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Images in Ultraviolet (UV) Light

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Ref: oxeye daisy in uv.jpg

An accidental & unexpected discovery during early trials was that these petals are dark in UV on their upper surface but quite light on the underside. This discovery encouraged us to try to capture both sides of all subjects.

Ref: common daisy (bellis perennis) in uv.jpg

More reflectance on the underside of the petal than the top, but not as pronounced as the Oxeye daisy.

Ref: dandelion in uv.jpg

Only the outer petal show UV reflectance

Ref: forget-me-not in uv.jpg

Again the backs of the flowers are brighter in UV than the front.

Ref: d32_06530 + d10_01536 moorhen 2 (natural & av) 2004may13_13-13-06(r+mb sample@768).jpg

Moorhen chicks with a bright patch of UV on the top of their heads that gradually fades as it feather over and they start to feed themselves. Whether this has any biological significance is not known to the authors.




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