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Image Taken on 20 Oct 2010 at 16:54    Image of day on 15 Dec 2010

A flock of about 30 goldfinches is often about the plot enjoying the catkins. They are very skittish and you have to be slow and patient for them to ignore humans. Here the flock is arriving at a silver birch.

Ref: 20101215_df1_20101020_1654_099 flock of about 30 goldfinches landing in top of silver birch 2 of 8 (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 20 Oct 2010 at 16:55    Image of day on 15 Dec 2010

Now they have all landed in this one tree there seem to be more goldfinches than tree! (genuine single frame). The endless twittering of these flocks is a delight.

Ref: 20101215_df1_20101020_1655_126 flock of about 30 goldfinches landing in top of silver birch 8 of 8 (crop)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 01 Apr 2018 at 12:09    Image of day on 10 May 2018

The sky is BIG - it is surprising how rarely things cross each other, so this line-of-site crossing was too much to resist.
This montage is genuine, but the paths of the plane and Buzzard are skewed to make the action clearer. Photographed at about 7fps.

Ref: 20180510_df3_20180401_1209_036-040 aeroplane g-rate and buzzard crossing in flight 1-5 of 5 (impression montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 12 Jul 2014 at 10:09    Image of day on 18 Sep 2014

This female Banded Demoiselle damselfly is substantially smaller than we are used to seeing. These insects can only metamorphose to the same weight of insect they reached as Nymphs - they don't grow as adults.
This montage at about 7 fps has been stretched horizontally to remove overlaps.

Ref: 20140918_df2_20140712_1009_105-108 banded demoiselle damselfly female (atypically small) landing on iris frond 1-4 of 5 (impression montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 13 Jun 2021 at 12:12    Image of day on 17 Jul 2021

The Beautiful Demoiselles are supplemented by the only other similar species (in the UK anyway) of the strikingly marked Banded Demoiselle. This is a male - the females have no such banding and are so hard to tell apart from female Beautiful Demoiselles 'in the wild' that we may miss them among the larger numbers of the Beautiful females.
Each wing has it's own band which is quite dark even when the wings are separated as you unusually see here.

Ref: 20210717_d73_20210613_1212_002 banded demoiselle male fluttering wings while perched(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 27 Sep 2019 at 03:22    Image of day on 22 Nov 2019

About a week apart we notice that the landing positions of these Barn and Tawny Owls are so similar that we couldn't resist this same-scale montage for you to compare them.

Ref: 20191122_d01_20190927_0322_017+20191003_0115_081-0120_091_fb6 barn and tawny owls landing on meadow post (same scale montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 04 Mar 2010 at 17:39    Image of day on 09 Apr 2010

We have been regularly going out at sunset to hope to see our local Barn owl setting out on his evening hunt. Twice now, at different places, we have seen the owl being harassed by a Corvid, in one case never identified, and in this case definitely a jackdaw. As the darkness forces us back home the owl gets left in peace by the corvids as well.

Ref: 20100409_df1_20100304_1739_024+029_032+034 barn owl & jackdaw sparring in flight at dusk 5+10+13+15 of 16 (montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 15 Feb 2015 at 17:59    Image of day on 25 Mar 2015

36 Hours later, a visit from a different Barn Owl with no leg ring. We fancy that the underside of the wings is less patterned than our 'regular' Barn Owl. We do hope they are a 'pair' but have no real idea where they 'live'.

Ref: 20150325_d01_20150215_1759_003 barn owl (no leg ring) landing (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 09 Dec 2019 at 02:43    Image of day on 15 Jan 2020

The landing bird (left) is aiming at the post in the same position as the perched bird at the centre. The second landing (right) occurs 2 hours later.

Ref: 20200115_d01_20191209_0243_148+0308_174+0439_176_fb6 barn owl (no ring) 13 minute visit & 2 landings at meadow post 1 of 7 (montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Nov 2014 at 18:29    Image of day on 09 Jan 2015

Following some changes that allow the kit to photograph the birds as they land, the Barn owl graced us with a landing on the post, and stayed for 6 minutes before exiting at speed to the left out of site of other cameras.
We have mirrored the montage - it felt more natural to us Western Left-to-right scribblers

Ref: 20150109_d01_20141122_1829_003+1831_005_fb6 barn owl (right leg ring) landing & 6 minute visit (mirrored montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 14 Feb 2015 at 05:40    Image of day on 25 Mar 2015

Our currently regular Barn Owl visitor (with ring on right leg) makes a landing side-on to camera. We love the view of the bird's clear cornea on the eye we see side-on.

Ref: 20150325_d01_20150214_0540_004_fb6 barn owl (right leg ring) landing & showing clear cornea (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 05 Dec 2014 at 06:23    Image of day on 21 Jan 2015

This Barn Owl was photographed by an automated camera just as it was about to land on the post top an hour before dawn. The bird stayed for a couple of minutes (2 more images) before gliding away.
The missing wings tips are not 'artistic' cropping - this is the top of the camera frame.

Ref: 20150121_d01_20141205_0623_004_fb6 barn owl (right leg ring) landing and 2 minute visit 1 of 3 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 03 Jan 2015 at 07:30    Image of day on 15 Feb 2015

In the morning twilight this Barn Owl landed on the post top but left in less than 45 seconds (the repeat rate of the automatic camera).

Ref: 20150215_d01_20150103_0730_065_fb6 barn owl (right leg ring) landing in rain staying for less than 1 minute visit (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 19 Dec 2014 at 06:46    Image of day on 31 Jan 2015

This lovely Barn Owl made this landing but stayed for only a few seconds. The bird returned 5 minutes later, and stayed on the post top for about 20 minutes, un-bothered by the camera flash.

Ref: 20150131_d01_20141219_0646_001_fb6 barn owl (right leg ring) single landing + 5 minutes later landing & 20 mins stay 01 of 21 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Sep 2015 at 04:45    Image of day on 16 Nov 2015

2 visits by the leg-ringed Barn owl 10 minutes apart.
Birds normally land into the wind, so the night must have been particularly still to get 2 close spaced landing in opposite directions.

Ref: 20151116_d01_20150922_0445_015_fb6 barn owl (right ring) 8m visit +10m absence + 2m visit (selected) 5 of 7 (crop landing face on)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Sep 2015 at 04:28    Image of day on 16 Nov 2015

2 visits by the leg-ringed Barn owl 10 minutes apart.
Birds normally land into the wind, so the night must have been particularly still to get 2 close spaced landing in opposite directions.

Ref: 20151116_d01_20150922_0428_004_fb6 barn owl (right ring) 8m visit+10m absence+2m visit (selected) 1 of 7 (crop of rear view landing)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 16 Feb 2017 at 04:58    Image of day on 23 Mar 2017

This Barn Owl came in to land on the post along the sense beam line, so triggered before it reached the area of sharp focus. This is a white breasted bird with no leg ring - quite likely one we have seen in previous years.

Ref: 20170323_d01_20170216_0458_027_fb6 barn owl (white breast + no ring) aborting landing and flying on (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 29 Dec 2014 at 16:44    Image of day on 08 Feb 2015

This barn Owl made 2 short visits 4 minutes apart, the second visit bringing along what we think is a Shrew. In order here the first landing, 4 minutes later the second landing with prey in beak, and 45 seconds later the prey has apparently been swallowed in one beakful followed by this moment or two's smug contemplation!

Ref: 20150208_d01_20141229_1644_003+1648_006+007_fb6 barn owl 2 off 2 min visits 4 mins apart second landing with shrew (q) in beak 1+3+4 of 4 (montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 29 Dec 2014 at 16:48    Image of day on 08 Feb 2015

A closer look at the landing with the prey. We think we can see the pointed snout, and it is a bit small for a mouse or Vole.

Ref: 20150208_d01_20141229_1648_006_fb6 barn owl 2 off 2 min visits 4 mins apart second landing with shrew (q) in beak 3 of 4 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 27 Jan 2010 at 02:46    Image of day on 05 Mar 2010

A CCTV recording of the same event shows that this Barn owl was making chance flyby behind the kitchen window feeder in the early hours. Its a bit behind the pre-focus on the perch but a rather unusual view. The wing on our left falls into the shadow of the feeder and disappears but you can see the tip at the extreme left at the top of the frame (edge of the original).

Ref: 20100305_d36_20100127_0246_055_fb3 barn owl in flight (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg




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