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Through the Seasons: Teasel Head







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This sequence shows a Teasel head from its final stage of growth, it's unusual separating rings of flowers, through to the formation of the seeds so loved by Finches that seem to last right through winter.

The intervals between the images vary a lot through the year (time from the last image is listed in brackets in each image).

1 to 5

The final growth of the head grows about a another quarter in height through this sequence. From here on the actual head size is constant.

6 & 7

First trace of flower colour, then a centre ring of flowers.

8 to 17

Each day one set of flower petals drops and the next set erupts forming this separating pair of rings (looks like something out the Frits Lang film 'Metropolis')

18 to 26

Now we zoom in to watch the development of some of the seeds which first grow and then ripen to brown.

27 & 28

2 months later most of the seeds are still there and a vicious frost hit the plant head but does no damage - this head was still intact in Spring 5 months later.


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