foraging IN the main pond (right) and 3 minutes later chomping her way through a clump of emerging 'day lilies' on the bank.

Date: 06 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220307_1606_008 Cherry Blossom - light pink behind Frog Pond.jpg
Description: Cherry Blossom is starting all over the site.

View: DF3_20220308_1245_028 Cherry Blossom pink in front garden.jpg

View: DF3_20220308_1246_033 Cherry Blossom white in front garden.jpg

View: DF3_20220309_1643_078 Primrose clump at base of tree next to round pond (orig & final).jpg
Description: On a mostly shaded piece of ground at the base of a tree growing near the edge of Round Pond, we find the first decent primrose clump.

Date: 05 Apr 2022
View: DF3_20220305_1321_018-022 Hare running across growing crop 1-5 of 7 (montage stretched about half).jpg
Description: Seeing Hares has always been a rare event here, so when we catch one on-the-run we keep a finger on the camera button ...

View: DF3_20220305_1321_020+021 Hare running across growing crop 3+4 of 7 (montage stretched about half).jpg

View: DF3_20220305_1321_034-048 Hare running along field margin to south 02-16 (alt frames @ 7fps) of 16 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: By the time the Hare was 100m away it was more relaxed - here we have taken alternate frames for the montage so this is about 2 seconds of the run.

Date: 04 Apr 2022
View: E63_20220305_1525_147_FB1 Robin emphasising thin legs.jpg
Description: A perky Robin.
Here you see clearly how thin the legs are compared to their rotund little bodies.

View: D72_20220301_1039_072+070 Dunnock waiting in hedge to be fed (montage).jpg
Description: Dunnocks along the access track are becoming bold as they wait for a hand out of corn.

Date: 03 Apr 2022
View: E60_20220228_1246_003_FB3 Sparrowhawk female lands on kitchen perch facing camera (crop 2).jpg
Description: The female Sparrowhawk stops on the Kitchen perch right over the peanut feeder as she does her rounds looking for 'tasty and nutritious' Tits.

Date: 02 Apr 2022
View: D01_20220228_1522_049-1525_056_FB6 Kestrel female 4 minute visit to Meadow Post 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels spends a few minutes on the meadow post.

View: D01_20220228_1522_049_FB6 Kestrel female 4 minute visit to Meadow Post 1 of 5 (crop).jpg
Description: A closer look at the landing female Kestrel

View: D01_20220305_1206_207+208_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post (montage over 400ms).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels lands on the meadow post, but didn't stay.

Date: 01 Apr 2022
View: E63_20220228_0122_239_FB1 Fox (crop 1).jpg
Description: An hour after midnight sees this Fox exploring the hedge bottom site.

View: E63_20220228_0122_239_FB1 Fox (crop 2 head detail).jpg
Description: More detail of the Fox's stare.

View: BU5_20220225_0417_141_SC1 Fox sitting on edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: "Reynard - SIT!"
Some hopes - a little joke for April Fools day.

Image Archive arch 2022 mar.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220226_1240_188 Brimstone Butterfly male in flight - first of 2022.jpg
Description: First of the year - male Brimstone Butterfly whizzing about over the garden bushes, hedges etc. This time we got lucky with a hand-held camera to get a reasonable image of this delight-in-flight.
We hope this year to refurbish the kit we use to photograph insects in flight. You can see our efforts over the last few years as about 400 images starting at page

Date: 30 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220226_0921_168 6 Goldfinches in budding willow tree top (crop).jpg
Description: 6 Goldfinches sparsely spread among the Pussy-willows.

View: DF3_20220227_1222_343 Red Kite rising in thermal looks down at photographer.jpg
Description: Photographer gets the - Oh it only you - brush off from this Kite who found a thermal above where we are standing.

Date: 29 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220226_0859_085-087 Kestrel pursued by Rook @7fps 04-06 of 16 (accurate montage @7fp).jpg
Description: Rooks almost always chase away a Kestrel in their territory, and in the breeding season are especially diligent. Here from one long sequence we build 3 accurate montages:-

View: DF3_20220226_0859_088-092 Kestrel pursued by Rook @7fps 07-11 of 16 (accurate montage).jpg

View: DF3_20220226_0859_093-097 Kestrel pursued by Rook @7fps 12-16 of 16 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg

Date: 28 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220225_0958_057 Chaffinch male (hint of blue on beak) on corner of concrete block.jpg
Description: On a concrete block to our south a male Chaffinch has become very 'brave' at approaching us for food. This bird's beak shows the earliest tinge of the blue breeding coating ...

View: DF3_20220226_0907_141+146+151 Chaffinch male in breeding colours singing from budding hedge @7fps01+06+11 of 13 (montage).jpg
Description: ... while next day we find this individual singing his heart out in one of our hedges. This bird has the full blue beak coating - ready to breed!

View: DF3_20220227_1215_292 Dunnock.jpg
Description: This Dunnock, and their mate, who live in a wood pile 'temporarily' dumped at the blocked end of our access track, is becoming habituated to us. Somewhere in this pile the pair made a nest last year, so we are now very reluctant to 'tidy up'.

View: DF5_20220303_1158_004 Wren on edge of Main Pond.jpg
Description: Views of a Wren are usually 'what was that', but this one spent an atypical several minutes rooting about near the main pond edge - for once time to grab a camera and focus on the subject.

Date: 27 Mar 2022
View: E63_20220227_1650_231_FB1 Robin in flight diving on Chaffinch male on ground (crop).jpg
Description: The Robin dives down at the threatening male Chaffinch, both atypically in accurate focus.

Date: 26 Mar 2022
View: BU5_20220224_1312_045_SC1 Round Pond with reflections and shadows + Magpie.jpg
Description: A moment of tranquillity at the Round Pond, complete with shadows and reflections.

View: E64_20220224_1500_045_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels squabbling over food.jpg
Description: Not so tranquil - there is more fruit here than both of these Squirrels could eat in one go, but they will squabble over them anyway.

View: D36_20220226_0919_034_FB4 Grey Squirrel with strawberry top in mouth.jpg
Description: Strawberries for the Squirrels?
It's us that must be nuts!

Date: 25 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220223_0922_030 Snowdrops along NW bank of main pond.jpg
Description: Except when the sun is high in the sky in summer, the North West corner of the main pond is mostly in shade. Here a shaft of morning sunlight skims past the east end of the house for a brief glow on the bank of Snowdrops. This pic taken across the pond.

View: DF3_20220222_1619_025 Snowdrop clump on NW bank of main pond.jpg
Description: The previous evening a single shaft of light found its way through the intervening 'jungle'. This pic taken from behind the bank of the pond.

Date: 24 Mar 2022
View: E64_20220223_0448_109+0452_110_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at woodland site 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: With a couple of hours of darkness left in the night, this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer stops by for a feed for several minutes.

View: E64_20220223_0836_133_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male feeding at woodland site.jpg
Description: 4 hours later, the sun has risen as this male Reeves' Muntjac Deer, with fully emerged antlers, stops by for a feed. There seems to be a scar at the top of his left front leg.

Date: 23 Mar 2022
View: BUA_20220223_0309_064+066_SC8 Badger pair entering at east hedge gap (accurate montage over a few seconds).jpg
Description: A pair of Badgers amble in side-by-side formation into the patch.

View: BU5_20220223_0327_117+120+0328_121_SC1 Badger visiting Round Pond (montage).jpg
Description: 20 minutes later just one Badger (possibly not even one of the pair) walks up to Round Pond.

Date: 22 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220220_0944_190+1328_202_FB6 Magpie visits with twig and mud for nest building (montage).jpg
Description: Magpies have heard the nest-building starting gun!

View: D01_20220222_0830_088_FB6 Magpie visiting meadow post with heavy twig 2 of 2.jpg
Description: Eyes bigger than the Beak?
There are lots of pieces of Blackthorn twig lying around from hedge cutting, but they are really at the limit of what a Magpie can handle. Balancing it better would help - we don't know what the Magpie actually did.

View: D01_20220221_1619_070_FB6 Magpie landing on meadow post.jpg
Description: A Magpie makes the characteristic tail rise to balance after landing.

Date: 21 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220217_1237_002 Muntjac Reeves Deer female hiding in Blackberries at side of garage (orig & final).jpg
Description: Our little brown Reeves' Muntjac Deer is in this same patch of brambles about every other time we pass. A quick 'snap' and gone doesn't bother her.
She is well camouflaged - one eye is just below centre.

View: E64_20220218_2135_093+2145_094_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at woodland site (montage 10 minutes apart).jpg
Description: Here 10 minutes apart, hours after dark, we see this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly collecting corn left over by the afternoon visitors.

View: E64_20220219_1130_147+0655_098_FB2 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer males at woodland site (Montage different individuals 4hrs apart).jpg
Description: About 9 hours later, on a truly grey day we first see the male Reeves' Muntjac Deer (right) with the fully emerged Antlers, and then another 4 hours of a different male (left) with Antlers still in Velvet.

Date: 20 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220217_1201_023_FB6 Kestrel female brief stop on Meadow Post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: This years 'nervous' Kestrel has been out and about, almost entirely photographed by an automated camera on the post in the meadow.

View: D01_20220217_1402_027-1409_047_FB6 Kestrel female 8 minute visit to Meadow Post 1+4+8+9 R2L of 9 (montage).jpg
Description: Two hours after the short visit, the female Kestrel stops by for about 10 minutes.

View: D01_20220221_1408_042_FB6 Kestrel female brief visit to meadow post.jpg
Description: 4 days later we select another visit, the wind now increased and blowing around her feathers.

View: D01_20220221_1436_045+1437_047+1439_049_FB6 Kestrel female lands and departs Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Another half-an-hour later we catch her leaving after a 4 minute stay.

Date: 19 Mar 2022
View: E64_20220213_1418_213_FB2 Pheasant male + Wood Pigeon.jpg
Description: A male Pheasant steps over the log as a Wood Pigeon watches.

View: D01_20220214_1657_023_FB6 Wood Pigeon landing on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: A Wood Pigeon makes a symmetrical touchdown.

View: PK1_20220215_0730_665 Sunrise with Wood Pigeon.jpg
Description: From the living room window, this silhouetted Wood Pigeon decorates a somewhat threatening Sunrise.

Date: 18 Mar 2022
View: DF3_20220216_0923_019 Muntjac Reeves Deer female.jpg
Description: Seeing the arrival of the photographer along this path along the inner hedge, this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer takes a careful look before wandering into the thicket on the right.

View: DF3_20220211_1430_049 Muntjac Reeves Deer female hiding in blackberry thicket by garage (crop).jpg
Description: We have just discovered that one of the female Reeves' Muntjac deer regularly 'hides' during the day in a patch of bramble hedge alongside the garage. It is fairly sheltered and we can't see how anything could get near her without making warning noise.

Date: 17 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220212_0143_109_FB6 Barn Owl landing on Meadow post.jpg
Description: This immaculate Barn Owl lands on the post but doesn't stay.

View: DF3_20220210_1026_006+008+010 Red Kite flying (visually) above Hanslope Church spire (montage alternate frames @7fps).jpg
Description: This Red Kite glides the skies, visually for us over the distant tower of Hanslope Church.

Date: 16 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220211_1404_085+086_FB6 Kestrel female lands on meadow post (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: This female Kestrel makes a short stop on the Meadow Post.

View: D01_20220212_1345_137-1350_143_FB6 Kestrel female 6 minute visit to Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This first visit by the female Kestrel to the meadow post lasted 6 minutes ...

View: D01_20220212_1446_159_FB6 Kestrel female 2 minute visit to Meadow Post 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: ... returning almost exactly an hour later for a brief stop.
We always enjoy seeing the bird's Alula - the anti-stall 'flaps' half way along the wing.

Date: 15 Mar 2022
View: BU2_20220214_1114_007_SC7 Fox jumping over falling tree (crop).jpg
Description: The quick brown Fox jumps over the lazy dog fallen log.

View: BU5_20220210_2310_043+045+048_SC1 Fox walks along edge of Round Pond and stops for a drink (montage).jpg
Description: In the hour before midnight, this Fox walks along the edge of Round Pond before stopping for a drink.

View: BU7_20220215_0545_009+BU8_20220215_0559_047+BU2_20220215_0616_083_SC7 Fox visits at quarter hour intervals (montage).jpg
Description: Left to right what we assume is the same fox enters the site at the South-West, visits the Duck shaped pond near the South-East corner, finally meets a 'friend' at the mound to the North-East, each visit almost exactly 15 minutes apart.

Date: 14 Mar 2022
View: E63_20220210_0821_009_FB1 Dunnock launching from stone.jpg
Description: A Dunnock lifts the wings in preparation to launch from the stone.

View: E6A_20220212_1536_228_FB5 Blackbird male.jpg
Description: A pristine male Blackbird - if only he would wipe the mud from his beak!

Date: 13 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220210_0335_217+0339_219_FB6 Barn Owl lands on meadow post & 4 minutes later flies off 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: This Barn Owl pays a 4 minute visit to the meadow post.
On the CCTV recording we were able to see the bird actively moving about on the post top looking for prey, before launching off into the darkness.

Date: 12 Mar 2022
View: BL1_20220209_0951_238-10000_250 Muntjac Reeves Deer male joining path north from FB1 (montage impression).jpg
Description: We found a hole dug in the ground on a little-used path. We couldn't identify the 'owner', so placed the trail-cam to see what used it. The main outcome was 'no visits to the hole', but we were surprised by the number of times creatures wandered in and out of the 'tunnel'. Here a male Reeves' Muntjac Deer wanders into the main path and provides a good view of his antlers.

View: BU2_20220209_1305_219_SC7 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer females feeding together.jpg
Description: On the same day another trail cam sees a quiet afternoon together for these two female Reeves' Muntjac Deer.

Date: 11 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220208_0826_035-0850_069_FB6 Kestrel female 26 minute visit to meadow post 01+07+08 of 10 (montage).jpg
Description: This female Kestrel has an unusually long 26 minute visit to the Meadow post, apparently enjoying an extensive preen.

Date: 10 Mar 2022
View: E64_20220205_1534_164+1536_165_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at woodland site for 10 mins 3+4 of 4 (montage 2 for clarity).jpg
Description: The 10 minute start of what turns out to be a whole series of overnight visits to this woodland site by what seems to be the same female Reeves' Muntjac Deer. Here it looks like the Magpie is taking the chance to nip in and grab something to eat.

View: E64_20220205_1920_183-20220206_0628_201_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female 6 visits at woodland site over 11 hours 1-3+5+4+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: For the rest of the night at typically 2 hourly intervals the Deer returns for short stays. Always approaching in the same direction, here are one image from all six visits after the initial long stay.

View: BU5_20220206_1349_243_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female licking foreleg in shaft of sunlight.jpg
Description: A day later this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer stops to groom her front leg with her incredibly long tongue you can see here under her chin.
Humans are tongue and tail deprived!

Date: 09 Mar 2022
View: DF5_20220204_1159_033 Sparrowhawk female perched on sloping branch (crop 2).jpg
Description: Across the main pond we spot this female Sparrowhawk trying to sun herself in the pollarded willow tree out of the wind.

View: DF5_20220204_1200_050+059 Sparrowhawk flies to Raptor post and sunbathes 1+2 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: But the Grey Squirrels likes this tree as well, so when one arrives on the bole of the tree a few metres below the Sparrowhawk decides to move.
She flies about 10 metres to land on top of an old post ...

View: DF5_20220204_1201_071 Sparrowhawk flies to Raptor post and sunbathes 3 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: ... where she spends several minutes sunbathing while keeping her eye on the humans watching her from the window some 20 metres away.

Date: 08 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220206_1417_129_FB6 Kestrel female visits Meadow Post for 7 minutes 1 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: A female Kestrel lands face to camera on the Meadow Post.

View: D01_20220206_1418_131-1423_141_FB6 Kestrel female visits Meadow Post for 7 minutes 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The untidy centre of the raised tail (2nd from left) makes us think that this might be our original human tolerant female Kestrel landing on the meadow post and staying for several minutes.

View: DF3_20220204_1107_009 Kestrel female hunting from 11kV cable over Bridleway to north.jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels high on an 11kV power cable over the Bridleway much more interested in something below than the pesky humans.

Date: 07 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220203_0241_145_FB6 Barn Owl landing on Meadow Post (crop).jpg
Description: The small hours sees this Barn Owl landing on the Meadow post. The bird didn't stay this time - maybe it quickly spotted something tasty on the ground beneath

Date: 06 Mar 2022
View: E63_20220130_0000_292_FB1 Badger at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Dead on midnight, this Badger stops off at the hedge bottom.

View: BUA_20220201_0243_013_SC8 Badger pair near east hedge gap.jpg
Description: This pair of badgers wandered the plot together for several hours before indulging in what looks like a bit of rough-love.

Date: 05 Mar 2022
View: D01_20220131_1220_021-1222_024_FB6 Kestrel female landing and departure on Meadow Post 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel made a brief visit to the Meadow Post.
The half-bird on the left is NOT a Damian Hurst inspired artistic effect!

View: D01_20220202_1350_123+124_FB6 Kestrel female preening on Meadow Post 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: 2 days later this female Kestrel makes a very short stop to give her feathers a little reef out.

Date: 04 Mar 2022
View: E6A_20220131_1110_006_FB5 Pheasant male at meadow site.jpg
Description: The male Pheasant out in some sunshine.

View: E63_20220201_1411_157+1418_161_FB1 Pheasant male feeding at hedge bottom with rear and front views (accurate montage).jpg
Description: These two pics of the male Pheasant 7 minutes apart overcame any resistance to making this surprisingly symmetrical accurate montage.

Date: 03 Mar 2022
View: E63_20220131_0754_013_FB1 Dunnock diving to ground (crop 2).jpg
Description: A Dunnock diving to the ground broke the sense beam just nicely in focus.

Date: 02 Mar 2022
View: E60_20220129_1452_028_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: The female Sparrowhawk stops off at the kitchen window perch.

View: E60_20220131_1333_010_FB3 Sparrowhawk flying by kitchen perch.jpg
Description: The female Sparrowhawk this time flies by the kitchen feeder.
We notice such passes once or twice a day, so she must be passing many times hoping to catch out a Blue Tit or other small bird visiting the peanut feeder here and on the other side of the house.

Date: 01 Mar 2022
View: BU5_20220128_2033_202+204+205+207_SC1 Fox visit to round pond (montage).jpg
Description: One of the visiting Foxes wanders along the edge of Round Pond and sits for a minute before wandering off.

View: BU2_20220201_0548_091-093_SC7 Fox on Round Mound glances upwards (montage).jpg
Description: A Fox on the mound suddenly glances upwards.
Sometimes when out before sunrise we disturb both Pigeons and sometimes Pheasants that are roosting in the treetops in this area.

View: BU7_20220129_0658_048 Fox pauses and looks right while approaching south hedge gap.jpg
Description: A last look around before this Fox wanders home at the end of the night.

Image Archive arch 2022 feb.htm (view it Here)

Date: 28 Feb 2022
View: D01_20220128_0950_051_FB6 Buzzard 14 minute visit to Meadow Post 01 of 13 (crop).jpg
Description: This visit by a Buzzard to the Meadow Post lasted for a quarter of an hour

View: D01_20220128_0951_053-1001_099_FB6 Buzzard 14 minute visit to Meadow Post 02+05+08+11 of 13 (montage).jpg

View: D01_20220128_1003_104+105_FB6 Buzzard 14 minute visit to Meadow Post 12+13 of 13 (montage).jpg
Description: By the middle of the visit we were aware of the bird, and went to enjoy the sight from different viewpoints. The first was manually triggering the normally automatic camera at the moment of take-off.
The next pic on this locked position camera is almost entirely out of frame.

View: PK1_20220128_1003_483-485 Buzzard take-off from meadow post 1-3 of 3 (approx montage).jpg
Description: From a downstairs window this hand-held camera could follow the action a bit better.

Date: 27 Feb 2022
View: E64_20220128_0846_047_FB2 Magpie jumping onto fallen branch.jpg
Description: A Magpie hopping onto the fallen branch, the vertical iridescent tail helping to regain balance.

View: D01_20220131_1337_026_FB6 Magpie lands on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: This immaculate Magpie stops off at the meadow post.

Date: 26 Feb 2022
View: E64_20220127_1457_026_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels feeding quietly together.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels synchronised feeding?

View: D36_20220127_1458_007_FB4 Grey Squirrel first to heap of fruit waste.jpg
Description: All mine!

Date: 25 Feb 2022
View: E60_20220126_0935_007_FB3 Sparrowhawk landing on kitchen perch (crop 2).jpg
Description: The local female Sparrowhawk stops off on the Kitchen Window perch, undoubtedly after hoping to catch something tasty from the feeder below (out of crop).

View: E63_20220124_1504_076_FB1 Grey Squirrel nibbling banana peel.jpg
Description: A Grey Squirrel trying to play the Harmonica?

Date: 24 Feb 2022
View: BU7_20220123_0710_032+033 Muntjac Reeves Deer male rubbing forehead on grass (montage).jpg
Description: Reeves' Muntjac Deer appear most nights around the site. This male is rubbing his forehead on the ground. We assume that this is to rub-off the dead 'velvet' from the newly formed antlers.

View: BU9_20220123_0905_086_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male browsing on undergrowth - antlers and Tusk visible.jpg
Description: Possibly the same male Reeves' Muntjac Deer chomping away at the seemingly never ending supply of Blackberry wood.
Anyone fancy spiked stems for breakfast?

View: DF5_20220203_1333_015 Muntjac Reeves Deer female eating spiked Holly leaf (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: A week later we see this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer chomping away happily on a spiky holly leaf!
What are their mouths made of?

Date: 23 Feb 2022
View: BU5_20220122_1426_363+1427_364-365_SC1 Pheasant male walks towards Rook who flies over Pheasant & lands behind (montage).jpg
Description: One of those 'little moments' - the Pheasant walking along the edge of the pond spooks the Rook who flies over the Pheasant to land behind. We are sure the Rook is not frightened, but doesn't want to get 'steamrollered'. The middle pic shows the Pheasant twisting his head to watch the Rook pass by.

View: BU5_20220121_2330_241-243_SC1 Fox Barking (q) as Muntjac Reeves Deer ignores the Fox (montage).jpg
Description: The Reeves' Muntjac Deer (left edge) ignores the fox that is presumably barking across the water.

Date: 22 Feb 2022
View: E63_20220120_1959_106_FB1 Badger (orig).jpg
Description: Badgers appear most nights in various Trail cams, but only occasionally at one of these high resolution sites.

View: E6A_20220124_2010_072_FB5 Polecat (crop).jpg
Description: Sightings of Polecats at the high resolution sites are fairly rare, so this one is a welcome addition.

Date: 21 Feb 2022
View: BU8_20220121_0038_064+066+068+0039_070 Fox drinks at Duck Pond from atypical place (montage).jpg
Description: A Fox skulks along the edge of the Duck-shaped Pond, stops for a drink in an atypical place, and then stops for a stare across the water at the island.

View: BU3_20220121_1959_031-033_SC6 Fox carrying large prey item down access track 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A bit of a mystery as this Fox apparently exits our site onto the concrete access track with something quite large in the mouth. The first image is overexposed, but the remainder give an idea of the size of the prey item. We at first thought it might be a Pheasant, but the regular male has since been seen 'present and correct', and a female has also appeared.
Large Rabbit, Hare, Large Pigeon?
After watching a Fox take a Stoat in a recent 'BBC TV 'Winterwatch' (you can catch it on YouTube) we could believe that the prey is almost anything!

Date: 20 Feb 2022
View: DF3_20220120_1010_001 Rookery to west starting new nests after storm destroyed all old nests.jpg
Description: A short savage storm late last year that brought down or broke several of our trees, impacted much of the local area - damaged hedges and trees can be found within a mile or two. Rooks normally see about half of one years nests survive for refurbishment come the Spring, but the 50 or so nests in the large Rookery to our west were completely stripped of nests in the storm. Hence unusually we see the trees all with freshly constructed nests. This is one of the 3 main nesting trees.

View: DF3_20220120_1018_005 2 Rooks on 11kV power cables (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: A pair of Rooks stop off on the local 11kV cables.

Date: 19 Feb 2022
View: PK1_20220119_0945_298 4 Long-tailed Tits in kitchen peanut feeder.jpg
Description: The Long-tailed Tits have at last started using the Kitchen peanut feeder where no direct sunlight (as opposed to sun or bright sky flaring the camera) provides opportunities for some pics. There seem to be 6 birds in this little group, taking turns in the feeder - here are 4 of them.

View: DF3_20220119_1011_009 Long-tailed Tit perched on vertical blackberry stem.jpg
Description: Several perched nearby waiting their turn ...

View: DF3_20220119_1012_013+014 Long-tailed Tit on cut Blackberry stem takes off (montage).jpg

View: DF3_20220119_1012_019 Long-tailed Tit perched on vertical twig.jpg

Date: 18 Feb 2022
View: E63_20220118_1341_116_FB1 Robin + Great Tit in flight skirmish (crop).jpg
Description: It seems a long time since seeing a sharp photo of an in-flight skirmish. Here a Robin (left) and Great Tit think it worth a little conflict to take control of the food on offer.

View: E63_20220117_1121_006_FB1 Chaffinch male feeding at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch looking eagerly through the scraps.

Date: 17 Feb 2022
View: DF5_20220117_1144_015 2 Grey Squirrels sunbathing together in Birch tree.jpg
Description: A few hours of sunshine brought out a pair of Grey Squirrel sociably sunbathing, grooming and eating a few catkins on the far side of the main pond.

View: DF5_20220118_1205_029 2 Grey Squirrels in sunshine on Willow Tree (crop 2).jpg
Description: About the same time next day some more sun brought out first this couple of Grey Squirrels ...

View: DF5_20220118_1207_035 4 Grey Squirrels in sunshine on Willow Tree.jpg
Description: ... soon joined by another pair who spent some time playfully chasing each other up and down the willow tree. All 4 are in this pic if you look hard.

Date: 16 Feb 2022
View: D01_20220116_1411_109-1414_115_FB6 Kestrel female takes rodent to Meadow Post & eats it over 4 mins 2+3+6+8 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels lands on the meadow post. Hardly visible as she lands, there is some sort of rodent in her right claws. Over the next 4 minutes she devours part of her catch. She probably flew off with the remains - what's left is too big to eat, and kestrels normally have a little rest after a big meal before flying on.

View: D01_20220116_1412_111_FB6 Kestrel female takes rodent to Meadow Post and eats it over 4 minutes 4 of 8 (crop).jpg
Description: A detail between the bottom two images in the montage.
Some of the rodents fur is stuck to her beak.

View: D01_20220119_1307_123+124_FB6 Kestrel female lands with prey but Magpie interferes 1+2 of 2 (impression montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: Three days later we see the right claw of this female Kestrel firmly grasping some incautious rodent that we are sure the Kestrel was going to devour on the post top. But as she went to land a Magpie was already making for the post (or making for the Kestrel's prey - you decide!) so the Kestrel aborted the landing and flew off out of sight.

Date: 15 Feb 2022
View: E64_20220115_1529_170_FB2 Pheasant male stepping over fallen branch.jpg
Description: Our lovely Pheasant stepping over the branch at the Woodland site.

View: E64_20220113_1611_066_FB2 Pheasant male at Sunset.jpg
Description: The male Pheasant still out after sunset.

Date: 14 Feb 2022
View: E63_20220111_2245_134_FB1 Fox in rain.jpg
Description: This drenched fox hopes for an easy meal.

View: BU2_20220114_0803_204-206_SC7 Fox walking quietly across bottom of Round Mound (montage).jpg
Description: A fox walking quietly across the bottom of the mound on the last trip of the night.

View: BU2_20220115_1701_386+398_SC7 Fox walks up mound to visit Rabbit hole under step now blocked with leaves (montage).jpg
Description: More usually we see a Fox on the mound an hour after dark. This individual seems to check under the bottom slab every night. It used to be the primary entrance to the Rabbit warren in the mound, but is now blocked with leaves. The main entrance is now at one end of the mound, but perhaps the smell of 'Rabbit' still drifts from the hole.

View: BU2_20220120_0616_415+417_SC7 Fox checks disused Rabbit hole (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A little before dawn this Fox again visits the disused rabbit hole on the Mound. Lots of pics of this suggest that one or more foxes check this hole every night.

Date: 13 Feb 2022
View: E6A_20220115_1330_473_FB5 Grey Squirrel eating Banana peel.jpg
Description: This Grey Squirrel seems to have started at one end of a banana peel strip - will it finish the whole thing? We have no idea what transpired.

View: D72_20220116_1328_133 Grain bag with Grey Squirrel looking out of bitten open hole.jpg
Description: From Grey Squirrels breaking into peanut feeders we have moved to 'wanton destruction' of the 'grain bag'. We hung up the bag in its normal place and half an hour later a return to the bag finds this!
The munching Squirrel waited until the human was about a metre away before making a hurried departure.
Verdict: VERY Guilty - in flagrante delicto

View: E63_20220110_1343_025_FB1 Grey Squirrel chasing away another.jpg
Description: A claw in the side would probably make our faces screw up in pain as well.

Date: 12 Feb 2022
View: DF3_20220112_1307_084+090 Blue Tit eating Lichen from tree branch 2+3 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: We can find no reference to Blue Tits eating Lichen, so this may be an unusual moment to catch on camera.
On the left is the bird with a beakful of Lichen from the branch they are perched upon, and on the right an enlarged and exposure adjusted detail of the bird actually lifting the lichen from the branch.

View: DF3_20220112_1307_094 Blue Tit eating Lichen from tree branch 5 of 5 (crop).jpg
Description: Having eaten several pieces of Lichen, the Blue Tit perches quietly.

Date: 11 Feb 2022
View: DF3_20220110_1241_012+1242_013-017+1243_018 Buzzard flying from 11kV cable 01 of 07 of 11 (acc flight montage@7fps).jpg
Description: This Buzzard seems to have chosen areas north to south of our patch as their current feeding area. The bird didn't seem bothered by us about 70m away, but eventually decided to try a different hunting perch and here flew another 50m away to another set of cables, this time rubber covered 'mains' cables, to carry on the hunt, moving along that set of cables periodically.

Date: 10 Feb 2022
View: DF3_20220109_1359_042 Rook pair in Black Poplar catkin buds swelling.jpg
Description: A 'loving couple' of Rooks high in a Black Poplar.
The Tree's buds are already starting to swell from which Catkins will emerge.
Black Poplars produce Catkins weeks before first leaf.
Black Poplars seem to be a dead-end species - all of our trees are male, and we understand that females smell awful when flowing so are not planted. A quote from
    The number of Black Poplars has been falling steadily for many years and
    there are a few thousand of them left in Britain. Less than 10% of the remaining
    trees are female and these are increasingly hybridizing with commercially grown
    poplar cultivars, creating highly variable offspring. It is its ability to regrow new
    trees from broken branches and roots that keeps the species alive in the wild.

Broken branches is exactly how the 6 giant Black Poplars in our patch came about, cut from the branch of a tree along the access track, cut into 6. All 6 'took'.

Date: 09 Feb 2022
View: E6A_20220108_0817_236_FB5 Pheasant male (crop).jpg
Description: The male Pheasant just fitting the photo frame.
You get a good view here of the 'spurs' on the back of the strong legs.

View: BU2_20220108_1225_193+195_SC7 Pheasant male using wings to jump onto fallen tree-trunk (+ Pigeon) (montage).jpg
Description: Hours later we see the male Pheasant again, using a 'wing assist' to jump up onto the fallen tree on the Mound.

View: BU5_20220111_1242_121-123_SC1 Pheasant male walking along edge of Round Pond (slightly stretched montage).jpg
Description: The male Pheasant walks quietly along the edge of Round Pond.

Date: 08 Feb 2022
View: BU5_20220108_0137_183+0138_186+188_SC1 Badger walks up to drink at Round Pond 1-3 of 3 (impression montage).jpg
Description: This Badger quietly ruffling through the leaf litter, decides to visit the pond for a drink.

View: E64_20220113_0340_270_FB2 Badger at woodland site.jpg
Description: This Badger a few days later taking a selfie at the Woodland camera site.

Date: 07 Feb 2022
View: D01_20220107_0924_055+0923_053_FB6 Sparrowhawk short visit to Meadow Post 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: The local female Sparrowhawk is undoubtedly feeling the cold, so out early to find something ready-heated to eat :-(

View: D01_20220107_1611_085-1615_091_FB6 Kestrel female brings short-tailed Field Vole to meadow post to eat at dusk 1+3+5+7 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: As the day draws to a close this female Kestrel visits the Meadow Post with a short-tailed Vole for what is probably her final meal of the day.

View: D01_20220107_1623_093_FB6 Kestrel female lands on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: The female Kestrel returned 8 minutes later for a couple of minutes, this time 'empty clawed'

View: D01_20220108_1947_131+1948_133_FB6 Tawny Owl 5 minute visit to meadow post 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A Pleasant surprise to see a Tawny Owl making a 5 minute visit to the Meadow post a few hours after dark.

Date: 06 Feb 2022
View: E64_20220105_2129_176_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male stepping over fallen branch.jpg
Description: One of the at-least 3 male Reeves' Muntjac Deer takes a selfie in the dark of the night while stepping over the fallen branch.

View: BU9_20220104_1022_036_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at end of orchard.jpg
Description: It's quite hard to pick out the outline against the similar colours and randomly patterned leaf litter, as this solitary female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly browses.
She looks like she is smiling, but that's anthropomorphism for you.

View: PK1_20220104_1037_170+178+179+184 Muntjac Reeves Deer female visits Main Pond island (montage).jpg
Description: 15 minutes later, and 70 metres away, probably the same individual spent a few minutes grooming on the island of the main pond

Date: 05 Feb 2022
View: D01_20220103_2044_021-2051_035_FB6 Tawny Owl 8 minute visit to Meadow Post 1+2+3+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: This Tawny Owl makes a welcome visit to the meadow post, staying for about 8 minutes. Past experience suggests that this was just one of many stops on the numerous other hunting perches around the site.

Date: 04 Feb 2022
View: E6A_20220104_1522_158_FB5 Rook head detail.jpg
Description: Rooks really are interesting creatures.
We know birds don't have 'expressions', but you try to tell this Rook that!

View: D01_20220102_1230_129+130_FB6 Rook landing on meadow post with cloud of Midges ahead (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: A Rook landing on the Meadow Post. Ahead of this is a cloud of midges

View: BU5_20220105_1312_240_SC1 Rook and their shadow.jpg
Description: A serendipitous moment as the sun makes a shadow of this Rook so precise that at first viewing looks like two birds.

Date: 03 Feb 2022
View: E64_20220101_1347_185_FB2 Grey Squirrel chasing away male Pheasant.jpg
Description: This male Pheasant doesn't argue with a belligerent Grey Squirrel.

View: E64_20211230_1247_027+1308_033_FB2 2 Grey Squirrels feast at woodland site for 15 minutes (montage).jpg
Description: These 2 Grey Squirrels are often seen sharing a feeding site. Here they spent 15 minutes sharing the largess.
Individual Grey Squirrels seem to have huge variability in behaviour towards both members of their own species and other species.

Date: 02 Feb 2022
View: E6A_20220103_0510_263_FB5 Fox at Meadow site (crop 2).jpg
Description: One of our Foxes offering a head and shoulders portrait.
Love the whiskers!

View: BU5_20220104_0705_071_SC1 Fox Drinking from Round Pond near end of night.jpg
Description: An hour before sunrise, this Fox stops off for a drink from the now easily accessible water, complete with reflection.

View: BUA_20211231_0609_057_SC8 Fox gazing up tree by east hedge gap.jpg
Description: Possibly the same Fox 24 minutes apart - first near the east entrance ...

View: BU5_20211231_0633_081_SC1 Fox at edge of Round Pond gazing upwards.jpg
Description: ... and then at Round Pond with a very similar upward gaze.

Date: 01 Feb 2022
View: PK1_20211228_0826_151 Strange early morning sunlight looking north from kitchen window (orig & final).jpg
Description: Out of the Kitchen windows this extreme orange sunrise lit up the whole area.
It was quite eerie.

View: D01_20211228_0824_002_FB6 Magpie on Meadow Post as sunrise streaks over meadow (crop).jpg
Description: Unknown to us at the time, the same light was playing on this Magpie who was stopping off at the Meadow Post.

Image Archive arch 2022 jan.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Jan 2022
View: E60_20211226_0807_020_FB3 Sparrowhawk perched on kitchen perch (crop 2).jpg
Description: At the Kitchen perch at around sunrise this female Sparrowhawk spends a moment.

View: D01_20211228_1504_040+1503_038_FB6 Kestrel female 2 minute visit to meadow post 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: The new nervous Kestrel makes a short visit to the meadow post.
Here you get to see both sides of the bird at once.

View: D01_20211228_1556_041-1503_038_FB6 Buzzard + Magpie + Wood Pigeon + Kestrel female on meadow post (same scale montage).jpg
Description: All at the same scale: Buzzard, Magpie, Pigeon, and the unexpectedly small Kestrel.

Date: 30 Jan 2022
View: D01_20211228_1556_041_FB6 Buzzard 3 minute visit to meadow post 1 of 3 (crop 1).jpg
Description: This Buzzard makes a spectacular landing on the Meadow post

View: DF3_20211224_1249_019 Buzzard perched on 11kV cable (crop 2).jpg
Description: A Buzzard perched on an 11kV cable.
We assume that this is a young bird - fully mature birds seem to be too heavy to be comfortable doing this.

View: D01_20211227_1253_139_FB6 Buzzard 3 minute visit to Meadow Post in drizzle 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: Another sighting of a Buzzard on the meadow post. It is about mid-day despite the dark background. The bird's feathers (particularly over the head) appear drenched.

Date: 29 Jan 2022
View: D36_20211227_1329_037_FB4 Magpie collecting dead Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) (crop).jpg
Description: Our old house leaks in Rodents. Many are caught and released from live traps, but some just won't or can't use them and have to be caught in snapper traps. Here a dead mouse placed at the trees-tump camera sees a Magpie grateful for the gift. It normally takes between about 4 minutes for a Magpie to come and collect.

View: D36_20211228_0708_044_FB4 Release of Vole from live Mousetrap.jpg
Description: Our preference is to release live Rodent well away from the house. This one looks like a vole - about a third of the Rodents we catch indoors are some sort of vole.

View: D36_20211230_0706_027_FB4 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) just released from trap leaps from top of Tree-stump.jpg
Description: 2 days later a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) sort-of vaults off the edge of the tree-stump.

Date: 28 Jan 2022
View: BU5_20211226_0149_210_SC1 Fox gazing at Round Pond Island now pond partly re-filled.jpg
Description: As the pond level rises the easier access to the island at the rear becomes a swim.
Is it now worth a cold swim to check it out?

View: BU5_20211227_0528_301_SC1 Fox carrying prey (unidentified) along edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: This blurry mess (supported by even worse pics a second or two on either side) shows a fox carrying some unfortunate prey in the mouth at the edge of Round Pond. Most likely a young Rabbit, but only a guess.
Nighttime pictures of fast moving animals from simple battery-powered trail-cams need 'long' exposure of 1/16 to 1/4 second, so are always rather movement blurred.

View: BU5_20211229_0627_088+089+091_SC1 Fox sits momentarily while walking along edge of Round Pond 1-3 of 3 (spread montage).jpg
Description: This Fox still seems obsessed with the Round Pond island, 'sitting' for a moment for a gaze over the water.

Date: 27 Jan 2022
View: E64_20211225_1334_085_FB2 Wood Pigeon pair stepping over branch.jpg
Description: Wood Pigeons now often appearing in pairs.
Finish the last nest in November, start again in January?

View: E6A_20211227_1335_263_FB5 Wood Pigeon pair at meadow site.jpg
Description: Wood Pigeons now often appearing in pairs.

View: E64_20211229_1324_103_FB2 Wood Pigeon pair at woodland site as leaf drifts down.jpg
Description: Wood Pigeons now often appearing in pairs.

Date: 26 Jan 2022
View: E64_20211224_1203_023_FB2 Pheasant male stepping over log.jpg
Description: We admire the male pheasant, even if he flees in terror the moment he sees us. We thought this pic highlighted how strong his legs are - after all, the spurs behind the feet are his built-in weapon.

View: BU2_20211224_1208_008_SC7 Pheasant male walking up mound.jpg
Description: 5 minutes later the male Pheasant has moved about 40 metres to the 'Round Mound' to continue the search for food. We scatter corn on this slope every day so there is bound to be something to find.

View: E6A_20211225_1430_168_FB5 Robin attacking another bird as Muntjac Reeves Deer feeds behind.jpg
Description: As the female Reeves' Muntjac Deer quietly browses, a Robin (just above bottom centre) mounts a furious attack on some unidentified similar sized bird.

Date: 25 Jan 2022
View: E64_20211221_1527_144_FB2 Grey Squirrel gathering leaves for Drey.jpg
Description: If a Grey Squirrel needs some dead leaves for the Drey then they now have millions to choose from!

View: BUA_20211221_2220_152+153_SC8 Badger foraging under Leaf litter (impression montage).jpg
Description: Badgers do not hibernate, fattening up in Autumn and then making minimal forages on warmer nights. This Badger has just entered through the East hedge gap and is already rummaging through the leaf litter for food. Actually the Badger had not moved, so this montage is just an 'impression'.

Date: 24 Jan 2022
View: D01_20211221_1031_034_FB6 Green Woodpecker male short visit to Meadow post.jpg
Description: Not even a distant call of the Green Woodpecker recently, so this pic of a pristine male on the Meadow Post is an unexpected pleasure.

Date: 23 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211218_1440_004+006+008+010 Rook flying in joined by another to fly off together (acc montage alternate frames @7fps).jpg
Description: A Rook perched on a twig takes off to join another flying by.

View: D01_20211221_1331_058+1335_062_FB6 Rook and Jackdaw (identical scale montage).jpg
Description: A hopefully useful size comparison - Rook (left) and Jackdaw.

Date: 22 Jan 2022
View: BU5_20211218_2347_364_SC1 Fox on edge of Island watches Reeves Muntjac Deer on bank through midnight fog (crop).jpg
Description: Just before midnight, in an overnight fog, glowing eyes reveal a male Reeves' Muntjac Deer in the foreground watched by a Fox who has made it onto the pond island and is walking along the edge. The Fox probably paddled through the mud on the other side of the island - the water level is very low at the moment - rather than swimming across.

View: E64_20211218_2350_085_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with chipped Antler + cut Ear + Tusk.jpg
Description: 3 minutes and about 20 metres away we see what must be the same male Deer. He is beginning to look a bit 'beaten up' with the chipped right Antler and a somewhat cut and healed left ear. His 'Tusk' seemed to have survived intact.

View: E64_20211221_1256_103_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding (2 mins after hand-held pic).jpg
Description: A few days later this female Reeve's Muntjac Deer trips the same sense beam to take her portrait.

Date: 21 Jan 2022
View: D01_20211217_1318_047-1321_072_FB6 Kestrel female 4 minute visit to meadow post 1+2+5+3+8 of 9 (montage).jpg
Description: The 'newer' female Kestrel visits the Meadow Post for a few minutes.

View: D01_20211217_1321_071_FB6 Kestrel female 4 minute visit to meadow post 7 of 9 (crop).jpg
Description: One of the pics not included in the Montage.

Date: 20 Jan 2022
View: D71_20211213_0714_009 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walking to us while collecting camera memory cards (crop).jpg
Description: Your's truly out in the pre-dawn gloom with 'headlights' blazing to collect the camera cards, this little face emerged from the surrounding dark and waited for a hand-out. She is only about 1.5 metres from the cameraman.

View: E64_20211216_1236_038_FB2+DF3_20211216_1235_016 Muntjac Reeves Deer ignores FB2 flash 1+2(insert) of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: This is the almost 'tame' female Reeves' Muntjac Deer stepping over the fallen branch to pick up some of the corn sprinkled down for her. As she triggered the camera and flash for the main image the hand-held camera was recording the same moment (see insert). She didn't react at all to the flash - she must be completely used to cameras clunking and flashing as she wanders around the sites.

Date: 19 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211215_1226_014 Fungi Fruiting on animal escape pole in water butt (crop 2).jpg
Description: All of the water-butts have a stick in them to allow anything that falls in to crawl out. This perpetually wet stick has grown a nice little crop of Fungi in a micro-jungle of moss.

View: DF3_20211215_1008_002 Japanese Lantern seed heads (caught up in Monkey Puzzle Tree).jpg
Description: Like little flames in a tracery lantern, this group of 3 'Japanese Lanterns' glow in the dark foliage of a small Monkey Puzzle tree they have managed to get tangled into.

Date: 18 Jan 2022
View: D01_20211212_0725_219-0730_229_FB6 Sparrowhawk lands & 6 mins later leaves Meadow Post 30m pre-sunrise 1+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: At 07:25 a.m. dawn is only just arriving and this Sparrowhawk is already hunting in the near dark. The bird's Irises are fully open hiding the normal bright yellow eye ring. She must be really hungry to be out so early - as we type this 3 days later we saw her flash by the Kitchen bird feeder only 15 minutes later than this, so these early outings may be a regular event.

Date: 17 Jan 2022
View: E64_20211210_1130_111_FB2 Pheasant running over log as Grey Squirrel watches from foreground.jpg
Description: Whoosh. Visually similar to a 'Roadrunner' animation, we can't be sure that the Grey Squirrel in the foreground has any connection to the Pheasant's speed (but see the 3rd image in this sequence).

View: E63_20211210_1313_078_FB1 Pheasant male + Magpie keeping one peck away (orig & final).jpg
Description: Any of the Corvids make better sharers with Pheasants than do Squirrels. The Magpie isn't really nervous of the Pheasant, but noticeably stayed just over one peck distance away.

View: E64_20211213_1225_037_FB2 Grey Squirrel leaping at fleeing Pheasant male.jpg
Description: A Grey Squirrel seeing off the male Pheasant.

View: E6A_20211215_1028_137_FB5 Pheasant male feeding with nictitating membrane half closed (crop + insert).jpg
Description: The Vibrant portrait of the male Pheasant caught a moment where his nictitating membrane (a sort of translucent eyelid) is half closed. Eye detail is in the insert.

Date: 16 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211210_1003_010 Magpie on Ash branch at south hedge.jpg
Description: A Magpie watches us watching them from high in this Ash tree

View: D36_20211215_1426_045_FB4 Magpie landing on edge of tree-stump.jpg
Description: This Magpie touches down in a flurry of feathers.

Date: 15 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211209_1234_037-1253_119 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding and accepting corn around garage (montage over 20 mins).jpg
Description: We came across this female Reeves' Muntjac Deer just outside the garage. She spent 20 minutes feeding on fallen leaves and corn we threw down for her, until she wandered into the hedge along the access track. Bottom right you can see the Deer's teeth and tongue.

View: E6A_20211210_1318_101_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at meadow site - first of 3 visits very similar inside 1 hour.jpg
Description: This Deer wanders over the whole plot. Here she is probably licking up corn in the meadow.

View: BU9_20211211_1126_053_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging in leaf litter.jpg
Description: As the autumn leaf litter darkens, the matching colours of the Reeves' Muntjac Deer and the ground really show the value of camouflage.

Date: 14 Jan 2022
View: E60_20211206_1458_008_FB3 Wood Pigeon landing on kitchen perch already occupied by another.jpg
Description: Pigeons are brilliant fliers, but can be a bit clumsy when landing on a perch, here possibly whacking the occupant on the face.

View: E6A_20211208_1422_242_FB5 Wood Pigeon lands over another who ducks to avoid impact.jpg
Description: On the ground, perhaps trying to use the resident as a trampoline.
The shadow indicates that the landing bird has actually contacted the lower bird.

Date: 13 Jan 2022
View: E60_20211208_0830_013_FB3 Kestrel female diving down from Kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels landed on the Kitchen perch without triggering a photo, but her dive down the 1.5m to the ground did trigger this photo.

View: DF3_20211209_1244_068 Buzzard perched on tree at Brook.jpg
Description: We haven't seen much of Buzzards or Red Kite this week, but did spot this Buzzard bending down a twig that can just support the bird's weight.

Date: 12 Jan 2022
View: BU2_20211206_2306_178_SC7 3 Roe Deer at Round Mound.jpg
Description: Roe Deer here are normally fleeting sightings, but for about an hour 3 Roe Deer check out the area for something to eat. From the middle of their visit we pick a 20 minute sequence of appearances

View: BU3_20211206_2316_166_SC6 3 Roe Deer on access track.jpg
Description: 10 minutes later and about 70m away they are on the concrete access track.

View: BU3_20211206_2320_170_SC6 3 Roe Deer enter from access track and 6 mins (100m) later at east hedge gap 2 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: 4 minutes later they have walked up in-line along the edge of the concrete track and are queueing up to come back in.
Past observations indicate that females can get through these hedge openings, but that the male's Antlers block this route, and they have to walk around to reach easier routes.

View: BUA_20211206_2326_203_SC8 3 Roe Deer enter from access track and 6 mins (100m) later at east hedge gap 5 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: Another 6 minutes on sees at least 2 of them 100m right back across the site to the East hedge.
None of these 4 pics are montages.

Date: 11 Jan 2022
View: BUA_20211206_2017_182_SC8 Fox peering round tree on entering site.jpg
Description: You may know of the Janacek Opera 'The Cunning little Vixen'.
We don't know the sex of this visitor, but they are having a cunning peer around the tree to surprise anything tasty.

View: BU2_20211207_0052_201_SC7+BU5_20211207_0053_232+234_SC1 Fox leaves Round Mound for drink in Round Pond 1+2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: After midnight on the same night this Fox on the prowl at Round Mound walks directly to the edge of the Round Pond for a drink.

View: BU5_20211209_0449_497_SC1 Fox walking by edge of Round Pond looking up.jpg
Description: Two days later this Fox gazes upwards into the trees surrounding Round Pond. Pheasants used to roost in the now broken conifers that fell onto round Mound in the recent storm, and we suspect that they have found a new relatively close roosting perch right where the Fox is looking.

Date: 10 Jan 2022
View: D72_20211204_1242_046 Muntjac Reeves Deer female looking up at photographer (crop).jpg
Description: Our 'almost tame' female Reeves Muntjac Deer gazes up at the photographer a couple of metres away. Coat pockets are always bulging with corn to spread around, and this little beauty got some.
We had a strange effect while working on this pic while choosing a size to show it. We auto-generate a local web page with the whole range of sizes that we prefer so we can pick one without guessing. Every image that scrolled up or down for a moment visually had no head as the wonderful colour and pattern match between face and leaf carpet gave a wonderful demonstration of camouflage. No - we didn't have magic mushrooms for breakfast - the illusion may work for you. It did again for us on the final read-through.

View: E60_20211205_1146_021_FB3 Squirrel on Kitchen bird table.jpg
Description: An odd moment of this Grey Squirrel caught by the kitchen window camera.
Close one eye to help thread the invisible needle.

Date: 09 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211202_1322_013 Grey Squirrel sunbathing on branch.jpg
Description: Ah - a lovely warm patch of sun out of the wind ...

View: E6A_20211202_1343_057_FB5 Grey Squirrel looking for food on snowy ground.jpg
Description: ... but 20 minutes later the tummy is rumbling - and all the food is down on the cold ground. Reminds us of the Macaques in Japan that spend most of the day luxuriating in a hot spring but in the end have to come out into the snow to feed.

Date: 08 Jan 2022
View: E63_20211201_0213_092_FB1 Fox walking through Hedge site while licking nose (crop).jpg
Description: Looking suspiciously smug and 'licking his chops', we wonder whether this fox has just finished eating one of the other inhabitants!

View: D36_20211202_0745_066_FB4 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) leaps from live trap (crop).jpg
Description: Some mice and Voles caught in live traps in the house have to be physically shaken out of the traps. But the moment the trap was open this one leapt for freedom right over the tree-stump, leaving only the shadow.
"So long - and thanks for all the peanut butter!"

Date: 07 Jan 2022
View: D01_20211130_0548_001+0550_005+0554_011_FB6 Barn Owl 6 minute visit to Meadow Post 1+3+6 of 6 (mirror montage).jpg
Description: The Barn Owl visited at the end of the night, ...

View: D01_20211201_1847_091+1846_089+_FB6 Barn Owl short visit to Meadow Post with back to camera 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: ... and then a brief stop a day later after sunset.
Go on - turn round - No? Oh well you are lovely from the back as well!

Date: 06 Jan 2022
View: D72_20211129_0727_007+0729_017 Muntjac Reeves Deer female ignores night humans to feed in snow cover 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: While collecting the camera cards before dawn we find this female Reeve's Muntjac Deer quietly pushing aside the snow and leaves to find something to eat. She isn't disturbed by either us nor the camera flash. We left some more corn to lick up.

View: D72_20211129_1301_049 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding around Round Mound (crop).jpg
Description: The leaves on this fallen branch don't look very appetising to us, but the female Reeve's Muntjac Deer was obviously hungry enough to tackle them.

View: D72_20211129_1306_067 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding around Round Mound (crop).jpg
Description: This female Reeve's Muntjac Deer picks up the corn with her tongue.

View: E6A_20211130_1458_104+1455_103_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at meadow site 2+1 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A female Reeve's Muntjac Deer feeds at the Meadow site for several minutes.

Date: 05 Jan 2022
View: D72_20211129_0735_040 Sunrise (orig & final).jpg
Description: After a light snow overnight, the day starts with this slightly angry Dawn.

View: D36_20211129_1008_011_FB4 Robin on tree-stump in light snow.jpg
Description: A Robin in the snow - a living Christmas card (only a few days late)

View: D72_20211129_1242_025 40 Molehills with snow not yet melted on NE side.jpg
Description: A few hours later most of the snow has melted in the direct sun, but here the North East side of all these Molehills has remained in the shade, creating this unusual effect.

Date: 04 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211128_1230_094 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 01 of 23 (crop).jpg
Description: After a failed hunting attempt the female Kestrel flies to this branch where she stays for a couple of minutes intently studying the ground.

View: DF3_20211128_1232_112-128 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 05+08+09+11 of 23 (impression montage).jpg
Description: She suddenly dives down onto the grass path behind the pond.

View: DF3_20211128_1235_137+141+145 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 12-14 of 23 (bottom up montage + rodent insert).jpg
Description: Read this sequence bottom upwards.
We could just see movement as she smothered her prey (only a blurred brown on camera) before flying upwards and off towards the Black Poplars along the access track.
If you look carefully at the insert to the top image you can just see her capture (it looks to us like a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse)) grasped in one foot.

View: DF3_20211128_1236_155-1238_197 Kestrel female hunts + kills + eats Rodent 15+16+20+21 of 23 (montage).jpg
Description: She fortuitously chooses a branch on one of the Black Poplars to consume her prize. The various angles reflect the photographers efforts to find better angles to view the activity through the hedge and against the sun.

Date: 03 Jan 2022
View: DF3_20211128_1228_053 Kestrel female in flight.jpg
Description: We believe that the original human-tolerant female Kestrel is back. Here she flies quite close to us to land in a tree on the island in the main pond, where she stopped for a hunt. We were both already quite close when she landed for a hunt.

View: DF3_20211128_1228_073-076 Kestrel female launches for unsuccessful attack 4-7 of 7 (montage impression).jpg
Description: Left to right and then down, she dives on some prey but obviously misses her prize and flies to the top of another tree.
More Tomorrow

Date: 02 Jan 2022
View: BUA_20211127_2343_160-162_SC8 Fox scent marking 1-3 of 3 (approx montage).jpg
Description: The Fox stops off at the tree to the left for a moment of scent marking.

View: BUA_20211201_0244_156+20211202_0121_207_SC8 Fox scent marking on successive days (montage).jpg
Description: A few days later, then two consecutive days an hour or two after midnight, it is the tree on the right that gets scent marked with incredibly similar gesture.

View: BUA_20211130_0424_084+0456_091_SC8 2 Fox visits 30 minutes apart (accurate montage IR).jpg
Description: A couple of days later there are 2 Fox visits near the east entrance half an hour apart. Facial marking suggest that they are different foxes. Maybe they prefer different trees to scent mark.

Date: 01 Jan 2022
View: D01_20211121_1958_051+1959_053_FB6 Barn Owl short visit to meadow post 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A Barn Owl makes a brief stop on the Meadow Post.

View: D01_20211126_0129_019_FB6 Barn Owl lands on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: 5 days later, at an hour and a half after midnight, this gorgeous Barn Owl stops off at the Meadow Post, but this time didn't stay.

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Date: 31 Dec 2021
View: BUA_20211119_0328_043_SC8 Fox (IR).jpg
Description: A sly looking fox with a couple of hours hunting left in the night.

View: BUB_20211120_0559_105 Fox lying down by Duck Pond (IR).jpg
Description: Next day a different Fox lies down by the Duck-shaped Pond.
Its hard work this night-time hunting.

View: BUA_20211122_1915_016+017_SC8 Fox entering site peers round tree 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: After entering the site at the east hedge the Fox slyly peeks around the tree, but sees nothing to ambush.

View: BU2_20211123_0202_141_SC7 Muntjac Reeves Deer female watches Fox arriving at top of Mound (orig).jpg
Description: The female Reeve's Muntjac Deer at the bottom of the mound looks up at the arriving Fox coming over the top. A Fox could not tackle even a relatively small Muntjac Deer, but could certainly attack a Fawn.

Date: 30 Dec 2021
View: E64_20211124_1315_232_FB2 Red-legged Partridge.jpg
Description: An unexpected visit by this Red-legged Partridge at the Woodland site. It's just past mid-day, but you wouldn't think it from the background light.

View: E60_20211124_1449_039_FB3 Sparrowhawk launching from Kitchen perch.jpg
Description: The Conservatory is usually too cold to make pleasant sitting 'out' for the next few months, so we don't see the Sparrowhawk flashing past the Windows doing her circuits of the peanut feeders around the house. But this pic assures us that she is still 'doing the rounds'.

View: D72_20211121_1220_048 Grey Squirrel sunbathing on pollarded Willow tree stump.jpg
Description: The sun isn't offering a lot of radiant warmth at this time of year, but what there is this Squirrel is having some.

Date: 29 Dec 2021
View: D72_20211121_1055_038 2 Rooks courting on 11KB cable (crop).jpg
Description: Two Rooks treating this 11kV cable as an avian 'Love Seat'.

View: DF3_20211122_0955_008 Rook pair in Black Poplar Tree.jpg
Description: Next day these two Rooks are pairing up in the Black Poplar trees.

Date: 28 Dec 2021
View: D72_20211121_1045_009-019 Kestrel female hovering near 11kV cables 01-11 of 11 (montage 1 @8fps).jpg
Description: The new Female Kestrel doesn't provide any opportunities for hand-held portraits, but she hunts while hovering much more than 'Grey Feather', so here is one of her near the Bridleway to the north, hovering in front of an 11kV cable. The hover starts at the top and this sequence, with a cable a useful vertical reference, and a tower (cropped out) providing horizontal positioning, shows how well the Kestrel keeps station.
Here is a general view of about 1.3 seconds of action ...

View: D72_20211121_1045_009-019 Kestrel female hovering near 11kV cables 01-11 of 11 (montage 3 @8fps).jpg
Description: ... and here more detail of the bird to see the wings and tail in action.

View: D01_20211121_1516_027-1525_045_FB6 Kestrel female 10+ min visit to Meadow Post 01+02+05+08+10 of 10 (montage).jpg
Description: A few hours later the female Kestrel spent at least 10 minutes at the Meadow Post. The sun came out after a few minutes transforming her colour scheme!

View: D01_20211121_1524_043_FB6 Kestrel female 10+ min visit to Meadow Post 09 of 10 (crop).jpg
Description: A moment not included in the Kestrel montage above.

Date: 27 Dec 2021
View: E64_20211120_0925_118_FB2 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: Our currently resident male Pheasant with a slight quirky look.
Its 9.25 a.m., but it looks like the Sun's alarm didn't go off.

View: D72_20211124_1108_011+014+017+020 Pheasant male running over grass to hedge (accurate montage @8fps every third frame).jpg
Description: The new 'resident' male Pheasant is totally anti-human - the merest sight of the photographer sends the beautiful creature into a sprint - a behaviour that may serve him well should he meet a shooter

Date: 26 Dec 2021
View: DF5_20211118_1356_017+027 Muntjac Reeves Deer male browsing in salad bed (montage).jpg
Description: All of the current Reeve's Muntjac Deer visitors are exceptionally skittish at any sight of a human. This male didn't spot the cameraman on the other side of a ground-floor window, so here are a couple of moments as this male helped to clear the salad bed of weeds!

View: BU5_20211112_1850_102_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female inside pond watches male on bank.jpg
Description: "Hiya Babe!"

Date: 25 Dec 2021
View: E63_20211115_1644_040_FB1 Woodcock (crop).jpg
Description: Our first ever sighting of a Woodcock, here at the hedge bottom site.
For several days we have spotted single holes in muddy patches around the site, but didn't know what has made them.

Date: 24 Dec 2021
View: D01_20211114_1753_047-065_FB6 Tawny Owl 10+ minutes visit to Meadow Post 01+03+05+10 of 10 (montage).jpg
Description: A few moments from an extended visit (i.e. over 10 minutes) by this Tawny Owl to the meadow post.

View: D01_20211119_0245_001+246_003_FB6 Barn Owl 4 minute visit to meadow post 1+2 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: This Barn Owl visit, after many weeks of absence, was taken at 2.45 a.m.

Date: 23 Dec 2021
View: DF3_20211117_0839_014 Ivy covered tree-trunk at brook.jpg
Description: This feast of browns and green along the edge of the Brook really caught our eye in the sunshine. The unbroken green of the Ivy covering the tree-trunk looks almost surreal against the bare bole of the tree.

View: DF3_20211117_0832_001 Sycamore in Autumn colour along south hedge (orig & final).jpg
Description: Our Sycamore trees are outstanding for a canopy of Autumn leaves.

Date: 22 Dec 2021
View: DF3_20211113_1458_012 Grey Squirrel nibbling peanut stolen from bait bag.jpg
Description: Turn your back on the bait-bag for a few minutes and you come back to find a Squirrel making the most of the largess. It must have been IN the bag to reach the peanuts in the nearly empty bag.

View: PK1_20211117_1305_912+1306_929+939 Grey Squirrel raids nut feeder after removing top (montage).jpg
Description: We thought the issue of this open-able peanut feeder was solved, but it clearly isn't. On the right image you see the white cable tie that was holding the lid on. These clear plastic ties deteriorate in sunlight and become brittle, and it looks like the Squirrel nibbled an edge and started a crack that broke the strap. We put the 'other' similar feeder back while we find a foolproof scheme.

Date: 21 Dec 2021
View: D36_20211113_0658_031+0659_032_FB4 Robin visits tree-stump (montage over 1 minute).jpg
Description: A Robin photographs themselves twice in a minute on the tree-stump.

Date: 20 Dec 2021
View: BU9_20211111_0923_016+018_SC2 Pheasant male walking through autumn leaf litter (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Two glorious colours at once - a scatter of Autumn turned Sycamore leaves and stepping over them a very smart male Pheasant matching some of the colours.

View: D72_20211115_1509_065+068+071 Pineham Field North hedge from Farm entrance (montage for width).jpg
Description: The North hedge of our patch with a mix of yellows, browns and green as the huge mix of different trees choose to welcome Autumn in their various ways.

View: D72_20211115_1517_092 Sumac in front garden showing Autumn colours (orig & final).jpg
Description: After planting a Sumac at out first house about 1970, moving here 1990 we found a couple of such trees in the front garden which we have allowed to develop into several trees. They are so robust they have to be hacked back every other year or so, but always come back thriving.

Date: 19 Dec 2021
View: DF3_20211111_1112_045-074 Rook with sprouting bean on cable drops shoot & hangs below wire but also drops bean 2+4+8-10+15+17+19-21 of 21 (montage @7fps).jpg
Description: The 11kV cable you see here is near the Farm Road entrance over the hedge. The Rook was busy pecking at something clamped to the wire by the bird's claws. The larger part of the item the Rook allowed to drop into the hedge (not caught on camera). The bird then went chasing after the remains of the item which appears to be a spouted Bean seed (the last crop was field beans). The bird lowered the whole body below the wire while hanging on to the cable above with the claws. But the bird also dropped the bean seed (third to fifth frames) into the hedge. After a few seconds the bird released one claw, then the other to 'fall' into flight.
We have never seen anything like it before except in joke cartoons.

View: DF3_20211111_1112_062 Rook with sprouting bean on cable drops shoot & hangs below wire but also drops bean 14 of 21 (crop).jpg
Description: More detail of the Rook hanging from the cable above just after dropping the Bean.

Date: 18 Dec 2021
View: DF3_20211109_0839_008 Autumn colours outside east hedge (orig & final).jpg
Description: Some views of Autumn colour - here outside our East hedge.

View: DF3_20211109_0844_019 Autumn colours along brook (orig & final).jpg
Description: Some views of Autumn colour - here along the Brook to the north.

View: DF3_20211112_1343_027 Farm Road Lombardy Poplars in Autumn colour.jpg
Description: The Lombardy Poplars along the Farm Road are all starting 'the Fall' in the same manner.
We understand that Lombardy Poplars are all clones of one another so don't show much variation in behaviour.

Date: 17 Dec 2021
View: DF5_20211107_1013_018-035 Muntjac Reeves Deer suckles from mother at main pond 2+3 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: A mid-morning delight was watching the suckling Fawn drinking their morning fill from Mum. She was intermittently grooming the Fawn as the Fawn got really quite rough 'pumping' the udder up and down to get at the last drop! The lower pic shows Mum starting to not enjoy the youngster's behaviour.

View: DF5_20211107_1015_051 Muntjac Reeves Deer suckles from mother at main pond 6 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: The next moment is caught as an MP4 video you may be able to view.
You see here the natural speed 'pumping' action - we think that you will agree that it really is rather OTT. Mum decides she has 'had enough' and walks away over her disappointed youngster.
The file is about 10MB for 10 seconds of grabbed (silent) HD video and may take a few seconds to load.
Video of Reeves Muntjac Deer Fawn feeding from_mother
Once the feed had finished Mum affectionately grooms her Baby - all is forgiven.

Date: 16 Dec 2021
View: D01_20211101_1349_019+020_FB6 Kestrel female lending on Meadow Post 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels lands on the meadow post. She is in shadow so is a bit colour-cast compared to the sunlit background.

View: D72_20211104_1029_004-005 Kestrel female takes off from post top 1-3 of 3 ((montage).jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels leaves the disused telephone pole near the south hedge.

Date: 15 Dec 2021
View: E63_20211030_2038_197_FB1 Yellow slug on hedge bottom stone with eye stalks visible and casting shadow.jpg
Description: This 'Yellow Slug' seems to have started the climb up the mini-mountain, didn't see anything interesting from the top so started back down. The eye stalks show better as shadows.

View: E64_20211107_1405_262_FB2 Grey Squirrel seen with circles effect on tail (crop).jpg
Description: This abstract pattern is the tail tip of a Grey Squirrel.

Date: 14 Dec 2021
View: BUA_20211028_1627_065_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer female looking back at camera in dappled light.jpg
Description: A beam of late afternoon sun penetrates 100 metres of woodland to shine on the ear of this sweet female Reeve's Muntjac Deer.

View: BU7_20211104_1217_016 Muntjac Reeves Deer male following female towards south entrance.jpg
Description: The male Reeve's Muntjac Deer follows the Deer equivalent of Chanel No 5? The male Deer must catch the moment that the female is receptive to mating.

Date: 13 Dec 2021
View: D01_20211103_1504_205_FB6 Magpie landing on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: The markings on Magpies are a wonder.
The Black/wide divide on the wings runs diagonally across the feathers, and the tips of the primaries (the main flight feathers) are tipped with Grey.
And we can't even see the back and tail in this landing.

View: D01_20211103_1527_211+212_FB6 Kestrel female on meadow post with worm in beak 1(mirrored)+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: Most Raptors will eat worms when they have not been successful with their preferred prey, but the worms are usually swallowed 'on the spot', so we don't know why this female Kestrel brought one to the Meadow Post top to swallow.

Date: 12 Dec 2021
View: E6A_20211102_1245_114_FB5 Stoat 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: Not seen before in this calendar year, a Stoat appears at the meadow site twice about 30 minutes apart. This first appearance provides this better image.

Date: 11 Dec 2021
View: PK1_20211031_1006_797 Freak short storm damage - before during & after - during storm thu kitchen window 19 of 24 (crop).jpg
Description: On an otherwise moderately windy day, about 10 a.m. saw an intense wind lasted only about 15 minutes but the whole area suffered various levels of damage. This pic of the storm through the kitchen window shows EVERYTHING bending right in the Westerly gale. The air was full of twigs and leaves whipping across horizontally, but the camera misses most of them - blurred out by their speed.
Note that the timestamps are a mix of BST & GMT as the affair completely messed up our normally systematic tour of the cameras to do the end of summer-time updates.

View: D71_20211031_1520_003_etc Freak short storm damage - before during & aftermath - our site 07-09+11+12 of 24 (montage).jpg
Description: At least 6 trees have fallen or broken off, and three of our normal access paths are completely blocked by fallen wood.
    Top left is a badly broken conifer that has half smothered Round Mound.
    Bottom right is a freshly fallen Squirrel Drey.
    Left of the Drey image is an Oak tree near the SE corner, now bereft of it's crown hanging down blocking the path beside it.

View: D71_20211031_1542_054 Freak short storm damage - before during & aftermath - Oak at SE 10 of 24 (orig & final).jpg
Description: A closer look at the poor Oak tree with all three major branches snapped off. The wind seems to funnel through various places, and it seems that the Oak was 'in the wrong place at the wrong time'.

Date: 10 Dec 2021
View: DF3_20211030_1821_016 Grey Squirrel eat apple just plucked from further up tree.jpg
Description: Through the conservatory window this Squirrel is seen pulling at apples high in the tree. Finally one comes away and the Squirrel brings the prize down to this almost level branch to gorge. The Squirrel eats about half of the apple before leaving the rest.

View: E63_20211028_1734_042_FB1 Grey Squirrel chases Magpie from hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A not-so-sweet Grey Squirrel chases off a Magpie who dared not to leave the moment the Squirrel arrived.

View: E6A_20211101_1522_048_FB5 Grey Squirrel and Magpie quietly eating Peanuts together (crop).jpg
Description: A Grey Squirrel - Magpie mix usually sees the Mammal chasing away the bird. But here we see the same pairing quietly eating peanuts together.
So the Squirrel is probably the much more sociable female of the species!

Date: 09 Dec 2021
View: D01_20211030_1058_001-1105_015_FB6 Sparrowhawk female 9 minute visit to meadow post 1+2+4-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: A rare occurrence - the Sparrowhawk landing on the meadow post and staying for almost 10 minutes.

View: D01_20211030_1100_005_FB6 Sparrowhawk female 9 minute visit to meadow post 3 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: A closer look at frame 3 omitted from the selection above.

View: DF3_20211022_0853_019 Cloud bank to SW (crop & adjust).jpg
Description: A weather front approaching from the South West displayed really 3-D 'ramparts' of clouds above the grey base an hour or so after sunrise.

Date: 08 Dec 2021
View: BUB_20211028_2030_019 Muntjac Reeves Deer male looks back at female.jpg
Description: As male Deer follow females about in the hope of mating it is easy to think that the 'girls' just have to 'put up with it'. But as the females reach Oestrus (USA Estrus) suddenly it becomes apparent that the females welcome the male attention.

View: BU5_20211029_1917_119_SC1+BUA_1857_133_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer Pair - female inviting mating (montage right to left).jpg
Description: Next night we see (right) the female waiting for the male to keep up with her. 30 minutes later we see them near Round Pond with the females vertical tail inviting a mating attempt.

View: BU8_20211103_1734_151 Muntjac Reeves Deer Mother + Fawn + Father 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: This little 'family group' of Reeve's Muntjac Deer wandered past the Duck-shaped Pond. Mum on the left probably licking the Fawn's head, as Dad quietly follows.

Date: 07 Dec 2021
View: D01_20211027_0759_053_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post in gloomy morning 1 of 2.jpg
Description: One of the female Kestrels lands on the Meadow post in a seriously gloomy morning.

View: D01_20211029_1441_035+036_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post (montage 400mS apart).jpg
Description: 2 days later this female Kestrel chooses a fine afternoon to land on the same post.

View: DF5_20211029_1340_009+019+020 Kestrel female preening on bird table 1+3+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: A female Kestrel doesn't often visit the bird table / perch outside the kitchen, but on this occasion stayed long enough for a few portraits as she cleans herself up, most probably after a kill.

View: DF5_20211029_1647_006-009 Kestrel female flying from concrete power post to wooden power post 1-4 of 6 (impression montage).jpg
Description: Twice we have photographed the same female Kestrel flying in this manner flying from the top of the concrete mains power pole, each time the next target being the top of the wooden mains power pole some 30m south. We have also startled her from this post top a couple of times as well this week, so have to assume she uses this hunting perch sequence on a regular basis - far more often than we are aware of.
Although called the 'Windhover', and 'ours' do hover when the wind is right, experience suggests that they are more 'Postwatchers' in a human built setting.

Date: 06 Dec 2021
View: E6A_20211024_0122_257_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer male head and shoulders (crop with inserts).jpg
Description: This male Reeve's Muntjac Deer triggered this Head-and-Shoulders portrait at the meadow site. The inserts show his little Tusk casting a shadow in the camera flash, and the tip of his right Antler which has been broken off we know not how.

View: E64_20211024_1904_225_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at woodland site (uncropped).jpg
Description: A female Reeve's Muntjac Deer passed through this camera site twice in a few days. The other pic had the top of the head missing instead of just the tip of the ear!

View: BU2_20211024_0320_376+377+380_SC7 2 Badgers Rough & Tumble at Round Mound 1+2+5 of 6 (montage impression).jpg
Description: These two Badgers tumble down the Round Mound in a ball of fur, before quietly wandering off. Despite their toughness, even adult Badgers seem to be really playful.

Date: 05 Dec 2021
View: E63_20211021_1946_116+20211021_2007_119_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at Hedge bottom (montage 21 minutes apart).jpg
Description: Fieldmice (Wood Mice) now at all of the ground level sites.
This montage is from two images taken 21 minutes apart.

View: D36_20211023_0731_046+0732_047+0744_048_FB4 Magpie carries away 3 dead Fieldmice (Wood Mice) leaving Leopard Slug (montage 1m+12m gaps).jpg
Description: Unfortunately the exterior Mouse glut is mirrored by the invasion of mice inside our old house. We learnt a few years ago that some mice are too big to get into the live traps, or are not attracted top them, so Rats and Mouse traps catch the rest. The sad little corpses are welcomed by Magpie(s) - here carrying off 3 of them over a few minutes. The middle and right pics also show a juicy Leopard Slug, but the Magpie doesn't seem to fancy it.

View: D36_20211022_1745_042_FB4 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) released from live trap.jpg
Description: But the Fieldmice (Wood Mice) are not all doom - some 'like' the live traps and end up 'relocated' well away from the house.

Date: 04 Dec 2021
View: E6A_20211021_1602_040_FB5 Grey Squirrel carrying Rose Hips in mouth.jpg
Description: The Bounty of Autumn comes in many forms.
This Grey squirrel makes off with a couple of Rose Hips.

View: DF3_20211022_1450_024 Grey Squirrel female feeding outside south hedge.jpg
Description: Outside the south hedge this lactating Grey Squirrel watches the humans appearing, and then quietly walks into the hedge. The moment we are gone she will be back.

View: E60_20211027_1259_013_FB3 2 Grey Squirrels fighting on bird table.jpg
Description: "Ouch!"

View: DF3_20211026_1544_050 Grey Squirrel inside bait bag watches humans returning.jpg
Description: If you leave a bag of food unattended you should expect to return to find a Grey Squirrel feasting within!

Date: 03 Dec 2021
View: D72_20211020_0917_009+012+015 Shaggy Ink Cap Fungus opposite blocked gate (montage).jpg
Description: The Annual appearance of Shaggy Ink Cap fungus 'fruiting bodies' took place overnight. By the time we saw them something had already had a chew on several. This image shows most of the visible Fungi + details of an unopened and an opened and partly eaten fruiting bodies.

View: DF3_20211023_1249_045 Shaggy Ink Cap fungus patch almost clear.jpg
Description: Fungi under the ground (the Mycelium) may live for years, but the fruiting bodies (e.g. mushrooms and toadstools) generally survive for only a few days. Here is the same patch of grass only 3 days later - just a few fallen stalks.

View: D72_20211020_0920_018+021 Fungus fairy ring around south end Lombardy poplar outside east hedge (montage).jpg
Description: Several 'Fairy Rings' of Fungi appear each year around some of the Farm Road Lombardy Poplars. The best one we pass by is at the south end outside of our east hedge, and is a more than three-quarters circle.

Date: 02 Dec 2021
View: E63_20211016_1104_349-20211017_1522_474_FB1 Moorhen visiting hedge bottom over 3 days 4+6+8 of 9 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Over 3 days we saw what looks like a single individual Moorhen visit the hedge-bottom site. Here are 3 of the better pics from the second & third days.

View: E63_20211019_1055_194_FB1 Moorhen at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: This Moorhen spent about 3 Hours coming and going from the Hedge bottom site.

View: E63_20211019_1209_204-1351_221_FB1 Moorhen at Hedge Bottom over 2Hrs (montage).jpg
Description: An assortment of pics of Moorhen visits over 2 Hours

Date: 01 Dec 2021
View: PK1_20211016_1059_770 Spiders hatching at top right of kitchen window (crop).jpg
Description: When the surrounding fields were used for raising 'Dairy replacement' cattle, flies in the house became something of a problem. One solution was to let spiders breed in corners of the house, catching many of the flies without us having to regularly use chemicals. The land is now 'arable' and flies much reduced in numbers, but we still let the spiders do their thing. Here in the kitchen hundreds emerge from an egg case.
Photo sizes can be deceptive - the ball is only about 6mm (quarter of an inch) across.

View: E6A_20211017_1712_274_FB5 Grey Squirrel grooming.jpg
Description: "I'll get that flea if it kills me!"

View: E60_20211016_1736_036+20211017_1026_045_FB3 Grey Squirrel works top off peanut feeder next day eating 2 nuts (montage).jpg
Description: The Saga of the ill-fastened peanut feeder lid continues. We try to jam the top on - then Squirrels spend ages trying to wheedle their way in. This time one succeeded - on the right the Squirrel is holding two of the nuts won from displacing the lid.

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Date: 30 Nov 2021
View: E63_20211014_2238_140+2240+143+2246+144_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) + Leopard Slug at hedge bottom 1+4+5 of 9 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: This accurately positioned montage is built from just 3 images taken in less than 10 minutes. The Leopard Slug suspending itself between the stone and a lump of (unidentified) fruit stayed almost motionless throughout.

View: E64_20211020_2016_249_FB2 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (one landing head first) + 3 Leopard Slugs.jpg
Description: A chance moment of 2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice), one making a very awkward looking landing from which they undoubtedly 'bounced' unharmed, along with 3 leopard slugs in the surrounding leaf litter.
Where are the slugs - under the horizontal mouse, another in front of the horizontal mouse, and another just 'above' that one, half buried in the leaf litter.

Date: 29 Nov 2021
View: D36_20211014_1553_009_FB4 Jay on Tree-stump.jpg
Description: After a disappointing few weeks for sightings of Jays, we finally have some good views of this elegant bird.

View: D01_20211017_1722_080+081_FB6 Jay lands on meadow post (right) chased away by Magpie 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: As the day ends this Jay lands on the Meadow Post (right) and within 400mS is already persuaded to leave by an arriving Magpie.
We have often commented that the various Corvid (Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws and Magpies) usually tolerate each other well. Jays are also Corvids but it looks like the others may not consider them 'part of the clan'.

View: E6A_20211019_1512_104_FB5 Jay at Meadow site.jpg
Description: A Jay foraging on the ground takes this selfie.

Date: 28 Nov 2021
View: BUA_20211020_1911_136+137_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother and new Fawn (montage).jpg
Description: Ah! We have a new Reeve's Muntjac Fawn to watch!
We have to admit that we hadn't noticed that any of the females were pregnant.
These two moments were caught soon after dark ...

View: BUA_20211021_0419_160_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer new Fawn.jpg
Description: ... and here 9 hours later, an hour or two before first light, we see the fawn again, on their own this time, at the same site. Mum was undoubtedly nearby.

Date: 27 Nov 2021
View: E6A_20211008_0637_088_FB5 Reeves Muntjac Deer male at meadow camera site showing long Antlers + Tusk.jpg
Description: At the meadow site this male Reeve's Muntjac Deer provides a good view of one of the Antlers, and at the mouth, one of his little tusks.

View: BU7_20211009_0602_195 Muntjac Reeves Deer male eating leaves from fallen twig.jpg
Description: At around the same time next day this male Reeve's Muntjac Deer has spotted this litter of leafy twigs and stops off to eat some.

Date: 26 Nov 2021
View: D72_20211014_1544_030-045 Red Kite flies in to land near kill in field to south 02+04+07+10+17 of 19 (montage @8fps).jpg
Description: This Red Kite swings round to fly over and land near this bird kill in an adjoining field. The landing bird is accurately montaged at 8 fps skipping the frames as indicated. The right hand landed bird is shifted right for clarity. A second bird (lower left) basically stands still throughout the 2 seconds.

View: D72_20211014_1545_055-059 Red Kite flies in to land near kill in field to south 02-06 of 32 (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: A vividly coloured Red Kite flies in to the same kill. At 8 frames per second this just fits using successive frames.
No, its NOT the same bird pic 5 times - look at the subtle changes in tail and wing tips.

View: D72_20211014_1545_073-092 Red Kite flies in to land near kill in field to south 11+14+17+24+30 of 32 (montage @8fps).jpg
Description: When this bird arrives the other had gone. Again the final pic is shifted right.

View: D72_20211014_1606_144+146-148 Red Kite flies from kill in field to south leaving another 1+3-5 of 5 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: 20 minutes later we find 2 Red Kites perched by the kill. One takes off, here caught departing.

Date: 25 Nov 2021
View: E64_20211013_0831_091_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying sprig of Sloe Berries (Blackthorn fruit) - third similar over a few days.jpg
Description: This is the third time this week that we have this (or maybe several) Grey Squirrel(s) entering this site in the same direction with a mouthful of foliage with several Sloe Berries (Blackthorn fruit).

View: D72_20211010_1521_109 Grey Squirrel under table eating piece of apple peel raided from compost bin.jpg
Description: This Grey squirrel under an outside table, on top of a damaged traffic cone (dumped decades ago) is eating a lump of apple peel grabbed from a knocked over box of items intended for compost. Taking no notice of the humans 3 metres away, the little creature quietly eats the whole piece before scampering off.

Date: 24 Nov 2021
View: D01_20211012_0024_013+E60_0054_008+D01_0055_015+0058_021_FB3 Tawny Owl lands on meadow post & kitchen bird table (montage).jpg
Description: Just after midnight this Tawny Owl did a mini-tour of two of 'owl friendly' photo sites.
Left to right: Landing on the meadow post but soon leaving, and then 30 minutes later arriving at the perch outside of the kitchen window. Just 3 minutes later the Owl arrives back at the Meadow post for a several minutes stay.

View: D01_20211012_0815_038+0816_040+0822_052_FB6 Kestrel female 8 minute visit to meadow post 3 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: Next morning it is the female Kestrels turn to spend several minutes on the top of the meadow post ...

View: D01_20211012_1213_054+055_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post back to camera 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: ... and another visit 4 hours later.

Date: 23 Nov 2021
View: E63_20211009_2217_113_FB1 2 Yellow Slugs - 1 mostly hidden lower right.jpg
Description: Hours after dark this Yellow Slug (the common name) slithers over the side of the stone. We have only seen this species a couple of times before.

Date: 22 Nov 2021
View: BUA_20211010_2035_272+20211011_0156_297_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer males with short and long antlers 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: This montage shows that we have two male Reeve's Muntjac deer around the site with markedly different antler lengths.

View: BU7_20211011_0518_484 Muntjac Reeves Deer male rubbing forehead on ground.jpg
Description: The shorter antlered male Reeve's Muntjac Deer rubs his forehead on the side of the ditch.

Date: 21 Nov 2021
View: D72_20211001_0953_001 Kestrel female on conifer at SE corner 1 of 3.jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel watches us briefly as we approach her perched in the Conifer at the SE corner of out patch, viewed from outside.

View: D72_20211001_0953_003+0954_004 Kestrel female on conifer at SE corner 2+3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: The same bird photographed from a different angle, ignoring the humans as she has an extensive preen.

View: D01_20211009_1215_114+115_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: This immaculate female Kestrel make an elegant landing on the Meadow post. This is NOT our regular moderately human tolerant bird but another female with a 'perfect' tail.

Date: 20 Nov 2021
View: DF3_20211006_1039_102+113+119 Red Kite starting to bank in flight (montage impression @7fps).jpg
Description: This Red Kite flying towards us starts to bank and turn off to the side ...

View: DF3_20211006_1039_121-124 Red Kite gliding behind Lombardy Poplar tree (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: ... before sweeping past over the Farm Road. These are accurately positioned at 7 fps (about 140mS between frames) ...

View: DF3_20211006_1039_147 Red Kite in flight.jpg
Description: ... before sweeping back overhead for this back-lit view before flying away. A busy 1 minute of camera action.

Date: 19 Nov 2021
View: D72_20211005_1625_249-254 Kestrel female launches downwards from 11kV cable (impression montage).jpg
Description: A female Kestrel hunting from the 11kV cables spots something interesting and flies down to the field to our west out of site by the tall hedge.

View: D72_20211005_1625_250 Kestrel female launches downwards from 11kV cable.jpg
Description: A closer view of the second image above.

View: DF3_20211006_0805_008 Kestrel female on disused phone pole footrest lit by morning sunshine.jpg
Description: In the morning sunshine our regular female Kestrel warms in the sunshine and watches us walk past.

View: D01_20211007_1248_005_FB6 Kestrel female perched on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: This lovely bird was first spotted on another post - a thin one supporting the IR sense beam transmitter some 25m further away than the 'meadow post'. She left this post and 'vanished', but returned to this 'proper' post a few minutes later for this 'formal portrait' from the patient automatic camera.

Date: 18 Nov 2021
View: BU7_20211004_1800_073-076 Grey Squirrels mating on tree bole 1-4 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: We have only seen Grey squirrels mating a couple of times before:- June 2012 at the Woodland site, and December 2016 on the Kitchen Bird Table! Here a couple have chosen the bole of the tree next to the south entrance for their encounter. At the end it looks like they both fell off and rolled into the ditch!

View: D72_20211005_0925_211 Grey Squirrel resting on tree branch outside east hedge.jpg
Description: In the morning sunshine on the east hedge, this Grey squirrel is stretched out along a branch on the inner hedge. Just before getting this photo we saw the Squirrel turn round on the branch, presumably to warm the other side!
That's the life!

Date: 17 Nov 2021
View: D72_20211004_1054_034 Red Admiral Butterfly on Yellow Buddleia flower.jpg
Description: The only regular Butterfly sightings this October are a few pristine Red Admirals, mostly using our Yellow Buddleia for fuel.
Our venerable (30 years old) Butterfly ID book says that these migrants mostly die when winter arrives, but a few survive to spring. But it seems that decades on they do overwinter but don't 'Hibernate'. An article from George Pilkington's site 'Nurturing Nature' discusses the whole issue at

View: D72_20211003_1327_082+080 Common Darter Dragonfly (montage).jpg
Description: This Common Darter Dragonfly was warming on the ground in the sunshine on an otherwise cold day, remarkably well camouflaged . Here are two views blended into one picture. The colouration is typical of this species when well past the prime of life.
Dragonflies and Damselflies die in the Autumn, but their eggs will have hatched in the depth of ponds to make nymphs that feed and grow for between 1 and 3 years. They emerge in the Spring or Summer as flying adults.

Date: 16 Nov 2021
View: DF2_20211003_1251_005+012+017 Kestrel female barely managing to balance on wind-blown phone line (montage 1).jpg
Description: Through a house window we see this female Kestrel trying to balance on one of our 3 swaying 'phone' cables (only one of which works) spanning the field to our west.

View: DF2_20211003_1251_005+012+017 Kestrel female barely managing to balance on wind-blown phone line (montage 2).jpg
Description: A different montage of the same 3 frames.

View: D72_20211003_1333_116+122+128 Kestrel female leaves hover (selected montage).jpg
Description: 3 moments from an extended hover by this female Kestrel on the far side of the hedge across from the front door.

View: D72_20211003_1335_142-145 Kestrel female flying down after hover @8fps (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The Kestrel spotted something from the extended hover and makes a controlled but speedy descent out of sight on the other side of the hedge as usual :-(

Date: 15 Nov 2021
View: BUA_20211001_1857_151_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with Antlers now velvet free.jpg
Description: A male Reeve's Muntjac Deer with his little Antlers now on proper display.

View: BU7_20211002_1658_170 Muntjac Reeves Deer female eating fallen hand of leaves.jpg
Description: A female Reeve's Muntjac Deer eats the leaves from a fallen 'hand' of leaves from the tree whose trunk is at the upper left in this photo.

Date: 14 Nov 2021
View: E6A_20211004_0355_244_FB5 Fox cub (crop).jpg
Description: This Fox Cub makes their first visit to any of the photo sites.
We hope the flash and click wasn't too much of a shock in the quiet of night.

View: BU7_20210930_2333_059+E64_20211001_0106_074_FB2 Fox at south entrance & woodland site 90m apart(montage IR + colour).jpg
Description: These two photos, about half an hour apart, appear to be of the same adult Fox roaming the site.

View: BU7_20211004_2120_108 Fox enters at south entrance and looks about (IR).jpg
Description: One of the Red Foxes that visit takes a look about before setting off on the nights hunt.

Date: 13 Nov 2021
View: BU5_20210929_2314_690+2232_682+2251_688_SC1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) frolicking (montage of 3 images).jpg
Description: We now have Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at all three ground level sites, and sadly several a day in the house as well. Here at the meadow site they seem to be jumping for joy. A short life but packed with action.

View: E6A_20211001_1714_117_FB5 Rat looking twee.jpg
Description: For most of the year our photo-sites are Rat free. But each year the harvest disturbs the wildlife and for a couple on months we see Rats at some ground level photo sites.
Is this Rat a gift of nature clean-up squad (outside), or horrible vermin (in the house)?

Date: 12 Nov 2021
View: D72_20210929_1218_238 Kestrel female hunting from Apple Tree.jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel in one her favourite Apple trees in our orchard for a little hunting.

View: E60_20210929_1226_034_FB3 Sparrowhawk female on kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: While the Kestrel was hunting on the south of the house, this female Sparrowhawk paused on the bird table on the north side outside the Kitchen.
The hunting pattern of south side flyby then followed by north side flyby has been the norm for the Sparrowhawk now for a few weeks. Actually 'flyby' doesn't catch the speed of these passes - several times faster than any other bird we see. We estimate at least 25 mph including a wide 180 degree turn.

Date: 11 Nov 2021
View: DF3_20210928_1251_209 Red Kite flying overhead 5 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: Two hours after our last encounter with a Red Kite, the bird returns.
They know we are watching - and couldn't care less!

View: DF3_20210928_1247_052+058+068 Red Kite turning in glide overhead (montage).jpg
Description: Four Red Kites weaving in and out of the area we can see.

View: DF3_20210928_1251_134 Red Kite flying with prey in claws 3 of 5 (crop).jpg
Description: This individual, head twisted sideways, has some sort of prey in their claws from which the bird is biting pieces from.

View: DF3_20210928_1251_203+209+221 Red Kite flying overhead 4+5+7 of 7 (montage).jpg

Date: 10 Nov 2021
View: D72_20210928_1102_002-012 Red Kite circling in updraft 1-6 of 6 (montage alternate frames @10fps).jpg
Description: This Red Kite provided a couple of minutes delight ...

View: D72_20210928_1102_015-017 Red Kite gliding @10fps (montage impression).jpg

View: D72_20210928_1103_035+053+081 Red Kite gliding overhead (montage).jpg

Date: 09 Nov 2021
View: BU5_20210926_1748_434_SC1 Woodpigeon and Pheasant male visual merge - Frankenpheasant (orig & final).jpg
Description: Frankenpheasant !!!
The original frame of this line-of-site whimsy. We have to admit what while passing through the 4,000 pics for this half week we both thought 'Pheasant', kept it for the next pass, and then had a surprise.

View: D36_20210926_1831_008_FB4 Grey Squirrel finds tree-stump top empty.jpg
Description: "Where's my dinner!"

Date: 08 Nov 2021
View: DF3_20210926_1212_016-020 Buzzard in flight @7fps 1-5 of 5 (accurate bird montage).jpg
Description: Just after midday this Buzzard glided by.
Accurately spaced at 7 fps.

View: DF3_20210926_1214_025 Buzzard perched on 11kV cable.jpg
Description: We think that this must be a different buzzard perched on the 11kV cables over the Bridleway to the north. Only the lighter juveniles regularly perch on the cables - the mature birds rarely stay long on the hard small area of the cables and prefer the more comfortable crossbars.

Date: 07 Nov 2021
View: D72_20210924_1300_249+1301_257 Kestrel female perched in Ash tree (montage).jpg
Description: This female Kestrel allows us within about 10m of her as she perches in this Ash tree.

View: D73_20210928_1240_025+031 Kestrel male juvenile (q) hovering by 11KV pole then dropping down progressively 04+08-10 of 12 (impression montage).jpg
Description: What we think is a juvenile male Kestrel spent several second hovering aligned with the insulators behind, before a series of drops and hovers approaching some morsel on the ground. Unfortunately the prospective prey was on the 'wrong' side of the hedge for us to see more.

View: D73_20210928_1243_067+072+074 Kestrel flying down to grass to catch Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) and fly off with it 5+7+9 of 9 (stretched montage).jpg
Description: 3 minutes later the Kestrel flew over the grass in front of us and leapt upon something obscured even in the freshly mown grass. When the bird started to fly back we could see a Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) grasped in his beak. We lost sight of him as flew off with it.
We are more used to seeing Kestrels carrying their prey in their claws, and were surprised to see this 'Owl' style transport. But a web search shows its about 50-50 claws or beak. We couldn't see any pattern to what prey is carried how.

Date: 06 Nov 2021
View: D72_20210924_1245_129 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in momentary glide.jpg
Description: When the sun appears for more than a few minutes various Dragonflies appear.
Here is a Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight.

View: D72_20210924_1246_148-150 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight along Lombardy poplar row @8fps 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: This Migrant Hawker Dragonfly was flying along the avenue of Lombardy Poplar trees. Here shown at 8 frames per second accurately montaged.

View: D72_20210928_1107_110+1108_115 Common Darter Dragonfly male basking on garden seat (montage).jpg
Description: Darter Dragonflies are still about on sunny days. This one found a garden bench a good place to warm in the sunshine.

Date: 05 Nov 2021
View: D73_20210923_1030_019 Grey Squirrel eating pine cone in tree.jpg
Description: Squirrel Heaven - a seemingly endless supply of fir cones in the row of Lodgepole Pines!

View: E63_20210923_1652_045_FB1 Gray Squirrel carrying avocado pear rind.jpg
Description: A Grey squirrel selects the most exotic fruit skin from the offerings.
Only the upper crust of Squirrels here?

View: E63_20210925_1745_181_FB1 Grey Squirrel female feeding at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: Never too soon to make yet more Grey squirrels - this female looks like she might be starting to lactate already.

View: D72_20210929_0804_197 Grey Squirrel female basking on branch.jpg
Description: This female Grey Squirrel, out of the wind and in a sunny spot, is probably pleased for a few minutes peace from a dray of hungry youngsters.

Date: 04 Nov 2021
View: E63_20210920_1805_060_FB1 2 Chaffinch males mid-air conflict (crop)t.jpg
Description: A couple of male Chaffinches, neither willing to give up the contest.
He will swerve First!|

View: E63_20210923_0912_020_FB1 Dunnock.jpg
Description: A more peaceful moment as this Spick-and-span Dunnock perched perkily on the stone.

Date: 03 Nov 2021
View: BU7_20210920_2245_176+178+180 Muntjac Reeves Deer male scratches Antler velvet with front hoof before barks & feeds 1-3 of 3 (impression montage).jpg
Description: This male Reeve's Muntjac Deer wanders past the south access through the hedge.
Right to left:-
    Scratching at the 'velvet' still shedding from the bottom of the Antler using his left hoof.
    Barking his call.
    Nibbling the grass.

Date: 02 Nov 2021
View: BU7_20210920_0347_179+181 Fox near south entrance (montage).jpg
Description: Many foxes visit our patch overnight. Here we believe we see three different individuals. We see them so often at this patch near the south entrance that they must be using it to scent mark - we rarely 'bait' this patch.

View: BU9_20210922_0501_190+192_SC2 Fox hunting in orchard (accurate montage).jpg
Description: One of the foxes, probably on his way home to the south, pauses in the Orchard to investigate some activity off frame to the right.

View: BUA_20210922_1955_252_SC8 Fox rubbing side of face with side of front leg.jpg
Description: Here a third Fox stops at the east entrance to rub his face with the side of his leg.

Date: 01 Nov 2021
View: D72_20210920_1317_029 Burnet Rose in shade in north hedge.jpg
Description: Oops - I should have flowered 4 months ago!
Along the north hedge and facing north this single Burnet Rose is flowering in the hedge. There was another one about a metre away which had flowered unnoticed and withered. Sniffing this little flower brought back memories of perfume drenched Spring when there were banks of hundreds of these flowers.

View: D72_20210922_1027_019 Cornflower solitary flower in large flowerpot (naturally) drenched in morning dew.jpg
Description: This delicate Cornflower lifts it's head above the weeds in the flowerpot holding our rain gauge. It looks a bit odd at first - the whole flower is smothered by the morning dew as close spaced droplets.
NO we didn't spray it with water - genuine dew drops.

Image Archive arch 2021 oct.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Oct 2021
View: D72_20210915_1304_027 Migrant (q) Hawker Dragonfly male with extremely worn wings.jpg
Description: There are still a few Hawker Dragonflies out in the middle of the day. This one flew to land on a dead twig, and we got to see how badly his wings are worn and torn from weeks of 'Hawking'.
Insects can fly with quite amazingly damaged wings.

View: D72_20210918_1440_226 Common Darter Dragonfly male on cut hedge stem.jpg
Description: Here is an apparently pristine male Common Darter Dragonfly warming himself in the fitful sunshine.

Date: 30 Oct 2021
View: D72_20210918_1328_220 Comma Butterfly on Blackberry fruit.jpg
Description: We used to see Comma Butterflies only in the Autumn, but this year saw them in Spring and Summer as well. This Autumn visitor is perched on a Blackberry fruit with wings closed, giving a good view of the corrugated wing edge and white 'comma'.

View: D72_20210922_1550_030 Comma Butterfly perched on Bindweed leaf.jpg
Description: We catch this immaculate Comma Butterfly seeing just the completely different upper wings.

Date: 29 Oct 2021
View: E60_20210920_1003_004_FB3 Sparrowhawk (male juvenile (q)) landing on kitchen bird table nictitating membrane half closed.jpg
Description: A Sparrowhawk (we think a juvenile male) touches down on the kitchen bird table.
The strange appearance of the eye is because the semi-transparent nictitating membrane (sort of eyelid) is partially over the eye. Many birds cover their eyes when performing possibly risky maneuvers - such as landing.
We have been seeing new Sparrowhawk behaviour in the last couple of weeks - a Sparrowhawk flies (so fast it's impossible to distinguish individuals) east to west across the conservatory window and past the peanut feeder. Eyes onto CCTV feed of the kitchen side of the house sees the bird 2 or 3 seconds later speeds west to east past the Kitchen feeder and bird table. We have seen this at least 4 times over the last couple of weeks, so must happen much more often. We assume that this is a new individual doing an economy style circle of the house.

Date: 28 Oct 2021
View: d73_20210918_0900_024 Spiders webs on Thistle plant.jpg
Description: On this morning we found the whole area was smothered in dew spangled spider webs.

View: d73_20210918_0901_027 Spiders webs on Thistle plant.jpg
Description: On this morning we found the whole area was smothered in dew spangled spider webs.

View: D72_20210918_0920_147 Farm field to north with hundreds of spiders webs.jpg
Description: A couple of acres of Farm crop north of our patch (the dark top right) contained perhaps 500 visible webs, and all the other fields seems to be similarly bedecked. The farm occupies about 100 acres, so that 50,000 webs!

View: D72_20210918_0921_150 Spiders web between Bean crop plants.jpg
Description: Here is a close-up of a 'perfect' Orb web built between two withered bean plants.

Date: 27 Oct 2021
View: D72_20210917_1334_112+113 Kestrel female flies by tree (accurate montage @8fps).jpg
Description: An accurate montage of the local female Kestrel flying by the young Lombardy Poplar trees along the Farm Road.

View: D72_20210917_1334_117 Kestrel female in flight past tree (crop 2).jpg
Description: Another moment from the local female Kestrel's flight

Date: 26 Oct 2021
View: E64_20210916_1744_051_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying bean pod.jpg
Description: Several instances now of Grey Squirrels bringing Farmers crop bean pods back into our patch. When we search our grass paths we find an average of a bean pod every square metre or so. That's a LOT of food.

View: D72_20210917_1604_125 Farm Bean and Brassica crop north side (+ east & south) with wildlife eaten pods.jpg
Description: The edge of the Farm's desolate crop, including dozens of opened and eaten pods lying on the crop margin.

View: E64_20210922_1359_140_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying 3 joined bean pods.jpg
Description: Inside our patch this Squirrel has found 3 pods joined together to transport as one mouthful.

Date: 25 Oct 2021
View: E60_20210915_1354_032_FB3 Sparrowhawk female flies over kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: The local female Sparrowhawk makes a 'failed' swoop over the kitchen bird table and feeder. Our impression is that she just swoops in on the two sites where we see her without any idea of whether there will be anything to catch. 'Surprise' is one of her weapons!
On Saturday (18th Sep) we saw the female Sparrowhawk flash by the conservatory window (with nothing to catch at the feeder outside) and on CCTV saw the bird continue round to the other side of the house where she swooped by the also unoccupied feeder by the kitchen window. Her speed is awesome.

View: DF3_20210912_0754_020 Buzzard visits to corner of straw stack to west over 3 hours 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: Out for an early morning walk we found this Buzzard perched on the corner of a stack of Straw bales perhaps 70m away. The bird appeared and disappeared a few times over 3 hours.
Not seen there since, and now the straw stack was soon collected.

Date: 24 Oct 2021
View: DF4_20210911_1821_006-1824_031 Kestrel female eating prey perched on Raptor Post 2+3+5+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: As dusk descends we spot the local female Kestrel just finishing off her supper on what we call the 'Raptor Post' - now mostly used by pigeons as a site for romantic liaisons. Over a few minutes we watched her finish her prey and then clean herself up.

View: DF3_20210912_1002_028 Kestrel on Conifer at SE corner.jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel back on one of an assortment of 'favourite' branches, this time a large conifer at the SE corner of our patch, hunting the close cut grass outside our patch.

View: DF3_20210912_1212_064 Kestrel female on 11kV cable over bridleway.jpg
Description: Two hours later we find her on an 11kV cable over the bridleway to the North.

Date: 23 Oct 2021
View: PK1_20210910_1639_481 Grey Squirrel getting nuts from caged feeder by lifting top 1 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: You can see from the steel peg that we try to anchor the lid of this peanut feeder to the rest, but this Grey Squirrel spent hours working on getting past the partially lifted lid to pull out peanuts. The Squirrel eventually got the lid right off and ate about 5cm of the column over the rest of the day before the feeder was replaced.

View: E64_20210912_1524_224_FB2 Grey Squirrel carrying bean pod from crop 30m away.jpg
Description: No, this is NOT a Squirrel with a Stogie!
The farm crop around us seems to be some sort of mix of some sort of bean and a brassica, both now mostly dead. The plants that have produced bean pods have now all blackened like this with more black than not beans inside. Outside our North boundary is the detritus of Squirrels and probably other wildlife making the most of this bonanza. This pod has been carried at least 30 metres to the inside of our patch
We have found empty pods all over our patch.

View: E63_20210912_1226_250_FB1 Grey Squirrel with pronounced orange markings (crop).jpg
Description: Who has been painting the sides of our Grey squirrels orange?
Most of the Squirrels have soft edge brown patches on their flanks, just one is unusually orange all over (NOT a 'Red' squirrel), but this one has an atypically sharp line along the body and down the rear leg with quite intense colour.

Date: 22 Oct 2021
View: BU5_20210910_0425_133-135_SC1 Badger climbing out of Round Pond after drink 1-3 of 3 (impression montage).jpg
Description: The night shift (a Badger) leaving the pond after a drink.

View: BU5_20210910_1152_178+180+181_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer climbing out of Round Pond after drink 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The day shift (One of the female Reeve's Muntjac Deer) leaving the pond after a drink.

View: BU5_20210915_0031_152+0032_155+156_SC1 Fox visits Round Pond over midnight (impression montage).jpg
Description: Another Night shift - a midnight Fox comes for a drink at Round pond

View: BU5_20210915_1118_170-172_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female visits Round Pond for a drink (impression montage).jpg
Description: And another Day shift - a female Reeve's Muntjac Deer steps in to the pond to reach the low water.

Date: 21 Oct 2021
View: BU7_20210906_2338_032 Badger sniffing air just after entering site at south.jpg
Description: This Badger has just arrived on the site through the South hedge. The nose rises to find out 'who' else is here, and maybe what's to eat!

View: BU9_20210909_0246_283+284+0252_286_SC2 Fox stops to investigate bushes before continuing 1+2+4 of 4 (impression montage).jpg
Description: In the dead of night the fox suddenly stops, swerves and stares intently upwards. Six minutes later the Fox leaves - we have no idea what happened in the interim.

View: E63_20210905_2237_191+2325_192+20210906_0041_194_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse)+Leopard slug+2 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The hedge bottom site has shown quite a lot of Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) activity, but the camera is only triggered by creatures on the stone so they mostly appear near the same place.
Note here the Leopard Slug serendipitously caught on the side of the stone. It looks very matt and dry - not how we expect to see them.

Date: 20 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210908_0729_012-016 Black Backed gull in flight @7fps (close spaced montage).jpg
Description: A Black Backed Gull flies past, here shown at about 140mS intervals but more closely spaced than reality.

View: DF3_20210908_0729_020 Black-backed Gull in flight.jpg
Description: A Black Backed Gull flying past.

View: D72_20210908_1050_073 300 Gulls following tractor harrowing in field far to south (crop).jpg
Description: Harvest done to the accompaniment of Red Kites, Buzzards and Kestrels.
Baling done to the accompaniment of Rooks and other Corvids.
Now it's harrowing time to the accompaniment of at least 300 assorted Gulls.

Date: 19 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210905_1331_172-174+176 Common Darter female flying to land on top of stem 1-3+5 of 5 (spread montage @7fps).jpg
Description: After a slow start we have been seeing quite a lot of Hawker and (here) Darter Dragonflies. Hawker Dragonflies generally fly about catching prey as they go, but Darter Dragonflies choose a well placed stick end where they wait for some suitable midge to fly by, dart out to catch it, and then (the useful bit for a photographer) often return to exactly the same perch a few seconds later. Here this one returns - over the 300mS of the left 3 pics the legs move from full folded for flight to fully extended for landing.
Undercarriage Down!

View: D72_20210906_1527_065 Migrant Hawker dragonfly female perched on Ash tree.jpg
Description: A Migrant Hawker Dragonfly basking in the afternoon sun on an Ash tree twig at least 50m from the nearest open water.

Date: 18 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210905_1059_092+1100_097-099 Kestrel female flies from boundary mains power pole 1+3-5 of 7 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel doesn't normally hunt from this particular pole top at our south hedge, and she quickly moved on.

View: DF3_20210903_1541_023-025 Kestrel female diving down from 11kV cable (spread montage).jpg
Description: For once the camera catches the dive of 'our' female Kestrel from an 11kV wire.
Holding a 3.5Kg camera still for several minutes is rough on the arms, but putting up a tripod to do the holding seems to see off everything!

Date: 17 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210903_1233_021 2 Small White Butterflies sharing single Blackberry flower.jpg
Description: The number of white butterflies about this year far exceeds any previous experience. Here are two Small White Butterflies feeding from the same flower.

View: DF3_20210905_1049_072 20 Butterflies feeding on Yellow Buddleia flowers (crop 3).jpg
Description: A wide view of the yellow Buddleia bush shows about 20 Small and Large White butterflies feeding on the flowers and fluttering above the bush.
This pic really doesn't capture the delightful feeling seeing this provides.

View: DF3_20210905_1103_114 5 White (Small and Large) (of 7) Butterflies clustered on single Blackberry stem.jpg
Description: This pic of 5 white butterflies crowded on to a single stem of still flowering Blackberry perhaps captures the delicacy a bit better.

Date: 16 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210903_1219_006+009 Fly (probably Eriothrix rufomaculata) on Mint flower & Leaf (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of handsome flies enjoying the mint flowers and leaves

View: DF3_20210905_1047_067 Red Admiral Butterfly feeding from yellow Buddleia flower.jpg
Description: The Yellow Buddleia we inherited has produced a mass of flowers this year. Here a Red Admiral Butterfly.

View: DF3_20210905_1048_068 Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly feeding from yellow Buddleia flower.jpg
Description: Here on the Yellow Buddleia is a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly.

Date: 15 Oct 2021
View: D01_20210820_0753_111_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile brief visit to meadow post (montage).jpg
Description: A juvenile male Green Woodpecker lands on the meadow post.

View: D01_20210902_1618_045+046+1803_047+048_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile brief visits 2 hours apart (montage).jpg
Description: This juvenile male Green Woodpecker continues his visits.
We think Green Woodpeckers always looks grumpy, but that's anthropomorphising them.

View: D01_20210904_1747_143_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile landing on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: This more advanced juvenile male Green Woodpecker lands on the Meadow post.

View: D01_20210908_1835_062+1834_060_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile brief visit to Meadow Post 1+2(mirror) of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A fine montage of (probably) a female juvenile Green Woodpecker landing on the Meadow Post for a short visit. We have 'flipped' one image for a compact rendition.

Date: 14 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210901_1334_030-048 Kestrel female flying to land on 11kV crossbar 01-07+10+12+15+19 of 20 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: A lovely moment as this female Kestrel flies up to land on an 11kV power pole crossbar. At the time the bird seemed to be about to fly straight through but aerobraked over the pole to 'parachute' down for an elegant landing.

View: DF2_20210901_1602_013 Kestrel female preening on dead branch of Pear tree across track.jpg
Description: Later the same day, from an upper floor window, we see the same Kestrel having a Preen on a dead branch of a (nearly dead) Pear tree across the access track.

Date: 13 Oct 2021
View: D73_20210830_1241_078-080 Buzzard launched from crossbar flies between 11kV cables 1-3 of 3 (montage slight spread @10fps).jpg
Description: This pic really scared us - the leftmost pic quite clearly shows the bird being BETWEEN the 11kV cables - and getting away with it.
A now retired farmer (now moved away) years ago recounted an experience where he saw a bird vanish in a flash when it flew between the two cables of an earlier installation of the high voltage supply.

View: D73_20210831_1238_214+215+217+219 Buzzard flying from 11kV cable (impression montage).jpg
Description: More nerve-racking flying around the 11kV cables, but never between the cables here.

Date: 12 Oct 2021
View: D01_20210829_1114_394-117_398_FB6 Green Woodpecker male makes bad landing on meadow post for 4 min visit 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: An adult male Green Woodpecker graces the meadow Post for a few minutes. Read this right to left - a heavy landing, a scramble for secure footing, and then a few minutes watching the world go by.

View: D01_20210830_1043_021+1044_023_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile arrival & departure at Meadow Post 1+3 of 3 (acc montage).jpg
Description: Back to the juvenile Green Woodpeckers - here probing the crack in the top of the post before being caught departing ...

View: D01_20210830_1057_026-1102_032_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile 6 minute visits to meadow post 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: ... before another visit a few minutes later.

Date: 11 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210828_1635_255-264 Buzzard hovering before diving to ground 03+04+08+12 of 17 (impression montage).jpg
Description: Buzzards can hover facing into a wind.
This one over the crop spends a few seconds stationary in the air (so separated here) before diving down on whatever it has spotted.

View: BU1_20210829_1430_417_SC3 Buzzard flying over east hedge (crop).jpg
Description: One of the Buzzards flies over our East hedge ...

View: D01_20210829_1432_413_FB6 Buzzard 4 minute visit to meadow post 1 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: ... and we think circles round to land on the Meadow Post 2 minutes later.

View: D01_20210829_1432_414-1435_418_FB6 Buzzard 4 minute visit to meadow post 2+4+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: The Buzzard spends 4 minutes on the post. The rightmost image is about 400mS after the landing of the bird shown above.

Date: 10 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210828_1635_217-221 Red Kite flying over fields to south 16-20 of 34 (accurate flight montage).jpg
Description: Another Red Kite pass over the harvest.
The incidental bird in the tree is a Buzzard on the same quest.

View: DF3_20210828_1635_227 Red Kite flying over fields to south 26 of 34 (crop).jpg

View: DF3_20210828_1635_227-232 Red Kite flying over fields to south 26-31 of 34 (accurate montage).jpg

Date: 09 Oct 2021
View: D73_20210828_1541_031-036 Red Kite flying over field to south being harvested 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage @ 10fps).jpg
Description: The Harvest of the 'fallen' crop is underway.
The Kestrels, Buzzards and Red Kites (seen here) arrive from all directions to make the most of the disturbed Rodents and Rabbits.

View: DF3_20210828_1634_150-155 Red Kite gliding over 11kV cables 1+2+4+6 of 6 (Approx montage).jpg
Description: Red Kites prefer to glide over the site and dive on whatever they spot.

View: DF3_20210828_1634_173 Red Kite hovering over field during harvest near working machinery 3 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: Bottom left near the tractor wheels this Red Kite is not disturbed by the noisy behemoth only a few metres away.

Date: 08 Oct 2021
View: D01_20210826_0812_032+0814_036_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile just landed & moved round pole (montage).jpg
Description: Juvenile Green Woodpeckers have been regularly appearing at the Meadow Post. We have at least 3 individuals - 2 males and a female. This is a juvenile male.

View: D01_20210826_1020_093-1033_112_FB6 Green woodpecker male juvenile (moulting to adult) 14m visit to meadow post (montage).jpg
Description: A juvenile male Green Woodpecker spends a quarter of an hour on the Meadow Post.

Date: 07 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210824_1737_080 Small White Butterfly feeding on Oxford Ragwort flower (crop 2).jpg
Description: This sprig of Oxford Ragwort seems to have escaped the attention of Cinnabar caterpillars, and this Small White butterfly is enjoying the flower's nectar.
Although the plant itself is poisonous, the flowers offer genuine poison-free offerings to get their pollen distributed.

View: D73_20210826_1115_006-1116_021 Small White butterflies courting and mating (montage).jpg
Description: A pair of Small White Butterflies mating in the morning sunshine.

Date: 06 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210824_1246_045 Brimstone Butterfly male feeding on Purple Loosestrife.jpg
Description: A male Brimstone Butterfly, one of over a dozen seen over the main pond, feasts on the rampant Purple Loosestrife flowers.

View: DF3_20210824_1100_022 Green-veined white Butterfly feeding on Purple Loosestrife.jpg
Description: A Green-veined White Butterfly enjoying their share of the Loosestrife bounty.

Date: 05 Oct 2021
View: D73_20210823_1240_017 Migrant Hawker male hanging from twig.jpg
Description: There are perhaps a dozen Migrant Hawker Dragonflies around the house and Meadow. This one stopped on this twig just long enough to get this pic.

View: d73_20210823_1453_037 Common Darter Dragonfly female perched on broken plant stem.jpg
Description: A female Common Darter Dragonfly perched on the tip of broken off plant stem in the afternoon sunshine.

View: DF3_20210824_1608_071 Common Darter Dragonfly female perched on fallen plant stem.jpg
Description: This female Common Darter Dragonfly warms herself on a plant stem

Date: 04 Oct 2021
View: E6A_20210822_1653_416-1808_430_FB5 Green Woodpecker male juvenile visits Meadow post & site over 140m 01-04 of 16 (mirror montage).jpg
Description: The juvenile male Green Woodpecker makes another visit, this one lasting almost two and a half hours. We would like to think that these formed a little sequence, but they are spaced over in excess of an hour, except the two on the ground about 1 minute apart.

View: D01_20210822_1900_448+1901_449_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile using tongue to pick item out of post top crack 09+10 of 16 (montage).jpg
Description: The Meadow post has been drying out over the years, and was developed some wide cracks down the length that are hardly visible in this view. The crack down the centre you see here is a minor affair compared to the large crack that is about 10mm wide at the top. Anyway, the Green Woodpecker has been systematically pecking inside the crack (left) and (right) a minute later has pulled something out and you can see the tip of his long tongue still sticking out of the tip of the beak.
In typical fashion, the light would go really dim for this interesting frame.

Date: 03 Oct 2021
View: D01_20210822_1906_458-1915_472_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile visits post & site over 140m 12-16+16 of 16 (montage).jpg
Description: An assortment of some of the fun moments of the juvenile male Woodpecker's visits.

View: D01_20210825_1642_244+20210823_1825_073_FB6 Male (left) and female Green Woodpecker juveniles (montage).jpg
Description: To complement our juvenile male Green Woodpecker, we unexpectedly see (on the right here) a juvenile female 2 days after the photo of the male.

Date: 02 Oct 2021
View: DF3_20210819_1114_011 Mint Beetle on mint leaf.jpg
Description: Each year the Mint plants around the house attract these starting glowing Mint Beetles.

View: D73_20210822_1213_044 Moth Pyrausta aurata (typically 8mm long) feeding on Mint flower.jpg
Description: This tiny Moth catches the eye despite it's small size. Here it is feeding on a mint flower - very appropriate for a 'Mint Moth'

View: D73_20210818_1615_235 Scorpion fly female.jpg
Description: This years appearance of Scorpion Flies has started. This is a female - who doesn't have the 'Scorpion like' tail that gives the species it's name.

Date: 01 Oct 2021
View: D01_20210821_2132_335-2134_339+20210822_0428_341_FB6 2 Tawny Owls at Meadow post each end of rainy night 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: A single night with Tawny Owl visiting the Meadow post, and it seems to be two different Tawny Owls. Left to right the 3 photos are of the same bird, but the visit on the right 6 hours later (with the post much darker from rain) has a completely different set of facial features. The second visitor did not stay - perhaps not liking the photo-flash from about 20m away - if there is good hunting they will soon ignore like they do car headlights and similar.

Image Archive arch 2021 sep.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Sep 2021
View: E63_20210820_1452_177_FB1 Chaffinch juvenile flying in to land.jpg
Description: A juvenile chaffinch doing his aerobraking to land, here caught in amazingly sharp focus.

Date: 29 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210819_1844_068-1850_080_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile 7 minute visit to meadow post 1-5+7 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: This week has been a bonanza for sightings of what for now appears to be a 'resident' juvenile male Green Woodpecker. Here he spent about 7 minutes on the top of the Meadow Post.

View: DF3_20210820_1536_051 Green Woodpecker juvenile on 11kV pole supplying Farm.jpg
Description: When the Victorians built things they tried to provide a little elegance in design or decorative finish. Now it seems to be mostly:-
    Build it strange: the Shard, The Cellphone building
    Build it tallest: Burj Khalifa
    Build it Functional: Office blocks, Electricity distribution.
But it has to be said that the animals really don't care, as we see here with a Green woodpecker searching the 11kV power pole for insects next to the circuit breakers and underground cables to the neighbouring business centre.

View: D01_20210821_1625_257_FB6 Green Woodpecker male juvenile landing on meadow post 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: The juvenile male Green Woodpecker makes a flamboyant landing. We has obviously been probing the ground and bought some of it back with him.

Date: 28 Sep 2021
View: BUA_20210812_2057_075+20210813_0247_149+150_SC8 Badgers at east entrance over 5hrs (impression montage).jpg
Description: Badgers make several visits to the plot, the best views at this camera near the east 'hole-in-the-hedge. The left image pre-dates the other two by about 5 hours, and is most likely a different Badger. On the right the visitor seems to have spotted the dark red glow of the IR light.

View: BU7_20210816_0041_121+0305_128+131 Badger at south entrance over 3 hours (montage).jpg
Description: 3 Days later what looks like the same badger ambles into the site through the south entrance.

View: BUA_20210817_2231_302_SC8 Badger pauses near east entrance to sit and groom.jpg
Description: Another 2 days on this Badger stops for a groom near the East entrance.

Date: 27 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210816_1553_028+030+033+035 Kestrel female on gutter of living room window flies to 1st floor gutter 1(insert)+2+4+6 of 7 (approx montage).jpg
Description: We came across the local female Kestrel perched on the gutter of the living room. She wasn't pleased at our unexpected arrival and promptly flew off and we didn't expect to see her again.

View: D73_20210816_1553_051+1556_061-064 Kestrel female on 1st floor gutter flies away 2-6 of 6 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: But no - her flight simply took her momentarily out of sight and then back over a roof ridge to land in the 1st floor gutter a few metres up and along from her previous perch. She spent several minutes staring at the ground from this vantage point before leaving to try another of her favourite perches.

View: D73_20210816_1559_081+084+086-088 Kestrel female flies from mains power pole cable stay 1+3+5-7 of 7 (acc montage).jpg
Description: Once gone we continued the walk and came across the Kestrel perched on a support stay of our mains power pole, the first time we have seen her there. After a couple of minutes she flew from there onto one of her favourite hunting perches about 10m along the hedge - one of many footrests on a disused telephone pole ...

View: D73_20210816_1559_098 Kestrel female perches on disused telephone pole footrest.jpg
Description: ... where she is a bit lower down than before, and on a more comfortable perch. This time she ignored us walking by 15m away and we didn't see her again for several days.

Date: 26 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210815_1741_264-1756_317_FB6 Kestrel female 16m visit to Meadow Post group 2 01+10+13+15 of 16 (whole visit montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel made a 16 minute visit that we became aware of at the time. So here is a mix of hand-held and locked focus camera pics. This set of 4 pics covers the whole event, a beautifully controlled landing, and defecating just before departure.

View: DF4_20210815_1745_009-1749_022 Kestrel female 16 minute visit to Meadow Post group 1 1-5 of 5 (hand-held montage).jpg
Description: The hand-held camera caught some of the more quirky moments of the Kestrel's visit

View: D01_20210815_1751_281-1753_295_FB6 Kestrel female 16 minute visit to Meadow Post group 2 05-08 of 16 (preening montage).jpg
Description: The automatic camera caught moments in the several minute preen.

View: D01_20210815_1756_315_FB6 Kestrel female 16 minute visit to Meadow Post group 2 14 of 16 (crop).jpg
Description: A final portrait before she flew off.

Date: 25 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210814_1521_114 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly male.jpg
Description: The afternoon sunshine brought out a few Hawker Dragonflies. This is a male Migrant Hawker Dragonfly perched on a blackberry stem, photographed from the side.

View: DF3_20210815_1006_003 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male with right wings scraped.jpg
Description: Next morning this male Southern Hawker Dragonfly is hanging from a dead twig in the hedge, warming in the sunshine to start the days hunting.

View: D73_20210818_1610_214 Southern Hawker Dragonfly male perched in hedge.jpg
Description: Glistening in the afternoon sunshine, this male Southern Hawker Dragonfly warms himself in the fitful sunshine

Date: 24 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210814_0751_188+0752_190+0754_192_FB6 Kestrel female 5 minute visit to meadow post 1+3+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel has made visits around and inside the site this week. Here she landed on the meadow post - stared intently at the ground around her for about 5 minutes before diving down out of sight.

View: D73_20210816_1109_018 Kestrel female hunting from 11kV cable.jpg
Description: Another of her favourite hunting perches is the nearby 11kV power cables.

Date: 23 Sep 2021
View: E6A_20210812_1004_006_FB5 Green Woodpecker male juvenile probing ground.jpg
Description: A juvenile male Green Woodpecker probes the ground.
Although their favourite food is Ants, any small invertebrate will do!

View: D01_20210817_0921_109+0944_114+1000_121_FB6 Green & Great Spotted Woodpecker juveniles visit meadow post over 40m (montage).jpg
Description: Over 40 minutes the automatic camera at the meadow post recorded visits first from a juvenile Green Woodpecker, then a Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker, and finally probably the same Green Woodpecker, this time his beak not encrusted with mud. Even allowing for the GSW hanging from the edge, it is clear how much bigger the Green Woodpecker is than the 'Great Spotted'.

Date: 22 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210811_2242_158-2246_164_FB6 Tawny Owl visits to meadow post over 5 minutes 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: We think that this beautiful Tawny Owl made two visits to the post in five minutes.

View: D01_20210811_2244_160_FB6 Tawny Owl visits to meadow post over 5 minutes 2 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: The reason for 2 visits seems to have been a failed attack - this moment appears to be an imminent launch but the Owl quickly returned with nothing.

View: AP1_20210811_2306_233_AP1 Tawny Owl perched on ground floor gutter (crop).jpg
Description: 20 minutes later we spot one frame with this glowing eye among a series of unexplained camera triggers at the front of the house overnight. Its the Tawny Owl standing in the gutter over one of the front bay windows.

Date: 21 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210811_1051_022 Oxford Ragwort flowers with Gatekeeper Butterfly.jpg
Description: Some of the Oxford Ragwort has timed it's growth to make a decent flowerhead before the Cinnabar Caterpillars ravage the plant! The Gatekeeper butterfly you see, not badly disguised here, is the dominant brown butterfly at the moment.

View: D73_20210811_1053_035 Peacock butterfly feeding on Teasel with pollen specks on proboscis.jpg
Description: A Peacock butterfly has his Elevenses on a teasel head. You can just see specks of pollen adhering to his double pipe proboscis.

Date: 20 Sep 2021
View: E64_20210807_2349_204_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with tusk visible.jpg
Description: Two portraits of what we think are different male Reeve's Muntjac Deer. In the first pic one of the male's little 'tusks' is clearly visible.

View: E64_20210808_0213_206_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer male.jpg
Description: This visitor 2 hours later gives us a good view of his Antlers in Velvet, and his particularly dark facial mask.

Date: 19 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210807_1502_010 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female perched on Purple Loosestrife flower.jpg
Description: Several Dragonflies patrol various areas on warm days, but mostly too high to get decent photo. This female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly stopped on a head-height Purple Loosestrife flower long enough to get a photo. Dragonflies have no interest in flowers beyond somewhere to perch.

View: D73_20210810_1750_037-040 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly in flight with prey in legs 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage @10fps).jpg
Description: Migrant Hawker Dragonflies seem to fly at lower temperatures than other Hawker species we see here. This female has caught something held in her folded legs, and is eating it 'on the wing' as they do. The insert is the insect on the right.

View: D73_20210811_1032_010 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female perched in hedge.jpg
Description: A female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly sunning herself. Air temperature has been marginal for Odonata this week, and they all rest in the sunshine periodically to warm up.

Date: 18 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210806_0635_004-0646_064_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile male visits to meadow post over 15m 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: This juvenile Green Woodpecker spent 15 minutes visiting the Meadow Post. This juvenile is just starting to show adult markings for a male. From about 30 images we choose these moments to show you.

View: PK1_20210808_0927_350 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile feeding at kitchen peanut feeder.jpg
Description: We see several juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers visiting the peanut feeders for a quick high protein feed. These cages do block the Grey Squirrels, but this bird's long beak and slender head means that the cage is no barrier, and that's fine with us.

View: D01_20210810_1023_055-1153_059+E6A_1157_044_FB5 Green Woodpecker visiting post and Meadow site over 90m 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: What seems to be a regular individual juvenile Green Woodpecker visited the Meadow Post. A few minutes after his last visit to the post we see him on the ground some 10m away triggering the 'meadow camera'.

Date: 17 Sep 2021
View: DF3_20210807_0815_012+013 Kestrel female flying from conifer outside east hedge 1+2 of 4 (approx montage @7fps).jpg
Description: We come across the female Kestrel hunting from a conifer at our east hedge. She finally got bored with us watching her and flew down the hedge and away.

Date: 16 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210804_1628_177_FB6 Green Woodpecker juvenile on top edge of meadow post.jpg
Description: Green Woodpecker always look a bit grumpy (to us anthropomorphic humans). This juvenile spent a couple of minutes hanging from the edge of the meadow post.

View: D01_20210730_1439_119_FB6 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile at meadow post.jpg
Description: A juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker also visits the meadow post, but prefers ...

View: D5C_20210805_1012_011+1024_026 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile on peanut feeder (montage).jpg
Description: ... this peanut feeder, where it currently appears every day. Here caught in two of the many positions used to gain access to those inconveniently imprisoned peanuts.

Date: 15 Sep 2021
View: DF3_20210804_1247_066 Southern Hawker Dragonfly female perched on un-ripe blackberry fruits.jpg
Description: A Southern Hawker Dragonfly buzzing around us stops for a few second on a clump of unripe blackberry fruits. The insects couldn't care less whether the fruit is ripe or not - it is a hunter and this is just 'any' perch.

View: DF3_20210804_1304_127-129 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female in flight @7fps 1-3 of 4 (accurate montage @7fps + insert).jpg
Description: Migrant Hawker Dragonflies are smaller than most of the other Hawker species in the UK, but can fly at good speed, and perform the most amazing changes of speed and direction. The magnified insert is of the right hand image.

View: D73_20210731_1252_177 Common Blue Damselfly female blue form on dead weed in crop margin.jpg
Description: At the edge of the farmer's undoubtedly insecticide drenched bean crop, we find just this one female Common Blue Damselfly. This insect is a hunter of midges and the like, and lays eggs in the ponds, so is probably less effected by the chemicals than Bees, Butterflies and moths.

Date: 14 Sep 2021
View: DF3_20210804_1011_039 Brimstone Butterfly male (1st of 2nd emergence) feeding on thistle flower (crop 1).jpg
Description: The fresh emergence of Brimstone Butterflies is upon us. This one has chosen a thistle flower for a tank-up.

View: DF3_20210804_1539_306+307 Brimstone Butterfly male takes off from Purple Loosestrife @7fps 1+2 of 2 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: As the camera fires on this male Brimstone Butterfly he lifts off from the spike of Purple Loosestrife in the pond edge for this accurate montage.

View: DF3_20210804_1539_311 Brimstone Butterfly male feeding on Purple Loosestrife.jpg
Description: The male Brimstone Butterfly flies to a closer plant where we can see his proboscis deep in the flower.

Date: 13 Sep 2021
View: DF3_20210804_1518_170 Holly Blue Butterfly (1st of 2nd emergence).jpg
Description: This Holly Blue Butterfly makes it's second generation for the year, before laying eggs and making Pupae which hibernate through the winter to emerge as next years first generation.
Even quite similar Butterfly species use a wide range of 1, 2 or 3 generations per year, going through the winter as any of Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis or Adults. The diversity is amazing - your couldn't plan it!
If you are interested in such stuff we recommend to you a 1991 book 'The Butterflies of Britain & Ireland' by Jeremy Thomas & Richard Lewington ISBN 0-86318-591-6. It includes multi-sided illustrations of both sexes different generations and variations, and timelines for each stage of development.
Looking this up on Amazon, EBay & Google (in 2021) shows used original hardback copies for about UKP 7 inc. delivery, and that there is a revised edition (2019) for about UKP 20 which we haven't seen so can't comment.

View: D73_20210812_1044_010 Holly Blue Butterfly male (shows both sides of wing).jpg
Description: A sighting of a male Holly Blue butterfly which has the top of the wings a blue rather than darker and black edged female.

Date: 12 Sep 2021
View: DF3_20210803_1233_009-012 Rook threatening Kestrel female in flight 1-4 of 4 (impression montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Exit from the house startled the female Kestrel, and it was soon threatening a Rook. But by the time the camera had found the action the tables had turned on the Kestrel, now being 'seen off' by the Rook.

View: DF3_20210804_1523_176 Kestrel female silhouetted in Ash tree.jpg
Description: Next day the female Kestrel wasn't pleased to see us appear outside the south hedge, and made for the cover of an Ash tree growing in the hedge, where she made this nice silhouette.

View: DF3_20210804_1739_412 Kestrel female perched on disused Telephone pole footrest.jpg
Description: After the heavy rain, the softer ground has attracted the female Kestrel back to one of her regular hunting perches. She can dive down onto an area of 'maintained' grass to catch insects and worms.
After we pass she flew out of sight ...

View: DF3_20210804_1750_423 Kestrel male perched on disused Telephone pole top viewed from north.jpg
Description: ... and 10 minutes later from the other side of the pole we were surprised to see this MALE kestrel on the top of the same pole. By normal Kestrel standards he looks a little 'washed out' so we suspect that this is a new generation bird - possibly her son.

Date: 11 Sep 2021
View: E63_20210802_1331_023_FB1 Blackbird male.jpg
Description: Blackbirds are normally immaculate creatures, but has to be excused a little dishevelment during a moult.
Seeing the light coloured feathers made us wonder whether this was a long lived bird going grey. Average life is reported as 3.5 years but they have been know to live to 20 years. But various sources all agree that birds do NOT 'go grey' like humans do, but worn feathers can assume this greyish appearance.

Date: 10 Sep 2021
View: PK1_20210801_1643_325 Grey Squirrel on top of sawn off overgrown hedge.jpg
Description: Outside the kitchen we last year cut down a 5 metre hedge that was beginning to thrash against the top of the house. This Grey Squirrel pauses for a moment on a piece of the cut wood.

View: E60_20210731_1827_090_FB3 2 Grey squirrels face-to-face on kitchen perch.jpg
Description: A face to face encounter between 2 Grey Squirrels. No animosity showing here.

View: DF3_20210804_1308_149+150 Cloud in shape of running Squirrel (montage for width - no other processing).jpg
Description: An Aerial Grey Squirrel leaping across the sky to the right?

Date: 09 Sep 2021
View: E64_20210731_1834_115_FB2 Pheasant male having lost some tail feathers.jpg
Description: Our lovely male Pheasant seems suddenly to have a shorter and thinner tail. Eyes open for the 'discarded' feathers!

View: E64_20210802_0740_005_FB2 Pheasant male with no tail feathers.jpg
Description: 2 days later we see the inevitable - a most definitely 'tail challenged' male pheasant.

Date: 08 Sep 2021
View: E63_20210728_1907_103+1928_108_FB1 Grey Squirrel leaping to and from stone 1+2 of 2 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The 2020 Olympics (in 2021) were in progress when we obtained these two images, so here we could not resist concocting this accurately positioned montage of a Grey Squirrel doing a 'vault' over the stone.
The only snag is that the two pics are 20 minutes apart with other images (with no squirrel in them) in between!

View: D5C_20210729_1732_004 Grey Squirrel resting in Conifer near house.jpg
Description: While testing some camera lens configurations over a quarter of an hour in and out of the door 10m from this tree, this Grey squirrel simply lazed unconcerned through the whole affair. How to relax!

Date: 07 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210727_1428_022 Brown Hawker dragonfly perched on high twig.jpg
Description: A Brown Hawker Dragonfly perches on a piece of dead wood high above a hedge.

View: DF3_20210729_1023_073 Gatekeeper Butterfly feeding on Blackberry flower.jpg
Description: Another sighting of a Gatekeeper Butterfly enjoying one of the thousands of Blackberry flowers now offering their nectar and at the same time pollinating the flowers for us to harvest the fruit in the autumn.

Date: 06 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210726_1437_011-014 Hawker Dragonfly catching insect in flight @10fps 1-4 of 8 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A Hawker Dragonfly (we are not confident of the species) flies by us ...

View: D73_20210726_1437_015-018 Hawker Dragonfly catching insect in flight @10fps 5-8 of 8 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: ... and suddenly swerves upward to catch an insect in the 'net' made with the legs before flying back the other way.
An unbroken sequence at 10 frames per second - Dragonflies can manoeuvre incredibly quickly.

View: D73_20210726_1438_026-298 Hawker Dragonfly misses catching passing insect @10fps 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage with arrows).jpg
Description: Here we see the Hawker Dragonfly missing a catch in this accurate montage with both Dragonfly and insect moving downwards at 10 fps. This first version arrows the intended prey ...

View: D73_20210726_1438_026-298 Hawker Dragonfly misses catching passing insect @10fps 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage centre detail).jpg
Description: ... while this tighter crop shows more detail including the Dragonflies legs extending into a 'catch-net' and then closing after failure, both events lasting no more than 100mS (tenth of a second)

Date: 05 Sep 2021
View: BU7_20210726_0132_169 Fox entering at SW corner.jpg
Description: This Fox makes a stealthy entrance through the south hedge in the small hours.

View: BU7_20210728_0549_091-093 Fox walking towards camera with eye detail 1-3 of 3 (IR montage).jpg
Description: 2 days later, shortly after sunrise, possibly the same fox meanders past the camera. The way the mix of IR and daylight catches the eyes produces some interesting effects

Date: 04 Sep 2021
View: D01_20210725_1335_331-E60_1450_166_FB6 Kestrel female (abnormal tail feathers) hunts round house for 1Hr 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel chose our patch for an hour's hunting.
First 'seen' flying over the meadow post, then spotted by the humans in the orchard, flies 100m to conifers overlooking the meadow - she seemingly likes this type of conifer, and is finally caught landing on the kitchen bird table, possibly with prey hidden from us in her claws.
The image on the right shows that some feathers types in her tail are not normal tail feathers. 2 years ago the same bird had one abnormally coloured tail feather so we named her 'Lady Grey Feather'. None of these tail abnormalities seem to bother her in the slightest.

View: BU2_20210727_1651_157+159_SC7 Kestrel female lands at base of Round Mound 1+3 of 3 (impression montage).jpg
Description: We have no record of seeing any Raptors at this sight before this moment of the female Kestrel landing - possibly to catch a rodent on the ground. We never got to see her claws or what was on the mound before she arrived - the montage looks nice as we have spread it out here, but in fact the bird landed directly over the wing-spread image so there may be a rodent hidden underneath.
You can again see the abnormal tail feathers.

Date: 03 Sep 2021
View: D5C_20210725_1702_012-014 Great Tit juvenile (of 3) being fed by adult 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Juvenile Great Tits cluster on the perch outside the kitchen to wait for a feed. Here Mum or Dad arrives with another beakful.

View: D5C_20210726_1304_002 4 Great Tit juveniles waiting for a feed.jpg
Description: Four juvenile Great Tits serendipitously evenly spaced along the Kitchen perch.

View: E63_20210724_0929_222_FB1 Great Tit juvenile holding small ball of mud encrusted seeds.jpg
Description: This more mature juvenile Great Tit, now feeding itself, seems have picked up a ball of mud and now has to extract the seeds stuck in it.

Date: 02 Sep 2021
View: PK1_20210724_0739_193 Snails mating.jpg
Description: Down in the undergrowth, slimy passion in the morning from this pair of snails.

View: E6A_20210722_1824_041_FB5 2 Wood Pigeons feeding together.jpg
Description: On the grass in the meadow, togetherness, Wood Pigeon Style.

View: DF3_20210729_1016_007-012 Red Kite in flight 4-9 of 9 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Up in the sky this Red Kite is flying some 50m away.
This represents less than one second of flight.

Date: 01 Sep 2021
View: D73_20210722_1235_028 4 Small White Butterflies spiralling upward in courtship flight.jpg
Description: This year seems to have been exceptional for Small White Butterflies with dozens at a time fluttering over the meadow.
Perhaps they like the farmers bean crop!
Here 4 of them spiralling upwards in the sunshine in a fluttering courtship ritual.

View: D73_20210722_1235_038+039 Small White Butterfly pair courtship flight - male shadowing female 1+2 of 2 (montage @ 10fps).jpg
Description: The four Small White Butterflies quickly split into 2 pairs - this is a montage of one of the pairs now fluttering downwards in close formation, the male (above) casting his shadow on the female.

Image Archive arch 2021 aug.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Aug 2021
View: PK1_20210723_1317_150 Southern Hawker Dragonfly female (1st of 2021) (crop).jpg
Description: Finally the hot weather has brought out the first dragons - well Hawker Dragonflies at least!
This female Southern Hawker Dragonfly is perched on a twig basking in the hot sunshine.

View: PK1_20210723_1321_155 Migrant Hawker Dragonfly female (1st of 2021) (crop).jpg
Description: This female Migrant Hawker Dragonfly hangs in the shade inside a hedge.

Date: 30 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210718_0831_034 Crocosmia flower spikes.jpg
Description: A favourite summer flower is the Crocosmia - intense colour and a beautiful flowering sequence along the always (horizontal) spike.

View: DF3_20210718_1213_039 Day Lily Flower (last of 2021).jpg
Description: 30 years ago the site barely planted, and to add 'variety' we planted a patch of Day Lily bulbs at the edge of the just dug main pond. They have demonstrated their robust nature by still flowering well into this next century.

View: D73_20210720_1114_040 Lime Tree blossom.jpg
Description: We have just one Lime tree, as opposed to about 20 now very tall Large-leaf Limes. This one is just flowering - as you walk by the air fills with a subtle citrus perfume.

Date: 29 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210718_0815_010 Magpie beak Open (not calling) in heatwave 1 of 4.jpg
Description: Even at 8 a.m. the air temperature is already warm, and the sun feels hot. This Magpie was standing on the mains electricity pole with beak continuously open but not calling. We read this as panting to keep cool.

View: DF3_20210718_0817_016 Magpie beak Open (not calling) in heatwave 4 of 4.jpg
Description: The Magpie moves about 15m away from us to land on the disused Telephone pole, sees that we were not going to stop our walk along the nearby track, and decides to leave.

View: D01_20210719_0650_001_FB6 Magpie landing on meadow Post in cloud of midges with sunlight through feathers.jpg
Description: A Magpie makes an early morning landing lit by the sun behind. We think that the brown feathers are backlit, while the white primaries are catching the sun directly.

View: D73_20210721_0727_051 Magpie juvenile on conifer branch.jpg
Description: A young Magpie sits high in this conifer watching the world go by.
This is about 7.30 a.m. - it will soon become unpleasantly hot to sit out in the direct sunlight.

Date: 28 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210717_0947_003 Gatekeeper Butterfly (1st of 2021).jpg
Description: Out first sighting this year of a 'Gatekeeper' Butterfly.
The 2 white specks in the black circle are a quick ID assist.

View: D73_20210721_1104_114 Ruddy Darter Dragonfly female on partly eaten Iris frond.jpg
Description: Our first Darter Dragonfly ID of the year (21 July 2021). This is a female Ruddy Darter managing to partly obscure herself on the other side of a very chewed up Iris frond in the middle of the main pond.

View: D73_20210721_1109_128 Emerald Damselfly female (crop).jpg
Description: We last saw an Emerald Damselfly in 2010 - 11 years ago. This female landed a few metres up a tree and this is the best pic we could get. In the 2010 session we took images of both sexes in our 'flight tunnel' - you can see them at 26 Sep 2010 and 2 Oct 2010.

Date: 27 Aug 2021
View: E64_20210717_2055_174_FB2 Pheasant male at sunset.jpg
Description: The male Pheasant is still making regular visits. Here he graces us with a photo complete with the setting sun.

View: E6A_20210720_1848_084_FB5 Pheasant male at meadow site (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: The male Pheasant is beginning to become a little less pristine, but he still looks magnificent.

Date: 26 Aug 2021
View: BU5_20210716_0116_141_SC1 2 Badger walking along edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: A pair of Badgers saunter along the edge of Round Pond an hour after midnight.

View: BU7_20210716_2213_088 Badger entering site with another following behind.jpg
Description: The night after seeing a pair of Badgers at the Round Pond, here are a pair entering our patch at the south west corner - one in foreground and the other just coming through the hedge behind.

View: BU5_20210716_2353_240_SC1 Badger grooming.jpg
Description: Half and hour later this badger is resting at the Round pond edge, busy grooming the fur.

Date: 25 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210716_1507_055 Grass Snake under corrugated iron (ID only).jpg
Description: 'Our' grass snake now hears us coming and we rarely take him/her by surprise. This stealthy approach catches the snake almost fully stretched out - estimated length is just under 1 metre.

View: D73_20210715_1603_005 Roesels Bush Cricket of Garden Bench (orig).jpg
Description: A Roesel's Bush Cricket we found on a garden bench Note the very long antennae sported by Crickets - Grasshoppers sport much shorter antennae.

Date: 24 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210701_1554_015 Oxford Ragwort deformed flower heads & small Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar.jpg
Description: The Oxford Ragwort plants have just started flowering. Just right of lower middle you can see the first Cinnabar Moth Caterpillar that we have spotted this year. The top flowerhead is massively deformed. There are several other examples, and some years we see similar on Oxeye daisies. We think it probably an insect converting the flower for breeding purposes, but have been unsuccessful in finding out what species. This plant is poisonous to most creatures, but the Cinnabar Moth absorbs the poison to make itself poisonous, and has the warning colouration to tell the bird not to 'try it for dinner'. We also sometimes see Cinnabar Moths feeding on Groundsel where they don't pick up the poison defence. They don't do as well on this plant, and we haven't seen any on Groundsel so far this year.

View: D73_20210707_1437_529 Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars (various sizes) on Ragwort flower buds.jpg
Description: The Ragwort has burst into life at several location, and the Cinnabar Moths have been busy laying the eggs to make a good 'crop' of their caterpillars.

View: D73_20210708_1550_048 Cinnabar Moths Caterpillars on Oxford Ragwort.jpg
Description: The Cinnabar moth Caterpillars are taking over the Oxford Ragwort!
Wikipedia tell us that:-
    Cinnabar moth from Europe was released as a biological control agent
    against common ragwort in the USA (1991), Australia (2000) and New Zealand (1990)
but apparently with limited success.
Artificial introductions vary from utter failure to complete disasters (like the Australian Cane Toad introduced in 1935 and now a 'plague').

View: DF3_20210714_1016_011 Ragwort plant decimated by Cinnabar Caterpillars.jpg
Description: A week later the Cinnabar Caterpillars have just about stripped this and most other Ragwort plants in our patch, but the plants recover every year.

Date: 23 Aug 2021
View: BU5_20210714_2128_379-2129_393_SC1 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer males (dad & son (q)) gentle spar at Round Pond 1-6 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: As darkness falls we see an encounter between 2 male Reeve's Muntjac Deer. The difference in size and obviously affection between the two (left middle) suggests to us a Father - Growing up Fawn relationship. We think that Dad is helping his youngster learn a little of the tactics of competing males, but neither of the two want to hurt the other.

Date: 22 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210713_1735_134-139 Red Kite flying overhead (impression montage @10fps).jpg
Description: Seeing a Red Kite in the far distance circling in a Thermal up-draft is normally followed by the bird disappearing into the haze. This time though the bird made a leisurely drift toward us, and eventually went almost overhead. Here is about half a second of powered flight, spread out vertically a little to see the outlines.

View: D73_20210713_1735_187 Red Kite in Flight.jpg
Description: 5 seconds later (the camera runs at 10 fps so just count the frame numbers!) we enjoyed this oblique view of the Red Kite.

Date: 21 Aug 2021
View: E63_20210713_0935_072_FB1 Moorhen at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: One Moorhen (of the pair we know we still have) makes a few visits each week to the south hedge bottom site and the woodland site. This view at the hedge bottom seems particular appealing.

Date: 20 Aug 2021
View: BU7_20210712_2221_021+BU9_2223_031-033 Polecat pair courting near SW entrance 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Our first sighting of a PAIR of Polecats.
First seen 'canoodling' near the South entrance (left pic), 2 minutes later they are running along in close contact through the orchard.
Close contact MAY mean the male has her by the neck - we can imagine that Polecat courtship may be a bit of a rough-house!

View: BU7_20210713_0152_032 Polecat.jpg
Description: In the small hours of the same night possibly one of the same Polecats stops by the south entrance before undoubtedly speeding away.

Date: 19 Aug 2021
View: E60_20210712_1655_013_FB3 Sparrowhawk female (crop).jpg
Description: Following fleeting overflights, the female Sparrowhawk returns to one of her old haunts.

Date: 18 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210705_0959_031 Small white Butterfly female first brood on Privet flowers.jpg
Description: A Small White Butterfly enjoying a feed from the Privet flowers. Make the most of them - they only flower for a few days!

View: D73_20210709_1509_105 Tortoiseshell Butterfly feeding on Blackberry flower.jpg
Description: The Blackberry flowers are now abundant, and this Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly isn't going to skip the opportunity.

View: D73_20210713_1739_290 Comma Butterfly (new generation).jpg
Description: Following an initial flurry of Comma Butterflies in Spring, they do their thing, lay eggs and die. The new brood appear as adults in July, and here is a pristine sample. This generation again lay eggs, and the next 'batch' appear in September. It is this generation that overwinter as adults to venture out the following year to start the cycle going again.

View: DF3_20210714_1344_109 Green-veined White Butterfly on Blackberry flower (first of 2021).jpg
Description: This is the second emergence this year of Green-veined White Butterflies. This species overwinters as Chrysalises (or chrysalides) to emerge in Spring, twice laying eggs for 2 summertime generations, before dying in the Autumn and leaving the Chrysalises to emerge to continue the species next year.

Date: 17 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210709_1114_089 Marmalade Hover-fly feeding on Buttercup flower.jpg
Description: The Marmalade Hover-fly stops on this buttercup, only a bit bigger than the insect.

View: DF3_20210711_1213_025 Marmalade Hover-fly hovering over Rose of Sharon flower.jpg
Description: Another Marmalade Hover-fly, this time hovering over the much larger Rose of Sharon flower.
As well as drinking nectar they eat honeydew and pollen, so this one is above a feast!

Date: 16 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210711_0904_001 Blue Tit juvenile on edge of bird table.jpg
Description: The winning entry for this weeks 'most twee Blue Tit' competition.

View: E60_20210711_0611_127_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile on tip of perch.jpg
Description: This juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker looks small - perhaps a youngster from a later brood.

Date: 15 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210708_1547_037 White Plume Moth (Pterophorus pentadactyla) landing on grass stem with wings still spread.jpg
Description: A White Plume Moth still flutters the wings to gain balance after landing on this grass blade. The name Pentadactyla refers to the 5 separate wing segments that align in the perched insect so it looks like a bit of stick.

View: D73_20210709_0830_075 Yellow Shell Moth.jpg
Description: A Yellow Shell moth rests on a thistle leaf in the dark of the hedge.

Date: 14 Aug 2021
View: E63_20210708_0821_018_FB1 2 Chaffinch juveniles with adult male holding beakful of seeds.jpg
Description: Dad Chaffinch with two of almost certainly his this years youngsters.

View: E63_20210708_0904_030_FB1 2 Chaffinch juveniles perched together.jpg
Description: An hour later the camera catches this sweetie moment of the two young Chaffinches together on the stone - undoubtedly waiting impatiently for their next feed.

View: E63_20210708_1846_050_FB1 Chaffinch male flying off with seeds in beak.jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch flies upwards with a beakful of seeds.

View: E63_20210712_1911_033_FB1 Chaffinch male about to land on stone.jpg
Description: 4 days later this male Chaffinch, still in full breeding colours, makes a well controlled approach to landing on the stone.

Date: 13 Aug 2021
View: E63_20210701_2140_078_FB1 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: A recently rare sighting at any of the hi-resolution photo sites of a Reeve's Muntjac Deer. In this case we think the growing fawn stops by for this one photo.

View: E64_20210706_2026_146_FB2 Muntjac Reeves deer fawn gamboling through woodland site.jpg
Description: A little delight - 'our' Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn gambolling across the woodland site, caught here with all four hooves off the ground but in too random positions and insufficient movement blur to be a high speed run.

Date: 12 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210706_1747_370-372 Lark ascending & singing over crop to east @10fps 4-6 of 6 (montage at one-fifth of real spacing).jpg
Description: This Skylark made an unexpected appearance ascending from the farmers field, singing his silvery song before diving back to the ground.

Date: 11 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210706_1601_094-097 Swift banking in flight keeps head level @10fps (impression montage).jpg
Description: It seems that on this afternoon the conditions for Swifts to hunt this area were just right. About 10 birds spent a couple of hours hunting over the farm field around us, and sometimes over our patch.
In this first montage (probably spaced closer than reality) it interesting to see that the wings turned vertical while the head stay horizontal.

View: D73_20210706_1740_237 Swift in flight @10fps 02 of 23 (crop).jpg
Description: A Swift flying by.

View: D73_20210706_1740_245-249 Swift in flight @10fps 10-14 of 23 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: An accurately positioned montage of a Swift in flight at 10 frames per second.

View: D73_20210706_1741_342-345 Swift in flight banking toward camera @10fps 1-4 of 4 (impression montage).jpg
Description: The bland sky prevents any attempt at 'accurately positioned', so here more closely spaced than natural for a better look at the bird.

Date: 10 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210705_0948_004 Grass Snake coiled under corrugated iron escapes down hole 01 of 22 (crop).jpg
Description: Checking under the corrugated iron sheet we discover the Grass Snake coiled about as neatly can be. Here is a moment while his forked tongue is visible.

View: DF3_20210705_0948_007-025 Grass Snake coiled under corrugated iron escapes down hole 02+06+07+10+17+20 of 22 (montage).jpg
Description: A few seconds later the Grass Snake makes a rather leisurely exit down the hole.
Once we have disturbed the snake on a particular day we leave the corrugated iron untouched for the rest of the day.

View: D73_20210707_1434_489 Grass snake coiled under corrugated orin.jpg
Description: Two days later the Grass Snake almost looks as if tied in a knot, but then slithered away so fast we was the only decent pic we got.

Date: 09 Aug 2021
View: BU2_20210704_0543_459+0614_463+465_SC7 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer males in velvet sparring on Round Mound 2+3+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: Wildlife documentaries seem to us to be obsessed with Deer Ruts and fighting stags, but Reeve's Muntjac Deer seem quieter creatures and we had never before seen them being aggressive. But here over 30 minutes two Reeve's Muntjac stags, both with antlers in velvet, sparred on the Mound with their unfinished antlers.

Date: 08 Aug 2021
View: E60_20210701_0617_086_FB3 Wren juvenile on tip of kitchen perch.jpg
Description: Wrens are said to be very common, but secretive. Here a juvenile Wren momentarily stops on the tip of the kitchen perch.

View: E63_20210703_1956_231_FB1 Wren on hedge bottom stone.jpg
Description: Another Wren makes a momentary stop at the hedge bottom stone, but is already crouched for further action.

Date: 07 Aug 2021
View: D01_20210702_0930_101+0936_113+0939_117_FB6 Kestrel female lands on post with prey for 10+ minutes 1+2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel makes another visit to the Meadow Post, landing with back to camera. After 6 minutes she finally turns and we see her half-eaten Rodent.
The camera stop after 10 minutes of continuous exposures and we don't know how long it was before she left.

Date: 06 Aug 2021
View: DF3_20210702_0724_005+014+0729_037 2 Grey Squirrel juveniles playing on bird table with 1 falling 1+4+5 of 5 (mixed scale montage).jpg
Description: Two juvenile Squirrels spent 5 minutes 'playing' on the bird table outside the Kitchen Window. It would appear that this 'play' has a substantial sexual element, but they were definitely not actually mating. In the last frame the one on top is here falling off and landing 1.5 metres below without apparent injury.

Date: 05 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210630_1551_089 Meadow Brown Butterflies mating on Oxeye Daisy flower.jpg
Description: A pair of Mating Meadow Brown Butterflies enjoying themselves on an Oxeye Daisy flower.

View: D73_20210630_1528_049 Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly feeding on Elderberry flower.jpg
Description: The Privet hedge along some of the access track has several butterflies enjoying the nectar. Here a Small Tortoiseshell.

View: D73_20210630_1529_054 Red Admiral Butterfly feeding on Elderberry flower.jpg
Description: One of several Red Admiral Butterflies.

View: D73_20210702_1747_055 Speckled Wood Butterfly.jpg
Description: The second crop of Speckled Wood Butterflies seems to be emerging. They may be just every brown imaginable, but we find them beautiful.

Date: 04 Aug 2021
View: E63_20210629_1910_131_FB1 Chaffinch male flying off with insect in beak (crop).jpg
Description: This male Chaffinch flies over the stone, beak carrying a seed.

View: E63_20210630_0730_164_FB1 Dunnock flying from stone (crop).jpg
Description: This Dunnock flies over the stone.

View: E63_20210705_1705_035_FB1 Robin juvenile on stone threatening (q) Chaffinch male.jpg
Description: The juvenile Robin on the stone seems to be practising his aggressive call on the male Chaffinch. The Chaffinch doesn't look the least impressed!

Date: 03 Aug 2021
View: D73_20210630_1541_066 Grass snake with tongue extended exposed under corrugated iron sheet 1 of 5 (crop).jpg
Description: On lifting the corrugated iron sheet we are delighted to get another sighting of our well grown Grass Snake. In this pic you can see the Snake's forked tongue flicking in the air.
Why do snakes do this? The Snakes olfactory organ is back inside the head - the tongue picks up the molecules to transfer them to it. So to 'sniff out' the world you have to keep flicking your tongue.

View: D73_20210630_1541_066-074 Grass snake with tongue extended exposed under corrugated iron sheet 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: We may be enchanted by the snake, but the snake is not at all enchanted by being rudely uncovered, and promptly slithers down the adjacent (mouse?) hole to completely disappear. Here you see the 'uncoiling' process in action over a few seconds

Date: 02 Aug 2021
View: D01_20210620_1450_060_FB6 Wood Pigeon struggling to balance on landing.jpg
Description: 'Rond de Jambe' Wood Pigeon Style?
The nearest ballet reference we non-ballet followers could find. A word taken from the ballet mistress in 'Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall'

View: E60_20210629_1829_059_FB3 2 Wood Pigeons on kitchen bird table.jpg
Description: Probably a 'pair' of Wood Pigeons sharing the bird table.

Date: 01 Aug 2021
View: D01_20210627_1337_004_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post with Brown Hawker Dragonfly female in beak 2 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: The females Kestrel arrived on the meadow post with a Hawker Dragonfly in her beak - a unique event in our records. The Dragonfly species is clearly identifiable from the pic - a female Brown Hawker Dragonfly.
One could object to the Kestrel killing this beautiful creature, but the Dragonfly itself feeds purely by hunting, and so on down the food chain.
Although Owls carry prey items in their beaks, we had assumed that Kestrels always carried prey in their talons. Maybe the Kestrel found the Dragonfly sunbathing on the post and snatched it with the beak. But is so light (less than 1 gram) and she could also easily fly with it.
We tabulated weights of some insects over a decade ago - see Weights of Insects

View: D72_20210628_1048_008+D01_20210628_1055_008-1104_026_FB6 Kestrel female hunt from cable catches Rodent eaten on Meadow Post 2-4+6+9 of 9 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel is here hunting from a power line, accompanied by a Wood pigeon on the other cable. The Kestrel obviously caught something about 7 minutes after the top photo, and took it to the meadow post to devour it where the automatic camera caught the action.

View: D73_20210630_1625_108+1624_103 Kestrel female hunting from mains cable (montage).jpg
Description: After closely spaced return visits to old haunts around our patch, the female kestrel has settled to her more normal hunting pattern where we see her on just 2 or 3 days a week.

Image Archive arch 2021 jul.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Jul 2021
View: D01_20210625_2012_156-2019_170_FB6 Kestrel female arrives at Meadow Post with Rodent and eats it 1+3+4+6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: After many weeks of absence the female Kestrel is back, seemingly re-visiting her old haunts to see whether they remain good hunting.
Here she spends about 7 minutes on the top of the Meadow post where the automatic camera watches her arrive with some sort of Rodent in her claws, where she dissects and consumes the entire Rodent.

View: D01_20210626_1057_211_FB6 Kestrel female landing on meadow post with Rodent in claws 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: Mid morning next day she similarly arrives with a smaller Rodent, but for whatever reason leaves without obviously eating it 'on the spot'.

View: D72_20210627_1217_030 Kestrel female hunting from branch of apple tree in orchard.jpg
Description: Lunchtime another day on we spot her hunting from the dead branches of a really old Apple tree in the 'Orchard'. For some reason she is much more tolerant of humans in the garden below than elsewhere.

Date: 30 Jul 2021
View: BUA_20210625_0440_061+064+068_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother grooming fawn then fawn grooming mother 1+3+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: A lovely moment at around dawn as Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn is affectionately groomed by Mum, and then a surprise as we see the behaviour reciprocated with the fawn grooming Mum.
The fawn has to learn this social nicety, but it's lovely to see.

View: D5C_20210625_1502_014 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn in front garden.jpg
Description: At the front of the house the Reeve's Muntjac Deer fawn licks over her fur between nibbling bits of the 'garden'. Her growing size and formation of the facial mask make it difficult to tell the fawn from the adults at first glance.

Date: 29 Jul 2021
View: DF3_20210622_0902_001+006+008 Great Spotted woodpecker female feeding juvenile peanut grit 1-3 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Great Spotted Woodpecker continues to supplement the youngster's rations with peanut fragments

View: DF3_20210622_0903_027+030+033 Great Spotted woodpecker female feeding juvenile peanut grit 4-6 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Great Spotted Woodpecker continues to supplement the youngster's rations with peanut fragments

View: E60_20210625_1819_046_FB3 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker juveniles one under perch & other landing.jpg
Description: Here are two juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers - what is going on we can only guess. We often see juvenile Woodpeckers mistakenly begging from each other!

Date: 28 Jul 2021
View: E6A_20210616_1814_037_FB5 Rabbit youngster in clover.jpg
Description: "Baby Bunny in Clover"

View: E6A_20210621_1649_106_FB5 Pheasant male guarding female + grasses + clover + buttercups + oxeye daisies.jpg
Description: The ever attentive male pheasant guards one of has (at least) 3 wives. The ripening grass and some heavy rain causes the grass stalks to fall into any empty space as you see here, along with the Clover flowers and Buttercups at this suddenly cluttered site.

Date: 27 Jul 2021
View: DF3_20210623_1557_132 Sycamore seed developing.jpg
Description: A cluster of developing Sycamore seeds showing a subtle pink colour.

View: DF3_20210623_1041_086 Oak tree leaf tips some turning yellow.jpg
Description: In one of the oak trees on the sunny side of the meadow has several patches of leaves at the end of branches going brown and yellow. It too high to see if it is infestation or damage of some kind.

Date: 26 Jul 2021
View: DF3_20210623_1742_156 Banded Demoiselle Damselfly male.jpg
Description: One of very few male Banded Demoiselle Damselflies - a flickering delight to see in flight.
The females are so similar to the female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies that we find it hard to tell them apart.

View: DF3_20210623_1602_138 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female.jpg
Description: A female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly - the brown colour of the wings is clear in this photo, so it is NOT a Banded Demoiselle

Date: 25 Jul 2021
View: E60_20210621_1156_042-20210623_0524_084_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker adults + 2 juves over 4 days 5+3+6 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: This has been the 'Week of the Woodpeckers' visiting peanut feeders on both sides of the house. Here this montage shows the whole family as far as we are aware. On the left the 2 Juvenile Great Spotted Woodpeckers actually seen like this), and on the right first Mum and then Dad.

View: D5C_20210620_0942_008-0943_028 Great Spotted Woodpecker female feeding juvenile with peanut fragments 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: Mum Great Spotted Woodpecker likes to feed her youngster some peanut grits.

Date: 24 Jul 2021
View: BU7_20210620_1326_013+1327_021 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother visits fawn who exits through hedge to south (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Mum and Fawn again met at this site, spend a few minutes mostly at the edge of the frame, before the youngster makes their way out into the wider world of the farmers field (top middle).

View: BU7_20210621_0328_050+051 Muntjac Reeves Deer male rubs forehead and antlers-in-velvet on ground (montage).jpg
Description: Itchy 'velvet' over the growing antlers of this male Reeve's Muntjac Deer seems the most likely need for rubbing on the ground

View: BUA_20210623_1440_238_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn in dappled sunlight.jpg
Description: The Trail cam at the east hedge catches the lovely little Reeve's Muntjac fawn probably just re-entered our patch and walks quietly through a sunbeam.

View: DF3_20210623_1553_127 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn resting at edge of grass path (crop).jpg
Description: The Reeve's Muntjac Deer fawn spends a lot of time on the plot, mostly now avoiding the flash camera sites. But about once a day on random walks around our patch we get a sighting. The little creature seems to know we are not an immediate danger, but always walks quietly into the nearest cover and we don't see them again.

Date: 23 Jul 2021
View: E64_20210617_1548_076_FB2 2 Grey Squirrel threatening each other.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels seem to be showing the worst of their behaviour this week. At the woodland site these two seem to be having a snarling contest over a few fragments of food.

View: E63_20210617_1703_113_FB1 2 Grey Squirrel fighting (crop).jpg
Description: An hour or so later some 70m away we get this largely impenetrable melee of fighting Grey Squirrels. We think it is just 2 creatures!
Reminds us of the excellent stop-motion movie 'Isle of Dogs (2018)' where fight scenes are represented by similar 'balls of fur with bits sticking out'.

View: E63_20210617_1705_114_FB1 Grey Squirrel leaping from stone.jpg
Description: 2 minutes later the issue seems resolved - only this Squirrel remains.

Date: 22 Jul 2021
View: E63_20210613_0251_259_FB1 Badger feeding at hedge bottom.jpg
Description: This Pristine Badger visits the hedge bottom.

View: E63_20210616_2254_056_FB1 Badger (head at edge of frame).jpg
Description: After dark this Badger get a rude surprise as the camera flash fires. But this one keeps coming back so can't be too disturbed.

Date: 21 Jul 2021
View: E63_20210603_1657_040_FB1 Pheasant male twisted backwards.jpg
Description: Birds in general seem to be able to move their tails through a huge range of angles. There is no stiff foliage here that could be bending the tail.

View: E63_20210611_1648_137_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: Very rare sightings of any female Pheasants, and none at all of chicks. But his Majesty looks magnificent even without his tail ...

View: E63_20210611_1826_168_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: ... but the 'girls' probably find him more impressive WITH his tail.

View: E6A_20210618_1256_124_FB5 Pheasant male at meadow site drenched with rain.jpg
Description: After a day of continuous rain it looks like this male Pheasant found shelter overnight, but needing to eat has left him looking a bit like a 'drowned Rat'.

Date: 20 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210614_1012_059 Broad-bodied Chaser female in hedge W side of access track (crop).jpg
Description: A female Broad Bodied Chaser high in the hedge along the access track.

View: D73_20210615_1254_150 Broad Bodied Chaser female perched on broken off teasel stem.jpg
Description: This year we have seen several of these different individual female Broad Bodied Chasers. Surely a male, with the lovely powder blue pruinescence, will turn up to make the next generation.

View: DF3_20210612_0922_010 Black-tailed Skimmer female on bare soil between crop plants (1st of 2021) (crop).jpg
Description: First sighting for 2021 of a (female) Black Tailed Skimmer, of all places out on the farmer insecticide drenched crop :-(

Date: 19 Jul 2021
View: DF3_20210614_0920_005-0921_019 Great Spotted Woodpecker juvenile on study window feeder pick of 13 (montage).jpg
Description: At least one juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker has made it to a degree of independence. This one was exploring the post, flat surface and Peanut feeder outside the study window. Over a couple of minutes we got all of these moments - just enjoy the young woodpecker possibly first solo exploration of this construct where one of the parents has been there to feed the youngster on previous visits.

Date: 18 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210614_0723_093+0720_084 Sawfly Larvae descend from meshes on 4 metre single threads to ground 3+1+2 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: Walking down a dark tree-covered path we found the way 'blocked' by several single strands of silk hanging down from about 4 metres high down to the ground. Some of these had caterpillars crawling down them that appear, after a lot of book thumbing, to be some sort of 'Sawfly' Larvae.
Top: The silk 'mesh' still with Larvae in it.
Left: A close up of the strand with about 8 Larvae on it. The Larvae shadow on the ground is formed the shadow from the camera flash.
Right: A distant shot of the setup - this strand actually hung from further up than you can see here.
Our lack of expertise (and minimal guide books) means we are unable to 'nail' the insect's ID any better, and maybe wrong at that.

View: D73_20210614_1004_033 Sawfly Larvae descending from silk meshes down 4 metre long single threads to ground 5 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: 3 hours later the Larvae have mostly dispersed.

Date: 17 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210612_1640_075 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly male perched on twig showing sharp bend between segments 2 & 3.jpg
Description: Here is a male Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly - more commonly seen that the females at the moment. The 'break' in the body may look alarming, but the insect can bend substantially at join of each of the 10 abdominal segments. This joint between segments 2 & 3 contains the male's sexual organs.

View: D73_20210613_1509_059 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly male showing wing veins ridges very clearly.jpg
Description: This male Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly catches the light showing how the veins of the wing create corrugations that give this incredibly lightweight structure surprising strength. A form of natural origami!

View: D73_20210612_1453_055 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female.jpg
Description: A female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly. The wingspan is about 7cm - much larger than most Damselflies. Walking down a path with dozens of these fluttering around you is quite one of the most magical experiences we know.

View: D73_20210613_1212_002 Banded Demoiselle male fluttering wings while perched.jpg
Description: The Beautiful Demoiselles are supplemented by the only other similar species (in the UK anyway) of the strikingly marked Banded Demoiselle. This is a male - the females have no such banding and are so hard to tell apart from female Beautiful Demoiselles 'in the wild' that we may miss them among the larger numbers of the Beautiful females.
Each wing has it's own band which is quite dark even when the wings are separated as you unusually see here.

Date: 16 Jul 2021
View: BU9_20210611_1910_027_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn with desiccated leaf in mouth.jpg
Description: The Fawn seems to be managing fine, here with a dried out leaf in the mouth.
Not so junk-food crisps for a Deer?

View: BU7_20210615_0631_036-0636_063 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn & mother meet at SW corner for groom 1+4+7+9 of 9 (montage 5 mins).jpg
Description: We had started to think of the Reeve's Muntjac Deer as rather independent, but here a possibly by chance, possibly not, encounter at the SW corner between Fawn and what must be Mum led to 5 minutes of affectionate grooming of the youngster and eventually exit though the south hedge. If you look carefully at the top of the bottom right picture, you will see Mum looking back, past a grass blade, at her Fawn to check that it is following.

Date: 15 Jul 2021
View: D5C_20210611_1118_007+009+010 Great Tit breaking off fragments of peanut to feed juvenile 2-4 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: The Kitchen window bird table and perch are held in place by a pair of G-clamps. This seems to provide a nice grippy surface for the Adult Great Tit (left) to feed their youngster. The adult has obtained a piece of peanut from the feeder and is chipping off a smaller piece to feed the youngster.
Concerns about feeding peanuts during the breeding season centre around young birds choking on whole peanuts. Ensure your feeders only release fragments and it becomes useful supplement for chicks and the parents.

View: E60_20210616_1141_064_FB3 Great Spotted Woodpecker female offers food to juvenile hanging beneath (crop).jpg
Description: At the top, Mum Great Spotted Woodpecker.
Hanging upside down, juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker.
We have seen this juxtaposition many times, and still have no idea why the juvenile chooses to hang inverted.

Date: 14 Jul 2021
View: D01_20210610_2222_053-20210614_0409_185_FB6 Little Owl visits on 3 of 5 days for ever longer periods 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: 3 visits by what looks like the same Little Owl over 5 days, visiting for 1, 2 and then 3 'frames'. Frames on this camera are taken at exactly 1 minute intervals when the post is occupied.
Top middle is the back of the head - without optical equipment this looks remarkably like much bigger bird.

View: D01_20210611_2142_111_FB6 Little Owl visits on 3 of 5 days for ever longer periods 3 of 6 (crop).jpg
Description: More detail of the top-right image.

View: D01_20210617_0103_027+0104_129_FB6 Tawny Owl 2 minute visit to meadow post 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: After several weeks we see a Tawny Owl again, spending a couple of minutes at the meadow post. Tawny Owls seems to prefer (or find easier to catch) Voles over Fieldmice (Wood Mice). We see very few of either prey at the nearby Meadow site photo kit at the moment, but there are plenty around, and unfortunately in, the house.

Date: 13 Jul 2021
View: BU8_20210608_0846_077 2 Moorhen adults on grass by pond followed by (at least) 2 chicks.jpg
Description: Mum and Dad introduce 2 of the Moorhen chicks to the world outside the pond. This was the last of the group of 3 pics triggered by the adults so more chicks may be following.

View: D73_20210608_1741_105 2 Moorhen chicks.jpg
Description: In the evening of the same day two sibling Moorhen are in the duckweed of the Duck-shaped pond.

Date: 12 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210608_0917_044 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly male immature.jpg
Description: There are perhaps a dozen male Beautiful Demoiselle Damselflies around the various places they frequent as the 'sun moves round the heavens'.

View: D73_20210608_1231_072 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly male immature (head detail).jpg
Description: Detail of a male Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly shows the intricate spines and hairs.

View: D73_20210609_1253_148 Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly female (1st female of 2021) (crop).jpg
Description: At last we see a Female Beautiful Demoiselle Damselfly. Only the females have the white 'pseudo-pterostigma' on both Demoiselle species.
Many other Odonata have these marks in a similar position, but there are usually black or Brown, hence the 'pseudo' for these white ones.

View: D73_20210610_1038_016 Banded Demoiselle Damselfly male (1st of 2021) (crop).jpg
Description: This is a male Banded Demoiselle Damselfly sunning himself on a nettle leaf.
So far we have not spotted any female Banded Demoiselle Damselflies, but may have missed some - they are rather similar to the Female Beautiful.

Date: 11 Jul 2021
View: E63_20210607_1420_054-20210608_1203_139_FB1 Yellowhammer visits to stone at hedge bottom (montage over 22hrs).jpg
Description: Several sighting of the male Yellowhammer (and a poor pic of the female) this week. Here is a little celebration of some of the male's visits on a somewhat elongated stone.

Date: 10 Jul 2021
View: D01_20210607_0157_187_FB6 Tawny Owl single frame visit.jpg
Description: A Tawny Owl stops by the meadow post 2 hours after midnight. There don't seem to be many Rodents at the nearby 'Meadow camera' so the Owl hopefully knows of better places to hunt.

View: D01_20210602_0416_055+057+2100_103+105_FB6 2 Little Owls visiting meadow post morning & evening of the same day (montage).jpg
Description: Visits in the early morning and early night of the same day by Little Owls. A careful inspection suggests that this is two individuals. Have we got a pair nesting on our patch? We DO have a little owl nesting box inaccessible to us past stinging nettles. More if we discover anything new - without interfering with the nest box until well after they could have finished with it.

Date: 09 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210606_0834_030 Silver-ground Carpet Moth on leaf with rear wings partly exposed.jpg
Description: A Silver-ground Carpet Moth shows off the intricate wing pattern. The rather elongated look is because the wings are not fully covering one another as you normally see when the insect is resting.

Date: 08 Jul 2021
View: DF3_20210605_1257_135 Grass Snake basking on partly hidden mound of desiccated Iris leaves (crop).jpg
Description: We haven't sighted a grass snake for 4 years (28 Jun 2018) under a corrugated iron sheet we still look under most days. So catching a sight of this Grass Snake sunbathing in the middle of the main pond, coiled over a tuft of desiccated Iris fronds from last year, was a surprise. We couldn't see it very well for the glare of the plants around it. and took several pics at various angles through intervening fresh growth. Eventually it slithered off we know not where - Grass Snakes are completely happy in water. In this pic you can see the 3 parts of the snake, bottom towards the tail, top toward the head, and just above middle the snake's head itself facing to the right.

View: D73_20210614_1002_002+016 Grass Snake under corrugated iron sheet exits under edge of lifted sheet 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: Almost 2 weeks after the first Grass Snake sighting, we lift the corrugated iron sheet and in the first time for years find this Grass snake warming itself under the sun warmed corrugated iron. The snake wasn't too happy with this interruption of it's sauna, found a break in the up-ended iron, and made a swift exit.

View: D73_20210615_1239_093-105 Grass snake found under corrugated iron sheet escapes into mouse hole 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: The next day we see probably the same Grass Snake at the same place. This time the corrugated iron was thrown right back, not providing a surface route to escape, so the snake makes for the nearest Mouse hole and the whole snake (probably almost 1 metre long) pours into the hole and vanishes!

Date: 07 Jul 2021
View: DF3_20210605_0814_003-0822_076 hover-flies (merodon equestris) mating on blackberry leaf 1-6 of 6 (montage over 8 mins).jpg
Description: This pair of Hover-flies were making so much noise about it that we had to investigate the frantic buzzing and found these two on a bramble growing out of a miniature conifer. These taken over 8 minutes. At frame 5 he fell off - but she let him regain his classic position. We left them to it and they were gone half and hour later.

Date: 06 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210529_1341_012 Green Alkanet in flower along east of access track.jpg
Description: Every year for the last 30 years (i.e. since we moved here) a 10m stretch along the east edge of the access track becomes a sea of the blue flowers of Green Alkanet. Patches are starting to appear on the west side of the track and in the orchard without any help from us.

View: D73_20210601_0946_092 Hawthorn tree in blossom with incidental Burnet Rose flowers.jpg
Description: Some of the Hawthorn trees growing from the inner hedge are have become really impressive with a huge overhang, turning parts of the outer path into a 'tunnel'.

Date: 05 Jul 2021
View: BU8_20210529_0208_180 Badger adult with 3 youngsters near Duck-shaped Pond.jpg
Description: Mum or Dad Badger with 3 youngsters dutifully following. An adult and 2 youngsters seen again later the same night.

View: BU2_20210605_0206_176_SC7 Badger adult with 3 cubs.jpg
Description: A week after the first visit by an Badger adult + 3 youngsters we see what is probably the same group from 50 metres away from the previous siting at the bottom and lower slope of the mound.

Date: 04 Jul 2021
View: DF1_20210603_1233_007+010+1234_053 Blue Tit nestbox feeds (grubs & Peanut grit) + Fecal Sac removal 1-3 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: A Blue Tit was flying past the window about once a minute - moving between a peanut feeder and this nest box. Investigating showed that the visitors to the nest box were grabbing peanut grit from the feeder and 'grubs' from the Yellow Buddleia in a mix to feed the youngsters in the nest. Whole peanuts can be a choking danger to chick, but it seems that having to peck out tiny fragments makes peanuts a useful supplement. In this first montage we see Mum or Dad delivering a green grub.
This nestbox is in total shade all day and these are the best pics we can get.

View: DF1_20210603_1235_158-160 Blue Tit nestbox feeds (grubs and Peanut grit) + Fecal Sac removal 4-6 of 6 (acc montage @7fps).jpg
Description: Here one of the parents flies out to dispose of a Fecal Sac.
This nestbox is in total shade all day and these are the best pics we can get. Yes - the box is mounted on a sloping branch - the birds don't care!

Date: 03 Jul 2021
View: DA1_20210601_1357_285+1355_276_FT1 White Ermine Moth on box showing orange body only when flapping wings (montage).jpg
Description: The White Ermine Moth is an extremely attractive sight glowing in the dark of the Moth Trap. Reluctant to leave the 'pill' box at the start of the session, you see here the resting insect (right) with no hint of the glorious orange body (left) while warming up the wing muscles ready for flight.

View: DA1_20210601_1356_279+1358_293_FT1 White Ermine Moth in 5 flights (montage).jpg
Description: A montages celebration of this beautiful White Ermine moth.

View: DA1_20210601_1358_293+1523_409_FT1 White Ermine Moth in flight with tip of grass blade (montage).jpg
Description: A close up of this White Ermine moth with the tip of a grass blade for scale.

Date: 02 Jul 2021
View: DA1_20210601_1342_250+1418_366_FT1 2 Poplar Hawk-moths in flight (montage).jpg
Description: Hawk-moths are, by Moth standards, really big. This Poplar Hawk-moth was a wingspan of about 40mm (inch and a half) though it seems bigger when you are handling them. The orange patch doesn't show at all on the resting insect, and doesn't get any mention in ID books or normal photos.

View: DA1_20210601_1342_250+1526_426_FT1 Poplar Hawk-moth with small Head of Cow Parsley (montage).jpg
Description: Here montaged at the same scale with a small head of Cow Parsley you get a better idea of scale.

Date: 01 Jul 2021
View: D73_20210601_1320_130 Brimstone Butterfly female perched on Blackberry leaf.jpg
Description: This female Brimstone Butterfly perched nicely for a photo before being rudely netted to strut her stuff for a few minutes at the insect flight kit.

View: DA1_20210601_1320_186+1315_162+1317_171_FT1 Brimstone Butterfly female in 3 flights (montage).jpg
Description: 3 separate flights here of the female Brimstone butterfly, since montaged to make some sort of fun layout, before we took her back to her bramble patch.

Image Archive arch 2021 jun.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Jun 2021
View: DA1_20210601_1301_106+108+1307_143_FT1 Cinnabar Moth in 2 flights with buttercup (montage).jpg
Description: Photographing Cinnabar Moths has always been really difficult, but this one after an initial period of playing dead, kindly obliged with several quite decent flights past the camera.

View: DA1_20210601_1301_109+1303_123 Cinnabar Moth 2 flight (montage)_FT1.jpg
Description: Another two moments from Cinnabar Moth flights.

Date: 29 Jun 2021
View: P10_20210601_0706_412 Green Carpet Moth (Colostygia pectinataria) faded to grey on moth-trap wall.jpg
Description: Green Carpet Moths fade from green quite quickly - this one grey. It is photographed against the black plastic of the moth trap it was caught in.

View: DA1_20210601_1349_263-264+1524_417_FT1 Green Carpet Moth in flight with Green Alkanet flower (montage).jpg
Description: A younger 'greener' individual provided these moments a Green Carpet moth in flight.

Date: 28 Jun 2021
View: P10_20210601_0658_410 Cockchafer Beetle aka Maybug (Melolontha melolontha) resting on cardboard.jpg
Description: This Cockchafer Beetle was caught in the overnight moth trap, and is here perched on the 'egg boxes' used to fill the trap with insect-friendly perches. The lack of the 'brush' Antennae tells is that this is a female.

View: DA1_20210601_1420_383+1425_404_FT1 Cockchafer Beetle aka Maybug (Melolontha melolontha) in 2 flights (montage).jpg
Description: This is a male Cockchafer Beetle in a couple of flights down what we call out 'Flight Tunnel'. If you are interested in how we get these pics there is lots of detail (probably too much!) to be found at Flight Tunnel.

Date: 27 Jun 2021
View: bu7_20210601_0833_052 Muntjac Reeves Deer male (1 antler) in early morning sunlight.jpg
Description: This male Reeve's Muntjac Deer has lost one of his Antlers.
Don't worry - you will lose the other and then grow a lovely new pair to impress the girls!

View: BU7_20210601_0833_054 Muntjac Reeves Deer male (1 antler) in early morning sunlight + orange tip butterfly on flank.jpg
Description: A few second later the missing antler isn't so clear, but we can just identify on his flank a hitch-hiking small Orange-tip Butterfly!

Date: 26 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210602_1555_204 2 Moorhen Chicks on Duck-shaped Pond (first of 2021) (crop).jpg
Description: For the first time in years the Moorhen web site has Moorhen once again breeding on the ponds. Two very young Moorhen who don't know that they should be hiding!

View: D73_20210603_1226_033 2 Moorhen Chicks on Duck-shaped Pond (crop).jpg
Description: Next day, forewarned into making a quiet approach, we see 2 again

View: D73_20210603_1438_046 Moorhen Chick portrait on Duck-shaped pond.jpg
Description: A little portrait of this scruffy and simultaneously beautiful ball of feathers

View: D73_20210603_1439_053 4 (of maybe 5) Moorhen chicks on Duck-shaped pond (ID only).jpg
Description: Here we momentarily see 4 of these tiny chicks at once. There is probably another hidden top right, but we are not sure.
By now the presumably new pair of adults have learned to guard their youngsters better, and we can't get near without a warning call and the whole lot vanishing into the foliage.

Date: 25 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210530_1555_068 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Red Campion.jpg
Description: The Orange-tip butterflies seem to have been around FAR longer than usual. Normally for 2 or 3 weeks. Our first record is 17 April 2021, so we have been seeing them for 6 weeks. They don't even look 'tatty'.

View: DA1_20210601_1129_045_FT1 Orange-tip Butterfly male in flight (crop).jpg
Description: A male Orange-tip butterfly flies by giving us a good view of the top of the wings. Only the males show the orange tips.

View: DA1_20210601_1131_060+1232_085_FT1 Orange Tip Butterfly male in flight with Garlic Mustard flowers (montage).jpg
Description: Another flyby by this male Orange-tip butterfly shows you the underside of the insect including the intricate green lacework that provides disguise (on both sexes) when the wings are closed.

Date: 24 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210530_1220_035 Burnet Rose (1st of 2021).jpg
Description: The Burnet Rose always beats the better known Dog Rose to flowering here. The perfume of the Burnet hits you downwind from even a small patch. We both think this is the best scent in nature - wonderful without being sickly.

View: D73_20210601_1516_134 Dog Rose (first of 2021).jpg
Description: 2 days later we spot the first Dog Rose. A much lighter but still pleasing perfume.

Date: 23 Jun 2021
View: E63_20210527_1749_052_FB1 Grey Squirrel attacking another.jpg
Description: Ouch! That claw sinking into the back of the fleeing Squirrel looks like it means business :-(

View: BU5_20210528_1718_194+1720_205-207_SC1 Grey Squirrel run up to edge of Round Pond and jumps in (accurate montage).jpg
Description: We have never before seen a Squirrel leap into a pond.
There must have been something really tasty to grab from the water!

View: E64_20210528_1732_112_FB2 Grey Squirrel with prominent gonads attacking another.jpg
Description: Definitely a MALE Grey Squirrel - his 'personal equipment' raring to go.
We understand that many similar species' gonads vary in size annually.

View: E63_20210530_1759_259_FB1 Pheasant male startled by Grey Squirrel streaking by.jpg
Description: Something MUCH more important than confronting the somewhat startled Pheasant seem to be occupying the attention of the Grey Squirrel tearing past.

Date: 22 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210526_1236_080 Columbine (Aqualigia vulgaris) flowers.jpg
Description: We have always thought of this plant as being called Aqualigia and was a cultivar, but it turns out to be a Columbine, and a native plant at that. Each beautiful flower lasts only a day or two, coming along in sequence.

View: DF3_20210523_0717_007 Hawthorn tree over easy hedge covered in blossom.jpg
Description: Our East hedge is lit up by a couple of Hawthorn trees in full bloom. There are 8 similar trees along the 100m East stretch, and a similar number along the 100m North stretch.

Date: 21 Jun 2021
View: DF3_20210525_1045_040+1044_016 Great Spotted Woodpecker male pecking peanut from feeder (montage).jpg
Description: We haven't seen much of Great Spotted Woodpeckers so far this year. This male sometimes visits this peanut feeder outside the study for a top-up. This bird is very skittish - one hint of movement through the window and he's away!

Date: 20 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210519_1009_089 Chaffinch male singing from Ash tree.jpg
Description: In this leafing Ash tree a male Chaffinch declares ownership. At another tree 50m away we hear a similar song but have never managed to spot the singer!

View: D36_20210522_1438_044_FB4 Chaffinch male on tree-stump.jpg
Description: A magnificent male Chaffinch arrives at the tree-stump. He is still in full breeding colours with intact blue coating on his beak.

View: E63_20210525_1800_142_FB1 Dunnock.jpg
Description: Dunnocks here are like Sparrows when we were children back in the early 1960s- look out of the window and you may well see one. Very appropriate that they used to be called a 'Hedge Sparrows' though its not actually any kind of Sparrow.

Date: 19 Jun 2021
View: E64_20210520_1947_072-20210523_1709_321_FB2 Moorhen 7 of 10 visits to Woodland site over 4 days 4+1-3+5-7 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: Over 4 days (we collect the camera cards on a 4 and 3 day weekly cycle) we spotted a Moorhen several times on the Trail-cam at Round pond, and exactly 10 times here at the woodland site. This is the 7 best montaged as a bit of fun. We have always loved our Moorhen!

View: E64_20210524_1204_037_FB2 Moorhen walking across site showing foot detail.jpg
Description: This close-up of the more adventurous of the pair of Moorhen provides a good view of the lobed toes so good at getting around ponds, dense weeds and solid ground without the obvious compromises you see in Ducks, Swans etc.

View: BU5_20210524_1552_077_SC1 Moorhen chasing away grey Squirrel.jpg
Description: Probably the same Moorhen is very diligent at defending the nesting territory from potential interloper or egg predators. We have caught repeated moments of their method of attack - launch beak-first at what has upset them!

Date: 18 Jun 2021
View: BU9_20210518_1319_073-075_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn walking through orchard (spread montage).jpg
Description: In the afternoon hazy sun, the Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn patters quietly across the grass at the end of the orchard.

View: BU7_20210519_1003_046 Muntjac Reeves Deer female crossing near south access.jpg
Description: One of 'our' female Reeve's Muntjac Deer steps quietly through the long grass and Cow Parsley with the well-used south entrance upper left.

View: DF4_20210525_1817_089 Muntjac Reeves Deer female reaching on hind legs to reach self-set sycamore leaves (crop).jpg
Description: A pair of female Reeve's Muntjac Deer appear a couple of times a week for an evening forage at the back of the house. One of them is our 'resident' and tolerates us, but this one flees at the sight of us, but does this trick, that the 'resident' does not, of rearing up to reach foliage otherwise out of reach. So through an upstairs window we sneak some photos of her grabbing a mouthful of self-set Sycamore leaves.

Date: 17 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210520_0732_133 Apple Blossom full and partly open after rain.jpg
Description: All the blossom is getting a bit of the beating from the seemingly endless heavy rain showers. But it somehow feels fresh anyway.

View: D73_20210518_0949_123 Hawthorn Blossom.jpg
Description: The Hawthorn Blossom has been rather disappointing this year on the flailed farm hedges, but where we maintain the hedges more gently there are some lovely splashes of white flowers in a sea of 'bobbles'

Date: 16 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210519_0947_003 Cranefly unident on blackberry leaf.jpg
Description: There are said to be 300 different species of Crane-fly in the UK, most of them very small and few very large. This one is of intermediate size.

View: D73_20210519_1241_116 Craneflies unident mating on hawthorn leaf.jpg
Description: Judging from the wing pattern and larger size, this pair of Crane-flies seen mating is a different species we again have not identified.

View: D01_20210517_1345_025_FB6 Great Tit carrying probable Cranefly in beak.jpg
Description: On the Meadow Post (aka the Owl Post when they oblige) we have to assume that the Great Tit's beak holds what is (or was) another of the many Crane-flies we are seeing.

Date: 15 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210517_0941_021-0943_048 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at outside of south hedge 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: A typical couple of minutes as one of the female Reeve's Muntjac Deer ambles along alternately grooming and feeding.
In the bottom left image you can just see a speck of blood below the eye where she has obviously scraped herself - again.

View: D73_20210517_1245_069+075+080 Muntjac Reeves Deer female on hind legs to reach foliage to eat 1+3+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: Several hours later this moment was NOT what we typically see - the Deer reaching up on hind legs to reach a presumable particularly good looking patch of leaves.

View: D73_20210517_1245_071 Muntjac Reeves Deer female on hind legs to reach foliage to eat 2 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: More detail from a frame not included in the montage - "Got It"

Date: 14 Jun 2021
View: E63_20210517_1530_057_FB1 Yellowhammer and Dunnock.jpg
Description: This male Yellowhammer glows in the bottom of the hedge as the smaller Dunnock (lower right) complains - a bit.

View: D73_20210518_0942_118 Yellowhammer in hedge south of Farm Entrance.jpg
Description: When you see a yellowhammer on some plain surface it stands out like a light bulb. But see it in a natural habitat and it is really quite hard to see even when you know it is there.

View: D73_20210519_1006_078 Pied Wagtail hunting around sprouting crop.jpg
Description: On the sprouting crop this Pied Wagtail is hunting for insects in the mud. His patterning provides surprising good camouflage against this messy ground.

Date: 13 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210515_1726_069 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn chewing.jpg
Description: The Fawn is not as habituated to humans as the 'resident' female Reeve's Muntjac Deer, but is getting used to us. Here is the Fawn chewing primrose leaves.

View: DF4_20210517_2032_013-2037_067 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn suckling from mum before getting groomed (montage).jpg
Description: So many interesting things happen when the light is well below what makes a good photo! Here mother Reeve's Muntjac Deer visits her Fawn at the main pond a few metres north of the house. First she delivered supper in liquid form, with youngster getting quite animated to get the last drop from the teats. Ouch! Then Mum gives an affectionate wash and brush up (including the anal licking to stimulate the fawns evacuation) and finally almost a snuggle, Deer style, before they part ways.

View: DF4_20210517_2039_071-2047_101 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn walks to island and settles for night 1-4+6-7 of 7 (approx montage).jpg
Description: Mum having departed the Fawn spent 8 minutes quietly walking over the mat of Iris roots to get to the island to settle on one of her thoroughly flattened regular resting places.

Date: 12 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210515_1616_049 Orange-tip Butterfly male perched on Cow Parsley bud (crop 1).jpg
Description: The Orange-tip Butterflies have been on-the-wing for an atypically long time this year. This one is perched on yet-to-flower Cow Parsley bud.

View: D73_20210515_1616_049 Orange-tip Butterfly male perched on Cow Parsley bud (crop 2 - coiled proboscis detail).jpg
Description: A closer look shows the coiled up proboscis just below and right of the compound eye.

Date: 11 Jun 2021
View: BU9_20210511_0722_045+0724_046+047_SC2 Pheasant male displaying 1-3 of 3 (spread montage).jpg
Description: The trail-cam in the Orchard caught this moment of the male Pheasant stopping to make one of his characteristic display-and-call.

View: E64_20210514_1630_092_FB2 Grey Squirrel and Pheasant male confrontation.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrel vs. male Pheasant.
Although it looks like the Squirrel has 'won' its is possible that the Pheasant is about to land ON the squirrel and give the Squirrel a spike from those sharp spurs.

Date: 10 Jun 2021
View: BU7_20210519_0056_039+0549_043 Badger and Muntjac Reeves Deer male visits night & early morning (montage).jpg
Description: The trail-cam looking towards the south entrance catches these 2 visitors a bit after midnight and during dawn. Identical framing and scale.

View: BU5_20210511_0108_068+0109_070_071_SC1 Fox & Badger face-off 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A little Fox vs Badger moment.
The Fox goes for drink in the pond, and as the fox pulls away from the water there is a Badger approaching directly at the Fox, causing him to crouch down and lay ears flat. It seems that is the Fox makes a speedy exit rather than the Badger. We had never thought before about a 'pecking order' between these two visitors.

View: BU7_20210511_0131_017 Fox reclining on long grass grooming fur with rear leg.jpg
Description: This fox stops off on the way out through the south hedge, sort of lounging in the long grass for a bit of a scratch. This pic was captured 23 minutes after the confrontation at the pond, so most likely the same Fox

Date: 09 Jun 2021
View: DF4_20210510_0923_051-0951_080 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn on Main pond island visited by mother 02+06+07+09 of 19 (montage).jpg
Description: The lack of a Moorhen nest of the main pond island means that it is peaceful enough for the Reeve's Muntjac Deer fawn to use it as a daytime haunt. Lately the fawn has spent most of the daylight hours resting in this patch, almost hidden at ground level with just the ear tips showing above the Irises. Here we view the island from an upstairs window. Unusually, on this day, we saw Mum paying him a visit ...

View: DF4_20210510_0952_124-146 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn on Main pond island visited by mother 11+12+14+15 of 19 (montage).jpg
Description: ... to have a little feed herself (but not offering anything to the fawn) but giving a fawn a 'wash-and-brushup' which the fawn very obviously enjoyed. The Fawn never even tried to suckle, so is presumably now completely weaned.

View: DF4_20210510_0952_130 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn on Main pond island visited by mother 13 of 19 (crop).jpg

View: BU3_20210512_2035_268+269_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer mother leading Fawn to hole in hedge (montage).jpg
Description: 2 days later as night falls the Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn is accompanied by Mum. Mum reaches up to snatch a few leaves from the hedge before guiding the youngster through the gap in the hedge.

Date: 08 Jun 2021
View: DF3_20210507_1014_091 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.jpg
Description: The Orange-tip butterflies are still enjoying the Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower). Garlic Mustard is starting to flower - the females will need this for laying their eggs.

View: D73_20210509_1605_019 Hawthorn Blossom.jpg
Description: Hawthorn Blossom highlighting the way the Anthers change.

Date: 07 Jun 2021
View: E64_20210512_1819_183+1822_185_FB2 Grey Squirrel sits on piece of apple in Magpies beak 3 minutes later (montage).jpg
Description: Should we tell the Magpie that the Grey Squirrel was sitting on his food 3 minutes earlier?
The Magpie's eye is fine - he has closed his nictitating membrane (inner eyelid) for a moment.

View: E6A_20210506_1638_040_FB5 Grey Squirrel eating Banana skin piece held delicately in single paw.jpg
Description: The delicacy with which this Grey Squirrel is holding this piece of banana suggests the era of 'tinkling teacups'.

View: E64_20210504_0850_083_FB2 Grey Squirrel galloping through site with rear legs in front of front legs.jpg
Description: There is no evidence in the original frame of why this Grey Squirrel was in such a hurry. This is reminiscent of slow-motion film of a Cheetah chasing after some unfortunate Gazelle, back arching both ways to increase the effective stride length.

Date: 06 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210505_1550_048+092 Goldfinch eating seeds from Dandelion Clock 1+3 of 3 (montage 2 for focus & arrangement).jpg
Description: Its the time of the Dandelion, and the Goldfinches make the most of the mass of 'food balls' that Dandelion Clocks provide.

View: DF3_20210507_0741_043-045 Blue Tit exploring Ash tree for grubs (montage).jpg
Description: A rather scruffy Blue Tit clambers around the branches of the Ash trees looking for grubs to take 'home' to the nest.

View: D73_20210509_1742_048-051 Wren flying from top of Buddleia 1-4 of 4 (montage @10fps).jpg
Description: A Wren perches for a few seconds on the tip of a trimmed Buddleia branch before flying off.

View: D73_20210512_0954_097-099 Wren singing from tip of cut Buddleia 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Outside the study window a Wren declares his territory.

Date: 05 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210503_0710_127-133 Hare running across sprouting crop NE of Farm Road 02-08 of 30 (approx montage @10fps).jpg
Description: A Hare making a long run over the sprouting crop in the Farm's field. There are 4 times more images than shown here as the Hare disappeared into the distance. The Hare is remarkably well concealed brown on brown despite us pushing the contrast as high as reasonable.

Date: 04 Jun 2021
View: D73_20210426_1615_066+068 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn near house startled & leaps by cameraman 1+3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The Reeve's Muntjac Deer fawn seems to be getting used to seeing us 'harmlessly' nearby. Something spooked the little fawn from behind, who leapt away straight by the cameraman and away.

View: BU3_20210425_1106_142-144_SC6 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn crossing access track (impression montage).jpg
Description: The Reeve's Muntjac fawn takes a well trodden route into the farm field adjacent to our patch, pausing to look down the track (at the traffic?) as he goes.

View: DF4_20210501_1816_006 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn feeding near main pond.jpg
Description: As the day ends the Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn, on her own, is sampling the various weed and flowers.

View: DF4_20210501_1816_010 Muntjac Reeves Deer fawn feeding near main pond.jpg
Description: Its seems that the pattern of dots on the Fawns two sides are similar but far from identical. Quite unlike an insect's perfect mirror imaging.

Date: 03 Jun 2021
View: E63_20210428_0830_208_FB1 Moorhen at hedge bottom as pheasant female leaves.jpg
Description: One of a pair of Moorhen arrives at the hedge bottom site as this female Pheasant departs.

View: BU5_20210501_1758_454-456_SC1 Moorhen pair chivvying their partner along bank of Round pond (montage).jpg
Description: Two Moorhen at the edge of Round Pond.
We caught this behaviour 3 times in 4 days - this is the clearest.
When we watched moorhen from inside the house on the main pond this behaviour was usually indicative of a change-over of incubation duties - "Go and get on the nest!".

View: E64_20210503_0616_306_FB2 Moorhen walking through woodland site.jpg
Description: One the the Moorhen pair shortly after sunrise, exploring the woodland site for some breakfast.

Date: 02 Jun 2021
View: D5C_20210429_0830_006 Blackcap female on overgrown hedge cuttings.jpg
Description: We don't see much of the Blackcaps, and this year so far only a female sporting her Brown cap has made an appearance. This one was close to the north of the house seen through the kitchen window.

View: E6A_20210429_0702_332_FB5 Blackbird female lit by first sunshine.jpg
Description: As the first beams of sunlight reach the meadow, the female Blackbird is already out and about starting the day.

Date: 01 Jun 2021
View: E64_20210426_1951_100_FB2 2 Wood Pigeons at Sunset.jpg
Description: A pair of Wood Pigeons, probably getting amorous at sunset.
Well - they get amorous at every other time of day!

View: D73_20210430_1736_048+065+070+076 Wood Pigeons mating on gate rail 1+4+5+8 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: A few days later we see this pair of Wood Pigeons indulge in a little afternoon nookie.

Image Archive arch 2021 may.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 May 2021
View: D73_20210429_0728_178 Crab Apple blossom (crop).jpg
Description: In early morning sunlight, a 'wall' of Crab-apple blossom make a visual treat.

View: D73_20210429_0718_164 Crab Apple blossom in un-flailed section of hedge near entrance in south hedge.jpg
Description: This is some Crab Apple Blossom at the top of a bit of overgrown hedge at the entrance end of our access track.

Date: 30 May 2021
View: D36_20210414_0541_048_FB4 Sparrowhawk on tree-stump (crop).jpg
Description: A very early morning visit to the woodland tree-stump by the local Sparrowhawk.

View: D01_20210504_0453_091-0456_097_FB6 Little Owl makes 4 minute visit to meadow post 1+4+2+3 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: And finally, a Little Owl spent a few minutes on the Meadow Post. Little Owls also hunt in full daylight, so we will be looking for this visitor in the daytime as well

Date: 29 May 2021
View: D73_20210413_1557_147+1541_101 Bee-fly perched on leaf with in-flight insert (montage).jpg
Description: For us the real start of the insect season is the first sightings of Bee-flies.

View: D73_20210427_1248_111+1249_114 Small White Butterfly feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flowers (montage).jpg
Description: A small white butterfly feeds on the Lady's smock (Cuckoo flower) that the deer have not eaten.

Date: 28 May 2021
View: D73_20210501_1635_090 Muntjac Reeves Deer female looking back down east inner path.jpg
Description: As we turn the corner to walk down this path, this Reeve's Muntjac Deer has already heard our footfalls and looks back to discover the cause. Once she knew it was 'only them' she went back to the more important business of eating the hedge.

View: BUA_20210427_0808_093_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer female reaching up to browse on hedge near East entrance (crop).jpg
Description: One of the female Reeve's Muntjac Deer working on tidying up the new 'browse line'.

Date: 27 May 2021
View: D73_20210415_1059_012 Pear Blossom.jpg
Description: Pear blossom is more interestingly patterned inside the flowers than we realised.

View: D73_20210424_1050_032 Crab Apple blossom.jpg
Description: In one of the farm hedges, some Crab-apple blossom shines out.

Date: 26 May 2021
View: D5C_20210425_0935_031 Moorhen stepping through long grass showing lobed feet.jpg
Description: Stepping quietly over the long grass by the pond we get this portrait which shows the feet we describe as 'lobed' - a compromise for walking on pond weeds, swimming, and walking on land - less awkward on land than the webbed feet on ducks but still good in the pond.

View: BU5_20210424_1925_555_SC1 2 Moorhens on Round Pond with Muntjac Reeves Deer female on bank.jpg
Description: Following a few more sightings of original bird, here (not a montage) we catch (what we assume is) a 'pair' of Moorhen swimming towards each other on the Round Pond. The camera was kindly triggered by the resident female Reeves Muntjac Deer in the foreground.

View: DF4_20210427_0956_043+0954_022 Moorhen Pair feeding separately on main pond (montage).jpg
Description: 3 days later from the house we catch these two images of two moorhen feeding simultaneously but separately on the main pond. The easiest way to tell Moorhen apart is by the variable line between the red bulk and yellow tip of the beak. Using this we can see the bird on the right is our original arrival, while the more cautious bird hiding in the Iris fronds is the new arrival.

Date: 25 May 2021
View: D73_20210427_1259_147 Forget-me-not Flowerhead in multiple colours.jpg
Description: Often seeing a couple of different colours of Forget-me-not flowers on a single plant, this little group on a single stem sports 5 different tints.
We wondered if this was unusual, and found no on-line pics with this many colours on one plant. But also discovered that there are about 70 recorded species of Forget-me-nots with a wild variety of single colours, and about 500 species altogether, mostly not classified.

Date: 24 May 2021
View: BU8_20210409_0610_084 Reeves Muntjac Deer Fawn and Mother.jpg
Description: The Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn follows Mum.

View: BUA_20210424_1314_172_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn.jpg
Description: Ahh! - the Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn is caught in just this moment at the east hedge gap. This image is 2 weeks after the one with mother above, and the Fawn is now often seen without Mum.

Date: 23 May 2021
View: D73_20210424_0818_016+0923+0955+1026_028 Dandelions opening in sunshine by back door 2+4-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: Here a patch of Dandelions just outside the back door shows Dandelion opening and closing in sympathy with the sunlight, with gaps of about 1 hour then two half-hours as the sun starts to shine past the side of a conifer.
Many flowers It seems like quite an 'expensive' strategy to have evolved to have the ability to close your flowers, but if it didn't pay-off they wouldn't have evolved it.

Date: 22 May 2021
View: DF3_20210423_1239_003 Brimstone Butterfly female feeding on Bluebell (orig).jpg
Description: 'Bluebells' are starting to flower in the less shaded spots, and this female Brimstone Butterfly is enjoying a nectar from this one.
This is not a genuine 'English' Bluebell - decades ago when we bought the bulbs it was not well known that many commercial 'Bluebells' are actually more robust foreign species. The insects don't care, so we are not purists enough to disturb what we have.

View: D73_20210426_1230_010 Speckled Wood Butterfly (1st of 2021).jpg
Description: Our first sighting 2021 of a Speckled Wood Butterfly - once they arrive we tend to see them for months, mostly at the woodland edges.

View: D73_20210427_1252_135 Speckled Wood Butterfly.jpg
Description: 24 hours later this Speckled Wood butterfly provide a clear view of the underside of the wings.

Date: 21 May 2021
View: DF3_20210421_1744_029+037 Grey Squirrel feeding on Oak buds near branch tips (montage).jpg
Description: This Oak tree is just starting to bud, and the squirrels are swinging all over the branches to fill their little bellies with as many buds as they can stuff in. In this montage the Squirrel left worked the way right, nearly lost his grip, and swung underneath to climb back up.

View: DF3_20210421_1744_038 Grey Squirrel feeding on Oak buds near branch tips.jpg
Description: One frame later, confidence regained, just one paw at each end is considered sufficient.

Date: 20 May 2021
View: E6A_20210420_1856_180+1858_181+1902_182_FB5 Pheasant pair encounter with Grey Squirrel (montage over 8 minutes).jpg
Description: A disagreeable Grey Squirrel attacks first the male Pheasant, 2 minutes later the female, but 4 minutes later the calmer pair have taken 'ownership' of the feeding site.

Date: 19 May 2021
View: DF5_20210416_0948_007 Muntjac Reeves Deer female on Main Pond island.jpg
Description: The female Reeves Muntjac Deer gets onto this pond's island by delicately walking on the Iris roots.

View: D5C_20210415_1724_025 Muntjac Reeves Deer female chewing Iris frond.jpg
Description: The 'resident' Reeve's Muntjac Deer seems to like Iris fronds.
Eat as many as you want!
Keeping Iris plants under control on just this pond is a major problem.

Date: 18 May 2021
View: BU3_20210416_2253_110_SC6 Roe Deer male with bare antlers on access track.jpg
Description: This male Roe Deer made this night-time visit to our access track. This male's antlers have already shed their 'velvet'.

View: BU8_20210421_0852_298+199+BU5_0853_341 Roe Deer male with antlers in velvet 1+2+4(mirrored) of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: 5 days later this lovely male Roe Deer (Antlers still 'in Velvet') made a speedy pass through our plot. So we have at least TWO visiting male Roe Deer in different stages of Antler development.
The deer's body is covered in similar scrape marks like the healed one we see on our resident 'Muntjac'.

View: DF3_20210422_1735_012 Chinese Water Deer in crop far to south.jpg
Description: A few weeks after our first sighting of a Chinese Water Deer here we see (judging from the missing nape fur) the same individual, out in the evening quietly exploring the edge of the crop to the fields to the South (perhaps almost a quarter of a mile away).

View: BU8_20210421_2038_370+371+373 Muntjac Reeves Deer female drinks at Duck Pond 1+2+4 of 4 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: This female Reeve's Muntjac Deer knows where to get a drink, and makes directly for the Duck-shaped pond shortly after dark.

Date: 17 May 2021
View: BU5_20210419_1703_076-078_SC1 Pheasants mating at pond bank 1-3 of 3 (mirrored montage).jpg
Description: In 30 years here we have never before seen Pheasants mating. The Mallard Drake swimming slowly by doesn't seem the slightest bit impressed.

View: E64_20210417_1955_220_FB2 Pheasants at Sunset.jpg
Description: Sunset with Pheasants  OR  Pheasants at sunset.

View: E64_20210421_1844_197_FB2 Pheasant male guarding feeding female.jpg
Description: "En-Guard!"

Date: 16 May 2021
View: DF3_20210418_0925_156 Robin singing from 11kV cable.jpg
Description: Around the blocked gate we often find a singing Robin, here perched on a nearby 11kV cable, but also in various trees and hedges.

View: D73_20210420_1612_090 Robin singing from tree-top with midges.jpg
Description: From the tip of a conifer by the garage this Robin delivers his ownership decree, surrounded by a cloud of Midges.

Date: 15 May 2021
View: E63_20210419_0947_015_FB1 Blackbird female with beak crammed with dried grass (orig).jpg
Description: The female Blackbird at this site gathers nest lining.
We are surprised she can see where she is going with load on board.

View: D01_20210415_1859_021_FB6 Magpie carrying multi-coloured twigs in beak (crop).jpg
Description: The Magpie nest is built, now some pretty coloured twigs for the interior - not.

Date: 14 May 2021
View: E63_20210411_1621_077_FB1 2 Grey Squirrels leaping in squabble (crop).jpg
Description: NOT a montage - one lucky frame catching this moment Grey Squirrel of exuberance.

View: E6A_20210412_1723_173_FB5 Grey Squirrel and Pheasant male confrontation.jpg
Description: A battle of wills - Grey Squirrel vs. Pheasant, Claws vs. Spurs.
We don't know what happened :-(

Date: 13 May 2021
View: DF3_20210417_1005_034 Rooks courtship feeding at nest in Black Poplar (crop 2).jpg
Description: A pair of rooks 'Courtship feeding' at their nest. The males basically feed the females who do most of the incubation, but the males do their stints on the eggs as well.

Date: 12 May 2021
View: DF3_20210417_1341_084 Orange-tip Butterfly male feeding on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower.jpg
Description: A male Orange-tip Butterfly feeding on Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower).
The pattern at the tops of the orange patch seem to be atypically dark.

View: DF3_20210417_1606_092 Orange Tip Butterfly female (1st of 2021).jpg
Description: Normally we see female Orange-tip Butterflies a week or two after the first see the males, but this year we saw first emergence at the same time. The females don't have the orange tip, but still have the delicate green tracery under the wing that you can JUST see showing through as a green haze on the rear wings. The Green tracery is present on the males as well but the picture of the male above wasn't optimised to show it.

View: D73_20210421_1510_155 Orange-tip Butterfly female on Ladys Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower head (crop).jpg
Description: A few days later this female Orange-tip Butterfly was resting on a Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower) flower-head, wings fully folded so we get a great view of the wonderful green tracery.

Date: 11 May 2021
View: DF3_20210330_1002_005+010 Yellowhammer in Lombardy Poplar flies down to concrete to pick up corn (montage).jpg
Description: At the bend of the farm road a Yellowhammer appears every time we walk toward the concrete block where we leave some corn. He waits for us on the block, flees to one of the nearby trees as we approach with a few metres to go, and then promptly returns to the block top, or in this case the concrete track below where the wind immediately blew the corn.

View: DF3_20210418_0913_096 Yellowhammer standing on top of Blackthorn hedge.jpg
Description: A Yellowhammer perched on the top of a Blackthorn hedge.

Date: 10 May 2021
View: E64_20210413_1951_217_FB2 Pheasant male and female feeding together.jpg
Description: Ahh - togetherness Pheasant style.
Even if he does have at least two more girls in his harem.

View: BU2_20210411_1757_150_SC7 3 Pheasant females with male at far left edge (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: The male Pheasant proudly watches THREE of his ladies
Maybe Gentlemen prefer Blondes (2:1 here) but we are quite sure he would welcome ANY colour.

Date: 09 May 2021
View: E64_20210331_0405_194_FB2 2 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) embracing on hind legs.jpg
Description: Less than a handful of picture of Fieldmice (Wood Mice) this week, so we consider it fortunate that one of them is this little pair of Squeaks up to who knows what in the hours before dawn.

View: E63_20210411_2208_111_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) (only sighting in 1 week).jpg
Description: The number of mice seen in Spring has been unusually low this year - This is the ONLY mouse seen this week.

Date: 08 May 2021
View: E63_20210330_1927_237_FB1 Pheasant male & Grey Squirrel confrontation.jpg
Description: No more fights spotted recently between the Squirrel and Pheasant, but plenty of 'dirty looks!

View: E63_20210405_1723_060_FB1 Pheasant male fleeing Grey Squirrel attack (crop).jpg
Description: The male Pheasant makes a quick exit - upwards.
So much for the truce we mentioned above.

Date: 07 May 2021
View: E6A_20210410_1818_378_FB5 Mallard Duck pair arriving fresh from pond with Duckweed.jpg
Description: A pair of Mallard Ducks visit the meadow site still scattered with food.

View: BU5_20210411_0221_673_SC1 Badger on bank watching Mallard Duck pair on Round Pond water.jpg
Description: Eight hours later the Ducks are on the water of Round Pond. The Badger spent several minutes watching them.

View: BU5_20210405_2149_185_SC1 Fox on far bank watching Mallard pair swimming on Round Pond.jpg
Description: Across the pond we catch a Fox, complete with reflection in the rippling water, looking longingly at the two Mallard Ducks, tantalisingly out of reach.

View: BU5_20210411_1528_136_SC1 Mallard Duck female swims to male leaving trail through duckweed.jpg
Description: The female Mallard Duck swims up to the male on the bank, leaving a tell-tale trail through the Duckweed.
In our more 'natural' surroundings the females actively seek the protection of individual males who will face up to threats for his 'girl'.
At public parks groups of males desperate to mate will often gang up on any female they see, and sometimes drown them in the frenzy - a sad outcome of the unnatural compression of wildlife into unsuitably small spaces.

Date: 06 May 2021
View: E63_20210401_1728_078+20210405_0817_003_FB1 Blackbird male stepping onto and off stone 4 days apart (montage).jpg
Description: A bit of fun with pics taken 4 days apart.
First the local male Blackbird stepping up onto the stone, and 4 days later the same individual stepping down.

View: E63_20210408_1633_143_FB1 Blackbird female.jpg
Description: The female Blackbird owning this site is presumably taking a few minutes off the eggs to feed and preen.

View: E63_20210409_0756_177_FB1 Blackbird male threatening (q) something out of frame to left.jpg
Description: Next morning the male Blackbird is very animated.

Date: 05 May 2021
View: BU7_20210407_1526_139-1528_147 2 Grey Squirrels chasing around trunk of tree by SW hedge gap (montage)jpg.jpg
Description: What are trees for if not to run round & round while chasing your friend / rival / lover.

View: D73_20210331_1414_399 Grey Squirrel basking along top of gate.jpg
Description: "This is the life!"

View: D73_20210330_1742_217+232 Grey Squirrel high on Black Poplar twig feeding on catkins (montage).jpg
Description: All of the Black Poplars inside our site were grown from fallen wood 30 years ago, and are now all at least 10 metres tall. The tiny speck just below the bottom left corner of the insert is a Grey Squirrel enlarged in the box, busy eating Catkins from the tree. If the Squirrel falls from this height he will have to grab a branch to avoid serious injury.
Reminds us of the 'Avatar' Jake's falling down the tree sequence.

Date: 04 May 2021
View: D73_20210410_1554_071 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging in replanted fruit trees.jpg
Description: The 'resident' female Reeve's Muntjac Deer seems to find plenty to eat in the Woodland.

View: BU7_20210330_2030_134 Muntjac Reeves Deer male rubbing forehead on ground.jpg
Description: We often seem to catch a moment where male Reeve's Muntjac Deer rub their foreheads on the ground as you see here. We suspect that the emerged antlers are uncomfortable at the base where the velvet was attached to the blood supply.

Date: 03 May 2021
View: D73_20210404_1208_081 Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly (first sighting in 2021) feeding on Blackthorn Blossom.jpg
Description: Our first sighting of a Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly this year - a species that hibernates through the winter. This one is remarkably pristine for 6 months old.

View: D73_20210404_1543_118 Peacock Butterfly feeding on Blackthorn blossom.jpg
Description: This Peacock Butterfly awake after overwintering is in quite good condition for a 6 month hibernation. Nevertheless she has some bird peck damage to the left wing.

Date: 02 May 2021
View: BU5_20210404_1123_350+359_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female drinking joined by male & another female 1+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: A female Reeve's Muntjac Deer (left of bar) has a drink from the Round Pond, and is shortly replaced (right of bar) by the male as another female walks in to make a triplet.

View: BU9_20210403_0019_121+123_SC2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female & Fawn in orchard (montage for clarity).jpg
Description: A delightful sighting of a Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn and mother quietly walking through the orchard.

View: BU8_20210405_1238_009-1245_019 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn near Duck Pond without mother (montage).jpg
Description: Two days later the Fawn is out in the daytime.
With no sign on Mum anywhere, the Fawn spends a few minutes in the sunshine near Duck Pond.

View: E6A_20210406_0455_082_FB5 Reeves Muntjac Deer fawn (crop).jpg
Description: In the early hours of next morning the youngster visits the Meadow site apparently on their own and takes this glorious selfie. Mum is probably somewhere quite close.
Cooing is permitted!

Date: 01 May 2021
View: E60_20210406_1657_070_FB3 Heavy Snow show at kitchen perch (orig & final).jpg
Description: A heavy but short snow shower laid 1 to 1.5cm of snow, melting to 1.3mm in the rain gauge.
10:1 seems to be about the ratio of snow depth to equivalent water depth.

View: E6A_20210406_1700_163_FB5 Grey Squirrel in snowfall using tail as umbrella.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrels have dense enough tails that they can use them as an umbrella. We see this behaviour in snow, rain and strong winds.

View: E6A_20210406_1840_171_FB5 2 Magpies foraging on snow covered ground (orig & final).jpg
Description: As darkness falls a couple of Magpies forage over the feeding site.

View: D73_20210407_0728_018 Viburnum flowers after snowfall.jpg
Description: The still flowering Viburnum at the back of the pond looks rather nice with these white highlights.

Image Archive arch 2021 apr.htm (view it Here)

Date: 30 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210403_1735_068 Birch weeping silver in back garden with Catkins (orig & final).jpg
Description: The Weeping silver birch in the back garden is now smothered in Catkins.

View: D73_20210403_1242_020 Silver Birch Catkins in vertical streaks.jpg

View: D73_20210407_0723_003 Birch weeping silver in back garden lightly snow covered (orig & final).jpg
Description: A brief snow shower laid and stayed overnight, tempting us out to try to capture some feel for the changed landscape. Here is the weeping birch by the garage is delicately sprinkled with white.

Date: 29 Apr 2021
View: D36_20210402_0902_029_FB4 Rook lands on Tree-stump with long twig.jpg
Description: Another stick for the nest.
This looks like a freshly broken-off addition.

View: BU5_20210402_1849_168_SC1 Rook pulling stick out of Round Pond.jpg
Description: This Rook is picking one of many broken twigs now fallen into the Round Pond.
Maybe being saturated makes it more pliable?

Date: 28 Apr 2021
View: DF3_20210330_1013_030 7 Spot Ladybird.jpg
Description: We have been seeing 7-spot Ladybirds intermittently for some weeks now, But on this sunny day they were out in numbers. This one is on some unidentified thorny bush of the trackside hedge.

Date: 27 Apr 2021
View: E63_20210328_1706_089_FB1 Chaffinch male with black patch above beak.jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch with beak most definitely in full breeding blue.

View: E6A_20210401_1812_073_FB5 Chaffinch male taking off.jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch exiting this site as a not obviously aggressive Blackbird approaches out of this crop.
We have seen the green back of this species many times but it still amazes us that there is no hint of it on the perched bird.

Date: 26 Apr 2021
View: bu2_20210331_0705_428_sc7 chinese water deer (1st observation here) with injury at back of neck.jpg
Description: Here we see our first sighting here of a Chinese Water Deer, here walking quietly past a mound of spoil from digging a pond.

View: bua_20210331_0707_489_sc8 chinese water deer (1st observation here) with injury at back of neck (crop 2).jpg
Description: 25 metres away near the edge of our patch we see The Chinese Water Deer again. Although visible in the first image we can now clearly see that she has lost a lot of fur from the back of her neck, and also how thick the fur is - a characteristic of this species.

Date: 25 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210325_1203_009 Cherry Blossom (orig & final).jpg
Description: The Japanese are apparently having an early flowering of their famous Cherry Blossom, but early or not we find ours a delight.

View: D73_20210331_1741_407 Blackthorn blossom tumbling over top of hedge like snow.jpg
Description: Blackthorn blossom tumbles over the top of the freshly leafing Hawthorn hedge.
With a bit of luck we may get a 'mirror image' when the Hawthorn flowers.

Date: 24 Apr 2021
View: df5_20210326_0925_006-011 sparrowhawk perched on willow branch launches in chase to left 2-7 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: A sighting of this grey shape in the Pollarded Willow tuned out to be a Sparrowhawk. Grabbing the camera just in time to witness a high speed launch towards a passing and quickly really frightened Wood Pigeon. The Pigeon was never 'in frame' and the chase disappeared into the trees. A search a few minutes later didn't show any signs of a kill, but the chase may have continue for hundreds of metres.

View: df5_20210326_0925_006-007 sparrowhawk perched on willow branch launches in chase to left 2+3 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: A bit more detail of the start of the action. The body and crown colour of this bird suggest a male, but the eye-stripe and tail colour suggest a female.
But it is definitely a Sparrowhawk one way or t'other.
A friend obtained an opinion on the sex of this bird and one on his own site that had taken a Pigeon - males are not 'supposed' to be large enough to tackle Pigeons. The outcome was that both were probably females based on details not mentioned in bird ID books.

Date: 23 Apr 2021
View: E60_20210329_0947_029_FB3 Rook landing on Kitchen perch with desiccated Iris leaves in beak (crop).jpg
Description: A Rook with an assortment of straggly nesting lands on the Kitchen Perch.
At small size 'thumbnail' we momentarily see this image as a flying skeleton!

View: BU7_20210328_0650_183 Rook collecting beakful of leaves.jpg
Description: A Rook collects a beakful of dried leaves to make the nest that bit more comfortable for 2 to 3 weeks of boring incubation.

View: DF3_20210327_0551_020-022 Rook flying with nesting material in beak (close spaced montage @ 7fps).jpg
Description: A Rook winging his way home to one of the nests in the Black Poplars along our access track.

View: E60_20210330_0934_066_FB3 Rook arrives at Kitchen bird table with long twig.jpg
Description: A Rook brings along quite a substantial twig.

Date: 22 Apr 2021
View: E6A_20210324_1131_126_FB5 Magpie with huge cut main stem in beak.jpg
Description: Optimist!
Not a chance of this huge and out of balance stem making it into the air.

View: D01_20210324_1147_082_FB6 Magpie with long thin twig in beak carried to post top.jpg
Description: That's better - this one has so far made it onto the top of the post.

View: D01_20210326_0912_064+0611_060+1551_082_FB6 Magpie collecting muddy nesting materials over 10 hours (montage).jpg
Description: Over one day what MIGHT be the same Magpie collects beakfuls of muddy vegetation. On the right after a day of such effort the bird beak and breast are absolutely filthy.

Date: 21 Apr 2021
View: BUA_20210323_1952_182_SC8 Roe Deer male near East entrance 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: We have several sightings of this male Roe Deer with antlers in their glory. Note that the antlers are NOT in velvet.

View: BU5_20210328_0454_340_SC1 Roe Deer male with antlers in velvet.jpg
Description: This male Roe Deer passes along the edge of the pond
Note that this male Roe has his substantial Antlers still 'in Velvet' - so we have at least two male Roe Deer visiting.
Both of these male Roe Deer have appeared with a female over a couple of days - we await interesting events

View: BUA_20210328_0553_354_SC8 Roe Deer male with antlers in velvet and female at East entrance 10 of 11 (crop).jpg
Description: An hour later this male Roe Deer is still in the area as the day lightens ...

View: BU8_20210328_0610_083 Roe Deer male with antlers in velvet.jpg
Description: ... and we finally get an image in colour before he departs.

Date: 20 Apr 2021
View: E64_20210323_1748_120_FB2 Mallard Duck pair at woodland site at sunset.jpg
Description: Feeding female Mallard Duck along with her guardian male.
When you see Mallard ducks in public ponds the males mainly seem to be bullies trying to mate with any female that appears, and sometimes females are accidentally drowned by heaps of competing males. But in the more natural surroundings, here the males are very supportive to their chosen 'girl'.

View: E64_20210327_1643_153_FB2 Mallard duck pair - female feeding guarded by male (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: Mallard duck feeding and the Drake waits on guard duty.

Date: 19 Apr 2021
View: E63_20210330_1744_204_FB1 Mallard pair at hedge bottom (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: A Pair of Mallard Ducks at the hedge bottom - the female (left) quacking at her mate. The males call is much softer than the females.

View: BU5_20210328_0051_329_SC1 Fox walking past Mallard Duck pair on water.jpg
Description: In the hour after midnight this Mallard duck pair float safely on the water as the Fox passes by on the nightly rounds. We are sure he know that the ducks are there, and that he stands no chance of catching one at the moment.

View: BU8_20210329_1744_046 Mallard Duck pair flying from Duck Pond.jpg
Description: A pair of Mallard ducks flying off together from the Duck-shaped pond.

Date: 18 Apr 2021
View: BU7_20210323_1653_084 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with clear view of tusks (crop1).jpg
Description: This seem to be a newly arrived male Reeve's Muntjac Deer, distinguished by his rather short antlers, providing a very clear view of his little Tusks seen from this unusual angle (detail as next image).

View: BU7_20210323_1653_084 Muntjac Reeves Deer male with clear view of tusks (crop2).jpg

Date: 17 Apr 2021
View: E64_20210323_0157_071_FB2 Badger.jpg
Description: 5 Hours later what could be the same Badger snuffles his way over the Woodland feeding site.

View: BU2_20210321_2035_586-2036_591_SC7 2 Badgers romping on Round Mound 1-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: All in less than a minute, and we can only guess what is going on.

Date: 16 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210321_0819_037 Cherry Blossom in front garden.jpg
Description: The decades old Cherry tree at the front of the house. We have had to cut back branches threatening the house and overhead phone line, and we are rewarded with even more blossom than usual.

View: D73_20210321_0820_048 Cherry blossom (crop 2).jpg
Description: A much closer view.

View: D73_20210321_1035_081 Cherry Blossom buds (crop 2).jpg
Description: We have lots of cherry trees of various varieties.

Date: 15 Apr 2021
View: BU7_20210318_1408_019+1413_032+1418_038 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer females (one pregnant (q)) near SW entrance (montage).jpg
Description: Two female Reeve's Muntjac Deer at the SW corner.
Top we have our 'resident' with 'scar' along her left flank.
Middle we have a visitor we sometimes see with the male, that has a slightly extended tummy suggesting that she is pregnant.
Bottom the resident is facing the camera, and the visitor shows developing teats at her rear end.

Date: 14 Apr 2021
View: E6A_20210313_1419_127_FB5 Rook stretching upwards with Wings parked.jpg
Description: Aren't I magnificent!

View: BU5_20210311_1155_028-030_SC1 Rook jumping into Round Pond for quick bathe 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Rooks often seem to come for a brief bathe at this pond, but we usually only catch the rook with the ripples. Here in the middle image we see with bird jumping in for at most a few seconds.

View: D5C_20210322_0750_003+001+010 Rook delivery of nest lining 2+1+3 of (montage).jpg
Description: Another bundle of dead leaves get delivered to partner already at the nest. Rooks don't seem to use anything but tangle and gravity to hold their nests together.

Date: 13 Apr 2021
View: BU9_20210317_1042_242+1053_247_SC2 2 Foxes cross orchard 12 minutes apart (montage at identical scales).jpg
Description: Two very different foxes passing this spot inside 12 minutes.

View: BU8_20210317_2014_139+140+2015_141 2 Foxes interacting at Duck Pond 1-3 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of foxes encounter in the night.
Read this left to right. Fighting, greeting, courtship?

View: BU8_20210318_2201_033 Fox youngster.jpg
Description: The size and proportions suggest that this is a fox CUB near Duck Pond. No sign of an adult in the original much wider pic.

Date: 12 Apr 2021
View: D01_20210317_1330_101+102_FB6 Magpie landing on Meadow Post with twig in beak (montage over 400ms).jpg
Description: Magpies are building several nests around the site

View: D01_20210311_0816_003_FB6 Magpie landing ion Meadow Post with beakful of mud.jpg
Description: Magpies glue their nests together with mud - another beakful in transit.

View: BU5_20210317_1552_220_SC1 Rook collecting twig at Round Pond (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: The Rooks have mostly finished their nests, but still like to 'reinforce' them.

Date: 11 Apr 2021
View: E63_20210316_1606_115_FB1 Blackbird male pulling worm from ground (crop).jpg
Description: This Blackbird has found a good-sized worm.
Now starts the struggle to pull it out of the ground!

View: E63_20210316_1617_119_FB1 Yellowhammer male.jpg
Description: A male Yellowhammer visits the hedge bottom.

Date: 10 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210315_1339_033-006 Chaffinch male repeatedly flies to feed at water surface 1+2+4+3 of 5 (montage impression).jpg
Description: Chaffinches are surprisingly agile fliers, and can pluck food from a water's surface while only getting their feet wet. Bottom left in this montage the bird seems to have found a 'take away'.

Date: 09 Apr 2021
View: DF3_20210313_1401_029 Muntjac Reeves Deer male among sprouting Daffodils at east end of Butterfly Alley.jpg
Description: This male Reeve's Muntjac Deer is far from tolerant of humans. This brief sighting was followed by an unhurried departure, but not spotted again.

View: SG5_20210315_1418_214+1453_217_SC5 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer females crossing access track 35mins apart 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: 2 photos from a camera on the access track catches these two female Reeve's Muntjac Deer leaving our patch to move into the farm field opposite. This is two different individuals, the lower one possibly early in pregnancy. The lower deer actually does show a slight mark where the upper deer has the major scrape - possibly one of the entrances is just a bit 'tight' for a grown Muntjac.

Date: 08 Apr 2021
View: DF3_20210313_1452_064 Kestrel female hunts outside conservatory & catches Rodent in grass 32 of 82 (crop).jpg
Description: This Kestrel suddenly appears a few metres from one of the windows hunting in a hover over what passes for our 'Lawn'.

View: DF3_20210313_1452_084 Kestrel female hunts outside conservatory & catches Rodent in grass 45 of 82 (crop).jpg

View: DF3_20210313_1452_100 Kestrel female hunts outside conservatory & catches Rodent in grass 57 of 82 (crop).jpg

View: DF3_20210313_1457_137+142+1458_151 Kestrel female hunts back garden & catches Rodent in grass 70+74+80 of 82 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel hovering in flight doesn't lead to a successful hunt, so she perches in a grass-side overgrown hedging plant and spent a few minutes intently watching the grass. She suddenly launches down out of sight from the window, but creeping out finds a viewpoint of her ripping to bits what looks like a Rodent.

Date: 07 Apr 2021
View: E60_20210312_1551_030_FB3 Sparrowhawk female attacking over Kitchen Perch & peanut feeder (crop 2).jpg
Description: The regular local Sparrowhawk makes another failed hunting pass over the kitchen perch. But she obviously succeeds enough times to keep her going.
A 'Rule-of-Thumb' seems to be that these sort of hunts fail 9 out of 10 times.

View: E60_20210316_1051_034_FB3 Sparrowhawk male.jpg
Description: Another failed hunt by the Sparrowhawk.

Date: 06 Apr 2021
View: D5C_20210313_0904_123-0906_237 Grey Squirrel eating Willow Catkins & breaking twigs to get them 1+2+4+6-8 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: At this time or year the Grey Squirrels make the most of the mass of 'tasty and nutritious' willow catkins. They can't reach most of them along the whippy branches, so bite through the end they can get at (what teeth!) and hold the cut twig to eat.

View: D5C_20210313_0905_172 Grey Squirrel eating Willow Catkins and breaking off twigs to get them 5 of 8 (crop).jpg

View: D73_20210317_1626_086 Willow twigs broken off by foraging Grey Squirrels.jpg
Description: Under another Willow that suffers the same fate is this pile of bitten off twigs complete with some uneaten buds and catkins.
Untidy little blighters!

Date: 05 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210310_1604_046+1610_049 Kestrel female hunting during gale from sheltered places on house (montage).jpg
Description: We hadn't seen the local female Kestrel for over a week, when tramping home in a gale as it begins to rain, we find her on the sheltered north side of the house hunting the grass in front of the main pond (left pic).
6 minutes later there she is, now on the other sheltered wall facing East, on one of her favourite 'electrifying' perches from which she watched us go inside. We don't know how long she stayed.

Date: 04 Apr 2021
View: DF3_20210309_0921_026-028 Rook flying to nest with twig in beak 11-13 of 58 (approx montage).jpg
Description: Now the good easy-to-collect sticks on the concrete track have all gone into the early nests, the later builders have to fly off to collect sticks, and we enjoying watching them flying in with their prizes. These pics are taken from an unbroken sequence of 58 pics at about 7 fps so the sequence is over about 8 seconds.
The bird arrived at huge speed helped by the tailwind ...

View: DF3_20210309_0921_031-044 Rook flying to nest with twig in beak 16+21+25+29 of 58 (impression montage).jpg
Description: ... over the top of the tree housing the nest and looping round ...

View: DF3_20210309_0921_054-063 Rook flying to nest with twig in beak 39+41+44+48 of 58 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: ... now into the wind (so much slower and skipping frames) to aerobrake down onto the nest ...

View: DF3_20210309_0921_073 Rook flying to nest with twig in beak 58 of 58 (crop).jpg
Description: ... where 'he' lands to weave in his new wood, supervised by 'the wife'.

Date: 03 Apr 2021
View: BU7_20210308_1727_066 Muntjac Reeves Deer male showing tusk (orig).jpg
Description: The little 'tusks' sported by adult male Reeve's Muntjac Deer are characteristic, but we haven't seen one in a pic for over a year. So this 'overgrown top jaw tooth' being visible in this image (and another not shown here) was a nice surprise.
Vampire Deer?

View: D73_20210303_1054_143 Muntjac Reeves Deer female nibbling at clump of long grass.jpg
Description: A clump of grass gets delicately nibbled a metre or so away from the photographer. We notice that this little 'dear' never eats the whole of anything but 'pick-and-mixes' her way over the site.

View: D73_20210307_1217_082 Badger paw print in soft mud at base of young Lombardy poplar.jpg
Description: The whole area shows sign in the soft mud of multiple visits by Reeve's Muntjac Deer and the occasional Roe Deer.
Each of the Farm's Lombardy Poplars is surrounded by a sea of mud, and here a Badger shows how soft the ground is by leaving this immaculate Paw and Claw print.

Date: 02 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210308_1408_018 1500 Starlings (approx) in flight 2 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: Following sighting of only a few starlings, we were really surprised to see this elegant moving cloud to the south, rising up and landing for a cause we couldn't see. We estimate 1500 birds in this section you can see.

Date: 01 Apr 2021
View: D73_20210307_0818_047-054 Rook flying with twig in beak 2+1+3+4 (close spaced montage).jpg
Description: After moaning about the lack of Rooks in flight with twigs to build nests, several new nests have several birds carrying in twigs.
The frame rate of the camera (10fps) and the birds wingbeats didn't match very well, so we have selected a sequence to provide Top + middle + end of the power stroke & finally + the upstroke with wings partly folded.

Image Archive arch 2021 mar.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Mar 2021
View: E6A_20210305_1638_117_FB5 Grey Squirrel nibbling cooked potato.jpg
Description: Grey Squirrel Heaven?

View: D73_20210307_1428_088 Grey Squirrel watching from bottom of south hedge.jpg
Description: Facing the sunshine, this Squirrel squats at the base of the outer hedge enjoying a bit of unaccustomed warm sunshine.

View: BU7_20210308_0959_010-012 2 Grey Squirrels chasing around tree-trunk 2-4 of 4 (impression montage).jpg
Description: We sometimes see Grey Squirrels chasing round and round in circles around large tree trunks, but rarely catch it 'on film'. This automatic camera was luckier and caught this pair at their antics.

View: E64_20210309_1713_125_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating Banana skin like stick of rock.jpg
Description: This Squirrel chews a Banana skin like a stick of celery.

Date: 30 Mar 2021
View: E63_20210219_1424_173_FB1 Pheasant male leaping as Grey Squirrel attacks.jpg
Description: In the Left corner: 'Teeth and Claws' Squirrel.
In the Right Corner: 'Beak and Spurs' Pheasant.

View: E63_20210220_1638_236_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: This years glorious Pheasant male. We are STILL waiting to see a female on camera or with eyes :-(

View: BU9_20210228_1116_270-1117_272_SC2 Pheasant male at end of orchard 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This magnificent male Pheasant stomps his way across the orchard.

View: BU9_20210228_1116_270_SC2 Pheasant male at end of orchard 1 of 3 - staring at camera (crop).jpg
Description: The left image catches him apparently staring at the automatic camera, but more probably something on the same tree.

Date: 29 Mar 2021
View: E64_20210227_0203_162_FB2 Badger.jpg
Description: A Badger visits at 2 a.m.
How do they keep the muzzle so pristine white in our seas of mud?

View: E63_20210302_0640_068_FB1 Badger with mud-spattered head.jpg
Description: A couple of days later we see this badger out in the soggy dawn looking very much far from pristine.

Date: 28 Mar 2021
View: E64_20210213_0912_218_FB2 Wood Pigeon leaning sideways about 45 degrees.jpg
Description: What this Wood Pigeon is up to we can't even imagine.

View: E63_20210226_1628_116_FB1 Wood Pigeon wary of approaching Pheasant male.jpg
Description: Wood Pigeons and Pheasants usually co-exist without problems. The Pigeon is probably needlessly alarmed by the arrival of the bigger bird.

Date: 27 Mar 2021
View: DF3_20210226_0949_039 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn left in fallow field runs off 01 of 17 (crop).jpg
Description: Its the time of year to look across the empty fields in the hope of spotting Hares. This brown creature, recumbent in a patch of weeds, didn't look like a Hare (ears too short) not a Rabbit (wrong body shape).

View: DF3_20210226_0950_042-050 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn left in fallow field runs off 02-10 of 17 (approx montage).jpg
Description: It suddenly took fright and fled, moving rapidly over the uneven surface in leaps and bounds, revealing itself to be Reeve's Muntjac Deer Fawn. At about 7 fps (so a bit over 1 second here) this is an accurate montage of the foreshortened view.

View: DF3_20210226_0950_054+057 Muntjac Reeves Deer Fawn left in fallow field runs off 14+17 of 17 (accurate montage for gait consistency).jpg
Description: While selecting which images to montage we noticed that these frames 14 and 17 were almost identical, although the background indicate definitely different images. The timing is pure chance, but we find it uncanny.

Date: 26 Mar 2021
View: BU7_20210225_1626_080 Rook with thick twig in beak.jpg
Description: Several hours trying and failing to catch Rooks flying in with stick or other nesting material our trusty 'trail cam' at the end of the orchard does the the 'ground-selection' phase for us.

View: BU3_20210226_0937_118-20210227_0740_289_SC6 Rooks collecting twigs from access track (montage).jpg
Description: Our failure to get decent pics of bird carrying twigs to the nest is at least partially explained by the access track being so liberally scattered with fallen twigs that the Rooks just have to jump down to get them.
All these images taken by one trail cam.

View: D73_20210303_1228_166-190 Rook stealing twigs from adjacent nest 1-3+5-7 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: It's even easier to collect twigs if your neighbour leaves his nest unguarded. The thief collected two thin twigs on this visit you can see crossing near the beak.

View: BU5_20210302_1435_186_SC1 Rook carrying nest lining at edge of Round Pond.jpg
Description: Most of the nests are already mostly built, so its time to collect moss and leaves to line the cups.

Date: 25 Mar 2021
View: BU5_20210225_1557_055-057_SC1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walking up to Round Pond edge 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Our female Reeve's Muntjac Deer rubs the top of her head on the ground before walking up to the edge of the pond for a drink. In the Rightmost frame you can see her enormous tongue possibly using the water to groom her muzzle.

View: D73_20210225_0735_083 Muntjac Reeves Deer female scenting photographer.jpg
Description: Our endearing Deer - hoping some corn will appear?

Date: 24 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210222_0713_213 Shieldbug Hawthorn adult on slate covering FB4 2 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: This little Shieldbug nearly got flattened as we replaced this protective slate that shields the window of the camera box looking at the tree-stump.

Date: 23 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210221_1219_154 Round pond still surface reflecting surrounding trees (3 worlds).jpg
Description: Reminiscent of the Escher's picture 'Three Worlds'
without the fish but with leaves both floating and submerged.

Date: 22 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210221_1231_202 Muntjac Reeves Deer female gazing up at photographer.jpg
Description: The female Muntjac Deer regularly walks right up to us where we can normally throw some corn on the ground for her.

View: D73_20210221_1231_202 Muntjac Reeves Deer female reflection in eye detail.jpg
Description: From the above pic her enormous brown eyes show a reflection of our house, the photographer visually to the left. The image is rotated and lightened to make it clearer.

Date: 21 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210220_1243_066 Snowdrops in flower.jpg
Description: This year has been a major event for Snowdrops, clumps appearing where we have never noticed them before. We assume that something about this Spring has produced lots of 'first flowerings' for clumps not previously noticed without the flowers

View: D73_20210222_1548_030 Snowdrop clumps at bottom of old apple tree in orchard.jpg

View: D73_20210222_1551_048 Snowdrop flowers at bottom of old apple tree in orchard.jpg

View: BU8_20210224_1705_096 Muntjac Reeves Deer female examining Snowdrops.jpg
Description: Do I like Snowdrops?
Thank goodness not, or we wouldn't have to enjoy ourselves!

Date: 20 Mar 2021
View: D01_20210209_1431_063+1437_064+065_FB6 Green Woodpecker male making 2 visits to Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: The local Green Woodpecker is very nervous of humans, so we hardly ever see him for ourselves. But he seems to find the Meadow Post an acceptable place to perch.

View: D01_20210218_1539_056_FB6 Green Woodpecker landing on Meadow Post.jpg
Description: A Green Woodpecker stops for a moment on the meadow post.

Date: 19 Mar 2021
View: D01_20210217_1624_033+034_FB6 Kestrel female lands on Meadow Post with Rodent in claws 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: The local female kestrel brings her latest catch (looks like a Vole - her favourite!) to the meadow post to 'prepare and consume'.

View: D01_20210221_0958_125+126+0959_128_FB6 Kestrel female 2 min visit to Meadow Post 1+2+4 of 4 (montage intervals 400mS+60Sec).jpg
Description: This time 'empty clawed', the local female Kestrel spends a couple of minutes eyeing over the rough grass from the meadow post.

Date: 18 Mar 2021
View: E6A_20210215_1621_119_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding watched by human at rear (adjusted crop with insert).jpg
Description: As you will see, the resident female Reeve's Muntjac Deer has become absurdly 'tame'. This photo taken by an automatic camera and showing yours truly on the other side. The light was poor and the automatic camera (with flash) took this much better photo. The insert shows that she seems ONLY interested in the mixed corn - but grass and mixed corn if you throw some corn into the grass.

View: BU7_20210218_1052_032 Muntjac Reeves Deer female twisting to groom with left rear hoof.jpg
Description: We notice that there is one patch on her body she can't quite groom properly at the very rear of her back. She probably scratches it against tree bark, but it never looks quite pristine.

View: D73_20210221_1227_171 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at edge of vegetable bed.jpg
Description: Near the nose you see patches of ruffled fur that she never manages to smooth down ...

View: D73_20210221_1228_184 Muntjac Reeves Deer female spending several second grooming tail.jpg
Description: ... but she can comb her tail out with her teeth!

Date: 17 Mar 2021
View: E64_20210213_0115_189_FB2 Badger.jpg
Description: A Badger stops by for a portrait - but more importantly to hoover up some scraps.

View: BUA_20210213_0349_091+093_SC8 Badger foraging near east entrance 1+2 of 2 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A couple of hours later a Badger makes their way toward the east hedge gap, still foraging along the way.

Date: 16 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210212_0715_012 Sunrise (crop).jpg
Description: A lurid and rather threatening Sunrise to the South East ...

View: D73_20210212_0715_021 Sunrise (crop).jpg
Description: ... while a few wispy clouds to the South West picked up the same colour.

View: D73_20210214_0715_001 Sunrise (crop).jpg
Description: 2 days after one lurid sunrise we get another even more vivid, but doesn't seem as threatening

View: D73_20210214_0716_019 2 Mute Swans flying through sunrise (crop 1).jpg
Description: 2 Mute Swans were flying in the distance against these glorious sunrise colours.

Date: 15 Mar 2021
View: DF3_20210211_0933_005+0934_013+0936_096 Kestrel female flies to Black Poplar with Rodent and eats it over 5 minutes 1+2+4 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: Returning from a walk we approached this tree from the well-lit south and with a woosh the local female Kestrel arrived to perch turning as she landed from the other side. At the time we didn't notice the Rodent clutched in her claws. She jumped down out of sight into the ivy which clothes this tree. By walking down the concrete track a few metres to the north side of the tree we found her in the dark busy ripping up and eating her meal. We left her to feed as we went back home to get back out of the freezing gale.

View: DF3_20210213_1247_006-011 Kestrel female in flight into gale by conifer 1-6 of 6 (accurate montage @7fps).jpg
Description: A Gale blowing from the left allows our local female Kestrel to rise from her perch with barely a flap of the wings. Accurately montaged over 1 second.

Date: 14 Mar 2021
View: DF3_20210210_1259_050 Muntjac Reeves Deer female grooming front leg.jpg
Description: In a spell of sunshine 'our' female Reeves Muntjac Deer stops in the dappled shade of a weeping Silver birch to tend to an itch on her leg.

View: E64_20210210_1348_005_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female.jpg
Description: We expected that Reeve's Muntjac Deer would eat a variety of food from the baited sites, but so far all we see is her licking up corn.

View: E6A_20210213_1741_274+1734_273_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding for at least 7 minutes (montage).jpg
Description: The resident female Reeve's Muntjac Deer spent at least 7 minutes feeding at this site. moving round to conveniently get at different parts and providing us with a view from both sides.

Date: 13 Mar 2021
View: E64_20210208_1630_118_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating Banana peel in melting snow.jpg
Description: Chomp - Chomp - Chomp
The Grey Squirrel tucks into this strip of Banana peel.

View: E64_20210209_1501_176_FB2 Grey Squirrel leaping away from another with tail vertically down to ground.jpg
Description: Is this an 'Indian  Rope  Tail trick'?

View: BU5_20210210_1340_028-030_SC1 Grey Squirrel runs onto Round Pond Ice 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Several Grey squirrels venture out onto the ice over several days.
What they find there we guess could be fallen catkins and such.

View: D36_20210212_1624_049_FB4 Grey Squirrel on Tree-stump in Teapot pose.jpg
Description: Its no good - this Grey Squirrel looks like an imaginative design for a Teapot, handle on the left, lid bulging upwards, and spout on the right.

Date: 12 Mar 2021
View: BU2_20210202_0046_196-198_SC7 Polecat running up Round Mound (montage).jpg
Description: Just after midnight the Polecat approaches one of the Rabbit Warren access holes.
Quote: They are slender enough to chase rabbits into their warrens to catch them, so are specialised to underground predation.

View: BU7_20210210_0255_122+0256_126+BU9_0258_349-351 Polecat visits flooded ditch (rolling) + S of orchard 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: We normally see the Polecat in the South of our patch, but here they are at the far South East corner by the flooded ditch. The middle image seems to show the Polecat rolling herself on the bank of the flooded ditch.

Date: 11 Mar 2021
View: BUA_20210207_1100_001-003_SC8 Fox entering through east hedge gap 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A Fox enters the site in Mid-morning, and has a quick look around before setting off on the hunt.

View: BUA_20210210_0944_038_SC8 Fox looks back before leaving snowy site 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: This Fox glances back into our patch as she leaves through the East hedge.

View: BU7_20210211_1945_081 Fox walking along frozen ditch water 3 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: We catch this unexpected sight of a Fox quietly padding along the frozen surface of the southern ditch.

View: BU2_20210213_0240_243_SC7 Fox sitting with legs crossed on Round Mound.jpg
Description: A laid-back fox sits with legs crossed.

Date: 10 Mar 2021
View: D5C_20210209_1117_085-1119_160 Redpoll feeding on Great Willowherb seeds 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: A Redpoll feeds for several minutes on the seeds from last years Great Willowherb flowers outside the Living Room window.
A search of our archives shows that we see one or more Redpolls every few years. We have always ID's the bird as a Redpoll, but our more recent bird ID books (i.e. published in the 21st century!) show an additional species - the Lesser Redpoll - which we think that this, and our earlier photos, probably is.

Date: 09 Mar 2021
View: D01_20210207_1619_019+023_FB6 Sparrowhawk male 4 minute visit to meadow post 3+7 of 8 (montage).jpg
Description: Surprise! The MALE Sparrowhawk visits the meadow post for a few minutes. He did similar once last year. Male Sparrowhawks are smaller than the females and the pair don't compete too much for prey.
From the RSPB site: The female takes prey up to wood pigeon size, but the smaller male does not catch anything bigger than the mistle thrush.

Date: 08 Mar 2021
View: E6A_20210205_1302_150_FB5-DF3_1304_026 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at FB5 (auto & hand-held cameras) 01+03+05+07 of 10 (orig).jpg
Description: We came across our 'resident' female Reeve's Muntjac Deer feeding at the meadow site and watched her technique for licking up corn grains which we could just hear her crunching with her teeth. So here we have views from both sides - top left and bottom right from the automatic camera, and top right and bottom left from a hand-held camera. The bottom right image show the cameraman's legs as he took the pics. The camera resolutions are different, and it worked out to be more naturally not to align the pics.

View: DF3_20210205_1307_035 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at FB5 (auto & hand-held cameras) 08 of 10 (crop 1).jpg
Description: 5 minutes later she had wandered into some rank grass where she was finding something to her taste.

View: DF3_20210205_1307_035 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding at FB5 (auto & hand-held cameras) 08 of 10 (crop 2).jpg
Description: Now that's what we call 'Licking your Chops'!

View: E6A_20210206_1322_220-1331_222_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female clearing corn from small patch over 9mins 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Plant your feet and eat your fill.

Date: 07 Mar 2021
View: E6A_20210204_1439_115_FB5 Wood Pigeon stepping onto stone in drizzle.jpg
Description: It's drizzling again, but this Wood Pigeon still looks magnificent.

View: D01_20210206_1521_154_FB6 Wood Pigeon arrival displaced another from Meadow Post.jpg
Description: Wood Pigeons changing over on the Meadow Post.
NOT a montage.

Date: 06 Mar 2021
View: BU2_20210204_0345_082-084_SC7 2 Badgers encounter at base of Round Mound 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of badgers romping - one way or another - in the still of the night.

View: E64_20210204_0355_013_FB2 Badger (crop).jpg
Description: 10 minutes later a Badger wanders through the woodland photo site about 40 metres away.

Date: 05 Mar 2021
View: D5C_20210131_1334_053+054 Grey Squirrel raiding peanut feeder with top forced off 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: The cable-tie style Peanut feeder lid lock got the Squirrel style 'keep working on it' treatment and this one finally gets the top off and could gorge themselves!

View: E60_20210201_1056_020+1123_022+1124_023_FB3 2 Grey Squirrels squabbling at kitchen bird tale (montage).jpg
Description: Over half an hour these two Grey squirrel endlessly contest access to the currently open-topped peanut feeder. The position of the fleeing Squirrel is uncannily consistent - such are automatic triggers.

View: D5C_20210201_1126_131 Grey Squirrel raiding opened peanut feeder (crop).jpg
Description: By next morning only 1cm of nuts is left. To get at them requires this quite extreme & claustrophobic gymnastics.

View: D5C_20210202_1124_155 Grey Squirrel frustrated by replaced (closed) peanut feeder.jpg
Description: Next day - the alternate feeder (black lid - where the original fastening still works) is really frustrating the Squirrels - for now.

Date: 04 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210207_0917_140 Snowdrops along NW bank of main pond (crop 2).jpg
Description: This delightful strip of Snowdrops along the NW edge of the main pond is here photographed across the water. From about 20 bulbs planted decades ago they have spread several metres either way, of which this just the centre section to retain some flower detail.
The deer and Rabbit obviously don't like the taste!

Date: 03 Mar 2021
View: D01_20210203_1418_057_FB6 Buzzard short visit to Meadow Post 1 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: A Buzzard hasn't been apparent in the sky, so we were surprised to find this visit recorded on the Meadow post in the afternoon.

View: D01_20210203_1418_058+1419_060_FB6 Buzzard short visit to Meadow Post 2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The image on the left is about 400mS after the approach above.

Date: 02 Mar 2021
View: D73_20210127_1056_007 Muntjac Reeves Deer female.jpg
Description: A 'resident' female Reeve's Muntjac Deer has found a shrub in our 'garden' that is literally 'to her taste'.

View: D73_20210127_1057_024-1058_071 Muntjac Reeves Deer female eating leaves from shrub in garden 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Reeve's Muntjac Deer closes her mouth over a leaf and then yanks the whole bush about until it comes away.
Parks with deer show a browse line on trees and bushes that corresponds to how high the resident Deer can reach. We are now seeing development of a similar, though lower, line on our own patch, from the attentions of the Muntjac Deer.

Date: 01 Mar 2021
View: DF3_20210117_1059_090 Contrail with shadow on hazy cloud below (crop).jpg
Description: An event we ave only recorded once before (in 2005) is a 'dark contrail'. In both cases the effect was obviously a real contrail casting a shadow on hazy cloud below.

View: D73_20210131_0901_003 Cloudscape.jpg
Description: A rather attractive morning cloudscape looking east.

Image Archive arch 2021 feb.htm (view it Here)

Date: 28 Feb 2021
View: DF3_20210128_1009_014+017 Kestrel female preening on telephone pole footrest 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel on one of her favourite perches. We think she must have just had a feed - feather maintenance was the order of the day.

View: DF3_20210128_1010_021+022+024 Kestrel female perched on telephone pole footrest 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A glance at the Pesky Human - Oh its THEM - nothing to worry about ...

View: DF3_20210128_1011_026-1012_037 Kestrel female preening on telephone pole footrest 1+2+4+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: ... so back to the preening.

Date: 27 Feb 2021
View: DF3_20210128_1018_068-099 Red Kite circling overhead 34-34 of 65 (close spaced montage).jpg
Description: A bit of sunshine and blue sky brought along this Red Kite who flew almost over as they flew in from the SW and turned to go off to the SE. A pick from 65 pics at 10fps close spaced for effect.

View: DF3_20210128_1018_084+086 Red Kite circling overhead 19+21 of 65 (montage).jpg
Description: Two more moments from the Red-Kite flyover

View: D73_20210131_1105_017-019 Little Egret flying over Leamington Farmhouse 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage @10fps).jpg
Description: Another irregular sighting of a Little Egret.
Here most of the feet are again black with mud, but this time the claw tips are clearly the yellow we expect for this species.

Date: 26 Feb 2021
View: D73_20210203_0939_062-083 Muntjac Reeves Deer female eating shrub leaves avoiding blackberry thorns 1+4+9+9 of 9 (montage).jpg
Description: Our resident browse-line maker seems to like this shrub, and carefully avoids the annoying spiky Blackberry stems growing up through the bush.

View: E64_20210203_1318_148_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female visits to photo sites over 2 days 4 of 4 (orig & final).jpg
Description: 4 hours later the local female Reeve's Muntjac Deer wanders through the woodland camera site.

View: E63_20210202_1642_092-D73_20210204_1248_004_FB1 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at 3 sites in 40mins + House 1-3 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: In just 40 minutes the 'resident' female Reeve's Muntjac Deer visits all 3 high resolution photo sites. A couple of days later she eats her way across the front garden oblivious to the cameraman.

Date: 25 Feb 2021
View: E6A_20210202_0710_101_FB5 Fox hunting before dawn (crop 1).jpg
Description: Just before dawn the homeward bound fox has a last pass through the meadow.

View: BU8_20210121_1957_034-036 2 Foxes walk to edge of Duck pond and squabble1-3 of 3 (montage of a few seconds).jpg
Description: These 3 images of 2 foxes are all taken within a few seconds of one-another. We GUESS that's a male on the left making premature overtures to a female, but we could be entirely wrong.

View: BU7_20210201_0950_004 Fox leaping over flooded ditch.jpg
Description: Typically 5mm (1/4 inch) of rain is falling every day. The blocked ditch is overflowing into the farm land and this fox decides to jump over rather than paddle though half a metre of muddy water.

Date: 24 Feb 2021
View: D5C_20210124_1229_040 Grey Squirrel digging through snow to find food.jpg
Description: Having exhausted the easy-to-reach corn on the bird table above, The Grey Squirrel started 'burrowing' through the snow to reach the ground below where the Squirrel was finding things to eat hidden from view.

View: BU8_20210125_0736_007+008+011+012 Fox walking on snow near Duck Pond 1-4 of 4 (approx montage).jpg
Description: A Fox passes by the Duck-shaped Pond (on the right) checking the snow for something to eat.

View: E6A_20210125_1237_039_FB5 Magpie feeding on snow.jpg
Description: Magpies look quite weird in snow.

View: E6A_20210125_1602_049_FB5 Rook pair feeding together in snow (crop).jpg
Description: A pair of Rooks quietly sharing some mixed corn unearthed from the snow.
Undoubtedly a 'pair'.

Date: 23 Feb 2021
View: BU3_20210124_1002_048_SC6 Fox hunting on access track during start of snowfall.jpg
Description: For a few hours there was a moderate fall of snow. While only a light dusting this Fox stops on our concrete access track

View: D01_20210124_1027_336_FB6 Jackdaw on Meadow Post in falling snow.jpg
Description: A Jackdaw braves the falling snow for a viewpoint to find something to eat.

View: BU5_20210124_1028_236_SC1 Grey Squirrel on snowy bank of frozen pond.jpg
Description: Inside the tree-sheltered woodland this small young Grey Squirrel has probably never seen ice or snow before.
"What the *&%^$ is this?"

View: E60_20210124_1051_021_FB3 Grey Squirrel finding corn under snow on bird table in falling snow (crop).jpg
Description: On the exposed kitchen bird table this Grey Squirrel burrows beneath the falling snow to reach the corn placed there earlier.

Date: 22 Feb 2021
View: E60_20210124_1413_034_FB3 Sparrowhawk landing on Kitchen perch in snow (crop 2).jpg
Description: It is cold, and the Sparrowhawk is hungry.

Date: 21 Feb 2021
View: E60_20210122_0901_001_FB3 Wood Pigeon on kitchen bird table against sunlit Dogwood.jpg
Description: A currently rare moment of sunshine illuminates the Dogwood at the rear of the main pond as this Wood Pigeon makes an elegant touchdown.

View: D5C_20210122_1127_018 Grey Squirrel scraping from pollarded willow 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: At the moment any sunny morning will find one or more Grey Squirrels enjoying this sheltered tree-stump. These creatures seem to find the bark of this Pollarded Willow a desirable snack - like this moment here they will scape away at the top edge of the bark - the pale wood along the top edge shows where they have already been.

View: BU7_20210126_0220_104 Fox at edge of flooded ditch.jpg
Description: The ditch hasn't frozen because the run-off from seemingly endless rain keeps the water moving. Several creatures stop by to drink - this Fox turns to check out something back on the bank of the ditch.

Date: 20 Feb 2021
View: BU8_20210123_0817_076 Fox carrying large prey in mouth.jpg
Description: The distance + poor light make it hard to identify what this Fox has caught to take home for Breakfast. Wrong colour for a Rabbit or Pigeon, too big for a rodent, so we guess a corvid of some sort.

View: DF5_20210123_0916_018 Muntjac Reeves Deer and fox face each other across main pond 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: This Fox spent a few minutes investigating the main pond, but he was being watched from the island by a female Deer, and decided to depart.

View: DF5_20210123_0918_035+0919_044 Muntjac Reeves Deer cleaning rear hoof then scratching neck with it 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: Once the Fox had gone the Deer relaxed and stayed by the tree on the island for at least a couple of hours.
Muntjac Grooming Manual: Clean your hoof before using it to scratch your neck

View: D73_20210123_0934_012 Muntjac Reeves Deer female on Main pond island.jpg
Description: We caught this en-deer-ing (sorry) moment before she settled down on the ground taking occasional mouthfuls of the 'weeds' around her.

Date: 19 Feb 2021
View: E63_20210122_0748_146_FB1 Blackbird female looking upwards.jpg
Description: Female Blackbird demonstrates her 'The Exorcist' style twisting head movement.

View: E6A_20210126_0721_056_FB5 Blackbird male feeding on snow.jpg
Description: A male Blackbird probes the snow where he knows that there might be some corn.

Date: 18 Feb 2021
View: D01_20210125_1403_047-048_FB6 Kestrel female lands on Meadow Post with Vole in claws as snow melts 1+2 of 2 (montage 400ms).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel flies in to the Meadow Post carrying what looks like a Short-tailed Field Vole in her left claw. She didn't stay here to eat it.

View: D01_20210119_1238_017+20210121_1428_069_FB6 Kestrel female brief moments at Meadow Post 1+3 of 3 (impression montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel makes an almost 'bounce' visit to the meadow post.

View: D73_20210123_1254_032 Kestrel female on footrest of disused telephone pole.jpg
Description: The female Kestrel spends hours on some days hunting over the grass margin outside our south hedge. Here she is watching us, but soon returns her gaze to the more important grass margin for her fill of worms and insect larvae.

Date: 17 Feb 2021
View: DF5_20210121_1441_011+013+1442_017 Kestrel female hunting from perch in Ash tree on Main pond island 1+2+3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Sitting in the living room we saw 'our' female Kestrel Whizz by the Window to loop round and perch on the Ash tree on the main pond island for a couple of minutes.

View: E60_20210121_1444_008+1438_007_FB3 Kestrel female on Kitchen perch and flyby (montage).jpg
Description: Next morning we discovered that the female Kestrel had a few minutes earlier flown over the Kitchen Window Perch (left image below) and a few minutes later landed on the perch (right image below) presumably to hunt over the rough grass below.
So this montage isn't what it looks like!

Date: 16 Feb 2021
View: E63_20210119_1044_063_FB1 Great Tit and Blue Tit feeding.jpg
Description: A Great Tit (left) and Blue Tit quietly feeding together

View: D73_20210117_1215_047 18 Goldfinches arrayed in top of tree.jpg
Description: 18 Goldfinches visited this tree near the edge of the meadow.

View: D73_20210117_1217_060 Goldfinch (ID only).jpg
Description: 17 of the goldfinches flew off together, but this one stayed on for a while.

View: E6A_20210116_0801_125_FB5 Chaffinch male in first smattering of sleet.jpg
Description: A Handsome male Chaffinch ignoring the tomato in favour of more nutritious fare. An overnight sleet shower has melted over most of the site, but for some reason stayed at the centre of the Meadow Camera target area.

Date: 15 Feb 2021
View: DF3_20210116_1354_076 Muntjac Reeves Deer female in thicket near south hedge 2 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: This beautiful quiet creature seems pretty much inured to our presence. Here she was browsing in a thicket, mainly eating leaves from the still active Blackberry plants.

View: DF3_20210116_1354_078 Muntjac Reeves Deer female in thicket near south hedge 3 of 3 (crop 2).jpg
Description: After a few mouthfuls she moved over to having a little groom.

View: E6A_20210116_1403_186_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female at meadow site 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: A few minutes later the female Reeve's Muntjac Deer grazes quietly on the limited grass at this site in the middle of the afternoon.

View: BU7_20210118_2147_038 Muntjac Reeves Deer male crossing flooded ditch.jpg
Description: A male Reeve's Muntjac Deer stepping out of the flooded ditch. His little Antlers look particularly sharp and don't match the male's that we have been seeing up to now at the eastern camera.

Date: 14 Feb 2021
View: DF3_20210116_1340_010+011+013+015 Rook launching from Wooden Power pole 1+2+4+6 of 6 (acc montage @7fps skipping frames).jpg
Description: Rook activity is on the 'up'.
This one flew from the top of 'our' wooden electricity pole ...

View: DF3_20210116_1345_023 Rook calling then launching from bent over twig 01 of 15 (crop).jpg
Description: ... to land on a vertical twig that immediately bent over by 90 degrees. You can see here that the bird has 2 twigs in the claws. One twig clearly could not have supported the birds weight, but catching 2 vertical stems simultaneously and bending them in synchrony really requires some wonderful flying skills. After a few calls the bird departed, leaving the twigs flailing about

View: DF3_20210116_1345_047-050 Rook calling then launching from bent over twig 12-15 of 15 accurate montage @7fps.jpg
Description: The end of the birds flight that we saw accurately montaged at 7 fps.

Date: 13 Feb 2021
View: E60_20210115_1428_011_FB3 Sparrowhawk flying over kitchen bird table (crop).jpg
Description: This Sparrowhawk makes a disappointed pass of the Kitchen bird-feeder complex.

Date: 12 Feb 2021
View: BU2_20210115_0458_140+142+143_SC7 Badgers mating on Round Mound 2+4+5 of 6 (spread montage).jpg
Description: Here we see a pair of Badgers mating at the bottom of the mound at 5 a.m. while as completely dark as it gets here.
A description of where Badgers mate suggest that it is 'close to the Sett', but the only Sett we know of is several hundred metres away. Maybe there is something that we haven't found yet!

Date: 11 Feb 2021
View: DF2_20210114_1019_014 Muntjac Reeves Deer female crossing flooded front drive.jpg
Description: Here you can see that the Deer's fur is drenched in what turned out to be a day of non-stop rain. The pools of water are in what constitutes our front driveway with the Deer's little hooves sinking into the saturated soil.

View: BU7_20210117_0530_143 Fox drinking from flooded ditch (crop).jpg
Description: This fox paddles through the flooded ditch - several images at different times capture the Fox having a drink of the paddling water.

Date: 10 Feb 2021
View: D73_20210111_1409_011-013 Rook harassing Buzzard over field to north 1-3 of 3 (montage @10fps double spaced).jpg
Description: A walk down to the north bridleway found a Buzzard perched on one of the 11kV crossbars, But while still 100m away the Buzzard departed. A local Rook took exception to the Buzzard and gave chase. The Rooks are not nest building yet, but Buzzards are a risk to Rook eggs and nestlings so it is never too early to start shooing them away.

View: D73_20210115_1512_026 Buzzard on 11kV crossbar.jpg
Description: Several sightings of a Buzzard on the 11kV crossbars along the north Bridleway. About 100m is about as close as we are allowed to get!

View: D01_20210118_1442_029+030_FB6 Buzzard lands on Meadow Post 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400ms).jpg
Description: This Buzzard visited our 'Meadow Post, for a short visit. It doesn't look like the Buzzard seen on the crossbars, but it's difficult to be sure.

Date: 09 Feb 2021
View: E6A_20210108_1450_167-20210110_0902_274_FB5 Molehills forming over 2 days 01+04+06+08 of 10 (montage).jpg
Description: Over 2 days the automatic camera at this sight recorded the appearance of first 1 substantial Molehill, and then next night another perhaps half a metre away, burying the new placed stone in the process. The hills were just behind the IR trigger beam, so we see an assortment of the locals visiting the site. Unfortunately we never caught a pic of the little 'Gentleman in Velvet' who made the mounds.
Bottom left is our female Kestrel ...

View: D01_20210109_1524_154+155_FB6+E6A_1524_259_FB5 Kestrel female lands on Meadow Post & attacks at FB5 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: ... who had landed on the Meadow post a minute or two before or after the flight over the Molehill. All these pics have the same time stamps from different cameras, so we can't tell to the minute even which came first.

Date: 08 Feb 2021
View: E6A_20210108_0839_108+0953_115_FB5 Weasel carrying Bird (q) then Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) in mouth 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: Two sightings of a Weasel about an hour apart, each time with a kill in the mouth. On the left, with the night frost still evident, we think she has taken some sort of 'Little Brown Bird', and on the right undoubtedly an unfortunate Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).
A versatile little predator!

Date: 07 Feb 2021
View: E6A_20210107_1145_028_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer female eating corn on frosty ground 1 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: Our Apparently resident female Reeve's Muntjac Deer has made several appearances in the last few days, both for automatic cameras and right in front of yours truly.
Here she triggers the Meadow camera.

View: D71_20210108_1224_014 Muntjac Reeves Deer female by hedge outside livingroom window 3 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: Here we see her through the living room window on the other side of a really poor bit of hedging that is in shade almost all year.

View: D71_20210108_1224_015 Muntjac Reeves Deer female by hedge outside livingroom window 4 of 4 (crop).jpg

View: E64_20210108_1632_108_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female.jpg
Description: Here she is at the Woodland camera site, licking up corn grain (amongst other stuff we prefer not to think about).

Date: 06 Feb 2021
View: D73_20210107_0935_010 Sun viewed through Fog.jpg
Description: A day of never ending fog started with this brief appearance of the sun looking more like a bland moon.
At times of 'Solar Maximum' we would expect to see a few sunspots, but we are leaving a time of 'Solar Minimum' with very few spots to see, and we confirmed that there weren't any on this side of the sun when we took this photo.

View: D73_20210111_0717_163 Moon in thin crescent rising through lurid dawn (crop).jpg
Description: While out exchanging the camera cards on our twice weekly round, we noticed this thin crescent moon peeping through this lurid sunrise.
In line with 'Red Sky in Morning, Shepherd's warning' the following day was truly grim!

Date: 05 Feb 2021
View: D01_20210106_1522_165+166_FB6 Buzzard (q) landing on meadow post 1+2 of 2 (montage over 400mS).jpg
Description: As the sun lowers in the sky (not that it ever gets to any great height at the moment) this Buzzard makes a landing on the Meadow post, but doesn't stay. These two moments are less than half a second apart.

View: D01_20210105_1200_070_FB6 Wood Pigeon about to land by or on another at meadow post.jpg
Description: "Behind you!"
This is the same pole that the Buzzard landed on, providing a size comparison

Date: 04 Feb 2021
View: D73_20210106_1249_059 Muntjac Reeves Deer female walking to camera.jpg
Description: Stopping for a moment to watch the Kestrel on a distant post, this little creature quietly ambles towards us until a few metres away. She sees us, jumps for a moment, but then quietly turns, feeds a bit more, and wanders away.

Date: 03 Feb 2021
View: E60_20210105_0317_005_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on kitchen perch.jpg
Description: This Tawny Owl lands at the kitchen window nicely in focus.

Date: 02 Feb 2021
View: E6A_20201231_2126_084_FB5 Polecat.jpg
Description: The local Polecat passes through the camera trap in the meadow.
Taken about 2 hours before the end of year 2020

View: BU2_20210107_0635_409-411_SC7 Polecat foraging along base of Round Mound 1-3 of 3 (approx montage).jpg
Description: A week later we see what is probably the same Polecat over a few seconds as she scampers left to right along the bottom of the mound.
A Polecat may be the nearest creature we have to the American 'Groundhog', whose day is celebrated each 2 February,

Date: 01 Feb 2021
View: D73_20210103_1001_084 Kestrel female hunting from top of drenched wooden mains power pole.jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel on the top of our mains electricity pole.

View: D73_20210105_1100_017 Kestrel female perched in dappled shadow on tree at end of orchard.jpg
Description: Two days later we find the local female kestrel perched in one of the trees along our south hedge.

View: D73_20210106_1305_107 Kestrel female resting and preening on wooden electricity pole top.jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel has a rest and occasional preen on the top of our wooden power pole. Through the tangle of branches from inside our 'orchard' we think she never saw us, and we left her in peace.

Image Archive arch 2021 jan.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Jan 2021
View: E63_20201229_1503_031_FB1 Dunnock and Blackbird.jpg
Description: A little teatime conversation?
Well at least these two birds are prepared to tolerate each other collecting food to see them through the night.

View: E60_20201230_1549_022_FB3 Sparrowhawk over Kitchen Bird Table & peanut feeder.jpg
Description: As the daylight fades, the female Sparrowhawk makes a final failed pass over the kitchen window feeder.
"I'll have to wait for the morning breakfast queue"

Date: 30 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201229_1011_018 Teasel head inverted and rammed in to top of small tree stump.jpg
Description: This teasel is in the hole of a long dead 'Himalayan Birch'. It was quite firmly rammed into the hole, and must have put there by some sort of bird to hold it while seeds were extracted. A Squirrel would just hold and rip it apart!

View: E6A_20201228_1311_062+1605_088+20201229_1108_126_FB5 Tomato with Pigeon + Dunnock + Squirrel (montage).jpg
Description: The 'Tale of the Tomato'.
This squishy tomato survived with no more than a few pecks for almost 24 hours before the Grey Squirrel took it away.

Date: 29 Jan 2021
View: BU8_20201227_1640_006-BU3_1729_096 Roe Deer female 50 minute visit over site 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: A sighting of a female Roe Deer who seems to have spent just under an hour wandering around our patch. We don't know where she entered, but left to right we see moments by the Duck-shape pond, the end of the orchard, the East hedge, and finally exiting through the western access to the track, accumulating at least a quarter of a mile.

View: BU3_20201228_0200_111_SC6 3 Muntjac Reeves deer on access track (male following 2 females).jpg
Description: Next early morning sees a typical Reeve's Muntjac Deer family group on the concrete access track. The female on the right is about to duck through the hole in the pig-net, probably the rest to follow. As usual the male is at the rear.

Date: 28 Jan 2021
View: BU3_20201224_2223_023_SC6 Fox wistful gaze upwards from access track (crop).jpg
Description: In the dark of the night this Fox is caught gazing wistfully upwards. He could be looking at many things, but this is one of the Rook's favourite roosts.

View: BU7_20201230_1134_136-138 Fox crossing flooded ditch 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: Unusually spotted (by the automatic camera) in the late morning, this Fox slinks their way across the sodden ditch and out onto the farm land.

Date: 27 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201227_0929_067+070+071 Kestrel female flying from perch in conifer 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A short spell of sunshine afforded this moment of the female Kestrel hunting the grass margin to our south. Here she is determinedly flying down to whatever she has spotted in the grass.

Date: 26 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201224_1050_151-153 Kestrel female lands on grass to pick up insect to eat 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: Down-the-hatch with this latest catch.

View: D73_20201224_1050_186 Kestrel female gliding and turning in front of young Lombardy Poplar tree.jpg
Description: The female Kestrel moves by at what seems lightening speed (until you see a Sparrowhawk).

View: D73_20201224_1053_317+1054_334 Kestrel female dives from pole top to grass to eat insect 1+3 of 4 (montage as insert).jpg
Description: Here the female Kestrel has Chosen to hunt from the top of post that converts the underground mains cable (coming up from the ground left) to an overhead pair of bare wires, one of which is supported by that bolt. Anyway, she sees something in the grass and dives down to eat it. It looks like another large larvae.

View: D73_20201224_1056_385 Kestrel female lands to catch insect 2 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: Our last selection of this lovely bird - swooping to the ground to grab some poor morsel that we didn't get to see.

Date: 25 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201224_1045_004 Kestrel female on telephone pole footrest.jpg
Description: This is the 'adjustable height' hunting pole.
Why sit only on the top of a pole when this one has about 10 different heights. Actually she often DOES sit on the top of this one as well, and chooses various heights of footrest without any obvious preferences.

View: D73_20201224_1048_043+045+046+1029_075 Kestrel female bad landing in Conifer & flies away 01-04 of 11 (montage leftward).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel decides to make a landing on a conifer twig, but for whatever reason has difficulty getting balance after touchdown.

View: D73_20201224_1049_076-080 Kestrel female bad landing in Conifer & flies away 05-09 of 11 (accurate montage @ 10fps).jpg
Description: She stays only a few seconds before flying back the way that she arrived.

Date: 24 Jan 2021
View: E64_20201219_1413_178+1424_179_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female 11 min feed as Grey Squirrel moves under her (mirror montage).jpg
Description: This female Reeve's Muntjac Deer spent 10 minutes feeding at the woodland site. An amusing sideline is the Grey Squirrel creeping ever closer. She can be seen just behind the thigh of the front legs at the left, and 10 minutes the Squirrel seems to be right under the Deer.

View: E64_20201220_0213_216_FB2 Muntjac Reeves Deer female trotting through site (whole frame).jpg
Description: 12 hours later, now in the middle of the night, the little Deer trots by the same camera.

Date: 23 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201219_1323_009-011 Kestrel female on mains power line 3-5 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: Following the abundance of female Kestrel pics last week, she has since made a few appearances.

View: D73_20201219_1324_014-018 Kestrel female takeoff from mains power line 1-5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: She flew straight from the cables towards the house ...

View: D73_20201219_1325_030 Kestrel female perched on gutter at SW corner of house.jpg
Description: ... ending on the gutter on a front corner of the house, but she soon flew to the top of 'our' telephone pole by the main road.

Date: 22 Jan 2021
View: BU5_20201217_1326_039_SC1 Pheasant male and Grey Squirrel on bank of Round Pond.jpg
Description: A lunch-time encounter shortly after an early in the day round with the bait bag. The Grey Squirrel hasn't already attacked the pheasant, so is probably one of the tolerant individuals.

View: E63_20201217_1335_052_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: 10 minutes later, and glowing in the afternoon sunshine, this year's male pheasant arrives at the hedge bottom still scattered with scraps.

View: E63_20201219_1441_169_FB1 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: 2 days later the male Pheasant makes another appearance. No sightings of a female yet.

Date: 21 Jan 2021
View: DF3_20201217_1024_013 Green Woodpecker female perched on young silver Birch branch.jpg
Description: After months of departing 'Yaffle' calls and the occasional pic on the automatic camera on the meadow post, the female Green Woodpecker finally gives us a decent chance of a portrait.

View: D01_20201214_2012_027+2014+031_FB6 Barn Owl 10+ minute visit 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: A Barn Owl made one of their occasional visits, staying for at least 10 minutes.

Date: 20 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201214_1244_441+444 Kestrel female perched on springy Lombardy poplar twig 07+10 of 10 (aligned montage).jpg
Description: Here the female Kestrel has perched on the tip of one of the Farm's young Lombardy Poplars. She was bounding up and down on this thin piece of wood, but managing to compensate for the motion to keep her head still.

View: D73_20201214_1246_504 Kestrel female failing to grip twig to land.jpg
Description: Her next landing on a nearby twig was quite tricky ...

View: D73_20201214_1246_516 Kestrel female landing on Lombardy Poplar twig in strong wind 10 of 16 (crop).jpg
Description: ... but she made it after a second or two.

View: D73_20201214_1249_573 Kestrel female with feathers evenly spread in flight.jpg
Description: A good view of the feathers on our female Kestrel.

Date: 19 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201214_0943_284 Kestrel female on Telephone pole footrest.jpg
Description: A disused telephone pole provides about a dozen footrests from which the local female kestrel likes to hunt over the grass margin.

View: D73_20201214_0956_368-384 Kestrel female takes prey from grass then takes off to hover 1+6+8+11+16 of 22 (acc montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel takes off after a feed - climbing straight up into the sky for a hover facing into the wind.

View: D73_20201214_0956_385-390 Kestrel female takes prey from grass then takes off to hover 15-20 of 22 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel continues here ascent. Top bird above is immediately below the bottom bird below.

View: D73_20201214_0956_408-410+413 Kestrel female landing in tree 1-4 of 4 ((right to left montage).jpg
Description: Once at sufficient height she flew to another tree branch for the next hunt.

Date: 18 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201214_0938_119-121 Kestrel female diving into prey in grass 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage @10 fps).jpg
Description: From a hover the female Kestrel dives down onto the prey she has spotted in the saturated grass.

View: D73_20201214_0938_165-169 Kestrel female taking off from grass 01-05 of 13 (montage @10fps).jpg
Description: Whatever The female Kestrel caught could be swallowed without us seeing it. Here she is taking off to continue her hunt.

View: D73_20201214_0939_225 Kestrel female in flight 4 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: What a beautiful creature

View: D73_20201214_0939_242-246+253 Kestrel female flying to land in tree 06-11 of 12 (acc montage @10fps).jpg
Description: Trees seemed to be a favourite hunting perch on this day. Here she is making her way to one of them.

Date: 17 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201214_0935_034-040 Kestrel female in flight 3 of 7 (accurate montage right to left).jpg
Description: The local female Kestrel spent most of the day hunting over 1000 square metres of farm margin saturated grass. Read this flight from right to left - the leftmost bird is folding her wings making her look suddenly smaller.

View: D73_20201214_0935_041-052 Kestrel female diving to ground to eat leatherjacket(q) larva 1+2+4+6+9+12 of 12 (spread montage + insert).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel perched in surrounding trees, and sometimes hovered, diving to the ground to collect whatever she had spotted in the grass. In this case it is some sort of larva (not a worm this time) that you can just see in the 4th 5th images from the left (detail of 5th image above).

View: D73_20201214_0935_066-073 Kestrel female hovering in gusty wind maintaining head position 04+06+07+11 of 12 (montage).jpg
Description: Here hovering in a blustery wind you can see that the female Kestrel's beak tip is motionless against the distant tree despite the movements of her wings and body.

View: D73_20201214_0935_072 Kestrel female hovering in gusty wind 10 of 12 (crop).jpg
Description: A bit more detail of the hovering Kestrel.

Date: 16 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201213_1251_082 Muntjac Reeves Deer female in thicket SE of Duck Pond 4 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: Our apparently resident female Reeves Muntjac Deer feeds on the fallen leaves in a thicket south east of the duck-shaped pond.

View: D73_20201217_0717_030 Muntjac Reeves Deer female foraging in thicket ignoring photographer & camera flash 3 of 3 (crop).jpg
Description: Out in the morning dark to collect the camera cards, our powerful head-torches caught sight of movement in the brambles. It was this female Muntjac, amazingly not the least bothered by having our lights shone on her nor bothered by the camera flash. Standing still to watch her she eventually munched her way towards the camera until barely a metre away - the camera is pointing down on to the back of her head. She wandered back in the brambles so we left her in peace.
A wonderful experience.

Date: 15 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201211_1340_024 Muntjac Reeves Deer feeding in salad bed 1 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: If ever the weather dries up we will be able to clear out this vegetable bed.
Meanwhile this female Reeves Muntjac Deer helps clear the weeds for us.

View: D73_20201211_1342_035 Muntjac Reeves Deer feeding in salad bed 3 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: This female Reeves Muntjac Deer helps clear the weeds for us.

View: D73_20201213_1250_062 Muntjac Reeves Deer female in thicket SE of Duck Pond 1 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: What seems to be a resident female Reeves Muntjac Deer feeds on the fallen leaves in a thicket south east of the duck-shaped pond.

Date: 14 Jan 2021
View: D01_20201211_1115_025_FB6 Kestrel female lands on meadow post with Short-tailed Field Vole in Talons 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel uses the local 'take-away' (the Meadow) for her lunchtime vole. She flew away with it to we know not where.

Date: 13 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201210_1039_008 Kestrel female in tree at end of orchard (viewed from outside).jpg
Description: After a week of absence we come across the local female Kestrel perched in a tree at the end of our 'orchard', here photographed from outside our patch.

View: DF5_20201210_1203_001+002 Sparrowhawk female perched in Ash tree 2+1 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: 80 minutes later the Sparrowhawk catches our eye perched in one of the Ash trees visible from the house.

View: E60_20201209_1434_023_FB3 Sparrowhawk attacking bird inside caged Peanut feeder (crop).jpg
Description: This mess of a photo is a Sparrowhawk attacking a bird inside the peanut feeder.
A look at the CCTV recording shows that the Sparrowhawk flew into attack from the left, spent a few seconds trying to grab some sort of small bird from the feeder but failing, and the small bird flew off. The Hawk circled and landed on the perch above, obviously sans prey, and 30 seconds later flew away.

Date: 12 Jan 2021
View: BUA_20201209_0248_108_SC8 Fox scent marking tree.jpg
Description: A Fox scent-marks the tree near the East hedge animal access.

View: BU5_20201209_2322_234_SC1 Fox looking across Round Pond.jpg
Description: A little before midnight the next night, a Fox gazes across the water of the now overflowing Round Pond. The Fox could be hearing or scenting something interesting on the island out of crop to the right, and wondering whether it is worth the swim.

Date: 11 Jan 2021
View: E63_20201205_2245_329_FB1+BU2_20201205_2133_501_SC7 Badger visiting mound + Hedge + mound over 2Hrs 1+2 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This Badger (ID'ed from markings) first visited the mound, 45 minutes later was on the other side of our patch at the bottom of the south hedge, and then an hour later seen again back at the mound (not shown - by then the Fog had descended to stay for the next 3 days)

View: BU6_20201209_1837_076_SC2 2 Badgers walking up orchard path.jpg
Description: A couple of Badgers making procession through the orchard.

Date: 10 Jan 2021
View: D01_20201205_1527_132_FB6 Wood Pigeon lit by sunset.jpg
Description: At this time of year we get less than 8 hours of sunlight. The orange light of the setting sun illuminates this sleek Wood Pigeon.

View: D73_20201205_1548_137 Sunset.jpg
Description: 15 minutes later the orange glow through the window encourages a brief excursion to catch the moment.

Date: 09 Jan 2021
View: E6A_20201209_1017_200_FB5 Green Woodpecker female.jpg
Description: Following our fog hazed Green Woodpecker earlier, here she is in all her glory.

View: D73_20201205_1244_098-105 Rook in flight with changing lighting at 10fps 1-8 of 8 (close spaced montage).jpg
Description: A rook flies 'out of the glare of the sun' and past us, creating this unusual progression of appearance all in less than a second.

Date: 08 Jan 2021
View: E6A_20201205_1226_218_FB5 Grey Squirrel leaping with Teasel head in mouth.jpg
Description: While walking past a bench Marie spotted the debris of a Teasel head that has been dismantled on the flat arm of a Bench. A day or so later after collecting the camera card at this site we find this moment as a Grey Squirrel with Teasel head in mouth speeds in the appropriate direction. We have to assume a connection.

View: BU2_20201209_1303_261_SC7 1 Grey Squirrel + 5 Rooks + 4 Jackdaws feeding on Round Mound.jpg
Description: A single Grey Squirrel surrounded at just over 'swipe' distance by an arc of 5 Rooks. Behind the Rooks is a line of 4 Jackdaws.

Date: 07 Jan 2021
View: D73_20201205_0911_018 Blackbird female with dark beak perched on silver birch branch.jpg
Description: One of the dark billed Blackbirds we see at this time of year - this is a female.

View: DF2_20201208_1127_005+008+1128_026 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding on meadow path 2+3+7 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: From an upstairs window we could watch this Reeve's Muntjac Deer browsing either side of the path through the meadow.

Date: 06 Jan 2021
View: D01_20201203_1116_067_FB6 Wood Pigeon on meadow post in rain.jpg
Description: This Wood Pigeon out in the cold and rain plumps up the feathers to keep out the cold. No sleek breast here - maximise the insulating air-space.

View: E60_20201207_1156_004_FB3 Wood Pigeon folding wings after landing.jpg
Description: A Wood Pigeon folds the wings after landing. Those hundreds of feathers now form a perfectly smooth breast.

Date: 05 Jan 2021
View: D01_20201130_0449_045_FB6 Barn Owl landing (crop).jpg
Description: Just before 5 a.m. this Barn Owl makes this lovely landing, but doesn't stay.

View: E63_20201201_1637_186_FB1 Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse).jpg
Description: Maybe the Barn Owl was hoping to find a final Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) before the end of the night, but this portrait was from the hedge-bottom site rarely visited by Owls.

Date: 04 Jan 2021
View: DF3_20201201_0913_003-006 Rook in flight 1-4 of 4 (close spaced montage).jpg
Description: A rare spell of sunshine breaks the interminable gloom allowing some attractive images of this Rook flying by.

View: D01_20201126_1451_017+018_FB6 Jackdaw landing on Meadow Post (montage about 300mS apart).jpg
Description: In recent years Jackdaws have mostly disappeared in the summer months, returning for the Winter.

Date: 03 Jan 2021
View: D36_20201127_0106_024_FB4 Tawny Owl visit to tree-stump (crop).jpg
Description: Tawny Owls only occasionally visit this woodland tree-stump. 3 Woodpiles around this stump provide home for Fieldmice (Wood Mice) and Voles, and we suspect that the Owl's gaze is focussed on an unfortunate resident.

View: E60_20201130_0304_006_FB3 Tawny Owl landing on Kitchen perch (crop).jpg
Description: Probably the same Tawny Owl makes a landing on the perch outside the kitchen.

Date: 02 Jan 2021
View: E63_20201126_1441_061_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating piece of apple.jpg
Description: Would butter melt in the mouth of this endearing creature?

View: DF3_20201201_1307_032 Grey Squirrel grooming in sunlit patch.jpg
Description: In a sheltered sunny patch this Grey Squirrel spends several minutes warming itself and having an extensive groom.

View: E6A_20201201_1355_081_FB5 Grey Squirrel nibbling banana peel.jpg
Description: A piece of Banana peel that escaped the kitchen scissors is now nevertheless picked up and eaten by this Squirrel.
Banana peel used always be left untouched until it rotted. We started cutting it into squares and the animals were willing to try it. Having learned that it is 'good stuff' some will tackle it cut up or not.

Date: 01 Jan 2021
View: E60_20201201_1556_020_FB3 Sparrowhawk female (crop).jpg
Description: A fresh new year sees this female Sparrowhawk near the end of daylight on the Kitchen Window perch. A careful inspection shows fresh blood on her lower breast feathers and over one of her talons. She is probably digesting her latest kill.

Image Archive arch 2020 dec.htm (view it Here)

Date: 31 Dec 2020
View: DF3_20201201_1307_026 Magpie on Silver Birch branch with feathers lifted by wind from rear.jpg
Description: As this misery of a year comes to an end, a little hope of better things as this Magpie high in a Silver Birch tree is surrounded by the emerging catkins ready to start the new season.

View: BU5_20201126_1409_144_SC1 Grey squirrel gazing over Round pond lit by streaks of sunlight.jpg
Description: A Grey Squirrel apparently gazing over the expanse of water lit by shafts of sunlight finding straight lines through the tree trunks.

Date: 30 Dec 2020
View: BU2_20201126_1208_016--1209_024_SC7 Muntjac Reeves Deer visit to Mound for 2 minutes (montage).jpg
Description: This Reeve's Muntjac Deer spends just a couple of minutes foraging on the mound, but nevertheless manages 7 pics of which these 6 are all in different places as shown montaged here. Judging by some of the strange positions of the top four moments, it looks like her little hooves don't grip the slope (perhaps 30 degrees) very well.

Date: 29 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201126_1235_003-1236_014 Muntjac Reeves Deer female browsing in leaf litter west of FB4 stump 1+2+4+5 of 7 (montage).jpg
Description: While repairing camera electronics at the tree stump this Reeve's Muntjac Deer came wandering up the path towards us, quietly rummaging through the leaves. The Deer never seemed to spot us, or has us classified as 'harmless', and after a couple of minutes saw more productive foraging off to the side of the path and disappeared into the undergrowth.

View: BU7_20201124_0532_022-0534_035 Muntjac Reeves Deer female feeding near south hedge 1+2+3+5 of 5 (montage).jpg
Description: We don't leave food at this patch, but the rough grass held this Reeve's Muntjac Deer's interest for several minutes.

Date: 28 Dec 2020
View: E63_20201123_1609_092_FB1 Pheasant male (portrait crop).jpg
Description: The new male Pheasant stops by to check out the 'bait'.

View: E64_20201125_1523_174_FB2 Pheasant male.jpg
Description: The new male Pheasant at the woodland site.

Date: 27 Dec 2020
View: E64_20201123_1925_081_FB2 Badger.jpg
Description: Night has fallen and this Badger visits the woodland site.

View: BU7_20201118_1843_013-015 Badger crossing south ditch & leaving 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This Badger triggers the camera as they walk across the ditch and then through the hole in the hedge into the farm beyond. These over perhaps 3 seconds.

View: BU7_20201123_1853_010-012 Badger leaving through south hedge 1-3 of 3 (accurate montage).jpg
Description: A Badger exiting the site over a few seconds - we have several instances of a similar exit - probably the same badger following a (literally) well trodden route.

Date: 26 Dec 2020
View: E63_20201121_1625_198_FB1 Song Thrush inspecting soil (adjusted crop).jpg
Description: An unusually poised moment for this Song Thrush, looking for something to eat hidden in the bare soil.

View: E63_20201125_1308_208_FB1 Great Tit.jpg
Description: Great Tit numbers have this year not exploded like the Blue Tits, but we are starting to see them again.

View: E63_20201123_1234_027_FB1 Robin.jpg
Description: We don't seem to have shown you a Robin portrait recently, and this one has posed rather elegantly.

View: E63_20201122_0724_207_FB1 Robin and Dunnock squabble.jpg
Description: A Robin (on the ground) and Dunnock (in flight with open beak directed at the Robin) having a little squabble.

Date: 25 Dec 2020
View: D01_20201120_1404_066--1416_086_FB6 Kestrel female takes Rodent to Meadow post to eat 01+04+06+08+09+11 of 12 (montage).jpg
Description: The Kestrel's Christmas Dinner
After a days absence the local female Kestrel arrives at the meadow post with a Rodent (we THINK a vole) which she devours over about 10 minutes. After flying off she returns 3 minutes later, but didn't stay (last frame).

Date: 24 Dec 2020
View: E64_20201121_1404_128_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating carrot top in leaf litter.jpg
Description: Raw Carrot seems to have become a little less unpopular with the Grey Squirrels. We suspect that one or two (of the all-together too many) of them quite like it.
Animals are not identical automata - decades of observation have shown us that they have individual preferences and idiosyncrasies just like humans.

Date: 23 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201119_1306_045+049+053+055 Kestrel female preening perched on Ash tree on main pond island 2+4-6 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel appears again having an extensive preen on a branch of the Ash tree. Recently there have been an unusual number of sightings of this Kestrel preening - we guess the new feathers need a lot of 'settling in'.

View: D73_20201119_1249_020 Kestrel female on top of concrete mains power pole (crop 3).jpg
Description: Before her visit to the Ash tree we see her on the top of the concrete mains power pole, photographed while giving us a quick 'check' before going back to hunting the ground on the far side of the pole.

Date: 22 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201115_1052_105 Kestrel female preening on power cable connector on house wall 1 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: After finding the female Kestrel on the end of a section of farm hedge we finished the walk to find a female Kestrel perched on the top mains cable connector on the house, in the sunshine but out of the chilling wind. A stampede to the east boundary found that the 'bird in the hedge' had gone, so this is likely the same bird each time.
This perch is one of her favourite preening perches.

View: D73_20201115_1056_146+149+150 Kestrel female preening on power cable connector on house wall 3-5 of 7 (montage).jpg

View: D73_20201115_1100_179 Kestrel female preening on power cable connector on house wall 7 of 7 (crop).jpg
Description: The view from the conservatory door as we left the female Kestrel continuing her preen.

View: DF5_20201116_1150_017+1147_015 Kestrel female preening on Ash tree on main pond island 6+5 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: An hour later through the living room window we see her arrive in the Ash tree on the island of the main pond, where she spent several minutes continuing preening. Here you get a good view of the freshly grown tail, now clearly sans last years 'Grey Feather'.

Date: 21 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201115_1021_045 Kestrel female hunting from overhead mains cables.jpg
Description: Every week or two the local female kestrel spends a day or two hunting around our patch. We don't see any regular pattern to where she hunts and preens though she has her favourite haunts. This time she is first spotted on the mains cables supplying the house.

View: D73_20201115_1028_061+1027_055+059 Kestrel female hunting from overhead mains cables (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel hasn't moved from the above pic, but the cameraman moved to the other side of the wire for a less back-lit image.

View: D73_20201115_1040_080 Kestrel female preening on tip of hedge tractor gap 2 of 4 (crop 1).jpg
Description: We leave her in peace and go for a walk around the outside of our patch, and were surprised to find her preening on a corner of the farm hedge where it has ben removed to allow tractors through.
More tomorrow

Date: 20 Dec 2020
View: D5C_20201105_1109_009-1110_038 Grey Squirrel Grooming (Montage).jpg
Description: This male Grey Squirrel settled down for a couple of minutes groom. Top right and middle left show a pass over his tail.
They may be flea infested little vermin, but they do try to keep clean.

View: E64_20201113_1526_107_FB2 Grey Squirrel eating Banana end encrusted with peanut butter and corn.jpg
Description: Banana skin with Peanut butter stuck to the bottom'.
Delicious (no really - if it was clean it would be perfectly edible!).

View: D73_20201119_1253_030 Grey Squirrel eating items scratched up from grass.jpg
Description: A vigorous scrabble in the long grass produces something that this Grey Squirrel finds worthy of consumption.

Date: 19 Dec 2020
View: E6A_20201109_1602_072_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer sharing site with 2 Magpies 1 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: This unusual pic shows a Reeve's Muntjac Deer passing by a couple of Magpies at most 1 metre away. Magpies are obviously aware of the difference between this gentle Deer and similar sized Dog, Fox or Badger.

View: E6A_20201109_1602_073_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer sharing site with 2 Magpies 2 of 2 (crop).jpg
Description: About 1 minute later we see that the Deer has nearly walked out of frame, while the Magpies have hardly moved.

View: E63_20201112_0719_008_FB1 Muntjac Reeves Deer and Magpie.jpg
Description: A few days later we see similar behaviour at the hedge bottom site. We don't remember seeing behaviour before and suspect that this is one of this years new Deer extending their nights browsing into the daylight at each end of the day. This is the early morning ...

View: E6A_20201112_1539_052_FB5 Muntjac Reeves Deer and Magpie (orig & final).jpg
Description: ... while this is back in the meadow in late afternoon.

Date: 18 Dec 2020
View: DF3_20201107_1243_047+049+050 Kestrel female preening on 11kV cable 2-4 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: The 11kV cable over the north bridleway is becoming a favourite spot for this female Kestrel who is enjoying a thorough preen.

View: DF3_20201107_1243_066+051 Kestrel female preening on 11kV cable 6+5 of 6 (montage).jpg
Description: A creep nearer along the Bridleway didn't disturb her ablutions.

Date: 17 Dec 2020
View: DF3_20201107_0943_001 Muntjac Reeves Deer female choosing yellowed leaves to eat (crop).jpg
Description: Through a scraggy hedge we see this female Reeve's Muntjac Deer daintily searching for yellow leaves to eat.

View: DF3_20201107_0943_004 Muntjac Reeves Deer female chewing leaves.jpg
Description: Here she is chewing a few leaves in a rather endearing moment.

View: DF3_20201107_0943_005 Muntjac Reeves Deer female choosing yellowed leaves to eat.jpg

View: DF3_20201107_0947_026 Muntjac Reeves Deer female grooming.jpg
Description: A few minutes later the sunshine has departed and she has a groom in the gloom (sorry).

Date: 16 Dec 2020
View: E60_20201106_1625_019_FB3 Sparrowhawk female flying over Kitchen perch (crop 2).jpg
Description: A female Sparrowhawk flies over the Kitchen bird table. Considering the speed that they fly, this pic is unusually sharp.

Date: 15 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201106_1026_103 Muntjac Reeves Deer female choosing yellowed leaves to eat.jpg
Description: This female Reeve's Muntjac Deer seems quite tolerant of us Humans, feeding quietly here on what was once a neat shingled area.

View: D73_20201106_1028_122 Muntjac Reeves Deer female licking up corn from track (crop).jpg
Description: Here she was licking up corn scattered on the track, initially intended for birds, but she is hungry as well.

View: D73_20201106_1029_144 Muntjac Reeves Deer female grooming foot (crop).jpg
Description: The Deer is relaxed enough for a little groom.

Date: 14 Dec 2020
View: BU3_20201105_2316_041+2317_045_SC6 Roe Deer female followed by male on access track 1+3 of 3 montage).jpg
Description: After several months we again see Roe Deer, and in this first montage, a pair at that, walking up the concrete access track. The two original images are:-
1 of 3: The distant pair of eyes of the male and the female at the centre of the image.
3 of 3: The male at the left (Antlers visible) and the female starting to go through the gap in the hedge on the west side.

View: BUA_20201105_2321_070+072_SC8 Roe Deer female near east entrance (montage).jpg
Description: 5 minutes later the female Roe Deer appears 100m away inside the east side, presumably on the way to the hole in the hedge a few metres right. The male didn't show on any camera inside the plot - it's possible that his antlers catch the steel netting and he couldn't get in by that route!

View: BUA_20201105_2321_071+20201108_1921_327_SC8 Roe Deer female + Muntjac Reeves Deer male size comparison (montage).jpg
Description: Roe Deer (left) are much bigger than our normal Reeve's Muntjac Deer. This is a same scale montage for size comparison.

Date: 13 Dec 2020
View: BU7_20201105_1940_023 Badger entering through south hedge.jpg
Description: A Handsome Badger out for a forage, here at our south hedge.

View: BUA_20201110_2131_139-2132_147_SC8 Badger visit to East hedge 1-4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: Brock walks towards this entrance at the east hedge, but decides to stay inside.

View: BUA_20201112_0203_293_SC8 Fox at east hedge staring at camera.jpg
Description: Night animals staring directly at IR illuminating 'trail cameras' show the same bright eyes you see with a torch or car headlights. These creatures have a reflective layer behind the retina to increase the chance of any photon hitting a sensitive 'rod'.

Date: 12 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201112_0638_029 Crescent Moon + Venus + Mercury (top to bottom) alignment (crop with annotation) 1 of 2.jpg
Description: The morning of 12 November 2020 saw this minor astronomical alignment. This photo at 06:38 shows the Crescent moon and Venus, both clear to see with Venus in the upper middle of this pic. Mercury we just couldn't see with the naked eye or camera, but appears faintly below middle on the left in all the pics taken when viewed at camera resolution.
The planets in the boxes are scaled up 3 times, then reduced a similar amount when making this 1024 pixel height reduction, so look not dissimilar to the camera originals

Date: 11 Dec 2020
View: DF3_20201104_1255_064 Brimstone Butterfly perches on rose leaf (crop 1).jpg
Description: A mid-day patch of early November sunshine sees this pristine male Brimstone butterfly warming himself on the south facing Rose bush by the front door. These insects overwinter in sheltered spots (they love sheds) to appear in the Spring to mate, relying on spring flowers for fuel.

View: DF3_20201104_1238_042 Goldfinch on Teasel.jpg
Description: Goldfinches adore Teasel - they pick the seeds out of the spiky head for months.

View: E63_20201103_0652_065_FB1 Dunnock on stone reacting to arriving Chaffinch male.jpg
Description: A male Chaffinch flying in from the right is alarming this Dunnock, but that seed in the beak is unlikely to be dropped as the bird flees.

Date: 10 Dec 2020
View: BUA_20201102_0725_017_SC8 2 Muntjac Reeves Deer feeding together.jpg
Description: Formation Browsing in the leaf litter.

View: BUA_20201101_0702_308_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer female appearing to smile.jpg
Description: Can Reeve's Muntjac Deer smile?

View: BUA_20201104_1139_417_SC8 Muntjac Reeves Deer female in dappled sunlight.jpg
Description: This is a female Reeve's Muntjac Deer in the middle of the day lit by dappled sunlight.

View: BUA_20201103_2006_346+347_SC8 3 Muntjac Reeves Deer family near East entrance 1+2 of 3 (montage for clarity).jpg
Description: A Reeve's Muntjac 'family portrait' - female at the left, male facing the camera, and youngster turning round next to Dad.

Date: 09 Dec 2020
View: E60_20201031_1349_015+1409_016_FB3 Kestrel female visiting kitchen window 1+2 of 2 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel made two visits to the Kitchen Window perch 20 minutes apart. It's unusual to see a Kestrel landing on the top of the peanut feeder - their normal prey is Rodents caught on the ground.

View: D01_20201103_0847_005-0858_027_FB6 Kestrel female takes Vole to meadow post (12 min visit) 01+05+08+10+12 of 12 (montage).jpg
Description: The female Kestrel spent over 10 minutes landing with a Vole in her Talons and ripping it to bits to eat it. We love the smug 'satisfied' look in the final frame, even if we are probably imagining the emotion.

View: D01_20201103_0848_007_FB6 Kestrel female takes Vole to top of meadow post to eat (12 minute visit) 02 of 12 (crop).jpg
Description: This more detailed pic fits between left and second from left in the above montage.

Date: 08 Dec 2020
View: E63_20201030_1759_112+20201031_1722_175+1810+178_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) over 2 nights - left pair+top pair+bottom single (montage).jpg
Description: A couple of nights brought a flurry of Fieldmouse (Wood Mouse) sightings.
Here from 3 frames are the pair on the left, the pair on the top, and the singleton jumping down at the bottom accompanied by his shadow.

View: E63_20201103_1751_138-20201104_2336_238_FB1 Fieldmice (Wood Mice) at hedge bottom (montage from 7 of 13 images).jpg
Description: A couple of nights a few night later we have amalgamated 7 of 13 pics of Fieldmice (Wood Mice), accurately positioned. The variation of fur colours is particularly marked - the single flash lighting is the same for all.

Date: 07 Dec 2020
View: D01_20201101_1412_045+1423_047+1415_049_FB6 Green Woodpecker male on Meadow Post 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: This male Green Woodpecker spends a few minutes on the meadow post.
Nothing for you up here mate!

Date: 06 Dec 2020
View: DF3_20201101_1001_006 Red Kite in flight.jpg
Description: This Red Kite flew overhead for just a minute or so.

View: DF3_20201101_1001_015-018 Red Kite in flight by Ash tree @ about 10 fps 1-4 of 4 (accurate montage).jpg

View: DF3_20201101_1001_032 Red Kite in flight.jpg

Date: 05 Dec 2020
View: D73_20201028_1048_026+032 Red Kite gliding with sunlight glancing on underside 2+4 of 4 (montage).jpg
Description: This Red Kite wheels around over our heads for less than a minute, and we catch some moments as the still relatively low sun catches details on the bird's underside.

View: D73_20201028_1048_053 Red Kite gliding 4 of 4 (crop).jpg
Description: A momentary sight of the top of the Red Kite's tail.

View: D73_20201028_1048_069+075+077 Red Kite gliding 7 of 3+6+7 (montage).jpg
Description: Three moments as the Red Kite turned in the air catching the low sunlight in different ways.

Date: 04 Dec 2020
View: E63_20201025_1536_033-1538_035_FB1 Grey Squirrel eating slice of banana over 3 minutes 1-3 of 3 (montage).jpg
Description: A slice of Banana makes a meal for this Grey squirrel who spent at least the 3 minutes you see here eating it.