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Images in Ultraviolet (UV) Light

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Ref: feathers of magpie+pheasant+pheasant in uv.jpg

Ref: feathers of pigeons in uv.jpg

Ref: grass snake skin in uv.jpg

Ref: d32_06552 + d10_01710 moorhen mating seq 1 of 3 (1=f 2=m) (natural & uv) 2004may30_08-08-54(r+mb sample@768).jpg

The sexes of the moorhen pair we determined by beak patterns noted in photographs of matings. Here a pursuit.

Ref: d32_06553 + d10_01711 moorhen mating seq 2 of 3 (1=f 2=m) (natural & uv) 2004may30_08-09-12(r+mb sample@768).jpg

The actual mating of the pair AFTER raising the chick seen subsequently




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