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Images in Ultraviolet (UV) Light

Flowers & Leaves Page 9

Ref: yellow daisy in uv.jpg

Ref: oxeye daisy in uv.jpg

An accidental & unexpected discovery during early trials was that these petals are dark in UV on their upper surface but quite light on the underside. This discovery encouraged us to try to capture both sides of all subjects.

Ref: common daisy (bellis perennis) in uv.jpg

More reflectance on the underside of the petal than the top, but not as pronounced as the Oxeye daisy.

Ref: daisy with large (10cm dia) flowerhead in uv.jpg

The snail was a capricious accident we decided not to remove and re-do. The RGB and UV images show that it moved between the images.

Ref: unident daisy like flower 2cm dia in uv.jpg




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