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Image Taken on 29 Sep 2011 at 13:33    Image of day on 13 Nov 2011

The Angle Shades Moth is very common, but doesn't normally oblige with flying on request for the camera!

Ref: 20111113_da1_20110929_1333_100+1447_246_ft1 angle shades moth (phlogophora meticulosa) in flight with autumn hawthorn leaves (montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 27 May 2017 at 11:08    Image of day on 18 Jul 2017

An Angle Shades moth making 2 flights.

Ref: 20170718_da1_20170527_1108_047+1108+047+1324_198_ft1 angle shades moth in flight (2 events) + red campion (montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Jul 2013 at 12:45    Image of day on 10 Sep 2013

An Angle-Shades moth turning in flight.

Ref: 20130910_da1_20130722_1245_229+1300_252_ft1 angle shades moth in flight with grass head (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 23 May 2012 at 14:36    Image of day on 18 Jun 2012

This is the very common Angle Shades Moth. Note the common colours between the moth and dead leaf spots.

Ref: 20120618_da1_20120523_1436_189+1504_202_ft1 angle shades moth in flight with hawthorn leaf (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 18 Aug 2009 at 09:29    Image of day on 26 Sep 2009

A few days later we put out the moth trap & one of the hundreds of moths was this Angle Shades moth that flew off right by these Woody Nightshade berries that grow over the heating oil tank.

Ref: 20090926_da1_20090818_0929_137+1027_277_ft1 angle shades moth in flight with woody nightshade berries (aka bittersweet) (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Jul 2013 at 12:47    Image of day on 10 Sep 2013

The Angle Shades moth is an old favourite visitor. We include this 'incidental' picture of it on the outside of a box because you can clearly see the curled proboscis they share with butterflies.

Ref: 20130910_da1_20130722_1247_238_ft1 angle shades moth on box showing proboscis (id crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 29 Sep 2011 at 13:23    Image of day on 13 Nov 2011

An atypically very warm few days in Autumn brought out some moths. This is a Barred Sallow Moth which we haven't identified before.

Ref: 20111113_da1_20110929_1323_061+1447_250_ft1 barred sallow moth (xanthia aurago) in flight with autumn hawthorn leaves (montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 03 Aug 2018 at 04:35    Image of day on 24 Sep 2018

Near the end of the night a Bat breaks the sense beam just as a Plume Moth (species unknown) flies away. Did the Bat miss his prey?

Ref: 20180924_e60_20180803_0435_043_fb3 bat and plume moth in flight(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 10 Oct 2010 at 13:48    Image of day on 12 Dec 2010

This Black Rustic Moth looks jet black at rest because all you can see is the top of the forewing, that you can see bottom left, which is opaque black. It is very reluctant to fly to order - this was the only in-flight image over about 6 individuals from 2 sessions a month apart.

Ref: 20101212_da1_20101010_1348_203_ft1 black rustic (aporophyla nigra) moth in flight (crop)(r+mb id@432).jpg

Image Taken on 29 Sep 2011 at 13:49    Image of day on 22 Nov 2011

The Black Rustic moth appears almost black at rest, and the first time you see it fly it is quite a shock when the white rear wing is exposed. Its probably the normal 'don't be seen, and if you are seen, startle the hunter'.

Ref: 20111122_da1_20110929_1349_134+1445_234_ft1 black rustic moth (aporophyla nigra) in flight with hawthorn twig (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 11 Jul 2015 at 09:22    Image of day on 12 Sep 2015

This Black-tailed skimmer Dragonfly (an immature male judging by details visible in the original images, and our first sighting of this species on our patch) appeared before us, flew around the pond edge and reappeared on this Iris leaf with mandibles full of an unfortunate moth. A few minutes later we spotted the Dragonfly on a spent Buddleia flower head across the pond, and we moved round to the other side for the final image (hence different lighting). Blended into the right of the bottom image is an approximately camera resolution detail from the top right image.
Times are Top left 09:22, Right 09:24, Bottom 09:31

Ref: 20150912_df3_20150711_0922_105+0924_115+0931_224 black-tailed skimmer male immature dragonfly who caught and ate moth at main pond 01+03+10 of 10 (montage with detail)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 17 Jul 2017 at 19:27    Image of day on 04 Sep 2017

Its is not often that you can ID the species of an insectivorous bird's catch, but there she clearly has a Plume Moth in her beak - what seem to be the 'Large white Plume Moth' judging by colour and size.
Click Here to see this pretty insect in flight.

Ref: 20170904_e62_20170717_1927_015_fb5 blackbird female with plume moth in beak (orig)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 05 Jul 2015 at 16:10    Image of day on 07 Sep 2015

This Blackbird wasn't too happy to have his hunting expedition interrupted by us pesky humans, but we kept still so he carried on his hunt. When first spotted he had in his beak this Yellow Underwing Moth.

Ref: 20150907_df3_20150705_1610_073 blackbird male collecting yellow underwing moth & then another insect to take to nest 1 of 3 (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 05 Jul 2015 at 16:11    Image of day on 07 Sep 2015

It seems the Yellow Underwing Moth wasn't enough, and male Blackbird carried on searching the grass and suddenly an extra insect appeared in his beak - it might be a Cranefly. A good meal for hungry youngsters no doubt.

Ref: 20150907_df3_20150705_1611_084 blackbird male collecting yellow underwing moth & then another insect to take to nest 3 of 3 (crop)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 21 May 2010 at 11:13    Image of day on 28 Jun 2010

The red line along the wing of this Blood-vein moth is clearly visible.

Ref: 20100628_da1_20100521_1113_265_ft1 blood-vein moth (calothysanis amata) in flight (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 27 May 2022 at 14:55    Image of day on 05 Jul 2022

A 'Blood-vein Moth hiding in foliage.
The 'Blood vein' is just coloured scales - nothing nasty.

Ref: 20220705_df3_20220527_1455_103 blood-vein moth (timandra comea) (orig)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 02 Jun 2019 at 11:26    Image of day on 13 Jul 2019

The Blood-vein Moth (no actual blood - just a striking red line across the wings) is also an 'old friend'. Here are 3 flights that show you both sides of the wings.

Ref: 20190713_da1_20190602_1126_162+1225_159+1124_156_ft1 blood-vein moth in 3 flights (montage)(r+mb id@768).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Aug 2015 at 10:19    Image of day on 19 Oct 2015

The Blood-vein Moth doesn't really have a vein in the wing which is 'dead' tissue pumped up and then de-hydrated during the final emergence as a moth. But it is none the less striking for that. Read this sequence right to left.
The 2nd and 3rd images where taken about 150mS apart and accurately placed. The first image was another flight positioned for effect.

Ref: 20151019_da1_20150822_1019_046+1023_053-054_ft1 blood-vein moth in flight single+1-2 of 2 (montage)(r+mb id@1024).jpg

Image Taken on 22 Aug 2015 at 10:35    Image of day on 19 Oct 2015

Here is the another Blood-vein individual. This one wouldn't fly until we released it, when it flew away just fine!

Ref: 20151019_da1_20150822_1035_079_ft1 blood-vein moth on hawthorn twig (crop)(r+mb id@576).jpg

Image Taken on 21 May 2010 at 10:49    Image of day on 27 Jun 2010

The delicate beauty of the Brimstone Moth knocks us out every time we see one caught in the moth trap

Ref: 20100627_da1_20100521_1049_188+1142_361_ft1 brimstone moth (opisthograptis luteolata) in flight with red campion flower (montage)(r+mb id@576).jpg




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