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Birds, Insects & Bats in flight (outdoors) Page 26

Image Taken on 25 Oct 2011 at 16:36    Image of day on 06 Dec 2011

At the end of the same sequence the heron faded from view through the trees. The montage is accurately spaced at 7 frames/sec

Ref: 20111206_df1_20111025_1636_258-261 heron in flight through autumn branches 09-12 of 12 (accurate montage @7fps)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 02 Apr 2010 at 16:31    Image of day on 11 May 2010

The herons are still going after the newts and several make occasional visits over our patch, but do a flyover if we are already outside. Always trying for that unusual image, this flyover produced an unusual shadow of the heron's head on its own under-wing, complete with light spot when the sun is shining through the nostril holes in the beak (no fiddling - genuine single frame just exposure corrected & cropped).

Ref: 20100511_df1_20100402_1631_202 heron in flight with beak and nostril shadow on wing (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 13 Jul 2013 at 17:54    Image of day on 29 Aug 2013

"Heatwave Heron"
This Heron quietly flew past beak wide open and tongue lolling from side to side. We guess the bird was HOT!

Ref: 20130829_df1_20130713_1754_180+194 heron in flight with tongue lolling from open beak in heatwave (selected) 1+2 of 3 (montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 13 Jan 2012 at 12:40    Image of day on 12 Feb 2012

This juvenile heron seems to have taken a 'shine' to our patch, and hunts in the meadow and 'Duck' pond for hours on end. It doesn't land if we are out but makes a leisurely exit as here. Taken at about 5 fps but spaced too close in this montage so you can enjoy the bird.

Ref: 20120212_df1_20120113_1240_052-055 heron juvenile flyby 1-4 of 7 (arb montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 01 Feb 2012 at 15:22    Image of day on 07 Mar 2012

We don't know what the heron might hope to find in this frozen pond and we didn't see anything caught. But we did catch it's launch when disturbed by a tall lorry on the track about 25 metres behind.

Ref: 20120307_d01_20120201_1522_137-141 heron juvenile takeoff from within duck pond 04-08 of 11 (montage @ 5 fps)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 11 May 2011 at 15:47    Image of day on 04 Jun 2011

Strong North winds have brought a number of birds close over our patch giving us the chance of some in-flight portraits. This Heron did a particularly nice turn over the house.

Ref: 20110604_df1_20110511_1547_098 heron making overhead flight in strong wind (selected frames) 04 of 16 (crop)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 11 May 2011 at 15:48    Image of day on 04 Jun 2011

Ref: 20110604_df1_20110511_1548_110 heron making overhead flight in strong wind (selected frames) 10 of 16 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 11 May 2011 at 15:48    Image of day on 04 Jun 2011

Ref: 20110604_df1_20110511_1548_116 heron making overhead flight in strong wind (selected frames) 11 of 16 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 31 May 2015 at 13:06    Image of day on 29 Jul 2015

A Heron is occasionally visiting the Duck-shaped pond. Here the bird is on the bank and taking off. The bird upper right should be roughly where the head of the middle image is, so we have moved it to make an 'impression'.

Ref: 20150729_d01_20150531_1306_013+16+17_fb6 heron spending a few minutes on bank of duck pond and takeoff 2-4 of 5 (impression montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 21 Mar 2008 at 13:31    Image of day on 11 Apr 2008

Heron(s) are still hunting in 'Round' pond and this one spent 30m wandering around. We caught the moment that it left, springing upwards before disappearing out of frame, something we hope this little montage expresses.

Ref: 20080411_d01_20080321_1331_018-021 heron take-off from round pond montage(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 17 Apr 2008 at 16:02    Image of day on 04 May 2008

Yesterday's newt eating heron finally got startled and took off. Fingers were not fast enough to catch the launch, but the wonderful wing shapes during lift-off do make a good sight. This image should animate showing about a second during the takeoff as 6 images.

Ref: 20080504_d01_20080417_1602_532-537 heron takeoff from duck pond anim.gif

Image Taken on 20 Mar 2009 at 14:59    Image of day on 11 Apr 2009

Herons are a great subject - majestic & ruthless killers. These two images are an accurate montage probably about 0.5 seconds apart of a heron lifting off almost vertically.

Ref: 20090411_dc1_20090320_1459_582+586 heron takeoff from round pond 04+08 of 11 (accurate montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 18 Sep 2014 at 12:45    Image of day on 27 Nov 2014

We photographed this Hobby flying by, but it was only later when the images were on our PC that we saw to our astonishment that this hunting bird caught an insect in front of us.
Read the montage left to right in 3 descending rows:-
    Image 1: The insect is about 3 bird lengths to the right of the bird.
    Image 2: The gap is down to 1 body length and the talons are swinging forward.
    Image 3: The catch!
    Image 7: Transfer to the beak.
    Image 12: All done and the talons start their way back to 'retracted'.
The whole sequence lasts just over 2 seconds.

Ref: 20141127_df2_20140918_1245_049-060 hobby catching dragonfly in flight 03-14 of 14 (montage @5fps)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 18 Sep 2014 at 12:45    Image of day on 27 Nov 2014

Here are images 3 and 7 in more detail.
Don't get confused by the numbering - the 12 image montage starts at Frame 3 (Image 1) of the 14 image sequence we have on file.

Ref: 20141127_df2_20140918_1245_051+055 hobby catching dragonfly in flight 05+09 of 14 (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 27 Sep 2014 at 12:28    Image of day on 09 Dec 2014

The Hobby collecting lunch. The dot just below middle was in this position in the frame with the left bird, had just caught it about 200mS later, and was already moving it to the beak 200mS after that.
Life in the fast lane!

Ref: 20141209_df2_20140927_1228_133-135 hobby catching insect in flight @5fps 1-3 of 3 (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 30 Aug 2018 at 12:40    Image of day on 23 Oct 2018

A Hobby flying overhead, poorly lit underneath by the sun high in the clear sky.

Ref: 20181023_df3_20180830_1240_016 hobby flying overhead(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 21 May 2017 at 17:51    Image of day on 11 Jul 2017

Our first definite sighting this year of a Hobby on 21 May 2017
This dragonfly predator only appears just before we can hope to see our first Odonata (Dragonfly family).

Ref: 20170711_df3_20170521_1751_011-013 hobby flying overhead 1-3 of 3 (approx montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 13 May 2013 at 15:07    Image of day on 25 Jun 2013

This somewhat tatty, but nevertheless welcome, Hobby made a single pass right over the house.

Ref: 20130625_df1_20130513_1507_192 hobby flying overhead 12 of 13 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 19 Aug 2011 at 11:10    Image of day on 09 Oct 2011

This Hobby made a flyover and opportunity for some photos. They mostly hunt dragonflies so will be having a hard time this year.

Ref: 20111009_df1_20110819_1110_241 hobby flying overhead 5 of 7 (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 17 Jul 2010 at 09:08    Image of day on 31 Aug 2010

This hobby did a nice flyover and circle. The first shot (poor quality not shown) suggest that it had just caught a dragonfly and transferred it from talon to beak, and was circling for a minute to see if there were any more.

Ref: 20100831_df1_20100717_0908_070 hobby in flight (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg




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