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Images in Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Dragonflies & Damselflies Page 3

Ref: broad-bodied chaser dragonfly male in uv.jpg

This is the only commonly known member of the Odonata (Dragonfly & Damselfly) family with substantial UV reflectance on the top surface. It is a blue 'powder' that rubs off during life, so old individuals often have less normal light blue and similar UV.
The main section shows the female with none and another male before and after brushing a segment to show the effect.
We have also surveyed the Black-tailed Skimmer which shows a similar characteristic.

Ref: broad-bodied chaser dragonfly male 2 in uv.jpg

To demonstrate that the UV reflectance and blue 'powder' are the same material one half segment has been progressively brushed between sets of images.

Ref: brown hawker (aeshna grandis) female 2 in uv.jpg

Ref: brown hawker dragonfly (aeshna grandis) female in uv.jpg

Ref: brown hawker dragonfly (aeshna grandis) in uv.jpg




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